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'76. 9 






fl-tEM.SQ.MMT.Y public library 

3 1833 01715 6933 

Gc 976.9 K41p 1881-82 v.3 P/ >t J 

Kentucky State Gazetteer and 
Business Directory 


/"I i nr 

►J I. iiiij U i± L u 1 1 Lj Lj 1 1 

*■ i ' 



S tS \ r 

O C 

JLJ U kJ 1 

•! i.j 



n m /~\ 

Ly t. l J.. ? 

W 1 


\ ■ C ,f''l 



Allen- County Public Library 
900 Webster Street I 

P0 Box 2270 
hrt Wayne, IN 46801-2270 j 


E. L. POLK & CO., and A. C, DANSER, 
3 ktnd Street West, Detroit, Bichips, s^d ferter-iJoBnai Bifldutg, LoHisirilis, 8j 


IP. "W. MEB2 & CO., - 1704904 

Office, No. 74 West Green Street, Louisville, i£>._ 


'j BriiWtnp.. i On J girts, 

H,-!.?!? Kimis mill Flows. lilUH Xtr*rTHtvn, Sash W«&hta, 

FYUn U(iii«> ( | Bi-anis, lOUI! BaiiU Vaults, 

IM Fronts, : Cost Bailing*, 

mull Sliutteis. illJil Wrought Bailings, 

IKON »s*!' ta ^ iron a^; ,ml Guards ' 

WQH^fc IR0N»„g...,t.. 


P0RL -- Li Ui'ivii iil/UUL 

Also, Private Parlor Dressijag-Hoorri for Ladies. 



Lddies' Dining % Dressing-Room Attached, 

Lav: Temple Slock, ^ree^ ani Fifth Avenue. 





L O U I ' L E . K Y . 

MRS. SCOTT SAXTON, V. M., President. 

'. FRANK If. L'J.VVO.-A. M., V" ice- President and Corresponding Secretary 
MISS LGUELLA SALE; • j and Treasurer. 



PROF" G. A I H ^ ■;■ 

■ • ■ • K.ELL' 

■ i I [TNGI F.V 

. : 
col. Si N.BY. 

Col. MARC MCNI.'Y. Pres 

H • " v v B. HOKE, 
GA-RVIN C. COCl i,-- N, 
\ W [ I . I 

Officers of the Eoard. 

R 5 C H A R D H . C O L LISTS, Se c ' > 

A r ^ U 

- aCOTT S IXTON. Pr .fesa r >f th •■ 5ci :nce t nd 
Fjiof. FRANK H FEN NO - *t ■ r in th, 

Miss LOCEl ion ; Assistant in G 

Pro* V' >BLE ' ■■". . ' ' '■ LI D ' itt - ir 
Mi&3 A / ■ " ran . " I itera ure 

Rev. B. B. TYLER, E : ■■ . -ei iOrat« a Orator) 
Rkv. C J. K. TONES Lecturer on Genera! Lite 
W, W. MORRIS Lei ta „- -Rules 

/t? Lecture Committees, I '• ■ : ■ -^ CAi i CVj nmitt 
Tothe aba r-e, Mrs. Scott $a e ; pi ared to For a Fir 

and iJr;i^ an ' :u i'ot. cue •.'::; iceipts 

ment >f the «•■; I ert s i ■ ■ c- pt r n . all ad vertis g 
securing her service- Address, 

Note to Eu>l roas.— I raaike to you th ii liberal ol 

through your advertising, I wit alio' i . , per cent ■- j ' - 

REFERENt i- - iBesi Its the ge t em* - ■-.■-. Rev ' 

Col. E. Polk ■ u ■- ; r ■ Dr. Perkins; 2 

Guerra it ! 1 • 

PROF FRANK H FENN< M of New York *autr 

which is being extensive . Fast and West, also * ■■ 

a permanent Professor in th : C otlege; 

PROF NOBLE BUTLEB has ilso been engaged to take 

ststiug of H u r>- .-■ 
the entire m 
urned by the part' 

■ ' ■ .- v :■ . . \-> i kris'ti-iin Ot>si rfrer; 
: ■■'*--■/■■ C&uirier-Jo'uriidt ; Dr 
n ■■ rcieil. 
.-.■■:■ : Sci rice and ArtofpBlocui 
e'essfui tei rarer has beeHTengaged as 

re oi t'^-i Department of Literature. 
C O U R S E I N E L Q C I J T 1 G N . 
This crntrst has reference to toe tfrtf/ Expression of Language, and includes Theory and 
Practice; Voice; Articulation: Reading; Dramatic recitation ; Oratory. 

Two terms, junior and Senior, constitute the shortest course in which it will he possible 
for students to graduate. They occupy two terms of nine weeks each. 

This term is devoted io a thorough Vocal Drill, the most careful and critical attention 
to correct and distinct En unci -> ion : Pra< tice in the whole range of JSxftxessim,, correcting 
monotony and all fi." aiiti* ■ ■;" Ety'le, •..' ting variety oi Expression; Gymnastic and 

Breathing exercises for the Development of Voice, the Symmetrical development of the 
body, and the preservation of h jalth. Pupik will be taught to sit well, stand well, walk 
well, and to move the lim»hs gracefully. 

This tenv is devoted to i : {wider : oi reading's and recitations, including 

Shakspeare; Dally Practice ft b c-h< Platform twttli aa? occasional drill Th Hall or Theatre}. 
by which the taste an I ^ment of the student is pm 1 I le test oi Professional Criticism. 
The Common faults ■>( *peakfers and Special p ■"•;- of C tticism are thoroughly discusse i. 
C^-esture and Facial Expression receive spec al attention. 

: 'Ajthor "of Fennc's " Science and 
aojes, American School Readers, etc 

: i 

Art of 

tAuthor "f Butler'- Gr.Mnri-.' Evtier'? M'»ui 


;ou;r,s:k iist OBATOH/Y 

I'his Course has reference to the ' iage, as veil as to it; 

,«.' s j - 1] - ii« .i. li im : J "History, 

etoric, Literature, Ci n, Criticism r peare Logic, ■''■. 

Sci< nee, ■ >d> raLPhi 

During the Course great attention is given to the delivery of Original Discourse^ ! «>th 
extemporaneous and prepared ; ah - ■ ■■ uently used for the purpose. 

A sh$rt course ;tudj in Parliamentary Usage will - year. 

To com] he Course in Orator) ■ ■'' require two terms of .th weeks each. 

■ 11 con 

Students who do not wish to take th • ire Course, may arrange to pursue \ udies. 

Minister, lawyers, lecturers and doctors shouW, b^ ill i lean >, take the Cot • se in Oratory. 

t .ectures upon the several topics a noun ■ • b :onl i tu - I 1 1 ighout the Cou 

Pupils receive at th ; ' ' inrog-for the. Stage, 

Every Monday NigktAht pu] lis of the College give a Recept I tieii relatives/and 
The program me cons f] din R citations ■■■ rt Plays or parts Of plays, 

an I Music. - ~ ft aadienee, .>iu:ible ; It 

Itivates self-possession, ease and jra< >.oi manner; it s ite> ihe student 

to prepare pieces from week to - .•.■'- Each piece receives a ihoi i ill by a mem- 

ber of the Faculty.) These entertainments arc- made both delightful and instructive, 
and aa?e eons idereel a feature in he Col 

At the close of the Junior, Senior an I I • Graduate Courses, Public Entertainments 
- i [veil h) i L i members of the classes. 

Other entertainments are oc^' jiven throughout the college year. 

eo " . ■ - . rs. 

At the close of the year's coifrse tl Prize Contest for a Gold Medal, to be 

awarded by a Board of Judges (selected by the graduates!, to that: member of the class 
deemed by thern most worthy of the First Honor of the College. 
Are conferred upon those who have. completed the prescribed course entitling them to 
the same. 

The fail term of Junior Course will begin September 5th. The winter Junior Course 
will begin Jan itary jth. Commencement will fake place May 12. 1882, 

(Course in Elocution, Payable by the Half Term in Advance.) 

Junior Course (Nine weeks,* hours p~r day .... $50 

Senior C ousts e .Nine weeks, 2 hours per day; .• $ a 

Graduation Fee and Diploma to 


Post Junior Coutfse -5 

I ■ st Senior Course ' 25 

Po>t Graduate Course , 35 

A Course for teachers and students will beheld during the months of July and August Teachers' 
rates: Twenty-five per cent, will be allowed teachers : irticulars to Mrs. Scott Sax ton, 


Special Gourn : Ten weeks, \ 1 /-, hour less •; ^15 

Evcjiin . Cmi se i . . ..."._ >t . ■ . . 50 

sati ■•,.>)■ Course [Teachers and Ministers, • 7 50] 50 


: n] a 'Course F&arty-six weeks, (3 lessons, 2 hours each per week; . . . 50 

Children** ( lass (Ten week-. 1 hour lesson to 


fern: ; p C r L^<ion .>. 

iot o:-iv-'imc the time and enc umber the mind with usd.ess matter; *e use Only that which 
Vxh direct bearing Upon the -subject. 








'-.. . 









S, "*>"««<»..o.._-~-,.„ 








a ■ ■ • 
P Q 



The third bi&mtal issue of the Kentucky State Gazetteer ane Business 
Directory is now presented to the public. The publishers have already earj 
national reputation for the i ire with w-hksh all their previous pubin itions are coi : : 
and a glance at the one just at proves that it '.■ no exception to the rule. In additi ■ -. 
to giving the names of all pers< n? d >ing bu iness in the State, a brief sketch of ei t\ 
ci y, town and village is contain d : rein: ah am ?t complete classi 13 I- directory ■ 
businesses and professions, as well as a mass of useful information and statistic 
taining to the comraercia] and manufacturing interests of the State at large. A work I 
this kind 3 irily involves a .■ - a1 amount y\ labor, and the expenditure oi '• ^ 

sums of money, neither of which have been ■-' ttbh Id, the aim of the publishers being to 
make it, in every respect, creditable to themselves and worthy the confidence and supp "■■■ 
of the public. 

The publishers desire to express their thanks to the business men of the Scale f< r 
the patronage and support accorded them. Mary pages of advertising matter appear 
in it, a feature which renders it particularly inten sting and serviceable, unci which, at th< 
same time, speaks well for the enterprise of Kentuckians. This book is iarger, by rn« rti 
than a hundred pages, tlmn any previous issu • i ( the work, the conclusion, ■■; 
being thai the State bus, within the last two years, made very rapid advancement. On 
this fact we congratulate the citizens. The outlook for the future is bright, and every 
thing indicates that the State has before it a career of success never before equaled. 

Louisville, July, 1881. 

t*\>V iV.*4, "»»\*^\-», iv% s-wavuM* «*» v*%v%K ' 





■.■■•■ C tailed Advertisers and Patron* . 
anati " " 

0'.1 Business Dire it >ry 

n . .■ s of X<en*fcttcky ...... 

nyaureiaJ and a K : K.fif Ke kv 

Kc it .. .. 

.• d A Ipha.belieal Director;* . 

' .'■ • sements . 

• r ' ad too late for regular insc tio 
Government ' 










1 2- 













iJ . . . 
'■:. i.. & N. 

F. & P. G . . 

-•• &'■«£: L. (^hort-Line) 

• & N" . . 

■' ■ P. & M ... 

■ i . . 
S., V.& St. L . . . 

Lrtd Co:;] a,p<l Iroi . 
. Chicago, St. L< : 1 New Orleans 

Co in gton. Fk-i .1 . g$bun?ar u Pound Cr*?. 

' . rn ■'• . lucky. 

v.- n fcucky Central. 

Lw u lie, Cineii nati and Lexington. 

: U1E "': ■ ■ " d Xas:iv : ;]e. 

Memphis, Padite&h and Northern, 
Mobile and Ohio. 

Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis. 
Padueafc and E'lzab.-taiown. 

Foe all Places net fauns! miller fheir proper 

classifications* see pages 9-11. 




Bellewood • dnary opt) p 568 

McNaily Edward . . .33 


Frazier $ A & Co 55 


Frictionlesa Fifth Wheel Mfv Co . 59 


Briggs R A 61 

Edelfri & Thompson 01 

Murray J? 83 

Newman W H 01 


Ellis T H 73 


Arrnitage & Herdman 77 

G & BE Nav Co among Railroads - 

and page 77 

Porter EH 77 

Rone C P 79 

Winans W B 79 


Noe Bros 91 


Bartram, James 101 


Atkinson .J W top lines and ©pg p 802 

Blair WE..- &38 

Bocbe L top lines 

Bosley E T &U& 713 

Brunswick & Balke «>pp p 823 

German Now*? and Book Co . . . . 566 

Hahnemann Medical College . ■ odd p 803 

Sears AT .. . 649 

White WB upp p 708 



American Paint Co .... 

j BradrbrJ Mill Co 

; Cald vv ill c- i \< 

CH&DRR, . . . 

Cincii : ati Roo S'j .- Co . . . 
: Cin innati S *p Co . . 

C S IV: . . . . 

V.', tn/C XI 

Fein Geo W ... .... 

. Harcourt J F 

Becker Christ 

j Horizontal Metal Roofing Co 

Kingsbury & Co 

Knight Bros 

i Longley G-arliek & Co . . . 

T - r G- 

j National Lubricating Co 

Bfaeb J B . . . , .\ . . . 
j Porter Iron Jioofi rig Co . . . 
; Queen Citv Printing Ink Co 

Reedy H 4 ...... . 

i Riehter H T ....... 

| "Ryling J & Son ....•■ 

I Schcetthals Chas 

Siebern & Co 

Smith TS 

f Stacey Mf g Co 

; Stites £ C<>~ ........ 

' Vandea Lewis ...... 

. WgW C J 


: Davis J.vh?: - 

j Hicks A M •- 


'■, Miller & Eovksus ..... 
: Witt & Conrad 


H - 

'■' R ■■' 




i Ra 



"PP ; 
opp p 171 
>pp p 471 
. . . 832 


>pp p 471 

* Do 

opp p G4S 


8 lo 

8 : ; 8 



Simons W H 

12 J 





.- I 



Bremaes & Seiler 123 

Deppc & Co 125 

Faircbild DP 129 

Hem jngray Glass Co 125 

Industrial Iron Works 127 

KCKK among- Railroads 

Martin Thomas 121 


Tateno Win 



Ashbrook Bros 
&ridwell M V 
Keller J M . . 


Danville Tribune .... 

hill John 

Thorpe J P 

1 39' 




Magann M 

Magann C U & Son . . . 



P&IBE among Railroads 


Eddi x Bern 

He'ra W S ." 

Jones Fd Jc W In . . . . 
Smith W A 



Armstrong Furniture L . . opp p 661 

- • • OPP P 7: <^ 
opp p 799 

Sherwood W 13 
Ufal A £ L . . 


O'.Suilivan John 

Weedoii CN 

16 ', 


Beno L R 197 

Trussel) FB 197 


Bronson MB 207 

Coleman & Threlkeld . v *207 

Williams CE 840 

Williams J A ... . . . opp p 204 


Barrett Bros 207 

Gregon' W F 209 

Kinsolving KB , . 209 

$cHe!riry & Hill ■ 209 

Traey Dan F . . 


Dixon Robert 2i5 

cu jrfer 8 215 

tms J V\ 216 

il -CKMAN. 

Eertwiek Ba'.Uor & Co 219 

Hickman Lumber and Mf ? g Co . . . 2i9 

.■•..(.-'■ KM 219 

: ; lOI>GMr! VILLF,. 

Thurman B J 


Buhr Geo ' 175 

L>rvdem J 1> 175" 

J-.uUs Bros . . 173 

Lewis Quo A 

WlNtX'M JerOme 

Wniterfdes & MdELwaa 173 | Ma^r. EJ 

Williams J B & Bro . . 173 Miller W S 


Cailis & Hays 

Elanna M & Co 

Me'Caxriy Route & Co . . . 
Mf-acham & Wilgus . . . . 

Rabbath Bvov nell $ Co . . 

Rust .] W 

Smith T L 





.pp p 223 

. . 225 

173 j Borrlap W G 
175 Mubbell L F 





W.j Le Joe 1*1 Martin Ben*y . 18 


... 185 Back-fey Claude 245 

... 185 Lyons 11 S &~Co . . . . ... 2^5 

... 1S5 , Portwood AM 245 

• • i "'' : LEBANON. 

Glasgow. I Berry Sam B 249 

Pedi&oMT&Bro 187 I Bryan T L . . 247 


Ayers & O'Neil ..... 

,; ■ ton <& Lupton . ■ . . 

Fiirmers Bank 

•V.,- R B . ..... 

Dedmaa P T 
GRAND rapids, Mien. I & T orr i s J L 

6H&I.JRJT among Railroads ! RubelJoto ■! 



INDEX TO A'DVJBRl :•■■:.•! 


Heyser Thos 


Benckart M .... 
B is wreH H E & Son . 
t)eLong & Co . . . . 

Giltne^H L 

McGray W . . 
Morton & Parker . . 
Patterson J T . . . . 

Printing Co 


A very B F 


E C & M V:u Icet Co . , an Kai roadw 

Fairba i k . M i ■ ■ & I !o loab. Hne ■ 

front . over, op] p ;;:■ ! and page 299 
FhJIjs City L th & i ngra - oppp -■ I 

Fannera' Magazine ....... 32] 

: Ferguson, Meh her & Co ... . 365 

3 : Fifth .A.' - iue Hotel 881 

r, j Poj i ." v. W back cover and opp | 

9 j Fo vler & Co . 3.47 

I French W R & Sob ... . opp p ?::j 
3 ; Gage W 31 309 

1 i - . - I ' 1 5 r : -; . _, !V :•: 
i ■ • i .- .; 'S G . 

c»pp JjfJ - 




Ba lert Mary C 

I kin j! irace 

Bedford J H 

Belknap W B A Co ... . 

Bell & Coggeshail 

Bez .A !a )i . 

Birinii Lrha n R .lling Mill Co 

er 1 K 

■ ! i i IT 

;t j II 

L? ■ 

3 CI 

a s 



tm V 

r p 

- r->! •-' 

>re Pape 

• C 



i & Rrn 

Bryant K J 

BryaMit; Straiten Bcfeiiiess College . 

front c 

Bull Dr John 

Callahan & Son ... ' 

Caperton A C & Co 

Caw Worden oppp 

Gaulield CI opp pp 288, 

Central Coal a ad Iron Co ..... 
front cover arid page 
Olmlotti Theo & Co ....... . 

Cane C C Oc Co opp title I 

C aiinsTnkCo .. , . ' 

i onnitV Martin 

Connor Chas H opp p 

C jgrove H-T 

Crosbv C E & E M . . . 

Otittin C A 

Darlkghau? & Co 

Dickinson Furniture Co . . 
Dillingham W El k Co . insM 

Dun K G & Co 

Dunlbp E & Co 

& Co 


bask cover mxl 

o[ p p 624 

O •: .- 7 


Ei'ei rt< -as 


El rod J C . . 
Evans E C & Co 

front cove 

opp p 

Louisville Anzeiger- ! ^o1 

>,77 i LO&'L'R'v. . - • • , among Railroads 
'7S ! Louisville Coffin Co . 2d page-Sid feaat fly 
559 i Louisville College of Pharmacy . . . 

)\{) I 2d page' 1st back fiy 



'-■' : 

lip; f Chas H 349 

i .-. 

xr ■ . 


rney t/aniel ,/!-, 


],.;• \ gf$7 

itueky Furniture Co . - . opp p 661 



fcti 1 v Law Journal . . . >pp y, 6's8 

V a 

ttuekv halting Co ... . opp p 384 


K : ! 

:-v* £: Stllz 315 

ker J (; 299 

tiand & Co 287 


aV !i 

te G & Sun , . .1st page 3d back iv 
henr a h C 'A . . . . ; ', 371 


ET ^^ 

ia ( :'r H F 367 



in John E . :.-:. ... 2.1 |«-«^ 2d back fly 



[>hi ar cz Co . . a.t.., ; o ,-• d and 391 
>rA 355 


E . 

••• II J & Bro 3,45 



icier C A .... . . . >, 3.33 



mis-.A Lckcs 311 


Louisville Commercial 2d col'd iiy . 

j sje 49 
Lt uiaville Courh :• J >urnal . 1 s't eoj d 

fly fr (in page 49 
Louisville Female SemiJ arv .... 

::■■;:;:; : 353 

J K 357 

Saxtofj -Mrs Sou . firel >ec~ 

ond and I bird pagei 
Anton 355 

4th from page 568 Sutle] Adam & Co 

Louisville Hotel 277 j Schad Joseph opp 

Louisville Lithographic Go . . oj p p 342 I Scbumau J L . 371 

L, N A >k C K R. . . . an i • . Schmidt 325 

Louisville Open Fire Place Co . . . 323 : Semite Jacob . . . . > 

L tisy ille Post 568 i icottGeo 285 

Louisville Underwriter? Ins Go . . . :ott Df Mary E . first page second -■ 

top end and p 353 : > back fly 

L iii.*ville Volksbiatt ... : t-Saxton College . G 

L M . Line Co . u t secondhand third pag - 

I. & X I: \\ am •.:.;. ' ott S M iftl 

Ltftz F F . , . ■ 749 Seelba Louis 131 

McKenzie & liTcClure 335 : Sheppard S C 371 

tin G & Sons 347 j Sherle> & ^IcCulloch F 

Martin >V 357 Shulhafei S S Co 

■ F lv & Co backbone emh, line back c< 

Mayle.jGrD . 391 j Southern Baptist Th< College 

M d'u ■ front cover ai ■: ■ 7 : 3d from pag( 588 

Werwjiih 1-1 ■ \\ & Co opp p 272 Southern I 5-"W rks . . , . . . \ 347 Architectural Iron Wka . opp Southern Mutual Life Ir.s Co , . . . 

rer ! front edge and 717 

,n 561 i Sowders Mrs "W 3t>7 



Mitch. II Xh inias 

Mitchell & Hehden ....... 

Mivalez L L 

Sgomerv 08 opp p 817 j Struck AN. . . . 

iio.wiy G .'& Co '. . SOI ' Sulzer Edward . . 

I »rat F opp p 670 ! Talniage Fake Ice C 

MorrfsA Bavly . . top lines And 714, 716 | Theo] ild T ,V . . 

ftorrison U . . . 329 ; Thomas George . . 

Murphy AT 379 i Thomas E.H'& Co 

National Mutual Beneiit Ass'n . . . 321 I Thomoson T W ■ . . 

541 : Stafford Hugh 857 

101 ' Steele .1 38$ 

.•;. I Strnbv Henrv 363 




Northern Lake Ice Co 
Oliver MxsC J . . . 

Ort Adolph 

Parks L L 

Payne Geo . ... 
Peter & Bura^bard . . 

303 | Tinglev Willian 


■a : o 

. . 303 

. . 1] 

. . 391 

>pp p €41 

. . 477 

. . . 875 

. 772= 797 

Unrig Valentine 369 

729 | University of Louisville . opp inside 
379 j * bark cov-r 

. . 365 | Vail II P . . opp inside front cover 

; : Artificial Lee-Co back cover and and opp p 746 

oop page 274-5 i Van Seggem HG 319 

PohlEd ./..:. 37D , Walton Joseph & Co 377 

Polk Baker 355 Watson W J & Co 279 

Fi;k k L ifc Co . . . . inside i>ack covor • Western Grocer and Trade Journal . 313 

Price C B. . ". 375 . Whatten .J P 297 

PurdyZV 357 : Wilder. J B & Co opp p 640 

Pyne.WT . . . third front fly first page \ Will J P : . . . . 377 

ibleCJ ... 

•'• u w . . . . 

K - : 3 4 

I V & Son . . . 

Re« • A 

R« 'tdsBS. . . . 

. . back eov.or | \A ilirams D > . . 

. . . 315 j VV7- .7 ri tk Lt xis 

... 355 ; Woltf Henry . . 

opp p 271 ! Wolters Henry . 

... 373 : Woodson IT. . 

front cov*r | Yacklev (am- . . 

"* f *e Dr .... car cords and opp p 400 Young B il . . 

Biester & Hager '. . 369 , Zahn & Rankin 

Kompea & Marret ". . . 349 i Zmut & Kimmol 

opp p 570 

. . . 307 
. . . -'^ 
back cover 

. . . 359 

. . . 371 
opp P 56h 
. . . 817 
. . . 3G3 




Beaumont R S & 51 F . . 

Briggs B F 

Crossland S H 

Hamlet Andy 

Park D G 

Pigg W W ■ 

403 j Shirley AH . 

405 ! Stafford C 496 

' 4^5 LWhiteWG . . . opp p 638 

• • 405 j . RUSSBLLT1LLB. 

. . 405 

j Barclay & Ryan Co 505 


Hunt Wm 



Chiles, Bean & Co . ." . . . 

Haven* W T 

N< j ftl & Allen 

Stuart Theo 

Van Antwerp W 

Whitney Goo A 


JBrecht Gus . . . *. opD p 751 

GCC&IRK . . . . among Railroads 


. . . opp ; 

among Rai 

• 427 i (joueh George . . . 
■ 427 ! i&gt L RK . . . 

• ^ : -~l j St Louis Seminary opp p 0: 

• 42'J , gt Louis T»g-& Card Factory . opp p o...:i 

• 427 ; SrhiuUHtin^F ' . . top 

• 427 , WStL&PRR opp p 40 


DeFauw College 2d from p 50* 


Brown E Scott ..... 


. . 443 
. . 443 



JZq : Brown & Shipman 

f„- rt ' Farmers and Traders Bank 


Barber John . . . . . . 

i ■• ;er Ernest 

Kentucky State Journal - . 

Newport Printing k Newspaper Co . 439 i L",<Y^*A*ii & C 

Voss Frank 445 s ^J"'. „ «, , w -n 

Vftkgtfnfonder August 413 i st Marrs Academ 

Wiedemann Geo . 443 I gtuarta Femal C< 


Grave? D W & Bro 457 I T nt , rfsm i? v mv 

onareb & Co opp p 838 j j^ M t^ton L . ...... 52/ 

Monday & Bransford 457 I P .,,.i.. T . t p 

^ -,, >, -,, . -- i i o i> •>-< 

811111110x1 4o ' j WilJson Riley. 53 


5 1 " 

snv krsht 


Greene J W 

460 i 


Bruce J E . . . 
Fields C C . . . 
Richards Thomas 


Ashbrook T J & Son - 407 , 

Faducah Furniture Mnfg Co .... 405 j Walton W P 

Rock George & Co 407 j Toledo, o 

Segenfelter & Reed 405 


Davie W&C 

Turnev Henry 

opp p 470 
. . . 473 


Darling AW opp p 571 . 

Ursuliae Convent of Saered Heart 

opp p 660 


Steele A F 547 

Field WW 547 










: j; 




Herndon H C 


Evan. H A 

7 | WARSAW. 

I Cox PA&Co .551 


. . o from 24 to page 49 j 



j '~u.;i.-,en berry A C . . . . . 

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Names Received too Late for Regular Insertion 


(era! tfaore. 

Al.IiANV. This sett men* is the water power, a select school and 2 church 

st. -■ at Clir.i . J I ' P pu ation £50. Daily mail T. J. F 

distant Ship bj I rt Aioaiiy Landing, . Anders...] t B. store and hotel, 

twelve miles aw;»y. Nearest ra r h i ■.{>- , •;,;-) i. P blacksmith 

I roach is B'urnsido ■:■'■■ insh-a : rth-east. Ballard rl hutei 

He.rQ.ure one flour- mil i an -3 •» cotton-gin, ' Uargo W J] 

ql •! yen by v. ater, ■• . -- u dour- Baugrbman . 

mill driven by .- r >:i.... The viF ... has Black J ■ « D lawvei 

thres burches, an aeaden ,. an i ships | ::'",..; J V.Vhicksnuih. 

corn, wheat, tobacco « axicj dri«d fruits, j Cnti u Ems saw and grist-mill. 

Daily mail. A. G. L ng, postma=teT. j Culton A \ notary public, 

Bryan! oc Zimmerman, l.iwy.:,- | Culton T .J, colli: .fci <; ; agent. 

Dabs »»y S G, saddler. I Davis John H, lawyer, 

Diefc<vii W, t. & Oe*, Iteniists. | Dish inaa i^-n. lawyer. 

Grey C ^lawyer. ; IMshilian .lolili, Lawyer. 

Liai uiton W F, gen^ritl st >re. j JJishman J M", physician. 

Hat^ock & Co, Bout an i saw-mill : Kdwar-cM H C, shoemaker. 

Hancock & Cov -n, w ■. ■':-•■ ..]■ -.- | Elliott t>rt»er». Druggist 

Harrison & Co, genera! - • e, ; Gibson J as T, general store. 

J tnson J W. - '- *rj . shoes. ! Eve JoJgh G, lawver. 

King J B. lawyer. I Harhin C 0. blacksmith. 

Lee A Miller, bit* 'ks nittis; ■ ; Uarritt, A 11. editor Chronicle. 

NioBeatfc T F, teach - ! Henderson U. 15., Druggist. 

M ■!> ■•.-,- ;11 Peter, saddler. • Henderson U P. physician. 

McDaii-iel & VicWhorter, general store. | HinkdeP.e-ter, saw \\.nd grist-mill. 

Martin & Lester, carpe iters. ! Hunter il II. circuit court clerk. 

Miller L. blacksmith. | MeCIary F P, lawyer. 

T m B If, tanner and aiil emukVr. j kills.] F. fatter." 

Vincent & Pittumn, F : ■ ur-mill and j Parroti '■> VI, saloon, 

Cqfcton (<in. ; P!t»er T. JF, Confectioner. 

WAri.f H, boarding-h u*e, I FuJ> v. J • ih i net -maker. 

• S ; . .-.- r- 'A' vV & Co, general store. 

SFVUHOrUAYIJFLE. IF- <F- Smith -J M, h .t and Wmaker. 

is the C'.Hiaty-ft*-at of iv::--x county; j Tiu>U\v rliisiios Irl,, Lawyer, 

• ' on the I'li'i ■ . ■ ; r:^-r, 40 miles : Wilson II K., cabinet-maker, 

from I.ivin^-r • ■, - the FF i.*»sv.Hle | VViUon John It, lawyer. 

f>i ikt F. i N. R. IF. Its nearest I Wilson i ■ T. saloon. 

;; ; f '!' g , pit, and i Louisville. ; 'Wvati 'ftlOfhas »1., Clei^k Conn 

Here is a saw and erUt-imN driven bv ' Court. 



BONANZA. A recently-established ! Richardson John \V, general store, 

p -. ,. i Hoc in i'-r, d cow I i' ha Ison Warren \ I . gist. 

: r, icha i Iswi -.< W, sadd I ■ ■ 

IKiOEHE. Small post-*etUem«nl in | |«t>a S tiun W, marsba 

Hardin countv. ' bba «J baT,es M, commission merchai 

i and expresv agent. 

S h i el d s J ■ ■ i d rl u 

BBANDEXBFUG. This incor. I sher.rill Ulysses C, p\v 

poj ed town oi GOO in tabiiai ts, the , Sinira ma '■ rn 3 

coiiatyseat of &eade county, is on the ; g„ ■ ' f, '. ' / yv0T< 

; M mtl« tram Louisville, j S tarks J. hn L> & gro/taarbere. 

11 ^as a good brick :«ni : use, a hye : X<l mrman Frank HU, Publisher 

weekly . •,. ■:. I -, I thin a mile, | M ., :i ,; t . Record. s 

1 ctiin ■ t ] Fciiool. Pobaec . v? tl . R ! iv i-er 

u s .. i is Lxpress. : \y;. > ,-. j •• 5 ] 

1 - )■■ ' '■ Wittelsh ' v & Y. .- rul -to: 

■ • Iwp. : Woo I* n B>- i v C ard< it . 

»Vui, iawy* :. j Wright t CJ 5: Go, 11 ur- i 

W. V, . 

Am,; I 

Bickor.staff Andrew.!, saloon. 
Bland & Putnam., grocers. 


-uiii-j (-H m Me? east) . 

DEXN rS* This offici for a *ms 11 

Lint i ■■ district in Logan, lia.s recent I ' 

■Uw-rnOPt m 

; uhristian eo mi v. i 2 uuh 

| ville, the county-seat. Ivnoch Rei *ha 

\ postmaster. 

: | ; i CI - ' . ►e.maker. 

i - •: ■ rfee ioha-nfia, mininc ry 

Golemah < ; .: ; . - r W, •:■■ »ceriesl 

Coleman Wm {. flour-mil i*(5 miles east) 

Ditti 1 [en rv A n ieian 

Dowdy &< In goods. NEPTOX. Fleming county, a new 
Fak4egl* Charles C Lawyer and I and unimportant post*office. 
Kxa Hii.'-er. \ 

HEM-friTE. Lately established rs 
.•"-■-■ .liice in Triiiy eo mty. 

Campbell county, Latelv 

RTT3FUS. An unimportant post set- 
tlement in Cald w ell i ountv. 

Flora JUanlel, Hotel. 

Praia - .1 ibn F, h-oti i. 

George \\ in, l>rrekmaker. 

Go ugh VV m .i. county clerk. 

Efcrdiri John Mj dentist. 

Harris ..' A, blacksmith!. 

H&yne* Hen rv T, marble works. &PRIXG1PIELD. Ln Washington 

HerndoaZT;,"' coUntv clerk. ; county, (For descriptive sketch see page 

Heimstetter Leopold, boots and shoes ' 5:!0 -< 

Howard J \V. groceries. j Berry W G, grocery and hotel. 

Hughes George W. furniture. | Bird & Russell, general store. 

Keitb Enrs coun ■ judge. j IJordvrs <). F.,. Saloon. 

ECQ-nii ft H t-\ lawyer. | Brown R J, lavvy -r. 

Lewis & Fairlegh, lawvers. j Carrisso J M, L , arrhige*ma'ker. 

McMunigle Neal ( g ■■ regies. ! Casev W II .•arriage-i taker 

Malin SanfordC, school c-.mmiHsioner. | Clarkson 8c Wbartwi (11 C Clarkson, JR 

Maliri St Hi! ge-nernl st.ere'. Wharton), boots and shoes. 

Meyer J, saddles. j Clements J W S, Lawyer. 

MiWer Wm II, stoves and tlnwa're. j Cohen J< seph, dry goods. 

Moreman A3 >n », suit mntr. ] Con ley T K. saloon. 

Sforeman A W. lawyi r. j Craycroft d T, saddler. 

Moreman Mrs K II. rniliinery. - j Crouch O S, meats and hotel. 

Price iV Teare, general store; j Dedraan 1' T, dentist. 

Pus.-v Davhi C v/. ician. ; First National Hank of Spriiiir- 

Pusey.J hi ::. H uit^-nul 5 miles east). | field. (Capita HoO.OOt)}. K.D.Hays, 

Futn'am^Keerf,car] it rs and undertakers. : President: A. C. McElroy. Cashier. 



I I 

P. « 


!' itli (.} C Pri ■ ! ' ,. r B >oth), 
Wi\ : in, 
(ireen C SV I i ■ 

[in ' B, :-.'■•>■•> er. 
HfWS"W, If., U« i-er. 
Eleaj ilio). 

L< i\ch£i an W H & . gj neral store. 
Lewis .] \V\ lawyer. 
Luck- • t ": A. hotel. 
MeAltioner W, tiki iware. 
M< v i : fe J un, sb i 
McOho 'd 1 i la ■. yer. 
M Oh • ■ v t-< : ' . jener t! st :• 

' ' ; ■ ~ : ':'' .'■•■-. t : ! >r. 

J \v 


N • & Vh ■■:■ : -• ; fts B V N P < Buckh< 
• i I ami 

0'< ' .■ '••.-.', _•••■■. ■ ■ >re. 

..-•'■- • ! ■ ^1 and sal 
ll:\Y &Wa^e . D 'tigs. 
: ■.•.■: G I ■', .; er-ies. 
Russell E XI, watoht's and jewelry. 
St Catherine df Sienna AcsSeuiy {8 miles 

St IC : Si 

J. miiftS "•:.- 

•:: Rev T A (Ciith). 
Shader .1 '■ iner. 

| SIiujHje A. R, V Co., Hardware. 

I Birn ■■. - T I. ■;. in, i-n. 
: Simms T \V. ; ; 

W & €o, < roeeries. 
I Strange Mi s S J, milliner. 

I 7 burton, li vet 
i Thnrman L \' . : 
j Wgsli Oi unity Watchman, Friend & 

Boot [i, proni ietoi s. 
I Wharton J L, clerk circuit court. 

The foil ■ •- ■' ' i h sen d!s- 

: cent n tied since the coi ■: fchia 

I book : 

! Baker Perry chanty 

i U . . . Bre ithitt 



Hickman " 

.... (':'■■'. •. ell " 

Pike " 

Grayson " 

Barren " 

.... PuJaski " 

n Ha Ian " 

lis L can " 

Cittur . 

j Ci 


1 g j 

'• ■ 

' F. 

. Fi 



: M 

;rrv . 

I \, 

•-.*-., ?3 

I Pi 

I 1'U. 


■■■9 «^ ^ ^.^ r-fc.^. m mp M agNfe 

JJVo. 205 rjiird Street, 
let. Market and Jefferson, LOUISVILLE, KY.*1 

Seals and Presses, Wax Stamps, Garicettng Presses, 

&4encil riates, Burning Brands, 


Card Printer, Monograms., 

indelible Ink, Linen Markets, 

I dce:> arid Figures, Ste'el Stamps 

Hotel Checks, etc. 


Marking Ink, 

Baggage Checks, 
Name Plates, 
Key Checks, 
Pat. Key Rings, 

Engraving and Oae-Slnking in ell its Variotss Branches, 

Fiii,r Premiums awarded by the Kentucky Mechanics' Institute for tour years 

in succession. 


This State, ranking the eighth in wealth, population and importance in the I 
dates its first settlement back feo about iThO, at which time it farnred a portion of the 
State of Virginia, T3 e a :. - irate State was pass Februai •' -k 

1791, and theadmission tools effect June I 1792. Il is situated between latitude- 86° SXy 
and 39° 06' north, and longitude 5° (MF and 12° ZB / west from Washington, comprii 
24,115,200 acres, - ■ - ' • tains a total popuial 

according to the census I 1880, of 1.648JG8, of which 271.522 ar< esd. Cora- 

Kentuekv has increased ber population at a ratio of twenty-iive per cent 
surface of the Stat< is an eleval . . ■■.■■ I sloping from the Cumberland : ; . 
tains on the south-east to the Mississippi "a&d Ohio river? on the north and v - 
It lies within the Mississippi basin, and within the special division of the ' 
valley. The average* elevation 1,000 feet above the sea. The numerous rivers 
penetrating all parts of the State have worn their chain els : . • ,• enough to s< 

draft :>■ lands, with few' exceptions. It has a river boundary •: 

8T"> miles; by the Chattroi or Big Sandy, on the rior breast, 120 miles; hi 
Ohio, on the north, 643 miles, and by the Mississippi, on the west, 50 mii -. 
The principal rivers have their source in the Cumberland mountains, ana affi 
to ai! part- of thy State river communication with the Ohio and entire Mississippi- 
river system. N'.> State has a frontage on navigable rivers equal to Kentu 
This insures cheap transportation in the future for the abundant forests and 
large deposits of eoai and iron ores contiguous to the streams. As a whole, tlm sur- 
face of Kentucky in< } tides a larger area of very fertile, and a Jess area nf barren soil, than 
ant other equal area ii a State so rich in mineral wealth. The production of the e soils 
includes the whole ot' the crops of the . v i Ississippi valley, except the sugar-cane; corn, 
wheat, oats, rve. barley, hemp, flax, and sorghum, are grown over its whole area. All 
fehe ordinary fruits attain Eh* it perfection, here: C feton is raised as a crop in me south- 
western region. Tobacco is more extensively cultivated here than in any other t?tate in 
the Union. The best natural grasslands of the continent are found here. The blooded 
horses of the i&ate ari perbag i the rn -t famous of its exports. Its remarkable superi- 
ority in tin- n ; i part to the eare given thereto, und is, m r!, e mad:, the 
result of the peculiarly ■■ rahle effects of a com-bination of circumstances, in whiefa 
soil, climate, and water all have place. Cattle and sheep also do well here. The climate 
here, as in all America, is rari -:■-. it is, however, much less so in Kentucky than in 
States farther ftorth . Xh< average temperature i .-£[.-.. ut ob° Fahr. 1;, i^r-te to . - 
the thermometer below zero, and it never remains twenty-four hours below that r . 


- I 


The summer-, although warm, arc not oppressive. The painfkll is ab-.a.t forty-eight 
ties per an: Ohio river, in ! toward the south-east to about sixty 

ineh-s at the eastern extremity This is distributed with fair regularity throughout 
the y. ar. 

As regards proximity to markets this State.] : tliar advantages. Reference to a 
map will show that it is the most central y placed in the group f States east of the 
Rocky mountains*; from 1 rs geographi 'al centre it is about an equal distance to Maine, 
Florida, Southern* Texas and Minnes ta. ', • ado, the great 'Lakes and 

the mouth of the Mississippi fa ' • eep of tin tn< line. The existii ^ railroads 

. ■ -.-.■■-■■ ...■ i t . a system oi 

fines exceedingly is adapted to tin meat of -her resources. The L( i vill< 

Nashville its ' ' brand » -exT< id fhi \ rh and form a network be- 

tween L< wisvilie, N< • < ... - u I .'- S< u It. This road, the largest in tlie State, 

:-'..- '■ ■■■"•,• 2,50 i : . 1 ■ - ■-- the ; . . •' ■>• years absorbed the smaller 

roads tin %h the soi western part ot t ,hi - State, now forni3 i ran st com 

link with the whole system of South rn railroads- Next in importance to the State is 
the Louisville, Cin inn&tl -and V .ifigton., i ■ ith- west to Louisville and 

fa nee-eas - Lexington a [ Mi. riing. A line n< »w in c urse of constru 

.' '.■ I.Coal ' Railroad will shortly connect the eastern terminus of 

I wit the Chesapeake a«d Ohio; and this, when < ■■ will give Kentucky v.- lint 

she most m-ed.-, a direct line :• the • aboai I. '.. lie importance of tht Cincinnati 

So thern Railway cannot but 1 ; perceived at once trav whoh State, north and 

mdcrossing the bl: % - Is on their longest and best section. The Kentucky 

Central Railway opens up the trade of the bluegrass region, the fu •• - ; aiitural sec- 
tion i the* ' >. The Pj : -.'■ : : • .: I penetrates Western Ken- 
tucky in such a manner as : aft* rd easy act -- to a larg rtion of that section. The 
Eastern Kentucky \h \\ y ru - ' rougl tl ■ •.•■■' - nf Greenup and Carter, and, if 
expectations are fulfilled, will eventually forma much needed line through South-eastern 
Kentucky. The N'ew i rleans and St. Louis, an I he Memphis, Padueah and Northern, in 
the south-western portion, assist in forming through lines from that section to St. Louia 
and $Tew ' Orleans. 

The mineral resources of Kentucky are very extensive It is the only State having 
within it- h< rder.s parts 01 the two great coal-fields. The area of coal is over 12.700 
square miles, exceed ; •_■ the. area of the Pennsylvania coal-fields, or the entire coal area of 
Great Br! ain a i Ireland. In the eastern portion of the State, especially, iron abounds' 
and has as yet bardly reached a fracti n of the possibilities of production. The greater 
part of the ore territory of the State is as yet untouched by the pick of the miner. 

V put bQ per cent of the area of the $tate is primitive forests, abounding in a great 
variety of valuable timber, among which are oak, maple, ash, yellow poplar, black wal- 
ickory, lynn, beech, chestnut and n-d cedar. The financial condition of Kentucky is 
most excellent. The 'State is practically free from debt, owing but $180,000, and having 
i r '- deposit in the bank; holding the bonds an amount more than em>ugh to pay off the 

Without indulgence in excessive claims, we may reasonably expect for Kentucky in 

the ' ..• t<> come a substantial growth proportionate lo her natural advantages. AnotheT 

' : ~ • • :, -\. a:.:':. :■. see tb*a I * bio Valley Uae-great seatof those productions that require 

• ■•■ power and cheap food Cor their making, bringing a population equal to that of the 

e ti&i ureas of the great European States. 


o^ j^iEuj^-^r-u'a^zir. 


f $ 

Arrest and Bail.— A dsftfttda-fiffn si civil action" 

•i' 1 " ruTTj ti ■■■ ■■ Mite the duties confided to him by 

can ' .:••••. ■ ,■■'. 

.'■■•'. ■ , n l i like- 

affidavit Oi 1 : — 

wise •. na«t in or -n ■■:• urt, 

; • I'm ■ ■ • lai i ii '■ . • i-ims. 

- T! t "•';'.. ; • • ; ■■. 

aid .:•.. . , : , - 

3. '' '■■ ■ '■' '■ .••■• 

■ ■ •■ ■ ■ in re. to th o! • 


iHa ■ | ..... 

!,., "' it t . ' • t ■ " ' ■ ' ! 

■.■• ■■ . ■ posed upon 1 

ant is annul t • •■ sof-t .- kind. ■. 

intent to d ■-■'.' . ■ - 

i* the duty of the - ■ - . i 

■ . i 

irt in which lie f-x- 

there if that tl • ;ss igmeat 

with <t • n 

it 1 • ■ oc that i 

. ■ ■ icory ( •-. . • • ■ • i • i ■ • :-.■■■ 

mouev, • -. • .•■■ . > for morn ox ■ . ■ ■ i r 

. : return to said 

debt, in the ,- ss< ion oi bin 'if or ol 

l. r a ,■ ,. • . ■ • r ' •-■ ■■ i - •• • 

•eport of sales wit i . . - 1 i 

' - i 


.. ■ ■ 

-. ■ ■ - _ ' f 11 r 1 1 : ■..-■: ' . • 1 ' 


isfy the plaii ! - 'J .■•■•■' 

and re; rt s! 11 te recoi . Sice of 


.-, it • i ■ - ii : ■■. " ■ ■ . need 

said ci - i. •: . cj ;•••■ i R I : " 


?'n hi-' '. • . . iiritji'S. t ' • that 

Afti r the payment iiarpres of 


the ;!.'.-. ' . • ■ . ■ 

the estate under t! ■ •• ; . I, and 


n hi .; be ; .. • i - : : ' 

■'■-■-. 3, all tl ■■■ •■'■ ! 1 Ha -• • 

the i • .•■-.: 

■.■■-■■. . • .■ :■•-.■•'. • 

double the an '■■■■*' 

" ■ ' ■ 

■ 1 J . ' ■ 

his a. •; ' ■■ i 1 ' . ■• • crart, • r \\a 

mi* the •' riant when rre«ted r 1 oi his 

: . ■. ;- • ■ • For protection to bin s< If 

count ••. in ■ • ■ r : 

r • ... • . . . i ■ . ■ : - at of 1 

; . 

iu th "hands < tl '■ i e phi 

• ■ .; • an :.;,'-••.- rf n ti .-;. la • h 

"•"'',.''' .. .: 

tii . - ■ :'. •. -.- T J i 1 ■ ■'■■•: 

. " • " ' -. ? ■ 1 ■ • ! V . 1 


b< ..-.'"■■• • 1 

tjnie airei wai 11 jment. .. 

1 ..-.•■ - Rained in 

with j- :--■■■ ■ ' ' to i 

- . : \ • i . . /• ■•:■" 


1 r : • • ; ; ■ • . i :..■•-•. 

r, rid pi . ■■■ i. 1 ties -t ■ 1 


the deft . . ■ • f 

nirl it . . 1 is i ided .. v the 


the process of the c t ; ' • '■ 

, : uto! the court .: w i - . i re tin- his 

L- a ;■■ :•.■.•■:■■ •. • won ■ -■ ■ 

chiira ' itor.J failing | lt and pro^e 

BUW - ■••'■.- I 

• ; . - . • i : • : ■ ■ • i ' ■ , 1 1a vi o Luna 

amount oi 1 is ■ its ind have pi 

ins-t tl • ti <■:■■<■'' wl ■ is ■ ■ '"': :' ;■• | ■ :• cut th 

StJ '■', s, ;•.-'• . r tO v ;-':'...-:■-.-. ■ ' - 

■ - . '. rj ' • cred- 

te that sum If . they 

itors, i . i • lima . ■ ■ - ■ • r - i - in 

must in t ■ r | 

tUll 1 ■ . ■ "■ : 

Tie aefendant may nt anj me o i . - ■ : 

icci tance - . : u r tl .-.-:. nmer.t i]')^^ 


apon reus ■ ■■■ • I to thi p! inti .his .■■ it r 

Dot .;.•■... 13 to the residue oi the 

attorney, deliver to said party, '.:- agent ir itror- 

debt i 

ney a schedule of the property in ten .* ■ s-nr- 

itfS may at or after the 

r- mi red a d«1 up >n ,ta i*t.»lv< ■'. del t< i '■>■ 

. r\'<.\>- an att :•" ; 

oath, be diurl arted from arrest . f 

:. . ; perl "■ : daht, ::.■ : 

the - erifl to take charge 

•■-:.'• - ■ : it; for ' • r a fa&tian t pucb 

erty and effects of the I in the 

ii be overed iu --.r. actit a 1 . . ■ 


schedule »i I tfier I .' ■. i i ■■ o us pa v over 

v ; Linst- 

the pr< ■ • • I tors 

; • foreign corporation, csm. 


An insolvent iehtor i« not required to surrender 

:■ ' nt ol the >tate ; or. 

•uch uf hiaefl sets as are exempted by law from exe- 

:. W : been ahserrt therefrom fbuf months: or. 


:. [Ins departed therefrom with iat at to defr&hd 

.<,- . -.-'•' .').- 3 •••'-• < •' < n if< r« — A'd 

■ ivdvtos : *; or, 

by deed. w!.i.:'i sh< aid be ackii •> ledged in 1 :■■■:. rrt- 

1. llaa left the country ot his residence to avoid 

e<l, make an asei^ nment to a trustee i >r the benefit 

• • ice of » summons ; or, 

of ell his creditors. Before proceeding to execute 

5. S > concen-fs himself that Q summons cannot im 

the tr us:, ;hs assignee or trustee must take au oath 

served u.p->a him ; or. 



6. Jsfrboxit to remove; or has removed, his prop- 
erty, ;■:' 9 snutoria! part t icrcof, out -<t the State,. 
not iev. ing uo . ' therein lai isfy th ; plai 

■.'..■ i 

7. Has ,sold y conveyed, or otherwise i I 
his property, or sufl*< I or perm 

with the ffa idul iatcut to cheat, hinder oi 
hin creditors ; or, 

8 Is a :•■• rt to sell, convey, or otherwise 
of, his property, with such intent. 

But un atta • granted on the 

ground that the defendant is s for* iga < 
or a nou-reshl nt of the State f r inyi dm rher 
:.:"■••■ risii act, ex- 

press or impl 

. • 

■.'■■;■ d. if 

ant has uo ; . • o exeru- 

. • the 

as iyrc at, or a 

I for mon •:■ or propen >■ ible by stal 

so as to i • tl i ■ . ; , nee, 

I but, ■ ■ ■;• c isea oi bills >f i proj»i*eory 

! notes placed upon tli** 1 cornxn 

ord it not im] 

the right to any i omit or ■ -• 

inst the 
... . • ■ ui y i n tei 

I notice of the as 

■ . . • .<■ thing i i action, Lft on t be u >t 

intborized !■*• st > ite, tli .' • . nasi I 

; pa] ty to a s ' plaintii Eidant Pr< mie- 

; 6( rj note*, payable to any per . >n or persons, or ^^ 
i a corporation, and payabl ■ ' ■ ; ; ' 
bank ii -; i at i nadi ; \ law 
:•. : . .. tl 

. •:• .■ . .-.■■■■ 

: • I :■ ■■■•■•.. ount I by the I at whii i 

; ■ ■ ,: : j ■ . i v : . if th« hanks 

■ in this Com : . ■ :•■ ■,-, 


r • that 


■ . 
i. Tl e > itareof 1 In ■' ii .'. • ■ 

..'■.■■■■ :■•■,■■• eli is the ] 

i- . . ■ torecuvei . : . 

i. Th« f any of the n • '- U r an at- 

tachmei i mem in [1 

u the >e: .- ■ i a ill if it b 

' . su b a >■■■-;: it. or b the r xrn oi t 3h. n'S 
upon the order for the delivery oi tl pro er 
claimed, that the facts mentioned iu that su 

r remove 1 

in tl i 

til : V i 

u 1 

■ • ■ 



to ail 


with it all .:■ 

dob th< y ir 

■ must • • 
• ;■'■ c 

. n on ( t 
i given for its 

: n issue 
■ art. uu- 

Li lie . iv - ■.- iw . 

:■.■: • : if t n or I' V 

il / ' . S ' . : ' 

If sevoial .< - ■:■•■■ v., • ■ I 
el . . . y shall in . , ■ . . 

time of i lieir delivery to t ; .»- g 
■jv:! r\ utt icheJ I e a iuxi I o 

'. ■ ■ i : ■ 




..:*. • 

Y:i -. 


1 ■■■ 



the 1: 

■ ■ - •.'• to levies, or is required t 

il ■■.■ n !•<■■:. d propert] 

ittachmeut denial ot the 

••-■.■ to - ■ . ■ • *ur« ;v. 

' ■ ■ -' I ...'..- ; ." • ,.i.v gug- 

•' re ;-..n ..,: t;'- [< i . of the attai hi t and 
"■•d be not executed withii - le time 

the demand, he may <-t;i'i^-- to maki 


oi vnc uettvery oi 
■ ' the lien is completed by 

.- ! '•• t! 

vy of the attachment 

irf», 2Mb ami > ites —All boad«, bil 

or for a ternj 

i ; 

;r;OQ. on 
force a li n 

;iv time -■ : ■ ■ l 
e by the 

for the amount 
!!:•! half commis- 

;tate taken in execution 

- : ■•■• -•■ - •:••:■ ' to him by 
•iv to i: • . rhe property 
■ specifying 
■ ■ n •• an I il - ralue. 
• ■ •.: '- and i- not exer- 

\ »a • ' • ii bonus ind forthcoming 

■>:• :!:- fore • and oi •■ t of a jud jment. aufl 

if i. t •■. . :.' maturity an execution may issue and 

must be endorsed that no surety oi any kind ;h to uj- 


: it*o«ialty may ; "* sold at or in the vicinity of 
': levy in ten days after the levy, the time 

and p! ice of - tie and a d( scriptton of -'a; property 
being first advertised, by bi tring up written 
ttliree f the moat public plac«s 
in the viciuttyof the place of pale 



! th< 

or the pei formam ■• oi an 
ourt l-o stay or riu . 

.',• i of acti 

■■ I... I III IV! 

tute crou 
■ ■: . ■ ! 
■■■■■■. - i r ttKlj- 
i rop ri j ; an i ■ n u] on 
act) jh upon a :. 
m< i <■;,.■ ;-,![ .•• • 

b; sit; 
fraud nr mistake 

or the existence 
whatever. No 
! r mzht und ?r or 

sen ' a ana rortti minj 
cepted, to ansv « the t 
tio i. 

Ag i. v / : : . Person. - \ 
Lssu fci ■ mains I t< 




It the i 
ac c r n e < 1 
B< end m 
them. h< 
r rmove I 
peri >d o 

I ">p ■';■ 

at p 


d&i? of the 
or writ:-n 
cuted in ao 



or fo<» 

it ¥ 



: two 

I i 






A\l, | . .•...--, DIRECTORY. 


| by the family • ■ < essarj for its m ; 
I >tLnj! for one rooni, whether 
fa ;n.i'j '■: not ; pot. ; - 01 

• . tndapp ind r ci ok ihg 

;.,,i i.-v i • , -. .. i i u . [oil ■ ■ • 

dozen p ftz i cups and sau'::< : . 

fec-po'4 one tea- pi ; • lozeu knives i 
one t ,.. : f. ■ faniiij iiibl • ; all the -• h >o-l 1 ks on 
hand necessary foi the education of th iidrcn; 

■ ■ I . > iuiv-1) luk-j • two ■• • Id! - nd tl 
pondages; one bridle; si\ chairs, or so tnanj is 
shall aat exceed eight dollar* in value; - 
poultry cq band; ten bead of sheep ; • tp- 

parcl; a sufficiency oit provisions, in 
stuffs an.! animal food, to sustain the 
year ; &i d i! there be e t a sutti iency 
ions on band I f • so rime 

-.-.-.-'-' t ' 

ci-'iji, ii alii . -: be ry to sup 

Re iencj ; pro\ ndei suflh eat t i support l : . • ■ s- 
eai >! ■•■; ii-.-' -■• . i. one ; ear ; i ■ . • A i • lor 
y -:.:!.:. not -. ■ din^ :.:' r y dollars i 
bureau ; one ■• me washsta ad 

not c« exceed Bf I i - in iralue til a-r as. am- 
; i ■ iiipn : fa! : :..-■• . 

■ ■ : . e • - w . i ; .: ■ i . ■ family pon am] 

- : aJsO the t -■'.- of a m ui i :■. I- 
ing^ne hundred dollars in value and if ictua h en- 
gaged in the prosecu ...... , cstnes^ 

there shall be vxeuipi tion to ti 

... " 
of manufacture, in 
dollars, If, ho 

eruption, as to his tools, he is onlj entit i to u? 
work beast ins ?m\ of two. Also tl ti'for s ol 
all taioister-s ol the ! pel aud the pr :'-■■-' nal 
libraries ol it tor beys it law, the professional ■ t- 
ri !« and iu*l exxiw f physicians i n t i ■ : i - 

not to exceed in value tivyhundri ■ I ihi - 
are not in tdil e two ■'• >-v~. wacoo 

cart or dray heret6fore mentioue i. XI: • w ig< -. n »t 
to exceed fifty dollars q! all persons won •■■■ 
wages* are il su b ■ - - ti have a family. - . m] ■ 
I rr ■* : , - n - I i imeo r fei 

- - not apj ly to debts contracrt-d for 

food, raiment or house rent for the family, if, 
howev&i * • select a hoi I ..:•..■: . 

value r ; . m on^ hundred and fifty i »1 urs an 1 a cow 
and ca)f -.exceeding the value of sixty lol irs the 
sheriff mast have them a a id sold md the 

i it debt ' ved out of the proceed s 

th - suaa 3 ihed 

Property exempt fr ;n execution is also - 
fram distress or atta-hment for rent, 
money or property furnished the tenant by the 
landlord, f ■> th p>i ose - tabling tli 
sahsiat or to Pais his crop foi whi -h - he an i- hi 
has a iiea on tb rop >i the tenant rais I >a 

• : --. leaa I or zva I ,pj in 

fhe u'> form, an i tion, ■> ■ I utre- 

ai iata r< ijoir i by hi v ; '■' ■• :■ • offic ;■ md 
are i footn all tits. L- tress. sx> it 
for lebtH an I the paj in -nt yt taxes 

In ■-•il it ion to i . - • ■■ lid property 
Pro .) - sedition, tli •"•• - oi d^bts 

- ■ I or incurred after the first ; (Jj*y.of June ! -. . 
exempt from s il ■ un ler execuiiou. att lofimeatL or 
judgment of any court except to foreclos* i to rt- 
. : i'en by the owner of a ! - .---.. | ,• r - 
pnrchass twr'ney due 1 a :.•■■■. iclud- 

in.* : i- j „• .ui . . i ,. -, — . ■ , ; 5 owned 

: : •• • -. - I not. . I value -1.UU0. 

'•'■- ive raenti •:.••! ipplies to a \ ]■< r- 

f <:iv r tc • or col t. who an house* 

: - -: '■ " »f this ( ' ' ':i7ii-;nw '*!th, bul • : - f 

'" x » '« ind i •-.'•.;'■ :,. .::.. hmen ; j i 

;i " ' "■ H.sit of credit) tin- d-.'bt- [ rior to 

the I or rhr < res ti h ■ ■ th« il\- 

l r ■ f. i 

fhe following list of articles are eat«mptf] m 
tribution and sale, aiv.i mus,t be &et apart to the. 

widow or infant child or children by the appraisers 
-tate of an intestate, to wit: Iwu ho r-^s. 
or en hors< ■•■■■] -i of oxen; and, if not on hand, 
other i ■ ■ to rceed in value 

8'lOrt for i aors'e i e oxen; ten bead 

ol sh'-ep ; if none on hand, other property or 
. ll.oOper head: two cowhand 
calves : if none, other property or money not to 
f s •" •;--'■ r ea^h cow and calf; all the poull *y on 
baud; ; ; other property or mone> aot to 

exceed -." ; all the spun yarn and manufactured 
cloth and carpeting manufactured by the family 
neces* cy for it?, use; if none Milieu thereof, other 
property or money not to eveeed ?20 ; all of the 
wearius apparel; : : I i>.' ; \ Bible and one table; 
or, in Hen B tnd table, $a each p 

one loom, spinning- wheel and • irds ; or. i:i lien 

not to exceed 
-l-"> ; r -. bedding a fi - I 

hand, either property or mone\ not to exceed • : 4u in 
- - 1 1 ■■ . ■■ . i Le-hs l dozi a plates : ont-b «df di - i 
ciip« "saucers ; oi ■ •■■ '■ i-pot ; one- 

hall .... md forks ; one oven aud pot ; if 

d • ' property or money not td exceed 

; L'h: cm iokins-pl ' ■•;> ■■ ■ i .. 

cooking uten« Is not exceeding <i» in value; 

but, if ui>"t • ' . iid, nol bins: can I - i t-p u t in lieu 

thereof; i ne half do .. .-.. or bo ma aj - 

not exceed ^-!S in value; and, il not on band " 

■ - .; to. es saddle 

i .- - - her < h bridle ; if uot ■ a 

haud. "th - property or money in lieu therea i. not 

•;-'•; one p >w . ■ ; . or, in libu 

thereof, i I none -on hand, oth i property or, aaonej 

not to eseewi MO ;one ax.ixne hoe; if none, other 

• : ipev F not '.'<•'.■ tine -i each : one se^ing-ma- 

hand ; ; i' not, nothing must be set 

I in ' " it : i sul iciency of provisions, iu- 

d1«j ,: l»tu ::'-. tain tin widow and infant 

...'. her one year: and, if there 

is i - ifftei ■-■ ■ •: pt • us on hand for that 

pnr] , then so much of the live stock suitable tor 
that purpi -■•. ami of the growing crop, :f any, as 
:i s.nei ssary to supply th( Icfieiency ; r>;;d. if 

not on band, other property or money, in lien 
:•;•:. r. Ti it e ceedmg '" ! . for the snppcnH of the 
inl mt child living with her, If 
infant child or children, and no mother 
surviving, there must be set apart for the support 
of such infant child or children the article*- afore-; ind it such art c'-es are uot on hand, t'oen 
: articles or monej must be j i j t apart in lieu 
th- r if; but in no casfensoist appraisers set apart, 
to either widow, or child or children, property or 
aiouey, in lieu of the articles allowed by law, of 
'■ • iter value in th^ a.irgrejyate than $T50. Widows 
wit hunt infant children must have the property 
iifbr «aid set ipart to -them : the*tn»e ds if t Ley bad 
iildren re^idisng in the family, except there 
m t' not -be any t dug set apart for ti;'- support oi" 
;•■ hildren, if there be none residing in the 

family with I ■ widow. The appraisers iumt 
b! ite in their appraisement the articles, and 
value oi each, set apart by them to widows or 
i rt'fn ; : - .-"[•'' • ■ ■ ■ '■■ Articles a [.{raised for 

sale. The above provisions B,nply to cases where 
the husband die,-l t ^ - r .* t ^ , and the widow renounces 
the provisions of the will in the fime pr^si.-ribed by 

>-■ i ■ -. e the 1st day ft April, 1878, the legal 
rate dint •- tl s been »> per cent, per annum and 
hi - ; •-.-.: va- rate axe void as to the 
en ■■-- ■'■ gaiint'.'-rest 4he aurount loaaod, 

with leiral i : ." i -r, may be recovered »» any Bach 
eontr ct '■■t if the lender refuse before suit is 
brought .. render of the principal, with legal inter- 

mu!»t pay the co-<ts of i ny ---. r t roug I 
sui h ■ ■■; I ■ ael h.- rtitti p ■ v nv nt m a del * bearing 
i . ■ ■- 3 - . i y first a pi i to ti ■; ■■ uwhment 
of the interest then due. A judgment, except fur 
majicioue prosecution, libel, slander, or injury to 


KEXTUCK i ■ : n GAZ.l I I FEB 

■ ; shall bear legal im late, a nd 

-.v ■ b for the princips landacci it. Any 

Ui'M. te ■' — - nod Idea ju Iginent 

©«t of the State, is presumed unless * 
he shown, to.bearhke interest, ifil ■ I • n in- 
curred or the judgmenl rendered 
Jui [its J idered upo ■. . ■ ■ t in mtiug 

£>>r the payment oi money, made b fore the 1st day 
of April, 1 is 78, bear th rate provid 

in thereon tract, ii t : v i • ; < ■■ : it the time to con- 
tract fc- such rate of interest. If no ratt is n- 
iracted for, jiiid ruertts I •■ r interesl &1 the rate of 
6 per cent, per annum, Between v.- ml r 1st, 
1871 and September 1st, 18715 the le-ra'l ■ ■ i utei*- 
est wa? ( per cent., but 1< 

be contracted for. Bel 
and \ :■> ■' ! *t, 'i-T^ the 
but - per c it mte I ; - 

Sfai fted R im. a.— All 
portal, oft] ;.wife. > ■ 
estate ii»i • - . ■ ted witl 

•ent mig il -.- Ily 
,'eeti v ■:■•■■ aber 1st, ! *7t3 
tl rate was •» ,p*r 
i ' pi i p \: ' real and p< r- 
'd is her general 
the eh" rafter - -. 

estate, by the instrument uadei ■ si derives 

title, M -■ i i the husband, dnri .... t ij 

life of the wife, n i ■■ state r utei ■•: n i t p a! 
estate, ■■ ■ . • : at tl tim 

or acq nil ■ . ■ larriage -. ■ 

thereof, with power to i ai for not 

more than three years at a ' m md 
tent. If, !•. .v -v-r. ■'■c- wH .i ; ■ rii a; the term for 
which her land is v en ted, thereat £ tin hus- 

band, if aliv ;, subj« t to her d — e •: - 
before mai ria>2 . an I Foi -■■-.'> enntrad r 

marriage .'U account < f ne< ■•*■■■ rjes for horse! i or 
any member of her family* the I • 

11 be e\ iHen ?d h s* i ii - ag sign I by her. lluf 
if during sucli r rm the! I reut accrm 

ing thereafter shall k< to • b- 

ject to her debts as aforesaid Smjh ren st i or 
rent is not liable t~<:r anj debt c>! reap msibi ity of 
tne husband, contracted or incurred 1 
matiriagei but is liable for the wif< - I bt»or re- 
BponsibUitiee contracted t*r incurred before mar- 
riage an! for such contra fed ri r marring 
are uj^nated above. The >epai tte est . te of a I 

w .'am. in both real an I iwrponal ■ -op rty ia su rh 
as she hoi Is free from tb debts •■ I : T ; : r 
busband ami over the i n ■■■'-: she 1 .- ■■,- 

absolute poi r of disposal. I' •'■:-■ rid mu.- 1 joi i 
tb* wife in the conveyance ofher separate estate. 
The wife's income fr her trate esta! 
property acquired by an investment of it, retains 
its separate < haraetpr as long as -''<■ holds it. 

A married woman can not biud ber*elf by con- 
tract, bur may bind her separate estate by cm- 
tract, in writ in;z ill ^ can n.ut more-sage it 

to secure b r : ■ id's ' I v ~ t^hetber the same was 
contracted prior to or simultaneously wirl; the < x- 
eciuion of Ibe mortgage. 

VV%ere t!i' r re is issue -of the marriage born - ; .>: 
the husband has an estate t >r his own life in all the 
real estate owned and [»osse<tsed !•> the wife tt the 
time- of her death, or of which :.: th -r may be 

■- her n -■-;- h ■ it ites are, I 
I the of thf wife. 

I ■< ■:■ i-e or r the d ri ol t ! w 

husband, tb 

'-■-■■'-■ h< hnsb ii ( 

out lor his ... s . . of an cstal i 

pi a1 ans I an luring ihe ■■■■■■■ ■■: • ire, tl 
...... ,.-. 

try < t [, -.- > - en I the 1 

D iv i- isi ly b ■ barred by l he v ifi rol i 
le tving her in adultery, 

. • .: ■ i , ■ v "i ■:■ or. ii ; -r • lor i 

d* jointure but il the wife is la ■ 
y par t t h 

'.'...■ '.'•'. c I 

r of do .'■ r 1 1 i : i j - 

■■ ' ■ ; - i s en t i l 

.-.'■. i 

from his -< 
- ■ . ; ie . 

I ii ,\ :■■,. : . ii ..... . - - > i , 

: : is i ne adju aing any of the prem- 
I with nt c v(i ■ ■ -■■■ for, until d r 
'■ her l>ivo> ■■ b rs 11 claim* to< " 

« 3 



»t bv 

ic U 


will en 

.-'.; ti a f the banks or otl 
:\a< »t;i.te is tike?; for or transferred to 
and it is •■ pressed on the fac of tl 
1 - :■'-■- k of such thai it- is 

- sue] : - - lie, - - : -.,- -..• • of Lei 
t in such p t o . r t he d iden - I 
: -■-..- a tol -i ;•;-,.. • 
■ ' • . >p if married, so 

o*' ber husband, or 
.■■•-'• - - p r o v i ded i n t he 
M r'usi >'.■ !-:..- -"' iv e t 

■ nces therefor, though mar- 
i t anticipate tti sam nor can 
nib paid ipon any or I- r r ; 
-i the sui (declared parried women 


r ....■'■.■-. i •.-■■; = . an d the ir i : • ■ r 
M - ne -e valid to tb}u same exLeat 

: the unty of tbe wife's resi- 

'•■'•■■: \ ■ : idence, empower the 

■ 1 1 : ... -i v. ]\\ ey, tor ]vr own 

pi ■■ rfy shi may own or acquire, free 

trims or debtfi of her husband, or to mak '■ 

and ii--- sued, as a single woman, by 

in !U t : 

ract -. - 
., II »r deed. 

ii ra ike saffii iem 
where he i - i mtin 
expired term - t m 

2. On the joint ] 
on ■ ; . j. it'tjon of 
a p trty tliereto. 

A.. married who shall come to this State without 
iter husband, he residing elsewhere, rautj ac [aire 
property, contract and bring and defend aetic as as 
a a unmarried v. oman 

sband abandons the wife or fails 
.f ". ision tor her maintena : 

.1 in the penitentiary for an an- 
f * ; i : :i one year. 
j t i of bu sband and wife, or 
:►■ ". ife the husband b : .ri z made 




No. 139 Bust Ch.estn.ut Street, 


mr$tn<& v:r Catsloeue. 



&o$&j ,,.-,,— ~I. ok- P B-laekfe»*i*. 
/ tenant Governor — James R. Cantrill. 
Secretary <$ St >fe— Ja-s. Blackburn. 
Assistant Secretary ol $iatt -Thomas A. 

Private Secretary to the Governor — J. 

' : ■■ ■■ •/ Gi •al— P. W. Hardin. 
Librarian — Mrs. Annie :'•.'•' 
Wa.rde.nof Penitentiary — W. S. Stone. 
Public Printer and^-35. I. M. Major. 


Auditor— layette Hewitt 

Assistant Auditor — Charles S. Green. 

Clerks— Thomas J. Harris, D. M. MeHenry, 
Edward Henslev, John A. Crittenden, 
Henry F. Duncan, W. fi. Newhall, Jr., 
Henry B. Ware. ii. C. Murray. 

lN<l'EA.\i:t; BUREAU. 
Commissioner — L. C. Norman. 
Deputy Commission*? — Cabell B. Bullock. 
Clerk— J. A. Coons. 


Treasurer — James W. Tate. 
Clerk— James B. Haw! Ins. 


Register— Ralph Sheldon. 
Deputy Register — Linn Boyd. 
I '.ei -Head-Jj Boyd. 


-■'■ t i •intendent — J. D. Pickett. 

First Clerk — E. (_'. Went. 

Second Clerk— Wm. Holton Pickett. 

Adjutant General — J. P. Nuckols. 
C'ltrk — James Blackburn, Jr. 


(Jomro^sioner — C. E. Bowman. 


Director — John R. Proctor. 

James B. Bee 

March 1. 1881, to March A, 1883. 
D.) Lexington. Jno. S. Williams, (£>.) Mt. Sterlim 


1st District— -Oscar Turner (/>) Woodville 

2d '• James A. MeivenEiefD) Long View 

3d » John v\*. ( Id well ( 0) E i^eilviUe 

4th » J. Proctor Knott (D Lebanon 

A " Alberts. 'Willis (/>) Louisville 

6th " John (i- Carlisle iD' Covington 

•'h «« j.'CYS. BlackHurn (D) Versailles 

P. H V.: p*-m. Jr (D) Harrodsburg 

John I>. Wflite{# - - Manche 

lOtii " • E. C. Pbi-U'r ,2>; Maysville 





! e 

! H 

i r 

^•-y.:x:::~ z :"^cz//.-; y z ■?. z c -. £ •;, ~ - < ►? -z -- 

-J* — N . ' • ' 

b: Uoribb: 

- «i c; ^ "s 

^- ~. ;- 

is - 


Sk'aa ad . 
















— • > * 


x > -.- — : _; 

30 ~£ 

•- = - S r ' 

X~:C ^ y 



7-J ?* tN O 

O M 

W C ?5 < ^ 5 C£ 3Q < 

^oa^ooc,M^r/3 •; < c cc <i < <© <! £ c 

•7) : .* r: ci 

: oo ■ : 


•/, _'; •? "- -• - r 

^rj<<Z -: a^~^C-i<- 

^«;|-i2 H ? t : Ji i j § f : di "5 S 2 
| *! b £ o r \ c? . ci J . '/> Be," >-i j '-? *~' £ ^ ~ 

i ; 

5 i 
~ .3 

"""- ,_' 
■r . 

. > ' 

'. S - '• '-z '■ ^~ '•'■'■ '■ '• - - 5*-° : -"t : • 
: " -": ^ < -f S? ■£ 5: .£ -E J id ; =j ; =* & J < ^ Ph S* 

2 . w : 

* ^ ■ . I < d ~ £ » &h ~ 2: ~ £ ^ ~ 

-" -i i? S PS » £ -?' ~ -^ ~ ^ -J x £ 

JH ~ -T, \S — W w 

3 i 


ari a 

-^ ! U 

I3h U* (J> ^ ^ .J W -Z> ,3 -H ■— 



t-T « 

cl ! C o 

g ! (S <§ <*?&■» ■ O < •? 3 2,1 5 --5 k r. £ 

x c : -/ x 2 x^^:: 

- N •""< ^ 'M. 

x- ,— : 




P ■ . I x - 


w :J. f», r 

I O S^' ^ x : i£ ~ ^ i 

X ,- 












» .Z — ." 

"^ C< ^ 


PS 6G K 


S ! \ : j : : 


.ksi> i,;.>ryKss directory. 

J£j «j £5 0[ r y. y' £ y - •; y < -/: C ;" X ►- f 5$ C ! 

epresenti ng themselves as 





















g 1 ^' :: '^ ^^'^^'^IJ^^J^S 4 ^' 


^4 < V, 





>t 3 
£ c 

^ C 

1 3 

5 -d 



S W 


c H 
.5 co 





C .3 




5? o 





^ 3 

cd o 

C no 

•a ^ 

<u o 

e « 

3 V 

$ s 




Elected First Monday in August, 1880, for Term of Six Years. 


1st Bistfiet-^lfon. Edward Crossland 

- 2d 




6 th 



9 th 










Hon. J. K. Grace . . . 

Hun, n. P. Ci— U. . . 

Hon. L. P. Little . . . 

Hon. W. L. Oiilanev . 

Hon. T. It. MeBeath . 

li..n. ,] II. Lewis . . . 

Hon. M H. Owslev . . 

Hon W. L Ja< kson . 

Hon. B. F. Buckner . . 

Hon. P. U. Major.. . . 

Hon. J. S. Bovd . . . 

Hon. Robert fliddell . 

lion A. E. Cole . . . 

lh>n. .7. F. Pindlay . . 

Hon. Geo. N. Brown . 

Hon. S E. DeHaven . . 

Hon. C. A. Hardin . . 



. C. A. Thomas. 
. J. 15. Garnett. 
. .!. H. Powell. 
. .1. F. Noe. 
. J. M. Porter. 
. \V. R. Kaynes. 
. S M. Peyton. 
. R. C. Warren. 
. A. Or. Carutb, 
. C. J. Bronston. 
. A. G. DeJarnette. 
. W. W. Clear v. 
. C. R. Brooks." 
. T. A. Cur ran. 
. II. C. Ever-sole* 
. S. G. Khmer. 
. I. S. Morn-;. 
. T. A. RoberftoQ, 

Jefferson, Court of— Hon. H. .7. Stiles. 

For the counties of Fayette. Chirk, Madison, Bourbon, Scott, Woodford, and Franklin 
— Hon. C. S. French'.' 


Chancellor- — Hon. I. W. Edwards. 
Vict- Chance! lor —lion. Alfred T. Pope. 


Fen the Counties of Campbell, Ken-ton^ Bracken, a*td- Pendleton — Judge — lion. John 
W. Menzies. 


Chief Juttuie—n&Ti. Joseph II. !>wU 
AmdcUUf J idqt ?-—Hons. Thomas II, M'mv. 
Attorney General — P. \V. Hardin. 
Reporter — John Rodman. 
Clerk— fhos. C. ,1 ■-. > 
Deo>i,ty Clerk— E. W. Hises. 
8ergeant-at-Arn< *r-Geurge A. Robertson. 
Tipst"ff-~~A. W. Vallandingham. 
Janitor — W m . F tench. 

riwimts F. Hargis, and W. S. Pryor 



i l Kentucky State Gazetteer 

R. L. POLK & CO. 




In the following section of the work the post-offices of Kentucky are arranged in alphabetical 

order, and a description is given of place, with an alphabetical list of 

all persons doing business therein. 

AAROXVS RUN. A discontinued 
post-office in Montgomery county. 

xUlBETT. A country post-office in 

Trimble county, 8 miles east of Bed- 
ford, the county-seat, and the same disti i ;e 
south of Carrollton, the nearest -shipping- 
point on the Ohio rive; . Stage to Garrc 11- 
ton. M. M. Dunn, postmaster asd gen- 
eral store. 

ADA. Calloway county. 3 miles from 
Tennessee state line, and 5 miles south 
of Murray, the county-seat. Paris, Ten- 
nessee, is the nearest bank location, and 
most accessible shipping point. Popula- 
tion 40. Tobacco forms the only export. 
Stages to Mttrray and Paris daily; fare 
12. Mail tri-weekly. L. P. Mansfield, 
Hunt.! C, live stock. 
->I;u»sfu»l«l I.,. P., General Store. 
'"• •.:: \\ J. r. ' accomst. 
M krsfaftl] T i}, tobacconist. 
Venerable .1 P, blacksmith. 
Wilcox T H. justice . >i peace. 

AI)A.lKVIi,Lr:, An incorporated 
town, nr 2 t settled in 1820; is located in the 

extreme southern part of Logan county, 
3 miles north of the Tennessee state 
line; and 13 miles south of Russellville, 
the county-seat and nearest snipping point 
on the L. & N. R. li. Red river here 
furnishes good power, utilized by a flour 
and grist-mill. The town lias a population 
nit 500, and sustains three churches, 
a good public school, a weekly newspaper, 
| the Logan Sentinel, a bank, and a woolen 
I m-ill in the vicinity. Improvements arnount- 
; ing to $25,000 were made here (luring last. 
I year. ..Shipments consist principally of 
| wheat, tobacco, and stork. Price of land 
'[ adjacent averages from $20 to $50 per acre. 
| Stage to Russellville, daily; Springfield, tri- 
! weekly ; and Franklin, semi-weekly ; fare 
! $1 each. Adams Express office at Uns- 
! sellviHe, is its nearest express point. Mol 
| daily. S. C. (Booch, postmaster. 
! Alexander Rev R G (Methodist), 
Bat*by Rev A IT, ( Baptist). 
Barbee & Moore, groceis. 
Beaucharnp F M, hotel and saloon. 
Bell J A, leaf tobacco. 
Booher J G, livery. 
Brown II W, pub. Logan Sentinel. 
Breediove A J, justice of pence. 
Burr A, hotel proprietor and justicv. 


All J~i ml»> <;>? interior iimi exterior or na« 


^^f/Q itj n :: oil niilufl >oc*u.J «1 • 

IllU I f W < siOj J. W. A rKlNSON, 3I3-32I So. Clinion 91., C 





- . 

Burr G 8, constable. 

Butt J 8, confections and grocery. 

Oragor Bros, dry goods. 

Foster J W, police judge. 

Goocb 8. C. & Co., "Furniture and Un- 
dertakers, Wall Paper, Pictures, Picture- 
frames, etc., etc. 

H*le Mrs M C, millinery. 

GL&rper, - wa^on-mak^r. 

Harper Mrs L T, princ. primarv school. 

Heiide^ou R H. saddler. 

Hendricksori Arcbelaus, physician* 

Hite George T grocery. 

Hummer & C \ general store. 

Jeter L> H, marshal. 

Johnson & Filts, hardware. 

Kempf C J, shoemaker. 

Is r >,'e? II, shoemaker. 

Lanier W C, bui 

McClure T, drugs and groceries. 

McCormac Smith, blacksmith. 

McGoIdric Miss Dora M, millinery. 

McGoIdric J C, meat market. 

Wnlone J W, attorney. 

Mason & OrndonT. flours-mill, 6 miles vr. 

Moorman J L, dentist. 

Myers H, grocery and saloon. 

Orndor»T Aaron, Hour-mill, 4 miles east. 

Orndorff Win, flour and woolen-mill, o 
miles east. 

Perry Rev Frank (Presbyterian). 

Pbipnen A W, saloon. 

Pollok UrsM, millinery. 

Proctor W B & Co, saloon. 

Ilayburn W Iv, general store and cash bank 
of Adair vilie. 

Robertson Wrn T, druggist. 

Simmons Green D, physician. 

Simmons Richard M, dour-mill, 2 miles n. 

Smith A P & Son, general store. 

Stooiz J H, meat market. 

Tison C S. sewing-machines. 

Townsend Robert P, physician. 

Turpian M M & Co, grocers. 

Vineyard B W, principal high school. 

Walton G W, blacksmith. 

ALB.4XY. CtintOo county (for de- 
scriptive sketch and business directory see 
list of towns received too late for regular 

north-east of Burkes ville, the county-seat. 
The nearest railway approach is Gla 
but all shipments can be made direct via 
Cumberland river. The products are chiefly 
walnut lumber, grain and tobacco, although 
some produce is marketed. Populat 
Mail tri-weekly. E. L. UigginboUom, post- 

Higgifibottoin, E. £u, Justice of the 

Peace and Grocer. 
Hohapple & Higginbottom, grain. 
Raysdon A C. blacksmith. 
Singer Manuf/g Co, walnut lumber. 
Smith C & E, tlour-miU, 2 miles out. 
Smith W P, constable. 


Crutcbfiejd, Fulton county). 

ALEXANDRIA. This incorpor- 

called Whetstone, is a village arid landing 

on the Cumberland river. It is in the 
eastern portion of Cumberland «o., 7 miles 

ated town. 

tiated on both the Oh 

Licking rivers, with BOO inhabitants, is the 

county-sett of Campbell, and is 13 i 

south of Newport, its nearest raiiro^d 

point, and 125 miles from Louisville. A 

grist and saw-mill. 5 churches, one public 

and two private schools are here. 

cid»ir and farm produce i^ marketed, Daily 

stage communication with Newport: fare 

6oc. Mail daily. Peter Kronz, postmaster. 

A-p ! an Hoary, hotel. 

Baker Richard T, lawyer. 

B:iker Wm B, lawyer. 

Bell James W, justice of peace. 

Braunstein George, boots and shoes. 

Brell John W, stoves and tinware. 

Freeman Mrs Millie, confectionery. 

Funk Wm, tailor. 

Geriach Mrs Emily, general store. 

Hartman Wm, carpenter and undertaker. 

Hill Theodore M, lawyer. 

Hornbach Michael, druggist. 

Kemper Herman", barber. 

Kronz Peter, General Store. 

Kuhl George, blacksmith. 

McVean Stephen D, hotel. 

Magionet Andrew, merchant tailor. 

Meister August, brewery. 

Murray Patrick, blacksmith. 

Orr Thomas S. physician. 

Rachford Hugh K, physician. 

Rarden Richard J. dep. elk. county court. 

Ratchtf Thomas A. lawyer. 

Riggail Robert, wa^on- maker. 

Riiey Edward, lawyer, 

■ liit.xr S«;tile«l moro tbulk 1,100 

Ix>08cs, and have Stii.l imr. 13 Ke- 
*$ S at*t*d Ciulma. A&itts Evervwher*. 





Schwalbach John, shoemaker. 
Thatcher Edgar, constable. 
Todd & Brother*, general store. 
Trichlei Alathia*, saloon. 
Trichler Mathias Jr, wagon-maker. 
Vitt Frank 8, harness-maker. 
Wagoner Wrn II, printer. 
White & Youtsev, general store. 
Willenbrik Bernard, saw and grist-mill. 
Winterhalter Mrs. Susan, hotel and meats. 
Youtsev James J, physician. 

AE.ICETON. Is a station* called 
North Fork, on the L. & X. K. R., SI miles 
south-east of Louisville, and located in the 
western part of Boyle county, 16 miles 
south-west of Danville, the county-seat. 
Adams Express and daily mail. Popula- 
tion 60. 

Baker Henry, farmer. 
Campbell T II, general store. 
Clarkson T M, tanner. 

Collinsworth farmer. 

Rice W M, store, express and station agent. 
Withroe J P, farmer. 

ALLEXDALE. Has a probable pop- 
ulation of 75, and is a village located in the 
western part of Green county, 11 miles north- 
west of Greensburg, the county-seat, and 
shipping point on L.& N. R. R. Wheat and 
tobacco are exported. Mail semi-weekly. 
W. M. Elmore, postmaster. 
Bell John, barber. 
Bosket James, cooper. 
Brewer J W, saloon. 
Brewer S W, live stock. 
Cantreli E S, general store. 
Cantrell James, blacksmith. 
Durra Robert, justice of peace. 
Elmore Wm, shoemaker. 
Elmore W. M., Farmer and General 

Graham S, gunsmith. 
Hopsok Edward, R R and express agent. 
Howell A, wool-carder. 
Howell Frank & Bro, distillers. 
Howell F Z, distiller. 
Howefl R, live stock. 
Jones H, veterinary surgeon. 
Noe James B, justice of peace. 
Perkins J If «fc W F. general store. 
tferfcyna Louis, wagon-maker, 
P»-:-k : ,:is S K, general store. 
Pierce Rev T W (Baptist). 

Pray J P, hotel. 

Sidebottom Rev L (Baptist). 

Skaggs 11 D, notary public. 

Smith Samuel, saddler and harnes3-maker. 

Warren S W, saloon. 

Warren W F, saw-mill. 

ALLEN SPRINGS. A village l©-~ 

" •'■' I '"■ '' - west fn p n t of A lien county. 
\ 12 miles north-cast of Scottsville, the court- 
i ty-seut, and 15 miles south-east of Bowling 
I Green, its nearest shipping point, cm L 
• & N. R. K. Population 50. Live stock, 
! tobacco, and produce are marketed, " Stage 
j to Scottsville and Bowling Green daily; 
j fare To cents. Daily mail. J. 0. Perry. 
j postmaster. 

Cole S F, cabinet-maker. 

Cosby Rev J G (Melhodisi). 

Holland Rev M Y H (Baptist). 

Holland W O. shoemaker. 

Johnson James L, wagon and plow mnfr. 

Johnson Rev rhamas (Baptist). 

Meridith J E, physician. 

Pruitt Obed, saw-mill and blacksmith. 

Ransom W H, blacksmith. 

Rose Rev F M (Methodist). 

Sledge & Sledge, general store. 

Smith if C, physician. 

Wad kins John W, general store. 

AE"LEXSYIEEE. This incorpora- 
ted town, of 400 inhabitants, is a station on 
the Memphis branch, L. & N. R. R., in Todd 
county, 9 miles south-east of Elkton, the 
seat of justice, and nearest bank, to which 
a daily mail stage runs, fare $1. Good power 
is afforded here by Elk Fork creek, util- 
ized by three flour-mills. A newspaper, 
the Gazette, 5 churches, a public school, and 
a good hotel, are sustained. Wheat, to- 
bacco, and live stock are shipped, and 
good farming land, in the vicinity, av- 
erages $40 to $75 per acre. Express 
Adams; Telegraph \V\ U. Mail daily. 
John T. Smith, postmaster. 
Adams John & Co, dry good*. 
Allison Frank, saloon. 
Bellamy R D, furniture. 
Buyer W P jr & Co, dry goods. 
City Hotel, J. T. Smith, Proprietor. 
Day M F. drv goods. 
Ellison J T. druggist. 
Garrard James L), physician, 
Grinter O M, druggist. 

i mi dp mm, r* 1 

".' OBHS, 

DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Ky. 





Haddox & Bros, grocers and farm imp. 

Kimbrough T R, physician. 

McCallea Hugh, tinsmith. 

Page B W, saloon. 

Reese Miss Fannie F. milliner. 

Richardson K B, physician. 

Small & Woolridge, grocers. 

Smith Fannie, milliner. 

Smith J. T,, Fr prietor City Hotel 

Thomas N, express and R R agent. 

Trubue 15 31, physician. 

ALONE. A recently established post- 
office in Metcalfe county. No village. 

ALPHA. A post-office in Clinton co. i 
11 miles north-east of Albany, the county- 
seat. Monticello is its nearest hunk lorn- | 
tion. The most convenient shipping point j 
is Bo wort a, on the Cumberland river, 10 | 
miles north. Products are mainly grain 
and produce, Stage to Monticello. Mail 
tri-weekly. F. 31. Sanson, postmaster. 
Andrews J J, flour-mill. 
Berry Rev J 3! (Methodist). 
Davis C E W, shoemaker. 
Davis J W, constable. 
Davis W W, justice o'f peace. * 

Kennedy Mart, blacksmith, 
Lawhorn C. blacksmith. 
Neal Z T, blacksmith. 
Owens K D, physician. 
Shearer Rev J (Christian): 
Shearer J IT & Co. general store. 
Stinsou F.M.yFarmerand Book Agent. 
White George, miller. 
York T, justice of peace. 

bogs, and whisky are shipped. Stages to 
Frankfort, Lawrenceburg, and Harrods- 
burg daily; fares, $1, $1, and $2.50 re- 
spectively. Telephone communication with 
Frankfort and Lawreficeburg. Mail daily. 
Carl Mrs Betty, millinery. 
Carl & Roberts, furniture and undertakers. 
Garloton J W, wagon-maker. 
Catlett .(nines B, hotel and saloon. 
Crook W H, saddler. 
Grime.- & Biakemore, liquors. 
Greely & Miller, saw and grist-mill. 
Hawkins Joseph, blacksmith. 
MeClure R K & Bro, general store. 
McCormick W L. saloon and grocery. 
Marshall Uriah, shoemaker. 
Moiintjoy T J, blacksmith. 
Ragan A D, justice of peace. 
Reynolds Eev T A (Reform). 
Shields W V & Bro, general store. 
Spier J 31. physician. 
Stratton ti H, physician. 
Young Mrs S A. cigar mnfr. 
Wilson W H, blacksmith. 

ALPHORETTA. Only a country 
post-office, in Floyd county, 12 miles 
south of Prestonburg, the county-seat. 
Mail semi-weekly. Isaac Dingus, post- 
master and general store. 

ALTON. Sometimes known as Rough 
and Ready, is in Anderson county, 4A 
miles north of Lawreneebursr. .the 
county-seat* and nearesi bai k !< cation, and 
9 south of Frankfort, its nearest railroad 
shipping point on the L., C. & L. II R„ and 
50 miles south-east of Louisville, Three 
churches, Reform, Methodist, and Baptist. 
and good jjubtic and private schools are 
here. Population about 250. A good open- 
ing for a flour-mil l,is presented here. Grain, 

ALUM SPRINGS. A settlement 
of 40 people in Boyle county. 5 miles from 
Danville, the county-seat, and 95 from 
Louisville. Daily mail. Joseph Maxwell, 

Carter T B, general store. 
McDonald Rev B, 
McDonald R H live stock. 
M eGi n n i s B < j nj a m in. b I a c k smith. 
Maxwell Joseph, propr. Alum Springs. 

A.LZL'V. Also known as Long's 
Landing, is on the Ohio river, in the north- 
err, part of Henderson county, 18 miles 
west of Henderson, the county-seat. Ship- 
ments should be made direct by water. 
Population 24. Express Adams. Mail 
daily. 0. P. Klein, postmaster. 
Baker dames, general store. 
Corly .James, general store. 
Cradwell Joseph, carpenter. 
I : d A. J, former ami live stock. 

G >rd r Thomas, wagons-maker. 
fvlciii 0. 1*., Gen 1 Storeand Saw-mill. 
Long Thomas, justice of peace. 
L< • Frederick, engineer. 
Morris L, farmer. 
Morris W V, physician. 
Styles Edward, engineer. 
Styles J R, blacksmith. 


•:. - ■ ■ g? > ' 


. . .. . 



Fot I . 



rence to <>)<■ Companies we mr-nag*. 
& CASTLEMAH, Lo«i«villc, Ky, 

Agents cvcrj "Where feoulU. 





ANCHORAGE. Incorporated as a 
town in 1878. is a station on the line q'l 
the L., C. ct L. R. R., in Jeflferson county, 
12 miles east of Louisville, the county-seat. 
Improvements amounting to about $20,000 
have recently been made, and the town, 
which is rapidly increasing, now has a 
population of about 600; 5 churches, Meth- 
odist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Baptist, 
and colored Baptist, and one school, a sem- 
inary for young ladies, and a military 
academy, are here. Shipments consist of 
grain and trees. Express Adams. Tele- 
graph W. U. B. E. Mulfordj postmaster, 
Alexander Rev Gose (Methodist). 
Anehoragfe Classical and Military 
Institute, Y. M. Johnson, Principal. 
(See adv.) 
Bedinger Kev E W ; Presbyterian ), 
Belle wood Seminary, Mrs. Daniel P. 

Young, S u p t. ( Se e a d c . j 
Central Kentutcky Lunatic Asylum, R H. 

Gale, superintendent. 
Ervin George X, physician. 
Gaar Simeon L, nurseryman. 
Gale R II, supt C K Lunatic. Asylum. 
Harvey Charles W, physician. 
Hausman Antony, general store. 
Hightp'trer Rev John (Baptist). 
Holt Vfm M, physician. 
Johnson V. Si., Principal Anchorage 

Classical and .Military Institute. 
Me Michael J N, notary public, 
MeXally Edward, Florist and Nur- 
seryman. (See adv. ) 
Merritt Rev George W (Methodist). 
Mulforcl Benjamin E., Postmaster 

arid Express Agent. 
Pine Hill Academy, B II McCowan, propr. 
Young- Mrs. Daniel l\, Supt. Belle- 
wood Seminary. 

ANDREW. Small village, 7 miles 
north of Mt, Vernon, the county -seat of 
Rockcastle county, and 5 miles from its ship- 
ping point — Broadbead — on the L.& N. R. 
K. Lumber is the chief expo: t. Mail by 
special supply. A, J. Henderson, post- 

Hank II, blacksmith. 
Henderson A. J., Farmer and Dry 

Todd A' Henderson, saw-mill and lumber. 



Metcalfe Co. (See Knob 

ANTIOCH. Only a farmhouse post- 
office located in Washington county, "20 
miles from Springfield, the county-seat, and 
18 miles east of Harrodsburg, the nearest 
shipping point, on the C. S. ky. Produce 
is marketed. Mail tri- weekly. C. C. 
Trent, postmaster. 
Bryant A, general store. 
Bryant T. blacksmith. 
Carey E B, flour-mill. 
Donovan J D, physician. 
Hendren R S, wagon-maker. 
Trent C. C, General Store. 
Trent T J, wool-carder, 

ANTIOCH 3IIJLL.S. Was first set- 
tled in 1878, is a village in Richland pre- 
cinct, Harrison county, 13 miles north of 
Cynthiana, the county-seat; its most con- 
venient shipping point is Falmouth, on 
the K. C. R. R. Population 30. Mail 
semi-weekly. Alvin Sellars, postmaster. 
Brannock D N, general store. 
Bristow J W, teacher. 
Collier W J, undertaker. 





un roa paiss list. ^^tcxso^^-o-iel *zrsr. 

flftf* S House Number*, Brass Labels; Carriage, Show Case rmrl STaei 

StUR FLA GS P1:ltes » Pattern tetters and Figmres. jS^MVtal RudyRubh^ 
9'VM £ ftflfiagfl L. BOdLE, Shgnftw ar.d Die Siricr, 1GG Randolph Street, Chicago, JUJL 





Cravens Mrs N L, millinery. 

Hayden & Bro, carpenters. 

Kennedy Z M, blacksmith. 

Owen E W, general store. 

Seilars Alvill, Flour and Saw-mill. 

Smith Miss Jennie, teacher. 

Smith T J, teacher. 

Truax A J, pumps. 

Truax G L physic ian. 

Whiteker 1 N, justice of peace. 

"Woo ley John, deputy county clerk. 

"Wooley A nrm, teacher. 

Wooley Miss Betty, music-teaclier. 

APPLE TREE. A post-office bear- 
ing this name, was recently established in 
Breathitt county. 

AKGELLITK, A village and sta- 
tion on E. K. IV y, located in the north- 
eastern part of Greenup county . 10 miles 
south of Greenup, the county-seat, and 
nearest bank location, and 310 miles north- 
east of Louisville. Iron ore is found in 
the vicinity, and pig-iron forms the only 
shipment. Express Adams. Mail daily. 
H. W. Heine, postmaster, farmer, and mil- 

Argellite Mills, E K Ry, proprs. 
Heine H. W., Miller and Farmer. 
Seedy Kobert, K E agent. 

ARLINGTON. A village with a 
population of about 400; is in Ballard 
county, 15 miles south of Blandville, the 
county-seat, and 300 from Louisville. 
Two saw-mills, a grist-mill, 2 hotels, 3 
churches, and a public school are here, and 
tobacco, corn, and wheat, are shipped. 
The nearest bank is at Cairo. Ills. Land 
in the adjacent country can be purchased 
at sn average price of $20 per acre. Stage 
to Maytield and Columbus; fare 50c, and 
$1. Express Southern. Telegraph W. U. 
Mail daily. P. Q. .Read, postmaster. 
Arrows Francis, undertaker. 
Bean »te Rowland, dry goods and livery. 
Bone Mrs S T, dress-making. 
Chenauic Robert W, groceries. 
Curamings John E, saw and grist-mill. 
Denkee A, saloon. 
Dupree Whi. If., Groceries. Hard- 

w.m\ Saddlery, Crockery, Glass and 

Queens war". 
Etheridge E, furniture and undertaker. 

Fairris Thomas J, groceries. 

Gardner Joseph F, sewing-machines. 

Ilering Mams L, physician. 

Kennedy & Morris, stave- and grist-mill. 

McConncl & Stanley? general store. 

Mc Ken dree & Ham! me, livery. 

Magruder G W& Co, produce and live 

Kevill & Coj general store. 

O'Neall & Hobbs, general store. 

Owen John R, physician. 

File & Co, mill owners. 

Porter Richard, saw-mill. 

Rags tale A C. hotel. 

Head Philip Q., Druggist and Post- 

Roberts S., Express Agent and Hotel. 

Kobinson I) B L l\ grist-mill (dh miles s e.) 

Singletary Don, physician. 

Watts E M. barber.' 

Weber Julius, shoemaker. 

"Wiley A F, hotel una saloon. 

Wiley II L & Co, produce and live stock, 

ASMBYSBUKO. With a popula- 
tion of about 150, is in Hopkins county, 
20 miles north-east of Madisonville, the 
counly-seat, which is, also, the nearest lo- 
cation of the. nearest bank. Slaughters- 
ville, miles west, on the St. L. & S. E. di- 
vision L. & N. R. IX., is its nearest, railroad 
approach, and most accessible shipping 
point. The power furnished here by 
Green river is utilized by a flour-mill. 
Timber, stock, and tobacco are shipped, 
Land averages $8 per acre. I. G. Gilmore, 
postmaster. Mail semi-weekly. 
Gilmore B, justice of peace. 
Gilmore Isaac GL, General Store. 
Gilmore W S, physician. 
Gilmore ct Hobgood, leaf-tobacco. 
Girod L N, general store. 
Ingram Bros, blacksmiths. 

ASH GAMP. A small settlement in 
Pike county, situated on Elkhorn creek, 
24 miles south of Pikefcon, the county-seat, 
and '200 south-east of Louisville. Ship to 
Pikeviile. Timber forms the main ship- 
ment, and land averages $10 to $15 per 
acre. Population 50. Mail weekly. G. 
W. Francisco, postmaster. 
Hartley Pleasant, dour-mill. 
Bentley John I), general store. 
Bond W W, lumber. 


A ! Rfc^H* ^ % t RRfl HI I ! ^ Controlling ovor $40,000,000 of Firo &1 f If 

UnUR- '■■ai-.-.'taJ, m-.: -.,- r itin* in U> * itU- F|l|§-I{l| Mfl Rfl 





Cantrell Hiram, blacksmith. 
Cantrell John, blacksmith. 
Cantrell Reixben, flour-mill. 

Child res Mary, tailoress. 

Childres Wm, farmer. 

Farmer O L. shoemaker. 

Francisco BDC, teacher. 

Francisco G W, farmer. 

Harrison, Rati iff ■& Go, general store. 

Short, II A, farmer and merchant. 

Van Doer John H, justice of the peace. 

ASIIIjANO. The principal town in 
the north-eastern part of the state— -is 

"beautifully situated on the west hank of the 
Ohio river, in the midst of an extensive 
plain, near and below the mouth of the Big 
Sandy river. It is in Boyd county. 6 miles 
north of Catlettsburg, the county-seat, and 
283 from Louisville, and is the southern 
terminus of the Scioto Valley Railway, 
the eastern terminus of the A., C <5r 1. It y. 
and the northern terminus of the Gbattroi 
R. R. These lines, centering here, give the 
place excellent shipping facilities to all 
points. Ashland is finely laid out, with 
broad streets and avenues, and among the 
principal features may be mentioned three 
weekly newspapers, 6 churches, and good 
public schools, a national bank, a ship- 
yard and dry-dock, the extensive works of 
the Norton Iron Works, and the Ashland 
Furnace Co. The exports are varied, and 
consist chiefly of coal and iron. Popula- 
tion 3,600. Land in the vicinity can be 
obtained at reasonable prices, and good in- 
ducements are offered to intending settlers. 
Express Adams. Teh-graph Western 
Union. Mail daily. W\ Lampion, post- 

Ashland Coal & Iron Jtt'y, John 

Means. Pres; Robert Peebles, Sec & Tr. 

Ashland Independent, K Ji Grahn, propr. 

Ashland National Bank, capital $350,000. 

Hugh Means, Pres; A C Campbell, cash. 
Ashland Republican, J MrHuflj prop'r. 
Bagby Mre L L, grocer. 
Bagley Rensaler. grocer. 
Baldridge Nathaniel II, junk. 
Bartell Charles W, jewelry. 
Bates JohnjN, justice of peace, (1 m south), 
Bayard Ira E, grocer. 
Beilefonte Furnace Co, (3 miles east). 
Booth Wm II, saloon and restaurant. 
Bombeim George* general store. 
Boyd County Express, D K Weis, editor. 
Erodess Henry B, mayor. 
Bryson George W, hotel. 
Burgraf George, grocer. 
(.'aider John, hardware. 
Callahan Leo ni das II, shoemaker. 
Cart Richard S, saloon. 
Casebolt Sbadraeb, undertaker. 
Ceals Rev C (colored Methodist)* 
Chambers Otis J, grocer. 
Chattroi Railway Co, George T StedmaE 

and George S Richardson, gen manager?. 
Clark A. B. & Son. (Amos B. and 

Amos B., Jr.), Wholesale Grocers, Cot. 

Broadway and Winchester ave. 
Clarmont Rev L G (Catholic ). 
Codit Rev Wm C (Presbyterian). 
Cermets John, saloon. 
Connor Thomas, saloon. 
Crawford Andrew J, gen store" and brick 

Deidrieh Wm, wagon-maker. 
Dibble Daniel S, dentist. 
Dixon Augustin H. grocer. 
Doepken Rev G (German Lutheran). 
Donovan James, saloon. 




Are prepared 


ymm mo. w, or firiiiLiJliJ, 

~. sac. z..r„. 2 ::;cxv,.t:-^3, Iigcaa.a,gag, 

Cot;tr,x] nnH Southern Dep'i, 





Everman Moses, hotel. 

Fearing Louis C, saloon. 

Fischer George & Son, carpenters. 

Fisher John G, harbor. 

Fra/.ier Sam. A. & Co., Prop'rs 
Ashland Ship Yard and Dry Dock. (See 

Gehringer Conrad, shoemaker. 

Geiger, Powell & Ferguson, general store. 

Gideon t>atwuei, clothing. 

Gossiee & Hensley, carpenter?. 

Gralm Karl 15, proprietor Ashland Inde- 

Griesbeck George <fe Son, saloon. 
"H&ekworth Wra W, grocer. 

Hally Mrs J, grocer/' 

Harris Miss N J, stoves and tinware. 

Haskell Mrs M A, general store. 

Hockaday Willis, barber. 

Hull & Eubanks, restaurant. 

Hotel AlrtillC, John I. Parriil, Pro- 
prietor, Front Street. 

Howard Thomas, saloon. 

Huff James M.prop Ashland Republican. 

Hughes Charles 0, grocer. 

Hughes James W, agent, E L &B S B R. 

Hutton James, grocer. 

Jandes & Bro, bakers. 

Jen'crs <fc Faulkner, general store. 

Keil Win, merchant tailor. 

Kelly Michael O, general store, 

Kramer Leonard, saloon. 

Lampion Andrew E, insurance agt. 

Lampton A & 11, books and drugs. 

Lauterbach & Miller, jneat market. 

Lawson Win A, notions. 

Leehy Patrick, saloon. 

Lordier Joseph, saloon. 

Lynn John, grocer. 

McGee Kev F P (Methodist, south). 

Means. Russell & Means. Bellefonte Fur- 
nace Co. 

Meiiihai't W. & Co., ("Wendel Mein- 
hart and August Baurmann), "Wholesale 

Mollor Albert, confectioner. 

Merrill Wm A. lawyer. 

Miller Julius C, stoves and tinware. 

Murphy Thos, grocer. 

Mutual Benefit Association of W Va. J 
M Ferguson, president; W C Ireland, 

Nagel Peter T. stoves and tinware. 

Hewman Mrs K R, general store. 

Newman Mis.- May, milliner. 

MewtjKin Thos A, grocer. 

Niennan F & Co, meat market. 
Noite Henry A, merchant tailor. 

Norton Iron Works, John Russell, pres; 
A li Fennacy, sec; Hugh Means, treas, 

Ohlinger & Gray, carpenters. 

O'Keefe & Co, furniture. 

Fan*! 11 John I,, Proprietor Hotel Al- 
dme, Front Street. 

Patterson W W & Co, grocers. 

Peebles KoIkti, Soc. and Treas. Ash- 
land Coal & Iron Kailway Co. 

Poage E & Son, flour-mills. 

Pollock Isaac X. jewelry. 

Price & .Morriarty, meat market. 

Proctor Mrs II F, genera! store. 

liaison Charles L, city clerk. 

Richardson Robert C, commission. 

Roberts John E, sewing-machines. 

Russell Hugh, harness. 

RusseH Thos, justice of tiie peace. 

Russell & Son, livery. 

Salisbury & MeKiulay, saloon. 

Sauvageot Jacob, barber. 

Savage Samuel S, co. judge and lawyer. 

Schmidt John W, photographer. 

Sehormann Wm, hoots ^ind shoes. 

Shaw J \V, general store. 

Steele Rev S E (Methodist). 

Siefanski Mrs A L, milliner. 

Thompson Alfred M, saloon. 

v"eyssie<& Jones, general store. 

Wade John H, physcian. 

Watchman and Visitor, Rev J H Lennin, 

Western Union Telegraph Compa 
Ziegler, manager. 

Whitten James C, city marshal. 

Willson Mrs R C, milliner. 

Wilson Charles M, druggist. 

Wilson David II, physician. 

Wittig John, boots and shoes. 

Wolfe Alberto, marble- works. 

Xarringtoa, J D. supt east div 
B S It R. 

Yungkau Samuel, meat market. 

Ziegler John H, manager W If telegraph. 


E L & 

ATHKXS. With a probable popula- 
tion of 200, is a village in the central por- 
tion of Fayette county, 10 miles south of 
Lexington, the counts-seat, which is, also., 
its nearest bank location. Wheat and pro« 
duce are marketed. Stage communication 
with Lexington and Richmond, Mail semi- 
weekly. S. H. Crosthwaite, postmaster. 

( I I I Consisting of lee Tools*, Agricultural Implements, Cutlery, Bufc- 

lX *.5^ft{M^ caers\ Packers' aad Coopers' Supplies. FBED. SCHMIEDING, 

imi % Vl W 4 WtiWimikVit* 835 Broadway and 338 Korth Fourth Street, - ST. LOUIS. MO. 

hfh i 





Adams Mrs, dress-maker. 
Allen G A, shoemaker. 
Barbae B P, general store. 
Bark ley S L, constable. 
Burgin Tacitus, farmer. 
Carter Logan, undertaker. 
Davidson Wm L, justice of peace. 
Falkner & Cunningham, painters. 
Gentry John, hotel proprietor. 
Gordon •—- — ™, physician. 
Harvey John P. hotel proprietor. 
Kibler & Co, blacksmiihs. 
Logan John L, general store. 
Owens James, carpenter. 
Parker S L. druggist and physician. 
Payne 11 C. farmer and justice. 
Prewitt Robert, farmer. 
Re id L G, distillery. 
Schuyler & Sharp livery. 
Sharp M D, hotel and saloon. 
Sharp M W, harness-maker. 
Simmons N R, physician. 
Smitha H G, general store. 
Spurr L P, farmer. 
Stivers J. cooper. 
Stivers "Willis, marshal. 
Taylor George B. farmer. 
White T W, wagon-maker. 

AUBURX. . A village and station on 
L. & N. B. It., in Logan county, 12 miles 
east of Russell vi He, the county-seat, and 
131 from Louisville. Black Lick creek sup- 
plier water power. The religious and 
educational wants are amply provided for, 
by 4 churches and a good public school. 
Two steam-flour mills are also here. To- 
bacco, grain, and pork are shipped. Ex- 
press Adams. Telegraph W. U. Mail 

Atkinson Pvobert, blacksmith. 

Atkinson Wm, botel, 

Buchanan Jackson, boot and shoemaker. 

Childers James, confectionery. 

Guilders. & Smith, grocers. 

Cnghill A F & Co, clothing. 

Grewdson W F, hotel and drug*. 

Davidson G W, banker. 

1 iuley A J, physician. 

Galloway Ed, blacksmith. 

Gordon & Griffith, Sou ring-mill. 

Hill Ed, saddlery.. 

RiUraa« & Reilley, flour-tfiili. 

llueku.-'rx;rry C_L, station and express ag't. 

Huteheson S L. tobacco dealer. 

Johnson & Wilson, dry goods. 
McCeerley J S c f c Co, spoke factory. 
McClary John, physician. 
McCormick Rev .) 1 (Presbyterian). 
McDavitt, druggist. 
Rye Thos & Co," d ry goods". 
Suttiefield E U, tinner. 
Taylor Rev W C (Baptist). 

Williams , physician. N 

Wilson J R, blacksmith. 

Wilson R G ev Co, tobacco dealers. 

Woodward Rev Robert (Baptist). 

AUGUSTA. Located on the south 

hank of the Ohio river, in Bracken county. 
9$ miles north of Brookville, the county- 
seat, 180 from Louisville and 4 2 J from 
Cincinnati, O., and is one of the most im- 
portant towns on the river, via which 
shipments should be made. Two weekly 
newspapers, 4 churches, good public school 
buildings, a bank, grist, saw and planing- 
mills, several wholesale and retail mercan- 
tile establishments, a large tobacco com- 
mission house and an academy, the ''Au- 
gusta College," are here. The manufacture 
and shipment of tobacco is carried on to a 
large extent. In addition to which, wheat, 
hogs, cattieand produce aie exported. Pop. 
ulation, 1,448. Express Adams. Tele- 
graph Western Union. Mail daily. 
Alexander Case, postmaster. 
Allen, Harbe-on & Co, bankers. 
Ammer John, boots and shoes. 
Armour <& Bro, coopers. 
Armstrong Thornton T, insurance agent. 
'Armstrong & McCormack, general store. 
Bayless Herman G, physician. 
Berwanger N & Co, clothing. 
Blades Benjamin P, grist-mill. 
Boatman Rev James A (Methodist). 
Boude John II, lawyer and insurance. 
Bradford George L, livery. 
Bradford Thonnts S, physician. 
Bradley John S <fc Co. groceries and hardw. 
Broekmnn Rudolph, jeweler. 
Bryant Saniuel A, propr Taylor House. 
Bryar 3c Grimes., coal. 
Cabiish John, bakery. 
Campbell Mrs D C, milliner. 
Case Edward, blacksmith. 
Clayton, Branch C, !eaf-tobaceo. 
Coburn & Stroube, hardware and groceries, 
Croswell John W, blacksmith. 
Crumbaugn Mrs S D, milliner. 



ItOili I III] \Shk I L J.^.At3sinsoi,013-3Sl So. Cliaton St., Chicago. 





Daum Eginhard Jr, Riverside Hotel. 

Dunbar James E. general store. 

Evans Rev J M (Presbyterian, south). 

Federer Charles S, grocer. 

Felix Kev Joseph S (Baptist). 

Fleming Wm C. produce and commission. 

Prletionless Fifth-Wheel Manfg 
Co., Peter Campbell, Fred A. Neider, 
John A. Hopkins Alanf. Carriage and 
patent Fifth-Wheels. [See adv. or>.o.) 

©abler George, photographer. 

Gallagher Nathaniel, barber. 

Ginn Benjamin F, coal, 

Grossman & Harbeson, stove? and tinware. 

Hamilton T S & Bro. leaf tobacco. 

Honaeker Peter J, jeweler. 

Kilpatrick F.zra H, county attorney. 

Knoedler Louis P. drugs and books. 

Lane Richard D, city marshal. 

Lane Wilson E, cigar manfr. 

Liter H & Son, livery. 

MeDadeRev Alexander (col Methodist). 

McKibben Frank C, harness. 

McKibben George II, ex ag't and harness. 

McRibben James W, confectioner. 

Malkus John, boots and shoes. 

Marshall Thornton F, lawyer. 

Maxon Ned S, prop'r Bracken BuMetin. 

Mellinger George, clothing. 

Miller Wm, blacksmith. 

Miner Kev J C (Methodist, south). 

Minor John K, mayor. 

Mingua W J & Co, general store. 

Moneyhan Kerans & Co, lumber. 

Oldham John W, cigar manfr. 

Orr John S, publisher Bracken Co Chron- 
icle, prop'r wharf-boat. 

Osten burger Rev Casper (Catholic). 

Powers P B & Co, general store. 

Banking W J & Sons, general store. 

Reese G L & Son, blacksmith. 

Reese Jacob P, general store. 

Rudd Peter H, carpenter. 

Ryan Thomas I), general store. 

Smith Moses, barber. 

Strehl <& Miller, furniture manfrs. 

Stroube Nicholas J, Sour-mill. 

Valentine Kev R (Presbyterian"?. 

Yanl/vke Thomas, wagon-maker. 

Vieroy Frank M, wagon-maker. 

Wallace James A, harness. 

"We Id on Wrn V, lawyer. 

Western Union Telegraph Company, P J 
Hon a k e r, m a n age r . 

Willis Edgar, <i;ri>e^r. 

Wilson James R, furniture and undertaking. 

AURORA. An unimportant post- 
office, in Marshall county. 

AUSTIN. On Barren creek, in Graves 
county, seven miles west of Mkyfield, the 

eountv-seat, and nearest shipping point, on 
M„ P. & N. R. R. A blacksmith is needed 
here. Land in the adjacent country aver- 
ages $1 to |20 per acre. Prod uee is mark- 
eted. Mail In-weekly. Wm. Austin, post- 

BACKBONE. Is a small hamlet of 
10 inhabitants, located on Little Fork river, 
in the eastern part of Elliott county, 13 
miles north-east of Martinsburg, the coun- 
ty-seat. Grayson, 17 miles north, is its 
nearest bank location. Ship to Willard, 7 
miles north-east, on the E. K. R, P. Mail 
weekly. James Boothe, postmaster. 

Boothe James, Distiller. 

Boothe W W, shoemaker. 
Jackson Elijah, constable. 
Mar-hall Wm, flouring- mill. 
Porter James, merchant. 
Robinson G W, blacksmith. 
Spark3 Reuben. 
Stapleton Wm. 
Withoite J W, merchant. 
Wood* Wm, wagon-maker. 

BACKUSBl KG. 31 the north- 
western part of Galloway county, 12 miles 
north-west of Murray, the county-seat. 11 
east of Mayiield, its nearest shipping: point, 
on the M„ P. & N. R. R. Weekly mail 
and stage to Kirkslcy and Wadesboro. 
Population 60. 
Bolin S F, miller. 
Dunbar & Hendrix, flouring-mill. 
Stolin A K, blacksmith. 
Turner S L, barber 
Williams A J, general store. 


(See Bonnieville.) 

Hart county. 

Located in the eastern 

has a population of about 300. A Christ- 
ian church, and a college, wth good pub- 
lic school accommodations are here; also a 


Have Settled more thnn 2,100 
Jbassee-j »..mJ have had but 13 lie- 
listed Claims. Agents Everywhere 





steam earding-mill. Good houses, suitable 
for a general grain trade, are here, and only 
-wait a good, energetic, businessman to take 
hold of them and make a success in this 
line. Considerable grain is raised in the 
adjacent country, and the value of land is 
from $75 to $85 per acre. Hemp, corn, and 
wheat are shipped. Express Adams. Tel- 
egraph Western Union. Mail daily. R. 
J. Pad ins, postmaster. 
Bas&ett James, general store. 
B&yne & Son, general store. 
Bo.hffftnon & Sac rev, earding-miil, 
Botts Dr W H. druggist 
Bryant S H, general store. 
Bryant & Saerey, general store. 
Ed dins JR. J*, R. R. and Express Agent. 
,|ohnsog W C. frw'iit market. 
Kesler W L. general store. 
Marion Samuel, shoemaker and justice. 
Nunri Rev J E (Baptist), prin of college. 
Radford Geo H, Insurance agent. 
Webber & Baskett, general store. 

KAILKV. A country post-office in 
Harlan county, 12 miles east of Harlan, 

the county-seat. Mail semi-weekly. J. 
B. Kelly, postmaster. 

Creech J. flour-mill. 

Kelly Wright, gen'l store and live stock. 

Wyman E, flour mil). v 

BAINBRIDGE. A settlement of 

40 people, in Christian county, 198 miles 
from .Louisville. Hopkinsville, 12$ miles 
distant, is the shipping station. Here are 
a steam-mill, a church and a free school. 
Mail semi -weekly. W. W. Pool, post- 

Beasley J E, blacksmith. 
Nickols S R B. blacksmith. 
Pool J P & Bros, steam- mill. 
Pool W A P. hotel and saloon. 
Pool & Stith. general store. 
Wooslev .7 II. physician. 
Wright M K, blacksmith. 

liAIvKIi. A village in Perry coun- 
ty, 8 miles v est of Hazard, the county-seat ; 
nearest railroad approach is Mt. Sterling, 
40 miles north-west. Mail tri-weekly. J. 
K. Baker, postmaster. 

Prter Campbkll. 

Fred A. Neidkr. 

John A. Hopkins. 

The Fbicmoeess Fifth-wheel Iamfactme Co., 


tar' > 

Lrirkmf' tar/ r£^«^l ta^ *•' W I 
. j ■ / ' 


Campbell & Neider's Patent Fifth-wheel. 



These are facts, and all we ask is a fair trial of their merits, and we Have no fear of 
the result. Foefurther information, Price-list, &.C., address 

The Frictionless Fifth- wheel Manufacturing Co., 

-SlU, CENTRAL DEPAR^ff 3 : U U i,,e, K,. 





Begley II II, physician. 

Campbelton James, justice of peace and 

Duff John C, eonstahle. 
Huff J C, saw-mill. 

BALD HOCK. Known *s Inde- 
pendence, in the south-eastern part of ! 
Laurel county, 16 miles sooth-west of Lon- ! 

dun, the county-seat, 25 miles south of I 
Somerset, its nearest station on the C. S. 
R'y, and 14(hmi]e>. southeast of Louisville. 
Semi-weekly mail and stage to Somerset and 

Livingston. Julia Ann SteeLjJoatmaster. i 

Baker James, wagon-maker. 

Goff Bowline, cooper. 
Hale Wesley, flouring-mill. 
Pointer Joseph, blacksmith. 
Sears & Black, corn-mill. 

in Oldham county, first settled as early as j 
1800. LaG-range, 4 miles north-west, is the 
county-seat and nearest railroad approach, 
and Eminence, 9 miles east, is its hank loca- 
tion. Corn and wheat are raised, and 
form the chief shipments. Population 
about 100. Mail by special supply. John 
Swain, postmaster. 

Barnhill James, live stock. 
•Caplinger W H, justice of the peace. 
Caplinger W T, wagon-maker. 
Ellis Henry, live ..took (4 miles out). 
Knight George, shoemaker. 
Mack Amos, cabinet-maker. 
Prewit Coleman, phvsieian. 
Ray E G, hotel. 
Raney Daniel E, constable. 
Swain John, Physician. 
Sullivan "Win, carpenter. 
Tyler A D, blacksmith, 
"Williams Fleming, dour-mill. 
Williams James W, blacksmith. 

BALL'S FOI1K. Now a discon- i 

tinned post-office ; is located in Breathitt j 

county, '25 miles from Jackson, the county- j 

seat and shipping point, on Kentucky river, j 

BAN 1> A N'A . Recently established 
a* a post-office in Ballard county. 

BAXGOK. Located on Licking 
river, a \\<if,rr-power stream, in Morgan j 
county, 20 miles north-west of West Liberty, i 

the county-seat, and 35 miles east of Mt 
Sterling, thn nearest railroad approach and 
shipping point, on the L„ C. & L. Railway. 
Population 50. Exports consist of lum- 
ber, coal, and some produce. Mail tri- 
weekly. J. J. Cassity, postmaster. 
Brown Rev W C, general store. 
Childers Rev W H (M. Episcopal). 

BANK LICK. A small village and 

station on the L„ C. & L. R'y, in Kbiiton 
county. 2£ miles south of Independence, 
the county-seat. Bank Lick creek from 
which the place takes its name, fffrnishes 
power by which a hour-mill is run. Two 
churches and a public school are here. 
Small quantities of tobacco, grain, and stock 
are shipped. Population about 50. Ex- 
press Adam*. Telegraph W. IT. Mail 
daily. D. MeCarty, postmaster. 
Bird James, flour and saw-mill. 
Cross Jans, blacksmith. 
Hume J J & Co, tobacco dealers, 
McCarty D M, express and railroad agent. 
SEeCarty J>. ML & Co., General Store 

and Tobacco Dealers. 
"Wilson Warner, justice of peace. 

BABBEKSY "ILLE. Knox county. 
(For descriptive sketch and business di- 
rectory, see list of towns received too late 
for regular insertion). 

BARDSTOWN. Was settled in 
1837, and is an incorporated town, with 
a population of 2,000, situated in the center 
of Nelson count}-, of which it is the seat 
of justice. It is the southern terminus of 
Bardstown branch of the L. & N. R. P.. and 
the shipping point for a thickly-settled 
neighborhood. Here are 2 Methodist 
(white and colored), Baptist (white and 
colored), a Catholic, and a Presbyter] aa 
church, with public school and 2 academies. 
The Bardstown Institute and St. Joseph's 
College, the building of which, with the 
court-house, are the principal buildings of 
note in the town. The Nei.-on County 
Reeord, published here, is known as one of 
the best papers in this portion of the State. 
A good hotel, the '-Hynes House," fur- 
nishes good accommodations for the travel- 
ing public. Land, of different qualities, 
enrx be purchased at $5 to $t»0 per acre. 
Stage communication with Bloomneid and 


:Er-x~2srjE!S ihiotts 

E. A. BEIGGS, Proprietor, 

B. *V^\ cor. SFv.Tolic Sqv^re, . ^^.S^XDSTO^^riSr. ZKTST. 

An elegant Ssrripie Room and first-class Livery Stable in connection. 'Bus runs reg 
ularly to and from Hotei to Depot. 



% LIy ery, Sale anfl FeeflStaUle 


The Comniercia] trade aceon raodatcS 1 at all hours. My aim is to please. I make a specialty of buying 
horses and imih ."■?. Cor responds ac« solicited. Proprietor of "Bus line. 




It i* published in the heart of a rich section of Kentucky ; the largest circulation in the Fourth Con- 
greasional district; circulates in kelson, 13r.llitt. Washington and L&Rae Count jea, and is one of the best 
advertising: mefMunia in the State. 

Edelin & Thompson, - r^a 

Livery, Sale i Feed Stable. #f< 

Commercial Men accommodated at rjl times. - . * - ■'- M » 

'Bus Line to H?sd from Depot. > .^ 



TN ATX ITS BRANCHES. Steel Lettora and Fig 

nril Letters and Figures. 1.. DOC HE, Emjmver and 
llfl i lli Sfil SiS^i < Ktl % Die Sinker, 160 JUA.NOOI I'll SI UK* 1', CHICAGO, iJuE* 






Chaplin daily, fares $1.50 and $2, and with 
Springfield tri-weekly; fare $2. Express 
Adams. Telegraph Western Union. Mail 
daily. B. Goldriok, postmaster. 

Atkinson Charles T, lawyer. 

Aud John Z, blacksmith, 

Baldwin Alvin B, general *tore. 

Rardstown Male «V: Female Insti- 
tute, H. J. Greenweil, Principal. 

Bardstown Female Academy, Mrs |C Cos- 
by, principal. 

Beam John H, distiller (4 miles east). 

Beam Joseph, barber, 

BejaLoisa Wm 11, aalooa.. 

BriggS Kobert A., Proprietor Hynes 
House. [See ado.) 

jlrown Bros, meat market and fl .our-mill. 

Ciiioiher^. Brown & Mathews, iioui-mili. 

Carotoers, Rogers & Co, ice-cream freezers. 

Carothers & Bro, general store. 

Clemens Daniel, wagon-maker. 

Connell & McAttee, saloon. 

Cotton & Beam, undertakers. 

Crawford Alexander, physician. 

Daugherty Daniel, dentist. 

Donohoo John, plasterer. 

Edelm &, Thompson (Robert H. Ede- 
lin, Stlth and John. \V r . Thompson), Liv- 
ery, Sale and Feed Stable. (See adv.) 

Elliott John D, lawyer. 

Elliott John D & Co, real estate. 

Ellis House, Thoa H Ellis- proprietor. 

Figg Christopher C. Coal. 

Flounlacker Benjamin, general store. 

Fulton George S, lawyer. 

Fulton John A, lawyer. 

Gray .Samuel, lawyer. 

Hall Jordan P, shoemaker. 

Ilalstead Nathaniel W, lawyer. 

Hardin Benjamin, lawyer. 

Hart S & Bros, harness-makers. 

Haviland James A, cooper. 

Kayd'T. Wm E. grocer. 

Hickman John W, physician. 

Hill J W, physician. 

Hite J C. painter. 

Houtchan *5c Pulliam, grocers. 

HjisCH House, Robert A. Briggs, Pro- 
prietor. [Se^ adit.) 

Johnson Wm, lawyer. 

Jones James P, dry goods. 

Kelley John S', lawyer. 

Kingston Theophilua D. sreneral store. 

la&ficaster Samuel P, distillery. 

Leatherman Emory B, dentist. 

Losson John, grocer. 

McAlee Mrs M, hotel. 

McGill Wm F&Son, hardware. 

MeGinnis John, harness-mailer. 

Mclsaac Isaac H. E -R agent. 

McKay Enoch E., Lawyer. 

McKay Hugh L, boots., shoes, etc. 

Manning Henry, grocer. 

M 'i :■■ v ( reorge, eoc per, 

Mtfttingly Cyprian P, physician. 

M.attin^iy & Moore, distillery. 

Miies Henry A, distiHery (6 miles s w). ' 

M.odd Hite* blacksmith. 

Muir J an'ies, physician. 

Murray John P., proprietor Nelson 
County Record. (See adv.) 

Nazareth Literary and Benevolent Institu- 
tion, Mother Helena, (2'J miles north.) 

Nelson County Itecord, John F. 
Murray, Proprietor. {See adv.) 

Newman Wm. H., Livery and Ffced 
Stable, (Sseacfo.) 

Newman & K a pier (W. H. Newman 
and Charles li. Rapier), Uroeers. 

O' Bryan John T, saloon. 

Proctor Frank E, ag't Singer ManT g Co. 

Roberts Mrs Theresa A, millinery. 

Rogers Felix D, furniture. 

Russell Arthur K, picture frames. 

St. Joseph's College, Rev W P M.aekin, 
pres; Rev W P Hogarty, viee-pres. 

Shader Alexander J, notions. 

Simmers J W, grocer. 

Sisco Bros, wagon-malters. 

Sisco Wm, marble-works. 

Smith Edward B, carpenter. 

Smith Prank, wagon-maker. 

Spalding W M & Co, general store. 

Stoker Jacob, baker. 

Sutherland Henry, distillery. 

Swearinger Christopher C, meat market. 

Talbot John, merchant tailor. 

Taylor W A & Co. grocers. 

Thomas Josiah W, lawyer. 

Walker Felix J, lumber. 

Warrell Henry, shoemaker. 

Wat lien John H , lawyer. 

Wbelan Pius, grocer. 

VYickliflFe Charles A, lawyer. 

Wieklitfe John C, lawyer. 

Wilson & Muir. hankers. 

Wood David J, druggist, 

Worthani Pobert, livery. 


station on the L. & N. R. R., in Bullitt 






county, 3A miles from ShepherdsvilSe, the 
county-seat, and 23 from Louisville. Pop- 
ulation 100. Adams Express. W. h. 
telegraph. Daily mail. VV. H. Trunnell, 

Hlankensopp J J, general store. 
Bowman A, brick mnfr. 
Bryan J D, lawyer. 
I '. apeze W B, distiller. 
CundM* George W. 
Gleni! S P, ii.'Lu] and physician. 
Henderson J G, shoemaker. 
Little John VV, blacksmith. 
Trunnell V B, meat market. 
Trunnell W. 11., Gen'l Store and Live 

Tydings C B, physician. 

BARDW13IX. Settled in 1874, is 
a village and station on the C, St. L. & N.O. 
%. R., in Ballard county, 7 miles south of 
Rlandville, the county-seat. Wheat, curn, 
hogs, and cattle are shipped. Population 
75. Southern K cpress and W.fJ. telegraph. 
Daily mail. John W. Turk, postmaster. 
Adams Robert, barber. 
And rson D M. blacksmith. 
Bodkin Daniel, Hour pnd saw-mill. 
Brown D A. wheelwright. 
Canett Reuben, physician. 
Carroll W A, lawyer. 
Edwards W A, exp and R R agent. 
Gore L D & Son, druggists. 
Harrion John, lock and gunsmith. 
Flaw Lee, blacksmith. 
Roberts A J F, hotel and saloon. 
Roberts James, propr hotel. 
Shaakliri II L, iish commissioner. 
Thomas G A, physician. 
Turk John VV., General Store. 
Turk J L. general store. 
Turk "W R, general store. 
VipleM A YV, furniture. 
Watson J B, butcher. 
White & Deans, mill owners. 
White & Dyeus, saw-mill. 

more, on the Ohio river, and 360 south- 
east of Louisville. Exports tobacco, corn, 
pork, wheat, and cattle. Weekly mail. 
C. J. Barlow, postmaster. 
Barlow Clifton J, druggist and hotel propr. 
Bass J E, physician. 
Crice John F, general store. 
Harris W P, carpenter. 
Piugeon Joseph, flour and saw-mill. 
Tanner Elias, blacksmith. 


Important and lately established post-cf5ce 
in Whitley county. 

HARLOW CITY. A place of 100 
^habitants, in the north-eastern part of 
"ard countV, 12 miles aprth-west of 


Btandville, the county-aeat, 6 from Fill- 


county, 6 miles west of Faintsvi-lle, the 

county-seat, to which place goods should 

be shipped via the west fork of the Big 

Sandy river. Tri-weekly mail. Z. M. 

Candall, postmaster. 

Bayes John, agent. 

B'air J L, shoemaker. 

Can dill Zephaniali M M DruggUt. 

Ely Wra, cooper. 

Pickle N. physician and justice. 

Rule C G, blacksmith. 

Salyer I J, Sr, dry goods. 

Stafford Jesse, flour and saw-mill. 

Stafford Jesse, grain and live stock. 

Trimble W M, agent. 

Vanhoose Rev J W (Mo3 ! y Baptist). 

BABTERYIXEE. Two families 
constitute this settlement, which is located 
in Nicholas county, 6 miles from Carlisle, 
the county-seat, and nearest shipping sta- 
tion on the K. C. Ry. Mail by special 
supply. John A. Porter, postmaster and 
general store. 

Kennedy J T & Bro, general store. 
Porter John A., General Store. 

ed in the southern part of Pendleton coun- 
ty, is the village of Batehelor's Rest, con- 
taining a population of 100. The nearest 
shipping point is Falmouth, 6 miles north, 
which is also the seat of the county. A 
saw and gnst-m;ll. 2 churches, and a school 
are sustained. Produce is marketed. Semi- 
weekly mail. Latan .Mains, postmaster. 
Browning. E T, R R ami express agt. 
Browning I* H, saw and flour-mills. 
Clayton Kev J C. 
Galloway Bros, flour-mill. 
Kin*; R J, lawyer. 
McKiney A J. justice of peace. 
Mains James, blacksmith. 


C«a£r*ai aud Sout&ert! Dep't, 





Mains N I) C, gen'l store «nd constable. 

Mains , cooper. 

Palmer James, wagon-maker. 
Rigg C, physician. 

Shields John W, carpenter. 
WiWis I J, general store. 
Wood A A, hotel. 
Wyatt A T. live stock. 


northern pttvt of Logan county. 17 miles 
north of Russe ii\ ille, the county-seat, its 
nearest shipping point, on the Memphis 
branch of the L. & 2$. R. K., and 180 
south-west oi Louisville. Semi-weekly 
mail. Population 125. Gr, N. Baugh, 

BA0GHSVIJLL.B. Laurel county. 

(See Merahon's Cross-roads). 

BAYoi; 3ihjls. 


county, a small settlement, 10 miles north 
of Smithland, the county-seat. This place 
is a landing on the Ohio river, and goods 
can he shipped direct. It has a Baptist 
church and a common school, also a saw- 
mill. Population 25. Corn, tobacco, and 
potatoes are marketed. Adams Express. 
Daily mail. Win. H. Rose, postmaster. 
Bloving, H, blacksmith. 
Rose Wnu If., Express Agt. and Com- 
RoS€ Win. II., Merchant and Cooper. 
S win ford A, dry goods. 
Thompson tfc Daily, flour-mill. 

BEACHVJ'LIJ']. Has 150 inhabi- 
tants, nnd is a post-oniee in the northern part 

of Metcalfe county, 8 miles north of Edmon- 
ton, the cauntv-soat; -hip to Horse Cave on 
L. & X. R. R..*20 miles west. Water-power 
is afforded by the Little Barren creek by 
which a flour-mill is propelled. Bank at 
Horse Cave. Tobacco Is the only shipment. 
Mail tri-weeklv. W. W. Hamilton, post- 

Coleman James K., justice of peace. 
Dodson Rev ( Baptist). 
Dowel J S, leaf-tobacco. 
Everest Rev — — ( M=ethqdt8t). 
Hamilton W. \¥,, General Store. 
Hubbard J IL justice of o w-r. 
Marcum .1 M, harness-maker. 
Marcum W & Son. flour-mill. 

Pierce P T. constable. 
Sowers Rev J P (Methodist). 
Yates Wm A, live stock. 

BEAU WALLOW. Established in 

1 875, is a post-office and small village in Bar- 
ren county. 12 miles; north of Glasgow, the 
county-seat, and 4 south»eks.t of Horse Cave. 
the shipping point on L.&N.K. R, and bo 
miles south of Louisville. A church and 
union school, and a steam grist-mil] are sus- 
tained by 112 inhabitants. Corn, wheat, and 
tobacco are shipped, and land commands 
§25 to $50 per acre. Mail tri- weekly. J. 
YV. Martin, postmaster. 
Anderson T L, hotel prop'r. 
Barren A W. count v clerk. 
Ewbank W A, blacksmith. 
G^een G S. lawyer. 
Martin Joseph II, carpenter. 
Martin J. W., Drmj- and Groceries. * 
Setter ,J W . wagon-maker. 
Willis W H, shoemaker. 
Wilson Dr C R, leaf-tobacco dealer. 
Wilson Josiah, liquor dealer and flour-mill. 

j on the L., C & L. Il'y, and a village in Old- 
J ham county with a propitiation of about 1.50. 
I La Grange the county^seat is 9 miles horth, 
and Louisville, the nearest bank location, 
18 miles south-west. A church and public 
school are here. Products are live stock 
and produce. A good opening is here for 
a Hour and grist-mill. Express Adams. 
Mail daily. C. M. Crura, postmaster. 
Bomin — — , shoemaker. 
Critia C 3$., Express and R. R. Agent, 
Crum C M & Bro, general store. 
Farofax J B, wagon-maker. 
McAllister Qeorge W, undertaker. 
Mahonev J C, hotel. 
Tylor M*. blacksmith. 

REATTYVirXJE. Established in 
1S50, and located in the center of Leecoanty, 
of which it i- the seat of justice, is also a land- 
ing 0$ the Kentucky river. It is an incorpo- 
rated village^ and now; has a population of 
about 400. Its nearest railroad approa* h 
and bank location is at Richmond. 45 miles 
north-west, on the L. & K". R. H. Four 
churches and a good public school arc- sus- 
tained, and a grist-mill and carding factory 
are here. Coal and lumber form the chief 

fife ^^vA* 4 ferti rip c^ts ;■ f* T "ft 



: -, fry the 


Runn g Cars through without change frorft pYtricipa! : • ■ cities to 

Louisville, Cincinnati, Columbus, 0., St. 'Louis, 

KnoXiili:::, Lynch t, Washington, 1), C. 

AN with on'i - "- - ip£ 



The only line running Sp'lijd Trains of Coaches and Sieeomg Car-? 

\TW0Ri F -WSToHirisVIi I ^ : 



PR P If TIT SHr?F: : 

1 i\ l> JAJ ill AT LOW E »T '■; -■ I 


O P. ATMORE, J. M, CULP, P. de 1'UNIAK. 


I 9 ;H , 


op 0u m m #& am. sa « ff obb #& m gg 








I & A isr *&» aM 


Eta Canzdzs, The Northern lakes, and the EaM, 


Cincinnati and Chicago 


PULLMAN SLEEPERS on all Through Trains 


Vre iw*w >h »ate • < im ; -» tttti, Hamilton S Dayti .■■ >Ct« h it'tu. <hc Northern 

Lakes aiul Caiimwiaw : \ r. •_••• \ir Litiv to uhf :•"-.. ttn i t' W i-con>i!i and >J}»m«-» 

sota. J' F ■• ■-:■• Guillen apply at t.he OoHipaay'-s O slices, in Cii . : . 

it nil t ui -■",. • • ti - ■ tl Sou 


L. WILLIAMS, General Manager. 

SAMUEL STEVENSON, Gen'i Ticket hg\ 

General Office, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Louisville, Cincinnati k Lexington Railway, 


innwnt" ft Pi Tiro 

ml m k 

■■ - . - . ■ 

v ads to 1 ■ - - 

• - ■ . - " 

. . - 



«, W *. A r L » I 



Gives the Engineer as PERFECT and ENTIRE CONTROL OF THE TRAIN as 
it ;s possible to obtain,, 

FREE Parlor Cars Between Louisville and Cincinnati, 










3Ir»NT«.;U3SE UV 




A cci'Vii'ir lip " in ■: : '.. i ,t L. will c uvia s1 - 

. - - . - > r ti ... ,.- <ou.tb-west. 

i. or Soutl ■ ! v- q- 

r : : j - -. - ■ - • . <i Louisv ill* I . • a i.. B - 

shed a] • i- :.c- throughout the country, 


S. jflfcCHESNEY, Jr., 

Gen'l Tr»v. Pas*, ij 


Lss't G. F. & F. A. 


.i. F. aad P. A 



/ ^. 

; * 

7^ , \^ * 


Lonisvifle with !. S K . - >1 I i . v L. K R. 
Mitt : : ?H w ith U .v M R R 
>..■: , >ri st-ith 3 il R >: 

i-a* E its with ;; YamhUia Liu.-."" 

■ n ■■■ ■ ■ b I .v -r. L K. K 

■ , f..fcisv til., with 1 B. iS W. ami T, H. A 1 (Log. bis. Roads, 
•with •W'uba-b.,'" 0., 1 '■; L. * C, E>., E. & W. and C., L. & C. Roads. 

- i t d>» -- rii ; '.■•■■•. I . U. H. 

W"ai atali »ith i , f IV & <:* 'it. H 

ii isk< i - with < fii ... . I ;-■■:;,! Crank R. B. 

A '■•It with B. £0 K K. 

Otis ritli I S. i •>. !*. R- R. 

MtobijE»u fit j w th.'M.ii .-■ i Centi il It. R. 

R-R fl , 1 tm* 1 * s*our Kfwe for sale at allOc 

*Ph-pn«jyh TlCkBiS *• "«"*• south, w est 

. ~" ..-.:i North-West 


Louisville & Chicago. 



(i«fi*i .Sup' I. iK'i!';T:^vt .\;..::t, PttSWhgW Agenl 



JE& -A- 1 Xj JEtL> O - A.. U . 

Liisfifle & Miami Sliort ■ Line. 



n ;.; V. 

W iJL W 

w^ACL-ii * .w 





Mid nil Po 

:: ' n 



freight f-lled through at lowest rates to all 
Points: north, East and west. 

Principal Offices cor. Third and Maifl Streets* 


E. W. McKE?iJfA, K. W. GEIGEH, K. li. BERING, 



■t.a.:k::e: tiesch:- 

jTi'ozz^ Grayling and Black Buss Fisheries 




THE WATERS of the Grand Tiravene region arid the Michigan STorth Wo^ds are 
unsurpassed, if equated, in the abundance and great variety of Hsh contained. 

BROOK TROUT abound in the streams, and the famous AMERICAN GRAY- 
I LING is found on?* in these waters. 

THE TROUT SEASON begins May Let, and ends September 1st. THE GRAY- 
LING SEASON opens June 1st and ends November let. 

large numbers In the many lakes and lakelets of this territory. The Sportsman can readily 
j send . trophies of his skill to his friends or ''Club*' it I te, as ice for packing fish can be had 
at nearly all points. 

TAKE YOUR FAMILY WITH YOU. The scenery of the North Woods and 
Lakes is v-ry beajjtiful. The air is pure, dry and bracing. 

THE C LDM: ATE fa peculiarly beneficial to those suffering with HAY FEVER and 
ASTH.M ATIC A ¥ V 1 1 T [uN>. 

THE HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS a;- excellent, and will he largely increased 
in time for the season of IfeSl by new building's and addition^. 

SOLD AT LO W RATES,andattraetiv train facilities offered to SCounstfi and Spokesmen, 

Dop, Gins ant IMiag Tackle Carried Free at Owners M. 




Time Cards, Poldersand further information, address 

-A.. IB. LSET, 

Gen'! Pan, Agent, G-anci Rapids, Mich, 



,j ■ ■ nwiiijii 

| 1 




The management of this Popular Route have added to their equipment a 

line of 




~» -. * W — ■ A «. JL * «* W A * * — Vw 

j 1 uxiAiiLr, 

And for the Special -Accommodation of persons going West, are now 




Indianapolis ans st, Louis 

Making direct, connection for ail points in 



In order to seeare these advantage?, tiki the Lowest Kates for Freight and Passage, ca;! un 
or address 

C O. GAI..Z', A. 7. Sl/IITII, 

Gea'l Saperiateo.di aa Gen',1 Ticket Ageot^ 

n nosmirn*! n'\i 

• j . 

i ,: i 

i Railroad Company Licensees. 

OffLco of General Ticket Agent, 

CINCINNATI, Janizary 2, 1881. 

ras ::u:h 


a::, flight Ex 

Lt6 Cincinnati ill . 8:30 am 4 00 pm 7 .25 pm Lve C itta ooga 6 I -I' 1 km . . . 7.35 pm 

•• Lexington ;2) . LI 30 ;< 7.10 " 10.07 '• " Juuction City 5) I.itjrai 5.30am 3,08 .-.m 

• Riga* Bridge (3 t2.15ra S.0S -« 10.49 " " H'dab' I 8.12" .--i • &29 • 

•• B'dsb'g June [i 12.30 ** i *.2~" 11.03" " High Bridge "3 2.27" 6.U9 •" 3 42 l | 

" AtarttoaCity &; 1.00 " j 8.55 " 11.23" " Lexingtoi 2 . 3.13 "; 7.00 « 4.20" 

An Chattanooga 6 LO.QO •'.... 7 '0 >m Arc Cincinnati I) . 6.20 • 10.25 li 6.55 " 

■ 1 Connects with all railroad* rent! ring at Cincinnati, t'»r the N r orth, East and West. ;2) 
Connects with L. C. A D in . K i tto;> I- 3) Kentucky River bridge. 4: Connects with S. 
VV. K. R. tot Han ds n rg. 5 i nnects with L. & N. K. R. ■■■,■ Counects with all diverg- 
ing ; nes for all points >i 5 the South south-east and Sauta-west. 











3 c 


1 ^rep^w-ard, 







■■ .-..., 

i it >nde"nt. 


'r .-. 

i;.i Pi 


, < ' i a - i o n 

iti, 0. 







I Northern A. 


S >utb 

• 1 \ : m 

>.'• Clai k Hi .. Chit ■-: ) 




I& 3 * « Bftes* ft * * $ j 


SlilTISf and USE i : to PABUC 


Fes/.era Kentucky, Missouri &e, 



"" &&1^£ 

le Great Boa! 1 of Kentuc 

It Passes Through the Green Etiver Coal Fields for Fifty 

rviiles, and an Inexhaustible Supply of Excellent 

Orate, Furnace and >Ianufaeturiiij;" Coal. 

General Offices at JSlizabsthtown, J£y. 


Pr&sident, New York. 

« ftORTOX, 



General M ■ a ..- 


Gea'l Freighi $ Ficlcel Agt. 







a 2: 

« r^ O 

g 5 a 

o i O 

- i, C< 

3 ' Q 


ien 1 ! Lytle 

a r* ^ 




Comor-'- • : - : ■ - : nt. One of them trill leave L 

from the Comp nj t, foot treei i at ! took P.M., 

arrive Cincinnati : . "; . leave Cincinnati, from 

the Company's Wj CdailyaTo o'clc ck 

E M. ": : -:->i r Sun( y. at 12 lock 

<-.rri~ «■•:• Lomsvile 6 o'clock A. M. 

Connections in Cincinnati and Louisville, 

Through Tickets for Bale on board she boats. Baggage checked through. Thew being no 

extra ebar| I - its the cheapest as well as 

the most pleas int route between Louisville and Cincinnati. 

Round-Trip Tickets at Reduced Rates, Special Arrange- 
ments Made for Excursion Parties. 


Louisville, Westport, Madisoa, Carroll ton, Vevay, Ghent. Warsaw, Patriot, Rising 

Sun, Aurora Petersburg - , Lawrtnceburg, Cincinnati. 


Asa't Sup't. Louisville, Ky. 


Passenger Agent, Louisville, 


G^r, , ftg i ■ Cincinnati, 0. 

T. B. McCABE, 

Agent Louisville. 




^SVILLE, c Alp 

—- — A1TD 



COR,. j^l_A.I2nT ^ISTXD WATE5, 3TS. 



^* JET. /P. DZXTE^j^ 

J. A. DAMRON, Captain. - - ' - J. F. ELLISON, Clerk. 

JOHN. W££D ; Captain. G W. THOMAS, Clerk. 

BEN HOWARD, Captain. - - C. C. PENNINGTON. Cterjk, 


Special attention given to al ^ay-business. Direct connections made with 
a'I RaWrottJ and Steamboat tines, through Tickets any Freight Rates given to 
u'l ps -.., :: ifojatan Speciai Rates to Em grants For ail points in Arkansas and 
r«xas. Anjj and ail enquiries b) letters or person prompt!/ answered. 

O. J. GflAMMfilt.Sup't. 

W . B , 3? K .N N I JN G T O N , 5 a c ' y .. 



j > - - 

pHpgs* s **'* 

£ CO 




Passenger and Freight Si - Bowi j Green for Evansirille and all points on Greei 

Riyej every Wednesday a?. J i*at ir laj ir 9 A >1 . tl^tufpiag leave JSvajreriUe every 

• >. : . ; M l" : $ti rates from Louisville 
to ail points on Green B&'ver furnished by the 

L. x y. E. [;. (^..nru ti.«- 

Office of our Company, Bowling Green, Ky, 


*,sm wonips^iiy § £' cic^ists 

■ • " ": " i 


... ,.-'., 


-4 P* 

S ^ 
►a 2. 

will llvm; dau.v, si vdaTs excepted 
0$2{$ at Gilnore. Sfte £ tfa . 2 /' ~ ; Street, bet Main and 




MIXBOW-L are I . 

tnd Thursdays at 4 I'. M. Leave- Etauwv it!* 
.-:,.f i i' M Leave EvansviUe.Wednes- 

a Lt>ui*vilii' ,--.:,:■ Saturdays at 4 i ; M Leave Evans 

. f. Thur« iavt m li r. M. »m! Morulas* »t MJ A >1 


• . 

!£?« IHl, Up ::. ED 

— TO — 


fcilMlt "'^a*^' Jkwsmd 

JL * 


<i L ^w* )»._«<•' 

5CE2srTXJGir."3r csk"teal to. ir,. 

I N D A 

Tl 1 "\ ¥ "'' 


Attached to the Train leaving Lexington in the Afternoon, making sure 
connections In 



JuN CD«£o 


mrhmt mW <■ mfca?*** «m£«r Ha taa* 







Passengers from Ml Star ~ - i •> nc Hester make. close connections with the 
afternoon train ana avoid the ted v.- wa ting for the arrival of later trains. 

For Tickets, Ti ; ne Tables ana all information necessary to travelers, please 
call atMrte Company's Office in the PHOENIX HOTEL, or at Oecct, Lexington^ 

3. T 1 . S^77ir-T, A?eat. 


Gen'l Manager, Gen' I Traveling Pas* Agent. GetTI Ticket and Pass. Asreat. 

- - 1 

wbt mkmlk ifcowisiercinL 

Leading Republican Journal of the South, 


.*. ., _. . j. *„ — » 

Politic .;> • Comrai u rains 'th princij tss of individual lil rtj i •■ : " -.juality. 

tion to c lai u uacy «>i the National Con stituti >a, on 

which the v ■ . ■ ■ rhirl ■.• - ■ ■'■_■• ii j tta at that the people 

of Kentucky and the - atlj ri States ild cord It is hd earu st 

and active friend of ! pmei prosperity of the Sfoutb a that f f justice 

a:.-, Ii ' ' ■■ • ., •■ ■ ■ •■ | ii ■.; i«t traui ■-' 11 ■ .■.'■■■ he 14 hful 

|J : ■■' - - - - -- ■ ■ • • ■ I • ■.;■-',.-->, 

UtterOrtt. [twill ite its < va npi&ioi ■ strongly, bn« will show due respect 

I Qonest opioioQ »i othei s 


The Louisville Weekly Commercial 


Containing but f w advertisement? It gives, every week, a sood continued story, a stiort 

story, aeoi ma reports* nev ireJl-written editorials on correal 

.topics, humor, poetry and interesting miscellany. 




One Year 

Six Months . . ■ . 

Three Months . . 

One Year, SI. 25. 

To mail suhecrioefe ipostag . pre-paid by the Publishers] 


$12.00 Que Year . . . 
6.00 Sis Mouths . 
3 .00 Three Months 



W £c:KLY ED ITT O N . 
Six Months, 75 cents Three Months, 50 centa. 

SpiM Cop M Efmi Rates Sit Free en . in. 

Agents all 1 ■■ . . nt commission on subs j, : r - to " '■■''■ (kly, and lfc pear cent. 

contmi it Daily, >Iou< >al tt'oui risk aiusft be Beat by registered 

letter, [)Oj»t-oSice ord-rcr fey express, &r~e-paid. iddresa 


L.ouisville, Ken tuck y. 


fl. WATTERSON, hMitor 



■ . 

mg Jfri*r 


■' •■■.'•* ?-,-.-■ •. ;>•* 

Career /"bur^ .4 rs^ae 3#i ffreexi &re$£, 


Tli is Paper occupying the largest and most elegant Print- 
ing House on the continent or in the w orhl, oncers uneouaied 
inducements to those who wish to give a wide publicity to 
their business. 

lt> local circulation is all but universal, its circulation 

throughout the West and South is uneqtialed* and it&gene* 
ral circulation more widely diffused than that of any other 


b) mail), $»2.ooayear; $3.25 for three months; $1.25 for one month; 
Sunday paper (by mail), $2.00 a year. Weekly paper $1.50 a year: to, clubs 
$ : .25 eacl >p»en0id afl :.' • liable premiums given to subscribers and agents. 
Postage on ail papers by 

rr j 1 Dai 

cents per week ; i nciud i ° pr Sunday, 30 cents 

by us. Daily paper to city subscribers, 25 


j i \ m if, ^ ii . 

% m* i ill miDC ftSHWJy. 



OTC&ttens of caei 

'• — 23 IS OT "W^HS jES IST — • ' 

Boston and St. Louis 

Toledo and Atchison 

Indianapolis am. Kansas City . . . . 
Buffalo and St. Louis . . ■. . 

Toledo and Peoria 

Kansas City and St Louis 

Kansas City and Chicago short line 

St. Louis and St. Joseph. 

Omaha and St. Louis . . 

St. Louis and St. Paul . 

Chicago and St. Louis 

1,223 Miles. 

701 " 

535 *' 

718 '" 

360 " 

277 " 

511 *» 

303 * 4 

410 ** 

580 '■• 

280 " 

mJam <wVfwi 

iTIme. 3STo Tiansf "ers, 

mi * i a » * i » w» i m « j i h iff h 

i*t2#v»ifit.<)fc»» , i« tit* ii^iU^^^ri- ktHtikoiviiV ill b« ff#iill 

HAS M \t.» 


— - /THY IT 
J. C. 6-AtTLT, C. K. &0pl>, 

Genera] Manager, U*-n"I Ticket Ag< nt 

ST. LOt rs, MO. 


3T. LOdd. MO. 




Send for trie* List to FRED. 8CHMIEDIKG, 

835 Broadway and 830 North Fourth Street, 






ihipmenta. Mail daily. M. J. Hill, post- 

Beach & Berger, shoemakers. 
Beatty James M, lawyer. 
Beech C M, boots and shoes. 
Blount Rev C J (Methodist). 
Boling "W R, tinner. 
Brandenburg Samuel P, log dealer. 
Cassidy David, carpenter. 
Coekrill Horace B, lawyer. 
Cole Robert, groceries. 
Cole Rev Robert (Christian). 
Cole W 8, marshal. 
Gourley John C, wagon-maker. 
Hili Nancy M, hotel. 
Hill R CV coal miner and general store. 
Hill W P, livery. 
Howell E T, justice of peace. 
Jameson Robert B, hotel and livery. 
Jameson Thomas, saloon. 
Jones S M, saloon. 
Jones S W, hotel and shoemaker. 
King Dennis, blacksmith. 
MeGuire J G, general store. 
Mahan John S, lawyer. 
Martin & Lutes, blacksmiths. 
Miller T C, carpenter. 
Pryse David, coal miner and police judge. 
Pryse E M, coal miner and hotel. 
Pryse E M & Bro, general store. 
Pryse *fe Thomas, insurance. 
Reed "Willard, physician. 
Scott Daniel, steamboat captain. 
Thomas Felix, M, physician. 
Thomas Wm, mill owner. 
Tincher Eiias. jailer. 
T wry man B W, lawyer. 
Tyler D. coal miner, and general store. 
Wheeler H L, lawyer. 
Williams D C, general store. 

BEAVER, Recently established as a 
post-office, in Floyd county. 

BEAVER DAM. On the P. & K. R. 
R-. 4 J mites from the county-seat of Ohio 
county, and 108 nailes from IxmisvjUe, is 

located this village which has 225 popu- 
lation, 1 Baptist church, and 1 school. 
Daily stages to Hartford; fare 50 cents, and 
Cromweff, fare $1. Southern Express. 
Daily mm\. G. W r . Croper, postmaster. 
Austin A J, wood- worker. 
Austin K II , blacksmith. 
Austin W A, blacksmith. 

Barnard J P, supt Taylor Coal Mining 

Co, and general store.. 
Doom J M, express agent. 
Hines M F, saloon. 
Kahn A H, general store. 
Mitchell G F, physician. 
Mitchell I J, physician. 
Marrell W H, druggist. 
Paynor Jesse, hotel. 
Stevens Thomas, grocer. 

BEAVER IJCK. An old settle- 
ment, dating b-.<ck to lbOO, is a village of 
some 50 inhabitants, in the southern part of 
Boone county, 11 miles south of Burling- 
ton, the county-seat, and 5 miles east of 
Walton, its shipping point, on C. S. Ry. 
Nearest bank at Covington, 22 miles nortla. 
A Baptist church and common school are 
here. The products are: Tobacco, stock, 
and produce. Adams Express. Mail 
daily. J. II. Sleet, postmaster. 
Bentler J L, blacksmith. 
Buffington Rev G N. 
Connor J T, general store. 
Dickinson Wm. wagon-maker. 
Griffith J O, justice of peace. 
Griffith & Bros, stock. 
Houston C J, hotel and saloon. 
Hughes J C, sire stock. 
Sleet John H., General Store. 
Underhill F M, flour-mill (water). 
Whiteman Rev Heber (Methodist). 

BEI>A. This post-office was originally 
known as Buekhorn, and was established in 
185G, ii a small village in Ohio county, 6 
miles north of Hartford, the seat of justice 
and bank location, and 129 from Louisville. 
Beaver Dam, 9 miles south, is the nearest 
railroad approach and shipping point, on the 
P. & E. R.R. Tobacco forms the chief export. 
Stage between Hartford and Owensboro 
passes through here tri-weekly ; fare 50 ccs. 
to the former and $1.50 to the latter place. 
Mail tri-weekly. B. M. Bennett, post- 

Barnett & Ellis, leaf-tobacco. 
Bennett B. 31., Blacksmith and Wagon* 

Benton Joshua W, carpenter. 
Doom Capt, express agent. 
Foster John B, general store. 
Foster & Bennett, leaf-tobacco. 
Godshaw Aaron, general store. 


Send for Estimates. J. W„ ATKIKSON, 313-32! Souih Clinton Street CHICAGO, 11. f . 





BEDF< >BD. The county -seat of 
Trimble, 8 miles north-west of Campbells- 
burg, the shipping point, on L.,C. & L. R'y, 
and 40 miles from Louisville, is a town 
with a population of about 300. Two 
churches and a private school are sustained, 
and hogs, corn, tobacco, and \\ heat arc ship- 
ped. Nearest bank is at Madison, £nd. 
Daily stage 10 Campbellsv ilie ; fare 50 cts. 
Daily mail. Andrew J. Giddens, postmas- 

Abbott V II, judge. 
Bartain J T. lawyer, 
Bartlett A W, physician. 
Bartlett John, lawyer. 
Bartlett & Peak, lawyers. 
Bell J W, hotel proprietor. 
Burrows Win, blacksmith,. 
Ellis W T, lawyer. 
Engleman Henry, blacksmith. 
Giddens A:. J. 9 General Store. 
Hancock J C. physician. 
lsaaeAVm, general store. 
Jackson Rev Andrew (Baptist). 
Lan J II, flour and saw-mill. 
Loyd Reed, lawyer. 
McCain J W, iawver. 
Metcalf W A. physician. 
Peak W F & Bro, general store. 
Qiiisen berry Rev VV II (Methodist). 
Trout J A, lawyer. 

BEE EICK. Merely a country post- 
office, in Lincoln county, 2D miles south- 
east of Stanford, the county-seat Ship to 
Crab Orchard, 10 miles north, on the L. & 
N. R. R. Produce is marketed. Mail 
semi-weekly. W. R. Perkins, postmaster. 
Abbott Rev John (Baptist), 
Albright Mrs Martha, hotel. 
Barron Rev J W (Christian). 
Bryant M G. physician. 
Collier W fl, distiller. 
Perkins W. E., General Store. 
Reynolds R C, blacksmith. 
Reynolds Rev W S (Baptist). 
Rogers Galen, cooper. 
Warren "Wyatt, cooper. 

B E E S PHI NO. Edmonson county, 
lately established as a post-cilice. 

BEECH OROVE. A town in Mc- 
Lean county, 150 miles from Louisville, 
with a population of 150, located two miles 

north of Wrightsburg, on Green River, via 
which goods can be shipped. Sebree, on 
St. L. & S. E. div. L. & N. R. R., is the 
nearest railroad point, and most convene- m 
shipping station. Shipments consist of to- 
bacco, wheat, and corn. Daily maiL M. 
G. Ashby, postmaster.^ 
Ashby >!'.. G., General .-'tore. 
Ashby & Haideuer, Saw and Flour- 

Caeppin T W, drugs, 
Clark W A, grocer. 
Ilaidener W H, general store. 
Jobe "W H. hotel 
Turby E T, drugs. 
Turner W T, hotel. 

BEEOHEAXO. A posfeoffiee *itl> 

this name lately established in Washington 

BELLEVIEW. Henry county. (See 
Hill Spring). 

BEEEEVIEW. Boone county. (See 

BEELEVIEW. Christian county, 
is a village of about 100 people, located on 
Sinking Fork creek, which here furnishes 
power. Hopkinsville, the county-seat, is 
8 miles east, to which point goods should be 
shipped. A blacksmith is needed here. 
Shipments comprise tobacco, wheat, hogs, 
cattle and mules. Two churches and a 
union school are sustained. Daily sta^e 
communication with Hopkinsville, fare 
75 cts.; Montgomery, 50 cts.; and Cadiz, $1. 
Daily mail. J. W. McGehee, postmaster. 
Blakely E F, grocery. 
Cullum E R, physician. 
Dunning Thomas, constable. 
MeGeliee J. W., General Store. 
Wood Win, justice. 

BELL'S STORE. Ohio county. 
{See Buford). 

BE LMOyi'. A small village and sta- 
tion on the L. & N. R. R. in Bullitt county, 
7 miles south of Shepherdsville, the county- 
seat, and 25 from Louisville. Ship direct. 
A union church edifice, and a public 
school are here, and hay, fruits and pro- 
duce are marketed. Population 25. Ex- 

n ■ 


■ lw unr 1 1 1 1 1 1 

Have FeSilecl! more than 1.400 
ho8*es f and have had b»»l 13 !'.«- 
fttated Claims, A?«nt<; fcvervwhtre. 






Adams. Telegraph W. U. Mail 
W, B. Cundiff, postmaster. 
Carpenter J M, justice of peace. 
Clarkson George, carpenter. 
Cundiff W. B., Exporter of Horses 

and Mule?. 
Markle H A, painter. 
O'Bryan Wra, express and R R agent. 
Preston W H, general store. 
Waters ,] M, general store. 
Woods J W, general store. 

BEXXETTSTOWX. Tbisisacoun- 
try post-office, in Christian county. 15 .miles 
from Hopkinsville, the nearest railroad 
station. Tri-weekly mail. M.-F. Bame. 

Bame Joseph, general store. 
Bame & Me Gee; leaf-tobacco. 
Jobe J S, blacksmith. 
Moss H W, saloon. 
Whitlock J A, physician. 

BENSON. Is a small settlement of 
53 inhabitants in the south-western pan of 
Franklin county, 6 miles soil th- west of 
Frankfort, the county-seat, 59 miles east of 
Louisville, and a station on the Lexington 
branch of the L., C. & L. R. R. Mail 
daily. R. B. Coleman, postmaster. 
Coleman R B. general store and station agt. 
Meredith C P, physician. 

BENT BIIAXCH. A small post- 
office in Pike county, 350 miles from 
Louisville. Weekly mail. R, P. Bevins, 

Lawson J Mi, dry goods. 
Pinson J A, general store. 
Scott J M, general store. 

BENTON. Kenton county. (See 

BENTON. The seat of justice for 
Marshal! county. Was settled in 1842,. 
and is now a town of 375 inhabitants 
'The nearest shipping point is Calvert 
City, 10 miles north, on the P. & E. R, R. 
Clark's river bore furnishes power to a 
saw, grist and woolen-mill. Bank at 
Pttducah. Corn, wheat, tobacco, and live 
stock, are shipped. Stage to Murray and 
Paducah daily; fare $1.25, to either. 
Mail daily. John Minter, postmaster. 


Alexander R H, blacksmith. 

Barnes G E, groceries. 

Barnes, Peterson & Co, four, saw 

and planing-mills. 
Barry & Starks, drugs. 
Chiles James L, county clerk. 

Chiles . lawyer. 

Dycus .7 W, lawyer. 

Finley A L, toeat market. 

Gilbert & R<v. i.. lawyers. 

Hensou P T, physician. 

Holland & .Lemons, drugs and groceries 


and Con- 

Miiiter John, 


Morgan R A, shoemaker. 
Nelson D L, lawyer. 
Palmer E D, lawyer. 
Palmer L P, lawyer. 
Palmer T F, circuit clerk, 
Quarles R P, lawyer. 
Smith A, physician. 
Smith D G, physician. 
Smith F M, hotel. 
Stephens & Son, general store. 
Stilley Mrs E, hotel. 
Straw- ife Bro, dry goods. 
Wilson W J, undertaker. 

BEREA. Is a town of 600 inhabi- 
tants, first settled in 1858, on New Silver 
creek, 16 miles south of Richmond, the 
county-seat of Madison county, and the 
location of the nearest bank. Harris, a 
station, on the Richmond branch, L. <fe N. 
,R. R., is the most convenient shipping sta- 
tion for its surplus products of lumber, 
produce and canned fruit. A saw. and 
grist-mill, 1 church, and a college, are 
here. Stage to Kingston and Richmond, 
daily, fare 40c. and 75c. Mail daily. A, 
J. Hanson, postmaster. 
Bicknell T G, blacksmith. 
Cuyle J, general store. 
Coyle T J. justice of peace. 
Davis J C, grocer. 
Fairehrld &. t#ester, fruit canners. 
Fee Rev J G (Congregational). 
Gabbard J. justice of peace. 
HilliSOH A. *!., Drug*, Stationery, ar.d 

Insurance Agent. 
Hanson J. G, lumber manufacturer. 
Hanson S G, nursery. 
Holland G V, physician. 
Hutchinson Wm, shoernak* r 

II ffllffll if mimi I 

ft AJSA&JSB3, 

J CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Kj. 





Letter C. lumber. 

Lester, Sanson, Park & Co, saw-mill. 

McDowell & Witt, physicians. 

Koburson T R, dry goods. 

Kyan M V, blacksmith. 

Todd & Son, broom manufacturers. 

White W P, boot and shoemaker. 

Wict E, general star"; and hotel. 

Wooiwino G, constable. 

BERGEX. Settled in 1877; is a vil- 
iage "with a population of about "200 people, ! 
near the Kentucky river, in Mercer county, j 
4 miles east of Harrodsburg, the county- i 
seat and bank location. It is also a station j 
on the C. S. Ry. An opening here tor a ■ 
flour-mill. Grain, hemp, wheat, and live ' 
st ■-■ 'k. are shipped. One cbui ■ : a i good ! 
public sehools are sustained. Express 
A.dama. Telegraph American Union. Mall 
daily. Floyd Burke, postmaster. 
Burke Floyd & Sou, Druggists. 
Cannon & Mitchell, druggists. 
Chambers W D, railroad and express ag't. 
Chenault & Co, general store. 
Dickerson J A, hotel and livery. 
England & Son, general store. 
Hugenly *t Bro, distillers. 
Moore D L, cooper and distiller. 

Harrison county, 12 miles north of Cyn- 
tfaiana, the county-seat and nearest bank. 
Tobacco, stock and produce are shipped. 
Express Adams. Telegraph W. U. Mail 
daily. L. II. Rankin, postmaster. 
Batzell W J, druggist. 
Crouch J B, general store. 
Ju-tt J L. grocer. 
King R U. general store. 
McSeas A J, tobacco. 
Ttankin J I), express agent. 
Rankin I;, H., Confectioner. 
r J j>, general store. 


post-office, in Bracken county, 6 miles west 
of Brookville, the county-seat. Skin to 
Bradford, on the Ohio river, 8 miles north, 
or to Falmouth, the nearest railroad ap- 
proach, 12 miles west. Tobacco forms the 
shipment. Population 120. S:ag a to Brad- 
ford and Augusta tri-weekly, carrying the 
mail; fare 40c. and 50c. A. Cookendorfer 
Barker T S, saloon. 
Blackbery J O, physician. 
Blackbery P H, physician. 
Cookendorfer A., Blacksmith and 

Dewitt J, wagon-maker. 
Houston G H. constable. 
Houston K., General Store. 
Lendingberg J, blacksmith. 
Morris F. C, Justice of the Peace. 
Willi3 G, general store. 

BERRY. A station on the K. C. R. 
R., and an incorporated town of 400 inhab- 
it ants, located on South Licking river, in 

BERRY'S LTCK. Small village in 

Butler county, 12 miles south of Morgan- 
town, the court-house. Shin to South 
U nion, 15 miles e ink. on Memphis division 
L. & N. R. R. A saw and grist-mill are 
here. Produce, lumber, and live stock are 
shipped. Mail semi-weekly. jl. C. Ham- 
ilton, postmaster. 
Belcher John B, wagon-maker. 
Caldwell S J, live stock and tobacco. 
Comer Samuel, flour-mill. 
Hamilton M. C, General Store. 
Hamilton & Rust, dour-mill. 
Harrison L, blacksmith. 
P.;»rter H W, shoemaker. 
Runner D M, barber. 
Turner G C. general store and tobacco. 
Turner & Son, saw-mill. 
Turrier H B, physician. 

BETHANY. A small settlement and 
post-office m Owen county. 12 miles south 
of Owen ton, the seat of justice. Ship to 
Corinth, 13 miles east, on the C. S Rail- 
way. Tobacco is exported. Mail tri- 
weekly. W. B Sharp, postmaster. 
Bell & Reynolds, general store. 
Carlton RE, physician. 
Ford Rev H (Christian). 
Hoffman A, tnbaeco dry-house. 
Moreland .Joel, grocer. 
Sharp \Y. B.', General Store. 
'Tate Tlios, shoemaker. 
Traylor J no VY, general store. 
Tinker A T. justice. 
Warner B F, carpenter. 
Whalen II, blacksmith. 

BETHEL. Only a small unimpoi 
taut post-office in Bath county. 







BETHLEHEM. Lately established 

as a post-office in Henry county. 

BEVEREY. Christian county, .is a 
email, 8 miles south of Bopkins- 
ville, the countv-seat arid shipping point on 
the St. L. & S. E. Div. L. & N. R. R. Two 
churches arid an academy arc here, and 
tobacco and wheat are shipped. Mail tri- 
weekly. J. T. Tumor, postmaster. 
Dulin J L, 
Ken nor A. M D, general store. 
Major Frank, livery. 
Major T H, live nook and justice. 
Turner A C, blacksmith and hotel. 
Turner J. T., Wagon-maker. 

BEWLEVVILLE, A '"'▼ttla'ge on 
the daily mail route between Muldraugh 
and Hardin&hurg. Distant 14 miles from 
the latter place, which is the county-seat of 
Breckinridge cj unty, and the same distance 
south-west of the former, its shipping point 
on the P. & E. K. R. Bunk at Cloverport. 
Population 12-">. Tobacco, wiieat and live 
stock are shipped. Stage to Muldraugh 
and Hardinsburg daily; fare SI round 
trip. Express Southern. Mail daily. D. 
B. Rigsby, postmaster. 
Basbam II E, general store. 
Bronner J E. express agt. 
Duncan C W, silversmith. 
Frank J H W, physician. 
Jolly R M. general store. 
Keith W W, druggist. 
Morton & Duncan, blacksmiths. 
Paul G P. blacksmith. 
Pennington E R. physician. 
Pennington \V H, shoemaker. 
Rieh*roUori & Bro, general store. 
RlgfSby D. B., General Store. 
Walker J M, physician. 

BIG CtlFTY. A station on the P. 

<fe E. R. R., 10 miles north-west of Leitch- 

tield, the seat of Grayson county. Popula- 
tion 100. Exports consist of produce and 
tobacco. Dully ^tago to Hardin Sp'gs; 
fare $1.50 Express Southern. Mail 
daily. David Kefaurer, postmaster. 
Austin Wm, produce. 
Cook B C, wagon-maker. 
Duval! H C, physician. 
Evans *& Kefaurer, Dry Goods. 
Fullilove Rev James (Baptist). 

Gore J F, hotel propr. 
Hackett James B„ teacher. 
Killick George F, dry goods. 

{ Lawrence J M. express. 

j Mehr E B, teacher. 

j Murray F W, section foreman, 

: Pearle George, justice. 

I Woolridge John A, justice. 

\ Woolridge Robert, eon stable. 

BIO CHEEK. A posi-ofike in Claj 

county. Weekly mail. 

Caudil S R & Bro, general store. 

BIG H ELL. A country post-office i n 
Madison county, i: J > miles couth of Ricb- 
mon.h the eounfcy-seat. Ship to Harris sta- 
tion, 10 miles distant on Richmond br.uo b 
L. & N. R. R. Mail tri- weekly. John 
Roberson, postmaster. 
Cox J R, hotel proprietor. 
Newlund Silas, hotel. 
Robersoii John, general store. 

BIG REEDY. On creek of fame 
name, in Edmonson county, 15 miles north- 
east of Brownsville, the eounty-seat. The 
creek furnishes power by which a Houring- 
miil is propelled. Nearest railroad shipping 
point is at Caneyville, on the P. & E. R. R., 
11 mil6S north. Shipments are live stock 
and lumber. Mail semi - weekly. J. B. 
Tomes, postmaster. 
Anderson L A, teacher. 
Arms Thomas, blacksmith. 
Bond J R, express agent. 
Dalton Wm, justice of peace. 
Davis Rev A C (Christian). 
Durbin Martin, justice of peace. 
Jones J A, live stock. 
Miller A D N, livestock. 
Milligan G W, phvsiciaii. 
Nash B W, live stock. 
Nash W R, teacher. 
Tannv J A, flour-mill. 
Tilford J K P, phvsician. 
Tomes J A, flour-mill. 
Tomes 4. B,, Live Stock. 
Willis P, teacher. 
Willy Melvern, general store. 
Woaslev G W, live stock. 

BHi REXOX. A country post-office 
in Cumberland county. Burkesville, the 

$%»} Dating Stamps, Self -taking Stump*, Man : jtafnpt an 

[•rot«*«tor$ ; \inateur I'rinting PreHses ami fyi>°« ■*' 

&4'^&ji«!4?l »*l«i!*a^3 KlnseraVer Yuul' Diu Sink or, 166 Uati-Jolnh St., iliiC 


C'AUU, Ilk 





county-seat, miles distant, is also the 
nearest shipping station on the Cumberland 
river. Glasgow, 40 miles south-west, is 
the nearest railroad approach. A church 
and school are sustained by a population of 
about 100. It is thought that petroleum 
exists in large and paying quantities in the 
neighborhood. Mining is carried on to 
some extent, and tobacco and grain are 
shipped. Stage to Glasgow three times a 
week; far*> £4. Mail tri-weekly. A. A. 
Stean ge, po« t matter. 
Aken Richard, cooper. 
Baker 8 K, Hour and woolen-mill. 

Cheek — , physician. 

Hagan Rev T (Christian). 
Hagan W, blacksmith. 
Jones C S, blacksmith. 
Lloyd N J, shingle-manufactuifer. 
Lloyd W I\ blacksmith. 
ICorson Wis, shoemaker. 
Smith K S, blacksmith. 
Strange A. A., Farmer. 
Strange C I', live stock dealt- r. 

BIO SPRING. This village, of 
about 150 population, is in Breckinridge 
county, 20 miles from Hardinsburg, the 
connty-*seat; ',) from Vine Grove, on P. & 
E. Vv.R., and 40 from Louisville. Daily 
mail. J. D. Strother, postmaster. 
Burkhurt W A, blacksmith and mill owner. 
Caldwell J, barber. 
Eskridge & Bro, harne?s-nmk^rs. 
Grief A, jeweler. 
Howard T B, grocery and hotel. 
Meador McH, general store. 
Kobin^on T H, carpenter. 
Smith John H, druggist. 
Storn James O, furniture. 
Strother J. !>., Physician. 

BIRDSVIL.L.E. A landing on the 
Ohio river, is a village with a population 

of about 80, in Livingston county, 6.} miles 
north-east of Sruithland, the county-seat, 
and o00 south-west of Louisville. Ship 
direct, via the river. The- nearest bank is 
at Paducah. Corn, wheat, tobacco, oats, 
and hay &f$ shipped. A good opening 
here for a Soaring-mill. Express Adams. 
Mail daily. It. M. Nelson, postmaster. 
Coffield M D, general store. 
Crewdsan Kev >I VV (Baptist). 
<>oaafa H P, general store. 

Dunn & Therlkei!, harness-makers. 
Furnish T O, physician. 
Jameson J L, grocer. 
Mason M, wagon-maker. 
Miller F M. grocer. 

Nelson II. M., General Store and Ex- 
press Agent. 
Nelson 8 L, constable. 
Kobert-on T J, justice &£ the peace. 
Shamwell J hi & Bro, drugs. 

_ Blltiv'S CITY. Is a landing on 
Green river, in Daviess county, 10 miles 
west of Owensbbro, the county-seat and 
nearest railroad approach. Shipments can 
be made direct, via Green river. The vil- 
lage contains a population of about 200, 
and tobacco and whisky are shipped. A 
Baptist church and a district school ar*$ 
sustained. Land is valued at $15 to $o0 per 
acre. Daily mail. L. P. Birk, postmaster. 
Ballard J M, blacksmith. 
Birk C E, general store. 
Birk F E, constable. 
Birk F £ & Bro, tubacco. 
Birk Lj. P., General Store, Navigation 

Agent, and Justice. 
Hagan &' Bro, grocery. 
Johnson J E, physician. 
Lancaster Charles, hotel. 
Pate & Asher, blacksmiths. 
Sheffer Thos & Co, distillers. 
Stanley N G, saw-mill. 
Woods & Son, blacksmith. 

BIK.-VIIXGHAM. An incorporated 
town, in Marshall county, 12 miles north- 
east of Benton, the county-seat, and 200 
! from Louisville. The nearest railroad 
I station is Gilbertsville, 10 miles north, on 
I the P. & E. R. R. Bank at Paducah. 
I An excellent opportunity for a tobacco 
| dealer is presented here. Exports consist 
: of tobacco, corn, wheat, hogs, and cattle. 
: This is a tine tobacco-raising country, and 
j land can be purchased at $5 to $10 per 
I acre. Population 250. Mail semi-weekly. 
; The oldest settler in the place, is L. S. 
! Locker, the postmaster. 
i Bangher J, shoemaker. 
: Banks Thomas, carpenter. 
I Barnett I T, saw, flour-mill and gen store. 
j Bussell A T, dentist. 
Ellis .Jonathan, physician. 


Ellis J C 



ft yftft 


Controlling; over *4<>,0OO,000 of Fire 

Mid '■■{■• 
ern States, 
Louisville, Ky. Ag&uts everywhere. 

- *4'VOOO.OOO of Fire HI » K.f 

in 10 South- I'm* !»* fl <j ? R* 





Frizz ell I N, chair manufacturer. 

Heath M E, hotel. 

Heath- & Eli is. general store. 

Loehead A C, general store. 

Locker G W & Co, general store. 

Locker J B, drugs and groceries. 

Locker, Kinsoloing & Co, general store. 

Locker Laban S., Dairy. 

Lore James, boarding house. 

filler Rev J Q ( Methodist). 

N iell J A N-, wagon-maker, 

Nowlin Bev W J (Baptist). 

Fetters D G, physieia-nu 

Sas^een J N. carpenter. 

Warn* eld It, brick-mason, 

White W H, teacher. 

Wilson J M, physician. 

BLACKBUHX. A small post-office 
in Union county. 


(See Clifty). 


count v. 


tv. (See Freedom). 

Barren Ooun« 

BLACKWATKR. In the western 
part of Morgan County, sometimes called 
Maytown, is a small village of 65 inhabi- 
tants, 18 miles soAith-east of West Liberty 
the county-seat and the same distance 

BLACK HAWK. A nation on the 
Maysville branch, K C railroad, in Nich- 
olas county, 5 miles south of the county- 
gaat, Carlisle, which is also the nearest 
bank location. It is only a small village 
of about "0 people, and serves as a ship- 
ping point for the neighborhood, for sur- | 
plus products of stock, lumber and pro- i 
duce. Adams Express. Telegraph West- 
ern Union. Mail daily. W. J. Myers, 

Blake S T, general store. 
Kenney Isaac, justice. 
Meyers H B, blacksmith. 
Meyers Walter, blacksmith. 
Moore George, cooper. 
Myers W. J., General Store and R. R. 

and Express A cent. 
Bobbins Jno L. physician. 
Robinson Rev N"' G ( Methodist). 
Sbankland W E W, blacksmith. 
W M <fc M Co, saw and planing-milU. 

south-east of Cornwall, the nearest shipping 
point on L., C. & L. R. R. Bank at Mt. 
Sterling. Timber is abundant in the vi- 
cinity, and with produce, and some grain 
form the exports, a .Methodist church and 
public school are sustained. Mail daily. K. 
B. May, postmaster. 
Hill J F, wagon-maker. 
Lawsoa David & Co, blacksmiths. 
May B F, general store. 
May & I>i*y, General Store. 
Powers Lewis, Carpenter. 
Templeton J E, physician. 

BLAINE. This village was first settled 
in 1825 and now has a population of 100. 
It is on a creek of same name which supplies 
power to a saw and grist-mill, in Lawrence 
county, 20 miles west of Louisa, the coun- 
ty-seal, and 300 east of Louisville. The 
shipping point is Wiilard, 15 miles north, 
on the E. K. Ry. Two churches and a com- 
mon school are here, and sorghum, beans, 
and produce are shipped. Bank at Grayson. 
Mail daily. A. M. Hoi brook, postmaster. 
Bishop David, carpenter. 
Boggs H, carding-mill. 
Border W B, carpenter, 
Bordess W B, engineer. 
Burton A, lawyer. 
Burton A Mc, blacksmith, 
Burton I) J, mason. 
Burton J F, physician. 
Burton & Son, Sour-mill: 
Burton & Son, wagon-makers. 
Dingus W M, barber. 
.Elam G M, principal High School. 
Filch F B, general store. 
Gambili Jesse, shoemaker. 
Gambill J J, physician. 
Garnbill & Sweatnam, general store. 
Haws A, flour and saw-mill. 
Harris S, flour-mill, 
Hoibrook A M, flour and saw-mill. 
Holforook A. 31., General Store. 
Johnson T O, saddler. 
LoUis Swan, carpenter. 
Rice Rf T, physician. 
Saunders S P, cooper. 
Swetman C L, general'store. 
Watkins Henry, physician. 
Young Allen, cooper. 

BLAIR'S MILLS. In the north- 
ern part of Morgan county, 8 miles north 


Central and Southern Bep't, 
iiOUIbVi^IiE, K'jl. 





of West Liberty, the county-seat ; 35 miles 
east of Mt. Sterling, its nearest shipping 
point, on the Mt. Sterling division of the 
L., C. & L. R. K, and §7 miles south-west 
of Grayson, on the E. K. R. R. Serni- 
weekly mail, and stage to West Liberty 
and Elliottville. Wm. L. Elam, postmaster. 
Collins Carter, justice. 
Laine Lewis, prop'r Blair Hills, wagon- 
maker and blacksmith, 
McDaniel H, blacksmith. 
Parker Rev B F (Christian). 

Robertson R F, grocer. 
Seay J S, physician. 
Shelton R M, flour.mill. 
Shelton & Miller, physician*. 
:Shelton & Moore, ftour-mill; 
Smith HS, physician. v 
Taylor & Horr, general store. 
Vaughan S P, undertaker. 
Warden A J, lawyer. 
Watson W S, saddler. 
Weaver L W, carpenter. 
Wilds G B, general store. 
WikU & Bro, lawyers. 

< BXiArflWI^IJS. The seat of jus- 
tice for Ballard county, is an incorporated 
town; was first settled in 1S44. and contains 
about 500 inhabitants. Shipments can be 
made to Bardwell, 6 miles soutt on the C, 
St. L. & N. O. R. R. t or to Cairo, via Ohio | 
river. This latter place is the location of 
the nearest bank. Tobacco, corn, and 
wheat are shipped, and land can be ob- 
tained at $5 to $20 per acre. Stage com- 
munication with Paducah and Cairo. Mail 
daily. W. C. Hendricks, postmaster. 
Atherton Rev H (Baptist t. 
Ballard News (weekly). 
Bishop W H, lawyer. 
Bishop W S, judge. 
Bodkin A, constable. 
Boyd J W, druggist. 
Bugg Z W, lawyer. 
Coffee J W «fe Co. druggists. 
Crawford J J, hotel. 
Davis John F. saloon. 
Farrow Rev J R (Christian). 
Glenn T L, county clerk. 
Hendricks W. C. S: Son, Grocers. 
Horr E W, town clerk. 
Jenkins F M. lawyer. 
Jenkins T H. lawyer and county judge. 
Jenkins W W. circuit, clerk. 
Jewett D P, physician. 
Lane John B, justice of the peace. 
Linderman A, carpenter. 
Manke Ed wnrd, grocer. 
Marshall T C, lawyer. 
Milton H R, lawyer. 
Nicholas J M, lawyer. 
Petti t Rev T II ( Baptist). 
Pinket & Cotner, blacksmith*. 
Raj L C. justice of the peace. 
Beeves G W, lawyer. 
Kich John L, wagon-maker. 
Rich L R, wagon-maker. 

I5jLGOI>, The name for a newly es- 
tablished post-offica in Calloway county. 

BT;OOMFIFJVD. In precinct of 
same name, Nelson county, is an incorpo- 
rated town of 500 inhabitants, and is the 
terminus of the Short Line Branch C. & O. 
R. R., which is now nearly completed. At 
present, its most accessible shipping point 
is Bardstown, 11 miles south-west, which 
is also the county-seat and bank location. 
Louisville is 37 miles north-west. A 
weekly newspaper. "The Nelson Enter- 
prise," 4 flouring mills (steam), 5 churches, 
a seminary, and good public schools (white 
and colored), are sustained. The ship- 
ments consist chiefly of mules, horses, and 
live-stock, with some wool and grain. 
Good general opportunities are presented 
here for mechanics, or any manufacturing 
interest. Land in the neighborhood aver- 
ages $30 to $75 per acre. Express Adams. 
Mail daily. W. A. Terrell, postmaster. 
Bloom field Milling Co, flour-mills. 
Broadbent Joseph, blacksmith and hotel. 
Broderick John, shoemaker. 
Broderiek & Bro, blacksmiths. * 
Brown & Hurst, drujrs. 
Caldwell Robt C, physician. 
Cave Rev W E (Presbyterian). 
Davis A J, undertaker and furniture. 
Dent & Pash, portable saw-mill. 
Elli* Thomas, Proprietor Nelson En- 
terprise (Weekly). (See adv.) 
Guthrie James, flour-mill. 
Hall Rev Thomas, principal of Bloomfield 

Hlnkle & Whitesides, livery and sale stable. 
Hmston 8 C, hotel. 
Juda M & H. merchants. 
Launders Rev J M (Presbyterian) 

f « 

and Grenortl Hardware Specialties. Price L ; .?ta and Cata- 


Iff 9M F!l-fU , 6** ;':'■.■ ; . ' : ^^- ■ 1 on appl. cation. PUBD. .SOHMIEIl 

i'tt tttttt-lttfe^fciii IrilWMff '833 Biw*d'#aj and 830 H. FourtB St', SI, LOUIS 





Merrifield & Guthrie, grocers, 

Middleton Wm, baker. 

Miles T II, notary public. 

Miles Uayden, wagon-maker. 

Nelson Enterprise (weekly), Thomas 

Ellis. Proprietor. 
PoffJohn W, saddlery. 
Purdy John H, saloon, 
Robertson Rev D W (Methodist). 
Terrell Mrs John, sewing-machines. 
Terrell John A, hardware. 
Thomas II 0. sewing-machines. 
Thomas J & Co, druggists. 
Tyler OU&s, flour-mill. 
Wakefield John J. physician. 
Wigginton J C, flour-mill. 
Wilkinson S F, flour-mill. 
Wilson B A, flour-mill. 
Wilson & McKay, dry goods. 
Wood &■ Terrell, BooUi Shoes, Hats 

and Caps. 
Yager & Whiteside, grocers and ag'l imp'ts. 

BLOOMIXGTOX. Only a country 

post-office in Magoffin county, 9 miles east 
of Salyersvilie, the county-seat. Mail 
weekly. John Franklin, postmaster. 
Brown S W, general store. 
Franklin John, Farmer. 
Howard R F & II, flour and grist-mill. 

on Licking river, in precinct of same 
name, Nicholas county, is a small village 
of about 60 inhabitants. The nearest rail- 
road point is Ewing, 10 miles east, on the 
K. C. R. K. Stage to Carlisle, the county 
seat, tri-weekiy. fare $1. Mail tri- weekly. 
W. T. Overby, postmaster. 
Bow Wrn, justice of peace. 

Frank Henry, blacksmith. 
Hildreth A, justice of peace. 
Hughes W J, saloon. 
Larue J A & Bro, general store. 
Larue J A. & Bro, hotel. 
Overby W. T., General Store. 
Payne J H, mineral water. 
R&fferty M, saloon. 
Ryan Thomas, cooper. * 
Saddler Robert, cooper. 
Thompson James, physician. 
Turney D, hotel. 

BLUFF CITY. Also known as Heb- 
bardsville, is quite an enterprising village, 
beautifully located on Green river, in Hen- 
derson county, 12 miles east of Hender- 
son, the county -seat, and "23 miles (by wa- 
ter) to EvHnsvil.le, on the Ohio river. Ship- 
ments can be made direct to Bluff City 
via Green river. Good timber in the vf- 
cinity, which, with tobacco, and corn, 
form the exports. Population 100. A 
steam saw-mill, 2 churches, and a free- 
school, are here. Mail tri-weekly. J. R. 
Routon, postmaster. 

Bewley Elmore, agt navigation company. 
Carroll S E & Son, saw-mill. 
Cross H, saw-mill. 
Fisher Henry, cooper. 
Hanes S D. ferry proprietor. 
Hanes & Chase, coopers. 
Heart R S, tobacco. 
Lewis - — — , physician. 

Lightfoot , physician. 

Roberson John, superintendent. 
Ronton J, It., General Store. 

BOAZ. A small settlement in Graves 
countv, and station on M., P. & N. R. R., 


T. H. ELLIS, Proprietor. — )o(- 

S. WILSON, Editor. 

A FOUK-FACK WEEKLY NEWSPAPER of eight columns each, containing the news of th» 
4*7, local and foreign, having a large Circulation ir. Ne!*on and adjoining counties. It is a denirabl* 
Medium of Advertising. T«.-rn»jj, $1,50 p«r jrear. For Advertising rates, addr«8* the 





Sir^n^i'Vi'^ ' i:\TFIUK, i\«W, \ , U VVAJU1C l»i«M»l-'. Send fori I. 
Kr'tsmiU V «ii, Aii W « instratcd <Hiali'ci!(; and Price*. .? . \T. ATKlftSO*. 
*/ D 313 -iJUl South Clinton Street, < UK A<iO, 11.1,. 





12 miles north of May field, the county- 
seat. Live stock is shipped. Southern Ex- 
press. Daily mail. J . S. Pryor, postmaster. 
Gilliam A 11, constable* 
Gilliam C I), grocer. 
Grant C W. justice of peace. 
Hodges G \V, general store. 
Hughes & Hodges, tiour-mill. 
Johnson B A, i unmet-maker. 
McNeill J H. cooper. 
Peoples E E, live stock. 
Pryor J. &., Railroad and Express Agt. 

and General Store. 
Thomas J W, physician. 
Winegar & Madden, blacksmiths. 

BOHOX. An incorporated village in 
Mercer county, 6 miles from Harrodsburg, 
the county-seat, bank location, and ship- 
ping station, on C. 8. Ry. A good open- 
ing here for a Hour and grist-mill. Pop- 
ulation 12"). Wheat, corn, and produce 
are exported. Price of land in the 
vicinity is $25 to $20 per acre. Tri-weekly 
mail. H. Hicks, postmaster. 
Gebhart E H, genera! store. 
Hicks Henry, Shoemaker. 
Linnev Thomas, blacksmith. 
Marshall G W, blacksmith. 
Massie W J, general store. 
McDaniel M. M, lawyer. 
McDaniel Dr, physician and dentist. 
Shelton A, livery. 
"Weltham Rev Isaac (Christian). 
"Wilson D J, proprietor City Hotel. 
Wilson, WJheeler & Marshall, wagon- 

IiOI/r\S FORK. Boyd county, 22 
miles south of Catlettsburg, the county-seat, 
and 9 east of Coaiton, the shipping point, 
on A., C. & I. R. R. Good power i3 fur- 
nished by the east fork of the Little Sandy 
river, which is utilised by a saw and grist- 
mill. The nearest bank location is Ash- 
land. Population 50. Corn, produce, and 
wheat, are shipped, and improved farm- 
land is valued at $12 to $20, unimproved at 
$3 to $10 per acre. Mail semi-weekly. S. 
D. Finlev, postmaster. 
Bolt Alfred, stock buyer. 
Bolt M T, county survevor. 
Bolt W D, flour-mills. 
Belt W G B, farmer and live stock. 
liolt & Fill ley, General Store. 

Brainard John, flour-mill. 

Ellis J K, socialist. 
Kinner H, farmer and live stock. 
Pinkennan Ira, teacher. 
Pritchard J T, justice of peace. 

Prichard , physician. 

Queen, John, farmer and live-stock breeder. 
Stevens Noah, blacksmith. 

BONNIEVILIiE. Or Bacon Creek, 
as the station is called, is an incorporated 

village, and station, on L. & N. R. R., oi 
about 150 inhabitants, in Hart county, 8 
miles north of Munfordville, the county- 
seat. Bacon Creek furnishes good power, 
used by a fiourin^-mill. Nearest bank fit 
Horse Cave. Tobacco, grain, live stock, 
and produce are shipped. Express 
Adams. Telegraph W. U. Mail daily. 
K. Jamison, postmaster. 

BONNY. Only lately established. It 
is small and unimportant. Morgan county. 

1500NE. Also known as Chamber's 
Station, is a station on the L.. C. & L. R. 
R., and small country post-office, in Meni- 
fee county, 8 miles west of French burg, 
the county-seat, and 142 from Louisville. 
Population 25. Express Adams. Mail 
daily. Elijah Chambers, postmaster. 
Barnes T K. general store. 
Barnett John, justice of peace. 
Baugh P A, blacksmith. 
Bargain John, saw-mill. 
Chambers J. J,, Live Stock. 
Frazie James, R R agent. 
Mills J H, saw-mill. 
Rabd'rh G W. saw-mill. 
Shropshire Wm, blacksmith. 
Sterling, M, express agent. 

BOONE FURNACE. Settled in 
1803, is a farm-house post-office in CarUr 
county. 18 miles north-east of Grayson, the 
county-seat, bank location and shipping 
point (by railroad) on E. K. Ry. Popula- 
tion 30. Semi- weekly mail. C.W.Wooten, 

Cooper Eli & Son, merchants (3 miles out}. 
Cooper E F, saw-mill. 
Cooper R N, cooper (3 miles out). 
Marchant Dr N A L. drugs and medicines. 
Ratcliff J T, Sour-mill f3 miles out). 
\-Vooten C. W., Farmer. 

M:. ■ 

dft oftthU 



Have Settled more \hn« 1,4-04* 
losses, and Butvc had bu» 13 H<»" 

(listed Claim** Agents Evflrv*l"<efd. 



BOONE VII, LIS. Is an incorporated 
town, with about 359 inhabitants, and is 
the county-seat of Owsley, 150 miles south- 
east of Louis', ill.-. The nearest shipping 
point is Livingston, 40 miles south-west, on 
the L. & N. K. ti , and the banking busi- 
ness for the place is transacted at Rich- 
mond. The south fork of the Kentucky 
river supplies power to a flour-mill; a 
steam-mill is also here, and a Methodist 
church and free school are sustained. In 
the vicinity, coal, iron, and lead are found 
in abundance, which, with timber and farm 
produce, comprise the exports. Daily mail. 
Mary Eversole, postmaster, 
Boling R II, blacksmith. 
Botner E, physician. 
Botner & Son, flour-milt. 
Breeding John, general store and hotel. 
Combs «fe Reynolds, general store. 
Duff EC, hotel. 

Eversole & Combs, General Store. 
Flannery \V\n, general store. 
Franklin R P, physician. 
Green Lewis, blacksmith. 
Hampton Minter, general store. 
Hogg H C, general store, 
Minter G H cV Co, general store. 
Minter & Son, flour-mill. 
Need ham H C & Co, general store. 
Reynold John, flour-mill. 
Ross Levi, general store. 
Sanders S (*, physician. 
Sebastian J M, lawyer. 

BOON'S GAMP. A village of 150 
inhabitants, in the eastern part of Johnson 
county, four miles from Ward City, the 
neatest shipping point, on the west fork of 
Big Sandy river, 10 miles east of Paints- 
viile, the county-seat, 38 south of Willard, 
the nearest railroad approach, and 250 
from Louisville. Lumber and coal are 
shipped. Mail semi-weekly. J. R. Mollett, 

Dutton Elms, blaoksmith. 
Fairchild Moses, blacksmith. 
Fields Rev Elijah (Christian). 
Meeks Rev Nathan (Baptist). 
Mollett Ellas, live stock. 
Mollett Jumw H, lawyer. 
Mollett Rev James W (Baptist). 
Mollett J, & B M Live Stock. 
Moltett J VV, justice of peace. 
Mvi&aac Jflm^s, flour-mill. 

Nibert & Daniels, flour-mill. 
Standifer Z, justice of peace. 
Wells Rev Aaron (Methodist). 
Weils Jacob G, constable. 
Wells John P, lawyer. 
Wells J G, music-teacher. v 
Wells R M, blacksmith. 
Wells Win G; physician. 
Wells M L K, shoemaker, s 

farm-house, post-office and station on the L. 
& N. K. It., in Hardin county, 10 miles 
north of Elizabethtown, the coanty-seat. 
Mail daily. P. Booth, postmaster. 
Booth P, R }C agent and hay dealer. 
Fowler W H, blacksmith and stock dealer. 
French Silas, distiller. 
Johnson C K, hay dealer. 
Lass well A, lumber dealer. 
Lasswell John F, saw-mill. 

BOKJMJSV. In the southern part 
of Union county. I? a village containing 
about 150 inhabitants, 11 miles south-east 
of MorganGeld, the county-seat, and 25 
west of Sebree, on the St. L. &c S. E. 
branch L. & N. R. R., or Casey ville, 25 
miles west on the Ohio river, either of 
which are shipping points. Banking is 
transacted at Morgknfleld. Tobacco and 
wheat are shipped. Mail tri-week^y. Mil- 
lard F. Mart, postmaster. 
Andrews John D, wagon-maker. 
Arnold J II. justice. 
Christian J G, hotel. 
Christian & Bailey, physicians. 
Coleman C S, general store. 
Hardesty W J, harness-maker. 
Hickman J R. harness-maker. 
Holeman W W, constable. 
Long Andrew, shoemaker. 
Mart J J, lawyer. 
Mart Millard F. f Live Stock. 
Mart R A & Bro, general store and leaf 

Moore Rev T D (Christian). 
Owen & Bunton, physicians. 
Pride J S, wagon-maker. 
Pride W F. blacksmith. 
Prida & Montgomery, undertakers and 

Wooding D B, undertaker. 
Wooding J P, justice. 





CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Kj. 


BOSTON. In Nelson county, is a 

post-office and station on the line of the L. 
& N. R. K. (Knoxville Branch >* 12 miles 
south-west of Bardstown, the county-seat, 
and nearest bank, and 85 south-east of 

Louisville. ' Ship direct. The shipments 
from here comprise live stock, hay, lum- 
ber and bark. A lumber-mill. 2 churches, 
and a public school, are sustained by a pop- 
ulation of 150. Express Adams. Mail 
daily. J. D. Perry-man, postmaster. 
Arnold E II, gen More, R R and expagt. 
Botto V. tinner. 
Hall L G & Son, general store. 
Perryman .1 !>., General Store. 
Pittman J M, blacksmith. 
Summers Frank, physician. 
"Wise SH, physician, and general More. 

BOSTON. Whitley county. (See Lot). 


A station 


on K. 0. R. R. The town is ineorporat 
and bas a population of about 200; Fal- 
mouth, the seat of justice for Pendleton 
county, is 8 miles south. A steam lumber- 
mill, belonging to the Boston Lumber Com- 
pany, is here, and lumber forms the chief 
shipment, although some live stock and 
grain are exported. Telegraph Western 
Union. Mail daily. C C. Hagemeyer, 

Anderson Mrs Amanda, hotel. 
Rest John T, wagon-m£ker. 
Boston Lumber Co., Saw-mill. 
Ellis Henry, surveyor. 

Hall Henry B, general store, R R and ex- 
press agent. 
No! in James W, justice of peace. 

BOTLAXD, A village of about 125 
inhabitants, in Nelson county, 6 miles 
south-east of Bardstown, the county-seat, 
which is, also, the shipping point, < n Bards- 
town division L. «fc N. R. R., and nearest 
bank location, Produce is raised and 
shipped. Stage to Bardstown and Spring- 
field ; fare 50 cents and $1. Mail tri-week- 
ly. F. B. Brincy, postmaster. 
Allen Rev C C (Christian). 
Brill ey F. B., General Store. 
Brown R B, carpenter. 
Crnme T F, justice of peace. 
Wilson W M, carpenter. 
Wilson W D, blacksmith. 

BOWLING GREEN. Situated ai 

the confluence of Green and Barren rivers, 
at the head of navigation, in Warn n 
county, of which it is the seat. The Green 
and Barren River Transportation Com- 
pany make regular daily trips between th:< 
city and Bv&nsville, stopping at nil inter 
mediate points. This city, of 6,000 inhab- 
itants, is beautifully situated, and poss 
advantages enjoyed by but few other citw - 
in the State. It has a reservoir 235 feet 
above the city, which renders the use of 
fire-engines unnecessary. Its public park- 
are very handsome and attractive. An 
excellent telephone system connects it with 
Mining City, 60 miles distant. It has sev- 
eral manufactories, prominent among which 
are two stave-mills, rlouring-mill. woolen- 
mill, two carriage factories, and a distillery. 
Several fine church edifices and good pub- 
lic schools are here, and the court-house, 
which is admitted to be one of the most 
magnificent structures in the State, and 
cast the county $150,000. The bonded in- 
debtedness of 'the city is $130,000, with an 
assessed valuation of real and persona! 
property of $2,250,000. In addition to its 
public school system, the city has educa- 
tional advantages a Horded by two excellent 
seminaries — the Ogden College and the 
Bowling Green Female College. Four 
banks are here, and two newspapers — the 
Bowling Green Democrat and Gazette — 
both of which are well-known and properly 
appreciated as first-class journals, than 
which no better can be found for advertis- 
ing purposes. Gas and water-works are 
here. Besides the navigation facilities af- 
forded by the rivers, the city also has the 
advantages which its position as an import- 
ant station on the Memphis Division of the 
L. & N. R. R. gives it, and over which it 
ships large quantities of live stock, cereal* 
and tobacco. Excellent hotel accommoda- 
tions are provided by good hotels, the prin- 
cipal of which are the Morehead and the 
Ritter House. Both of which are first-class 
in every respect, are supplied with ail mod- 
ern conveniences, and receive the well de- 
served, patronage of the traveling public. 
One of the largest vineyards in the State is 
located here, which produces some 4,000 gal- 
lons of a very superior quality of wine 
yearly. Express Adams. Telegraph West- 
tern Union. Mail daily. W. E. Hobson, 




MJtS. S. E. AR3IITAGE cV MRS. C. A. HERDMAN, Proprietresses. 

RATES PER DAY, $2.00. 

Special attention given to commercial travelers. Good-Sample Rooms. References: The traveling public. 


(Succeaaor to tlie Green River Pantagrapli.) 


Democratic in politics, it represents the Agricultural, Mechanical and Educational interests of th* 
turrounding counties, and gives each week a full resume of local and general news. 



Comprises facilities for executing ail kinds of JOB PRINTING in the most approved styles, and at 
the cheapest rates 

2=2. ZEE. lEPQSRr'jZ'ZEZE^, Editor artd IFro-orietor. 
E. B. SEELEY, 8eo. & Treaa. JNO. A. BOBINSON, Gen'l Sup't. 

River Navigation Company. 

MMspw^ Passenger and Freight Steamers 

f M\ K ''X ■ "^ ^~Ti \\ H Leave Bowling Green for Evansville and all 

li.) - - i ^^• £ ^^^^iku^ points on Green Biver every Wednesday and Sat- 

kj»;,r OV. urday at 9 A.M.: returning, leave Evansville every 

^ K»n^ .■■o.-^^^-;..^^^^ :^, ^, ^^ Monday and Thursday at 4 P. M. Through rate* 

from Louisville to ail points on Green Biver furni«hed by the L. <fc N. B. B. Co., or 

at the Office of our Company, 


steel fe tamps, Burning; Bmridw, Rubber Stamo*, 

Soup Moulds and Presses* J*. BOCHE, Etajjraver 

I and Die Sinker, L66 Randolph St., CHICAGO, IIL 





Adams James M, blacksmith. 

Adams .Samuel T, city marshal. 

Aden John, tailor. 

Allen Charles H, cigar manufacturer. 

Alien Charles S, hardware, iron and piows. 

Allen John It. manager W TJ Tel Co. 

Almond Thomas VV, photographer. 

Armitage Mrs. S. E., and Mrs. C. 

A. tie rd in an, Proprietors Morehe&d 

House. [See adv.) 
Bacon Mrs Lucy E, millinery. 
Bardmaker Augustus, meat market. 
Barr Edward T, dentist. 
Bates ev Hi niton, lawyers. 
Bean John 0, livery. 
Bean John C, saloon and billiards. 
JBearce John W., Plumber, Steam 

and Gas Fitter, opposite Court-house. 
Betournay & Potter, dry goods. 
Blakeler VVm H, physician. 
Borrone Raphael, confectionery. 
Bos'.ey,. Cartwright & Co, groceries. 
Bourgeois Frank, shoemaker, 
Bowling Green Democrat. R S Evans, 

editor and proprietor. 
Bowling Green Female College, G M Edgar, 

Bowling Green Gas Co, George Lehman, 

pres., E L Mottley, sec. 
Bowling Green Gazette, (Weekly) 

E. H. Porter, Editor & Propr. (See adv.) 
Priggs Wm, blacksmith. 
Brigg.-j & Edwards, horticulturists (4 m w). 
Brough Lemuel S, grocer. 
Brunswick David, general store. 
Buck Norman N, grocer. 
Burch Wm H, gunsmith and locksmith. 
Burge James O, druggist. 
Burke John, hotel and saloon, 
Campbell, Thomas W, deputy collector U 

S int revenue. 2d di?t. 
Campbell & Seeley, saw-mill. 
Carson James O. physician. 
Carson O C, justice of peace. 
Carson & Sweeney, meat market. 
Cartwright & Hatcher, physicians. 
Clark George, carpenter. 
Clark & Grider, (Henry T. Clark, 

John B. Grider;, Lawyers, Post-office 

Build i rrg. 
Clark «fc Monahan, books, etc. 
Claypool «fe Bro, hardware. 
Clay pool & Kagland. pork packers. 
Gbllett George^ livery. 
Collett John H ( baker. 
Cook Isaac B, groceries. 

Cooke & Payne, real estate and insurance. 

Cooksey George C, county judge. 

Corn. 11 Mr^ B B, propr .Mitchell House. 

Covington «fc Potter, lawyers. 

Cullin Benj L, shoemaker. 

Cullin Joseph, shoemaker. 

Cuthbcrtson James, dry goods. 

Darst Martin, photographer. 

Daughtry A 11, harness-maker. 

Daughtry Wm G, groceries. 

Demut & Watkins, furniture. 

Denbardt Wm, shoemaker. 

De Vries Frank, grocery. 

Dibble John W, grocer." 

Dishrnan John, flour-mill, (2 miles west). 

Dixon Charles, restaurant. 

Du Bose .John E, lawyer. 

Bui any Wm L, circuit court judge. 

Duncan J 1) & Co, grocers. 

Dun son Isham, barber. 

Durkee J W.agt Green river handle- works. 

Ed ley John, painter. 

Edwell John, grocer. 

Esper Jno It, wagon-maker, Potter ave. 

Evans Robert S, editor and proprietor 
Bowling Green Democrat. 

Ewing John W, saloon. 

Fleming J (} } stoves and tinware. 

Fortune Stephen T, agt. Adams express. 

Fowler Thomas, confectionery, etc. 

Frfez John, cigar mnfr and saloon. 

Fused! Peter, jeweler and musical mdse. 

Galvin John, grocer. 

Gardner Ben F. county clerk. 

Gerard Frank, undertaker. 

Gerard House, Thos Penick, propr. 

Glenn Henry E, ticket agent L & N R R. 

Glenn Milburn A, sewing-machines. 

Glenn Samuel B, freight agt L&NR B. 

Gorin Geo. K. Atty-at-Law, Notary 
Public, and Examiner, Court Row, near 
Post-o Mice. 

Gorin J. W. & Geo. JR., Lawyers, 
Court Row, near Post-office. 

Graham & Graham, general dry goods. 

Graham & Potter, real estate and ins. 

Grange Co-operative Store, general store. 

Green River Handle Works, J W Durkee, 

Green and Barren Kiver Naviga- 
tion Company, Capital, $160*000. 
Charles G. Smallhouse, Prest.j Edward 
B. Seeley, Sec'y and Treas. (See adv.) 

Greer Bro=, furniture. 

Grider Warner, lawyer. 

Guinan Patrick, saloon. 


im i usn&uu 

ontrolUne ov<-r % M.eoo.OOO of Fire 

apifai, and operating »n 10 South' 

q States, with chief office in 

,k>. Agents everywhere. 

i\U kht i! 





Guinan Mrs P. millinery. 

Hogan Thomas, grocer, 

Haley Richard T, notary public. 

Howell John, distillery. 

Hallinan Nathaniel, shoemaker. 

Jackson Denton S, paintej and restaurant. 

Hallsell & Mitchell, lawyers, P building. 

Jackson Mary, groceries. * 

Hare & Co, merchant tailors. 

Jackson Napoleon H, dentist. 

Uart Simon, clothing, 

Jenkins Henrv E. justice of peace. 

Hawkins Pierce B. lawyer. 

Jenkins *fe Penick, groceries. 

Hav Philip, livestock. 

Johnson Jesse 1>., Propr. Johnson's 

Hendrick Joseph F, dentist. 

Exchange,Wines, Liquors, and Billiards, 

Ileminger Louis C. machinist. 

cor. Stat* 3 and Frozen How. 

Hespen Frederick, bakery. 

Johnson Thomas J, blacksmith. 

Higgins Michael, wines and liquors. 

Johnson Valentine, carpenter. 

Hill Walter B, lawyer. 

Johnson & Clavpool, physicians. 

Hines Edward L. lawyer. 

Jones F B, jailor. 

Hines Henrv C. city mayor, 

Kahn I <k L. general store. 

Hines II C & Go, groceries and liquors. 

Kentucky Masonic Mutual Life Insurance 

Hines James D, circuit clerk. 

Co., L A Graham* Pres't ; J 1} Lewis, Sec. 

Hines Robert I>. liver v. 

Kister Miss Emma, millinery. 

Hission & Reilly, millinery. 

Lesterjett Charles H, saloon. 

Hobson Bros & Co, loan agents. 

Lewis J D, sec Kentuckv Masonic Mu- 

Hobsoii Win. E.> Postmaster. 

tual Life Ins. Co. 

Hogan Ellen, grocer. 

Loving E S, blacksmith. 







BOWLING GREEN, KY. "^^^^^g^^^®^ 

•£*" The best Buggies and Horses and Saddle Horses on hand. A general Liver} business done. """&« 


W. B. WINANS, Proprietor. 

PER DAY, $2.00 PER DAY. 

. '.. . 
toffee :^r&Zs. 

(Opposite L. 4 N. R. R. Depot.) 


**"Good Accommodations for lay-over travel. Sample Booms aUacfced.""*« 


. %&. M035MS&XS, ls/Ta,r\eig< 
tra.1 and Southern Dejft, 





Loving Virgil, blacksmith. 

Lucas James, Farming Machinery, 
Portable Saw-Mills, Agr'l Imps., Wag- 
ons, Carriages, Groceries, Grain, Seeds, 
fcnd Com. and Forwarding Merchant. 
Main near Depot and Frozen Row. 

MeConnell James M, general store. 

McKlroy James F, physician. 

MeMakin Wm, sewing-machines. 

McNamara Patrick, shoemaker. 

McNeal Wm L, constable. 

Maier Frank, jeweler. 

Maliory & Willis, druggists. 

Mayhugh Perry J, grocer. 

Merchants Hotel, Joseph Tarpley, propr. 

Mi.lligan & Thompson, carpenters. 

Miner Clark A, physician. 

Miner Mrs H A, milliner; 

Mitchell T C & Co. groceries and liquors. 

Moenniij Fred W, watchmaker. 

Moran John. J, saloon. 

MorellCiiU House Mrs. S.-E. Armitage 
and Mrs. C.A. Herdrnan, props. {See adv) 

Morgan John B, livery. 

Morgan & Woodcock, grocers. 

Morris W B & Son, saddlers. 

Morris & Hyatt, prop'rs Queen Flour-mills. 

Munkle Charles A, shoemaker and county 

Murrell & Nelson, barbers. 

Nahm Bros, dry goods. 

Nahm E & Co. clothing. 

Nahm Sam, hides, feathers and wool. 

Natcber & Frost, stoves and tinware. 

Newton James R, saloon. 

Nichols Wm H, barber. 

Nolan Patrick, saloon. 

Ogdtm College, capital $120,000. James W 
Wightman, pres ; Daniel W Wright, sec. 

O'Riley Daniel B & Co. blacksmiths. 

Patillo Mrs S C, dressmaker. 

Patterson Charles C, hardware and plows. 

Faylmer Richard, carpenter. 

P»vyne Wm H. saw and planing-mill. 

Payne & Drake, lawyers. 

Perkins J S, cigar manufacturer. 

Philips & Loving, groceries and liquors. 

Philips Divid G. live stock. 

Pollard & Wood, boots and shoes. 

Porphew J & Son. crroeerie*. 

Porter JR. HE., Editor and Proprietor of 
the Howling Green Gazette, and General 
Book & Job Printer Mam. [See adv,) 

Porter John M, common wealth's atty. 

Porter li.ib^rt H, shoemaker. 

Porter Woodford, grocer. 

Porter & McCormick, physicians. 

Porter & Porter, lawyers. 

Poiter FJ& Co, banker*, 

Potts George, lumber. 

Procter & Galloway, lawyers. 

Pyle George W, watchmaker. 

Pyle Mrs. J W, millinery* 

Kauscher Dominie, general store. 

Reardon Daniel, wines and liquors. 

Reardon Owen, cooper. 

Regan Daniel, groceries. 

Bitter House ($2.00 per day). 
Wm. B. Winans, Proprietor. Opposite 
the Depot. {See adv.) 

Roberts M T, grocer. 

Robertson R Monroe, hardware. 

Rochester House. ($1.50 per 
day). Wm. II. Rochester, Proprietor. 

Rochester Win. II., Proprietor Roch- 
ester House, Main. 

Rodes & Sattle, lawyers. 

Roemer Christian, barber. 

Rone Commodore P., Livery, Sale, 
Feed, and Exchange Stable, Court. 
(See adv.) 

Rose James H, U S commissioner. 

Rowe John & Bro, flour-mill, (2 miles west). 

Sabel Moses, dry goods and millinery. 

Sattertieid Samuel A, tannery. 

Sehuessler Phil, bakery. 

Seeley Kclward B.„ Secretary and 
Treasurer Green and Barren River Nav- 
igation Company. 

Settle Simon W, jeweler. 

Sheppard Thomas R, china, glass and 
■ queensware. 

Simon James M, school commissioner. 

.Sims J C, county attorney. 

Sloyer & McGoodwin, grocers. 

Smith Joseph J, sheriff. 

Smith T J & Co, books and pictures. 

Smith Wm W. carpenter. 

South John F & Co. meat market. 

vSpalding W F& Son, general store. 

Starr John, lumber, doors, sash and blinds. 

Stout John L. proprietor Bowling Green 

Stubbins & Co, grocery. 

Sullivan T J & On, stave and heading fac- 
tory, and manufacturers whisky barrels. 

Sumpter J B & Co, grocers and meat rnrkt, 

Tarpley Joseph, propr Merchants Hotel. 

Taylor Silas, brick-yard. 

Taylor & De Heal, dress-makers. 

Thomas Charles M, lawyer and judge city 
court, Court Row. 

Aeiilral liliits ; 


und Specialties, Catalogues and Price Lists fur- 
hod free, Ar-rlv or sond to FKED. SCHMIEDI1TO, 335 
Broadway and 83(3 North fourth Street, ST, LOUIS, MO. 




Thomas Peter, saddlery and harness. 

Thompson Thos J, harness-maker. 

Townsend T J & G E, physicians. 

Turner Wra, druggist. 

Tygret John T, assessor. 

Tj'ler Jailies M., Lawyer, Summer. 

Van Meter & Weston, blacksmiths. 

Vogel John, Jr. butcher. 

Vogttl John, Si\. Restaurant, Saloon. 
and Wholesale and Retail Fish, Oysters, 
Game, and Ice, etc., Main. 

Wagner Ezekiel, groceries and saloon. 

Warren Deposit Bank, capital, $150,000. 
Thos B Wright, president; O Small- 
house, eashier. 

Warren & E wing, general store. 

Webb Lee, barber. 

West John T. agricultural implements. 

Western Union Teh-graph Co. J R Allen, 
• manager. 

Weston James, blacksmith. 

Wilkin? Wm T, physician. 

Wilkins & Simms, lawyers. 

Wilson James, barber. Main. 

WniilllS, Will. B., proprietor Ritter 
House, opposite Depot. 

Withers Garland H, livery. 

Woodward John T, carriage manufacturer. 

Wrigiit A Cooper, physician. 

Wright John W, groceries. 

Wright & McElroy, lawyers. 

Yost Doctor, blacksmith. 

Younglove J I& Bro, druggists. 

BOXYII-.LE, An incorporated vil- 
lage in Union county, 7 miles east of Mor- 
ganfield, the county^seat. Ship by river to 
Unionville, or to Henderson, on L. & N, R. 
R., 22 miles north-east. The shipments are 
confined to tobacco, and land in the vicin- 
ity can be obtained at from $10 to $25. 
Stage to Morganfield tri-weekly. Mail 
daily. J. W. Muncaster, postmaster. 
Allen J B. physician. 
Cox M P, physician. 
Dunnagan J P, general store. 
Dunnagan & Spring«r, blacksmith?, 
Marshall W J A: Co, tobacco dealers. 
Morgan J ML, physician. 
Alimeaster 3. W., Grocer. 
Newman V B, physician. 
Siglcr S K. hotel. 
Taylor J G, general store. 
Taylor J V, carpenter. 
WiUoughby D C, cabinet-maker. 


BOYD'S STATION. Population 
100. A village in Harrison county, and a 
station on the K. C. R. R., 16 miles north 
of C\ nthiana, the county-seat, and 150 from 
Louisville. A flour-mill, a church, and a 
public school are here, and tobacco is-the 
chief shipment. A distillery at this point 
might prove successful. Land hereabouts 
is worth $25 to $50 per acre. Express Ad- 
ams. Telegraph Western Union. Mail 
daily. James Woodbury, postmaster. 
Blair J P, flour-mili 
Durant George B, express asrent. 
.Holder S J & Son, gen'l store and R R agt. 
Kellar J A, general store. 
Stone L, general store. 

BOYDSYII.JLE. With a popula- 
tion of about 50, is a small settlement in 
the extreme south-east corner of Graves 
county. 20 miles south-east of Mayfield, the 
county-seat, which is also its shipping 
point, and nearest bank. A good black- 
smith is needed here. Land is worth $8 to 
$12 per acre. Cotton, tobacco, and grain 
arc raised and shipped. Stage to Paris, 
Term, semi-weekly. Tri-weekly mail from 
May Held. S. L. is' anee, postmaster. 
Brown B F, flour and saw-mill. 
Cardwell & Hays, saloon and grocery. 
Cook Mrs S C, hotel. 
Cook W B. justice of peace. 
Cooper & Branyam, lumber mnfrs. 
Ilarkev J M, cotton-gin. 
MeCorinell J E. 
Maxwell J W, hotel. 
Morrison F M, tobacconist. 
Nance S. I..., General Store. 
Poyner E B, physician. 
Shelton A B, physician. 
Terrell J W, carpenter. 

BRADFORD. Is a small village, 
located on the Ohio river, 8] miles north 
of Brookvilie, the county-scat Ship direct. 
The village was first settled in 1815, and 
now contains about 100 persons. An open- 
ing here for a blacksmith. Tobacco, grain, 
and produce form the shipments. Stage to 
Berlin tri-weekly; fare, 50c. Daily mail. 
L. Bollinger, postmaster. 
Ball Ed, farmer. 
Tin] linger C U, farmer. 
Bollinger I,., Farmer. 
Bollinger W, farmer. 

f*VT?f* Af*.f\ ^T^Tf 1 ^TTHTJT^O New Illustrated Catalogue just out. Free to Artlv- 
WJ^«kV«CaBVilW fewi<UV''»W V* VAwii'ibW- tects and Cornice firms. Sent by Express. 

J, VV. ATKINSON, 313-321 South Clinton Street, CHICAGO, ILL. 






In v 

- < 

ace < 

s ■ 


i ■■ s 


; : 

1 " di 
J. 0. • 


Barrett R >' hotel pr » r. 
Bradford .a ,}, ! < i;oi c ■ dealer. 
Flower* Henry, brick-mason. 
Howe John, oxpn ss agent. 
lie ha n John, eoni ru< Lor. 
Lytic Chris, farmer. 
"Lytic I', physician. 
O'Conox i 'a.niel, contra :tor. 
Peck R< bert, teamster. 
Pepper A L, justice of [ -see. 
Prior- James '■-, co< per. 
Helton I < . Ii &f~tohaee • dealers. 
Telton VV, ustie 

Tregarden John ft. s*j ne-masott, 
Tregarden T F, farmed 
Wilson AN ii, farmer. 


rioii eoitnty, 10 mik = 

non, the county-seat, tc 

should be shipped. Th- 

papulation ut 165, and 

Stage to Lebanon > 

round trip. TrUweekly mail 

her, postmaster. 

Austin J .-. ■■■■:, blacksmith. 

Bell Jamea *», general store. 

Huddleston A J. constable. 

Ilughs Thorn in IT, judge. 

Knott -, railroa I 1 express agent. 

Pool II. •■ : iral store. 

Smith ii A Principal Home College. 

SurlM'r <).. Harness-njakt r. 

Terhune, , t!.ou'"-".. ; 11. 

Teugiu, Isaac, blacksmith. - 

Thomas, (J, hoteL 

Tool, H, general store. 

Ve-H'b, A. J, boot and siioemaker; 

Veacfe, E 0, wagon-ip>! er. 

Vc&ch A; MJciJubbina, b! • ksmitbs. 

olnee in K ■ : '< eoun; ailes . :-<>m 

Louisville. Daily mail. \V. l.L ■ 

postma !'■■•. 

Braiim J L P, physician. 

Bralionl VV. If., Lawyer 

BRANCH". Harrison county, an in- 
important post-office. 

IUIVNI)!!\ni;RG. Meade courj- 

ty, ( For •■}' .crip i •/ ■ i and 1 i 

fii ; m;L -i -. ?< list of to ... ■' ?.d too 
for r^ti.u ins( rtion.) 

UUKVIIM N<JS. Adair county, is a 
village containing a Methodist church and 
population of about 
60. Columbia, the o.oufiky«-seat, in 12/, miles 
ni -tJ] ] Mist be made to Horse 

Cave, on the ... & tf.,K. Ii Mail tri-week- 
ly. E. J. Patter? i iter. 

Breeding Rev 6 ii (Methodist). 

I M athodtst), 
' • ■ ling J ..-. G . • . 

Breeding Bev fc> K (Methodist). 
Gartwright 11 L, physician. 
i >ug a loin mason. 
E Hi d W B, agent. 
! am V\ It, p.b ysician, 

f-obn n, boots and shoes, 
Mosley VV, wagon-maker. 

' J, 9 GeneraJ Store. 
T'j ■■ j 1.1 u Lice. 

fjU •! ,''■ . SUT i ■ yOT. 

Howe P ii, blacksmith. 
*>oott B D, i lacksmith. 

;on •] ('!, physician. 
Tray Ian (1 A, physician. 
Traylan J A, justice. 

1 VU P< 1>! UN". Pi rst established i n 1855. 
Is an incorporated town, in Muhlenburg 
county, L4 Dtiles north of (ircenville, the 
■; it; population 100. It contains a 
church, distri t school, and a njour-mill, 
and exports wheat and tobacco. Land, in 
jacent country, brings ?30 to $15 per 
acre. South Carroilton is the shipping 
point, on the L. & N r . H. H, Mail tri- 
weekly. A. J, Bennett, postmaster. 
Be tl ltd it A... General Store. 
1 ' '■ fi, blacksmiths. 
( iaihoun ■] o, , tobacco. 
Cosby J ; . ■. u^n-maker. 
Goodloe A D, artist. 
1 1 radd . \ . co< ]< : \r. 

■ . sons, grain and live stock. 
1 ■ • .. .:- I ■ I ; ". '^'''i-fnaker. 
liicb Wm, shoen uker, 
feUugoisky Newman »?o Co, general store. 
Shaver A A, hotel and livery. 
I Shaver & Hil.lyard, general sttife, 
■ Stobaugh -J ii, h-u ksmitb. 
\ Sti-maiers T U, tobacco. 

. ' ; ,fani< s, fiouc-mjll. 
j W.oodhurn <fc (Jossett, druggists. 

BIiI«]WKlt*S MliJ.S. Known as 
'. re ■■.:':■- i iv, in the south-eastern part of 


Ilav* y«*ttle«i u\»i-«* thai* 1,400 
Kiosseg, tiutf have had bat 33 lie* 
listed CEHiruK. Ayenfs Everywhere, 





.Marshall county. 8 miles south of Benton, 
the county-seat, 11 north-east of May field', 
its nearest shipping point, on the M. P. & 
N. R. Ft., and 28 south-east of Padueab. 
Semi- weekly mail. .Torn M. Green, post- 

Bean Wm 5 saw and grist-mil], 
<ir<»en *K~ Son, General Store. 
Kinney Y VV, constable. 
Kinney & Adli< b. bl icksmiths. 
MeOrory J H. physician. 
Prichard Az Sheffield:, blacksmiths. 
Bay J C &> Son, cabinet-makers. 
Bay <te Winters, *aw and grist-mill. 
Rudd John, teacher. 
3V rather .) L, teacher. 


BRIDGrEFORT. A small village, 
on south Benson creek, Franklin county, 
5 miles southwest of Frankfort, the coun- 
ty-seat, and nearest shipping point, on L., 
0. & L. E. it., and 4o miles south-east of 
Louisville. Two churches and a public 
school are here, and tobacco, corn and hay 
are shipped. Population 100. Stage to 
Shelbvvillc and Frankfort dailv, 
$1.25 and 50c, Mail daily. Z. T. 
rent, 'postmaster. 
Buckley 8 M, dentist. 
Chinn G W, physician. 
Jackson J W, hotel. 
Jenkins Stephen, carpenter. 
1'arrent Z. Taylor, General Store. 
Ilu sse i 1 .) a m e s , s a 1 i d 1 e r. 
Russell Wm, general store. 
Schofield F it, blacksmith. 
Shinn J H, justice, and general store, 

EMKIENSBURG. In the northern 
part of Marshall county, 5 miles north of 
Benton, the county-seat, and 10 south of 
Calvert City, its nearest shipping point, 
on the 1*. & E. 11 B. Daily mail and stage 
to Benton and Padueah, fare to. latter 
point 75 cents. Population 100. J. M. 
BSooney, postmaster. 
Chiles W T. physician. 
Graham Samuel, physician. 
BLanelton W B, blacksmith. 
Hunter W D, general store. 
Locker J P, hotel. 
ScBride E, blacksmith. 
l>Io<)Iiey J. 31., Physician. 
Smith Samuel, saddler. 


of about 'J00 inhabitants, and a station on 
L. & N. R. 11., in Warren county, 100 
miles from Louisville. Bowling Green, 5 
miles west, is the county-seat, and near- 
est bank. Water-power is derived from 
Big Barren creek. A Methodist church, 
and district school are here. Land aver- 
ages $20 per acre, and corn, wheat, and to- 
bacco arc exported. Express Adams. 
Mail daily. James. A. Robe as, postmaster, 
Francis Walter, physician. 
Hendrick 11 W & I, leaf-tobacco dealer*. 
Hendrick S E, express and R R agent. 
KobertsE. T. & Co., General Store. 
Roup T T, flour-mili. 
Stone R D, general store. 
Whitlow W II, blacksmith. 

!5UOAJ>ll.EAI>. Located on the 
Knoxville div. L. *fe N. 11. R., in Rockcas- 
tle county, 6 miles west of Mt. Vernon, the 
seat of justice, and 122 miles south-east of 
Louisville. Two churches., a public school, 
and 2 saw-mills are here, and the exports 
are principally lumber. Land averages, in 
price, $4 to $10 per acre. Population 150. 
A good opening here fur a Hour and grist- 
mill. Express Adams. Mail daily. T. S. 
Firth, postmaster. 

Albright J H, R R and express agent. 
Albright J H & Co, general store. 
Albright & Martin, tobacco dealers. 
Burdet J, physician. 

Butner A F, blacksmith and wagon-maker. 
Butner 31 rs Lizzie, milliner. 
Carter J G, lawver. 
Firth R H & J G, saw-mill. 
Firth Thomas S., Genera! Store and 

Hank it Bvo, general store. 
Hiatt Champ, wagon-maker. 
Hilton J H & Co, general store. 
Howard H G. blacksmith and gunsmith. 
Hud wall I S, wagon-rnaker and carpenter. 
Melviu John, lumber dealer and saw-mill. 
Minks J K, carpenter. 
Thorp .) W. carpenter and painter. 
Watts & Hi-mphill. carriage materials, etc. 
Winstead David, blacksmith. 

BROADWELL. This is a country 

post-otlice in Harrison county at which mail 
is received tri-weekly, Mary A. Laih 

i fflCMi tr mumit 


***J CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Ky. 





BROOKLYN, A settlement of 25 
people in Butler county, 100 miles from 
Louisville. Weekly mail. Woo. D.Jones, 

Hammil & Willis, drugs and groceries. 
Phelps J N, general store and leaf tobacco. 
Rose Mary, saw and grist-mill. 
Willis S. N., Physician. 

BKOOKVILLE. Is a town of 
about -400 inhabitants, in Bracken county, 
of which it is the county-seat. Augusta, 
on the Ohio river. 9 miles north, is the 
m03t available shipping point, and Mays- 
vilie, 1.7 miles east, is the nearest railroad 
approach. Banking is transacted in Au- 
gusta. The shipments comprise tobacco, 
-hogs, and wheat, and land in the immedi- 
ate, vicinity meets with a ready sale at $25 
to $50 per acre. The town has stage com- 
munication with Augusta and German- 
town daily, and to C'laysville tri-weekly, 
fares $1.00. Mail daily. Gtorge S. Staton, 

Adimson George S, sheriff. 
Blackerby Wra O, lawyer. 
Bradford S W, general store. 
Brannock Win H, physician. 
Corlis J W K, physician and tobacco dealer. 
Corlis & Bro, tobacco dealers. 
Clark & Fields, lawyers. 

Clayton P II, dry goods. 

Coons J H, tobacco dealer. 

Demoss & Stat on, Flour-mill. 

Ellis Wm T, carpenter. 

Finn Martin, hotel and livery. 

Flannery M T. saloon. 

Florer Mrs C E, milliner. 

Fox T J, drug3 and saloon. 

Frank Willard B, grocer. 

Lee John A, dry goods, 

Lee & Owens, grocery, 

Linn John A, physician, 

Mellov Patrick, physician. 

Hackett Thos, hotel. 

Hamilton & Bro, tobacco dealers. 

Hancock & Me tea if, livery stable. 

Harvey B J. saloon. 

Keffernan James, livery stable. 

Holmes A J, druggist. 

Poage George B, county and circuit clerk. 

Powell Mrs E, milliner. 

Powell Fielding, cooper. 

Powers Chris C, county judge and lawyer. 

Powers Wm H, confectioner. 

Smarr H E, confectionery. 

Smith Robert K, lawyer. 

Staton C ST, tobacco dealer. 

Staton James, sr, blacksmith. 

Staton James W, master commissioner. 

Staton «& Bro., Grocery. 

Sto-11 Henry, shoemaker. 

Tevis Milton, physician. 

Thompson Andrew M, stoves and tinware. 

Wallin David J, physician. 

Weaver Henry C, lawyer. 

Willis *fc Son lawyers. 

Wolf Jacob, clothing store. 

Zriitz Gabriel, barber. 

BROWNS BOKO. Is an incorpo- 
rated town, with a population, of 300, in 
precraet of same name, Oldham county, 7 
miles south of LaGrange, the county -seat, 
and 20 from Louisville. It has a saw and 
flour-mill, a Christian church, and an acad- 
emy, and ships whisky, and gram, and live 
stock. Land in the adjacent country can 
be purchased at .$20 to $80. Express 
Adams. Mail tri-weekly. L. M. LaRue, 

Basler J M, walnut lumber. 
Basler Theodore, shoemaker. 
Bryan S P. phvsician. 

Callendar Moses, wagon-maker and under- 
Campbell James, R R and express agent. 
CloreJohn L, saw-mill and lumber manfr. 
Clore Z & Son, distillers. 
Connor A J, sewing-machine agt. 
.Dorsey Henry, blacksmith. 

Estes James, plasterer. 

Ferguson W P & Son, teamsters. 

Hardin W R, live stock. 

Heitzman John, wagon maker. 

Kernp Russell, blacksmith. 

Kemp W J & H R, blacksmiths. 

Pinnell L, painter. 

Prentice John, saddler. 

Ross J W, carpenter. 

Sadler Wm, machinist. 

Sherley Robert, distiller. 

Speer M K, justice of peace. 

Tager T C & Son, distillers. 

Taliferro Rev T F. ( Methodist). 

Wilhite J W. distillery and saw-mill. 

Wilhite L P, live stock. 


•mail settlement of about '60 people, in 


V ithoqt n fereuce to Hi' Companies we manage, 
BABBLE &. CAStltMAN, Louisville, Ky. 

Agents cv*rywl 4 <Te bouti*. 





Clinton county, 8 miles west of Albany, 
the county-seat. Albany Landing on the 
Cumberland river is the shipping point. 
Mail tri- weekly. J. S. MeFarlane, post- 
Howard G K, general store, and flour-mill 

(H miles off). 
MeFarliu ,}'. S., BJaeksmith and Wag- 

BROWXSYrLLE. The seat of jus- 
tice for Edmonson county, situated 1 iO miles 
south-west of Louisville. It is an incor- 
porated town, with a population of 103. 
Kooky Hill, its nearest railroad approach, 
and the shipping point, on Memphis div, 
L. & N. R. R, is 12 miles south. Hogs, 
sheep, and cattle me exported, and a com- 
mon school is sustained. Green river is 
navigable at this point, and shipments could 
be made direct, although the railroad is 
preferable. Land averages $1 to $5 for un- 
improved, and $5 to $10 for improved. 
Mail daily, G. W. Long, postmaster. 
Dicus Wm, hotel proprietor. 
Edwards «& Hazelip, lawyers. 
Hazelip L M, judge of county court. 
Hazelip P S, caipenter. 
Holmes A G, physician. 
L»OHg G. W., 'Merchant. 
Sturgeon & Lav, law vers. 
Walker M W, druggist. 
Whitlow Rev P M (Baptist), 
Wise J C, sheriff. 
Woosley L J, circuit clerk. 
York Meredith, hotel proprietor. 
Yunks S & Bro, hotel proprietors. 

BRUCE. A small settlement and 

post-office in Barren county, 8 miles south- 
west of Glasgow, the county-seat and ship- 
ping point. A church, a saw and two grist- 
mills are here, and tobacco, lumber, and live 
stock are marketed. Stage to Glasgow and 
Scottsville daily; fare 50 cents and $1. Mail 
tri- weekly. W. J. Crow, postmaster. 

BRUIX. A village on Little Sandy riv- 
er, a water-power stream, in Elliott county, 
12 miles north-east of Martinsburg (Sandy 
Hook), the county-seat, and 14 miles south- 
west of Grayson, the mo-t convenient ship- 
ping station, on the E. K. R. R. Wheat, to- 
bacco, and produce are shipped. Land in 
this section of the State can be purchased at 

from $5 to $10 per acre. Two churches and 
a district school are sustained by a popula- 
tion of 250. Mail daily. W/W. Green, 

Green Wellington, Flour-mill, Black- 
smith, Farmer and Distiller. 
Horton Travis, hotel. 
Smith A. saw and grist-mill. 
Smith W L. cabinet-maker. 
White R P, physician. ■ 

BRUMFIEI.D. A station on the 
Knoxville Branch of the L. & N. R. R., 
and a village in Boyle county, V2h miles 
west of Danville, the seat of justice, which 
is also the nearest bank location. Hogs, 
mules, horses and grain are s 'nipped. Im- 
proved land can be obtained at $25 to $50, 
and unimproved from $1 to $5 per acre, 
Express Adams. Mail daily. O. Brum- 
tield. postmaster. 

Brum field James, farmer and apiarist. 
Gray W II, lnmber and tan-bark. 
Pipes G W, carpenter. 
Stewart G A, railroad and express agent. 

BRUSHY, only a country post-office, 

in the county of Taylor, 18 miles west of 
Campbellsville, the county-seat, which is 
also the nearest railroad point, on the L. »& 
N. R. E s Mail by special supply. R. M. 
Johnson, postmaster. 
Bloyd John, 'flour-mill, 2 miles west. 
Bloyd W F, general store. 
Despain J II «fe Co, general store. 
Despain J P, Hour and saw-mill, 1 mile w. 
Etherton Wm F, gunsmith. 
Etherton J P, gunsmith. 
Loyall Rev J T, school teacher. 
Maxey J W, railroad and express agent. 
Morrison .1 M, general store. 
Poteet <& Bloyd, general store. 
Stoudemaver A T. mechanic. 
Warren Gabriel, general store and riour- 
miil, 2 miles west. 


tv. (See Mouth of Laurel.) 

L,<w-:S coun- 

BRYAXT'S STORE, a postoffice 
known as Little Poplar Creek, in the south- 
ern part of Knox county, ti miles south of 
Barhoucsviiie, 40 sonth-ea^t of Livingston, 
the rn-arest station on the Knoxville branch 
of the L. & N R. R>, and 160 south-east 

f>jT § I r«jftr*Of*r i, For Clmrch< ^ S«H>l«ti**» I*»Agt>a, Mining and a 
M*fi! FKrWr\ poratians, Medals; Hotel, Pool an < I Baggage € 

Vbrifa a HIU*«*Ofc m ^Jg t. HUGHE, Sagrare a^d Dio Siake?, 163 Eandolpa St., CHIC. 

all Cor- 

ago, m. 





of Louisville. It has S churches, a com- 
mon school, semi-weekly mail, and 60 in- 
habitants. ML Bryant, postmaster. 
Bryant G M, general store. 
Bryant Minor, General Store. 
(ktebing W H, blacksmith. 
Davis K S, flour-mill. 
Evans — . flour-mill. 
Fuller F C, farmer. 
Gatlifi* J S, farmer. 
Hamlins W, flour-mill. 
Jones J M, physician. 
Lay J no, general store. 
Lew-alien George, general store. 
Logan C, general store. 
Logan Minor B, blacksmith. 
McCoy S G, constable. 

McNeals , Sour- mill. 

McVey Miss Jennie, teacher. 
Perky Win, carpenter. 
Fowel W H, justice of peace. 
Row George P, general store, 
Strokes W B, insurance agt. 
Warfield J 11, teacher. 

BRYANTS VILL.E. A village with 
about 150 inhabitants, in the- central portion 
of Garrard county, 9 mites north of Lan- 
caster, the county-seat, Danville, 8| miles 
west is the most convenient shipping point 
on C. S. lly. Hemp and wheat are export- 
ed. Land of a good quality is worth from 
$20 to $60 per acre. One church and a good 
public school arc here. Stage communi- 
cation with Lancaster and Nieholasville 
daily, fare 50c and 75c. Mail daily. "Wil- 
liam I>. Nash, postmaster. 
Armstrong T 0, physician. 
Batson K II, general store. 
Berkele Wm, distiller and justice oi peace. 
Floyd Thomas, woolen-naills. 
Ford E S, general store. 
Harmon Miss M, teacher. 
Hazelton J S; harness-maker. 
Hills Jas H, blacksmith. 
Hills John, cabinet-maker. 
King Jas, wagon-maker. 
King W J, general store. 
Mayiieid F M, w>t££on-maker. 
Poor John W, distillery (2X miles oil). 
Smith 1.) F, hotel. 
Webb VV C, physician, 

Chattroi Railway, in Lawrence county, 11 

miles north of Louisa, the county-seat^ and 

300 east of Lou : .3ville. Big Sandy river 

furnishes power, which propels a flour and 

corn-mil! ; 2 churches and a common school 

are here. The exports consist of grain, 

and farm produce. Population 250.- Mail 

daily, J. F. Hatien, postmaster. 

Ban field H P, physician. 

Dent D, blacksmith. 

Hatten J. F„ Hotel and General Store. 

Hubbard Wesley, carpenter. 

Kenner G, live stock and lumber. 

Kenner Oliver, blacksmith. 

Stemke Rev A P, (Methodist), 

Stone Eli, wagon-maker. 

Stump John, contractor. 

Ward Lawrence, carpenter. 

Warren Charles, general store. 

Wellman J B, blacksmith. 

Wright Joseph H. flour-mill. 

BUCHANAN. Or Kwkville. as it 
is sometimes called, is a station on the new 

BUCK (REKK. Five miles from 
Booneville, the county-seat of Owsley 
county, is only a country post-office; 40 
miles north-east of Livingston, the nearest 
railroad approach on L. <& N. B. R. Mail 
semi-weekly. W. B. Brandenburg, post- 

Alumbough A J, jeweler. 
Dottier E '& Son, flour-mill. 
Bowman Henry, shoemaker. 
Brandenburg* W. B., General Store. 
B rem lie G D, railroad agent. 
Class W H, physician. 
Flanery W P, justice. 
Isaacs Isaac, constable. 
Richardson W H, biacksmilh. 
Boss Levi, distiller. 
Tread way W W, jr, justice. 

BUCKEYE. A post-office in the 

northern part of Garrard county, is 9 
miles north of Lancaster, the county-seat, 
and it-, nearest .-hipping point, on the Rich- 
mond branch of the L. & N. R. R,,and 100 
south-east of Louisville. It lias a Baptist 
church and a common school. Tri-weckly 
mail. John W Brown, postmaster. 
Barker Charles, saddler. 
Blakeman Wm G *& Bro, millers. 
Brown Jtilill W., General Store. 
Noel R A, Justice. 
Noke. RevK R (Baptist). 
Ray Wm, physician. 

Mm k wiiukMsi, 

Controlling ov»t $40,000,000 of Fire 
Capital, and operating in 10 South- 

»Tli M,'<<-, n ■ I h Chief offiOC [D 

r .• ■ ill©, K.\- .' - • I . rj ■ hi ■■< 










Ohio county. (See ? 


county, recently established as a s post- 

tion on the L., C. oc L. Ry,, and a small 
village in Oldham county, 5 miles south- 
west of Lagrange, the eounty-seat, and 23 
north of Louisville. A steam saw-mill. 2 
churches, and a seminary are sustained by 
a population of about 200. E xpfess Adams. 
Mail daily. W. A. Campbeli, postmaster. 
Callahan Benjamin, distiller. 
CanipbHl W. A., General Store and 

Express Agent 
Carrol Charles, Lawyer. 
Cassaday K B, physician. 
Hitt James, blacksmith. 
Johnson M F, saloon, livery, and hotel, 
Kftev«*S »l. E., Principal Seminary. 
Russell John, grain and live stock. 
Shake John M, wagon-maker and grape- 
"White James W, distiller. 


(See Royalton). 

Russell countv ! 

BUEXA VISTA. In Bryantsville 
precinct, Garrard count} 14- miles north 
of Lancaster, the county-seat and bank lo- 
cation. Nearest shipping point is Bergen, 
6£ miles west. Population about 100. 
Three churches and a good academy are 
here. Land will average S2Q to ISO per acre. 
Stage communication tri-weekly with Ber- 
gen and Bryantsville; fare, 75c. and 50c. 
Mail tri-weekly. Ben H. Perkins, post- 

Brown E »fe P, distillers. 
Christopher W C, grain dealer. 
Hudson T E, live stock. 
Jackman H, physieiati. 
King D G & R E, flour, saw-mil i, and dis- 
Peas Thomas, constable. 
PerfeinB, II., Blacksmith and Wagon- 
Ruble J F, blacksmith.. 
Bcotts D T, grain and stock dealer. 
Smith G M, blacksmith. 
Spilman C I, live stock. 

IUFFAEO. Established in 1866, ia 

a village in La Rue county, miles south- 
east of Hoglgen&viUe, the county-seat. A 
flour-mill is driven by power obtained from 
Nolin river. The nearest shipping point 
is New Haven, 1$ miles north, on. the L. & 
N. R. 11. Bank at KMzabethtown. Whisky 
and farm produce are shipped. Land can 
be purchased at &10 to $'20 per acre. Mail 
tri-weekly. K. 1). Williams, postmaster. 
Browniield I) T, general store. 
Browniield W W, distiller. 
Brownfield & Bro, flouring-mill. 
Cheatham Wm, shoemaker. 
Oreal W L, general store. 
Oreal & Sutton, grocers. 
EIHott S G. blacksmith. 
Johnson S L, lumber and wool-carder. 
Lively & Ramsey, druggists. 
Maxey S W, express agent. 
Moss R II, plivsioian. 
Ramsey Rev YV L (Baptist). 
Ramsey & Wilson, carpenters. 

lUFOBD. Also called Bell's Store, 
has 50 inhabitants, in Ohio county, 9 miles 
north-west of Hartford, the county-seat, 
and 20 south of Owensboro, the shipping 
point on L. & N. R. R. and Ohio river. 
Tobacco is shipped. One church is here, 
and the village has stage communication, 
tri-weekly, -with Owensboro and Hartford; 
fare. $2.5%. 'Tri-weekly mail. David Rog- 
ers, postmaster. 
Bell Pierce, hotel and saloon. 
Coleman Rev J S (Baptist). 
Holbrook .1 D, justice of peace. 
Hoover F M, flour-mill. 
Lindley II S, physician. 
Magan J E, general store. 
Newton Isaac, physician. 
Rogers A: Kiny, General Store, Hotel 

and Liverv. 

BITEErFTSYIEEE. A small vil- 
lage in Boone county, with about 50 in- 
habitants. Burlington, the county-seat, is 
4 miles south. Ship to Constance, 6 miles 
north, on the Ohio river. Woolper creek 
furnishes power here, at present not util- 
ized. Produce is marketed, and land 
brings $40 to $s0 per acre. Sta^e to Cov- 
ington tri-weekly. Tri-weekly mail. Chas. 
S. Baldy, postmaster. 


Central ii.nd Southern Dep't, 
j LOUIS VIjCLE, - - - - - • KY. 





Clore Michael, drugs. 

Crisler R If, physician. 

Houston 8. blacksmith. 

Jackson Wm. saw and flour-mill. 

Rice W J, carpenter and builder. 

Riley X' Baldy, General Store and 

Terrell J C, physician. 

BUR AS. A country post-office, lo- 
cated on Rough creek, a water-power 
stream, in Breckinridge county. Ship to 
Leitchlield, P. & E. R. R., 18 miles south. 
Tobacco and produce are raised and mar- 
keted. Population 35. Semi-weekly mail. 
Mitehel Myer, postmaster. 

Hampton James W, blacksmith. 
3Iyer Mitehel, General Store. 

BURKSVIIJLE. The location of 
the seat of justice for Cumberland county ; 
is an incorporated town of 800 inhabitants. 

It is situated on the east bank of the Cum- 
berland river, 40 miles from Glasgow, its 
nearest railroad approach, and 120 from 
Louisville. Shipments are most conven- 
iently made direct, via water. A saw- 
mill, a flour-mill, four churches, two col- 
leges, a good hotel, and a weekly newspa- 
per are sustained. The exports consist of 
wheat, corn, and tobacco. Banking busi- 
ness of the place is transacted at Louisville. 
Stage communication with Glasgow tri- 
weekly; fare *i. Mail daily. E. Em- 
mons, postmaster. 

Alexander Edward, blacksmith. 

Alexander R M, physician. 

Alexander W P, physician. 

Alexander & Bro, druggists. 

Baker J A, carpenter. 

Baker R T, lawyer. 

Baker & Williams, general store. 

Biggers J U, principal normal school. 

Bion Jolly, U S ganger and store-keeper. 

Burks ville Bulletin, W. B. Carnet, 

Burksville Normal School, J U Biggers, 

Carries W. B., Proprietor Burksville 

Carter & Gris=om, saw and flour-mill. 
Cheatham N B, county clerk. 
Cheek John, carpenter. 
Craddock J G, lawyer. 
Davison Rev L B (Methodist). 

Dixon J A, physician. 

Eckles Mrs Sallie, boarding-house. 

Emmons Ellas, Druggist. 

Estou R T, grocer. 

Ferquin John, livery. v 

Ferquin M, painter. 

Frank John P, general store. 

Frank Josiah P, harness>«maker. 

Haggard B R, lawyer. 
| Haggard C K, physician. 
! Haggard D R, physician. 
| Hickson S P, blacksmith. 
{ Holloway James, blacksmith. 

Hunter VV Godfrey, physician. 

Mann Joe, shoemaker. 

Martin E G, barber. 

Meyers James VV, jeweler. 

Miles. J, mason. 

McGee G B & Bro, general store. 

McMillan Rev J P (Presbyterian). 

Paul Edward. Burksville Hotel. 

Ray J A, deputy collector internal rev. 

Rav N, training and sale stable. 

Riall B T, constable. 

Ritchie James ir, livery stable. 

Ritchie & Cheek, grocers. 

Sandige P E, physician. 

Sandige & Allen, lawyers. 

Sinclair G W, mason. 

Skipw T orth G VV, wagon-maker. 

Spencer R F, lawyer. 

Strange L, U S ganger. 

Walker Scott, lawyer. 
| Williams Henry, carpenter. 

Yates J C, agent Singer Manufaetur'g Co. 

BURLIXGTOX. In the northern 
part of Boone county, is a town of some 
350 inhabitants, and is the seat of justice. 
Silver Lake Station, 6$ miles east, on the 
C. S. R'y, is the shipping point by rail. 
The nearest bank location is at Covington, 
16 miles north-east. Stage communica- 
tion daily with Silver Lake, fare 80 cents. 

i Mail daily. Dudley Rouse, postmaster. 

| Biythe J F, hotel propr, 

i Boone Co Recorder, L Riddel 1, editor. 

j Bradford & Walton, general store. 

! Calvert .1 W, lawyer. 

| Cowen & Westboy, butchers. 

j Davis J A. general store. 
Foster H J. lawyer. 

j Fowler Ed. constable. 

| German & Kendall, justices of the peace. 

j Green R C, lawyer. 

Hardware Specialties. 

0ST*Send for Illustrated Catalogue and Prico List. 
FRED. SCHMIEDING, 835 Broadwaj and 830 Nor::: 
Fourth Street, .... ST. LOtTIS. MO. 





Hall Frank, printer. 
Hughes G G, lawyer. 
Kirkpatrick Jesse, wagon-maker. 
MeKine W F, general store. 
Owen Samuel, general store. 
Palmer J M, blacksmith. 
Riddell F, lawyer. 

Riddell W Led Boone Co Recorder. 
House Dudley, Dry Goods. 
Sax ton C \V, blacksmith. 
Tolin S W, lawyer. 
Waiston A G, lawyer. 

BURN SIDE. A station on the C. 8. 
Ry., 10 miles from Somerset, the county- 
seat.' This station is a distributive point 
for the adjacent counties east. Mail daily. 

BURTOXVILTJE. Lewis county. 
This village containing about 100 inhabi- 
tants, is situated about 21- miles west of 
Vanceburg, the county-seat. Maysville. 16 
miles north- west is its most convenient ship- 
ping point, both on the Ohio River, and K. 
C. Ry. Staves and lumber are shipped. 
Stage to Maysville three times a week, fare 
$1.25. Mail semi- weekly. W. H. Thomas, 

Bollitto J, carpenter and undertaker. 

Burris W R. hotel.. 

Cumbers James, tobacco dealer. 

Dodd S J, general store. 

Dugan Charles, barber. 

Henderson J W, saw- mill. 

Irvine John F, physician. 

Luman E P, wagon -maker. 

human H R & Co, flour and saw-mill. 

Luman Joel. Hour-mill. 

McLaney John, blacksmith and wagon, 

Parsen C E, book-agent. 

Parsen S J, lumber merchant. 

Plummer A, justice. 

Praitt John, shoemaker. 

Price J A, cooper. 

Roburn E G, justice. 

Selsor J P, lawyer. 

Sriitzs Andrew, carpenter. 

Thomas J F & Co, tlour-rnill, 

Thomas W. H., general store. 

Trigs C Selsor, blacksmith and wagon- 

Williams O W, general store. 

Williams Rev (Methodist). 

BUSH'S STORE. Small settlement 
in Laurel county, 9 miles south-east of 
London, the county-seat. The most ac- 
cessible shipping point is v Livnigston, 25 
miles north-west. Live stock is shipped, 
and good grazing land is for sale at $5 to 
$30 per acre. Mail semi- weekly. Eliza- 
beth Phelps, postmaster. 
Caudel Rev Harrison (Baptist). 
Chesnut Pleas L, general store. 
Gregory E S, general store. 
Hammock Rev Newton (Baptist). 
Hodges Rowland, general store. 
Johnson T J, general store. 
Jones John B, blacksmith. 
McFadden Chap, flour-mili. 
Messamore P B, constable. 
Williams David, live stock. 
Phelps Melville, distiller. 
Phelps W A. wagon-maker. 
Russell T J. justice. 
Scales N M, physician. 
Smith Rev A R (Baptist). 
Weaver Joseph, flour-mill. 
Weaver & Co, flour-mill. 
Williams David <fc Son, tobacco manufrs. 
Williams E E, flour-mill. 
Williams John E, justice. 

BUTLER. In the northern part of 
Pendleton county, is a station on the lino 
of the K. C. R. R., 11 miles north of Fal- 
mouth, the county-seat, and 111 north-east 
of Louisville. A steam saw and floaring- 
mill, four churches and district school, are 
sustained by a population of 500. Tobacco 
is exported. Express, Adams. Mail daily. 
R. T. Watson, postmaster. 
Armstrong L II. general store. 
Barton W L, blacksmith. 
Bascom H K, blacksmith. 
Becket S N, blacksmith. 
Bonar J C, physician. 
Bradford W A, physician. 
Fisher G C, livery stable. 
Forward & Sine, carpenters. 
Huddlcston E, blacksmith. 
Jones J, tinner. 
Madison J, shoemaker. 
Patton N S, flouring mill. 
People & Hobbs, general store. 
Shaw R F, general store. 
Taylor A D. wagon-maker. 
Twilight Star Co, general store. 
Watson R. T., Druggist. 

mi m ii 

Wo desire All \r< l»itrrisi :%if) fornirc firms to 
communicate with u* about Zinc Ornumniiv, 
jiiJt'i /t<&/>-*« J. W. ATKINSON, 313-321 Sc. Clinton St., Chicago, !li. 





BUTLEItS V I I/I.E. In the. center 
of Allen county, is a small village, con- 
taining about 40 inhabitants. Trammell 
creek furnishes power to a fiouring-miil. 
Farm produce is marketed, and two 
churches ana a school are sustained. Ship 
to Bowling Green, l' ! miles north-west, ou 
L. & N. R. R. Ma;i semi- weekly. J. II. 
Holland, postmaster. 
Davis J V, general store. 
Dixon B P, mail-carrier. 
Dixon John, justice, 
Hal land J 11, teacher. 
Justice J W. constable, 
Lambert & Holland, wagon-makers. 
Pike Charles, miller. 
Samuels George \Y, flour-mill. 
"Wilson A T, carpenter. 

CABIN CREEK. Lewis county. 
The post-oihce for a village known as 
Glenville. Is a pleasantly-situated little 
village, 18 mile* west of Vacceburg. the 
county-seat, and is on the line of the pro- 
jected S. E. R. It. Ship to Maysville, either 
via Ohio river, or K. C. Ry. Produce is 
marketed. .Mail tri-weekly. John W. 
Tally, postmaster. 
Dun her J M & J P, blacksmiths. 
King John H, blacksmith. 
King & SScNutt, flour and saw-mill. 
MeCanahan John, gefteral store. 
McNutt John, blacksmith. 
Tillly John \V., General Store. 

CADIZ. This incorporated town was 
first settled in 1815, and was made the seat 
of Trigg county in 1822. It is located 
about the center of the county. 20 miles 
south of Princeton, its most convenient 
shipping point on P. *fc E. R. R.; 185 miles 
south-west of Louisville, and 20 from the 
Tennessee river. Five churches and 3 
schools are sustained, by a population of 
about 1,000. Iron ore is found in consider- 
able quantities in the vicinity, and three 
blast furnaces are located within a radius 
of a few miles, giving employment to about 
300 men. A large amount of iron and iron 
ore is shipped. The town has no bonded 
indebtedness. A weekly newspaper, a tine 
new hotel, recently erected at a cost of 
$15,000, and L' flour-mills are here. Daily 
mail stage to Hopkinsville. Mail daily. 
J. J. Garton, postmaster. 

Armstrong James, tinner. 

Averitt J Kudd, lawyer. 

Bacon Thomas L, physician, 

Barnes Lemuel Proprietor Cadiz 

Boyd Thomas, sheriff. 

Burnett James marshal. 

Burnett Robert A., Lawyer and 
Master Commissioner. 

Cadiz High School, John C Dabney, prin- 

Cadiz House Lemuel Barnes, Propri- 

Cassett JT, dentist. 

Chappell John W, general store. 

Conway Henry B, groceries, 

Crenshaw J VV, physician. 

Dabney Edwin P, law student and exam- 

Dabney & Crenshaw, (Thomas C. 
Dabney, Robert Crenshaw), Lawyers, 
and Examiners of Land Titles and Sale3 
of Land. 

Deweese Rev B C (Christian). 

Dyer Alfred B, county judge. 

Gaines Bros, wines and liquors. 

Gaines George S, groceries. 

Garnett James B, commonwealth's atty. 

Garnet t J. B,, Lawyer. 

Garton H M & Son, hardware and stoves. 

Garton John J., Dry Goods and Post- 

Gentry Jefferson, deputy sheriff. 

Gill James P, livery. 

Grace John R, circuit judge. 

Green James P, brick manufacurer. 

Greer J Thomas, assessor. 

Griffin Joseph E, photographer. 

Grinter Thomas II, broker. 

Hamilton W F, harness-maker. 

Hawkins & Dabney, iurniture. 

Hewes E, livery. 

Hiliman Jesse F, liquors and groceries. 

H ill man Wiley L, shoemaker. 

Hughes Alex C, tailor. 

Jefferson John G, county clerk. 

Jefferson Thomas, justice of peace. 

Xelley J Ed, comity attorney. 

Kelly M D, jeweler and sew maehs. 

Lindsay G Willis, grocery. 

Lindsay Lev, physpeian, 

McCain George T, groceries and hardware. 

M alone & Son, wa_ron-makers. 

Peters Rev T C, (Methodist.) 

Parsley & Stewart, carpenters, 

Reagan Robert, barber. 



Ftave Settled mure Osim 1,100 
K«oa*«Kf tui<l have liad but I ; Re- 
sisted ciatmx. Agents Everywhere. 





Rawlins Mrs Ellen, millinery. 

Sehultz George H, shoemaker. 

Shaw John 1), circuit clerk. 

Sims Fenton, lawyer. 

Smith H W, justice of peace. 

Smoote Wm T, physician. 

Street J L & Sons, dry goods, etc. 

Terry Felix G, drugs. 

Theobold John cv. Son, shoemakers. 

Thompson Moses S, general store. 

Tanks & Mills, wagon-makers. 

Walde James H, general store. 

White A F & Son; t/bacco-leaf. 

WUford Robort& Bro, flour-mill (3 rnilese). 

WHford R & Co, drugs and stationery. 

Wilford & Hughes, meat market. 

Wilgus T J. shoemaker. 

WilkillSOD Chas. T„ Publisher Trigg 

County Democrat. 
AVilkiiison James II., Lawyer. 
Williams Hiram T, gunsmith. 

CAIN'S STOKE. A country post- 
office in Pulaski county, with 60 inhabi- 
tants, 16 miles west of Somerset, the coun- 
ty-seat and shipping station on the C. S. 
Ry. Semi- weekly mail. U. C. Gossett, 
Cain M J, distiller, 
Compton H A, distiller. 
Foster E L, blacksmith. 
Cosset t C. C, Genera! Store. 
Rainwater G A, distiller. 
Roysden Jacob, blacksmith. 

CAINVIIXE. Pulaski county. (See 
Cain's Store). 

CAIRO. A post-office in the south- 
western part of Henderson county, 11 
miles south-we>t of Henderson, the coun- 

ty-seat, its nearest shipping point, on 
the St. L. & S. E. Branch of L. & N. R. R. 
Its nearest station is Robard. Tri-weekly 
mail. [No report in time for press.] 

CAI.EDOXIA. Sometimes called 
Cherry Hill, is a. small village, in Trigg 
county. 9 miles east of Cadiz, the couaty- 

sc-at. Hopkinsv ille, 13 miles east, is the 
nearest shipping point, on St. L. «% S. £.. 
branch of L. & N. R. R. Population 05, 
Mail tri-weekly, T. J. Eiammond, post- 

Dillard Ben. blacksmith. 
Hammond T. J., Genera! Store. 
Miller J A. ph\sioian. 
R < m ;oe J F, physician, 
Wall J T, grocer, 

(1ALROOX. The county-seat of Mc- 
Lean county, is situated on Green river, 
160 miles from Louisville, and 65 miles 
from Ev^nsyille, ind. It is accessible by 
river at all seasons of the year. The near- 
est railroad station is at Li via, 7 miles dis- 
tant, on the Gwenshoro div. of the L & N. 
R. R. Calhoon « as formerly called Vien- 
na, the fort or .station of that name hav- 
ing been built where the town now stands, 
in 1788. The town has a population of 
1,200. A new and handsome court-house 
and jail have been lately built. Here are 
2 flouring-milit., 1 vvoolen-mill, 3 churches, 
1 free school, 1 graded school, and 1 
newspaper, the "McLean County Pro- 
gress." Tobacco is stemmed at this place 
and shipped in large quantities direct to Eu- 
rope. Mail daily. The tow n is remarka- 
bly healthy, and beautifully located. J, D. 
Pruitt, postmaster. 
Ayer G T, stoves and tinware. 

"W. b. ustoie:. 

joe isroE. 

'ommon»v»lt!i X'J.<jTmj. 

InTOE <£e BHO., 


G-A.Xixa:oo3sr, jzrr. 

Practice in all the Courts of the Fourth Judicial District composed of the Ccuntie* of 
McLean, Daviess, Ohio and Hancock 

m mm a rauim, 


CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Ky. 





Ayer , county clerk. 

Baldwin S O, dry goods. 

Gary R G, circuit clerk. 

Clark J W, tobacconist. 

Cravens A Y, constable. 

Cunningham Jas, hotel and grocery. 

Davenport Rev W T (Methodist).' 

Eger Joseph, blacksmith. 

Epley E %t, cooper. 

Fowikes W E, physician. 

Frazier Bros, tobacconists. 

Gates G W, lawyer. 

Gates L W, lawyer. 

Gates & Goodman, editors " Progress." 

Giles J J, grocer. 

Glover R H, druggist. 

Hale C P, nursery. 

Hamilton John, barber. 

Harrh-on Thos, hotel. 

Hendriek J E, physician. 

Hobson W T, tobacconist. 

Howard B P, physician. 

Johnson A W, lawyer. 

Johnson J C, lawyer. 

Johnson J VV, county attorney. 

Jones G W, harness-maker. 

Moore A I, architect. 

Mosely Bros, dry goods. 

Muster J H, undertaker. 

Muster John, police judge. 

Moorman H P, lawyer. 

Xoe & Bro,, Lawyers. (See ode.) 

Noe Joe, Commonwealth's Attorney 4th 

Judical District. 
Pfeifter H A, boot and shoemaker. 
Porter F E, druggist. 
Pruitt J J) & Co, blacksmiths. 
Pruitt C W & Bro, grocers. 
Pruitt 8 W, wagon-maker. 
Pruitt A D, postmaster. 
Robertson I) I), physician. 
Robertson M LT, town marshal. 
Robinson J M, physician. 
Ruby W, W, livery. 
Rudy George, county judge. 
Shutt W H, miller." 
Swindler Rev B F (Baptist). 
Tichenor G W, livery. 
Turner Young & Co, dry goods. 
Wall W H, grocer. 
Wall B I. butcher. 
Walker & Gibson, hotel. 
W T altrip J P. sheriff. 
Watkins A F, physician. 
Watkins L A, lawyer. 
Weil Jac»b, dry goods and tobacconist. 

Welch J T, distiller. 
White J W, tobacconist. 
Young Elisha. barber. 
Young Thos B, boots and shoes. 

CALIFORNIA. Campbell county, 
located 10 miles south-east of Newport, the 
county-seat, and nearest railroad point, and 
17o miles from Louisville. Ship direct via 
Ohio river. Two churches, and a school 
are sustained, and wheat and tobacco are 
exported. Population loO. Mail daily. 
W. P. Young, postmaster. 
Boats J W, general store. 
Decoursey O M, general store. 
Demoss & Jolly, general store. 
Lehr F, wagon-maker. 
Sherwood George, shoemaker, 
Thomas John, physician. 
Walbern Gus, shoemaker. 
Wallace J T, physician. 

CALLAWAY. Was first settled in 
1812, and is a village of 25 inhabitants, in 
Bell county, 16 miles north of Pineville, 
the county-seat, and 72 south-east of Liv- 
ingston, the nearest railroad shipping point, 
and 200 from Louisville. Timber is abun- 
dant, and forms the only export. Mail 
daily. G. W. Green, postmaster. 
Callaway B, farmer. 
Callaway C J, boarding-house. 
Cox Robert, constable. 
Creech E, justice of peace. 
Creech I N", dry goods. 
Creech & Wildus, Hour-mill. 
Green G. W., Teacher. 
Johnson A, dry goods. 
Johnson R W, general store. 
McGreen John, justice of peace. 
Skidmore & Northrup, dry goods. 
Smith & Lewis, blacksmiths. 

CALVERT CITY. According to 
the census of 1880, this village has 142 in- 
habitants. It is a station or. the P. & E. 
R. R., in Marshall county. 12 miles north 
of Bonton, the county-seat. The nearest 
bank is at Paducah. Two churches and a 
common school, with lodges of the Masons 
and Odd Fellows, are here. Good oppor- 
tunity here for a rlouring-mill. Shipments 
consist of tobacco, chiefly. Mail daily* 
T. M. Freeman, postmaster. 
Calvert P W, hotel 

losses mm ai paid - * 

reference to the Companies we maim^e. 
ARBEE it CASflEMAN, Louisville, Kv. 
Agent* everywhere SoutU. 





Calvert W F, cabinet-maker. 
Calvert W F, carpenter. 
Den man H, sewing^raacbinesi 
Fialey Lewis* dentist. 
Freeman T. 31., General Store. 
Hale J P, carpenter. 
Hoag F S, railroad agent." 
Holland A, blacksmith. 
Johnston Andrew, dentist. 
Jones James, Sherman. 
Landor S E, druggist. 
M add ox Ira, blacksmith. 
Martin D, bridge-carpenter. 
Null A D, carpenter. 
"Null James, gardener. 
Pinner J H, physician. 
Pugh John, live stock. 
Rowland M C. wagon-maker. 
baling & Co, farm implements. 
Sciilian F M, lumber. 
Story Arnett, shoemaker. 

CAMARGO. A village with a pop- 
ulation of 150, located in the southern part 
of Montgomery county, j> miles south of 
Mt. Sterling, "the county-seat, shipping 
point on L., C. & L. By., and nearest bank 
location. Corn, wheat, rye, wool, and pro- 
duce are shipped. Express Adams. Mail 
tri- weekly. W. F. Hbrton, postmaster. 
Botts George N, wagon-maker. 
Horton J. N., <£: Bro., General Store. 
Meyers J H, hotel. 
Parker A L, railroad agent. 
Pendleton J & Son, wagon-makers. 
Rickets Dr John T, general store. 
Russell & Pendleton, undertakers. 
Spratt J B, physician. 

CAMDEX. A small settlement of 15 
persons, on the L., C. & L. R. R., in Old- 
ham county. Daily mail. 


county, is an incorporated village and 
station on the L., C. & L. Rv, 12 miles 
north of Newcastle, the county-seat, and 
location of neurest hank. A ri<»ur-mill, four 
churches, a school, and two hotels are sus- 
tained by a population of 2-30. Stock, to- 
bacco, and wheat are shipped. Express 
Adams. Telegraph Western Union. Mail 
daily. George T. Humston, postmaster. 
Campbell J H. live stock. 
Caplinger D F, general store. 

Chilton J S, live stock. 

Darnold R; hotel. 

Gilbert James, grocer. 

Goslin James, physician. r 

Hardesty Moses, blacksmith and justice. 

Humphrey Rev C M, (Methodist). 

Htimstoil George T., General Store. 

Humston Oscar M, physician. 

Jewell N X, groceries. 

Moore Charles, express agent. 

O'Brien W, general store! 

Pyles W H, harness-maker. 

Ransdell J C, blacksmith. 

Robinson R A, wagon-maker. 

Rogers J C, flour-mill. 

Thomas & Herridon, druggists. 

Tinker W A, RR agent. 

Williams W J, hotel. 

Yeager F 1, physician. 


& 0. div., L. & N. R. R. t is a village of 860 
people, located in Taylor county, of which 
it is the seat of justice. Nearest bank loca- 
tion is Lebanon, 17 miles north. A han- 
dle-factory, a saw and carding-mill, two 
churches and two schools are here, also a 
lirst-class hotel, "The Ewing House," 
which is well patronized, and proper- 
ly appreciated by commercial men, 
and possesses every convenience for the 
traveling public. The exports consist of 
tobacco and grain, and the average prica 
for unimproved land is $5, and $20 for 
farms. Stage to Columbia daily, fare $1.50, 
Express Adams. Telegraph Union. Mail 
daily. R. H. Martin, postmaster. 
Bass John W, lawyer. 
Mass Dr Samuel R, drugs. 
Blakey Isaac, carding-mill. 
Borders George, stage-line. 
Buchanan Dr James B. drugs. 
Calvet Winc'ass, jeweler. 
Cave Robert D, wagon-maker. 
Chandler Joseph, grocer. 
Chandler Joseph H, lawyer and lumber 

Chandler Samuel T, physician. 
.Chandler S T & Son, druggists. 
Chandler Wm A, groceries. 
Chandler Dr Woodruff T, druggist. 
Coffee Cyrus R, harness-maker. 
Collins Joseph T. lawyer. 
Crouch T A. jailer. 
Deering Henry G, diitiller. 



m &t> Iff?';^; House Numbers, Brass JLa«>« >s; Carriage, Show Case and Machinery 

D fr] QTlTv rintes, Pai 

ft &i*«iifc¥* ^. h >tui 

ttern tetters and Figures, t '.;--' Metal Body Rubber Type. 
BgtaVd! ir.i Ci« Siaiar, 16G Randolph Street, Chicago, UL 




Douglas* Wood, blacksmith, 

Ewing House* J. R.Ewing, Proprietor. 
Good Sample-rooms, First-class Livery 
and Eur. Connected. Baggage Trans- 
ferred to and from Depot free of charge. 

Ewinjf »1. K., Proprietor Ewhag House. 
Good Sample-Rooms Connected. Also 
First-class Livery and Bar. 

Gowdy D W & J E, general -tore. 

Gtewdy&Moor* sand com n - 

Green Thomaa L, circuit clerk. 

Haekley & Lewis. harness-makera. 

Hazard J H, painter. 

Hodgins George, barber. 

Hoskina Bryant & Co, general store. 

Etubbard Robert, blacksmith. 

Hatcher & Davis, groceries and tinware. 

Irvine Thomas, physician. 

Jeter R E. carpenter. 

Katz Samuel, general store. 

Lee Bros & Co, stave manufacturer^. 

Leet Isaac, hotel. 

Livly Samuel* blacksmith. 

Martin Robert K„ Postmaster. 

Mayti & Burdett, Hour and saw-mill, B§ 
miles south. 

Montague Robert S, lawyer. 

Patterson Charles, lawyer. 

Price Norman L, blacksmith. 

Puyear Robert E, lawyer and police judge, 

Redman G "W, tannery. 

Robinson John R, lawyer. 

Robinson M O, county judge. 

Robinson \V O, eoron r and sheriff. 

Rollins Misses Jbsie A II due, dressmakers. | 

Samuels Wro B, shoemaker. 

Sanders & Puyear, undertakers. 

Shiflett Andrew J, tinner. 

Shivley A Pi, physician. 

Shivley & Maupin, saw and ^nst-mill. 

Smith Hamilton 1$, blacksmith j 

Turner John A, general store, 

Wftsofi Thomas T. groceries. 

Wilson & Johnson, dress-makers. 

Wood James m, lawyer aritd'Oounty^tty. 

Wright Charles VV, county clerk and hotel, 

Coffey I C, con-table. 
Coffey S, sewing-machines. 
GrOve J O, horse and mule dealer. 
Grove R VV live-stock. 
Haskins Wm, boot and shoemaker. 
Mitchell J M, justice of peace. 
Mitchell T, iv. ? Lumber Manufacturer. 
Mi%cheli A: Coffey, blacksmiths. 
Montgomery G <'\ groceries and produce. 
Montgomery U, physician. 
Parrott & Saunders, gen 1 store and pro- 
Walfcrd R A, physician. 
Williams J W, physician. 

CAMP NELSON. A village in 

I Jessamine county, and a landing on the 

j Kentucky river. 8 miles south of Nicho- 

| lasville, the county-sent and nearest rail- 

| road approach. Population 150. Ship- 

i meats can bo most conveniently made di- 

| reel via the river. Stage to ]S'icholasvil!e 

! and Lancaster.; /are 50c. Daily mail. 

I Henry Kuhlmann, postmaster. 

■ Berkley John, distillery. 

I Uarley V J & Co, lumber mnfrs. coopers 

j and distillers. 

j Glass J W, general store and hotel. 

: Houston John C, gen'l store and saloon. 

j Kulilfiianii 1 1 onry, General Store. 
Poor John W, distillery. 

GAMP KNOX. Sometimes called 
H&skinsviile, is only a small village and 
post-office in Greene county. 10 milessoufch 
of Greensburg. the county-seat, and 15 from 
CampbellsvilJe, the most accessible ship- 
ping point, and 100 from Louisville. Pop- 
ulation 75. Mai"! tri-weekly. T. R. Mitch- 
ell, postmaster. 

C V M P S P I CI N G S . A post-office i n 
Campbell county, 8 milea south of Indian 


CAMPTOX. A village of 150 in- 
habitants on Swift Camp creek, is the coun- 
ty-seat of Wolfe, and is :>0 miles south of 
Corn well, its nearest shipping point, on the 
L.. C. & L. R. K. It has a steam saw and 
grist-mill, a common school, and exports 
produce. Tri-weekly mail. J. N. Vaughn, 

Bullock Rev E U (Methodist). 
Combs Rev DG (Christian). 
Combs & Vaughn, GfeneraJ Store and 

Cv-ngioon A. physician. 
Creech Alford, grocer. 

h Jonathan, justice of peace. 
Day 1 Mi, lawyer. 
Drake James, miller. 
Duff VV H P, hotel. 
Elkina Isaac, general stor* 1 . 

*, J PI RIS ft HI fc^f *M 1 1 W Controlling over 540,000,000 of Pira «? t u 

SIEIESI CiSiIlia, f^^OTw.airfc Firs at IbttHHi 

> Louisville, JKy. AgeaJs svcrywh^TV. $ 





Hunk C 0, flour-mill and circuit and conn- 

ty ! ferk. 
Hank- C M. jailor. 
Hurst E T, lawyer. 
Hurst Wm L, lawyer. 
McQuinn James, constable. 
Rogers K J, blacksmith. 
Rogers «v SpenceV, eoufcetioners. 
Shelpeld Charles, shoemaker. 
Shu.ll F1-; carpenter. 
Shull L C, blacksmith. 
Spencer Rev J D (B&pirst). 
Smith Ww, miner. 
Steck* W & To, general store. 
Tompkins Wm, shoemaker. 
Tutt J a n ) cs P, \ ■ h \ s i c \ a n . 
Tutt W A M D, judge county court. 
"Williams O C, blacksmith. 

C AN Al > A.. On ! v a ceun try post -o 
in the northern part of t*iko county 

miles north of Pikeviile. the eoianty- 

and shipping pohifc on the wefct fork of 

Big Sandy river. Mail semi- weekly. T 

J. B'erins, posfcnftaster. 

Berins James (j. book-agent. 

Began Joseph, shoemaker. 

Burris Floyd, book-agent, 

Criggor H, biaeksinith. 

Francis Elijah, blacksmith. 

Lowe jamej b\ jusl ice ni 

Pinson Rev George (i»aoi 

Run yon AdSrOn, eonbisbie 

Smith James, flour-mid. 

Steel Lewis 8, inn. -Lock. 

Stoiridgo Jerr, Hour-mill. 

, 18 


CANJ5Y. A .:■*. rdeanent of : : i families 
in Owen eourtv, I I null- - r ( .t of Owonton, 
the eouinty -seat. Corinth' a station on the 
C. S. liy, isthe'shipping point, 6 miles east. 
Produce is marketed. 

CANE ICI in: I 5, \ small post-office 

in Bourbon county, ti miles from Paris, on. 
the K. C. It It. Tri-wcekly mail. B. B, 
Brarnblettc*, p< almas'tor. 
Ashbrook ' K»rnas, w:"-<>n-rnaker. 
Barnett j An. null owner. 
ISramUL is. i». B., Blacksmith* 


Cane Spring U-a ;utun ontheJBardstown 
braniu'h ; ,. & i . !'. ft., in Bu-1 dtt county, 9 
miles south of ShepherdtfvUie, the county- 

seat, and 28 I ■■■■■ 
kdama. Mail daily. 
Crenshaw J Y. hi , 

isuis,GkhbrU-', Ges 
A Efent. 

Louis 1 ille. Express 
G. Lul . postmaster. 
• and blacksmith. 
eraJ Istore and K .K. 

CANC VAfJFV. Adair county. 
The village is lo«-ai '• m\Oahey Fork, 14 
miles south of > tm-pbo-llsvilte ti • nearest 
shipping point, on '•: ensburg divsion 
L.&N'. R. ft., Smiles north-east of Colum- 
bia, the nearest hank, and county- 
seat* and 100 miles south-east of Louisville. 
Wheat, hogs, cattle, tobacco, and walnut 
lumber are the exports. A church and 
school are sustained. Stage to Columbia 
and Campbellsville * fare, 50c. and $1.50. 
Mail daily. A. EI. Jttd<r, postmaster. 
Beard J J, physician. 
Bridgewater Caesar, blacksmith. 
Dudgeon T C & Sons, Pioar and saw-mill. 
Dudgeon W S, justice of peace. 
Jones W tt, carpenter. 
Judd A H, express ay. cut. 
fiiitdd Banks Ai Wall«y, Gen'l Store. 
Wilier James T, shoemaker. 
Rice V W, hotel. 
Turner, Day & Co, ax handles. 

OANEV. Is-a sett 
people, in Morgan coun 
of West Liberty^ and 
the shippin r station, i>n 
n>n L., 0. & L. Ivy. Pi 
Mail daily. W. Lykin 
Benton Eev 'Win M (B 
Killgore Dudley, physic 
Lemaster Caleb, wagon- 
f.ykins John S, eonstal 
Lykin:? Joshua SV, live 
Tij'kiu.s Win. «£ C< 

Watson N A, justice of 
Webb W W, justice of 
V\ 7 heeler Rev James { 1> 
Wheeler J W, live 
Wheeler & Co, jseueral 

lenient of some 60 
ty, 10 miles south 
'$ > from Cornwall, 
' t. S -Hint* divis- 
oduce is marketed. 
5, postmaster. 

j., Flour and Saw- 


aptist |. 


G A KE W I' LI , K . A r tali on on P. & 

E. li. K,, and an incorporated town in Gray- 
son county, 12^miles west of Leitch field, tha 
county-seat. A grist and saw-mill are driv- 
en i>v power derive L from Caney creek. A 
steam ilour mill is nestled. Shipments 
consist ol' tobacco, hogs, cattle and produce. 

IM ffl. CO. OF EILAI. 

Central unci Southern Dep't, 





Population 2o0. Express Adams. Mail 

daily. J. Y. Tilford, postmaster. 

Barnes & Daniel, general store. 

Bond J R, express agt. 

Bond & Blain, general store and saloon. 

Bond & Bond, drugs. 

Brandon J N, physician. 

Brandon K W, physician. 

Dewies S C, hotel and saloon. 

Edlin Joseph, R B agt. 

English Aneel, hotel and saloon. 

Hayse Gilman, justice of peace. 

Kelly Ellis, justice of peace. 

Layman Henry, general store. 

Neal & Eskridge, general store. 

P-robus Win, hour-mill. 

Tilford J as Y. police judge. 

Tilford J. Y. & Sun, Blacksmiths. 

'Wilson Bros Cc Co, general store. 

CAXXOXSBl KG. According to 
the census of 1880, has a population of 90, 
is in Boyd county 7 miles west of Catletts- 
burg, the county-seat. Nearest bank is at 
Ashland. Ship to Steward's Tunnel on 
A. C. & I. K. R. Country produce and 
grain are shipped. Land ranges from $20 
to $40 per acre. Mail semi-weekly, E. T. 
Miller, postmaster. 
Baker Nicholas, hotel. 
Begley S A, blacksmith. 
En^ard G \V, justice. 
Galloway John, grist find corn-mill. 
Kean Rev Clifton, ( Methodist South). 
Letfingwell & Geiger, live stock. 
Miller E. Tlfeo. 

Patton Rev J A, ( Methodist). 
Vint Calvin, live stock. 
White Eli, constable. 

CANTOX. An incorporated town in 
the western part of Trigg county, on the 
Cumberland river, 9 miles west of Cadiz, 
the county-seat, and 25 south of Eddyville, 
the nearest railroad approach. Shipments 
are most conveniently made direct, via the 
river. The banking business is transacted 
at ITopkin.sville. A steam saw-mill, a 
church, and a district se.feot*! are sustained 
by a population of :>f.K). The shipments 
comprise corn anil tohaeco. Mail daily. 
George \V. Cobb, postmaster. 
Atwood T A, blacksmith. 
Baker L B, constable. 

Blake Mrs E A, hotel. 
Blake J R, saloon. 
Cheatham Philip, shoemaker. 
Cobb A G, commission merchant. 
Colli) George W\, General Store. 
Cobb & Boyd, dry goods. 
Cook W M, physician. 
Dulanoy, Booth & Co, saw-mill. 
Finly Louis, dentist. 
Fuqua N J, saloon. 
Fuqua W J, general store. 
Gregston Rev C (Baptist), 
llapman W J, proprietor of ferry. 
Hay ward W L, hotel. 
Ingram, T M, physician. 
Jefferson George H. physician. 
Lackey Miss C E, teacher. 
ll»aek.ey James ft., Physician. 
Lackey J P, physician. 
Logan John D, tobacco. 
Love Rev J W (Methodist). 
Melagtn James, harness-maksT. 
New E D, cooper. 
Richardson James, briok-mason. 
Thomas Alfred, live stuck. 
Tomlinson J J, hotel. 
Tyler Quint M, teacher. 
Wall is L R, local ascent. 

CANTOX. Kenton Co. (See Visalia.) 

CAKJLlSI-iE. Located near the cen- 
tre of Nicholas county, of which it is the 
seat of justice, is a town of 1000 inhabitants, 
and station on the Maysvilie div.. K C. R. 
R. It has a weekly newspaper, a bank, 
two carriage factories, a hotel and rlour- 
niill, with three churches and good public 
schools. Stage to Owingsville, 22 miles 
south-east, daily, and to Maysvilie tri- week- 
ly, fare to either $2. Express Adams. Tele- 
graph Western Union. Mail daily. Wm. 
H. Fritts, postmaster. 
Adair H F & Son, grocers. 
Adair George YV, dentist. 
Adair & Burroughs, grocers. 
Allen Wm B, clothing, 
Alien & Fisher, merchant tailors. 
Archdeacon & Bro, wagon-makers. 
Atchison J O, proprietor St. Cloud hotel. 
Baker Horace, shoemaker. 
Banta Andrew J. county judge. 
Harnett J H, wagon-maker and justice. 
Barnett John W, city marshal. 
Boos Venust, notions. 




P l &^#' Fatcbers' and PaoVerg' Boppliea a.nd G»T\»ral H*rffwa?<3 Spe- 
cialties. IKED. SCHMIEDING, 835 Broadway and 830 I, 
« rsaxlh Street, £T. LOUIS, h.0. Send for Catalog™. 





Brown John, barber. 

Campbell James B, dry goods. 

Campbell John A, county clerk. 

Campbell John \Y, livery. 

Campbell & Darnall. insurance. 

Carlisle Mercury, W J Kehoe, prop'r. 

Chism Isaac M, lawyer. 

Clary Foster P, ticket agent K. C. It. R. 

Clay Rev Henry (ChrUtia-a). 

Con ley John R, grocer. 

Crlgler Win Y. general store. 

Crump Henry C, grocer. 

Dallas & Good win, saddles and harness. 

Deposit Bank of Carlisle— capital $77,000. 
W P Ross, pres; FE Congleton, cash. 

Dill* Malcolm, physiei in. 

George Dorsey & Co., Brick Manu- 
facturers and Contractors. 

Exchange Mills, Roger.? & Bostain. props. 

Frey"«fc Harris, meat market. 

Fritts W "\V & Son, drugs and books. 

Glenn Thomas J. circuit clerk. 

Gore &■ Brother, lawyers. 

Grater Bros, grocers and bakers. 

Halladay James H, lawyer. 

Ham ik Kimbrough, livery. 

Handley *k Huff, planing "mill. 

Herrin John, sheriff. 

Higgins Christopher G, -wagon-maker. 

Howard & Dinsrnore, furniture and under- 

Kehoe Win J, propr Carlisle Mercury. 

Kennedy Wm M, general store. 

Kennedy «fc Kennedy, lawyers. 

Kimbrough House. Mr^ M C Bell propri- 
etress, Henry C Kimbrough clerk. 

King Robert C, farm implements. 

Lee John AY B, general store. 

McCann James A, marble. 

MeConnaughey J A. flour and saw-mill 
(6 miles south-west.) 

McCracken Miss R B, milliner. 

McDaniel Bros, hardware. 

McEJroy Wm F, shoemaker. 

Melntire Andy, demist. 

McKee John, merchant tailor. 

McK^e Mrs Mary, milliner. 

Me Mahal Mrs Margaret, milliner. 

HcKew N II. physician. 

Mann James, clothing, 

Mann Reuben E, gr ••••?. 

Martin Mrs J R, grocer. 
Mathers Charles \Y. physician. 

Mathers Willis, livery. 

Mathers & Saunders, hardware. 

Moteh George E. jeweler. 

Hunger Charles W, mayor and lawyer, 

Myers John W, blacksmith. 

Newton Rev J CC. (Methodist). 

Norvell & Tnreman, lawyers. 

Ogden Harry, jeweler. 

Parks Richard M, R R and 'express agt. 

Parks & Scott, meat market. 

Peale F M & Co, dry good*. 

Power George- B, groceries and saloon. 

Robinson Benjamin H, lawyer. 

Robinson Robert II, saloon! 

Rogers Samuel G, wh liquors and tobacco. 

Rogerg & Boitain, tlour-iniils. 

Rosenthal Barney, general store. 

Ros3 & Lytl.e, lawyers. 

St Cloud Hotel, J O Atchinson, proprietor. 

Shay Patrick D. general store. 

Smith Bryson M, coroner. 

Tureman & Howell, druggists. 

Vivian Rev Alexander, "(Methodist). 

CARROLLTOX. Located on the 
south bank ot the Ohio river, at its conflu- 
ence with the Kentucky, 62 miles north- 
east of Louisville, This town is the 
county-seat of Carroll county, is incorpo- 
rated, and has a population of 1,600. The 
place was originally settled in 1794, whtn 
it was known as Port William, which was 
changed, in 1637, to its present name. Its 
shipping point, by rail, is English, 5 miles 
south-east on the L., C. & L. Ry. Car- 
roliton is an enterprising and prosperous 
city, and contains 7 church edifices, repre- 
senting the Baptist, Presbyterian, Metho- 
dist, Methodist Episcopal, Christian, and 
Catholic sects, a seminary, and Catholic 
high-school, a good weekly newspaper, a 
woolen-mill, and several other mills, which 
all use steam power, and a bank. The as- 
sessed value on real and personal property 
in the city, is $500,000, and the town has 
no bonded indebtedness. The exports of 
the place comprise hay, corn, tobacco, and 
live stock. The nature of the land in the 
vicinity is rolling prairie and unimproved 
timber — the latter valued at an average 
price of $25, while cleared farms are worth 
from $40 to $100 per acre. The city is 
lighted with gas. and altogether, presents 
an elegant appearance. . Stage communi- 

cation with North villa twie< 

day (t 

$1). Express Adams. Telephone con- 
nects the city with W. IT. Telegraph com- 
pany at Northvilie. Mail daily. John 
T. Lewis, postmaster. 

lli\i ^ IIMIv *«»* St., chicaco 

W, lTK»>SOTV, 31J<- 321 So. CHlt. 
8 1. I.. |,-vr Refer to thousand* o* 
ted tlii'ou^itoitt like country. 





Anderson George \Y 3r f livery. 

Anderson George W Sr, grocer. 

Argus Otto F, barber and news agent. 

Baker Ginn it Co, saw and planing-mill. 

Barker M I, leaf tobacco. 

RassettRev Miles (Methodist). 

Berg Charles, jeweiry. 

Bittel Philip, saloon." 

Blessing John J. meat market, 

Booker 'Robert B. saloon. 

Bosworth & Lewis, grocers and agr imps. 

Butter William O, druggist* 

Carroll Seminary, Dr E N Elliott, prin. 

Carrollton Democrat, Guliion & Valland- 
ingham, editors and publishers. 

Carrollton House, Mrs H R Wolfe, propr. 

Corn Wttiiaitt, Proprietor National 
Hotel and Grocer. 

Cox Hezekiah, lawyer and real estate. 

Darling Andrew \Y, Proprietor Old 
Darling Distillery. {See adv.) 

Donaldson Joseph A, lawyer. 

Downing James & Co, grocers. 

Elder William, bja< ksmrth. 

Elliott Dr E N, prin Carroll Seminary. 

Fisher James i\ millinery and notions. 

Fisher John T & Co, druggists. 

Fisher Wm M, county judge and att'y. 

Floore Dallas A, dentist. 

Flynt Martin D. saddles and harness. 

Gardner Wm, saloon. 

Geier M A & Co, druggists. 

Glauber John, boots shoes and sew-machs. 

Goslee Levin, physician. 

Grobmeyer John H, clothing. 

Grobmeyer J E & H 0, prop's U S mail 
and stage line and Fifth St livery. 

Grobmeyer & McCrackin, groc and saloon. 

Guide Albert, dry goods and notions. 

Guliion Wyant O, clerk of circuit comrt. 

Guliion & Vallandingham, publishers Car- 
rollton Democrat. 

Hafford & Son (Ebenezer HarTord and 
Wrn. M. Eaffprd), Saw and Planing-mill 
and Lumber Dealers. 

Halm ess Herman B, blacksmith and wagon- 

Hanks & Co. clothing and dry goods. 

Harrison Richard F, clerk county court. 

Hart Louis A, baker. 

Helm Rev Benjamin (Presbyterian). 

Houghton Mrs J M, prop Point House. 

Howe John & J B. clothing. 

Howe John & W F & Co, woolen-mills. 

Howe John & Sons, bankers. 

Howe W F, .county treas Carroll Co. 

Humphrey Henderson, grocer. 

Jones Henry C, barber. 

Karins Hugh, marble. 

Leep A T *£ Bro, grocers, 

Lewis John T, postmaster and ins agent. 

Lindsay J anus If, sheriff of Carroll Co. 

Logemau k Drees, blacksmithg. 

McCrackin Thomas, saloon. 

McEirath Thomas J, lawyer. 

Mason Daniel M. boots and shoes. 

Masterson & Gaunt, lawyers. 

Moorman Mrs Kate, saloon. 

Myers & Robinson, saloon. 

National Hotel, Wm. Corn, Prop'r, 

near Steamboat Landing. 
Puint House, Mrs J M Houghton, prop'r, 

near steamboat landing. 
Reeves Rev John, (Methodist). 
St. John's Academy and Day 

School, Conducted by the Stsiers of 

Notre Dame, Rev. Stephen Schmid, 

Salyerc Charles D, stoves and tinware. 
Sen in Id Rev. Stephen, Rector St. 

John's Catholic Church and Principal 

St. John's Academy. 
Seppenfeld Herman, grocer and meats. 
Sheppard Wm, blacksmith. 
Siersdorfer Michael, boots and shoes. 
Smith Miss Lucia, millinery. 
Smith Wm L, general store. 
Stairs & Tromma, proprs Carrollton flour- 

ing-mills (corn and wheat). 
Stringfellow & Kipping, cabinet-makers. 
Taylor Leonard W, physician. 
Taylor Leonard X, physician. 
Webster Joshua C, grocery and hardware. 
Wilkins David O, blacksmith. 
'Williams Robert T, rlouring-mill. 
Winsiow ^Y B, H M & J T, lawyers. 
Wolfe Mrs H R, propr Carrollton House. 

CARIIS. On the Ohio river, is a vil- 
lage in Lewis county, 8 miles north-west of 
Vanceburg, the county-seat. Ship direct 
by water. Two churches and a district 
school are sustained by a population of 200. 
The shipments consist of grain, stock, tan- 

bark, and produce. Stage to 
Mail daily. B, P. Thomas, po 

Burns Walter, express agent. 
Calvin John, physician, 
Carr F AT, general store. 
Frye George, saw-mill, 
i Irwin Thomas, blacksmith. 


\ I 

5 j 

KJfcfc ! 


; V; ; I f pM liOSSes, and hi 

fll# I ILLlfifllll stated Claim* 

mon tunn l,40Q 
lave -liatl but 13 Ik- 

A«sots Everywhere. 




Jones Rev — (Christian \. 
Kendall Kev -— (Methodist-. 
Parker Win, justice of peace; 
K;:ucl Shop, railroad agent; 
Stout John, shoemaker. 
Thomas It. P., General Store. 

CARRSVII.T/E. A village of 300 

people in Livingston county, 37 niiles from 
Padueah, its shipping point, •'10 from 
Louisville. It is on the Ohio river. Adams 
Express. Daily mail. J. M. Pavy. post- 

Allard C E, general -tore. 
Allard & Owen, flour-mill. 
Boyd A S II, physician. 
Bridges- J R, grocer. 
Clemens J N. physician. 
Coons Charles, boot and shoemaker. 
Crotsen R, general store. 
Kidd J W, physician. 
Kidd & MeCoiSimi, Druggists. 
Pary J. >!., Express Agent and Store. 
Rose G W, grocer. 
Threlkeld P A, general store. 
Thompson & Mason, blacksmiths. 
Ward B P, general store. 
Woodmaiisoe J. I)., General Store. 


Letcher county, 15 miles 
burg, the county-seat, 
miles north-east, is the 
point. Mail tri-weekly. 
postmaster and farmer. 

A post-office in 
north of Whites- 
Preston burg, 40 
nearest shipping 
G. M. Johnson, 

CARSOX. This village of 250 inhab- 
itants, is in Letcher county, 16 miles north 
of Whitesburg. the county- seat. Carr's 
Fork creek furnishes power by which a 
flour and saw-mill are propelled. Nearest 
shipping point is Preston burg, 45 miles 
north, on the west fork of the Big Sandy 
river. Whisky forms the chief export. 
Semi-weekly stage carrying the mail to and 
from Prestonburg. J. B. Adams, post- 

Adams John B., Farmer. 
Ambergey A A, carpenter. 
Bry«on — ; — , express agent. 
Collins O A, druggist. 

Uoni-ba , eon-table. 

Craft X R, general store. 
F'-aiskiin & Smith, tour-mill. 
Gibson Rev James, (Baptist), 

Granville , constable. 

Pigman J B, farmer. 
Pig man J C, distiller. 

Pigman Wilburn, justice. 

Pigman , justice. 

Sexton M D, physician. 
Sloan J, blacksmith. 
Smith E B, cooper. 
Smith John B. justice. 
Thomas G B, teacher. 
Thomas J L, teacher. 

CARTHAGE. A small settlement 
in Campbell county. Ship to Butler, on 
the K. C. R. R., or to Now Richmond, on 
the Ohio river. Population 100. Semi- 
weekly mail. E. M. McArt'mr, postmas- 

McArthur E. M., General Store. 
Tarvin J. C. & Son, General Store. 
White ft Harris, blacksmiths. 

CARTWRIGHT. A small village 
of some 100 inhabitants, in Clinton countv, 
located on the Cumberland river (which 
furnishes available power), 11 miles north- 
east of Rowena, the county-seat. Corn, 
wheat and tobacco are marketed. Mail 
daily. John W. Long, postmaster. 
Aaron Dr, physician. 
Brown Edward, coal-mines. 
Brown Edward, barber. 
Brown II, blacksmith. 
Grader E M, lumber manfr. 
Hopkins P II, lumber manfr. 
Hunt G W, pension agent. 
Ivoog »T. W., Live Stock. 
Orton David, engineer. 
Owi-ns A. 15., General Store. 
Owens B I), physician. 
Owens & Eomr, General Store. 
Wade H, justice of peace. 

CASEY OiiSEK, In the northern 

part of Adair county, 35 miles from Leba- 
non, its shippingstation, and 85 from Louis- 
ville, is a settlement of this name, where 
mail is received weekly. 
Napier R W, general store. 

CASEYVIEEE. A shipping point 
on the Ohio river, Is also an incorporated 
town of 650 inhabitants, in Union county, 15 
miles south of Morganfield, the county- 
seat and nearest bank location. The place 

m mm. if numnu 


** S J CENTRA! DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville. Kj. 





supports a newspaper, 
(steam), 8 churches, and 

i fiouring-mill 

district school, 

and exports stock, grain, coal and produce. 
Land in the vicinity can be obtained at $10 
to if iO per acre. Express Adams. Mail 
daily. J. M. Seantland, postmaster. 

Acker Philip, grain dealer. 

Barkley D 51, physician. 

Bennett S A' Co, dry goods. 

Bohanon J F, meat market. 

Brooks I) A jr, express agent. 

Brooks D A jr & Co, wharf-boat. 

Buekham & Wilson, milliners. 

Caseyville Courier, D S Wilson, publisher, j 

Chancellor & Sons, coopers. 

Corby II. G, saloon. 

Davis J M, physician. 

Dyer John W & Bro. farm implements. 

Eberly K & Co, hardware. 

Finnie S S, blacksmith. 

Fisher & Cosby, carpenter*. 

Floton Thomas, boarding-house. 

Gigler Rev J D (Methodist). 

Gilchrist & Close, groceries and drugs. 

Graham & Funk, livery. 

Gregory John, notary public. 

Henry J T, marshal. 

Hardy Rev J H (Christian). 

Hartheld Benjamin J, general store. 

Harth & Nawaway, grocers. 

Jones Fryor, wagon-maker. 

Jones Robert, undertaker. 

Kaufman John, dry goods. 

Kerney William, general store. 

Klotz Hiram, dry goods. 

McLeskey Rev R G (Cumberland Pres). 

Morton II X, lawyer. 

Murray John, physician. 

Pearson W W T , live stock. 

Rehm C & Bro, meat market. 

Rose C, lawyer. 

Rudy & Buekham, leaf-tobacco dealers. 

Rutherford Stephen, live stock. 

Seantland. J. 31., Druggist, Stationer 
and [Notions. 

Simpson J, grain dealer and general store. 

Sindle J W, distiller. 

Smith Bros, coopers. 

Sypes P & Co, blacksmiths. 

Trite J M, justice of peace. 

Tate J M & Son, harness-makers. 

Vdss F W, shoemaker. 

Wallace Joseph W ; hotel. 

Walther Henry, sewing-machines. 

Walther M, shoemaker. 

Ward H, lawyer. 
Wathen B H, fiour-mill. 
Wells B C, saloon and barber. 
Whjtecotton George H. constable. 
Wilson D S, publisher Casey vi lie Courier. 

office and station on the St. L. & 8. E. div. 
L. & N. R. P.., in Christian county. It hasa 
population of about 50, and ships cattle, 
grain, and tobacco. Improved land in this 
section of the county averages $40 per 
acre. Express Southern. Mail daily. C. 
T. Casky, postmaster. 

Bowles W S, grocer. 
Casky J. & J., General Store. 
Casky W L, R R agt. 
Crawford Wm, blacksmith. 
Green Thomas, justice. 
Gunn John A, physician. 
Lewis Jasper A, wagon-maker. 
Watson $ T, constable. 
War-held W E, justice. 
Whitlow W A, cooper. 
Williams & Fiagari wagon-makers. 
Willis Wm, shoemaker. 

CATAWBA. Located on the 
ing river, which furnishes power, in 
dleton county. 4 miles north of Fain 
the seat of justice and bank location, 
direct via K. C. E. R. Tobacco and 
form the exports, and the village cont 
Baptist church and common school, 
ulation loO. Express Adams. Mail 
H. T. Morton, postmaster. 

Campbell J T, general store. 
Hitch J T M, blacksmith. 
Morton Bros., General Store. 
Morton H. T., R. R. and Express 

Oder Ed E. physician. 
Peoples & Hobbs, general store. 
Regan Rev W L (Baptist). 
Thompson Rev II P t Presbyterian ). 
York J St A, saloon. 


CATLETTSBURG. A station on 
the new Chat'ivi railroad* and the county- 
seat of Boyd, is situated at the confluence 
of the Ohio with the Bi? Sandy rivers. 29t* 
miles distant from Louisville, in 1877, » 
very destructive tire took place here, whieb 
demolished nearly the whole town. The 
burnt portion has since been rebuilt, prin- 
cipally with brick, and now presents a line 



Pen - 




ains a 





Agents everywhere South.. 





appearance. The shipping facilities afford- 
ed by the railroad and river, make this 
town an important point in this section of 
the State. Anew opera house, with good 
sehools and churches are here. Population 
2,000. Express Adams, Telegraph West- 
ern Union. Mail daily. Geo. F. Gallup, 

Anderson Rev P E (col Methodist); 
Andrews G W & Son, general store. 
Andrews X P i S. general store. 
Baldrid^e Thomas II, station and ex agent. 
jnartram James, Prop'r Valley House. 

{See adv.) 
Bell Miller A, carpenter. 
Berger, Charles Wj boots and shoes. 
Berger .John, boots and shoes. 
Big Sandy Wlntrfboat Co, T L Marrs, 

Boreing Rev A (Methodut). 
Botts Joseph, barber. 
Brown George N, circuit judge. 
Brown Thomas It, lawyer. 
Bruning Frank H, county attorney. 
Bruns Frederick, boots and shoes. 
Bruns Wm. millinery and nations. 
Burns John M, lawyer. 
Burn* Rowland C, lawyer. 
Carnahan Lycurgus, dentist. 
Clark Wm S, grocer. 
Carpenter David H, general store. 
Clawson Albert H., jeweler. 
Cecil Colbert Sr, grocer. 
Craft & Preston, grocers. 
Crow Adam M. hotel and livery. 
Crowel! Charles, saw-mill, 2.} miles north. 
Damnron & Honshell, grocers: 
Dillon John W, machinist. 
Eba Daniel W, grocer. 
Egbert George T, U S commissioner. 

Ewing Thomas J, insurance. 

Faulkner John, saloon. 

Ford James R, jeweler. 

Ford <& Cecil, stoves and tinware. 

Furst Abraham, shoemaker. 

Gallup George F, postmaster, and dealer in 
cigars and tobacco. 

Garrison J W, hotel. N 

Guilkey Charles S, jailer. 

Hailey Alfred C, painter. - 

Hampton Millard F, circuit clerk. 

Hoj* - an A. II., Druggist and Wholesale 
Dealer in Liquors and Lager Beer. 

Hogan Win, confectioner. 

.Kentucky Democrat, (weekly) T D Mar- 
cum, prop. 

Kilgore James A, carpenter. 

Kilgore Robert H, undertaker. 

Kinner David, blacksmith. 

Kincaid James D, physician. 

Kincaid J W, physician. 

Kowns John J. sheriff. 

Lane John, barber. •» 

Lanharn W N & Son. foundry. 

Lark Alexander, blacksmith. 

Lauhon Cbas H, sewing-machines. 

Lewis Rev F W (Presbyterian.) 

McCall Robert B. police judge. 

McConnell Charles L, books. 

MeDyer John & Co, dry goods and cloth- 

Mareuapa Pembroke S, city marshal. 

Marrs Thomas L, express agent. 

Marting Henry A. general store. 

Martin D S & Co, meat market. 

Mason John H, insurance agent. 

'Meek Green V, saloon. 

Meek Jacob, saloon. 

Meek John, hotel. 

Miles John W. marble-works. 

Miles Mrs M F & Co, milliners. 

Yallet House, 

Catletts.biirg, ISy !9 

JAMS3 33jfe*3t07:&L£w3b4;, ... - - IFrcprietcr. 

This Hotel is located on the bank of the Big Sandy, commanding a fine view of the 


Booms Neatly Furnished, Commodious; and First-Class. 


CHES. Steel Letters nnd Figure a. 
Figures. L. r.O< H«: P Eugraver and 





Mi-ma David A, harness, 

Minis Theodore, hardware and furniture. 
Mitchell Joseph W, boat-builder. 
Moafcagfttg John J, city attorney. 
Moore Laban T, lawyer. 
Mullan James W, county clerk. 
Patton Bros, drugg&te. 
Fatton J Gr &, Co, proprs Big Sandy flour- 
to ill. 
Paw-paw Job Printing Co, E S Ulen, 

Porter John M, St James hotel. 
Priee Mrs R K. hotel. 
Prichard Keene F, lawyer. 
Rigg Robert, harness and leather. 
Schauer Peter P, grocer and baker. 
Shells, Barton «fc Barton, stoves and tin. 
Shoemaker Wm. grocer. 
Simpson Alexander, carpenter. 
Smiley Martin L, physician. 
Smith, Mitchell & Co,saw-mill (1| miles n). 
Stein Charles & Son, tanners and curriers. 
Valley House, James Bartram, Propr. 

.(See adv). 
-Vinson, Joble & Prichar d, round timber. 
Vinson. & Vaughan.. livery. 
Wellmaii Calvin. meat market. 
Wellman John B & N, hardware, 
Weliman & Prichard. srrocers. 
Whitley Rev J T, (Methodist South). 
Williamson John I, clothing, 
Witten & Davidson, bankers. 
Young John, furniture. 

CATIJR. Perry county, a small and 
unimportant post-office. 

CAVE CITY. The nearest railroad 
approach to the celebrated Mammoth 
Gave, to which a daily stage runs; fare $3 
the round trip. It is a town of some 850 
inhabitants, situated in the northern part 
of Barren county, on the L. & >\ R. R., 
17 miles north of Glasgow, the county- 
seat, 4 miles south of Horse Cave, the near- 
est bank location, ami 84 from Louisville. 
6 and 2 public schools are sus- 
tained, and grain, tobacco, and stock are 
shipped; flour-mill is needed. Express 
Ada- as. "Telegraph W. XT. Daily mail. 
Mary M. Vial, postmaster. 
Bassett & Co, general store. 
Brady J as T, station and express agent. 
Cave City Hotel, Andrew McCoy, 


Crowley Daniel G, harness-manufacturer. 
Curd Beverly D, genl store and railr'd ties. 
Curd Daniel T., General Store and 

Railroad Ties. 
Davidson W R, blacksmith. 
Downer L A, fruit-shipper. 
Ford Garland II, drugs. 
Ford John, gjrist-nwH, 5 miles south. 
Prank A D, blacksmith, 
Gardner G T, wagon-maker. 
Garnett W E, physician. 
Grimes Mrs Celia, wines and liquors. 
Hatcher E M. physician. 
Huggins W A, nurseryman. 
! Jolly K L, town marshal. 
Klett Francis, proprietor Mammoth Cave 

Hotel. 10 miles north-west. 
Leavell Mrs B, millinery goods. 
McCoy AiHlrew, Proprietor Cave City 

Hotel, and Cave City and Mammoth 

Cave Stage-line. (Ste ado.) 
McKinney Mrs J R, teacher, 
j Mammoth Cave Hotel, Prancis Klett, pro- 
prietor, 10 miles north-west. 
Monroe J W, saw and flour-mill, 4 miles 

Morris John, justice of peace. 
Myers W L, justice of peace. 
Owen Wm D, saw and grist-mill, 8 miles 

Poynter J H, constable. 
Smith Wm E, drugs, stationery, etc. 
Vial Louis, saloon and distiller. 
Wilson Willis L, wines and liquors. 

CAVE HULL. A post-office in But- 
ler countv. No -village. 


town of 150 inhabitants, in the south-west- 
ern part of Logan county, 5 miles south- 
west of Russeliville. on the Memphis 
branch of the L. & N. R, R., 148 miles 
south-west of Louisville. It has a Baptist 
church, an academy called the "Cottage 
Home," and exports tobacco and wheat. 
Daily mail. J. B. Cothrain, postmaster 
and physician. 

Atkins G L, Cottage Home college. 
Bailev C C & Son, grocers. 
Cothram Rev. J. B. (Cumberland 

Presbyterian), Physician and General 

Cottage Home College, Prof C P Shulds 

and G L Atkins. 

m i vfiam 

Coatrolliri^ ovor £40, 000, COO of Fire 
Capital, and operating in 10 South- 
ern States, with chief office in 

Louisville, ELy. Agents 3?ory where. 

Firs k iaaap. 





DeWitt Rev J F (Methodist Episcopal 

S<>uth), physician. 
Jordan J W, tobacco dealer and shoemkr. 
Russell B F, R K and express agent, 
Russell & Younge, general store. 
Shulds Prof C P, Cottage Hume coliesre. 
TavlcrRev M (Baptists. 

CAVERN A. In Hart county . (See 
Horse Cave). 

CAYCE STATION. Tn the eastern 

part of Fif.ton county, .9 miles east of 

Hickman, the county-seat, and a station 

and post-office on the M. & O. R. R. It 

has a steam saw-mill, a public school, and 

exports stock, corn, wheat, potatoes and 

produce. Daily mail. Population 45. S. 

E. Johnson, postmaster. 

Abretten W A, blacksmith: 

dinger George M, grocer and notions. 

Cunningham R C, R 11 agent. 

Gore W R, farmer and justice of peace, 

Johnson M D, live stock. 

Johnson S. E., General Store, Pro- 
duce and Live Stuck. 

Juhnson W O, wagon and plow-maker. 

Johnson , general store. 

Luten S W, physician. 

Reeves Charles, produce. 

Reeves Eli, blacksmith and apiarist. 

Reeves Jesse, clerk. 

Scearce A H, produce and farmer. 

Stephens E W, farmer. 

CECFLTAN. At the junction of the 

P. A: E. with the L. & N. R. R.. is a village 
with a probable population of 200.. in Har- 
din county, 6 miles west of Eli/;abethtown, 
the county-seat, and location of the nearest 
batik: Two churches and the Cecilian Col- 
l-'gt-. are here. Grain, stock and tobacco 
are shipped. Express Southern. Telegraph 
Western Union. Daily mail. M. Wise, 

Au! C Z, physician. 
Cecil C J, iiour-mill 

Cecil H A &, proprs Cecilian College. 
Gray G R, R R and express agt, 
Heller John, shoemaker. 
MarHatt John, blacksmith. 
Mossbjarger J H, general store. 
Rodman' J J, physician. 
Snyder D J, flour-mill. 
Wise M. I)., General Store. 

CEDAR. An unimportant post-office 
in Pike county. 


recently established as a post-otlice in Ed- 
monson county. 


Pulaski county. (See Gover.) 


CEDAR SPRINGS. Allen county. 
A small way post-office, on the tri- weekly 
mail-route between Scottsville, the county- 
seat, and Glasgow, the nearest railroad 
point. W. J. Oldiieid, postmaster and 

CENTER. A settlement of 60 people, 
in Metealf county. Ship to Horse Cave, 
15 miles distant. Four mails per week. 

CENTER POINT. In south-east- 

ern part of Monroe county, on Cumberland 
river, 14 miles east of Tompkinsviile, the 

county-seat, 44$ south-cast of Glasgow, ics 
nearest shipping point bv rail, on the L. & 
X. R. R., and- 100 south of Louisville. 
Richardson's Landing is its nearest ship- 
ping point by water. Weekly mail and 
stage to Glasgow. II. H. Richardson, post- 

Kennedy Nick, blacksmith. 
Stipp & Heathman, general store. 
Richardson R II, general store. 
Richardson S D H, farmer. 
Spegetnan Win, shoemaker. 
Vandvoors S, blacksmith. 

CENTERTOWN, a settlement of 
i 40 people, in Ohio county. It is 5 miles 
| from Mcllenrv. its shipping point, on P. & 
! E. R. R., G miles west of Hartford, trhe 
j county-seat. Mail semi-weekly. George 
j R. Sanders, postmaster. 
I Jones L W, general store. 

Morton & Ford, tflaeksnitthi. 

Sanders George R, Physician. 

CENTER Y1ET.E. This town is lo- 
cated in the western part of Bourbon 
county, Sh miles from Paris, the county- 
seat, and "nearest shipping point on'K. C. 
R'y. It has .a population of 800. and sup- 
ports a church and school. Wheat, hemp, 
and tobacco are exported. Stage to George- 


Central and Southern Dep'i, 





town and Paris daily; faro 50 cents. Mail 

daily. J. R. Fritts postmaster. 

Allison J W, live stock. 

Clay F F, live stock. 

Clay W H, live stock. 

Fritts J. R., Physician and General 

Funk H C, justice of peace. 
Gaines W A, live stock. 
Gane John A, live stock. 
Hawkins Joseph, justice of peace. 
Hill F G, live stock. 
Hill George, live s*ock. 
Hoffman Benjamin, blackmitb. 
Hume D J, live stock. 
Moore R H, physician. 
Ryles James, w^gon-maker. 
Sidner Jacob, live stock. 
Turner 0, live stock. 
Turner J W, live stock. 
Wright J W, miller. 
Zimmerman B T, general store. 

CERALYO. Located on Girfen river, 
in Ohio county. 10 miles south of Hartford, 
the county-seat, 5 miles from Rockport, 
the nearest railroad approach, and 120 from 
Louisville. Ship direct via the Green ifc 
Barren River Navigation Company. One 
church and a public school are sustained 
by 70 inhabitants, who ship tobacco, wheat, 
and produce. Mail daily. George M. 
Rowe, postmaster. 
Barnes R H, hotel proprietor. 
Bishop T R, constable. 
Everlv J M, phvsician. 
Guy Rev C A (Methodist). 
Kurtbley A J, blacksmith. 
Kimblev E V & Son, general store. 
Miiner P A. blacksmith. 
Rome «fc Bennett, general store. 
Tinslev Henrv, drugs and police judge. 
Wood'T R, carpenter. 

ment of 100 people, 11 miles- north-east of 
Cadiz, the seat ot justice for Trigg county. 
HopkinsvilJA, 16 miles south -east, is the 
bank location, and. shipping point for its 
iurplus products of tobacco, wheat, corn, 
and stock. Mail semi-weekiy. G. Bing- 
ham, postma-ter. 
Aldridge & Wistley, saw-mill. 
Atwood & Bartield, undertakers. 
Baker A P, tanner. 

Baker Frank, physician. 
Barlicld Rev J M ( Baptist), carpenter. 
Billgiia m ix. B., Dry Goods and K otions. 
Blakely J J, physician. 

Blanks John, carpenter. -. 

Bluie B F & L, lawyers. 

Culiom A B, physician. 

Felix B F. physician. N 

Goodwin R S ? lawyer. 

Goodwin W S, tobacco dealer. 

Harper J T, hotel. 

Lander C T, general store. 

Meacham Rev A W ( Baptist). 

Nance J G, sewing-machine a<;ent. 

Norwood R W, express agent." 

Parsley A J, blacksmith. 

Penn G S, constable. 

Pool J M. tobacco. 

Puckett J C, grocer. 

Rogers J H, carpenter. 

Smith Rev H (Baptist). 

Smith J F, tobacco. 

Smith J W, R R agent. 

Turner Rev D R (Baptist). 

Turner R, justice of peace. 


ifee county. (See Boose.) 


CHAPEL. A settlement in Nicho- 
las county, 10 miles from Carlisle, its ship- 
ping station, and 100 from Louisville. 

CHAPEL HILL. A country post- 
office in Allen county, 7| miles south- 
,west of Scottsville, the county-seat. Tram- 
mel creek furnishes power to a flour mill; 
nearest shipping point is Bowling Gre*;n, 
25 miles north- west. Produce is marketed. 
Mail semi-weekly. Stage to Scottsville 
and Franklin SHini-weekly ; fare 50c and SI. 
Wm. H. Waiker, postmaster. 
Garrett T M, blacksmith. 
Hintou O, cotton grower. 
Martin & Dinweddies, millers. 
Martin G F, general store. 
Tompson Adam, farming. 


ty. (See Pageville). 

Barren coun- 

CHAPLIX. With a population of 
200, is located n^ar the Chaplin river, which 
furnishes power, in Nelson. eounty, 16 miles 
miles northeast of Bard^town, the county- 



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peat, bank location, and shipping point, on 
L. & N. R. K., and 43 from Louisville. 
Groin and nogs are shipped. Two church- 
es and the Kelson Normal Sdiool are here. 
A shoemaker will find a good opening 
here. Stage daily to Bardstown ; fare $1. 
Mail daily. Louisa G. Combs, postmaster. 
Blanton L, distiller. 
Bodine L, distiller. 
Cokendolpher D, Hour-mill. 
Cokendolpher & Murphy, distillers, 
Connor Richard, wagon-maker. 
Fields Wm, wagon-maker. 
Hurst Gam, grocer. 
Lowber Miss Mattie, teacher. 
Morgan Newton, justice of peace. 
Mudd Tyler, blacksmith. 
>'ea! B T, hotel proprietor. 
Pope & Marshall, physicians. 
Reeves Rev John (Methodist). 
Reynold? John, blacksmith. 
Rose B W & Co, general store. 
Salomon J, general store. 
Sanders Gabriel, justice. 
Stanley Osso, carpenter. 
Stanley R M. confectionery. 
Weaver W T, hotel proprietor. 


(See Dawson). 

Hopkins county. 

is a village of 250 inhabitants, in Carter 
county, 250 miles from Louisville, and 7 
from Pactolus, on the E. K. R. R. Here is 
1 iron furnace. 1 church, and 1 school. 
Iron is the only export. Daily mail. S. 
S. Duzan, postmaster. 
Barracks John, blacksmith. 
Brady Albert S. general store. 
Brady T J, manager Furnace Co. 
Charlotte Furnace Co., Pig Iron 

Duzan S. S., Farmer. 
Huff Fred, wagon-maker. 
Van Dyke A C. agent Charlotte Furn Co. 
Willis Ambrose, blacksmith. 

CHATHAM. Was established in 
1875, and is a viihtge of -ome 100 people, 
in Bracken county, 4 mile- north of Brook- 
ville, the county-seat, and 200 north-east of 
'Louis v ill e. T h e m*>st co n veniCn t s h i p p i n g 
point is Augusta landing, on the Ohio 
river, 5 miles north, and Augusta is the 

location of the nearest bank. Two churches 

and a school are sustained. Tobacco, 

wheat, hogs and cattle are shipped. Stage 

carrying daily mail to Augusta, fare 25 

cents. Joseph D. Hancock,~postmaster. 

Boude D P. reporter. 

Fagan C D, cooper. 

Graham & Ginn, live stock. 

Hancock George, barber. 

Hancock <$: Bro., General Store. 

Lauderbaeh Marion, tobacco. 

Lloyd cc Bradford, live stock. 

McKibben John, plow manufacturer. 

McKibben & Best, live stock. 

Sellers Jas L. hotel. 

Stemple C D. farmer. 

Taylor J B, lawyer. 

Taylor T J, Leaf-tobacco. 

Traugot H J, physician. 

CHEROKEE. In the eastern part 
of the State. It is a village located on the 
creek of same name, in Lawrence county, 
9 miles from Willard, the nearest shipping 
point, on E. K. R'y, and 20 west of Louisa, 
the county-seat. Farm produce is mar- 
keted. The E. K. R ; y extension is sur- 
veyed to this point, and will probably be 
completed this year. Mail daily. B. E. 
Fugitt, postmaster. 
Fitch F. B, general store. 
Fujjitt R. 13., Hotel and Justice 

Fugitt Waiter W, assistant postmaster 
Griffith H J, general store. 
Pritchard L, railroad asrent. 
Wheeler Rev Jas E (Baptist). 
Young J W, justice of peace. 
Youncr J W & Son, arenerai store. 


CHESTER. On the Ohio river, is a 
village with a probable population of 500. 
It is two miles east of Maysville (of which 
it is, in reality, a suburb) which is the ship- 
ping point and nearest bank. Flour, lum- 
ber and produce are exported. Stage to 
Cabin Creek, Tole-boro. and Burtons vi lie. 
Mail daily. Lewis N. Hobday, postmaster 
and mayor. 

Graham Joseph P. patent medicine dealer. Patrick, barber. 
Holiday JLcwis X., R. R. Agent, Gen- 
eral Store and Mayor. 
Holiday & Huchins, grocers and provision, 

Galvanized iron Cornice 

C 313-321 So. Clinton Street, CHICAGO, ILL. 
MjB&^Send for Illu3fratfd Catalogue and Pr^ce*. 





Keen Monroe, grocer. 
Spharr <fc Cooper, brick and lime-makers. 
"Williams L, grocer and provision store. 
Workman F M, boot and shoemaker. 

CHESTNUT GltOYE. A village 
in Shelby county, 8 miles north of Shelby- 
ville, the county-sent. eld, 6^ iaail £ 
north, is the nearest shipping point. Popu- 
lation 1.5. Mail semi-weekly. J. W. 
Green, postmaster. 

Green Jamc-s W., General Store. 

Harden C VV, physician. 
Tucker J B, blacksmith. 
Vardrinau Ben, carpenter. 

CHIC AGO. Is situated 12 miles 
west of Lebanon, the seat of Marion coun- 
ty, and is a station on the L. & N. R. R., 
■with a population of 150. A Catholic 
church and parochial school, with a steam 
saw-mill and distillery, are here. Whisky 
forms the chief export. Express Adams. 
Mail daily. G. N. Ballard, postmaster. 
Alvey J A, justice of peace. 
Ballard C JS\ express agent. 
Blair, Osborn & liallard, Distillers. 
Bullock "Wm, blacksmith. 
Cissell Mrs M E, hotel. 
Dart J W, distiller. 
.Drury Rev Edward (Catholic). 
Ferrill J C, general store. 
Smith J A, constable. 
Smith W H, B R agent. 
Smith «fc Son, distillery and saw-mill. 

lage in Jackson county, of 200 inhabitants, 
10 miles south of MeFee, the county-seat, 
and 160 southeast of Louisville. Its ship- 
ping point is Livingston. 18 miles distant. 
It has 3 churches, a common and a high 
school; also ha* two grist-mills run by wa- 
ter-power. Exports cattle, horses, mules 
and bogs. Mail daily. F. B. Riley, post- 

Arnold Amanuel, livestock. 
Cook George W, live stock and physician. 
Johnson G W, flour-milL 

CHILESBURGH. A post-office in 
Fayette county, 102 miles east of Louis- ' 
ville. Goods should be shipped to Athens, 
on the Kentucky river. Daily mail. W. 
E. Christian, postmaster. 

Johnstone George, justice of peace. 
King John B, county judge. 
Peningtoii Elias, blacksmith. 
Powell Samuel, physician. 
Powell Carter, general store. 
Riley F B, general store. 
Settle M D. flour-mil!/ 
Settle A P, lawyer. 
Sims John, physician. 
Welch S E, general store. 

tion on the L., C. & L. R'y, in. Shelby 
county, distant 8 miles north of Shelby- 
ville, the nearest bank location. A steam 
flour-mill. 2 churches, arid a school are 
here, and a shoemaker is needed. Corn, 
wheat, tobacco, and live stock, form the 
shipments. Population 100 (census 1880). 
Express Adams. Stage to Shelby ville dai- 
ly ; fare $1.25. Mail daily. J. P. Wilcox- 
son, postmaster. 
Alexander S S, physician. 
Bell wood R B, harness-maker. 
Brown & Brown, live Btock. 
Demaree George W, lawyer and justice. 
Flood W C, flour-mill. 
GurliU Harrv, grocer and photographer. 
Hal! Rev S (Methodist). 
Pil'ir Rev A S (Baptist). 
Ritchie S A, grocer. 
Roberts John W, saloon. 
Roberts J W, express agt. 
Rupe Wm H, carpenter. 
Waters Henry, blacksmith. 
Wilcoxson A' J, phvsician and grocer. 
Wikoxseii J. T., R. R. Agt. and Gen- 
eral Store. 

CHURCH HELL. A small post- 
office in Christian county, 8 miles from 
llopkiusville, its shipping station. Lanier 
Sherman, postmaster and general store. 


post-office only, 

Woodford county, a small 

CLARK'S CREEK. This settle- 
ment of 5 families is in Grant county, 80 
miles from Louisville, and 5 from Elston, 
its shipping station by rail. It has 2 
churches and I school. Weekly mail. W. 
T. Green, postmaster. 
Crouch Jeremiah, blacksmith. 
Green W T, general store. 





Have Settled more than '1,400 
loesses, and have bad l»nt 13 lte« 

giated Ciuinis, Agents Everywhere- 




CLARYYILLE, In Campbell coun- 
ty i? a villageof 100 inhabitant-, 14V miles 

fourth of Newport, the shipping point. 

Stage to Alexandria and Newport daily; 

fare $1. Tri- weekly mail. W. T. Clary 


Arnold W W, flour and saw-mill. 

Beebtal Johii, boiler-maker. 

Bvrd Foster, butcher. 

Clary W. T., General Store. Photog- 
rapher and Printer. 

Fleirel F, blacksmith. 

Gosney W C, live stock. 

Gosney W G, oculist. 

He.-s Peter, live stock. 

llimes John, saloon. 

Iteea I-aae, barber. 

Kees W B, carpenter. 

Phillips Peter. glass-blower. 

Prick ett G W L, teacher. 

Prickett S W, wagon-maker. 

Ku^h George, basket-maker. 

Smith Peter, cooper. 

Spill man James, blacksmith. 

Storm John, cooper. 

Tenner Sadie, dress-maker. 

Wetherimn Adam, merchant tailor. 

Wright A A, general store. 

Watson B, tobacco. 
Wooten T W, drusreist. 

CLAY, A village with 350 inhabi- 
tants (census 1880), is located in the west- 
ern part of Webster county, 10 miles south- 
west of the county-seat. Its nearest rail- 
road point is Slaughterviile, 24 miles east. 
Shipments should be made to Caseyville ©n 
the Ohio river, lt> mile.- wt-t. Nearest 
bank at Dixon. It has a church and 
school, and exports tobacco and live stock. 
A flour-mill is needed. Land can be ob- 
tained at $10 to $20 P"r acre. Tri-weekly 
mail. E. N. Blackmail, postmaster. 
P:\iiey W D. constable. 
IViLickburn E N, hotel and livery. 
Rlaekwell Joel, live stock. 
B'ackwell Thomas, general store. 
Boddra M, shoemaker. 
Budehed S C H, cablet-maker. 
Gook S II, justice. 
Holman Rev M B (Baptist). 
Jenkins J J, live stock. 
Jenkins Mr., S B, milliner. 
M< ■ -ry W J, physician. 
Pride & Klrkwood, blacksmiths. 
Puier B H, physician. 
Sskolks H, merchant. 


(See Cleveland). 

Fayette county. 

• CLAYPOOL. Located ori Barren 
river, in the eastern part of Warren coun- 
ty, 12 £ miles east of Bowling Green, the 

countv-seat, and nearest shipping point, on 
L. & N*. R. R., 113 miles from Louisville. 
Mail semi-weekly. Isaac T. Lee, post- 

Claypool S W, live stock. 
Duff John, blacksmith. 
Erwin W A. teacher. 
Jones 6c Reniek, physicians. 
Lee & Claypool. leaf-tobacco. 
Motley & Man in, flour-mill. 
Rector W U, live stock. 
Tabor Emory, carpenter. 
Tabor Wm, general store. 

CLAY YILLAG-E. Six miles from 
Shelbyviile. the county-seat of Shelby 
county, and 36 miles from Louisville, is 
this village of 300 people, 2 churches, and 
1 school. Daily stage to Shelbyviile; fare 
50c. Daily mail. Thos. Vannatta, post- 

Adkins J S, boot and shoemaker. 
Card well Thomas, blacksmith. 
Clark & Moon, Lumber Dealers. 
Finnell G T,. blacksmith. 
Mc Conn ell J, wine-grower. 
Melear Peter, wagon-maker. 
Middleton YY R, live stock. 
Nash N F, general store. 
Sleacl Sea to n, Hotel. 
Smith J II, wagon-maker. 
Smith J W, physician. 
Stopfer Jacob, wine-maker. 
Yaimatta Thomas, General Store. 

CLAYSYIT LE. A post-office on 
the main Ljeking river, in the north- 
eastern part of Harrison county, 12 miles 
north-east of Cynthiuna, the county-seat, 
and 9 north-east ef Poirulexter, on the K. 
C. R. R. Exports tobacco, grain, and 
stock. Tri-weekly stage to Milfofd and 
Roonesviile; fare to former, 25c; to the 
latter place Toe. Daily mail. 
Asbury E T, plasterer. 
Aabury W T, general store. 

m issirais if mam 




? CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, K 7 . 

CatberwoodTM, carpenter. 
Chandler & Sod, shoemakers. 
Curran W H. physician. 

Hamilton J 15, hotel. 
Hitch J D, blacksmith. 
Linley S T, blacksmith. 
Linley Wm, grocer. 
Montgomery James, teacher. 
Sandy C \Y, flour-mill. 
Snodgrass A. general store, 

CLEAR FORK. A small unim- 
portant post- office in Beil county. 

CLEAR SPRI.XG. A country post- 
ofuce, in Graves county, 9 miles of 
Mft j field, the county-seat, its most conve- 
nient shipping point, on the M,, P. & N. 
II. R. Two flour and grist-mills are pro- 
pelled by power supplied by Clark river 
here. Tobacco and produce are shipped. 
Population 40. Mail semi-weekly. J. L. 
Allen, postmaster. 
Allen J. L., General Store. 
Carter & Bristol, saw and flour-mill. . 
Enoch W, flour-mill. 
Hicks T J, wagon-maker. 
Hurt & Arnett. drugs and general store. 
Mason & Casby, flour and saw-mill. 
Michael John, chair-maker. 
Rhodes James, blacksmith. 
Shelton Rev J J. 
Stiggins James. 
Trautt J R, physician. 
"VVilkerson W Y & Co, grocers. 

CLEOPATRA. A small settlement 
and post-office, in McLean county, 7 miles 
from Calhoun. 

O" Bryan, station agent. 

Samuels & O'Bryan, General Store. 

Ward Thomas; carpenter. 

CLEVELAND. Sometimes called 
Clay's Perry, is a landing on the Kentucky 
river, and a village of some 75 inhabitant-', 
in Fayette county, 15 miles from Lex 
ton, the county-seat, and 9 from Athens, 
on A., C. & I. R. R,, the nearest raUr. 
approach. Lumber, coal, and sand are 
shipped. Stage to Lexington and Eich- 
mond daily : fare $1 and 75 cents, C. C. 
Reins, postmaster. 

Biggerstaff W J, freight agent. 
Erskine parties, blacksmith. 
Erskine Wm. stone-cutter, 
Gunn A. general store. 
Irvine Tfoos, express agent. 
Reins C C, General Store. 
Seweli The':', general store. 
Stevens & Atkerson, saw-mill. 
Thurman B, wharf-master. 
Thurman James, wagon-maker. 
Wedclle C A C, carpenter. 

CLERMOXT. A station on the 

Bardstown div. L. &N. R. R.. 6 miles south- 
east of Shepherds ville, the county-seat, and 
40 from Louisville. Whisky, hay, hoop- 
poles, timber, and produce are shipped. 
Population 75. Mail daily; J. M. Sam- 
uels, postmaster. 

Bi.nnett T. carpenter; 
Bowman T J, physician. 
Britt Thomas, wine grower. 
Bryan J 1), lawyer. 
Chapeze A & B* distillers.' 
Garrett Thomas shoemaker. 
McCleary H, hotel and wagop-maker. 
Murphy Barber & Co, distillers. 

CLIFFORD. A country post-office 
in Lawrence county, and a landing on the 
Tug Fork of the Big Sandy river, which 
here furnishes power at present not util- 
ized, Ship direct. The nearest bank ; .s 
at Ashland, -10 miles north. Louisa, the 
county-scat and nearest railroad approach 
is on the Chattroi R. R., 10 miles north. 
Timber forms the chief export. Mail daily. 
W. II . Bart ram, postmaster. 
Bar train, W. H., Lumber and Sa«- 

I Logs. 

j Fitzpatriek Arthur, blacksmith. 

! Fitzpatriek Ulysses, justice of peace. 

| Frasher D K, justice of peace. 

j Frasher Samuel, shoemaker. 

I K>eton Rev Coleman (Baptist). 

: Maynard "Wm; general store. 

; Ratliff \V D, Hour and saw-mill. 


i creek, a water-power stream m Breekin- 
I ridge county, is a small settlement of 'o 
! people, located 7 miles north of Hardin*- 
i burg, the county-seat. Stephen sport, • n 
| the Ohio river, 11 miles west, is the ship- 
! ping point. Tobacco and produce 
I shipped. Mail tri-weekly. T. Atkinson, 
i postmaster. 


* ~* 


ice to the Companies vra manage. 
CASTLEMAN, Loir<sviIle, Ky. 
everjrwJieie South. 





Atkinson S B, general store. 

Atkinson Thomas, Tobacco Dealer. 

Coleman 6c Glasgow, flour-mill. 

Dent M B, tobacco dealer. 

Foster P W, physician. 

Head Kev Win 1 Baptist). 

St Clair Kev G W ( Presbyterian ). 

CLIFT1. Also called Bivinsville, is 

a small village in Todd county, 14 miles 
south of Elkton, the county-seat, and 24 
from Allensvilic, the most convenient 
shipping point on L. 3z N, R. R., for its 
surplus product of tobacco, which forms 
the only export. A saw and grist-mill, 
run by steam, is here. Mail semi-weekly. 
j A Steele, postmaster. ■ 
Brickley "W 0, carpenter and undertaker. 
Gant Rev J L, | Christian). 
Gates Daniel D, general store. 
Hetisley J II general -tore. 
Steele J. A., Saw and Flour-mill. 
Tatum Rev J S, physician. 
Whitson Pvev J F (Baptist). 

CLINTON. An incorporated town, 
having a population, according to the cen- 
sus of 1880, of 500. It is a station on the 
line of the C, St. L. & N. O. R. R., 200 
miles from Louisville, aud is the seat of 
justice for Hickman county. The hanking 
business of the place is transacted at Cairo, 
111. Four churches — Christian, Methodist, 
Baptist, and Presbyterian — with good pub- 
lic school, are here. This town is also the 
location of the Clinton College, which was 
established in 1874, and has obtained a justly 
celebrated name as a tirst-class educational 
institution. It has 177 pupils, and employs 5 
teachers. The town also supports a news- 
paper (the Clinton Democrat), a saw-mill, 
grist-mill, and stave factory, 2 good hotels — 
the Davis and Robinson Houses — and a 
public hall for entertainments, etc. Corn, 
wheat, tobacco. and produce, with some 
live stock, form the shipments. Wild land 
averages $g, and improved farms can be 
obtained at $80 per acre. Express South- 
ern. Telegraph Western Union. Mail 
daily. T. \V. Ashley, postmaster. 
A Men Roy. news and periodical dealer. 
Asnley Thomas "YV., Gent's Furnishing 

Goods, Book-seller and Stationer, and 

Ashley White & Morri3, hardware. 

Bates James P, sewing-machines. 

Beeler George, physician. 

Bin ford Gideon J, county judge. 

Bishop Wm J, judge court common pleas. 

Biythe & Co, saw-mill, 2k miles south. 

Bone J Lewis, justice of peace. 

Boon Wm F, carpenter and undertaker. 

Bowers Bros, dry goods, etc> 

Bowers Calvin']:, live stock and produce. 

Bowers J Edward, groceries and furniture. 

Bradley & White, lawyers. 

Brown Henry C, county surveyor. 

Bugg George A, barber. 

Bunler Stephen, shoemaker. 

Burge John T, watch-maker. 

Carter John W, grocer. 

Clinton College, Miss A. M. Hicks, 

President. (See adv.) 
Clinton Democrat (weekly), John H 

Shields, editor and proprietor. 
Cook Rev WH (Christian). 
Crossland Edward, judge circuit court. 
Davis John, Proprietor Davis House 

and Livery Stable. (See adv.) 
Dulin Philip A, R R and express agent 
Earle H, physician. 
Ellis John II. groceries and crockery. 
Evans Rev W W (Presbyterian). 
Franklin & Son, live stock. 
Grittin John W, constable. 
Grifrin <& Gwyn, saw-mill, 3 miles west. 
Hales & Moss, general store. 
Hayes Joseph D, justice of peace. 
Henderson James A, phvsiciun. 
Hess Rev A J (Baptist)." 
Hieks Miss A...M., President Clinton 

College. (See adv.) 
Hodges Edward C, county attorney. 
Husbands George L, iawver. 
Johnson W Russel, sheriff. 
Jordan Charles, cigars and tobacco. 
Jordan Wm A, physician. 
Kemp John R, clerk circuit court. 
Loonev & Benedict, wa£<m-makers. 
McCorklc. Miss B R. millinery. 
Miller & Grace, saw and grist-mill. 
Moore James, carpenter. 
Mcore John T, general store and grain. 
Mosa Nathaniel P, lawyer. 
Murphy Wilson T, meat market. 
Nance Henry G. lumber rnnfr, 7 miles east. 
Neville Robert S, leaf-tobacco. 
Peers Yal, hardware and stoves. 
Phillips James, blacksmith. 
Ray Francis M. lawyer. 
Rav Wm G, Iawver, 

|**??®^5S?l $$U$t'$ft Dating Stamps, Self-Inking Stamps, Bank .-iam«i : . a? 
K BKEn SIAMPS l *«**«*°»i Amatenr Printing Presses and rype. £., 
ii^fe&im iMik&iHlfl Engraver and Die Sinker, I6ti Randolph St., C'Uia 



VtiO, Hi, 





Robinson House, Mr?. M. A. Robin- 
son, Proprietress. 

Robinson Mrs. Martha A, Pro- 
prietress Ho bin soil House. 

Robinson Robert A, druggist. 

Shields John H. propr Clinton Democrat. 

Sbultz Samuel, chair manufacturer. 

Slavden John G. druggist 

Stewart Key E H 'Methodist), 

Tarner H A, eotmty&ss'essor. 

Taylor Smith R, county elk and recorder. 

Thatcher Robert P, tailor. 

Thomas Charles H, prosecuting attorney. 

Tillman Jourdftn, barber. 

Uilman Samuel, groceries. 

Walker Wm T. groceries and crockery. 

Weil George, livery. 

West *fc Kemp Misses, millinery. 

Williamson J W. gr< eer. 

Winter Ilenrv H, jailor. 

CMlSHOS VHJUEL In the southern 

part of Bourl >n county, 9 miles south-east 
of Pari-, its nearest shipping point on the 
K. C. R. R. Tri- weekly mail. Population 
200. Isaac Stipp. postmast< p. 
Alexander Br H W. physician. 
Boggs Rev S D (Presbyterian). 
Gilkey J T, constable, 
Heathman W T. general store. 
Kennedy & Devereaux, blacksmiths. 
Morrow George W. justice of peace. 
Shropshire T A, physician. 

CL-TO. In the southern part of Puias- 
ki county, is a country post-oifice, 10 miles 
south-west of Somerset, the county-seat. 
The shipping point is Burn side, 4 miles 
east, to which a semi-daily stage runs. 
Daily mail. W. O. Newell, postmaster. 

.post-ottiee and small settlement in Jackson 
county, 12 miles north-west of McjKee, 
the county-seat, and 140 south-east of 
Louisville. Ship to Harris, the nearest 
railroad point on the Richmond div. L. & 
N. R. R; nearest bank at Richmond. 
Plenty of coal is in the vicinity, which 
will be profitably worked, if the proposed 
line of the Kentucky Central R. R. passes 
through h.-rc, as expected. Daily mail. 
Wm. J. Hayes, postmaster. 
Azhill Rev James (Christian). 
Azhill W B, blacksmith. 

Baker E J, justice of peace. 
Chick James, carpenter. 
Coyle L T, justice of peace. 
Fowler HH, justice of peace. 
Fowler John, school commissioner. 
Gay B F, general store. ' r 
Hatfield J D, blacksmith. 
Martin C S, lawyer. 
Morris J, justice. 
P&rris James, shoemaker. 
Snider John, flour-mill. 
Stanifer Rev Wm (Baptist). 

CLOVER FORK. The name of a 
small post-office in Harlan county. 

CLOVERPORT. An important 
landing on the Ohio River in Breckenridge 
county, 110 a&iles south-west ol Louisvii >, 
and 35 north-east of Owensboro, on L.&N. 
R. R., the nearest railroad approach. The 
town is incorporated and contains a popula- 
tion of 1.056 (census IbSO). Numerous 
improvements have lately been made and 
the town is in a flourishing condition. 
There is an enterprising weekly newspaper, 
the "Breckinridge News," a bank, 2 plow- 
factories, 2 wagon-factories, a flour-mi ih 
spoke-factory, 4 tobacco-factories and 
churches of the . Baptist, Presbyterian, 
Methodist and Catholic denominations, 
(white) and 3 churches for colored people 
(I Baptist and 2. Methodist ), with good 
public schools. All river packets stop here 
daily, going both north and south. Tobac- 
co, live stock, produce and grain are shipped 
to a considerable extent. Some coal is 
mined here and large depoiits are in the 
vicinity. Stage to Hardinsburg, the county- 
seat, 11 miles east daily. Express Adams, 
Mail daily. John C. Heist, postmaster. 
Allen Rev C (Methodist). 
Archer Graham & Co, spoke-factory. 
Babbage Courtney P. saddles and harness. 
Babbage John C. lawyer. 
Babbage John IX, Publisher Breck- 
inridge News, and Dealer in Books. Sta- 
tionery, Cigar-. 1Vl':i'.v(», Wall Paper, 
Note ns. Toys, Fancy Goods, etc., and 
Agent Adams Kxpress Co. 
Bailman Henry, bakery. 
Bender John, barber. 
Bolder Barney, shoemaker, 
Bowmer Wm H, pres Breckinridge bank. 
Bo wraer & Harnbleton, general store. 

■ I RftfN 


Controlling over $40 000,000 of Fire 
Capital, and operating in Hi South- 
ern States, witl> cUisf office iu 
Louis-vHl'vKy. Agents ^vory where. 

IlliL id 






Breckinridge Hank I Paid-up capital, 

$45,000) Wm.-H. Bowmen President; 

Abraham B. Skill man, Cashier. 
Breckinridge News (Weekly), John 

J). Babhage/Pu&Heher; WallaceG-ruelle, 

Brown James E, physician. 
Chapin James, saw-mill (5 milts ea.u). 
Chnpin ife Co, saw-mill 6 miles east). 
Cloverport Hotel $1.80 per day VS. 

C. Crawford, Prop'r. High St. near P. O. 
Cloverport Mtarble- Works, Haynes 

& Payne,.. Pru.p'rs. Manufacturers and 

Dealers in Italian, American, and Scotch 

Granite Monuments, etc. 

Cooper Mrs Caroline, millinery goods. 

Cooper & Belieii ( Wm. Cooper, M.J. 
Beheni, Genera! Blacksmiths, and Man- 
ufacturers of the Boss Road Wagon, 
Spring Wagons, Buggies, and Plows, 
Also, Dealers in Farm Machinery of 
every Description. 

Cox Crawford E, physician. 

Crawford Samuel C M Prop'r Clover- 
port Hotel, High Street near Post- 

Deen Slarion, confectionery, etc. 

D'Huy Frederick, watches and jewelry. 

Duncan Philo V, tobacco (leaf). 

Felsenthal Isaac, general siore, 

Fisher Addison K, druggist. 

Davis House, 

CE-XIffXOXtf. KY. 

Per Day S2.CO- TftTFN 1 *n a tttc Pw* 9 * 

Good Livery in Connection v/ith the House. 






Clinton College is now near the ciose of the seventh year of its existence. The 
prosperity of this Institution has increased, and its influence widened until to-day it 
ranks with the first colleges in the Commonwealth, it opened in 1874, with fifteen pupils 
and has this year enrolled 1 77. it has graduated twelve pupils. 


Clinton College has Primary, Intermediate; Preparatory, Collegiate and Musical 

Course of study, systematic and comprehensive. 
Teaching, tborougn and practical 

Discipline, home-: ke. 

Mi--? A. M. HICK> Prcsiden:, T 

.ocation, healthful. 


• of Hi 

Prof. F.J. MILLER. 

Classics, Higher Mathematics, and Namr-al 


PViticipaJ Primary Department, and Assis 

ta.nt in CaHttgia'tc Departmettt. 

Literature, Mental and Moral Philosophy, Logic, &c 

Principal Preparatory I>epartment. 

\ss»s.tant in Primary Department. 

Prin :.: aJ Musical Department. 

For further information, address, £. K. HIC2S, Clllltcn, Ekkman Co., tf. 

fH OS. tfl. 01 1 ElM, ^Rasr^.S? 





Fisher E, police judge. 

Fraize & Milter, general store. 

George Wm, brick-yard. 

Gregory & Co., Forwarding Commis- 
sion Merchants, Coal Dealers, and Pro- 
prietors Wharf-boat. 

Gregory & Son, carpenters. 

Hamilton Samuel T, dentist. 

Hainrnan Michael, furniture and undertak'r 

Haves Joseph S, principal high school. 

Haynes «5L Payiie (B. T. Haynes, F. P. 
Payne), Proprietors Cloverport Marble- 
Works, Marble Dealers, etc. 

Heist Albert, stoves and tin. 

Heist Joins C, Watchmaker and Gen- 
eral Repairer, and Postmaster. 

Heist Joseph M, photographer. 

Hitchcock Smith, saloon. 

Holt- John H, physician. 

HovioilS Samuel, Saloon. 

Kingsbury <fc Bro, carpenters. 

Laufer George G, (.>ii, 8} miles south. 

Lewis J T, physician. 

Lewis Vessels & Bro, tobacco. 

Lightfoot John S, live stock.' 

Lillard Silas, tobacco. 

Lishen Charles, meat market. 

McDomald Rev J P (Presbyterian). 

McMnien J W. shoemaker. 

Marlow John T, saloon. 

May Henry J, wagon-maker. 

May Wm, saloon. 

May & Br<>, coopers. 

Mayes J P., confectionery. 

Miller Isaac, wines and liquors. 

Miller Jacob I-.., Hardware, Stoves, 
and Agricultural Implements. 

Miller Peter S, live stock. 

•Miller & Hovious, (J. F. Miller, Sam'l 
Hovious), Livery and Sale Stable. (See 

Merman, Skillman & Co, leaf-tobacco. 

Murphy Allen, Carpenter, Contractor, 
and Builder, and Dealer in Sash, Doors, 
Blinds, Paints, Glass, etc. 

Murray John A, lawyer. 

Murray & Gregory, insurance agents. 

Hewson Robert L, druggist. 

Newton M.I-3 Eliza, millinery goods. 

Oelze <& Bro., FlouMnill. 

Owen James- T. physician. 

Pierce Robert R, justice of peace. 

Rafferty Bradley T, physician. 

Ra i It J0E1 \ W , afct-o ru ey a t 1 a w . . ' 
Raitt Owen, saddles and harness. 

Bice dc Burner, proprs Sloan coal mines. 


Ryan T «$: Son, shoemakers. 

Seifried Frank, baker. 

Sip-pel & Bohler, shoemakers. 

Skillman A B, cashier Breckinridge bank. 

Smith F M, physician. - 

Snyder Robert & Co, saw-mill, 10 m south 

Star Flour-mills, Oelze & Bro., propfa. 

Sultzer J P & Bro, general store. 

SuttomJohn W, sewing* -machin \s. 

Temple Crosby D, propr Temple Hotel. 

Temple Hotel, Crosby D Temple, propr." 

Vessels Wm W, saloon. 

Vest «Sc S mart, ( Wm, Vest and W m . (i . 
Smart) Dealers in Dry Goods, Clothing, 
Groceries, Provision.-, etc. 

Wartield Thomas N, leaf-tobacco dealer 
and physician. 

Wells Mrs W J, millinery goods. 

Wheeler James E, leaf-tolbacco. 

White Wm B, druggist and dentist: 

Witt 4fc Conrad, (Richard "Witt and 
Samuel Conrad), manufacturers of Car- 
riages, Wagons, Plows, etc. (See adv.) 

Witt & Farber, tailors. 


Cumberland river, is a small village in 
Cumberland county, 8 miles west of Burks- 
viile, the county-seat, and 35 miles east of 
Glasgow, the nearest railroad approach, 
Goods can be shipped by rail via this lat- 
ter place or to Cloyd's Landing direct by 
water. A steam saw and grist-mill is here 
and tobacco, wheat and produce are ship- 
ped. Population 85. Daily mail. H. J. 
Cloyd, postmaster. 

Cloyd If. J. <fc Co., General Store. 
Cloyd T. J., Farmer. 

Cloyd W C & Bvo, saw and flour-mill. 
Williams J O, blacksmith. 

COA/L. IIUX. A country post-office 

in Pike county and a landing on the west 
fork of the Big Sandy river. Pikeville, 
the county-scat, is 8 miles south. No bank 
nearer than CaileitsWrg, 25 miles north. 
Wood, feathers and farm produce at*' 
shipped. Daily mail. Harvey Wedding- 
ton, postmaster. 

Ferguson S M, flour-mill. 
Harris & Reynolds general store. 
Meadows Wm R. merchant. 
Wedttiugton Harvey, Grocery. 
Wornix Calvin, grocery. 






Hi I "V JED IR, IT ,. 


Exchange Stable, 

-S:.' I .;.... — t ' DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF STOCK. 



We are raising a tery superior gracU- of SUccp, Cattle ai«.d H©£b ? and offer for eale on reasonable 
terms. Correspondence '-•elicited. 



witt &o ooisrm&JiD, 




1 S3 PS 5 * 2 4 

h o /*'■ S k! 

s ; i R — • - 2 1 fc 

n d -**""■ 1 -■" § 


General Repairing of all kind* done on ahoit notice. Send for prices. 


IGfl 71W fflflisw 

\V« desire All .trcliitects. h»sj! <'ornicr firjn-4 4, 
coiumtitiienle %» » 1 1* its about '/.ine Oi-uuiik i:t». 

AMresi J. W. ATKINSON, 313-321 So. Clinton St., Chicago, 111 





COALTOX. In Boyd county, is a 
«tation on the A., 1. & C. R. R., and a vil- 
lage of abouf 75 inhabitants, located in the 
western part of the county, 10 miles from 
Catlettsburg, the county-seat The nearest 
bank is at Ashland. The adjacent country 
u rich in coal itepofiits, and 18*000 tons are 
said to be shipped per month. Express 
Adams. Telephone connection with Ash- 
land. Daily mail Thomas Meredith, post- 

Faster Wm, express agent. 
Logan J M, physician. 
Norton & Meredith, general store and Hour- 
Sersion Peter, hotel. 
Zeigler Rev J G (Methodist). 


sniall post-settlement in Wayne county, 13 
miles north-west of MontieeUo. 

COLI> SPRING. This village is 
incorporated, and contains about 50 inhab- 
itants, is in Campbell county, 10 miles 
south of Newport, the seat of justice, and 
nearest bank, and 21 miles south of Culver- 
son, the most convenient shipping point on 
the K. C. Ry. Two churches and a public 
school are here. Produce is exported. 
Daily stage to Alexandria and Newport. 
Daily mail. S. H. Stebbins, postmaster. 
Able ring George 11, justice of peace. 
Baudendistal H, saloon. 
Bower Y, blacksmith. 
Eckle M. wagon-maker. 
Farenholtz Wm, saloon. 
Heinlein George, wagon-maker. 
Hildebrund W, blacksmith 
Homer M A, constable. 
Hook L, blacksmith. 

McHatten , auctioneer. 

Sellner Y, shoemaker. 
Stebbins S. H., Grocer. 
Thornton Peter, physician. 
Whiteman Rev B F .Methodist). 

COL.I>\VATEI?. In the" western 

purt of Calloway county. TMs is a small 

village of about 50 inhabitants, 10 miles 
west of Murray, the count v- seat. Ship to 
Mayneld, on the M. P. & N. R. R., where 
i-i, also, the nearest lank. Peanuts, cot- 
tola and tobacco, are shipped. Mail tri- 
weekly. G. M. Holland, postmaster. 

Beech John, wagon-maker. 

Broach W R, leaf-tobacco dealer. 

Chum John, cooper. 

Chum M L, blacksmith. 

Clark & Rushing, distillers. 

Ezell A G, physician. 

Hanneline Rev J D (Baptist). 

L-ech J W, express agent. 

Long B A, railroad agent. 

Nix «& Holland, General Store. 

Prince T M, physician. 

Smith C C. constable. 

Wattcrs Rev J W.( Methodist). 

W rather J W, grocer. 

Wrather 8 M. justice. 

Wrather & Slaughter, leaf-tobacco dealers. 

COLDWEL1 ,'S STORE. A post- 
office on Ray creek, in Anderson county, 
65 miles from Louisville. Weekly mail. 
B. F. Coldwell, postmaster. 

COLESBtTRGH. A station on the 

L. & N. R. R., and a village of 150 inhab- 
itants, in the eastern part of Hardin county. 
8 miles north of Elizabeth town, the coun- 
ty-seat and nearest bank location. Hog?, 
cattle, lumber, tan-bark, and large quanti- 
ties of hay are shipped. A Catholic church, 
a common school, and a steam saw and 
corn-mill are here. Express Adams. Teh 
egraph Western Union. Mail daily. J. 
W. G, Stark, postmaster. 
Abell Rev J L (Catholic). 
Booth G O, constable. 
Carlisle John, justice. 
Florence O, express agent. 
Green Richard, hotel. 
Mead & Sterling, distillers. 
Pardee C A, saw and tlour-mill. 
Purcell & Jackman, grocers. 
Sherrard & French, blacksmiths. 
Spink C R, justice. 
Stark J. W. G., General Store. 
Stewart C C, hotel.' 

COTXEGE HIIX,. An incorpora- 
ted village of 200 in habitants, in Madison 
ecunty, 12 mih's north of Richmond, the 
seat of justice, and 1 mile from the Ken- 
tucky river, where power is attainable, but 
is not utilized- Produce is the chief pfcip- 
ment. Daily stage to Waco, Irvine, and 
Richmond. Two churches and an educa- 
tional establishment, the ** Ayres' Aca-b- 



Have Settled more than 1,400 
LtOMtes, «.»«! have had but 13 Kc— 
5 *luud Claims. Agents Everywhere 





my," are here. Mail daily. James H. 

Lewis, postmaster. 

Adams P F, nursery. 

Ay res J, druggist and physician. 

Dctherage Wm, blacksmith. 

Pouthrie Aaron, farmer. 

Klkin K II, farmer. 

Grider Rev F (Methodist). 

Griffith Wm, fanner. 

Griggs J S, farmer. 

Johnston liev J J (Methodist). 

Lewis James H, general store. 

Miller James, blacksmith. 

Morgan W B, dentist. 

Norris Younger, general store. 

Norris. W K. general store and justice. 

Owens H S, hotel. 

Phelps Wm, trader. 

Kice James, trader. 

White George, blacksmith. 

Williams J 0, shoemaker. 

Wilson Thomas. principal Avers' Academy, 

Wilson W P, farmer. 

Wood Wm, general store. 

Woodson Lewis, farmer. 


en county, 11 miles from its shipping sta- 
tion, Paducah, and 236 from Louisville, is 
this country post-office, at which mail is 
received semi-weekly. Population about 75. 
George W. Curd, postmaster. 
Allen Heflen general store. 
Center F J, school-teacher. 
Collier 0, mail-carrier, 
Collier Joel A, blacksmith. 
Loftin Thomas, blacksmith. 
Khew James, boot and shoe-maker. 


ty (See New Eagle Mills). 

Grant coun- 

COLUMBIA. This incorporated 
town, the seat of justice for Adair county, 
i.-> located on Russell creek which here fur- 
nishes power. The most accessible shipping 
point is Campbellsville, on L. & N. R. R., 
20 miles north, to which a daily stage runs, 
fare $1.50, The town contains three mills. 
three churches, good schools, a college, a 
bank, a weekly new-paper, and 500 inhabi- 
tant*. Express Adams. Mail daily. James 
M. Ku.-selj, postmaster. •■ ■- 

Bank of Columbia, Joe Coffey, cashier. 
Butler Brus, general store. 

Carrinder W T, jeweler. 

Columbia Spectator. Jones & Murrell, ed». 

Connorer James, flour-mill. 

Eubank H C. general store.* 

Eubank John, magistrate. 

Eubank Robert, blacksmith. 

Eubank Thomas, wagon-maker. 

Dunn II C. principal High School. 

Feese Samuel, Hour-mill. 

Griffith D II, police judge. 

Hill & Paul, druggist. 

Hindman & Sampson, lawyers. 

Isenberg Bros, general store, 

Kemp G H, druggists. 

Kemp J T. clothing store. 

Lallee Albert, county judge. 

Lamber J W. Pres't Columbia Christian 

Lyons J D, hotel proprietor. 
Montgomery John B, constable. 
Murrell J D, carpenter. 
Phillips & Brb, general store. 
Rhorer 3ielvin. physician, 
Stewart M. lawyer. 
Waller W H, general store. 
Wilson H W," Hour-mill. 
Winfrey M F, hotel. 
~YY\>od & Curd, physicians. 

COLUMBUS. Located on the east 
bank of the Mississippi, is an important 
landing on that river. It is the southern 
terminus of the St. L., I. M. & S. Uy-., and 
the northern terminus of the M. & O. R. 
R. The city was tirst settled in 1822, was 
incorporated in 1860, and now has a popu- 
lation of 1,350. Clinton, the county-seat, 
is 12 miles east, and Louisville is distant 
225 by rail. 2 saw mills, a spoke factory, 
a planing mill, carriage and wagon £ii\o- 
ry, a stone-ware manufactory, o hotels, the 
principal being the Central, a newspaper, 
7 church edifices (5 white and 2 colored), 
representing the -everal denominations of 
Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic 
and Episcopal, a college and a good public 
school are here, and the city has a bonded 
indebtedness of $15,000, with an assessed 
valuation of $£00,000. Live stock, corn, 
wheat and country produce form the ship- 
ments. Express St. L., I. M. & S. Ry. 
and Southern, Telegraph W. U, Daily 
mail. Wm. R. Vance, postmaster. 
Anderson Philip, physician. 
Avey Edward W, stoves and tinware. 

mvam if num 


| CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, • ■ Louisvliie, Kf, 





Avey John R, grocer. 

Bauer Brothers, saw-mill. 

Berhling: & Booker (Henry Berb- 
ling, Wm Rocker), Manfrs of and Deal- 
ers in Superior Stoneware. 

Bodkins Daniel, lumber, (6 miles north \. 

Botts Andrew, wines and liquors. 

Brevard Rev Alexander fool) (Baptist.) 

Brock & Hickman saloon. 

Brown Chares E, shoemaker. 

Brummal John M, lawyer. 

Bryant John P, city marshal. 

Bullock «& BitllOCk, (Edward I. and 
Edward T.), Lawyers and Collection 

Bush Rev J I) (Methodist). 

Butler Charles H, barber, 

Caraway. Bryant barber. 

Carringloo Robert M., President 
C ol u m h us Coll e g e. 

Cayce J H & Co, general store. 

Centra! Motel, Wm. H. Simons, Pro- 
prietor. {See adv.) 

Columbus College, R. M. Camngton, 

Columbus Man'fg Co. capital $7,000. Wm 
Gest. pres't; Wm Heron, sec'y. Spoke. 
hub, and lumber man'frs. 

Columbus Times, Luther S Taylor, editor 
and proprietor. 

Columbus & Tennessee River R. 

Ii. Titomus Sproat, President. 

Cook C D, saw-mill (4 miles south). 

Cook Isaac R, grocer and produce. 

Cook John B, saw-mill, and justice. 

Creighton Rev J A (Presbyterian). 

Davis J S & Co, groceries and saddlery. 

Davis William, Livery, Sale, Ex- 
change and Feed Stable. Good liveries 
furnished on short notice. 

Decker Ferdinand, dry goods, notions, etc. 

Donaldson Henry E, restaurant. 

Duffy James P, merchant tailor. 

Early Orville R, physician. 

Egbert G Walker, blacksmith. 

Emerson James W, ag't St. L. I. M. & S. 
R'v express. 

Entler Mr- Josephine A. millinery. 

Fite, DeWitt C, groceries, 

Gayle Benj. S, furniture and undertaker. 

Gest Wm A, groceries and provisions. 

Gorton Amos A. Contractor and 
Builder. Pianing-Mill, and Fruit-Box 

Gayle John M. carpenter. 

Greene Wm C, meat market, 

Halliday Brothers, Otis Cook Ag't. 

Grain, Coal, and Commission and For- 
warding Merchants. 
Hinton George, restaurant. 
Holt Simon, live stock. 
Jackson John M, physician. 
Jackson Wm, shoemaker. 
Jones Rev. W r A. (Baptist). 
Marre James, wines and liquors. 
I Miller Madison 2d, R R agent. 
| Mobile 6c Ohio R R, Madison M Miller agt 
! Montgomery George, barber. 
i Montioy George, live stock. 
i Moore Mr.- il S, prop rs Veranda Hotel. 
j Morton J & Bro, general store, 
i Nance Alorizo X, inngr W U Tei Co. 
j Nashville Chattanooga & St Louis Railway. 
■ Pearson Henry, grocer. 
j Pollock James P. city mayor and justice. 
j Richardson & Co. groceries. 
! Roberts John D, drugs, books, etc. 
i St Louis Iron Mt .<& Sou Ry, John M 
Walker agent. 
St L, I M cfe S Ry Express, James W Em- 
erson, agent, 
Simong Win. H., Proprietor Central 

Hotel. {See adv.) 
Smith Frank, bakery and saloon. 
Smith Mrs Julia, propr Southern Hotel. 
Smith Rev T A, (Methodist). 
Southern Express Co, Stout Lindsay, agent. 
Southern Hotel. Mrs Julia Smith propr. 
Spalding Luther P, constable. 
Sproat Thomas, Wholesale Ice and 

Produce, and Agent Lemp's Beer. 
, Stout Lindsav, agent Southern ExpressCo. 
Talbert Rev. G L, (Baptist). 
Taylor father S., Editor and Pub- 
lisher of tfee Columbus Times. 
Taylor Wm F, real estate and city collector. 
Thompson & Robinson, tailors. 
Trabucco James P, saloon. 
Usher Abram K., Manufacturer Car- 
riages, Buggies and Soring Wagons ot 
every description ; Biacksmithing and 
General Repairing. Prices as low as the 
Vance Wm R., Postmaster, 
Vandemale Ferdinand, groceries, etc. 
Veranda Hotel, Mrs H S Moore, propr* 
Von Rueden Anton, shoemaker. 
Walker John M, agent St L, I M & S Ry. 
Walsh Kt Rev John F (Catholic). 
Watson Andrew J, physician. 
Welsh David, watch-repairer. 
Wiikey Henry C, watch-maker. 


W ithoot reference to the Companies we manage. 

■"BAR8EE& CASTLEWAN, Lou -sville, K>. - 

A^erit* everywhere south. 





resort in Whitley county, 15 miles west of 
Whitley (e. h.), (lie county-seat, and 32 
miles south-east of ..Somerset, the nearest 
bank location. The Cumberland river power here. Good 5 can be ship- 
ped direct v 'a that stream, although the 
preferable shipping pent is Flat Rock, on 
the C. S. Ry, 12 miles west. Stone and 
tanbark form the shipments. Stage com- 
munieation with Somerset. Mail tri-week- 
ly. Wm. McKee, postmaster. 
Davenport J, carpenter. 
Hickman J, wagon-maker. 
Higginbotham Wm, hlacksmito, 
McKee, G. grain dealer. 
McKie Wm., Flour-mil! and General 

McKee* Wm jr, saloon . 
Morton Rev J 11 (Baptist). 
Owen» S, hotel. 
Robert? W R. physician. 
Smith K**v S R | Methodist i. 
Sumner James, blacksmith. 
Wilder Jesse, justice of pea- e. 
Worley Mrs Nancy, flour-mill. 


small settlement is in Whitley county, 1 
mile south-west of Pine Knob. 

COMPTON". Five miles south of 
PikevUie, in Pike county is a new post-of- 

C'OXCOIiD. An incorporated town 
on the Ohio river, in the northern-central 
part of Lewis county, 12 miles west of 
Vanceburg, the county-seat. The nearest 
railroad approach is Maysviile. on K. C. 

R. Ry., although all shipments can be made 
direct by water. A saw and flouring. mill 
(steam), with two churches and public 
school are sustained. Live stock, grain, 
tobacco, and produce are exported. Popu- 
lation 200. Express Adams. Mail daily. 
John M. Freeman, postmaster. 

Ac hen hurst & Roush, flour-mil). 

Burdiek W, physician. 

Carr 4 K&J R, general Store. 

Freeman John M., Steamboat Ag't. 

Grimes L A, phvsieian. 

llisey L C, hotel. 

Lovell G. general store. 

Montgomery F M, cooper. 

Pollock L T, lawyer. 

Purcell George L, saw-mill. 

Rand W S. Lawyer. 

Sparks John, wagon-maker. 

Sparks Wm, blacksmith. 

COXCORDIA. Twenty miles west of 
Brandenburg, the county-seat of Meade, is 
a landing on the Ohio river, and place of 
about 120 people. Ship direct. Nearest 
bank at Cloverport. The exports comprise 
tobacco, live stock, and produce. Express 
Adams. Mail daily. F. E. Rowen, post- 

Abele A J, physician, 

TJuren R, & Sou, General Store. 

Gillespie John, general store. 

Hamilton Tho*, shoemaker. 

M fittingly Joseph, hotel proprietor. 

Robert- John M, blacksmith. 

Staples II S, physician. 

Staples S O, physician. 

Tyler E T, carpenter. 

Worland B T, drusreisL 

Roan Street, 



•ST" Watch constantly kept for Boats ami Trains.' 1 *-* 

Sen nnj- ftftrft For <*««* 

For Churches, Societies, I.o(lKt«i, MihJnp: and alt nor. 
tfeAal*f Hotel, Pool' and Baggage Check*. 

Insurer aad Dio S&ker, 1C5 Baatalpa St., GSXSAAC, U 





COIfSTEBSVIT^lrE. Harrison county, 

a small village, 3 miles from the county- 
seat — Cynfcfeiana — which is al;a6 the ship- 
ping station on K. 0. K. K., and nearest 
bank location. Country produce and some 
live stock is shipped, Stasfe to Cynthisna 
and Sadieviile tri-wt ekly; fare tive cents 
per mile. Mail tri-weekly. B. M. Tucker, 

Boyd J W, genera! .store. 
Carter E T, shoemaker. 
Case Henry, undertaker. 
Conner A, physician. 
Conrad Joseph, farmer. 
Conroes & Goodnight, hotel. 
Feghtmaster E 1). hotel and blacksmith. 
Hendricks John H, architect and builder. 
Levi 11 M, general .-tore. 
Payer O P, former. 
Spen-ieburg Jas, blacksmith. 
Tucker B M, General Store. 

CONN IFF. Only a small post-otGce 
in Greene count v. 

CONSTANCE. In the northern 

part of Boone county. Is a landing on 
the Ohio river, f) mile- west of Covington, 
and the same distance east of Burlington, 
the county-seat. Ship direct by river. 
Bank at Covington. Corn, wheat, rye. and 
oats are shipped. Population (according 
to census of 18S0) 500. Stage to Coving- 
ton tri-weekly ; fare, 25c. Mail daily. A. 
B. Whitlook, postmaster. 
Anderson James S, hotel and general store. 
Brown G W, coal dealer. 
Klasener & Son, wagon-maker-;. 
Mc>*eal J T. hotel and general store. 
Muralt Dr A A, druggist. 
Preable F, shoemaker. 
Stoutman Fred, blacksmith. 
Wunmer Wm, wagon-maker. 
Walpy John, wagon-maker. 
Zimmer Fred, grocer. 

CONSTANTfNE. Has 40 inhabi- 
tants, and is located in Breckinridge county. 

COON CREEK. (Ferry county). 
This village contains a population ©f about 
100. Semi-weekly mail. 

COOPERSVIEEE. A small vil- 
lage in Wayne county, 10 miles south-east 

of Monticello the county-seat, and 170 
from Louisville. Ship to Bcnsulo, 25 
miles north-east on C. S K'y. Mail feemi. 
"weekly. T. A. Cooper, postmaster. 

Hairier J A, saloon. 

Bairier .) S. mill. 

Borries J C, Hour-mill. 

Cooper J & 1>, formers. 

Cooper J & E D, llour and saw-mill. 

Cooper J R, justice of "peace. 

Cooper J & Co, general store. 

Cooper & Miller, general store. 

Crickmore R, blacksmith. 

Man ten James, shoemaker. 

COR AT, HIIX. A village in Bar- 
i ren county, 5 males north-east of Glasgow, 
j the county-seat, bank location, and nearest 
I railroad point, on L. &. N. R. R. Ship to 
! Cave City. 10 miles west, on same road. 
I A flour and grist-mill is propelled with 
| power supplied by Beaver creek ; also a 
J steam mill, good churches and school, and 
j a seminary. Tobacco forms the shipment. 
Population 60. Mail tri-weekly. W. S. 
I Jones, postmaster. 

j Coral Hill Seminary. 
I Chitwood C C, blacksmith. 
| Clark W H, flour-mill. 
| Davis W M. carpenter. 
j Jones F. M. & Bro M General Store 
and Tobacco. 

Myers J M, saw and flour-mill. 

Watfcins Thos M, justice of peace. 

Wood Robert T, distillery. 

CORDOVA. Only a county post- 
office, in Grant county, 12 miles south of 
Williarnstown, the seat of justice. Ship to 
Corinth, 4 miles west, on the C. S. R'y. 
Population 25. Mail tri-weekly. J. iL 
Northeut, postmaster. 
Callow W M, physician. 
Edmonson \V II, constable. 
Jones R S. wagon-maker. 
Mary W N, live stock. 
Magee B B, physician. 
Morgan ■ ! C, justice of peace. 
Rodigers David, blacksmith. 
Ravencroft Milton, wagon-maker. 
Stephens &: Bros, general store. 

CORINTH. A station on the C. S. 
R'y, and village in Grant county, 12 miles 
south of Williarnstown, the county-town. 

/ Louatille, JCy. A g«:ut a everywhere, * »••«»■ »i»w»w^»im 





Two churches, an academy, and a grist 
and saw-mill are* here. Population 80. 
Lumber and tobacco are shipped, and land 

in the vicinity is valued at $18 to $160 

per acre. Express Ada ins. Mail daily. 

C. C Hanson, postmaster. 

Allcoat & Swain, planing-mill. 

Beck W ra . ph y s ieian . 

Dougherty W H, physician. 

Foreman J N, justice. 

Hahn George, shoemaker. 

Hanson C. C M Genera! Store. 

Hutchinson & Bro, saw and Sour-mill. 

Jori'is LewiSj blacksmith. 

Jones S P, meat market. 

Kinman Joseph, blacksmith. 

Kinm&H Michael, meat market. 

31 a nn S S, hotel. 

Mevisberg I) N, constable. 

Minor GOi Son, general store. 

Moore Mrs M J, milliner. 

Morgan &. Merishell, hardware and under- 

Oder George, carpenter. 

Rains Rev F M, teacher. 

Robinson W B, physician. 

Ruddell C J, blacksmith. 

Skaggs S B, railroad and express agent. 
telegraph operator, and hotel propr. 

Trimneil G W, general store. 

Wertone A G, hotel. 

Whiten 6c Moore, general store. 

CORN CREEK. A hamlet of 25 
persons in Trimble county. 

CORNISHVIIYLE. Settled in 1820, 

Ls a \ ullage on Chaplain creek, a water- 
power stream in Mercer county, 10 miles 
aorth-east of HarrcxJsborg, the county-seat, 
bank location, and shipping point, on C. S. 
IVy. Population 150. Mail tri-weekly. 
T. J. Debaum, postmaster. 

Debaum Turner J., General Store. 

Gab-hart & Go, lumber dealers and saw-mill. 

Scruggs S S. physician. 

Sims & Hale, flour-mill. 

Sweeny C W, furniture. 

Taylwr Wm S. hotel. 

Yeast .1, live stock. 

Tf:-st & D.'ba-im, Hoar-mill. 

Whitinghill J .0, general store. 

j counlv-soat and nearest shipping point, 
j on the L., C. & L. Kv. Nearest hank 1c- 
j cation i< Mt. Sterling. A physician is in 
i request hare. Coal, lumber, ties, and tan- 
bark are shipped. Population 150. Mall 

daily. A. Burns, postmaster. 

Bean R T & Co, gen store and railroad agts. 

Campbell & Iandsy, genera] store and eoal. 

Chiles, Bean & Co, lime dealers. 

Combs A & Co, general store. 

Cornwall "Wm, boarding-house. 

Gilbert R, saloon. 

Ringo A L, deputy sheriff. 

Ringo Solomon, sheriff. 

Raborn G W, flour-mill. 

Vaughn Helton, constable. 

Wills Abraham, hotel and groceries. 

CORNWALL A village in Menifee 
county, 5 miles west of French burg, the 

CORYDOX. This incorporated to urn 

is located about the center of Henderson 

county, 10 miles south of Henderson, the 

county-seat, nearest bank location and most 

convenient shipping point on both the 

Ohio river and L. & N. R. R, (5 churches, 
; public schools and steam saw-mill are bus- 
| tained by a population of 800. The ex- 
j ports comprise tobacco, hogs, potatoes and 
j some produce. Staee communication with 

Hendersonville and Morganiield daily; 

fare 50c and 75c. 1M- weekly mail. C. T>. 

King, postmaster. 

Able Peter, justice of peace. 

A ton J D, blacksmith. 

Binknel Robert, painter. 

Blake Reed, live stock. 

Blood worth J, confectioner. 
| Buokman J I, live stock. 
j Burnett J C, carpenter. 
j Bush M E, hotel proprietor. 
I Cannon W T, druggist and stationer. 
j Cannon W T, saddler, 
i Casby & Hard wick, druggists. 
j Clay "Rev — (Baptist). 
{ Compton George, physician. 
| Crawford A .), carpenter. 

Denby Rev Lewis ( Me».h Episcopal). 

Drake Re* ►James (Baptist). 

Elderton Wm, mu*ue teacher. 

Elmore James, plasterer. 

Green George, barber. 

Hambleton Maggie, teacher. 

Harringt.m T L, lumber dealer. 

Hoggard Mrs A (>, dress-maker. 

Hurstb Fritz, meat market. 

Jonas H S, physician- 


7. 3SC-..JX. »C©a&asiS, B^aLM-aerex, 

Central and Soutnern Dep't, 





King C. E* & II. A., Dry Goods and 

Boots and Shoes. 
King E S & Co, grocers and farm impl'ts. 
Knoll Hernial, wagon-maker. 
Lilly Rev James T (Christian). 
Love J A. carpenter. 
MeClure G W, speculator 
McClure R I>, live .-took. 
MeMafcots Wni justice of peace. 
Majors SE, hotel proprietor. 
Moore Kev W T ( Methodist Episcopal) 
O'Brien M. carpenter. 
Owen Joseph V, grocer. 
Pentecost W B, lawyer. 
Folk Charles, cooper. 
Powell E M. live stock. 
Powell Miss Era tea, milliner. 
Powell KRi Br", tobacco dealers. 
Powell J F, brick dealer. 
Powell J N, physician, 
Powell J W, lawyer. 
Powell & Coj dry goods. 
Pritchett Green W, lawyer. 
Pritchett G W, tobacco dealer. 
Quinn Tom, carpenter, 
lien belt A O, school supt. 
Smith Jessie, teacher. 
Smith S C. physicians 
Stapp <fc Co, Hour-mill. 
Strain E G, teacher. 
Sutton W E & Co, saw-mills. 
Wagner Win, blacksmith. 
Walton E G, constable. 
Watson Torn, blacksmith. 
White A S, tobacco manufr. 
Williams A S, teacher. 
Williams W A, dentist. 
Wilson John R, tobacco dealer. 
Wohrman Wai, shoemaker. 

COVINGTON. This city, the second 
in the State, is located in Kenton county, 
on the Ohio river, at its confluence with the 
Licking, directly opposite Cincinnati, with 
which it is connected by the largest >ingle 
span wire suspension bridge m the world. 
It is also connected with Newport, on the 
opposite bank of the Licking river, by a 
wire bridge, The county—eat is Inde- 
pendence, 10 miles south, but ths business 
is virtually carried on here, this place be- 
ing the location of the ©©orirJiouse and 
county jail. It is the northern terminus 
of the K. 0. B. R., and, among other points 
of interest, contains 24 church edifices, 
among which are 5 Catholic. 1 Episcopal, 

2 Presbyteria.n, 8 Baptist and 2 Christian, 
and 6 public sc hools, employing 68 teachers, 

and having 8,279 scholars. The new post- 
office is a magnificent- building, recently 
erected, at a cost of $250,000 in the most 
modern style of architecture. A glass- 
works, 5 distilleries, 4, breweries. 4 flour- 
roii)-; a stove foundry, 3 machine c - v 
8 tobacco factories, a nail factory, a dry 
dock, and an opera house, with a seating 
capacity of 1,000, are also here. The ctt.\ 
presents a most attractive appearance 
Street-cars run on all the principal streets 
and avenues. Its corporate limits cover 
an area of 2,000 acres. It- bonded indebt- 
edness amount- to $1,028,800, and it has an 
assessed valuation of §14,500,000. The 
Holly system of waterworks and a paid 
tire department are sustained. The popu- 
lation, according to the census of I860, h 
81,000. The principal artieies of expert 
are tobacco, whisky, and glassware. Stage 
communication daily With Independence 
and Burlington, fare 50 cents and $1 re- 
spectively. Express Adams. Telegraph 
Western Union. Mrs. S. S. Farrell, post- 

Abbot George M. ticket agent, 402 Scott. 
Abeling Henry, shoemaker, 107 e 13th. 
Adams Henry, city treasurer and cooper, 

-Affel Henry, musical instruments, 211 Pike. 
Agriculturist The (weekly), Thomas J 

Key proprietor, 429 Scott. 
Aihlers Frank, grocer, 420 Bakewell. 
Albrink John & Co, grocers, Madison near 

American Wire Nail Co, J L Stephen-, 

pres and treas; J B Meeklenborg, sec. 

man'f'rs wire nails, cor 15th and Madison. 
Ames John L. cigars and tobacco, 13.1 e 5th. 
Ante Adolph, merchant tailor, 22 Pike. 
Anthe .Je-epb, grocer. 654 Philadelphia. 
Appel August, milliner, 510 Malison. 
Argus Get&ge A, barber, 627 Madison. 
Arlinglmus Henry, grocery and saloon, COT 

7th and Main. 
Arthur Wm E, lawyer, IS Boone Block. 
Ashley Edward II'. architect, 589 Madisoft. 
A-horn Bernhard. saloon, 707 Bakewell. 
Asmann Charles, jeweler. 502 Madise®. 
Athey Hon Robert A, mayor, court-hou:-e 
Averbeck Frank J, shoes, 58 e 2d. 
Averdick James A, physician, 214 w 8th. 
Axer Anton, saloon. 722 Madison. 



Commercial College, 

l W.Cm» Sixth ssd Mm Stmts, CffgRM, CT. 

An Institution open Day and Night the entire year, in which there is one 
of the most thorough and practical courses of Book-keeping and Business forms 
ever taught in the Western Country--- - - 

Every opportunity is afforded, at this Institution, for one to become ade- 
quately and thoroughly qualified for the counting room and business pursuits. 

? The Instructors have had a long experience as teachers and in practical 

No labor will be spared for the most rapid advancement of every student 
consistent with thoroughness. . 

The time necessary to complete the full course is from four to six months, 
according to capacity. 

TERMS— Tuition payable at the time of entering. ' 

Tuition for full course, $40 OO 

" " partial course, - - - 25 OO 

a a Penmanship, full course, - . 10 OO 


Covington, in its proximity to Cincinnati, gives easy access to that city 
for an hour of recreation in its beautiful parks and surroundings, and affords 
an agreeable retirement for study. 

Good board can be had with private families at from $3.50 to $5.00. 
Books and stationery, $4.00. 

Let every one desiring a practical knowledge of business enter this 

THOS. MARTIN, Proprietor. 

slate, 1 ;: 


Atkinson, 313-321 So. Clinton St., Ciilc&sro. 





Axcr Bernhardt, saloon, 10 Pike. 
Ayer Erastus W, grocer, 604 Main. 
Bailer Joseph, Merchant Tailor, 420 


Baker Albert C, lawyer, cor 5th and Scott 

Band & Pahls, distillers, 8th and Madison. 

Barron Wm, meat market, 100'J Bank Lick. 

Barth Nicholas, boots and shoes, 146 Pike. 

Barton Jamx-s W, carpenter, w 8fch. 

Bauerlein August, saloon, 303 Scott. 

Baurnann Charles, (for Burnett and Water. 

Beach G T, painter, 829 Madison. 

Beach <fc McLaughlin, shoemakers, 412 

Bean Mrs S M, tinware. 332 Scott. 

Becker Bernard, cigars, 536 Madison. 

Beierle Mrs Dora, confectioner, 131 Bach- 

Behan <fc McDonald, stone-yard, cor Pike 
and Craig. 

Benton & Benton, lawyers, S Boone Block. 

Berger August, shoes, 606 Main. 

Berger Henry, shoes, 86 w 7th. 

Berlie Rudolph, weaver, 9$ and Madison. 

Berte Frank, saloon, 1240 Madison. 

Berte Mrs Mary A, saloon, 1024 Greenup. 

Bertsehe Pins, grocer, cor Baker and Lewis. 

Best Nicholas, saloon, 424 Pike. 

Bethel Bros, fish, 62") Madison. 

Bethel John, cigars. 630£ Madison. 

Bielefeld J H, shoemaker, 1201 Bank Lick. 

Billerman Henry, weaver, cor Craig and 
Bank Lick. 

Bird Thomas, druggist, 404 Madison. 

Bittlinger Peter, saloon, 417 River Road. 

Blakely Laurie J, lawyer, 409 Scott. Henrv F, clothing, 540 Madison. 

BHek ami Phillips Coal Co. J. C. 
Biiek, Pre*-., John A. Kobinsoii, Vice- 
President, Samuel T. Harrison, Secre- 
tary, Dealers in Coal and Coke, also sole 
Agents for Coalburg Semi-Cannel Coal, 
North-east cor. Eighth and Washington. 

Bobb Peter, saloon, 281 Pike. 

Bogensehutz Charles, stove-manufacturer, 
523 Madison. 

Bohmer Henry, furniture, 47 e 11th. 

Bollinger John, shoemaker, 40-3 Scott. 

Borger Frederick, grocer, 872 Bank Lick. 

Boro Domineck, saloon, 64 e 2d. 

Boske John, sa'oon, 69 e 11th. 

Bostwiek Henry, Clerk United States 
Courts, and Agent ifitna Insurance Co. 
Office IT. S. Court-house and Post-office 

Btukien Jesse T, dver, 9 e 5th. 

Boullie Mrv M J, milliner, 77 w 6th. 
Bowman & Perkins, tobacco manufacturers, 

164 Pike. 
Boyer, Nordmeyer & Co.. flour-mill, corner 

Pike and Russell. 
Brady John, grocer, 625 Main. 
Brady Miss Julia, milliner, 80 e 5th. 
Bredenber<r Frederick, shoe.-, 276 Pike. 
Brenckman George A, druggist, cor Scott 

and Powell. 
Brennan Mrs Ann, grocer, 57 e 2d. 
Brenner & Seller, Brewers, corner 

Scott and Pike (See adv.) 
Brian & Reidy, horse-shoers, 325 Scott. 
Brinker Henry, tailor, 242 Pike. 
j Brinkman John G, grocer, 422 Main. 
j Bristow Julius L, county clerk, court-house. 
j Brocke Nicholas, saloon, cor 6th and Wash- 
j Brooks T E O, sec Covington city water- 
works and cashier Kenton lire and ina« 
{ rine insurance co, cor 5th and Madison. 

Brown Augustus L, hats and caps, 45 Pike. 
j Brown B B, agt Adams ex co, 422 Scott. 
j Brown G« L., General Freight Ag»nt K. 
C. R. R. Co., cor Pike and Washington. 
J Brown John M, druggist, corner 12th and 
| Greenup. 

! Brown Win F, barber, cor Main and 6th. 
1 Bruestle Louis, grocer, 649 Bake well. 
Bruns Henry H, lumber. 225 Scott, 
Brvarit Joseph, coffee, spice and tea, 78 and 

SO Pike. 
Buckley Patrick, stoves and tinware, 702 

.Bullock W R & Co. grocers, 9 Pike. 
Running Wm B, plumber, 38 Pike. 
Burdieck Henry, dry goods, 79 e 11th. 
Burgess Lewis L, confectioner, 13 Pike. 
Burk James E, saloon, 522 Madison. 
Burkett Adam, restaurant, K C depot. 
Burt Mrs A, hair goods, 33 e 5th. 
Burton Andrew O, barber. 706 Wash'ton. 
Burton Andrew O, barber, 504 Midison. 
Busse Frederick, shoemaker, 417 Scott. 
Caldwell Richard F. fruit-house, 424 Scett. 
Call Alexander, confection ee. 34 e 5th. 
Campbell Abraham, grocer, 3d and Johns'n. 
Campbell H. W & Co, wines and liquors, 

311 Scott. 
Carpenter 1) L & J O. wines and liquors, 

129 Pike. 
Carr Thomas & Co, grocers, 601 Main. 
Carter & McDonald, painters, 15 L Market 
Casev Lewis R, pub daily and weekly Com* 
naon Wealth, ne cor 5th and Scott. 





coT7"insro- f z:o3^r bee"W"ei3 , t 











sat arilfe* a*«&a* 


Nos. 6G5, 607 and 609 




m mm rami 


J CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisvill-3, K?. 


00 V 



Chevos & Dobyna, hotel, 518 Madison. 
Christ Nicholas, saloon, 4 Pike. 
Clark M>J1 James >l, Stoves and Tin- 
ware, Mtuitels and Grates, 612 Madison. 
Clayton James, cigars, 326 Seott. 
Clearv, Hamilton 8c Clearv. lawyers, 315 


Clyde James M, dentist, 14 w 10th. 

Cobb Svlvanus G, florist, Linden Grove 

Cemetery. .'.:.'_ 
Cohen Michael, grocer, cor Bullock and 3d. 
Coker George, sec Kenton Ins Co, Cor 3d 

and Madison. 
Collins & Fenlev, lawyers, cor Seott and 

Commingore, Ada j & Lattin, mnfrs spokes, 

1230 Rickey. 
Commonwealth The. (daily and weekly, 

democratic), L L Casey, pub, ne cor 5th 

and Scott. 
Connor, Javeox & Co, whiskies, 163 Pike. 
Cook Robert A, cigar,, 70 Pike. 
Cooper Isaac, real estate, 539 Madison. 
Cooper John R. real estate. 530 Madison. 
Coppin John R. drv goods, 538 Madison. 
Couples Joseph B, baker, 819 Scott. 
Covington City National Bank, capital 

$500,000; Jonathan I) Hearne, pres; 

James B 3 ones, cash" ; 330 Scott, cor 4th. 
Corington City Water- works, N B Steph- 
ens, president; T E O Brooks, secretary; 

north-west corner of 5th and Madison. 
Covington Commercial College, 

Thomas Martin, Propr'r, cor 6th and. 

Madison. (See mdv.) 
Covington Floral Company, Mrs. 

O. P. FairelnU, 20 East Fifth street. 
Covington Gas-light Co, Amos Shinkie, 

pres; A H Ransooj, sec; Richard Salter, 

superintendent, 511 Madison. 
Covington Stock-yard C<>, John E Norris, 

pres; W A Peter, sec; John B Foster, 

supt; yards and office, eor 16th and Wash. 
Covington Street Kail way Co., T. 

C. Bobbins, Superintendent, Madison, 

between Pith and 13th. 
Crawford J A & Sons, proprs Standard To- 
bacco-works 4 1 7 Madison. 
Cree Geo W. grocer corner Powell and 

Cree Wm W, grocer cor 5th and Madison. 
Crigler & Crig-ler, (Lew. N. & Rob- 
ert L.,) Distillers and Wholesale- Liquor 

Dealers, 7 Pike. 
Crockett <& Banes, saloon and restaurant 

629 Pike. 

Croninger Lorenzo D, printer, cor 5*»h 

and Madison. 
Culbertson J A & Co, lumber, 16 w 8th. 
Daily Eieazer, dyer, 13 e Pike. 
Daley Daniel, saloon, 1102 Greenup. 
Davezae Alexander, wholesale liquors, 37 

David Wm H, news depot, 803 Madison, 
Davis John, confectioner, 30 Lower Mar. 
Da.vison-Geo H, city clerk, court-house, 
Dearing Alfred, dyer, 15 e 5th. 
Degginger Augustas, dry goods, 18 Pike. 
Deglow, J H, tanner, 393 Pike. 
Deglow & Bram'age, flour-mill, 415 Pike. 
DeGruyter Henry, saloon, 506 Madison. 
Dempsey Mrs Annie, grocer, 742 Greenup, 
Denstch Mrs Christina, crockery, 71 E 11th. 
I>epi*e John A.; Lagejr Beer Bottler 

and Wholesale Oysters, 17 and 19 Lower 

Market. (See adv.) 
Deschier !Wm, saloon, 524 Madison. 
Deierm&nn Lambert, grocer, 1217 Lee. 
Diggins W L & Co, stoves and tinware, 8! 7 

Disque James M druggist, corner 3d and 

Dittus Frederick, baker, corner Montague 

and Ludlow avenue. 
Doebl'ing John F, saloon, corner Edward 

and Austin. 
Donnelly C & Co, undertakers and livery, 

809 and 811 Madison. 
Dornbusch Adam C, barber, 835 Main. 
Dorsel & Wultfange distillers, cor 12th and 

Drexelius H & Son. tailors, 602 Madison. 
Dubeneck Joseph, justice, 8th nr Madison. 
Dudley Maurice J., Lawyer, 30.1 

Scott, opp. Custom House and Post-office. 
Due George, barber, 247 Pike. 
Due Wm L, barber, 520 Madison. 
Dulaney John J, physician, 1001 Madison. 
Duvel Henry, shoemaker, 91 w Sixth. 
Dwycr James H, grocer, 225 Bullock. 
Eberhank Herman, baker, 120 Pike. 
Echert Robert H, confectioner, 408 and 410 

Eck' Valentine, baker, 541 Pike. 
Eginton & Gray lawyers, 413 Scott. 
Eichholz Wm, baker, cor 12th and Bank 

Filers Bernhard, saloon, 65 e 2d. 
Biseie Joan M jr, baker, 253 Pike, 
Ellis Absalom, livery, cor 3d and Mfediion. 
Ellis Alexander C, lawyer,cor 4th and Seott. 
Ellis Thos J, surveyor, cor. 6th and Madisva. 





Bemingray Glass Co. 




No. 68 Walnut Street, CINCINNATI, OHIO, 


Our Nectar Lager Beer Bottling Works 



3D IIS IP IP ZED £& 00. ? 




fc>teel Stamps, Tlurninjr Bran/1*, Rubber Stamp*, 

Soap Moulds :*ii<I IVes.Neb. J.. BrOCHK, Engraver 
uud Die Siuker, 100 ItaudolpU St., CHICAGO, IU. 





Ellison J D, gen manager Kentucky Central 

R R C«,eor Pike and "Washington. 
Ellman Bernhardt. shoemaker, 428 Pike. 
Engert Victor C, saloon, 56 w Cth. 
Engkking F.rd W, photo;.:, 505 Madison. 
Erler Theodore, saloon, 141 Pike, 
Ernst J C, gen pas.* agent Ky On R R Co, 

cor Pike and Washington*. 
Esfcerkamp Henry, meat market, cor Riddle 

and Bake well. 
Evans Ivor J, jeweler, 418 Scott 
Evans liichard, Treasurer Hemingray 

Glass Co. 
Ewan John B. justice, 423 Madison. 
Fairchild Oliver P,, Bill-poster, 20 

East 5th. 
Faircliild Mrs. O. P., Florist, 20 East 

5 th. {See adv.) 
Farna.u Jobu F,grocer,cor Scott and Powell. 
Farrell >Irs. Sylvanus 8, Postmaster. 
Faulwetfcer Fred, stoves and tin. 202 Pike. 
Fedders John H. flour and feed, 420 Pike. 
Feldbaus Lambert, grocer, 14.39 Bunk Lick. 
Feltman Henry, cigars, 28 and 30 Pike. 
Fenker Wan, baker. 642 Main. 
Fenley Craig, physician, COO Main. 
Feuss Wm L>. baker, 501 Main. * 
Fieger Charles, vegetables* 199 Pike. 
Finke George, nreats, 6§§ .Main. 
Finley Mary A, dry good-, 436 Main. 
Finn el John W, Collector Internal 

Revenue 6th District, Office U. S. Court- 
house and Post-olHee building. 
First National Bank, capital $500,000; A. 

Shinkle, Pres; I, D. Fry, cashier, 515 and 

517 Madison. 
Fischer & Wiehmann. coal, 734 Madison, 

eor Bobbins and Greenup. 
Fisk £ Brent, lawyers, 332 Scott. 
Flaute Henry C. saloon, 215 Pike. 
Fletcher Simon W, notions, 534 Madison. 
Foote Charles D, lawyer. 4 Boone Block. 
Fort Alexander S, plumber, 503 Madison. 
Fritsch Henry, druggist, 500 Pike. 
Fritz Felix, soda wat-r, 175 Bachelor. 
Frixione Raphael, statuary, SO e 2d. 
Funk Benjamin, blacksmith. 29 w 7th. 
Furber, John L. lawyer, eor 4th and Scott. 
a a n te n be rg Ben t h aid, se wing-machines, 

'6% Pike." 
.Garber Louis, eenfeefeoaer, 1007 Bank Lick. 
Gatker Wm K, blacksmith, 570 Pike. 
Gaugge.l Casper, boots and shoes. 31 6 Main. 
Gausepohl Henry J, hats and caps, 617 

G&usepohl John, baker, 732 Craig. 

Gedge "Wash L, hotel, cor Pike and Bank 

Gehrum Jacob, Saloon and Restaurant 

and Oyster Dealer, 14 e 5th. 
Geisen Henry, meats, 71- e 11th. 
Gellenbeek George, taker, 57 e 11th, 
German Mutual Fire Insurance Co, Chas 

Mahlmann pres, F\R Kueskamp treas, 

cur Pike and Madison. 
German National Bank, capital $250,000, 

II Feltman pres, James Spi-man cash, 

s w c^r Pike and Madison. 
Gerwe Mrs Caroline, grocer, 97 e 12th. 
Gibson Robert, painter, 336 Scott. 
Giklehaus Wm, tailor, 628 Madison. 
Gilliss & Smith, drugs, 542 Madison. 
Glenn Dudley A, lawyer, cor 4th and Scott. 
Glindmeyer Frank H, grocer, 188 Riddle. 
Gkre J A P & Bros, tobacco, 15 w 7th. 
Goebel Henry E, grocer, eor 5th and Main. 
Goeke Peter, grocer, 509 Pike. 
©oerdes Frederick, Hour and feed, 235 Pik:-, 
Golds erfth P & Co, toys, cor 7th and Madison. 
Good son John A, marshal, 2 court house. 
Gordon Joseph, saloon, cor 6th and Main. 
Gosekamp George, grocer, cor Edward and 

Gottschalk Frederick S, stoves and tinware, 

70 Pike. 
Gouvion & VonLehman, carriage manu- 
facturers, 521 Madison. 
Graham Geo A, livery, eor Greenup and 3d. 
Gravener Marine R, grocer, 13th and Scott. 
Graves Alonzo, livery, 81 Pike. 
Grawe Wm, carpenter, 497 Pike. 
Gray Richard H, lawyer, cor 4th & Scott. 
Griffith Mrs Sarah, dress-maker, 41 e 5th. 
Grober Louis H, crockery, 40 Pike. 
Grober Louis Sr, grocer, 279 Pike. 
Gro-dieli Chas. flour and feed, 703 Madison. 
Grothaus Harman, cooper, 714 Green. 
Grothaus Jos, flour and feed, 1418 Madison. 
Grothaus Wm, saloon, 712 Green. 
Grub'ns M & Co, grocers. 44 Pike. 
Gruesz Joseph, grocer, 1201 Lee. 
Gutraann Martin, shoes, 1211 Steven-. 
Hackmann Henrv, shoemaker, cor 12th and 

Pink Lick. 
Hadcroft John R, saloon, 237 Main. 
Ragfcnieyer C C & Co, lumber. 
Hais Mrs Theresa, meats. Lewis w of Baker. 
Hall Mrs A F, grocer, 90 e 2d. 
Hall William., marble, 801 Madison. 
Hallam Henry C, circuit clerk, court-house. 
Hallarn & Perkins, lawyers, corner Lower 
Market and Greenup. 



Industrial Iron Works, 

No. 15 East Seventh St., COVINGTON, KY. 
T. ^7v"- MATTI1TG-LT, Piop'x, 





^^^^~K:S^ s .a. "w mills, 








ftj Rat Traps, Horse Muzzles, 


C Bird Cages, Sand Screens 

^ 4c-,- r>; -^ sieves, eiddles, 


lS4t :L/.T arisen Street, 


nil n. co. of mm 

Central *sd Southern Dept, 





Hamilton Lham G, lawyer, 411 Scott. 
Hamilton Peter, shoemaker, 409 Scott. 
Hamilton Robert, tobacco, 413 Madison. 
Hamiiton K & Co. growers, 39 Pike. 
Hamilton W G <& Go, tobacco. 18 and 20 e 

Handy Robert D, lawyer, cor 5th and Scott. 
Haiirahan Jam^. saloon, GS2 Madi.-on. 
Mafhiek John P, shoes. 422 Madison. 
Hartk-beeke H & Son, clothing, 116 Pike. 
Hardin Berry S; county assessor, e't-tootise. 
Hardin & Dulaney, insurance, 7 e Pike. 
Harmon & Sfeuder, weavers, 75 e 11th. 
Harris Janus, saloon, 427 Scott. 
Harris Mrs Lizzie, notions, cor Scott and 

Harrison Mr? Eliza, dress-maker. 
Harrop & Co, wall-paper, 536 Madison, 
Uartke Joseph, carriages, 71 Pike. 
Harthaub Peter, books, 60S Madison. 
Hartley George R. grocer, 631 Madison. 
Hartley Joseph, grocer, 403 Scofct. 
Hartmann Joseph, furniture, 1045 Bank 

Hasemeier John, lumber, 152 Pike. 
Hauser Frank, baker, 709 Bake well. 
Haynes Mrs S P. confectioner, 71 w 12th. 
Hays II H, physician, I00-10th. 
Healy Mrs E I), grocery 802 Greenup. 
Heermanee Mrs Mary, druggist, 401 Scott. 
Kegeinann Clemens, grocer, 1125 Holman. 
Hegener Casper, shoemaker, 45 e 11th. 
$$egge<& Brinker. carriages, 73 and 75 Pike. 
Heiderman George, saloon, 202 Scott. 
Heile Henry, gen'l store, 576 Pike. 
Heineman Timothv. carpenter, 855 Bank 

Ueinen John L, grocer, 593 Pike. 
Helm Frank P, master in chancery, court 

Bellman Nathan II. tanner, 416 and 418 

Helming Frank, grocer, 364 Pike. 
Hi minjrray Glass Co., Robert Ik-m- 

ingray. Presj Ralph G. Hemingray, Vice- 

Pres, Kichard Evens, Tresis, cor "2d and 

Madison. {See adv.) 
Henghold John II, tailor, 125 Pike. 
Herbert Mrs Annie, confectioner, 70 w 6th. 
Heffcst Max, clothing, 8 Pik~. 
Hermes Joseph, saloon, 321 Scott. 
Herndon & Wilkie. live stock, Stoek-vards. 
Serold J & Bro, woolen mills. 256 Pike. 
Herzog B H, wines and liquors, 9 Lower 

Bister James, saloon, 409 River Road. 

Hiekey Edward J, shoes, 606 Madison. 
Hill Geo W & Co, grocers, 27 Pike. 
Hinken George, grocer, cur Edward und 

Hoffmann Peter, coal, 434 Scott. 
Hoffmeier E, notions 1119 Madison. 
Hollers Henry, grocer, 1201 Main. 
Holtrnp Anton, carpenter. 1210 Main. 

ns Edward W, meats. 68 Pike. 
Horizontal Metal Roofing Co., 

Office, Cincinnati, U. 
Hornung John, shoes, 162 w 7th. 
Hortsman Benjamin, grocer, 68 w *>tb. 
Hoste-tter W V & Co, fcVery., 61© Scott. 
Movekarrtp C & Co, harness-mak's; 35 Pike. 
Howell & Clendening, paint-, 638 Madison. 
Hover Henry C, photos, 615 Madison. 
Huber Leopold, shovels, 350 Pike. 
Hubert J<'hn, painter, 819 Madison. 
Hueker John, grocer, Powell and Stevens. 
Hudson, H'.>mer '& Son, tobacco, 525 and 

527 Madison 
Huesmann Mrs Carrie, grocer, cor 8th and 

Hulsmarm Bombard, dry goods, 139 e 13th. 
Humble John J, marble, 225 Scott. 
Hundorf Frank, saloon, 702 Washington. 
Hunt Lemuel J, physician, 911 Madison. 
Humor & Campbell, dress-makers, corner 

12th and Scott. 
Hiirdelbrink & Losekamp, chairs, 105 East 

Industrial Iron-works. J. W. Mat- 

tingly, Proprietor, Manufacturer Steam 

Engines and all kinds of Machinery, 15 

East 7th. (See adv.) 
Isphording A Englebert, leather, corner 

Scott and 5th. 
Jackson Thomas, florist, 2 miles south. 
Jansen Gerhard, saloon, cor Pike and Bus']. 
Jar vis Mrs Julia, milliner, 424 Madison. 
Johnson Wm, druggist, 80 e 11th. 
Johnston Joseph, saloon, 19 e ;">th. 
Kalkbrenner Frederick B, meats, 272 Pike. 
Railage Wm, shoemaker, 731 Bake well. 
Kamphaus Bernard, saloon, 1203 Greenup. 
Kattau Gus A, barber, 50 Pike. 
Kearna Charles, physician, 725 Madison. 
Keefer David, flour-mill, cor 5th and Craig. 
Keith W, live stock, 1517 Russell. 
Kehler Frank, shoes, 64 Pike. 
Kemper Wm, blacksmith, 1.908 Madison. 
Kennedy Mrs 13 A ; milliner, 5th and Scott,. 
Kennedy John H, carpenter, 712 Greenup. 
Kennedy Thus H, civil engineer, court-house. 
Kennedy Willis, real estate, 542 Madison, 

_ % *.-- \ I ■ se Sand f 

ffiftlj ft «Mri Tttill ^iMStJ .835 Si 

for Price JList to FRED. BCHMIBDING, 

roadway and 8'<G North. Fourth Street, 





Kenton Fire& Marine Insurance 
Co., (capital, $200,000). V. Shinkle, 

Pros; George Cokcr, Sec : T. K. O. Brooks, 

Cash; cor 5th and Madison. 
Kenton Wire Work*, Manfrs. Wire 

Goods, 614 Madison. (See adv.). 
Kentrup Henrv, shoes, 98 Pike. 
Kentucky Blue Lick Water, Band. Pahls, 

and Pierce, pj iprs.Sth and Madison. 
Kentucky Central Railroad Co., 

effiess, cor Pike una "Washington. J D 

Ellison, Gen. Manager; C L Brown. Gen. 

Freight Agt: J G £rn3t, Gen. Pass. Agt. " 
Kercbeval Horace B, grocer, 11 Pike. 
K;t-m Frederick, grocer, 1034 Bunk Lick. 
Kimmann Hermann, saloon, 1102 Bank Lk. 
Klefken Louis, grocer 1133 Russell. 
Klein Joseph, saloon, cor Pike and Ruissell. 
Kleirtt. freienck, bftta and caps, 145 Pike. 
Klemann Henry, cooper, cor Trevor and 

Klepper Charles F. cigars, 48 e 2d. 
Kleyman John, cigars, 100 Pike. 
Klostermann John BVgrocer. 432 Main. 
Klostermann Joseph, shoes, 20 Pike. 
Klosierman & Leicht, shoes. 605 Madison. 
Knapp Nicholas, notions, 53 e 11th. 
Knapprneier Henry, weaver, 669 Pike. 

Kn*>ll Joseph, saloon 401 Main. 

Kn oilman n Andrew, physician, 525 Pike. 

Koehbe Charles A & Co, hats and caps, 
532 Madison. 

Kohl Herman H, grocer, 3d and Russell. 

Kohrman John &0o, saloon, 311 Greenup. 

Koop Henry, groc«r, cor 6th and Bakeweli. 

Koors Mrs An gel in e. milliner. 76 Pike. 

Kramer Matthias, cigars, 1502 Russell. 

Kreidler Anton. Marbie-works and 
Stone-yard. 14 West 9th. 

Krueskamp F It & Co, liquors, 137 and 139 

Kruse John G, grocer, cor Kip and Let. 

Kruselmann George, grocer, 6th and Craig. 

Kueven Louis B, furnishing goods. 604 

Kuhliiid Joseph, grocer, 616 Bakeweli. 

Kuntzler August, coal, 168 Pike. 

Laird Andrew J, shoe mnt'r, 11 L Market. 

Lampke George, shoemaker, 1036 Kip. 

Liang Charles & Co., (Charles Lang, 
Frank Knoll), proprs Lewisburgh Brew- 
ery, Baker, bet. Lewis and Cross. 

Lauber Frederick, baker, 221 Bullock. 

Leathers John, sheriff, 2 Boone Block. 

Lehman John L, confectioner, 507 Mad : §u. 

Leonard Michael, grocer, 39 e 5th. 



No. 20 E. Fifth Street, 

V S/- -^ : >> Mrs - O. P- FAIRCH1LB 

Orders from a distance promptly filled 

slate roofing of the best qtjalit 


Send for Estimates. J. \V. ATlil^SON", 313-321 South Clinton Street i'HICJAliO, it! 





JLeVermann Theodore, Saloon and 

Restaurant, 12 East 5th. 
Levis Joiin T, real estate, 406 Scott. 
Liewisburgh Brewery, Cb*s. Lang 

cV Co., props, Baker* bet .Lewisand Cress. 
Ltefefried Jacob, grocer, IMS Bank Lkk. 
Lindsay x i bolas T. lawyer, 4 Boone Bl k. 
L'siidslyT)b.arles H. rnarble-^rks, 230 Scott. 
LihMt.-ii.iaii n Henry, grocer, 1502 Greenup. 
Lit tin Joseph, aboemakesr, £6$ Scott. 
Littell John N., turner, 16 w 8tlj. 
L :.«-hte John II, saloon. Riddle sth& Main. 
Loebker George II. shoe*, 36 Pike. 
Longstreet S H. grocer, Io51 Madison. 
Lavell & BufiingtOn, tobacco, 220 Scott. 
Lubbe George H, shoes*, 24. Pike. 
Luekener BenjG, dry goods, 607 Madison. 
Lutkenboff John, dry goods, 128 Fike. 
Lyle Jobn S. W U T elegfaph Co, 57 Fike. 
McClarnon Edward, grocer, 814 Greenup. 
McClung W H & Co, stoves and tinware, 

537 Madison. 
McCollum John J, cigars, 626 Madison. 
McCoy Bros, grocers, cor 5th and Bakewell 

and cor Kiddie and Main. 
McCrnrv Philip, saloon, 501 Bakewell. 
McDonald Arthur, books, 3$1 Main. 
McGwigan Wm E. grocer, 7th and Craig. 
McKee S: Ftniiel! (George R. M&Kee 
and Joseph C. 0c John W. Finnell), Law- 
yers, 328 Scott. 
McLaughlin Wm P, justice of peace and 

real estate, corner 5th and Scott. 
MeNamara P & Co, tobacco, 159 Pike. 
Mabus John, tailor, 724 Madison. 
Macke cV Co, bottlers, cor 12th and Stevens. 
Madeira Finnell D, lawyer, 411 Scott. 
Mahlmann Charles, harness, 32 Pike. 
Mann Richard E, shoemaker, 1110 Bank 

Marks Frederick, locksmith, 16| e 5th. 
Martin Thomas, Prop Commercial 

Collesre, Gth and Madison. 
Martin & Francis, grocers, 25 John. 
Martindaie Mrs C I>, notions. 530 Madison. 
Massmann George, grocer, 508 Fike. 
Mat''Iin£, Mary E, grocer, 730 Bakewell. 
Matt Peter, barb- r. i;2 e 5th. 
Mattiii'gly J AV, Machinist, 15 -e 7th. 

| St e adv.) 
May Theodore, furnishing: goods, 41 Pike. 
Mayberry Bros. (James P. and Wm, 
E.) Wallpaper and Window Shad*-. 520 
arid 531 Madison. 
Mayer Joseph, saloon, 62 Pike. 
Mayleben George, saloon, 530 Pike. 

Meek George 15. F., Cut Pol- 
and Floral Designs for Weddings 
Funerals, #16 Scott, v 
Mehlman August, barber, cor 6th and (h n 

Meibers John B. saloon, 1905 Madison.- 

.Meuninger Wm A, iron-worker, 825 Sfn . 

Mentges Martin, shoemaker, 21b Ball 

Menxer Sebastian, wagon-maker, 285 PiJ 

Mri'e iti & Herter, saloon; n w cor 7th uv I 

Mersman John H, hardware, 31 Pike. 

Mcrtz Joseph, saloon. 1132 Scott. 

Messick S t & Co, notions, 21 e 5th. 

Meizger Mrs Fredrika, tovs, 81 e 12th. 

Meyer August, saloon. 122 Pike. 

Meyer Jacob, stoves are! tinware, 542 Pike. 

Meyer John, brewer, 367 Pike. 

Middendorf Frank, grocer, cor 12th and 
j Middendorf John H, saloon. 35 e 5th. 

Middendorf or Lubbers, livery and under- 
takers; 82 Pike. 

Miller Elizabeth, grocer, 701 Bakewell. 

Miller James W, grocer, 432 Madison. 

Miller W H & Co, insurance, 413 Scott.. 

Mitchell John G, grocer, 1U21 Greenup., grocer. 181 Bachelor 

Mbhlenkamp John, grocer^ 1042 Greenup 

Mohrwesscl Bernard, grocer, 84 w 7th. 

Molony Eliza, dry goods^ 611 Madison. 

Molony James, shoes, 6-15 Madison. 

Monkadiek Henry, grocer, 209 e 13th. 

Montgomery A & Co, coal, 3d and Main, 

Moore Edward J, livery, 73 Pike. 

Moore M D, tobacco, bet 4th and 5th an i 
Scott and Madison. 

Moore Wm F A, tobacco, 7 Lower Market. 

Moran Peter, saloon, 435 Scott. 

Moran Wm, saloon, 514 Madison. 

Morland Samuel, livery, 519 Madison. 

Motch Michael C. jeweler, 613 Madison. 

Mozzitte August, confeetr, ''-34 Madison. 

Mueller Andrew, notions, 112 Pike. 

Myers Robert W, harness, 56 Pike. 

Nasemann August, grocer, 1 3th and Rick*". 

Neely Wingfield S. lawyer, 6th & Mad ison 

>",.;-, uf*r Henry H. drv-goods, 227 Pike. 

Nio Wm, tailor, 74 Pike. 



oon. '44 Pike. 
Nvenaber Ferdinand, cigars, 89 e 12th. 
Nmnaber Ferd H, printer, 5.08 Madison. 
Nock W S $ Co, plumbers, 29 w Gth. 
Nodi or Peter, druggist, 5th and Madison. 
Nolan. John, shoes, 6 Pike. 
Noonan Frank 11, physician, 717 Madison 

.-,; *••, V-. v» v,a 

! 1 II & 


y& UftO I LLbillili .i. 

ave Settled wore than 1,4-00 
sses, and liave had but. 13 He« 
ted Claim*. Agents Everywhere 





Nordhoff J & Bro, blacksmiths, cor Pike 

and Kiddle. 
Northern Bank of Kentucky, capital $65,- 

000. Wm Ernst pros; Ddwftt C Collins 

cash: n w Get Scott and 3d. 
No.wland Benjamin, billiard hall, 408 Scott. 
O'Brien Michael, grocer, 714 Mais. 
O'Brien Wm, gfroeer, l-Ofeh and Greenup. , 
Odd F<-1!, ws Hall Association, Hon John 

F Fisk pres, cor 5th and Madison.' 
Odentha! John, ereefcery etc, 216 Pike. 
Odenthal Mri J, milliner, 21-62 Pike. 
Odenwald John, saloon, 310 Pike. 
Olges Henry- shoes, 801 Bank Lick. 
Olliges John, grocer, 965 Philadelphia. 
O'Loughtin Ross, grocer, 1221 Russell. 
O'Neal Weden, lawyer, 9 Boone Block. 
O'Rourke Mrs Ellen, grocer^ 138 w 3d. 
Grr J us P Jrj city auditor, court-house. 
Ottens Gasper, cigars, 610 Main. 
Parker Geo, furniture, cor Scott and 7th. 
Parma Joseph Jft, lawyer, 413 Scott, 
Payne Wm W, shoemaker, 5th and Scott. 
Peek cv Wooliscroft, commissi©®,, 23 Pike. 
Penkhaus Henry H, drugs. 134 Pike. 
Pen hiil gt on Ja m es, n • t i • • n s . 4 15 Scott. 
Percival Jabez, iron, etc, 16 Pike, 
Perk in-' George G, judge criminal court, 

Perrv Mis- Lizzie, milliner, 609 Madison. 
Phe.!p< Hon T, Jeff eotfnty judge, court h. 
Pieck Ed L, druggist, cor 6th and Main. 
Pioneer Coal Co, R C M Lovell, pres, 10 

■Boone Block. 
Pohlman Joseph, saloon, 87 w 6th. 
Potter Mrs Annie, confectioner, 730 Scott. 
Pottering Bern hard, shoemaker, 718 Wash- 
Prvor & Chambers, lawvers, 14 Boone 

Purk John B, grocer, 1143 Bank Lick. 
PuthorT Henry H J, dry goods, 130 Pike. 
Puthot'John F, shoemaker, ISO Pike. 
Qualbrink Henry, grocer, 614 Russell. 
Ramsey Wm \Y. tinware. 628 Main. 
Rasoh Ghristi&H F.Iron wks. 1113 Madison. 
PvH\ve Herman, furniture, 12 and 14 Pike. 
Rawe John, baker, 6fc w 6ih. 
Rens-tein Matthias, baskets, 143 Pike. ' 
grocer, 1522 Stevens. 
blacksmith. 223 Mad'sn, 
House, 1514 

Keokmann Henrv. 
Redmond Michael. 
Reed dames G, propr Ib-cd 

Heed Tiiomu 

& Sons, (Thomas, 
John, and Thomas. Jrj, Livery and Un- 
dertakers, 18 and 20 east 6th/ 

Riehernanen Herman, books, 160 w 7th. 
Rehfuss Frederick, wagon-maker. 248 Pike. 
Rehiing Mrs Kate, milliner, 229 Pike. 
Rehm John, shoemaker, cor 15th and 

Reynolds O A, sew. roach's, 512 Madison. 
Riehman Mrs Frances, notions, 710 Scott. 
Rickert Philip, grocer. 832 Greenup. 
Rieselman Henry, cigars* 237 Pike. 
Rihv John M, physician, 29 e 5th. 
Rile J M Jr, drugs, cor 5th and Scott, 
Rikroff John, tailor, 176 \v 5th. 
Rivard Alfred, meats, 876 Bank Lick. 
Roberts dc Gausepohl, lawvers, 1 Boone 

Rodde George H. saloon. 189 Pike. 
Roemann Henry, dry good-, 680Main. 
Roetken Conrad, grocer, 1108 Greenup. 
Roetken Mrs C. milliner, 73 e 11th. 
Roetken Henry, wall-paper, I Riddle. 
Rcjans John, cigars, 526 Madison. 
Bojans Rudolph, cigars, 327 Scott. 
Rolf Frederick, grocer, 815 Bnkewell. 
Romer Mrs Agnes, dry goods. 709 Bakeweil. 
Ross Robert C, grocer, 99 e 12th, 

\r Ji 

F, • sab 

il Lt 



Rottdebush Daniel W, dentist, 17 w 6th. 

Rouse Leonard N, sew. mach's. 423 Scott. 

Rouse 1 nomas M, propr National Hotel, 
708 Washington. 

Rowekamp Henry H, grocer, 79 e 12th. 

Rowenkamp Joseph, grocer, 902 Bank L'k. 

Rudde Clemens, saloon, 32 Pike. 

Rudde Mrs Mary, milliner, 42 Pike. 

Ruffra JLudwig, baker, 720 Craig. 

Ruh Wm. barber, 270 Pike. 

Russell Patrick, grocer, 433 Scott. 

Ryan Mrs A 31, milliner, 656 Main. 

Sabin Wm, dry goods, cor 4th and Main. 

Saloshin Adolph, junk, 151 Pike. 

Sander Frisk H, cigars, 14b \v 7th. 

Savers Bros* shoes/6-18 Madison. 

Sehaefer Anthony, upholsterer, 407 Scott. 

Sehaefer Peter, barber. 314 Main. 

Scharfcr Henry, baker, 338 Pike. 

Seheper August, furniture. 170 Pike. 

SeheperJ George B, restaurant, 15 Pike. 

Scherder k During bakers* 29 L Market. 

Schild Frederick, grocer, 1219 Bank Lick. 

Sehild Harmon, grocer, Patton and. Cordelia. 

SchiMs, C-eorg,' W, meats,. 82 c 11th, .- 

Selileiitkei 1 George II ., Wholesale 
Grocer and Commission iter, 157 Pike 

Selileutker II. \V. & Son, Whole- 
sale Grocers, iol and 133 Pike. 

no muni if nuniu 

«i •■AGER3, 

jl CENTRAL DEPARTMLNT, - - Louisville, Ky. 





Schmiedt H, grocer, Trevor and Stevens. 

Schneider Louis, saloon. Pike near Main. 

Schneiders Jno. i»agoB-mkr, 1101 Madison, 

Schnitker J M, wines and liquors. 132 Pike. 

Schottler H & Sons, furniture, 60 Pike. 

Schuler Mrs Mary, grocer, 259 Pike. 

Schulten August, shoes, cor 7th and Craig. 

Sehulten Clements, saloon, 512 Pike. 

Schulten Herman, shoemaker, 514 Pike. 

Schultz Henrv F, wines and liquors, cor 
11th and Russell. 

Schumacher Bernard, saloon, 1008 Kipp. 

Schumacher F J r grocer, 1021 Greenup. 

Schwab George, barber. 353 Pike. 

Schwartz George, meats, 849 Bakewell. 

Schweinefus A, blacksmith, 1316 Madison. 

Schweinefuss Clemens, grocer, cor Edward 
*nd Patton. 

Scott J 8, lawyer, 315 Scott. 

Schihorst Theodore, saloon, 108 Pike. 

Seiier John, ice dealer. 5th and Madison. 

Seiiuur & Nooii&n, tobacco manufacturers, 
118 Greenup. 

Shafer T H & Son, musical insta^ 24 e oth. 

Shay Mrs Delia, saloon, 60 e 2d. 

Shine <& Byrne, lawyers, 315 Scott. 

Shinkle Uriah, coal,"201 Scott. 

Simlick George A, saloon, 728 Washington. 

Simmons & fee hmidt. lawyers, 615 Madison. 

Singer John, barber, 329 Scott. 

SI aft Joseph, confection or. 193 Pike. 

Smith Henry W <fc Ge, distillers, 13 and 15 
e 6th and 14 and 16 e Pik«. 

Smith Mrs Kate, confectioner, 94 Pike. 

Smith S B, druggist. 3 13 Scott. 

Snyder Samuel, confectioner, 531 Scott. 

Sommer Bros, proprs Central Hotel, corner 
Pike and Washington. 

Sommers Henry, grocer. 812 Main. 

South Covington and Cincinnati Street 
Ry Co, E F Abbott president, G M Ab- 
bott receiver, 402 Seott. 

Spenneburg Henry, grocer, 87 e 11th. 

Spilmaii James & Co. -.Jan tea and 
Richard B. Spilman (, Wholesale and Re- 
tail Grocers and Commission Merchants, 
19 and 21 Pike. 

Staebler Sir- an A, confectioner. 304 Main. 

Stalio Francis, books. 74 w Oth. 

Standard Tobacco Works, J A Crawford & 
Sons proprs, 417 Madison. 

Star Brewery, C. Windisch & Co., Pro- 
prietors, Lexington Pike. 

Steidle Joseph, saloon, 429 Pike. 

Stein born Charles, shoemaker, 7 e 5th. 

Steinborn Henry J, saloon, 430 Madison. 

Sleinburger Andrew, barber, 519 Madison. 

Stephens Leonard C, hardware, 26 Pike. 

Stevenson ArO'Hara, lawyers, Boone Block. 

Stewart Richard C, architectural iron work* 
813 Madison. 

Stewart. Miller & Co, 21 Lower Mark.;. _. 

Stiefel Henry, saloon, 238 Pike. 

Stoekle Fidel, druggist, 222 Pike. 

Storch Cornelius, brush manf, 147 Pike. 

Strategier Henry, dry goods, 166 W 7th. 

Sireibig Simon, meat, 638 Main. 

Stron k George, notions, 563 Pike. 

Strenk Henry, grocer, 567 Pike. 

Stuard Edward S, physician, 9 e Pike. 

Stumpel Joseph, wall-paper, 118 Pike. 

Sullivan Oliver P, cigar manf, 52 e 2d. 

Sunder Henry, shoemaker, corner Patton 
and Cordelia. 

Swope Henry M, fancy good*. 610 Madisn. 

Swope Jacob, cigar manf, 726 Washington, 

Tallon Patrick, grocer, c 4th and Bakewell. 

Tansey Bryant, saloon, 54 e 2d. 

Tar via Wm H, crockery, etc, 3 Pike. 

Taylor Samuel C. barber, 315 Scott. 

Taylor & Riggs, drv goods, 622 Madison. 

Tebbs Willoughby H, justice, 10 w 6th. 

Teipel P &8on, shoes, 85 e 12th. 

Ten Eyck Mrs. B, grocer. 3d and Madison. 

Ten Eyck, John, wh liquors, 25 Pike. 

Tensing Rudolph, tailor. 616 Craig. 

Terlau H & Co. watches, 528 Madison. 

Thomann Henry II, harness, 104 Pike. 

Thomas James T, carpenter, 283 Madison. 

Thomas Samuel R, flour and feed, 1430 

Thompson John, grocer, 215 Bullock. 

Thorpe Mrs H, milliner, 508 Scott. 

Thorpe Wm, grocer, 1356 Scott. 

Tho>- Louis E, hardware, 73 e 12th. 

Throop Thomas J, Lawyer, 4th and Scott. 

Tieke Frederick H, saioon, 342 Pike. 

Tigbe & Herzog, coal, lOrn and Greenup. 

TtmerdiDg August, saloon, 24 Riddle. 

Tinle^y Terrance, plumber, 434 Madison. 

Tisdale & Theissen, lawyers, 529 Madison. 

Tombragel Anton, dry good, 617 Main. 

Tombragel Henry, cigars, 629 Main. 

Tonnis John G, grocer, 163 e 13th. 

Tribby Biw, sliaoes, Ctth and Madison. 

Turner Frank, grocer, 1210 Russell, 

Ulrich Charles, saloon, 317 S sott 

Union Paciiic Tea Company, John Mc- 
Dowell, manager, 630 Madisou, 

United States Court-house and 
Post-ofHee Building, south-east 
cor. Seott and 3d. 








Vance J J A Co, job printers, 403 Scott. 

Vanden FM& Co, wh liquors, 2-5 Pike. 

Var Leunen J W & Bro, flour, grain and 
hay, 1320 and 1322 Madison. 

Verkamp Clemens, grocer, Kip and Bach- 

Vincent Mrs Lottie, confectioner, 16 e 6th. 

VoKers Mrs Gertn;de,confectioner,72 Pike. 

Von Bokern Herman, saloon, 1201 Russell. 

•Vender Pe hr & W h itn e y , c i g ars, 5 1 6 $$ ad ison . 

Waehs Wm & Bro, tinware, 287 Pike. 

Walker Jas W, dry good.-*, 601 Madison. 

"Wallace ('hits G, lawyer, cor 4th and Scott. 

Walsh A: Kelh 


dist tters, foot of Scott. 

Walton Miss G, confectioner, 26 e 5th. 

Weaver MrsApolonia, saloon,6<56 Madison. 

Weaver John, Deputy U S Marshal, office, 
17 S court-house and post-offi« e building. 

Wegford Conrad, barber, 1504 KusseiY. 

Wehenpohl Joseph, grocer, 10-oJ Greenup. 

Wehna&ng Clemens A, druggist, n e cor 7th 
and Madison. 

Wehr Victor C, barber, 103 e 12th. 

Wehrman Joseph, dry goods. 249 Pike. 

Weiland August,s«hoemaker,1015 Greenup. 

Welling George, saloon, 245 Pike. 

Wells Charles E, cigars. 505 Madison 

Wesemann Henry, grocer, 1243 Bank Lick. 

Wesemann Wm. shoes, 1314 Bank Lick. 

Weasels Henry A, liquors. 2:53 Pike. 

Western Union Telegraph Company, John 
S Lyle, manager, 57 Pike. 

Weweler Henry, grocer, 879 Bank Jiick. 

Whitaker & Cambron, lawyers. 5 Boone 

Whitney John, city assessor, court-house. 

Whittle'Thomas J, thoemaker 534 Main, 

Wickemeyer Caspar, grocer. 815 Greenup. 

Wieck Theodore, livery, 3d and Market. 

Wi<;dm*r John, shoes, 11 w 6th. 

Wierling Mrs Annie, grocer, 150 e 13th. 

Wigger H Anton, shoes, 1130 Greenup. 

Wilkerson, Sleet & Co. live stock, stock- 

Wiilen Bernhard, grocer. 199 Riddle. 

Willen & Wiechman, undertakers, 40, 48 
and 50 w 6th. 

Wiilenbrink, Anton, jailer, court-house. 

Willett Goorge. meats, 142 Pike, 

Williams & Meis, dry good-., 37 Pik*. 

Williams & Co. fish, 9 and 11 vr 7th. 

Wilion Mm Margaret, books, 831 Madison. 

Wilson Milton C. physician. 536 Main. 

WiruiLsch C. & Ci> v (Contad Win- 
discb, ), proprietors Star Brew- 
ery, Lexington pike. 

Winston *k Ranson, real estate, 411 Scott. 
Wirth Loui*, saloon. 1115 Madison. 
Wise Frederick, lawyer, 415 Scott. 
Wise Thomas B. lawyer, 416 Scott. 
Wisenall John B, carpenter, 6$ve 5th. 
Witte John 14, stoves and tinware, 1053 

Wolf Emanuel, meats, 54 Pike. 
Woods Mrs S R, milliner; 533 Madison. 
Woolson James B, pictures, 414 Scott. 
Wordeman Joseph., grocers, 007 Craig. 
Yelton Wm R, carpenter, 13 e 4th. 
Younger Joseph, saloon, 427 Madison. 
Yourighans John J. grocer. 4th and Madison. 
Zeis-ii George ,], barber, 102 Pike. 

COWAX. A station on the K.C.R.R,, 

in Fleming county, 9 miles west of Flem- 
ingsburg, the county-seat, and location of 
nearest bank. Tobacco, wheat, rye, hogs, 
and cattle are shipped. Express Aelams. 
John H Cowan, postmaster. 

Abney , physician. 

Adams David, leaf- to buceo. 

Alexander Theodore, Pv Rand express agt. 

Alexander, Williams & Co, general store. 

Garey & Son, general store. 

Kimborly Rev G C. 

McCord W S, justice of peace. 

Maxey B F, justice of peace. 

Moore M T, leaf-tobacco. 

O'Banion A J, physician. 

Proctor J N, physician. 

Weaver Wm, blacksmith. 

COX'S CREEK. In the northern 
part of Uelaon county, 6 miles north of 
Bardstown, and 33 south-east of Louisville. 
Samuels' Depot, 4 miles south-west, on the 
Bardstown branch of the L. & N. R. R., it 
the nearest skipping point, Daily stage to 
Samuels' Depot. Daily mail. Population 
20. John Manning, postmaster and gen- 
eral store. 

CRAB ORCHARD. A station on 
the Knoxville branch L. & N. R. R., and 
celebrated watering-place, situated at the 
base of the Cumberland ranee of moun- 
tains, 10 miles south-east of Stanford, the 
county-seat, and 115 miles from Louis-fille. 
The village now contains a population of 
700, and has 3 churches, a private school for 
young ladies, a public school, and a female 
college. lit mineral springs, of which it 

House Numbers, Brass Labels : Carriage, Show Cas€ and Machinery 
s, Pattern .Letters and Figures. t&° Metal Tiody Rwbber 1 
ICUI^i S&gvafei ud Die Biafcer, nn> Randolph Street, Cfric&go, 111. 





has 5, are its chief att ruction, and the chief 
commercial interest of the place is its man- 
ufacture of the celebrated Crab Orchard 
Salts, of which very large quantities are 
sold. .Mews. J. B. "Wilder & Co,, whole- 
sale druggists of Louisville, are the man- 
agers of this important industry, and bottle 
these salts for distribution to the trade 
throughout the country, and ship lame 
quantities to all parts of the globe. The 
Crab Orchard Hotel is the best in the place, 
and furnishes excellent ■ accommodations 
for the traveling public. Express Adams. 
Telegraph "W. IT. Mail daily. John Ed- 
mi nston, postmaster. 

Adams Garland, distillery (4 miles s w). 

Ballard J G, marshal. 

Babbitt Fountain, lawyer. 

Buchanan & Newland. general store. 

Burch Stephen, police judge. 

Carpenter J G. physician. 

Curj'-;ns Archibald, oysters and fish. 

Crab Orchard Hotel, John Mershom 
Proprietor, $1.50 per day. The promi- 
nent hotel of the place. Good Sample 
Rooms connected. 

Crab Orchard Springs, Isaac Shelby prop. 

Davis Thomas C, shoemaker. 

Poo res Wffl M, .physidan. 

Edmiiiston John, Postmaster. 

Edminston & Pleasant, general store, lum- 
ber, etc. 

Egbert DeLancey, druggist. 

Farris Henry W. justice of peace. 

Garnet Wm M, undertaker and justice. 

Hansford Wm O, lawyer. 

Hardin Samuel, saloon. 

Harris M J & Co. general store. 

Holdam James F & Co, saloon. 

Holman James, wagon-maker. 

Hutchings James H, flour mill and distil- 
lery (1 mile s w). 

Marshall Miss Mary, dress-maker. 

Mershon. & I>e Borde. (J. B. Mer- 
shon, G. W. De Borde), Wagon -makers 
and Blacksmiths. Manfrs. Light and 
Heavy Bmggies;. General Blueksmith- 
ing a Specialty. 

Miller Henry E. saw-mill. 

M-.ore O P, principal college at springs. 

Payne David C, watch-maker. 

Pettis Joseph D, physician. 

Pollard A Pillion, general store. 

Kigney Samuel M, harness-maker. . _..'. ,. 

Sanders & Co. general store. 

Shelby Isaac Jr, prop'r Crab Orchard 

Sigler & James, general store. 

Stephenson W T, tannery. 

Tateni William, Livery, Feed, and 
Sale-stable: Fir.-t-class Rigs for Com- 
mercial men. {See adv.) 

Whitney Wm, blacksmith. 

CRANE'S XKST. This settlement 
of 50 people is in Knox county, where 
mail is received semi-weekly. 

CttEEI.SKOROrGH". A landing 

on the Cumberland river, with a popula- 
tion of 50, in Russell county, 12 miles south 
of Jamestown, the county-seat. Camp- 
bellsville, 31 mites north, "is the nearest 
railroad approach, although -.roods ean be 
shipped direct by water. Corn, wheat, ba- 
con, and tobacco form the exports. A 
church and an academy are sustained. 
Mail tri-weekly. W. J. Armstrong, post- 

Ana strong W. J., General Store. 

Buster J E, physician 

Buster L H, farmer. 

Campbell & Ballew, general store. 

CofiirHj AM \ blacksmith. 

Grider J M-, saloon. 

Grider T C. physician. 

Hammonds Joseph, blacksmith. 

Higgenbotteejn Wm, grange store. 

Holt B, drug store. 

Jack man A M, physician. 

Jackman H C, physician. 

CRTTTENDEX. According to the 
census of 1880. contains 323 people, and .is 
a town in the northern part of Grant 
county, 11 miles north of Williamstown, 
the county-seat. It is a station on the line 
of the C. S. Ry, and does a considerable 
export business. Corn, tobacco, wheat, 
and live stock are shipped. Ship direct. 
A steam flour-mill, 5 churches, and 2 
schools are sustained. Express Adams. 
Telegraph Western Union. James Kan- 
ton, postmaster. 
Bro'.vn J II, physician. 
Byers A S, trustee. 
Curtiss J A, trustee, 
Draysdale J T, trustee. 
Dyas 0- Y, lawyer. 
Dyas K, druggist. 

I ■ &s?y ft k I %M& '$\ 9 1 W Controlling over 8ft0,aoo,OOfl of Fire nil t I 

F] J& EftSTi.FMAni id operating In 1U South- n«flT T *fl M«f8^M 

I -~~ 





Pen ley L, justice of peace. 

| i'lioy John, physician. 

Gluub Vfe Byers, blacksmiths. 

Elogsett'J J, teacher. 

KL1 tin smith R, trustee. 

Laioman C & Co, general store. 

Lawrence H Clay, constable. 

MeChire E K, leaf-tobacco. 

Mitebel) J L, grocer. 

Mitchell W F, marshal. 

Poor S D, physician. 

Han ton, James, Real Estate and Boots 

arid iShoes. 
Schneider John, hotel and dry goods. 
St&nsifer B H, general store. 
Yelton N W, R K and express agent. 

this postrc-fflce, which is in Breathitt coun- 
ty, v\:^s es^blisfesd It: Ls 1o m)l^ from 
Jaekson, the county-seat, and GO from Liv- 
ingston, the slapping point, Ships pro- 
duce, and has a population of 100. 
Hogg S P. 

Hogg & Eversoll, general store. 
Huns \Viley, cooper. 
Johnson Robert, log merchant. 
Riley James M, physician. 


county, and station pn 
div, of the L. & X. R. 
east of Hopkinsville. t.I 
lol south-west of Louis 

ilage in Christian 
the St. L.&S. E. 
I., 13 miles north- 
■ county-seat, and 
lie. Tobacco and 

ftbur form the shipments. Population 800. 

Express Southern. Telegraph W. U. 

Daily Mail. C. M. Day, postmaster. 

Albright W J, cooper. 

Bowling a G, saloon. 

Brasher & West, general store. 

Clark & Brawn, general store. 

Croft A B, tobacco. 

Croft J E, dour-mill and general .store. 

Daugherty W A, hotel. 

Day C. M%, Railroad and Express Agent 

and Undertaker. 
Drake John R, druggist. 
Giles P, saloon. 
Hancock G R. wagon-maker. 
Lay no S R, grocer. 
Lewis J R. saloon. 
Lewi* & Keith, grocers. 
Listner C 11. wagon^maker. 
Long & Brasher, .drugs. 
lieCord & Bro. general store. 
Mc-Farland R D, shoemaker. 
Mcintosh & Long, blacksmiths. 
Martin W H, drugs and groceries. 
Stevens M E, general store. 
Stevens R P, saloon. 
Wiley D G, tobacco. . 
Wright Geo W, gunsmith. 

CRO^nVELI,. A town with a pop- 
ulation M. 290, in Ohio county, 12 miles 
south-east of Hartford, the county-seat. It 

is a landing on Green river, and goods can 
be shipped direct via Green & Barren River 
Navigation Company. Beaver Dam, S 
miles north-west, on T. & E. R. R„ is the 
nearest railroad approach. Tobacco and 
lumber are shipped, and land is worth $5 
to .'£20 per acre. Nearest bank is at Mor- 
gantown. A steam flour-mill, a distillery, 
2 churches, and school are here. Mail 
daily. A. K. Leach, postmaster. 
Benny L, physician. 
Burden D F, blacksmith. 
Coleman J W, blacksmith. 
Gilstrap Thos, general store and tobacco. 
Haden & Jones, saloon. 
Hooker W W & Co, saloon. 
Kahn A, general store. 
Lavton J J, woolen-mills. 

o A 

"- :* 



And Proprietor of 'Bus Line To and 
From the Depot. 

First-class Li 
other parties in 

tries at reasonable ratt.s to commercial men or 
ant of livery accommodations. 



r. asc. awe. :iob^i3, :&>£a«a.a f g«r, 

Central and Southern Dep't, 





Leach A. K., General Store. 

Montague A P, general store. 

Newton G W, drugs. 

Paxt on & Shull, millers. 

Pirtli T C, saloon. 

Taylor J W, physician. 

Taylor & Co, drug;., 

Tiiford & Cooper, hotel and stare manufs. 

on the L.,£\ 6c L. K ' v . in Shelby county. 
10 mile* north of Shelbyville, the seat of 
jus'iee, and 49 miles from Louisville. The 
village has a population 160, who support 
a church and school. Exports tobacco and 
produce. Express Adams. Mail daily. A. 
Alexander, postmaster. 

Alexander, A,, Railroad Agent. 
Dbran , physician. 

Demaree, J T, carpenter. 

i->u nnavaui Dean, boot and shoemaker. 

Forck & iNeal, blacksmiths. 

Ford G B, blacksmith. 

Gough J W, flour-mill. 

Green, Robert, lawyer. 

Montfort & Bro. general store. 

Ferry J. C, Express Agent. 

Perry M E, confectionery. 

Perry & Demaree, meat market. 

vShev John, stone-mason. 

Smith K M, live stock. 

Tu'.ey Thomas, physician. 

"Walk ins Thomas, carpenter. 

Weinstock M. general store. 


county (See Custer). 

CROSST^AND. A small settlement 
in Calloway county, 10 miles from Murray, 
the county-seat, and about 262 from Louis- 
ville. Pari3, Tenn., is the nearest railroad 
station. Its principal shipments are to- 
bacco, cotton, and wheat. Population 
about 50. Weekly mail. C. VV. Atkins, 
postmaster and general ttore. 

CROSS PLAINS. Metcalfe county. 
A village of some 80 inhabitants, is located 
in tha northern part of the county, 14 miles 
north of Edmonton, the county-seat, and 
100 from Louisville. Ship to Horse Cave, 
14 miles west, on the L. & N. R. R. To- 
•acco and wheat are exported. Tri- weekly 
mail. W. W. Bradley, postmaster. 
Bradley W. \Y., Blacksmith. 
Myers James, general store. 
Piper John M t dentist, 


CROSS ROADS., Warren county, 
now called Claypool. 

CROWELL. A recently established 

country post-office in Crittenden county, 10 
I miles from Marion, the county-seat, and 8 

miles from "Weston, the shipping point or. 
I the Ohio river. Mail weekly. B. H. CM&w- 
| ell, postmaster. 
! Brantley W H. farmer. 
J Clark J R, physician. 

Cro well B. 11. , Stone-mason. 

Mare W C L, livestock. 

Metcalf L A, farmer. 

Picken J B, farmer. 

Thurman R S, farmer. 

Tosh S li, farmer. 

Walker H, J. farmer and live stock. 

CRUTCHFTEL,1>. Also known as 
Alexander Station, is the location of about 
100 inhabitants, in Fulton county, on the 
line of the C, St. L. & N. O. R. R." 12 miles 

east of Hickman, the county-seat. Ship to 

Alexander Station direct. Mail daily. W. 

E. Morris, postmaster. 

Jlornsby R N, R R agent and grocer, 

Meesamore & Benedict, blacksmith*. 

Morriss W E, drugs. 

Owens H, general store. 

CUBA. A small post-office in Graves 

county, 11 miles south of Maysville, the 
county-seat, and nearest shipping-point, on 
M., P. & N. R. R, Population 75. Mail 
tri-weekly. R. E. Terry, postmaster. 
Colley, G P, justice of peace. 

! Hall A L, physician. 
Higgins John, blacksmith. 

I Perry Robert E., General Store. 

| Rhodes W W, blacksmith. 

I Shelton & Mir, general store. 

J Voosies A C, physician. 

CUBAGE. In Bel) county, is a pest- 
office on a weekly mail route, 12 miles east 
of Pineville, the'eounty-seat, and 70 from 
Livingston, the nearest railroad approach. 
Andrew Wilder, postmaster. 
.Tones Lewis, flour-mill. 
Miracle Peter, flour-mill. 
Wilder Andrew, Medicine Agent. 


ar.d General Hir^w.-vro Spooialties. IV ee List>j and Gata- 
* Itgate furnished ot application, FICED, 8< IHMJEDHTG, 
i 835 Broadway aad 830 K. Fourth Bt , ST. LOUIS, MO. 





CUB RUN. A small village in Hart 

county, 12 mile* west of Munfordviile. the 

nearest shipping point, on L. A N. K. K. 

Hoop-polee, bark, and tobaece are shipped. 

Mail tri-weekiy. Aaron Keames, postm'r. 

Corbin Rev W L (Methodist). 

Crandon R C, phvsieian. 

Etberton Rev T W (Methodist). 

Flanders H B, grocer. 

Flanders S H, shoemaker. 

Hobbs Rev H K ( — }. 

J aggers Rev E D (Baptist). 

Jones J W, constable. 

Keanies Aaron, Blacksmith and Wag- 

Sanders Rev Thomas ( ). 

Sego Rev Green B (Baptist). 

Thorna* G B, justice of peace. 

White D L (Baptist). 

office in Clinton county, 9 miles from Al- 
bany, the county-seat, and about 130 from 
Louisville. Population 50. .Daily mail. 
Clarke J II, coal miner and general store. 
Stevenson Thomas V, general store. 

erly called Devil's Hole, is a post-office and 
a village in Whitley county, 15 miles west 

of Whitley (cu h.), the county-seat. Ship 
to Cumberland Falls station, via C. S. Ry. 
The place is used as a summer resort. ar:d a 
line hotel is located here. Express Adams. 
Telegraph Western Union. Mail daily. 
N. W. Owens, postmaster. 

CUPIO. In the western pari of Bul- 
litt county, 12 miles west of Shepherdsville, 
the county-seat, 8 east of Riverview, its 
nearest shipping point, on the Ohio river, 
and 20 south of Louisville. Weekly mail. 
T. S. Ramsey, postmaster. 

CURDSVIELE. A landing on 
Green river, and village of 375 inhabitants 
in Green county, 15 miles west of Owens- 
boro, the nearest railroad approach, bank 
location and countv-s^at. The Green and 
Barren River Navigation Company have 
an office here, and goods can be shipped 
direct via this line. Three churches and 2 
schools are here. Tobacco, corn, wheat, 
and live stock are shipped. A saw an* 
{rrUt-Oiill, or a distillery, would prove suc- 

cessful here. Mail daily. B. H. Kirwia, 

Brandon Rev J (Methodist Episcopal^. 

Carrie J & W, grain and live stock. 

Cook Fred, shoemaker. 

Cummings Prof James, Collegiate Institute. 

Eirwln 1*. H.., General Store. 

Goodrum W L. hotel proprietor. 

Gr ii en Miss, ladies' school 

Hannepin Stephen, livery. 

Hearrin J P, phvsioian. 

Kerr Hugh & Co, tobacco. 

McFarland B II. tobacco-dealer. 

Musgrave Nathan, cooper and justice. 

Oldham J A, livery. 

Oldham J D, ferry-man. 

Ransom II R, physician. 

Reynolds John VV, druggist. 

Reynolds J T. brick-maker. 

Rodman Charles & James, tobacco dealers. 

Rothchild & Co, general store. 

bands George, constable. 

Sands J L. hotel proprietor. 

Sands Robert, saloon. 

Schweihnrdt & Boyd, general store. 

Spey C A, tobacco. 

Taichner Rev Louis (Baptist). 

Thompson R A, livery. 

Talk Rev ■ (Catholic) , 

Watkins C C. foreman tobacco-works. 
Webb H, blacksmith. 
Welden Jo^eph, saloon. 

CURRY'S RUX. Only a country 
post-othce in Harrison county, 4 miles 

j from Robertson's Station, the shipping 

| point, on K. C. R. R., 169 miles from 

I Louisville, and 9 north of Cynthiana, the 

i county-seat. Mail tri-weekly. W. R. 
Epperson, postmaster. 

} Blackford C, express agent. 

■ BraiiBoek J R, ^en^ral store. 

! Kkler Rev WnT( Baptist). 

! Grogle John, blacksmith. . . . 

j Johns Kev J T (Methodist). 

i Siade Samuel, general store. 

j Taylor K P, saw-mil!. 

; Whiteker Ben A, blacksmith. 

CUSTER. Formerly "called Cross 
i Road*, is a small village with a probable 
' population of 70, in Breckinridge county, 
I .12 miles south-east of Hardinsburg, the 
i county-seat, and 17 west of Vine Grove, 
i on the L. & N. R. R., its nearest railroad 

S« (ft k S3 j n OF.T TIfi; fflST AJC» r!I!:\fTST-lTKI\SO\'S I* AT- 

•W nWftT^ ' KXT HUE, SXOW, l^B « ATM« I*KO-4»!'. Spndforli. 
11b V ^tlk-JULw& ■ '«*< ra-ted Catalogue and l*riee*« ,1, W. ATKIXSOA, 
%/ O 313—321 fetoutfk €tint<m mreet, 1 lilt AfeiO, 11,1,. 





shipping point. A tlour-miil is propelled 
by power derived from Rough creek. To- 
bacco, wheat and produce swee shipped. 
Tri- weekly mail. M. Meyer, postmaster. 
Bashara Jonas L, physician. 
Bruner A, saloon. 
Davis Thomas P, blacksmith. 
Harrington W G, justice of peace. 
Lyon Foster B, dry goods. 
Meadors J >hn W, physi ia». 
Meyer M., general store. 
Parish W, R R and express agent. - 
Penick Benjamin F, confectioneries. 
Efeodus Kev John (Methodist). 
Williams , flour-mill. 

CUT SIHX. In the north-western 

part of Leslie county, 6 miles from the 
county-.* eat, 70 miles east of Livingston, 
l.ts nearest shipping point on the L. & N. 
R. R., find L8& miles south-east of Louis- 
ville. Semi-weekly mail. Samuel Bagley, 

CYNTHfAXA. An important sta- 
tion on the line of the K. C. K. R. It is 

pleasantly situated on the South Licking 
river, in the south-eastern portion of Har- 
rison comity, of which it is the seat of jus- 
tice, 37 miles north-east of Frankfort, and 
115 from Louisville. It was originally set- 
tle-! in 17'.»3, incorporated as a town in 
1802, and as a city in 1800. Seven church- 
es, a good brick court-house, good public 
schools, a select school, 2 Sour-mills, 3 
distilleries, a good hotel, a bank and a 
woolen factory are here, supported by a 
population of 2.500, Express Adams. 
Telegraph Western Lfnion. Daily Mail. 
Miss Mattie D. Todd, postm aster. 
Asbury Rev J W (col Methodist). 
Ashbrook Bros (Felix G.. and Sam- 
uel J.), Distillers. [See adv.) 
Banks Edmund R, stoves and tinware. 
Beale Andrew J, physician. 
Bpwen James W, wagon-maker. 
Brewington Charles, general store. 
Brid well House,' M.V. Bndwell Prop. 

(See adv.) 
Broh Adolph, clothing. 
Brown George, shoemaker. 
Brown James A, private school. 
Burns & Roberts, grocers. 
Central Hotel, T J Green, prop 
Clary Bros, horse-sboers.. 

Collier Richard M. sheriff. 

Cook C B & Co, millers and distillers. 

Cromwell H F, blacksmith 

Cynthiana Democrat, Hanson P Diltz. prop. 

Cynthiana News, A J Mor'ey, publisher. 

Delling Christian T. genera,! store. 

Desha Lucius Jr, lawyer. 

Douglas P& Sons, grocers. 

Etzel George, meat market. 

Eveleth Frederick A, harness. 

F&e? her Mrs Mary, hotel. 

Farmers Deposit Bank of Cvnthiana, capi- 
tal $100,000, J W Peck" pres, L Van 
Hook, cash. 

Fenoell .1 & A, general store. 

Fisher Wm, saloon. 

Flade Alexander, baker. 

Forman Thomas T, lawver. 

Frisbie Harry D. station agent KCRR. 

Garnett Thomas A, grocer. 

Ge r.;re James D, notions 

Givens David A, gen store and clothing. 

Gfeeson Timothy, hotel and saloon. 

Good Joshua J, sewing-machines, 

Grater Christopher, baker and confectioner. 

Gray Fran!,, physician. 

Career Thomas J, prop Central hotel. 

Greiner. Joseph, tailor. 

Grinun L, photographer. 

II art man F W, lumber. 

Havilaiul Henry H., County Judge. 

Hedges James T, general store 

Henderson Rev J "A (Methodist South). 

Hill Patrick M, tailor. 

Hoessli Jost, stoves and tinware. 

Hoffman Hugh T, city marshal. 

Hogg John T, agent Adams Express Co. 

Hood Thomas H, druggist. 

Howk George Jr, grocer. 

Jackson James, shoemaker. 

Jefferson & Pollok, livery. 

Johnson Rev John (col Baptist). 

Johnson Samuel S, dentist. 

Jones Robert, general store. 

Kehoe Bros, saddles arid harness. 

Keller James 31., Livery and Sale 
Stable. [See adv.) 

Lacy James W, insurance agent. 

Lake John W, lawver. 

Siting Pete, shoemaker 

Loj,igrnoor Wood W, circuit clerk. 

iiUig Theodore, shoemaker. 

Lydick S T & Bm, livery. 

M'Kee «& Skirvin, farm implements. 

McNees Wm T, physician. 

Madison James P, physician. 










Bourbon Whisky, 


til itfiiiliiiriiitf ili 


CENTRAL DEPARTS ENT, • - Lwisvllte, Kv. 


. CYN 



Madison J RA Bro, cigar* and tobacco. 

West Caleb W, lawyer. 

Martin L M, lawyer. 

Wherritt Perry, county clerk, 

Mattox John W, general store 

Wiekliffe James C, dry goods. 

Meeibbon, Bramble & Co, dist 


Williams John R, saloon. 

Megibbon Thos J, distiller. 

Williams Samuel, undertaker. 

Mersman Rev (Catholic). 

Wills Richard H, livery. 

Miller Fayette M, dentist. 

Withers <% Throckmorton, Insur- 

Miller John S, grocer. 

su ranee Agents. 

Morgan John F, county attorney. 
Jftusselman W C, deputy collector int rev. 
National Bank of Cynthiana, 

capital $i5&,000, Henry K Shaw nan pres- 
ident: xJ.6. Withers, Cashier, 

Norn's .Mrs M M. Milliner. 

Kortncutt Wm L, dry goods. 

Nourse Wm M. painter. 

O'Hearn Mrs B, saloon. 

G'tJeara Mrs Ellen, hotel and saloon. 

Patt V II & Co, carnage-makers. 

Peck John W v , groceries and fiouring-mill. 

Perrin Achilles, lawyer. 

Poblraayer Mrs Kate, grocer. 

Prat her Wm B, lawyer. 

Ratcliffe Wm H. lawyer. 

Eedmon Chas H, carnenter. 

Redmon Distillery Co. cap $16,000. Thos 
Hickson, pres; L Van Hook, sec and treas. 

•Redmon Hope Jr, gunsmith. 

Remington James A, grocer. 

Renaker Bros, drug? and books. 

Richard John, meat market. 

Rieckel Charles, jeweler. 

Robinson John L, painter. 

Rohs Herman, gen -tore, and wagon. maker. 

Shawhan Henry C. lawyer. 

Shephard Thos J. jeweler. 

Simon Morris, general store. 

Slade, Bents & Co, merchant tailors. 

Srniser J H, physician. 

Snitser James W., Furniture and Un- 
dertaker, Pictures, Picture Frames and 

Smith Wm W, hotel. 

Spohn John, meat market. 

Stanley Rev Wm (Christian). 

Stewart Wm A, grocer. 

Stoddard C M N, jeweler. 

Swinford A Lafferty, lawyers. 

Toftdviftfi & Daniel, grocers. 

Triplett Rev J E (Presbyterian). 

Tudor Charles W, genera! store. 

Van Hook L, cashier Farmers Bank. 

Van Hook L & Co, distillers. 

Wall Wm S, mayor. 

Watson Samuel, saloon. 

Webster Charles A, hardware. 

Wilirnan August, grocer and saloon. 
Wiltman A Jr, confectioner. - - 
Wohlwenter Joseph, wagon-maker. 
Woodward Thomas I), saloon. 
Woodward Wm, tailor. 
Woodward Wra B, confectioner. 
Wright Mrs R, millinery. 
Wyatt & Hinkson, liquors. 

DABXEY. Known as Doolin's Cross- 
Roads, near the center of Pulaski county. 
8 miles north of Somerset, the county-seat. 
G from Pulaski Station, its nearest shipping 
point, on the C. S. RV, and 115 south-east. 
of Louisville. Semi-weekly mail. James 
Poolin, posimaster. 
Alexander H, blacksmith. 
Alexander Rev John (Baptist). 
Doulin G, blacksmith. 
I>OOlin James, Fine Stock. 
Bool in Wm, constable. 
HaVgis Andrew, shoemaker. 
Hargis Napoleon, cooper. 
Mi Bee James, teachers 
May G A C, teacher. 
Owens Wm, justice. 
Smith Wm. cabinet-maker. 
Sowder E W, rlour-mill. 
W T iser James, flour-mill. 

DASiH. Known as Highlands, in the 
northern part of Campbell county, 9 miles 
from Alexandria, the county-seat, and 3i 
from Newport, the nearest shipping point, 
and 150 south-east of Louisville. Popula- 
tion 1,000. Exports consist of corn, pota- 
toes and produce. Daily mail and ikage 
to Kewport and Alexandria. Louis Mayer, 
B.arth Henry, hotel. 
Barth Wm, blacksmith . 
Clas Jacob Jr, farmer. 
Clas Jacob Sr. gardener* 
I>euehmuIIer M, farmer. 
Dinckerton Willis, farmer. 
Prusdale A, farmer. 
Gibbs Wm, blacksmith. 


W itboftt f«fi rencc t<> the Companies <*-e manage. 
BARBEtSi CASTtEMAN, Louisville, K$. ■ 
Agtnt* everywhere South, 





llodgor Parry, farmer. 
Hasson Henry, farmer. 
Hutchison A, justice. 
Linert E vsre, farmer. 
Lock David, police marshal. 
Mayer Lewis, Hotel. 
Ketcalfe James, general store. 
Pierce I), farmer. 
Rots Thomas, farmer. 
Tal 1 i aferro W m , t eac h e r . 
Thaler John, grocery. 
Thoenz El ias. sexton. 
Waker P W, farmer. 
WillmerA Williamson, lumber. 

post-omce in Logan county, 20 miles north 
of Russellville, its shrpping point, and 163 
from Louisville. Weekly mail. 

DALLAS. In the eastern part of 
Pulaski county, 13 miles north-east of 
Somerset, the county-seat, its nearest ship- 
ping point, on the C. S. R'y. and 130 
•outh-east of Louisville. Semi-weekly 
mail. H. H. Brinkley, postmaster. 
Brady Peter, blacksmith. 

Brinkley H. H., Flour-mill and Gen- 
eral Store. 
Whitson Isaac, blacksmith. 

DALTON. A village in Hopkins 
county, 18 miles from Madisonville, the 
county-seat, and shipping peint by rail. 
Population 150. Tobacco is the only ex- 

Bell S H, carpenter. 
Hoffman Chariot, blacksmith. 
Hoi Soman W D, physician. 
Jennings G W, druggist. 
Hirkwood, Bell & Co., Tobacco, 
Leeper S W, physician. 
Sisk T H, general store. 
Sisk & Bell, General Store and Drugs. 
Tapp J C, wagon -maker. 
Tapp, Kea & Co, flour and saw-mill. 
Utly D G, carpenser. 

DANVILLE. A city of some 3,50G- 
inhabitants, and an important station on 
the C. S. R'y, is situated in the county of 
Boyle, of which it is the scat of justice. 
and about 100 miles east of Louisville, Its 
fine location renders it eminently adapted 




. ;■■ ■■■ ■ ■■ ■ : 



M. V. BRIDWELL, Proprietor. 


,i\ Baggage taken to and from Depot FREE 

!!i '. ."':"'.."' L"_. .,-'.- ^ . ...'".•■-'"" of Charge. 




i~. V*-—..«i,. 



Livery and Sale Stable, 


BUGGIES, HACKS, and SADDLE HORDES for hire at all times, ca the most reasonable terms. 
Owner of the imported Perchero>n Stallion "TOM GRAHAM," weight, i.oco pounds. Can tros a 
tail* in four miautcs. 




IN ATX ITS BRANCHES. Steol betters and T : 
Stencil Letters h?i<1 Figures. L. BOCHE, Eugrav< 



for the various G^aeational institutions for 
which it is famous. Among these we may 
mention the Kentucky State Institute for 
Deaf and Dumb, ereeted at a cost of $70,- 
000, and which has 180 pupils; the Center 
College, for young mere, in connection 
with the Church North, and under the 
Pr-esbyteriaa synod of Kentucky, with an 
endowment fund of §250,000; the build- 
ing cost $70,000, the library is a standard 
one, of 8,0o0 volumes ; this college has 170 
students; and-the Danville'fheologica] Semi- 
nary, under the auspices of the Pres- 
byterian church. In addition to the 
above-mentioned institutions, there are 
8 churches, 3 hanks, a -team fi&uring-mill, 
and 2 S^-clas: hotels bfefi Central and 
Clemens House, and 2 weekly newspapers, 
one ot which, the Tribune, is one of the 
11?-] test and strongest Republican newspa- 
pcrs in the South. ~ It is published at $2 per 
year, and is the best Southern newspaper for 
advertisers. The Sing.-r Manufacturing 
Company's Sewing- Machine parlor, on 
Third street, next door to post-office, is 
handsomely furnished, and has 20 wagons 
oil the road whicfe is a good indica- 
tion that they are doing a live business. 
Danville is a fine agricultural country, 
in the celebrated Bhugrass region. Its 
principal shipments are wheat, produce 
and hemp. Telegraph American. Ex- 
press Adams. Mail daily. J. S. Linny, 

Adams Bros & Fox, hardware. 

Adler Isaac. harness-maker. 

Allen Rev James L (Christian). 

Anderson Alexander, lawyer and justice. 

Avers Samuel, dentist. 

Barker Abraham W, tailor. 

Batterson Geo D. coal and R B fr.gbt agt. 

Beaton <fcLupton, props Clemens House. 

Bell College, for young ladies. James L 
Allen, principal; Mrs Mary B Allen, 

Bibb G M, station agent. 

Blake Wm P, jeweler. 

Brewer Wm, livery stable. 

Brown Carl M, photographer. 

Burton Alexander, shoemsfcef. 

Carri^ian James It., Architect and 
Designer. Plans and Correct Estimates 
given on Churches, Public Buildings, 
etc. Correspondence Solicited, and 
Prompt Attention given to all Orders. 

Center College of Kentucky, Orm^,.- 

Beatty, pres ; Alfred B Nelson, sec* .; 

Central Hotel, John P. Thorel. lV r - 

Main near :3d. (See adv.) 
Central National Bank, of l>an- 

ville, Kv., Robi P Jacobs, Presid . 

John , ^V Proctor, Cashier. Capital, $2(K-i 

00 ( b Surplus and undivided p«fo tt 

720. Col lections remitted on day of pa v 

Cheatham Eugene B, livery. 
Cheek John A. insurance agt. 
Guilds Mark, saloon. 
Chrism an J S. circuit court clerk. 
Cohn Louis, clothing. 
€ook Allan, meat market. 
Court* W D *fc Son, harness. 
Courts Wm F, Adans Express and g>->:. 

ticket agent. 
Cowan George, physician. 
Cowan James, barber. 
Cowan John, lawyer. 
Curry J A & Sons, drugs.. 
Danville Gas Light Co* cap $22,000. John 

W Proctor •pv^^ Daniel AY Jones. 
Danville T.i ibnne, The, Zimmemuu 

& Murphy, Props, 3d near Main. [i> * 

adv. ) 
D**is V/m C. tailor. 
Doram Gibbon J, confectioner. 
Dun lap Jarrivs B. lawyer. 
Dun lap & Dunlap, physicians. 
Durham J Wesley, lawyer. 
Durham & Jacobs, lawyers. 
Engleman <fc Noland, blacksmiths. 
Evans & Turner, physicians. * 
Fackler Daniel T, lawyer. 
Farmers' National Bank, capital $100,0' >' 

Jas G Cecil, pres; G W Welsh, Jr, cash 
Farris Morris J, live stock. 
Fields Wm M, drv ejoods. 
First National Kank.Cap., £150.000 

surplus arid undivided profit:-, $42,'€(k« 

M.J. Farris, Pres.: J. A. Quisenbury 

Cash. Collections promptly remitted. 
Flaig Ed ward, jeweler. 
Fi -e ce Joseph \Y, groeerV. 
Floyd J B & Bro, flour-mill (6 miles n e). 
Foley Mrs JosftpMii'e, milliner. 
Foley Kicnard. grocer. 
F^rb- - K, carpenter. 
Fox Edward if, photographer. 
Fox & Fox, lawyers. 
Frost John M, painter. 
Fry S S, justice of peace. 




Ti|eEo(ieri|FaiiTP Yr OTial 


S~ "*v 'i> - 


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■ '^Terms: S2oo fer Y-,i. v ^- ; ' 



JOHlsr IP. THORPE, Pbopbietoe. 


' " ' " ' ' I I II II I — I- .■■ HI » 1. ^^ ^—y 

TOKlIST stodg-hill, 


I ^ .A.i>r:D 

^sf®^ -^ <fc .^,/ _ 3 Commission Stables. 

Gentlemen's Roadsters) First-riass Saddle Horses, ThofeKfhbreds and Trotters for sale at all times. 

Maifl as d Jo urth Stree t, opposite Clemens Ro use, D A N V I LL E, K Y. 

PEI IS. CO. OP IGLA1, :.i 

2. £©2&3R.jK3, Mar-a^ei:, 
ntraJ and Southern Dep't, 





Fry S S <Sc Co, coal and lumber. 
Geary Johfi A, lessee gas-works. 

Gentry & "Whitley, grocers. 

Gibbons Arthur E, painter. 

Gilcher ^r .'Bro. (Frank and Peter), 
Prop'rs Gilcher's Hotel", and Wholesale 

• and Ketail Confectioners, 3d and Main. 

twilcher's Hotel, Gileher Bros,. Prop'rs. 
Hotel entirely Rebuilt, Remodeled; Good 
Sai»f>le-rooms connected ; 3d and Main. 

Glogower Alexander, dry goods. 

Goouloe Wm, lawyer. 

Good Ice Vim O, lawyer. 

Grant Samuel P, demist. 

Gre*n Rev E M [Presbyterian). 

Grevn Misses N B & E B, notions. 

Hackney John M, stoves and tinware. 

Randrnan P F, grocer. - 

Kann & Kinnia-rd, hats.caps.and furnishing. 

Hansford Monroe, grocer. 

Harding Bobert. lawyer and county att'y. 

Harding BsHroel, lawyer 

Harlan "Wm B, physician. 

Harris, Durham & Dunlap, dry goods. 

Have Rev — , (Presbyterian). 

Binman D 8 & Co. stoves and tinware. 

Hobbs Peter, city marshal. 

Mocker James, lunch- room. 

Holmes <& Anderson, grocs and hardware. 

Howard Clarence, a'gt Western Union tel. 

Hudson Thos J, wagon-maker, 

Kentucky Institution for the Deaf and 
Dumb, David Dudley, principal. 

Larimer Samuel, marble. 

Lawrence George, boots and shoes, 

Lee George F, county judge. . 

Linney Edward B, groceries and crockery. 

Llnney Joseph S, postmaster. 

Lucas Charles II, commission merchant. 

Lyons Henry, clothing and boots and shoes. 

McElroy, Rev — , (Presbyterian). 

McFerran James B. lawyer. 

McGinn Rev — , (Christian). 

McGrorty Alexander S, druggist. 

McGrorty Joseph P. furniture. 

M cK ee <fe J o h n stone, 'physicians. 

MeMurtry Louis S. physician. 
Mannini P, confectioner 
ManWaring & Brother, carriage-makers. 
Marks Phillip A, tailor. 

Marrs & Thomas, props Kentucky Advo- 
Ma-onheimer J C produce. 
Meyer John M, sheriff. 

Mirier J, distiller, 5 miles east. 

Mills M E, furniture. 

Mock W R. distiller. 

Monroe A L, physician. 

Moore .James R, harness-maker. 

Xewlin George P, dentist. 

Newlin Mrs Hannah L, millinery. 

Nicholas Jonathan R, undertaker. 

Nichols Heed S, county clerk. 

Potts & Procter, flour-mill. 

Procter J W &: Son, insurance. 

Quisenberry John A, insurance agent. 

Randolph Rev J C (Presbyterian). 

Richardson John N, confectioner. 

Rieketts John, grocer. 

Roberts & Gilmore, coal, lumber, lime, itfc. 

Robertson Alfred B, dry goods. 

Roszell 8. S., Manager Singer Manu- 
facturing Company ; 3d near Post-Omce. 

Bowland & Co, boots and shoes. 

Rasseli Robert S. meat market. 

Russell Miss Sarah M, milliner. 

Sallee Wm J, lumber and coal. 

Samuel & Warren, druggists. 

Shears Andrew J, groceries and produce. 

Shears Wm H, meat market. 

Sheehan H M T manager A U tel. 

Sherley Preston, barber. 

Shumate F M, jailer. 

Smiley & Adams, wagon-makers.- 

Smith & Murphy, carriage-makers. 

Stephenson Rev (Metnoaist'N). 

Stephenson Rev R T (Methodist). 

Stodffbill .lohli, Livery, Sale, and 
Feed Stable, opposite Clemens House. 
(Bee adv.) 

Taylor James, constable. 

Thorel .Tolm P., Proprietor Central 
House, Alain near 3d. (See adv.) 

Tibbs Benjamin, barber. 

Tracy John, shoemaker. 

Tucker De Witt C, physician. 

VanWinkle & Rodes (John S. Van. 
Charles H. Bodes), Lawyers. 

Wakefield Mark, livery. 

"Waiter Nicholas II, grocer. 

Warren Isaac S. physician. 

"Welsh George W >Jr, insurance agent. 

Welsh, Wiseman & Co, genera! store. 

Wilson J:s H. distiller so miles north-east). 

Wood J W. tailor. 

Woodcock G B & Co, meat market. 

Woodfolk Rev (Baptist). 


da Samuel, restaurant. 



Yeiser Frederick, watch-maker. 
Yerkes John W, lawyer. 
Yerkes Rev Stephen (Presbyterian). 
Young Thomas P, lawyer and police judge. 

ipilW iiifiieits 

«..-•;. Hardware S^'ikiUes, Catalogues ami Vv]r-i> V.ats fnr- 
niBhed fr©&. Apt>W or svtft to fSKB. SCHH3&MNG, 335 
Broadway and 830 Kortli Fc&rtk Btrwt, ST, LOUIS, MO. 





Zimmerman 5^ Bfurpliy (John W. 

Zimmerman, David A. Murphy), editors 

and proprietors Danville Tribune, 3d, 
near Main. [Set adv.) 




DAWSON. Known as Charleston, 
in the south-western part of Hopkins 
county, IS miles south of Madisonviile, the 
county-seat, A} aorta-east of Trade water, its 
nearest shipping point, on the F. & E. R. 
K. and L@9 south-west of Louisville. Mail 
special supply. Population 140. J. Bot- 
toms, postmaster. 
Blaylock David H, "farmer. 
I£oito?us J allies, Milier, General Store 

and Druggist. 
Chamlius .3 G, photographer. 
Darby A G. phvsician. 
Earle* Ben P. 
Eison H E, farmer. 
Fox P, general store. 
Franklin B D, grocer and druggist. 
Homly W J, saloon and grocery. 
Hutier H C, lumber. 
Jackson M, mill-wright. * 

Kirk wood John. 
Lynch M M. 
Lynn I. 

Martin Rev J (Presbyterian). 
Meadors J S, wagon-wood. 
51 e riser Ben D, farmer. 
Mensef W W, blacksmith. 

Richardson Rev (Methodist). 

Smith W L, R R agent, 
Trims James, "general storeawd lumber. 
Wilson Rev — — (Baptist). 
Witherspoon L, wood -worker. 

DAYSVILLE. A village in the east- 
ern part of Todd county, 4| miles east of 
Elkton, the county-seat, 6 north- wes>t of 
Whippoorwill, its nearest shipping point, 
on the Memphis brunch of the*L. $t N. R. 
R., and 156 south-west of Louisville. Pop- 
ulation 100. Daily mail. James S. Cole, 

Bailey T B, leaf-tobacco. 
Cole James S, Cabinet-maker. 
Fergu^m L H. it R and express agent. 
Ficke C If. blacksmith and farmer. 
Froi^ge S L, teacher. 
Gant'Kev J W ( ). 


Goodman A "W, physician. 
Luckett James, general store. 
Lyon P A, farmer and surveyor. 
Page J J, blacksmith. 
Tenick & Bailev, saw-mill. 

DAYTON. This city, according to 
the centra of 1880, has a population of 
3,500, is located in Campbell county, 1^ 
miles fom Newport, with which it is* con- 
nected by street cars. It is in fact a sub- 
urb of Cincinnati. Six churches, repre- 
senting the various denominations of 
Presbyterian, Methodist Spfecopal, Bap- 
tist, Episcopal, Lutheran, and Catholic, and 
i> schools are sustained. It consists chiefly 
of residences, no manufactures of note 
bsiiig carried on, with the single exception 
of rope and twine-making, which forms 
the only shipment. Mail daily. Charles 
B. Hayward, postmaster. 
Anschutz Louis P, justice of peace. 
Banks J W, carpenter. 
Batsche Aloys, grocers. 
Bauman John, carpenter. 
Bauman Joseph, tailor. 
Betsch Martin, dry goods and barber. 
Kode Frederick, Blacksmith and 

Wagon -maker. . 
Bonte's John Sons, cordage mfrs. 
Brown Mrs C, confectionery. 
Brown J F, painter. 
Buning John B, shoemaker. 
Cassander Rev Wm (rector R C Church). 
Conners Mrs Mary, grocer. 
Dameron Augustus S, physician. 
Deneson & Hayward, grocers. 
Domhotf Victor, twine manufacturer. 
Drown Mrs Carrie, confectionery. 
Dunn Jesse A, dentist. 
Ehmer Joseph, saloon. 
Ervin Rev J N (Presbyterian). 
For.stner 3Iiss Fannie B. (Mrs. 

Mary English's Agent), Millinery and 

Gamier Louis, florist. 
G'.-etr, Herman J, druggist. 
Gramer John, baker. 
Gramer Michael, baker. 
Gubser Michael, meat market. 
Harris 31, grocer. 
Haywood Charles B, postmaster. 
Hebcl August, tailor. 
Hermann Martin, Hardware, Stoves, 

and Galvanized Iron-Works. 

ftYVffH J f '-■■ -■, ►--■'■'ffi.WrttlWe N.ew frustrated Catalnqup jus' out 
V**J>W«£T4WW JMAefeHW W V£UAM>» tects and Cornice firm*. Sent by Express 

Free to Archi 
>y Expn 

J. W. ATKINSON, 313-321 South Clinton Street, CHICAGO, ILL. 





Horst, Theodore, dry good.-. 

Hux Mi§s Mary, teacher. 

Josly-n Mrs Josephine V, grocer. 

Josylin Wm, grocer. 

Junk Joseph, shoemaker. 

Keiber Adam, carpenter. 

Klein I'eter, Blacksmith and Wagoa- 

. maker. 
Knott Thomas, marshal. 
Koebler Henry, meat market. 
Creifller Christopher, Carpenter 

and Builder. 
Kuevan Lewis, saloon. 
Kuhl Joseph, cigars, etc. 
Kuhlman Charles, saloon. 
Kummeling Bernard, boot* and shoes. 
Larnb John, meat market. 
Latham Edward H. druggist. 
Link Joseph, rope mi'r. 
Link J A Jr & Co, mfrs halters. 
Me Arthur A: Haviin, ' E. Morris Mc- 

Arthur and Harry Haviin i. Staple and 

Fancy Groceries and Produce. 
McClain Wilber C, coal dealer. 
Maginnis James, teacher, 
Marshall Miss Annie, teacher. 
Maxey George, mayor. 
Mot/, Charles J, saloon. 
Motz Wm, grocer and saloon. 
Mollyneaux Miss Lizzie, teacher. 
Niles J an>es C, grocer. 
Nolte George, grocer. 
Nolte George Jr. city clerk* 
Pille John F, boots and shoes'. 
Possnett Mrs Hester, baker. 
Querimus Grof, merchant taik«r. 
Quinby Miss Lizzie, teacher. 
Hackers Henry, Hemp Twine Mnfr. 
Rawlins Thomas, carpenter. 
Reed John, grocer. 

Rewalt Mrs Margaret, furniture dealer. 
Riebel E, tailor. 
Roskur Henry, rope- walk. 
Romer Andrew, barber. 
St John Huston, stationery, etc. 
Scbluetor Benj., Twine and Cordage 

Schoolfieid Charles B, physician. 
Schuh Joseph, rope manufacturer. 
Schultheis George, meat market. 
Schwab Robert, cord mnfr. 
Stencil Henry, barber. 
Swager Enoch M, shoemaker. 
Tiemann George W, grocer. 
Trap John, coal dealer. 
TressLse Miss Fanny, teacher. 

Unnewehr Fred, cigars, etc. 
Venabie Miss Edith, teacher. 
V a Iter Anthony, brick-yard. 
"Wern Peter, twine mnfr. v 
"Won ton Mrs Elizabeth C, millinery, 
Wolff Charles, grocer. 
Wolff Charles Jr., Baker and Confec- 
Worth Silvester, shoemaker. 
Wueller August, saloon. 

DEACON'S MI17CS. A post-office 

in Breathitt county, with a population of 60. 



known as Saver's Depot, in Nelson coun- 
ty, 32 miles from Louisville. 
Bardstown branch of the L 
Adams express. Daily mail. 
uels, postmaster. 
Conn J F. physician. 
Roberts G M, blacksmith. 
Samuels T W, distiller. 
Samuels T. W. & Son, 

Store, and Express Agents. 
Samuels W I, station agent. 
Saver* A, general store. 
Swearingen G W, distiller. 


J>EER CREEK. A country posv- 
office in Carter county, 8 miles from Grat- 
son, the county-seat and shipping point, on 
E. K. R'y. Daily nsail. James L. Kitchen- 
Horton C, flour-mills. 

Kitchen Charles, gen store and flour-mill, 
Kitchen James L, general store. 
Maddox C, mill-owner. 
Maddox John W, blacksmith. 
Salmons F, flour-mills. 
Wilcox D B, physician. 

DEKOVEN. In Union county, is » 
small village, with a population of about 
100. Ship goods to Caseyville, on the Ohio 
river, 3 miles south, Morganfield, the 
county-seat, is £6 miles north-east. Coal, 
wheat and corn are exported. Mail semi- 
weekly. A. ^Y r . McMican, postmaster. 
Ames J D, physician. 
Ik-sen M A, hotel and saloon. 
Brooks I.) A Jr, express agent. 
Graham John, shoemaker. 
Kelsey P G & Co, gen store and saw-mil! 
Long B M, physician. 


is on 













err-- fi -11 ^-** l **™ r, " Hi<i mmr ,,i,t,k 1,4U0 

: OiliJI«L QlP Uftl# 1 'LLIflflll'l sisted Clalnis. Asrents Everywhere. 





Mr Kin ley B E, livery. 

RfclflC»n A.. W., Stationer, News 

Dealer, and Confectioner. 
Mattingly J B, saloon. 
Renin Henry, meat market. 
Spencer II C, hotel. 

DELAWARE. ' In the northern 
part of Daviess county, on Green river, 19 
miles pert of Owenshcro, the county-seat. 
10 east of Robards, its nearest station, on 
the St. L. & Sl E. branch of L. & K. R. R., ( 
and 170 south-west of Louisville 
should be shipped to Delaware. 
weekly mail. Population 70. I 
ricoe, postmaster. 
Allen A M & Co, general store. 
Allen T E, druggist, 
Allen «fc Taylor, general store. 
Cooke N B, toba'-c --. 
Cooke S C, general store and hotel. 
Harrolson B F, physician. 
Hewitt J W A Co, tobacco. 
Lambert J R, general store. 
Lampkins W J, flouring-mill. 



E. Car- 

DE MOSS YIIJLE. On the Licking 

river and K. C. U. R., in the northern part 
of Pendleton county. 14 miles north of 
Falmouth, the county-seat, and 100 north- 
east of Louisville. Tobacco, grain, and 
stock are exported. Adams Express, Daily 
mail. Population 110. J. F. Mann, post- 

Cahill James, cooper. 
Dougherty J G, general store. 
Fromey H. 

Leslie B J, blacksmith. 

Mann J, F., Express Agent, Sewing- 
machines, Attachments, Needles and Oil. 
Mullins S G, general store. 
Oldham J W, grocer, 
liieken H, tailor. 

Thraaher Aaron, gen store and R R agent. 
Vanlandinzbam Mrs A E, hotel. 

Dorsey P M, justice. 
Hubbard Riley, tl our- mill. 
XovHI a. \Y ., bJiicksmiUx. 

Poy nter C C, merchant, 
"Ward R S, physician. 


post-of&ee in Pendleton county, 11 mile? 
west of Falmouth, the county-seat, and 
shipping point, and 150 miles from Louis- 
ville. De Mossvdle.'h miles distant, is the 
shipping point. Weekly mail. J. H. Gard- 
ner, postmaster. 
Arr Alexander, physician. 
Black S, cooper. 
Cahill John, justice pf peace. 
Mullins R ; constable. 
May A H, blacksmith. 
Nevil J, general store. 
Norton J, blacksmith. 
Sanders P, commission. 

Stephens Rev T | ). 

Stith W T & H U, flour-mill. 

DICKEY'S MILES. In the north- 
ern part ot Edmonson county, 10 mil«s 
north of Brownsville, the county-seat, 14 
Boutb of Orayson Springs star ion, its near- 
est sl;i t .ping", ort the P. «fe E. Lit R., 
and ',ui soutl ._- west '< >f - Louis*v41 ie. Lu mber, 
staves, land hoop-poles are exported. South- 
ern Express. Weekly mail. Population 
,P >0. G. \V. Nevill, postmaster. 

DIXIE. A small village and post- 
office in Henderson county, 16 miles soutfc 
of Henderson, the county-sent, and near- 
est shipping point, on the Ohio river, and 
also on the L. & N. R. R. Tobacco, wheat, 
corn, and pork are shipped. Population 
200. Stage to Robarcl's station tri-weekly. 
Mail tri-weekly. George W. Dixon, post- 

Dixon George "W., General Store. 

Durbin Dick, live stock. 
McCormiek Wm, wagon-maker. 
Marks Jack Jr, blacksmith. 
Roberts E H. professor of music. 
Seigier J R, physician. 
Snider John, live stock. 
Walker A C, justh e of peace. 

DIX OX. In the south-western pan 
of Webster county, for which it is the seal 
of justice, 12 miles west of Slaughterviile, 
its nearest shipping point, on the St. L. «fe 
S. E. brunch of the. L. & N. R. R , and 400 
miles s^-itli-wt-t of Louisville. Daily stftg« 
to Slaughterviile; fare $d. Population 650. 
AV~. J. Grace, postmaster. 
Brewer & Caldwell, general store. 
Brewer vfe Herri n, general store. 
Brooks Stephen, druggist, 
Brooks Wiley, livery stable. 
Browning James, druggist. 

fill illlffil" if IMllli, ^T^SSr^I^I 





Bull & Bro, flouring-mill. 

Cobb S C, hotel. 

Cosby II C. druggist. 

Oouch L, grocer. 

Dixon J O, general store. 

Fugats Mark, druggist. 

Grace W. J», Saddle and Harney 

maker. • ■ 
Hardwiek & Brooks, general store. 
Hayes L, shoemaker. 
Hay nes J E, physician. 
Herrin Hiram, general store. 
Reuse T J, phvsielan. 
Hill C J, hotel" and livery. 
Mangy S, stoves and tinware. 
Morehead James, physician. 
Roy no Id's AS, genera! store. 
Reynolds & Orr, general store and hotel. 
Rice Marion, physician. 

DOG CREEK. I" the western part 
of Hart county, 20 miles north-west of 
Munfordville, the county-seat, and nearest 
shipping point, on the L. <k N. R. R. 
Adams Express, Weekly mail. Popula- 
tion 200. Wm, J. Lush, postmaster. 
Crandon R C, physician. 
JLush AVm. J.', Merchant. 
Lugh & Bradlev. general store, 
MoGrevv Robert, ahoemaker. 
Miller Robert, wagon-maker. 
Money R, physician. 
Pierce Wm T, cooper. 
Thompson, Samuel, general store. 
Wood James S, flour and saw-mill. 


Pulaski county (See Dabneyj 


I>ORRETT*S RUN, A small 
country post-oraee, in Hardin county, 10 
miles north of Elizabethtown, the county- 
aeat. Mail by special supply. George W. 
Roney, postmaster and general store. 

DOUP'S POINT. Recently estab- 
lished as a p-'St-ottioe in Jefferson county. 
Population 75. 

DOVKU. On the Ohio river, in the 
north-western part of Mason county, 12 
miles north-west of Maysville, its nearest 
shipping point by rail, on the Maysville 
division of the K. C. R. R., 50 miles south- 
east of Covington, and 150 north-east of 

Louisville. It has 3 churches and 3 .schools. 

Population (census 1880) 535. Mail daily, 

\\\ 1). Frazoe, postmaster. 

Boyd J X, tobacco. 

Buchman Martin, shoemaker. 

Cleveland Samuel, wagon-maker. 

Curran Thomas A, lawyer. 

Dohyna Arthur F, justice of peace. 

Fox Charles J, justice of peaee. 

Frazce W. I)., General Store. 

Goff John S, undertaker. 

Hanna C W, lumber dealer, 

Banna Edward H, carpenter. 

Hanna John It, piano-tuner. 

Hanna John W, general store. 

Hu nna O, general store, 

Kliline Lawrence, meat market. 

L:.oLu.buiger Chas. hotel proprietor, 

M.uMillian John J, wharf-boat. 

Me Mil Han Wm B, constable. 

Manning A: Ringo, washing-machines. 

Munzing Wm, saloon and shoemaker. 

Patty John, brick and coal. 

Rasor Louis, saloon. 

Smith Fletcher, physician. 

Smith Mahlon, physician. 

Tabb Frank, tobacco. 

Tabb Lanyhorn, saloon. 

Weaver Miss Jennie, milliner. 

Westfall Thomas C, leaf-tobacco. 

Wilson James, livery. 

DRY FORK. In the southern part 
of Barren county, 15 miles south of Glas- 
gow, the county-seat, its nearest shipping 
point, on the L." & N. R. R., and 120 miles 
south of Louisville. Population 200. 
Weekly mail. A. P. Childress, postmaster. 
Botts S T, physician. 
Bullock F J, physician. 
Burgess Rev O A (United Brethren). 
GlliUiress A. P., General Store. 
Hume H, physician. 
Smith J H, tobacco. 
Smith J T, live stock. 
Wright Rev U (Reformed). 
Wright .J L, deputy clerk. 
Young A '¥., justice of peace. 
Young G C, flour-mill. 

DRV 1&IIM3-I2. In the northern part 
of Grant county, half a mile from the C. 8. 
R'y. and 4 north of Williamstown, the 
county-seat. Daily mail. Population 100. 
J. A. McPherson, postmaster. 



r«nce to the Comp&nws w« mauA*r*». 
£& CASTiLVAN, iiou>sv1H«, Ky. 





Collins R A, flour-mill. 

Hume W Jasper, general .store. 

ilume& Kinslear, tobacco. 

Hutchinson J W, hotel. 

Jacksoft John, general *tore. 

McFbersoa John A, gen store and tobacco. 

IHtY Rf • X. In the northern part of 
S ott eountv, Ls a station on the C. S. R'y, 

5 miles north of Georgetown, the county- 
geat. Good:; are snipped to Kinkaid. Dai' 
mail Population 30. B, 

D. Best, pesl- 

Baker R, shoemaker. 

Express Agent. 
Brown Rev H W. 
Butter Rev J. 

iiambrick K M, justice of peace. 

Store, R. R. and 

l)t r BLIX. Th the western part of 
Graves county, 10 in ilea south-west c f May- 
field, the county-seat. 6 north-west of Pry- 
orsbnrgi the nearest shipping point, on the 
M M P. & N. 11. 11., and 350 south-west of 
Louisville. Semi-weekly mail. Population 
200. M. A. Payne, postmaster. 
Adams G T, justice, grain and cattle deal- 
er, and saw-mill. 
Brown J P, carpenter. 
Puller, J P, blacksmith. 
Gibson T H, hotel. 
Kirby M L. wagon-maker. 
Kirby T II. blacksmith. 
McClendon D C, tobacco. 
Payne M. A. & Son, Dry Goods, Gro- 
ceries', 'Hardware, Queensware and Pat- 
ent Medicines. 
ProetOr R A, cooper. 
Roach B F, horse-breeder. 
Russell Scott, shoemaker. 
Slaughter Dr S il, general store. 

DUCKttR'S. In the northern part 
of Woodford county, on the Leptington 
branch of the L.. C. & L. R. R., 10 miles 
north of Versailles, the county-seat, and 73 
Bonn-east ot Louisville. Daily mail Pop- 
ulation 53. Win. Gibson, postmaster, 
Edwards George T, justice of peace. 
Gibson Thomas L, station agent. 
Gibson YY. &T, Eft, Dealers in Grain 
Ppyirtser .John D. carpenter. 
Riggan Rev George ( Baptist). 
Thompson B W, physician. 

DUIjANKY. An unimportant sta- 
tion on the P. & E. R. R. Population 30. 
Daily mail. W. 11. Jones, postmaster. 
Henson George W, blacksmith- 
Jones Will. H., Express Agent and 

General Store. 
Rueker C W, general store. 

IVCTNCAN. An incorporated village 
in the county of Mercer, 12 miles from 
Harrodsburg. the nearest railroad station, 
and county-seat. Produce is marketed. 
Population 75. Mail semi-weekly. J. R. 
Duncan, post master. 
Britten W F, undertaker. 
Duncan .J. R., farmer. 
Hicks Alexander, shoemaker. 
Johnson & Voorhies, blacksmiths. 
McKinney, J C, iicur-miil. 
Miller W P, physician. 
Parker R B, physician. 
Whjteyaek & Bro, general store. 

DrXXVFT.I.E. On Green river, iu 
the southern part of Casey county, 11 miles 
south of Liberty, the county-seat, 27 west 
of Moreland, its nearest shipping-point, on 
the C. S. R'y, Adams Express. Tri-weekly 
mail. Population 100. Wm. G. Smith, 

Aaron G A, physician. 
Allen & Sons, live-stuck. 
Austin Isaac, blacksmith. 
Biadshaw & Luttre'll, blacksmiths. 
Browning H T, dentist. 
Hocker J W, railroad and express agent. 
Jones T. «£: Co., General Store. 
Napier P W, general st<>re. 
Rector Miss Lucy, teacher. 
William J B, miTl-wright. 
Williams & Williams, flour-mill. 

DURXEY. In the north-eastern part 
of Lawrence county, on the Big Sandy riv- 
er, 7 miles north of Louisa, the county-s'-at., 
and 300 east of Louisville. It is a station 
on the new Chattroi R. R„ and goods are 
shipped to Catalpha Station, on that road. 
Exports produce. Population 150. 
daily. C. C. Leffingwell, postmaster. 
Oorrutte S, general store. 
Kinmer L F, meats and H^e-stock. 
Moore David, justice. 
Morrow John, justice. 
Workman A D. physician. 



f??« 1 1 1*8 Dating Stamps, Self-Inking Stamps, ISank Stamps and Cheek 

I'rwtertofsj tiHHteur ITinting l*Tej««j08 and Tj-pe. I*. BOCHK, 

Mi&taui&g Engraver ami JDie Sinker, 166 Randolph St., CHICAGO, JUL 





DYCUSBtRO, In Crittenden 
county, 1^ miles from Marion, the county- 
seat, and 300 hy water from Louisville, is 
located on the Cumin rmnd river. This 
village of 400 inhabitant- has 2 churches, 
and a graded school. Its shipping station 
is Eddyville, 11 miles away, on the P. & 
E. R. R. Corn, wheat, tobacco, and stock 
are shipped. Mail daily. J. H. Clifton, 

Dennett T L, general store. 

Bingham Wm, mill-wright. 

Boaz Albert, carpenter. 

Oassidy J C, physician. 

Gftssidy S H & Co. tobacco. 

Charies John, wagon-maker. 

Clifton J. H., Dry Goods and Hotel. 

Olifton J It, blacksmith. 

Crumbaugh George, live stock. 

Ellis Wm, live stock. 

Flora Joseph, ginsmith. 

Gears Thomas, eakinet-maker. 

Graves J M, physician. 

Graves W S, physician and tobacco. 

Graves W 8 & W T, live stock. 

Gregory K, druggist. 

Hill James, carpenter. 

Jakle Henry, steam saw-mid. 

Koon W H, live stock. 

Marlow H C, painter. 

Martin Kobert. flour-mill. 

Martin Thomas J. cooper. 

Martin T T, general store and hotel. 

Kamage, Samuel, tinner. 

Vosar Theodore, cooper. 

Wallace Wm, shoemaker. 

Webor C F, flour-mill. 

Wells Jasper, chair-maker. 

Yancy Bros, grocers. 

EAGE*IHTI/E. A village in Owen 
county, 16 miles from Owenton, the county- 
seat, and 70 from L< uisville. Gleneue, on 
the L., C. & L, R. R., 3 miles distant, is 
the nearest railroad station. Population 
300. Semi-weekly mail. Wm. A. Stewart, 

Edwards J W, justice of peace. 
Foster F, cooper. 
Oborn 1). boot and shoemaker. 
Stewart B A, live stock, 
-Si" wart Bffs E, shoemaker. 
Stewart J, meat market. 
Stewart T, dentist; 
Stesvart Wm, blacksmith. 

Swope H, flour-mill. 
Wright G W r , constable. 

EAGLE STATION., On the L., C. 

& L. R. R., in the eastern part of Carroll 
county, 10 mile.-, soathr-easl of Carrollton, 
the county -seat, and 58 north-east of Lowae- 
vilis. Adams Kxp'-ess. Daily mail. Pop- 
ulation 65. J. W. Dari--, postmaster. 
Baker A M, tobacco and live stock. 
Baker Smith <fc Co, Hour-mills. 
Boyee E W, shoemaker. 
Darbro J R. physician. 
Davis & Band, General Store. 
Gardner J B, constable. 
Gull ion J E, drugeist. 
Jagers J. blacksmith. 
J, ; h:^e?: M C, physician, 
Johnson & Co, general store. 
Jo e-s I W, blacksuiith. 
L®ng T R. railroad agent. 
McDarment J, justice of peace. 
Sheets Lewis, hotel. 

E ARLINGTON'. An ineorporated 
town of about 1.000 inhabitants, in Hop- 
kins county, 4 miles south of MadisonviUe, 
the shipping point. It is a station on the 
St. L. & SfE. division of L. & N. R. R., 
-lo miles south of Henderson, and 225 from 
Louisville. About 10.000 car-loads of coal 
are annually shipped from here. It con- 
tains 2 churches, a public school, and a 
school conducted by the Sisters, in connec- 
tion with the Catholic church. 2 coal mines, 
2'botels, a saw-null, several stores, and rail- 
road shops. Express Southern. Telegraph 
Western Union. Mail daily. J. T. Mc- 
Euen, postmaster. 
Arnold Robert, city marshal. 
Atkinson John JB., Sec. and Treas. St. 

Bernard Coal Company. 
Brasher Alohzo W, physician. 
Cameron Wm L, train dispatcher. 
Clegi? Joseph P, prop Earlinirton hotel. 
Conen Rev A (Catholic). 
Cordier Jrrank, wines and liquors. 
Crenshaw <fe Walker, drugsrist c . 
Da\ i-> & Son. physicians.- 
Dick Charles, meat market. 
Farnsworth O J, police judge. 
Feiler Fred, wine- and liquors. 
Fenwiek Alexander, v. ines and liquors. 
Grainger Wm L, hotel and justice. 
Hail Robert M, watches, clocks, etc. 

yjtPMPl til 

amok & mmMt 

5 over $40»000>000 of Fire ffli ( if 

Controlling o?e* £4O»0OO>O()O of Fire 

, and 
em tital ■ 





Harper E W, station agent. 

Hocla Coal and Mining Co, E P Campbell, 
pre»; J F Foard, sec end treas, coal 
mines and general store. 

Kertin John J, train dispatcher. 

McEuen J, T., Supt! St. Bernard Coal 
Companies. Store and Postmaster. 

McLeod Edgar, shoemaker. 

MeLeod Edward, general store and livery. 

Roberts Wm, barber. 

St. Bernard Coal Company, E. G. 
Sebree, Pres.; John B. Atkinson, Sec'y 
and Treas. Coal mines and General 

Sebree E G, pres St Bernard Coal Com- 
pany, residence Trenton. 

Solomon Louis, drugs, books, etc. 

Stoakes John, builder. 

Stromowsky J.ohn, shoemaker. 

Walker Thos D. stoves and tin. 

Walton Lewis R, fertilizers. 

Walton Wm, groceries. 

EAItLE'N. An unimportant gost- 
office in Muhlenburg county. Weekly 
mail. Thomas C. Summers, postmaster. 
Medsker Charles, blacksmith. 
Whiiaker W B, blacksmith. 

EAST EAGLE. The post-office for 
a settlement of 75 people, in Owen county, 
9 miles from Owenton, the county-seat, 
and 14 miles west -of Corinth, its shipping 
station, on the C. S. R'y. Stage to Owen- 
ton semi- weekly; tare 75c. Mail tri-week- 
!y. George Hill, postmaster. 
Clifton J E, grocer. 
Dawson Wm, physician. 
Hill George, Dry Goods and Hotel. 
Hiil Geo W, prin Richland Academy. 
Hill & Dews, blacksmiths. 

EAST FORK. A hamlet in Met- 
calfe, count v, 30 mile? from its shipping 
point, florae. Cave, on the L, & >'. R. R.'. 
and HO miles from Louisville Mail 4 
times a week. B. F. Taylor, postmaster. 
Bragi? & Co, general store 
Pendleton & Sons, saw and grrat-mfil. 
Taylor B F, physician. 

EAST HICKMAN. A po&t-offic^ 

and village in Payette county. 9 miles from 
Lexington, the county-seat; and shipping 

EAST POINT. Oi the Big Sandy 

river, in the southern part of Johnson 
I county, 6" miles south-east of Paintsville, 
I the caunty-se&t. Louisa, on the Chattroi 
j R. R., is She nearest railroad approach. 
| Goods should be shipped via Big Sandy 
j river to East Point. Daily Mail. Wm, 
j J. Con ley, postmaster. 
i Ausar W L, -general store. 
J Auxier H J, lumber. 
j Auxier John B, flour-mill. 

Auxier & Conley. sorghum, 
j Auxier & Hyder, sorghum. 
! Blackburn <s Greer, wagon-makers. 

Conley W. J., Farmer. 

Davis Austin T, general store. 

Goble Isaac, physician. 

Greer Win H. justice of peace. 

Ha gat II D, shoemaker. 

H&ga? Rev J H (Methodist). 

Hagar J 11, «aw and flour-mill. 

Hatrar W T, cooper. 

Kelly John S, general store. 

Richmond John, general store. 

EAST VIEW. A station on the P. 

& E. R. R., in the south-western part of 
Hardin county, 14 miles south-west of Eiiz- 
abethtown, the county-seat, and 54 south 
of Louisville. Live stock is raised and 
shipped in considerable quantities. South- 
ern Express. Daily mail. Population 50. 
R. I). Stewart, postmaster. 
Best S T, general store and tobacco. 
Hart Hiram, shoemaker. 
Jackson E W, gen store and express agt. 
Small wood Henry, saw-mill. 
Stewart R. I)., General Store and R. 

E. Agent. 
Stewart & Whayne leaf-tobacco. 
Thurman James P, blacksmith. 
Wortham D F, flour-mill. 

EJ>I>\VIEEE. The county-seat of 

Lyon county, is a station on the P. & E. 
R. R., 191 miles from Louisville. It was 
settled about 1790, and Las now a popula- 
tion of 600. It is an enterprising town 
and promises to become an important 
point. It contains 4 churches and 2 
schools. Daily mail. Mrs. M. M. I. Baker, 

Baker 3!*'S St. Jlf. I., Postmaster. 
Bonner J a- M, pottery | ■; miles south- west j. 
Bowman tS Smith, general store. 

PI H- §8. OF MAI 

Cetitra.1 and Sou tli era JDep't, 





Boyd James, proprietor Laclede House, 
Bras well House ($2 per day), N. T. 

Braswi.-ii, Pro.priet»r, 

Brtl^weil Nicholas T., General Mer- 
chandise, Wagons, Plows, Furniture, 
Coffins, Saddlery, Leather, etc., and Fro- 
prietor Bras well House. 

Bridgewaters Green, blacksmith. 

Brunaon Clark S. physician. 

Cash Win, woolen and cardin^-mill. 

Cassidy Daniel 15., County Attorney. 

Catlett George & Co, eeneral store. 

Champion Alfred H, physician. 

Champion George M, express agent. 

Clark John W, circuit clerk. 

Crumbaugh & Coon, live stock. 

Doggett Lucius C, wagon-maker. 

Daniels & Withers, salodn. 

Duncan Euclid M, physician. 

Fuller James W, saloon. 

Holloway James N, drugs and groceries. 

Hunter A & Son, general store, 

Hunter Monro, bakery and confectionery. 

Husbands James G, lawyer. 

James Edward H, lawyer. 

Kendrick James W, feed-stable. 

Kerr Clark <& Co, leaf-tobacco. 

Lady Robert C, groceries. 

Lefeber James M, physician. 

Lester J & Son, general store. 

Lyon Hyland B, general store. 

Maehem Sniith M, physician. 

Marshall E J, station agent. 

Marshall Matthew C, general store. 

Molloy Mark P, county clerk. 

Oliver Joseph W, sheriff. 

Pate Rev E£ ( Methodist South). 

Rice dames B, wagon-maker. 

Rogers Thomas J. surveyor. 

Scott Stewart, shoemaker. 

Skinner Fred If., Forwarding and 
Commission Merchant, and Insurance 

Smith Benjamin F. assessor. 

Terrell J C, saw-mill, (3 miles north). 

Wadliogton Frank M, constable. 

Wake Russell W, lawyer. 

Walking Thomas J, county judge. 

Wilson Finis A, Lawyer and Collec- 
tion Agent. 

Withers O B, physician. 

EDEN. Martin couuty (See Inez). 

EDEN. Known as Williamson's Sta- 
tion, on the Shelby branch, L., C. & L. K. 

R., in the north-eastern part of Jefferson 
county, 14 miles west of Louisville, the 
county-seat. Adams Express. Daily mail. 
Population 50. James Williamson, post- 

McFadden Wm, hotel. 
Neal & Johnston, steam saw-mill. 
Simon ds Wm, blacksmith. 
Williamson James, K. H. Agent, and 
General Store. 

EDENTOX. Known as Poosey, is 

in the south-western partof .Madison county, 
12 miles south-west of Richmond, the coun- 
ty-seat, 12 miles north-west of Paint Lick, 
its nearest shipping point, on the L. & JL 
R. R. and 114 south-ea-t of Louisville. 
Weekly mail. Population 140. Robert 
Ragan, postmaster. 
Cotton & Henderson, general store. 
Ferrel Wm 11, justice. 
Hill Wm H, constable. 
Long Jacob, blacksmith. 
Long Jas M, justice. 
Long Robert, live stock. 
Masters Rev H C (Christian''. 
MuTfphy , lames M, flour-mill. 
Ragan Kobert, General Store. 
Reynolds Wm R. wagon-maker. 
Roberts Philip, physician. 
Spencer 6c Chandler, blacksmiths. 

EDMONTON. An incorporated 
town, and the county-seat of Metcalfe coun- 
ty, is 20 miles distant from its shipping 
station, Glasgow, on the L. & N. R. R., 
and 110 miles from Louisville. Here is a 
church, a high-school, and a population of 
200. Daily mail. S. A. Murray, postmaster. 
Beauchamp E R. general store. 
Beauchamp N B, jeweler. 
Blaine D F, shoemaker. 
Botts John W, lawyer. 
Burks VV S, prin high school. 
Cary L A, general store. 
Compton J W, lawyer. 
Dehoney \i B, hotel and lawyer. 
Eubank Geo F, lawyer. 
Eubank W E, blacksmith. 
Evans Mrs R 11, general stora. 
Grimstead Henry, wagon-maker. 
Martin Benjamin, constable. 
Miller & Hurt, lawyer*. 
Mitchell W H, four and saw-mill. 




Hardware Specialties. I 

|gj^*g©nd for niuatnrtod Catalogue and Price Lisr 

RrD.Sei-iMIEDIMr, 885 ..Broadway and 830 North 

Fourth Street, ST. LOUIS, MO. 





Muneey J 0, lawyer. 

Murray I) P, dentist. 

Murray S. A. Saddle and Harness Shop. M .A, blacksmith. 

Newman VV O, distiller. 

Nunn & Whitlow, druggists. 

Pedigo W H C, general store. 

Price G R, lawyer. 

Reed J M, justice of peace. 

Rousseau J L, lawyer. 

Schlinker N T. flour-mill. 

Slemmons R W, principal of academy. 

Terry W R, justice of peace. 

EGYPT. A country post-office in the 
south-eastern part of Jackson county, 11| 
miles south-east of Mc&ee, the county- 
seat, 25 east of Livingston, its nearest ship- 
ping point, on the L. & N. R. R, and 100 
south-east of • Louisville. Population 25. 
Semi-weekly mail. John Rader, postmas- 

McQueen B & Son, flour and saw-mill. 
Racier John, Farmer. 

EIGHTY-EIGHT. In the eastern 
part of Barren county, 10 miles south-east 
of Glasgow, the county-scat, its nearest 

shipping point, on the L. & N. it. R. 
Adams Express. Daily mail, and stage to 
Glasgow and Burksville; fare $4. 
Nunnaly D N, general store. 
Rowland, Morrison Sc Co. general store. 
Richardson , flour-mill. 


the oldest towns in Kentucky, its original 
settlement dating back to 1797. It was in- 
corporated in lb 12, and re-incorporated in 
1850. It is the county-seat of Hardin 
county, and an important station on the L. 
& N. R. R„ and the eastern terminus of 
the P. Sc E. R.-R.. whose repair shops are 
located here, giving employment to over 
100 mew. This company have made great 
improvements on their road lately, con- 
suming some 1,000,000 fe$« of lumber, in 
Bridges and tr*estfes, tuui 100,000 ties. The 
city contains a court-house, erected at a 
cost of $27,000, 2 banks, 2 hotels, the lead- 
ing and most popular one being Kill's Ho- 
tel, 9 new distilleries, a saw-miii, a flour- 
mill, a weekly newspaper, The News, a 
public hall, with a seating capacity of 500, 

and 8 churches, representing the varioui 
sects. Its bonded debt is $50,000, and as- 
sessed valuation, $800,000. The principal 
shipments are whisky, live stock, grain and 
tobacco. Stage to Hodgensville daily ; faro 
$1. Express Adams. Telegraph Western 
Union. Daily mail. D. 0, S. Wintersmith, 

Albert Joseph J, barber. 

Arnold, Polk & Co, hankers. 

Arthur Meredith, livery stable. 

BaldutY Valentine, boot and shoemaker. 

Baldwin Harrison, dentist. 

Barr James A, dentist. 

Becler Adam, meat-market. 

Bell Wei F, lawyer. 

Bowling Rev G W (col Baptist). 

Bowling Mrs J VV, millinery and notions. 

Boyd John A & Era, flour-mill (7milee s e„) 

Brown Chelf «& Hayeraft, (Alfred 
M Brown, .Wm. I], Chelf, IX Clinton 
Hayeraft), Lawyers, 

Brown Jacob, saloon. 

Brown James, marble-worker. 

Bryan Warren & Co, grocery, crockery etc. 

Bryant & Thompson, distillers. 

Bash Squire H, lawyer. 

Chenault Elbert, wines and liquors. 

C hist en /Wilhelm, shoemaker. 

Cofer & Bush, livery. 

Cowley James, groceries. 

Cox John H, saloon. 

Davis Otto, stoves and tinware. 

Dennis Mrs D L, dress-making. 

Depp Andrew, groceries etc. 

Diekev Robert, foreman repair shops P <fc 
E R R. 

Duncan Thomas F, watchmaker. 

Elizabethtown News (weekly), Henry M. 
MeCarty, ed and prop. 

Erwin James, constable. 

Evens Rev E (col Methodist). 

i'Ic:''h«r James W, physician. 

F raize Christopher M, clerk circuit court. 

Gaither James E., Att'y at Law and 
Collection, Agent, south-west corner Pub- 
He Square. 

Gardner James W, jailer. 

Gardner Wm H, sheriff. 

Go-ran flo Heinrich, boot and shoemaker. 

Handworker Joseph, watches jewelry etc. 

Hawkins II L, grocery. 

Hawkins Wm C Jr, groceries etc. 

Hay burn John J, groceries etc. 

Hay* A Bush, lawyers. 

Chicago Zinc Works 

AH kiiiJs of interior mid exterior or zuu 
meilt&tiott »r.:t<l<" from hjK'tia.1 design, 

8 J. W. ATKINSON, 313-321 So. Ciinton St., CHICAGO. 





Higgins Joseph, photographer. 

Hill Mrs. Rebecca i>.. Proprietress 
Hi H'e Hotel, cur. Main and Poplar streets, 
north of qaurtrhou - 

Hill's Hotel (#2.0© per day), 
Mrs. Rebecca D. Kill Proprietress, cor. 
Main and Poplar, north of court-house. 

IJoldsworth Henry X.* Xoiiiry Pub- 

Homing Nicholas, tailor, 

Hotopp Conrad ... Boots and Shoes. 

Hotopp «£; Holds-worth, (©onrad 
Hotopp, Henry N. Holds worth), Bankers. 

Howard John H B, furniture. 

Joplin Gates & Co. farm maeh and lumber. 

Joseph Lee, general store, 

Kaufman S & Co, dry goods and clothing, 

Keller J A, lumber manfr and grist-mill, 
(4 miles nortA. ) 

Kortz. Heinrich. barber. 

Lott Charles, wines and liquors. 

McCVgue & Collins, flour-mill. 

MeCarty Henry M, editor and proprietor 
Elizabethtown News. 

McDonald Bey Angus (Presbyterian). 

McGinn is James W, blacksmith. 

McMurtry Robert P, physician. 

Matthii George V, druggist. 

Matthis John W, county judge. 

Mayer Jacob, hides and produce. 

Meek Robert, Gen. Supt. Paducah & 
Elizabethtown R. R. 

Meglemery Alonzo M, bakery. 

Middieton Hugh M, groceries. 

Mock James R, photographer. 

Monahan Mrs Mary J, saloon. 

Montgomery & Marriott, lawyers. 

Montgomery «& Boston, lawyers. 

Morgan John, lumber manufacturer. 

Morris Alfred W, physician. 

Munsch George, tailor. 

Murphy James, boarding-house. 

Muthig Martin, tailor. 

Neighbors James R, liquors and cigars. 

Orr & Co, drugs, books, wall-paper, etc. 

Owen Isaac, foreman car-shops P & E R R. 

Paducah & Elizabethtown K. K., 
Henry WT Smithes. President, New 
York; Robert Meek. General Superin- 
tendent; B.J. Horton, Gene-rat Freight 
and Ticket Agent; G. Morton, Cashier. 

Park Robert M, ins agt and justice. 

Payne James M. painter and paper-hanger. 

Pierey Chas \V". saddles and "harness. 

Poston James C, county attorney. 

Pusey & Strickler, physicians. 

Quiggins Charles W. groceries. 
Quiggins John, furniture. 
Quiggins & Bro, undertakers. 

Kaub'»lo Frederick, confectionery. 

Rihn John, grocery. 

Robb Win D, master machinist P & E BR. 

Robertson Samuel R, general store. 

Rouse A Ian son D, agt Adams and Southern 
express Cos". 

Ruhi Carl, watch-maker. 

Ruhr August,' stoves and tinware. 

SandM-ge J Matt,, saloon. 

Showers Mrs Josephine, hotel. 

Simmons Henry, blacksmith. 

Slack C W & Co, grocers. 

Slack John W, grocery. 

SmaHwood George W, groceries. 

Smith Josephus C, saloon. 

Slaadeker B & Co. general store. 

Stanville Bliss Emily, millinery. 

Stewart J H & Co, harness. 

Stith Mrs M C. boarding-house* 

Stith Richard L. lawyer. 

Stuart Mrs E, boarding-house. 

Sweets James M, blacksmith. 

Sweets Joseph W, blacksmith. 

Sweets Michael, carriage-maker. 

Tabh Samuel, physician* 

Turner John, carpenter. 

Tanmetre <fc Stuart, lawyers. 

Warfteld Elisha, physician. 

Warheld W T &po, drugs, etc. 

Warren Mrs L I, boarding-house. 

Watts Felix K, assessor. 

Webb John C, agt Singer sewing-machine. 

Wells John H, county clerk. 

White George W, justice of peace. 

Wilkerson Logan, blacksmith. 

Williams Rev Samuel f Presbyterian). 

Wilson Henry T, lawyer. 

"Wilson & Hobson, lawyers. 

Winterbower Eugene B, lawyer. 

Wintersmith Charles G, station agt L&K 
and P & E By and mim'gr W U T Co. 

Winters in it h 1>. O. Swan, Confec- 
tionery; Books, Stationery, Notions an4l 

Winters mith Robert LSr, lumber ( * m n-w). 

Wmt'.rsmith R L& Son, grocery and hard- 

Woelpert John, meat market. 

calh d (Jakhiil. is in the western part of 
Pendleton county, 5 miles west of Fal- 
mouth, the county-seat, its nearest shipping 

li»vt> $<*t&led naiorr tliaii 1,4-00 
}*we*, ar,*i faxtv* tklfcd but 13 Rje» 


L L I f i ft 1 1 § »ls^d CJatm.. Ast.nts £y«* vvta*. 





point, on the K. CL R. K. Semi-weekly 
mail. Population 13. &. K. Decoursy, 
poet master. 

Browning T, R R and express agent. 
Surgent S, flour-mill. 

ROZA.VI.IJLE. A post village and 
station on the K. C. R. 11., in Fleming 
county, 5 inkles from Flemingsburg, the 
county-seat. ' Here are 2 churches, 1 school 
and a steam-power planiug-mill. Adams 
Express. Population 200. Daily mail. J. 
T. GftSSidy, postmaster. 
Abny L B, physician. 
Aketnan John, blacksmith. 
Babbitt Mrs S A, notions. 
Babbitt & Daugherty, general store. 
Cassidy John T., Undertaker and 

General Store. 
Day Joel A, carpenter. 
Frank J S, bjatfk&raith. 
Grimes R C, general store. 
Harkens Rev M W (Reform). 
Hurst J T & Co, undertakers. 
Joiekv Jacob, shoemaker. 
LiterJ D, hotel. 
Lundy S G, harness-maker. 
Melntire Bros, general stofe, 
O'Bannon A J, physician. . 
Pratt James A, blacksmith. 
Proctor J 2$, "physician. 
Judder Rev Henry M (Presbyterian). 
Slicer A G, rlour-mill. 
Slicer J W, railroad and express agent. 
Stewart W H, dry goods. 
Thompson B F, carpenter. 
White John, wagon-maker. 

ELK CREEK, in the south-west- 
ern part of Spencer county, 6 miles north 
of Taylorsvilie, the county-seat, 2 from 
Normandy, its nearest station on the Shel- 
by rille branch L., C. £ L. R'y, and 25 
south-east of Louisville. Tn-weekly mail 
and >tage to Taylorsvilie and Louisville. 
Pare to former, 25 cents ; to the latter, $1.25. 
Population 100. Robert J. Jewell, post* 

Collings S, apiary. 

Day J \V, carpenter. 

Miner F T, physician. 

•FpwefiJ S, express agent. 

RMvweU Robert J., General Store. 

Norman It \\ railroad agent. 

Soafer S B, blacksmith/" 

Stuart H II, physician. 
Tucker M, live stock. 
Veech, J A, live stock.. 
Ward W R, prin of academy. 

ELK FORK. In the northern part 
of Morgan county, 15 miles north-east of" 

West Liberty, the county-seat, 20 south-west 

of WUlard. its nearest shipping point,, on 

the E. K. R'y, and 825 east of Louisville. 

Mail weekly. D. C. Hutchinson, postmaster. 

Barker Li kins, teacher. 

Cantrell B T, consUible. 

Day A, constable. 

Fanning L>, blacksmith and carpenter. 

Fanning Peter, justice of peace. 

Ferguson H 0, justice of peace. 

Fyfie J oseph. flour-mill. 

Hodge Raines, mii!*-r. 

UutchillSOB I), C, General Store. 

Hutchinson II M, farmer. 

Hutchinson J H, boot and shoemaker. 

Hutchinson Peter, farmer. 

Maron & Dickinson, general store. 

Rosberry Henry, farmer. 

Whiteor M, miller. 

EI^K HORN. In Taylor county, 5 
miles from Campbellsburg, the county-seat 
and shipping point, on the L. & N. R. R., 
and 85 from Louisville. This settlement 
consists of 100 people. Churches, Metho- 
dist and Baptist. School, district. Mills, 
steam saw and grist. Shipments, tobacco 
and wheat. Semi-weekly mail. S. H. May. 

Alexander Rev Wm (Methodist). 
Baen Wm, teacher. 
Brooksher Rev E A ( Baptist). 
Burress E G, shoemaker. 
Cook W B, builder. 
Fisher Thomas D, blacksmith. 
Johnston John, constable. 
Jones vfc Eetree, wagon-maktrs. 
Kelsey O M; physician. 
K.'i-ey & James, confectioners. 
May Bros, undertakers. 
May M B» Justice of peace. 
Prescott Henry, cooper. 
Sherrill, Hardin & Co, flour and saw-mill. 

EJLKTON". This incorporated town 
with 800 population, is the county-seat of 
T.)dd county, and was settled in 1818. It 
is near the center of the county, "J miles 

n mm v i m 

ivCOKBis «sc E-a/stxtst 






north-west of Allensville, on the L. & N". 
K. R., and 160 from Louisville. The town 
has 1 bank, a weekly newspaper, 1 grist 
mill, 4 churches, a :j;ood public school and 
brick court-bouse. Tobacco, corn, wheat, 
fruit and hogs are exported. Daily stage 
to AHensville; fare $1. Daily snail. E. 
B. Edwards, postmaster. 

Allison Robert F, saloon and grocery. 

Armstrong J Harvey, sheriff. 

Bank of Elkton, capital $*23,Os;3 ; Hazel G 
Petrie, pres; John O Street, cash. 

Bfrone & Bell, general store. 

Bristow Frank H, attorney at law and 
propr Elkton Register. 

Dicken Rev C AY (Baptist). 

Dickson Tarn, barber. 

Kdwards Elisha B., Dentist and Post- 

Elkton High School, AL&F M Johnson, 

Elkton Register, Frank H Bristow, editor 
and proprietor. 

Felix M & Co, drugs. 

Fletcher Henry, saloon. 

Garth Egbert, general store. 

Gill Rev J i Presbyterian). 

Hancock & Grumbley, general store. 

Handen Sam, wagon-maker. 

Hardin AC, physician. 

Harrison W B, Lawyer. 

Henning ?»forris F, wivsron-nxaker. 

Hi rs eh field A*dolph B, general store. 

Hooeer James M, blacksmith. 

Hooser Mrs J M, milliner. 

Irvine L R, constable. 

Jefferson Walter B, physician. 

Keedy John, shoemaker. 

Kennedy Mrs. hotel. 

Lewis Chesley D, physician. 

Lewis George, general store. 

Lewis J W, general store. 

Luck J F, prop Luwery House. 

Mauzy J L, hardware. 

McReynolds John O, physician. 

liillen Arlington H, nardware and furni- 

Millen Tazewell, wagon-maker. 

Miller A: Terrell, general store. 

Mobley Eleazer, saw-mill, (3 miles s w). 

Mobley Rev E W (Christian). 

Perkins Benjamin TJr, lawyer. 

Perkins Benjamin T Sr, county judge. - 

Perkins S 11 & Co, general store. 

Petrie Hazel G, Lawyer. 

Petrie Rev J C (M E South). 
Petrie W S, physician. 
Petrie E II, Hour-mill. 

Porter- Ephraim T, justice of peace. 

Prewitt Wm P, dentist 

Reeves Willis B, lawyer. 

Reeves Willis L, lawyer. 

Reeves & Bradshaw, flour-mill, (2 miles s). 

Hickman J P & Co. general store. 

Roberts William II, drugs and fancy goods. 

Roberts J It, drugs. 

Russell Charles M, dentist. 

Russell Ephrairn P. physician. 

Russell James A, circuit elerk. 

Russell Joseph C, Groceries* 

Russell Miss M, milliner. 

Shanklin Joint J, general store. 

Shelton W B, physician. (5 miles north). 

Spillman & Bell, livery. 

Talbott Win S, saddlery. 

Terry Gohrias, lawyer. 

Thompson Samuel L, blacksmith. 

Thompson Thomas E, blacksmith. 

Thompson & Co. genera! store. 

Tobin Nicholas, Merchant Tailor. 

Weathers E B, drugs. 

Wells Benjamin, wagon-maker. 

Wells S H, county clerk. 

Willoughby H F, lawyer. 

ELLA. A settlement in Hickman 
county, 8 miles from Clinton, the nearest 
railroad station. Semi-weekly mail. John 
E. Jackson, postmaster. 
Bttgg John, General Store. 
Lalhum Wm., Genera! Store. 
Moss W II, blacksmith. 
Nance Henry, saw and grist-mill. 
Strund W L, cabinet-maker. 

ELLIOTTS'* ILLE. Known a* 
Bristol, in the northern part of Rowan 
county, 9 miles north of Morehead, the 
county-seat, and 24 miles south-west of 
Grayson, its nearest shipping point, on 
the E. K R'y, and 60 miles east of Louis- 
ville. Semi-weekly mad. 
Blair J P, blacksmith. 
Ca>art Charles, blacksmith. 
Click James A, wagon-maker. 
Fletcher A. flour- mill. 
Hogg Squire, justice of peace. 
McBrayer Henry, flour-mill. 
McBrayer J. M., Engineer and Claim 



losses mm and paid ^esssf 






Parker J T, . 

Porter C H, physician. 

Sublet G E, constable. 

Tabor B L, teacher and live stock. 

Terrel C P, lawyer. 

Touch M F, teacher. 

Ward C A, general store and police justice, 

Ward F, shoe-maker. 

Ward W. P., Live Stock. 

Ward & Tabor, lawyers. 

Wilson J, physician. 

Wilson & Ward, general store. 

EELESBUUGII. A recently-estab- 
lished post-office in Casey county. Popu- 
lation 50. 

EEEISTOX. On the L., C. $ L. R. 
R., in the north-western part of Grant 
county, 16 miles north-west of Williams- 
town, the county-seat, and To miles north- 
east of Louisville. Tobacco and ^rain are 
exported. Adams Ex press. Daily mail. 
Population 75. Arthur J. W r iliiams, post- 

Arnold Rev J M (Baptist). 
Carnes John Sr. lawyer. 
Downs Lewis S, flour and saw-mill. 
Ebersole & Curley, gen'l store and under- 
Eiliston C R, physician and druggist. 
Elliston James D. justice of peace. 
Eiliston W P, general store, tobacco and 

R R agent. 
Ford John, hotel, saloon and livery. 
Ford Louis, constable. 
Ilendrix W F, chair factory. 
Jacobs Josiah. shoemaker. 
McBee J W r , blacksmith. 
Pettit Thomas carpenter. 
Savage Rev F A ( Methodist). 
Theobald Rev Lewis (Baptist). 
Thompson A M, physician. 
W r ebster E D, express agent. 
Williams Arthur J., Telegraph Man- 
ager and Deputy County Clerk. 

HLXJS VI LLE. In Nicholas county, 

has 25 inhabitants and a weekly mail. 

ELM WOOD. A settlement of 21 
people in Webster county, where a daily 
mail is received. A. J. Brooks, postmas- 

EM I N E XC E. A station on the Lex- 
ington branch of the L., C. & L. R. R., is 

located in the southern part of Henry 
county, 4 miles south of Newcastle, the 
seat of justice, 40 from Louisville, 54 from 
Lexington, and 25 from Frankfort, and is 
in the midst of one of the iinest agriculcu- 
ra! regions in the State. A Baptist semi- 
nary and fche Eminence College are located 
here, and 5 churches are sustained ; a flour- 
mill, a- bank, a weekly newspaper, a distil- 
lery, a carriage factory, a good race-track 
and fair ground, a iirst-class brick hotel, 
and a fine opera hail, are also here. A large 
wholesale liquor business is transacted 
here, by Messrs. Hudson & Gould. Messrs. 
Eddy & Berry are a well-known firm, who 
| make, collections a specialty : and Messrs. 
j M ile* Bros.' hiaoksrnithing and agrieultu- 
I ral implement works, are also worthy of 
j mention. A good opening is presented 
j here for a tobacco factory, as this neighbor- 
| hood is said to raise the finest tobacco in 
i the State. Daily sta^e communication with 
• Newcastle; fare 50c. Population 1,500. 
Express Adams. Telegraph W. U. Daily 
mail. Mrs. H. A. McRoberts, postmaster. 

Bradley Richard, tailor. 

Brewer Misses V & R, milliners. 

Brown L E, dentist. 

Caseldine J W & Co, furniture. 
j Caseldine <Sc Morris, livery stable. 

Castleman C W r , insurance agent. 

Clifford B F, carriages. 

Cohen Phillip M, general store. 

Conrtnay P R, veterinary surgeon. 

Crabb Wm B, stock dealer. 

Crutcher Rev S W (Christian). 

Deposit Bank of Eminence, cap. $86,100, 
surplus $13,700. James S Bassett, pres; 
Win B Wilson, cashier. 

Dix Dr Dandy L, Prin. Baptist Seminary. 

Drane & Co, flour-mi ii. 

Dreiss N & Son, general store. 

Duval E D. dentist. 

Eddv Marselus S, town marshal. 

Eddy & Berry, (M. S. Eddy, John M. 
Bcrrv!, General Collecting Agents. All 
Collections placed in our hands will re- 
ceive prompt Attention. (See adv.) 

Edwards Win O, boots and shoes. 

Ervin Rev Wm (Presbyterian). 

Fible & Crabb, distillers. 

Fitrnan Chri«toph«r, carriage-trimmer. 

Fremd John, groceries. 

f 1 1 f jg| 

st«»<i (Stamp*, BiiwlB^ Itrands. Rubber Stamp*, 
SoUp'TVIoulrts att<1 Presses. L. ISOCIIK, Kngravfr 
auU Die Sinker, 106 Randolph St., CHICAGO, IU. 





Fremd John & Co, earriage-makefs, 

Gering Max & Co, wagon-makers. 

Giitner, W S, pres Eminence College. 

Griffin Isaac, saddles, and 'harness. 

Guthrie John S, lumber, shingles arid coal. 

Harding John, lawyer. 

Harris James A, saloon. 

Haymaker John W, general store. 

H-elburn Mrs H dry goods. 

Holm Wm. S., Proprietor Helm 
II all. (See adv.) 

Holland Wm A. prop Constitutionalist. 

Holmes & Thomas,' stoves and tinware. 

Hudson & Goiiht, (Win. L.Hudson, 
N. W. Gould, successors to Fible & 
Crabb, and Williams & Hudson), whole- 
sale Liquor Dealers. Fible & Crabb 
Whi?ky a Specialty. 

Jcmison Wrn A, physician. 

Jones E. I)., Justice of the Peace. 

Jones E. f>. & W. N., Proprietors 
of Moody House. {See adv.) 

King Gideon, insu&a-nce. 

MeMann G & S. carpenters, 

McBoberts Mrs Hattle, postmaster. 

McRoberts John, druggist. 

Maddox Wm K. saloon. Maddox House. 

Miles €. W, & IJSro. i, Charles VV. and 
John M.), Wagon-makers and Black- 
smith*, and dealers in Vern0n Chilled 
Plow?, Climax Steel Plows, Road and 
Spring Wagons, Harrows, Cultivators. 
and Farming Implements. Blacksmith- 
ing thoroughly and Cheaply done at 
short notice. Horse-shoeing promptly 
executed and satisfaction guaranteed. 

Miller Lilburn, groceries. 

Moody Edward R, druggist, 

Momly House, E. I). & W. N. Jones, 
Proprietors. \See adv.) 

Moody R W. confectionery and hardware. 

Morris John A., Station Agt.and Man- 
ager Western Union Telegraph Co., and 
Telephone Exchange. 

Morrison Mrs Ellen, confectioner. 

Ossrnan Lout?, shoemaker. 

Porter Chilton 8, druggist. 

Porter N, phvsieian. 

Pointer Rev W T (Metbodfet). 

Ransdell Wm T, saddles and harness. 

Rapp Peter, butcher. 

Rags John N, groceries and hardware. 

Hees Joseph T, gwo-r..l -tore. 

Rees 'Wm Trph vsieian. 

Rice Thomas W 

Salon Rev L H 1 

Selby Benjamin, lawyer. 

Sigel John, bakery. 

Smith Win. A., Jeweler and Silver- 

similh, and dealer in. Watches. Clock?. 

and Jewelry. (See adv.) 
Spradling & Rentley, barbers. 
Sprenger (George, shoemaker. 
Stark 'Win E, builder and coal. 
Stewart Wm T, photographer. 
Thomson John B, blacksmith. 
Thorn Wm P, lawyer. 
Thornton John M, sale-stable. 
Todd Orrin 1), physician. 
Tutt Mrs M J, undertaker. 
Walsh Edwin P, dry goods. 
White Mrs W J, boarding-bouse. 
Willi a m s W m T , s a 1 00 n . 
Wilson James H, insurance. 

EMPIRE. This village, in Christian 
county, i- fcbe site of the Empire Coal 
Mining Company. It is 15 miles north of 
Hopkinsville, the county-seat, and is a sta- 
tion on the St. L. & S. E. branch of the b. 
& N. S. R. Daily mail. George B. Croft. 
postmaster and farmer. 
Armstrong G W. dry goods, 
Cordier A II, physician. 
Croft George B. f Farmer. 
Empire Coal Mining Company. 
Forbes & Thompson, saw-mill. 
McCord James B. saloon. 
March R P, clerk and book-keeper. 
Mason J H, operator. 
Mason R H, superintendent of mine. 
Walker S T. saloon. 

police jud: 

ENGLEMAX'S M I IJLS. A po* v and *mall settlement in Lincoln coun- 
ty, 7 miles from the county-seat, Stanford. 
Shi]) to Danville, miles distant. Popu- 
lation 100. Stage to Lancaster and Dan- 
ville daily; fare SI each way. Tri-weekly 
mail. 0. B. Engleman. postmaster and 

EXCJTJSM. This little village, also 
known as Gaiar-ollton station, is in Car*oll 
county, on the L.. C. & L. R. R., 60 miles 
from Louisville. Population 50, Daily 
mail. Zantipi Mahonv, postmaster. 

summer resortand post-offieein Lewis coun- 
ty, 14 miles south-west of Vaneeburg, th* 




ED. & W. N, JONES, Proprietors. >c*> 



This is the Best House on Railroad from Louisville to Lexington. 


Pike* extending to Newcastle and Bheibyviiie. 


Brer j Convenience for Commercial Men, and First-class in the Eating Department, 


W, S. HELM, - - - . -.. Proprietor. 


nSLtt HAL.D is a new Brick Building over three stores, in the center of the busi- 
ness portion of the city, close to the principal Hotel and Depot. 

Soa.ti33.g- Capacity, Else 3ZZ.\z3a.&.x<i3d>. 

W. J±. SMITH, 

And dealer in Watches, Clocks and Jewelry. 




All collections intrusted to us will receive prompt attention. 

2I.K1TE1TCE, .- - - . ^r^lTXi-2T CO., XEITTCrCSTT. 

iH 1. CO. OF EILA1, :„; 

Central and Southern Dep't, 
UI3VILI,E, - - - --. KY. 





d»unty-seat, and nearest shipping point, on 
the Ohio river. Daily stage to Yaneehurg 
during the. summer months: fare f 1. Semi- 
weekly mail. W. F. J one*, postmaster. 

ESTEELE FEATS. This country 
post-office i&in Carter county. 

ESTO. A small post-office in Russell 

county, 3 miles from Jamestown, the coun- 
ty-s^-at. Daily mail. S. P. Coilin3, post- 
master &nd fanner. 

I Sherwood W B, Express and R R agent. 

j Williams & Hawb, live stock and grain. 

EWiNGFORD. v In the southern 

I part of Trimble county, 3 miles south of 

I Bedford, the county-seat, 6 miles west- of 

j Campbellsburg, its nearest (shipping point, 

' on the L., C. & L. R. R , and 40 north of 

EUBANK. A station on the C. S. 

R'y in /Pulaski county, 120 miles from 
Louisville. Population 40, Adams Ex- 
press. Daily mail. 

Brown J N, saw-mi 13 and station agent, 
Russell J W, express agent. 

EUREKA. On the Cumberland riv- 
er, and on the P. & jE. R. R., in the north- 
western part of Lyon county, 10 miles west 
of Eddyville, the county-seat, and 1200 
south-west of Louisville. Goods may also 
be shipped to Henson's Landing, on the 
Cumberland river. Daily mail. 8. Hen- 
son, postmaster. 
Adams R E, carpenter. 
Chandler "YVm, justice. 
Cothron W F, gunsmith and blacksmith. 
Doone A, constable. 
Gaines James, wagon-maker. 
Russell Thomas O, gen store and farmer. 
Smith Wm, teacher. 

Stubblefield Rev . 

Travis John, teacher, 

EWINO. On the Maysville branch 
of the K. C. R. R., 7 miles west of Flcm- 
ingsburg, the county-seat. Population 150. 
Daily mail. Express Adams. Telegraph 
W. V. Robert Ewing. po.-tmaster. 
Bowen James, blacksmith. 
Bright Faris, hotel. 
Collins & White, general store. 
E\viu& Robert, Farmer. 
Hood John, physician. 
Ktihoe Bros, saddle and harness-makers. 
MeClanihan Lewis, carpenter and builder. 
Moore L C, leaf-tobacco. 
Mordoff Sou & Co, general store. 
Palmer Thomas, undertaker. 
Power J T, blacksmith. 
Price J N, leaf-tobacco. 

L iuiiville. Population 15. 
Wm. Spillrnan, postmaster. 
Burnett James, shoemaker. 
Caplinger J W, justice. 
Bates G M, constable. 

Daily mail. 


R A. steam saw-mil 

j Sams W C, justice. 

| Spillman Will., General Store. 

| Yearger Stephen, blacksmith. 

EXCHANGE. Changed to Melrose. 

EZEEE. In the western part of Mor- 
! gan county 15 miles south-west of "West 
! Liberty, the county-seat, 20 south-east of 
j Corn well, its nearest shipping point, on the 
\ Mt. Sterling division of the L., C. & L. K. 
i R., and 155 east of Louisville. Tri-week- 
i ly mail. Population 55. Eli Pieratt, 
I postmaster. 

Arnsparger Rev J C (Christian). 
! Carr T F, ftdur-mill. 
! Dennis S S, constable. 
I Goodwin S 1). teacher. 
j Hector Andrew, nour-mill. 
j Lockhart Floyd, physician. 

Lykins J C, carpenter. 
I Lvkins W B, lawver. 
| Maxey C C. blacksmith. 
{ Nickel! A B, physician. 
j Pieratt A B. deputy sheriff. 
! Pieratt A T. hotel, tannery and gen store. 
S Pieratt Joseph M, general store. 
| Ratlitf John, blacksmith. 
! Robison --- , planing-mill. 
; Yates John, shoemaker. 

F AIR DEALING. A post-office in 
Marshall county, 6 miles from the Ten- 
nessee river and 7 miles f*a.-t of Benton, the 
county-seat. Ship to Paducah. 28 miles 
distant. Population 25. Mail <emi- week- 
ly. J. W. Holsapple, postmaster. 
Bowling "\V T, physician. 
FaughnEnos, (estate) »&vj and flour-milk 
Faughn J H k live stock. 
Henderson J W, justice of peace. 


Batchers' and Packers' Supplies an! (lateral Hardware 8p*- 
rialtlat. PBEI>. i- :•<*, 8. 'J 5 Broadway &iid 830 ». 

P«arth "Street, ST. L0UJ3, 110, Send Lr Caulogoe. • 





Nelson D L, lawyer. 
Winters C, justice of peace. 

FAI HFIEL1). In the northern part 
of Nelson county, 10 miles north of Bards- 
town, the county-seat, 9 north-east of Sam- 
uels' Depot, its nearest shipping; point, on 
the Bardatown branehoftheL. & N. R. R„ 
and S2 south-east of Louisville. Sunny 
Hill academy is located here. Daily mail 
and stage to Samuels' Depot, and tri-week- 
Iy stage to Louisville. James Shaniey, 
Doran Ennis, tailor. 

McKenna Jlenry, flour-mill and distiller. 
Monks Mrs Sailie, hotel. 
Nelson W J, blacksmith. 
Pitt Bros, dry goods. 
Shaiilev James, Boots and Shoes. 
Simpson John, carpenter. 
Weils Harrison, physician. 
Wigginton Simpson, dry good?. 

FAIR GROUNDS. Jefferson coun- 
ty, a suburb of Louisville, 3* miles from 
the depot on Water and Second streets, 
and one mile from the eastern limits, on 
the L.. C. & L R'y. with a population of 
400. Has a pur. lie school, and u handsome 
chapel, open for religious services to all 
Protestant denominations. Mail daily. 
Numerous trains running to the city The 
new Crescent Hill reservmrs are in sight. 
Brown W H, general store. 
MeGiruiis b &E., Station Agent and 


FAIRMOUNT. In the south-east- 
ern part of Jefferson county, 14 miles 
south-east of Louisville, the county-seat, 
and nearest shipping point. Tri-sveekly 
mail and stage to Louisville and Bloom- 
field; fare to Louisville $1 ; to Bloom- 
field $1.50. Population 100: John A. 
Hays, postmaster. 
Barlay Wm, saloon. 
Kurdett Wm P. saw and flour-mills. 
Form an James, wagon-maker. 
<*rHves A R, physician. 
Hays John A. general store, 
Haya Thomas A, physician. 
Stiner Joseph, blacksmith. 


Oak Woods.) 


Fleming county. (See 

FAIR VIEW. Located on the line 
between Christian and Todd counties, 8 
miles west of Elk ton, the county-seat, C$ 
north-east of Pembroke, its nearest ship- 
ping point, on the St. L. & S. E. branch of 
the L. & N". R. R., and 150" south-west of 
Louisville. Daily mail and stage to Pem* 
broke. Population 200. W. B. Brewer, 
Allison R F, sgslo^n. 
Armstrong Robert, physician. 
Ballard W VV". gen store and harness-maker. 
Brewer Wm. B., Boots, Shoes and 

General Store. 
Brown M D, lawyer and justice. 
Downer & Bro, nurserymen. 
Dudley H W, physician. 
Gibson W A. marshal, • 
Gray ov. Dudley, druggists. 
Kenner A J, tobacco. 
Lewis Rev James A (Methodist). 
MeGehee J A, blacksmith. 
Mims Jerry, blacksmith. 
Rye & Terry, general store. 
Qudseab.erry Mr.- Lou, dressmaker. 
Shaw, Perry <i" Vaughn, tobacco. 
Shaw Rev T H (Methodist). 
Shaw, Vaughn & Perry, general store. 
Stewart E S, physician. 
Wade Nelson, furniture. 
Yancey J W T , grocer. 


northern part of Grayson county, 18 miles 
north of Leitehfteld, the county-seat, 12 
north-east of Caneyville, its nearest ship- 
ping point, on the P. & E. R. R. Daily 
mail, and stage to Caneyville. Population 
200. L. Green, postmaster. 
Armendt II F, carpenter. 
Davidson Samuel, live stock. 
Demster Robert T, physician. 
Doekery W E, blacksmith. 
Green L. gen -tore, saw and woolen-mill. 
Green & Brashear, tobacco. 
Green & Bottler, tobacco. 
Lowe G K. mill -wright. 
Mealor G W, \ hydcian. 
Mosley James T, physician. 
Overton Thomas, wagon-maker. 
Patten Thomas, coal-miner. 
Quetemous James, phvsieian. 
Roberts tUv T A (Baptist). 
Rushing Rev J (Methodist). 
Sheaver Charles, general store. 


T|A1 |lL'|%/f|f*fl |*|— AliL KTWIWR. J. VV, ,VTT£i-vsov, 313—321 So. Clin. 
n ><„ (S»U'^v«. I I.I. r fRolf r to 1 iiousiisiil* *>i 
hi '$ fafeA^^S ii WW Contracts «:omp*el«il iiir<Mi^hout tl*« country. 





Short W G, clerk. 

Taylor Rev James (Methodist). 

Weller A D, floer-milis and hotel. 

"Wilson Allen, constable. 

FALMOUTH. The seat of justice 
for Pendleton county, pleasantly situated 
on the Licking river, 39 mil :■* south of Cin- 
cinnati, and 1>0 north of Lexington. 1 l is 
also an important station on r.heK.C R. R., 
and is the railroad ; . Lipping point fey a 
tbkfcly-settled district, A bank, a distil- 
lery, 2 flour-mills, a woolen-mill, with five 
church edifices, an academy, and good pub- 
lic school, are sustained by a population of 
1,000. The exports consist of live stock, 
grain and tobacco. Good farming land in 
the vicinity can he-purchased on reasonable 
te#f»8i impress Adams. Telegraph W. V : 
Mail daily. W- E. Wilson, postmaster. 

Adams Otis, saloon. 

Applegate Bros, druggists and hardware. 

Barbour Jas H, physician. 

Barrett Edward W, j/rocer. 

Black George, grocer. 

Bradford Theodore, general store. 

Broseke Charles F. grocer and ins agent. 

Browning Elijah T, agent K C R R, and 
Adams Express Co. 

Browning N & Co. tobacco. 

Campbell A & A T, general store. 

Chaney <k Jleaser, blacksmiths, 

Ciark Henry C, physician. 

Clark James T, county collector. 

Clarke Asahel R.", Lawyer, and Editor 
the Pendietonian. 

Coleman & Holt, distillers. 

Culbertson, Robert E, hotel and saloon. 

Culbertson Wm W. groceries and hardware. 

Dudley Robert H, genera.] store. 

Duncan & Barker, lawyers. 

EckertJohn, propr Washington House. 

Eliis Henry, county surveyor. 

Fabra Henry, druggist. 

Falmouth Deposit Bank, capital $50,000. 
G R Rule pres. J E Bobarinan cashier. 

Falmouth Republican (-weekly), Falmouth 
Publishing Association, publishers. 

Falmouth Woolen Mi! is, Joshua Wood- 
head, proprietor. 

Forcen Robert, barber. 

Fosse tt James W. meat market. 

Fryer John 11, lawyer. 

Gifford James E, saloon. 

Giiham John, blacksmith. 

Glenn Harry, saloon. 

Hall Thomas G, physician. 

Held Frederick G, watches and jewelry. 

Hobday John E, livery. 

Hoit Wm C. county clerk. 

Jameson Geo W, mayor. 

Kennett "Wm 0, general store. 

King & Hamilton, general store. 

Ko< ; . Chi !- ,; ar;, saloon. 

Koch John, Hotel Saloon and Bakery. 

Lee Charles H. lawyer. 

LeTbolt Lawrence, shoemaker. 

'JLiglitfoot C^ebrge, Proprietor Light- 
fbot House, 

Logan & Hall, harness. 

McClune James, undertaker. 

McGinety Wm A. harness-maker. 

McNees Andrew J. ilour-miil. 

Mayer Cmu-lcs, general store. 

Morgan Mrs E B, dry goods. 

Mull ins Gabriel S-, sheriff. 

Muliins Matt, leaf-tobacco, 

Nauman & Saunders (Charles Nauman, 
Wm A Suunders), photographers. 

Newman Henry N, general store. 

Oldham Wm G, meat market. 

Oldham & Tandy, furniture and under- 

Patrons Co-operative Association, general 

Peck Jeremiah W, lawyer. 

Pendleton Publishing- Co., Pub- 
lishers The Pendietonian (Democratic). 

Perrin Wm J, county judge. 

Furdy, Charles A, harness. 

Rack Fred, baker. 

Rausch Conrad, shoemaker. 

Risk & Meek, physicians. 

Ritter Christian, meat market. 

Ritter Joshua, meat market and saloon. 

Robbins Charles A, hardware and ins agt. 

Roberts Wm B. physician. 

Sharon & Bonar, furniture and undertaker. 

Simon Jacob T, lawyer. 

Simon Morris, general store. 

Stumpp John G, stoves and tinware. 

Swope Kiss Lizzie, millinery and notions. 

Thompson John E. saw and planing-mill. 

Wandelohr -James K. circuit clerk. 

Watson Janc-s M. hotel. 

Williams Jarnes H. stoves and tinware. 

Wilson Wm W* 9 Postmaster, and Cigars 
and Tobacco. 

Wilson W Shelton, shoemaker. 

Woodbead Joshua, woolen-mills. 

Woodhead Walker B ; Hour-mill. 


f\ P, A' 


H»ve S^l.tifdl irkoj-e thasi 1,400 
tosses, and havr liarS but 13 HLe- 
gist«d Claims. Apjsnts Everywhere. 





FANCY FARM. In the western 
ountv, 30 mkh 

west of 

-strut, an J nearest 

VL, P. & N. R. R,, 

Louisville. Daily 

G. R. Ryan, post- 

part or Grav 

Mayfly, the eourf 

shipping point, on tb< 

ana 260 south-east <. 

mail. Population <>.">, 

master 1 . 

Barlow Wm, w&^un-nsaker. 

Bright V E, farmer and grocer. 

Bright W i tobarco. 

Hnyden (IT, blacksmith. 

Hite Samuel, blacksmith. 

Hobbs M P, physician.' 

Murphy Rev \V A (Catholic). 

Pile C t, notions. 

Pile B JF, general store. 

Pile & Wil'lett, general store, 

Robinson "V.\ i arpenter. 

Ryan G C, general store, 

Ivyan G. ~R.« (general Store. 

Senter 31 W, physician. 

Wilcox Miss Nellie, teacher. 

Wii'ett A J, druggist. 

Wiilett S T, farmer and carpenter. 

^ FAREEIGH. A small station on 
the Cecil ian branch L. & N. R. R., in 
Hardin county, 14 miles north of Eiiza- 
bethtown, the county-seat, and 3S miles 
from Louisville. Population 35. Express 
Southern. Daily mail. G. A. Meyers, 

Corby Charles, live stock. 
McGrew P R, wagon -maker. 
Meyers A, general store. 
Meyers G. A., Farming. 
Ray James, live -took, 
Sanders J W, Hour-mill. 
Settles G E, blacksmith. 

FARMDALE. In the south-western 

part of Franklin county, 6k miles south- 
west of Frankfort, the county-seat, its 
nearest shipping-point, or! the Lexington 
branch of the L., C. & L. R. R., and 70 east 
of Louisville. The Kentucky Military In- 
stitute is located here. The exports con* 
K»t of whisky and wheat. Dully mail and 
stage to Frankfort. Adams Express. B. 
Farmer, postmaster. 

mm Col R D, Supt Kentucky Military 

Blakemore J N. distillery. 
Blikemore Oscar, farmer. 
Brown Gen Scott, live stock. 

Farmer B. &> Son, General Store. 

Farmer G M, meat market. 

Farmer J L>, wood -worker. 

Farmer Thomas, farmer. v 

Green Geo S, farmer. 

Jones C M, live stock. 

K M I News, Kentucky Military Institute. 

MeConn 4 T, fanner." 

Otterback W, blacksmith. 

Perkins F IX teacher. 

Stout J T, live stock. 

White Wm 31, farmer. 

Wildberger E H, Commandant Kentucky 

Military Institute, 
Williams U V, physician. 

FARMERS. Known as Licking 
City, is in the south-western part of Rowan 
county, 8 miles south-west of Morehea.d, 
the county-seat, 15 south-east of Hillsbo- 
rough, its nearest shipping point, and 156 
east of Louisville. The h. *& B. S. R, K 
is now in course of construction here. 
Population 107. Stage to Owingsville tri- 
weekly; fare 75c. Tri- weekly mail. J. S. 
McMillan, postmaster. 
Allen & Calvert, Hour-mill. 
Brain J M, hotel. 
Biggs F M, jeweler. 
Frazier George, wagon-maker. 
Kring H H, grocery, and hotel. 
Light foot J J, druggist. 
McKinneran & Hardin, blacksmiths. 
McMillan & Parker, Physician*. 
McNasby John Sr, cabinet-maker. 
Maze <& Clayton, general store. 
Scott James, broom manfr. 
Stevens W S, general store. 
Warner Tabler & Co, general store. 
Wilson Jeremiah, general store. 
Wilson & McAnespy, shoemakers. 


rrtent in Caldwell county. 

A post-sett 1 e- 
Population 15; 

FARMTXGTOX. In the south- 
eastern part of Graves county, 9 miles 
south-east of May Held, the county-seat, on 
the M., P. & N. It. P-, Hs nearest shipping 
point, and 350 south-east of Louisville. 
Farmington Seminary is located here. Dai- 
ly mall and stage to May field and Murray, 
Fare to former point 75c; to the latter 
$1.25. Papulation 150. J. C. Cochran, 

m mas sf luna 







Andrews "W B, wagon-maker. 

Bs.z7.iU & Curtis, groceries, and hardware. 
Boyd W T, produce. 
Casey & Terry, Hour-mill. 
Cochran J. C, Produce Breker. 
Dupont Rev F S (Baptist). 
Kasley S J, blacksmith. 
Finney R I . constable. 
Hundley «!t Eye, drugs. 
Hendley James, physician. 
Hudspeth James W. real estate. 
Hurdley W D, deputy county clerk. 
Kestecsoa W D, hotel. 
M( Clain & Channel!, tobacco factory. 
Overby F H, justice. 
Fharis Thomas, shoemaker. 
fallen Reeves & Co, blacksmiths. 
Sheridan, Rev John (Methodist). 
Simpson & .McDonald, general store, fur- 
niture and hardware. 
Stokes C J, physician. 
Thompson G \V, justice. 
Turnbow Mrs P W, hotel. 

FAUI5USH. Contains a population 
of about 100, is in Pulaski county, 16 miles 
west of Somerset, the county-seat, which 
is also the nearest snipping point, on the 
C. S. R'y, for its surplus products of corn, 
wheat and produce. Mail semi-weekly. 
H. F. McBath, postmaster. 
Denham & Co, tlour and saw-mill. 
Gideon Edward, blacksmith. 
Gossett & Warner, wagon-makers. 
McBath H P., General Store. 
Nornect Wyatt, physician. 
Nortb-et & Co. general store. 
Taylor & Hudson, distillers. 
Turfer T B, justice of peace. 
Rainwater P M, shoemaker. 
Waddle G. constable. 

FEARIS. Or Fearisville, as it is 
sometimes, called, is a village with a proba- 
ble population of 200, located in Lewis 
county, '20 miles from Vane«bursr, the 
county-sent, and 5 miles from Manchester, 
its shipping point on the Ohio river . Pro- 
duce is marketed. Stage to Maysville; fare 
50c round trip. Mail tri-weekly. Abram 
S. Cole, postmaster and farmer. 
Adams S B, teacher. 
Bliss S 8, wagon -maker. 
Blount R T, tlour-mill. 
Fearis D W, justice of p«ace. 

Fear is John "VV, general store. 
Mower P. book-agent. 
West T H, deputy-sheriff. 

known as Whippoorwill, in the sotrth-west- 

tern part of Logan county, on the Memphis 
branch of the L. & ~S. R. P.., 7 miles west 
of Russellville, the county-seat, and 150 
south-west of Louisville. Daily mail and 
stage to Gordonsville. Population 60. A. 
Hist, postmaster. 

Ferguson John J, gen store and express agt. 
Ferguson 11 L, station agent. 
Ferguson & Co, blacksmiths. 
Keller J F, general store and hotel. 
| Kist A., Physicu>u. 

FEKX CREEK. In the southern 

part of Jefferson county, 10 miles south-east 
j of Louisville. Tri-weekly mail and stage 
i to Bloom field and Louisville. Population 

300. Bryan Williams, postmaster. 

Alley P L, shoemaker. 

Brown John, blacksmith. 

Burkhart Wm, wagon-maker. 

Cartwright George., meat market. 

Cartwright N, teacher and county exam'r. 

Cooper Lindsay, physician. 

Decker Joseph, horticulturist, and pres- 
ident. F & F G Association. 

Dilier Wm, cigar-manufacturer. 

Foster R A, lawyer. 

Fryer J W, grocery. 

Fryer R K. saw and Hour-mill. 

Hawes & Berry, contractors. 

Hawkins R W, lawyer. 

Hayse Wm B, carpenter. 

Johnson J C, saw and flour-mill. 

Johnson Wm F, teacher, and treasurer 
F & F G Association. 

McCullough James, teacher. 

MeDonalf Rev J B (Presbyterian). 

Morrison Wm A, teacher, and prin Belle 
Grove Seminary. 

Mullen James, hotel. 

K oss M, veterinary surgeon. 

Sparks It W, mUler. 

Stivers A M, constable. 

Williams Bryan, General Store, and 
See'jr Farmers and Fruit Growers Asso- 

FERN LEAF. In the western part 
of Mason countv, on the Mavsvilie and 







Germantown turnpike, 9 miles west of 
Maysville, the county-seat, its nearest ship- 
ping point, on the Maysville division of 
the K. C. K. R. Franklin Seminary is lo- 
cated here. Daily mail and stage to Mays- 
ville and Germantown. Fare to ihe former 
place 40 cents; to the latter 2o cents. Pop- 
ulation 30. J. J. Jnompson, poatxpaater. 
Burgess J B, ju&tw -. 
Duncan Richard, blacksmith. 
Mastin G E, Justice. 

Thompson «& Maltbv, General Store. 
Wood B W, constable. 


Pike county. 

A small post-office in 

FJPE&UEN. A small post-oflke in 
Elliott county, 1Q miles from Martinsburg, 
the county-seat, and the same distance from 
Willard, the shipping station, on E. K. R. 

R. Population 20. S< mi- weekly mail. 

R. C. Sparks, postmaster. 

Dickinson Mason & Co, general store. 

Hutchinson F L &Son, general store. 

Marshall Wm. flour r mlll. 

Pennington W 8, farmer. 

Wellman E F, general store. 

FINCHVI.LL.E. In the South-east- 
ern part of Shelby county, 8 miles south of 
Shelbyville, the county-seat, on the Q. & 
O. branch L., C. & L. 11. R., 5 south-east of 
Simpsonville. on the same road, and 38 
south-east of Louisville. Population 150. 
Express Adams. Telegraph We.- tern Union. 
Mail daily. S. O. Mitchell, postmaster. 
Bos well G S, trader. 
Comstcek J P, blacksmith. 
Doolan J T, teacher. 
Eddy C B, physician, 
E-.idv & Co, druggists. 
Mitchell S. O., R. R. and Express* Ag't 

and General Store. 
Proctor S S, wagon-maker. 

FISHERYILJ.E. In Jefferson 

county, 16 miles from Louisville, the oouu- 
ty-seat and shipping point. Two churches. 
a good school, a saw-mill and a grist-mill, 
are located here. Population To. Stage 
to Taylorsville and Louisville daily. Fare 
$1.50 between these two places. Mail daily. 
F. M. Ogden, postmaster. 

Davis J T. physician. 

Fay F A, physician. 

Egelhof& Burkhardt, blacksmiths. 

Gardner B F, lawyer. 

Gardner & Beard, flour and saw-mil). 

Gunn John, carpenter. 

Gunn T M & Co, saw-mill. 

Myers J M, harness-maker, 

Ogden & Nether ton, General Stsre. 

Robinson James, justice. 

Raghmd K D C, carpenter. 

Eagland.W Injustice of pe*e«. 

Smith S W, constable. 

Thurman Robert, carpenter. 

Townsend O L, physician. 

Towusend Wm, grocer. 

FISH TRAP. A small settlement 
and post-office in Pike county, 7i mile* 
from Pikeville, the county-seat, and most 
convenient shipping point. Population 
100. Stage to Calleitsbuvg. Mail semi- 
weekly. It. R. Blackburn, postmaster. 
Campbell David, tlour-mill. 
Caiman & Co, general store. 
Newbury »fc Co, dry goods. 
Pal lev & Ford, general store. 
Soward W II & M C W. Hour-mill. 
Soward <& Co, grocers. 

FLSKliUKG. In the southern part 
of Kenton county, 21 miles south of Cod- 
ington, and 9 from Independence, thecoun- 
ty-seat, equi-distant from Morning View, 4$ 
miles south-east, on the K. C. R. R., and 
Braeht, on the C. S. R. R., to which points 
goods should be shipped, and 90 north-east 
of Louisville. Population 100. Tri-week- 
ly mail. J. F. Ellis, postmaster. 
Bagley Rev C J (Baptist). 
Elliott Wm, leaf-tobacco. 
Ellis E P. leaf-tobacco. 
Ellis John, justice. 
Ellis *J. F., Physician. 
Fisk C E, general store. 
Fisk D L. phvsician. 
Fisk If B, phvsietan. 
Fisk W P, lea'f-tobueco. 
Lummis John', general store. 
Mulling C II, justice. 
Mui'ins H H, constable. 
Uiiver Wm. shoemaker. 
O'Neal John W, wagon-maker. 
Reed D, general store. 
Stroud George, blacksmith. 

f\V £ r ^!>^^f«ffi For Ohiircttea. So«fcptle«, Lodge*, RCifting and aH Cor- 
%f« ||| l'ri** , Wf w \ i»nrations, Medal* « Hotel, 3?0o] an<l Baggage Gbeckit. 

«?&•£'«*• i Bii&«OflLiOl i« BOCHE, 'lajpivtr aad Sie Siaker, 166 Sandolph St* CEIGAM, ILL 





Stroud Robert, blacksmith. 
Stroud Robert Sr, blacksmith. 

FLAG FORK. This is a country 
post-ofiice in Franklin county, where there 
is ft saw and grist-mill, and a public school. 
Semi-weekly mail. J. D. Deakins, post- 

Ifaily A A,groeec 
Raily C V, general store. 
Baily Edmund, flour-mill. 
Deakins J T, dry goods, drug?, etc. 
Flood Wtn, w;^on- maker. 
Green rook John, boot and shoemaker. 
Poole Y M, blacksmith, 
Shelton W T, physician. 
Violett J A, lawyer^ 

FLAG SPRING. A small post- 
otfiee in Campbell county, 10 miles from 
Alexandria, tin- coanty-seat, and about 
150 by river from Louisville. Ship to 
Moscow, on the Ohio river. Tri- weekly 
mail. John A. Jolly, postmaster. 
Depeoys &, Jolly, General Store. 
Jennings G VY\ blacksmith. 
Jolly Rev J M (Baptist). 
Jolly J V, justice of peace. 
Molyneaux J K. physician. 
Nelson John, mill-owner. 
Nelson Rev G W ( Baptist). 
Otter L B, constable. 

FLAT GAP. In the northern part 
of Johnson county, 12 miles north of 
Paintsville, the county-seat, it* nearest 
■hipping point by water. 26 south of Wil- 
l&rd, ite nearest shipping point by rail, on 
the E. K. Ry.. and 850 miles east of Louis- 
ville. Population 200. Mail daily. Alonzo 
Holbrook, postmaster. 
Bailey & Bro, general store. 
Castle & Green, genera) store. 
Daniels Rev Daniel I United Baptist). 
Ferguson John F, physician. 
Gam bell & Kazee, carpenters, 
Holbrook & ffnlbrook. Drug and 

General Store. 
Holbrook & Sparks, General Store. 
Jayne Daniel, miner. 
Javne Rev Wm, principal of Enterprise 

High School. 
McKen/.ie Thomas, blacksmith. 
Sagraves M G, jeweler. 
Salyer B F, hotel. 

Vaughn & Webb, general store. 
Webb G W, live 3toek. 
Williams. N K, physician. 
Woods James, shoemaker. 

FLAT HEAD. Barren county (See 

FLAT LTCK. In Knox county, is 
a settlement of 100 people, having this 
name. Livingston Station, 49 miles away, 
is the nearest railroad point. Louisville is 
196 miles distant. The piace is on the 
Cumberland river, and has 2 churches, a 
public school and an academy. Daily 
mail. A. F. Baughman, postmaster. 
Arthur E F, general store. 
Baker Hugh, live stock. 
Baker W R, mill-owner. 
Baughman A F <fc Son, general store. 
Baughman John X, physician. 
j Campbell C 0, lawyer. 
Campbell Flem, general store. 
Chavers N P, carpenter. 
Dean Daniel, mill-owner. 
Fitts W, blacksmith. 
Miller J M, blacksmith. 
Patterson Elias, general store. 
Slusher J C, general store. 
Tinsley January, saw-mill. 
Tiiisiey W L, carpenter. 
Wright Henry, boot and shoemaker. 
Wright A Miller, blacksmiths. 
Yeager David, hotel. 

FLAT HOCK. A station on the C. 
S. R'y, in the southern part of Pulaski 
county, 25 miles south of Somerset, the 
county-seat, 16 south of Point Isabel, on 
Cumberland river, its nearest shipping 

J point by water, and 100 southeast of Louis- 
ville. Coal and staves are shipped. Pop- 

j ulation 35. Mail daily. J. A. Geary, 

i postmaster. 

! Barren Fork Mining and Coal Company. 

I Geurv John A., Staves and Tanbark. 

j and R. R. Agent. 

' Lexington Stave and Mining Company. 

! Roberts C R, general store. 

FLE M 1 XGS B FKG. .Wording to 
the census of 1<S S 0, this iueorporated town 
has a population of 1,000. It is situated 
on a spur of the Kentucky Central R'y, 
in the northern part of Fleming county, 


vm s mm, 

Controtft&f oTer JHO»000,000 of Fire 
Capital, arid op* r*t 
era States with 

LouisTilU, Jty. Agenu everywhere 

[^000,006 of Km G,i S ll 

tn« te lfrsovtb. vim T«t Mfl-MpMfl- 





of which it is the seat of justice, 17 miles 
goutb-west of Maysviila, 50 south-east of 
Covington, and 70 from Louisville. The 
city supports church e:. of the Baptist, 
Christian, Catholic, Episcopal, Meth- 
odist, Presbyterian and colored Meth- 
odist persuasions, good public schools, 3 
weekly newspaper?, 3 banks, a iIoxit &vA 
grist-milt, a carriage shop, and several 
stores. A large quantity of wheat is an- 
nually forwarded from here, in addition to 
which, flour, tobacco, live stock and lumber 
are shipped. Tri-weekly stages to May 8- 
ville, fart. $1; to Owingaville, fare $1.75; 
and to Mt. Sterling, via Sfcarpsbnrg, Til- 
ton, Sherburn and Bethel, fare $2.50. Ex- 
press Adams. TeTegraphrWestem Union. 
Mail daily. J. I. Dorsey, poumaster. 
Allen John A, jeweler. 
Anderson James W, lawyer. 
Andrews Watson, hardware. 
Andrews «fc Sudduth, lawyers. 
Armstrong & Son, grocers. 
Ashton Chariton II, circuit clerk. 
Beardsley Rev I) A (Southern Methodist). 
Booker Parham M, barber. 
Bowden Lawrence, grocer. 

Burns James J, prop'r Flemingsburg Dem- 
Cassiday Gilbar A, lawyer. 
Cogan James, blacksmith. r 
Cole Hon Alfred E, circuit judge. 
Cord Wffi H, flour-mill and lawyer. 
Cord Wm H Jr. lawyer. 
Cox S W & Co, druggists. 
Cushman H B, leaf-tobacco. 
Davis Christopher C, lawyer. 
Dorsey Joseph I., Express Agent and 

Drake <fc Co, saw-mill {6 miles east). 
Dudley John W. dentist. 
Dudley N. Steele, &g't C. & S. E. 

K'y and Dealer in Coal, Salt and Limt. 
Dudley Pevt-.n S, dry goods. 
DuleV Hiram, Prop'r Fleming^burg 

Evans Abner H. county clerk. 
Exchange Bank, David Wilson & Co. 

propr s. 
Falkner & Jacobs, marble- works. 
Fant Wrn S, prop'r Fiemingsburg Flour 

and Planing-mills. 
Fiseher John G., Watchmaker and 

Jeweler, also Grocer. 




JOHN O'SULLIVAN, Proprietor. 

This House is located directly opposite the Court House and in the central part of the business portion 
of the aty. Commercial travelers are invited. 

Oood. Saasapls Ecoms. 

GIVE TJTS uA. O^.jL.Xj. 

W$$3$te^ O. IDT. WBEDOIT, 
■ a iit^ittj hp&H %y\* s^ ■- St/3 H 

www UiWl 

Gentle Horses and Good Buggies at reasonable rates. 


Near Railroad Depot, FLEMINGSBURG, KY. 

PI ill CO. OF HMD, 

3". 33. a^'3U£OSt2&XS3» X^Cev.ia.'a^&x, 

Ctefcrrai And Soutnern Dep't, 





Fischer Victor E., Carpenter, Con- 
tractor and Builder. 
Fleming County Farmers' Bank. Capital 

$20,000. ' J H DeBell, pres; John W 

Holiin, cash. 
Fleming County Gazette (weekly). C J) 

McCartney, propr. 
Fleming County jfatioa&JI Bank. Capital 

$50,00. E E Pearee, pres; T S An* 

drews, cash. 
Flora hi g*& Italia, livery. 
Fleming & Dixon, meat market. 
Fleming & Rockwell, livery. 
Flemingaburg Mills. Wm S Fant. propr, 
Flemingsburg Times. Hiram Daley, propr. 
Frank Rev Joseph C (Christian). 
Given Thomas L, lawyer. ■ - - -.- j- 

G-ordon Peter A, physician. 
Hammer Hiram 0, tinware. 
Haney & Cash, barbers. 
Harbeson James P, lawyer. 
Harrison Wm II, carriage-maker. 
Hart Theodore, sheriff. 
Hendrick Kev James P ( Presbyterian). 
Hinton Thomas J, undertaker. 
Holladay House. S G Rogers & Co, 

Jones Wm E, wagon-maker. 
- Kane Silas W, harness. 
Kennedy John, hotel and saloon. 
Kenner Miss Luiie W, milliner. 
Lenaghan James, tailor. 
Lightfoot Robert A, physician. ■ 
Lyons' M W & J), carriage-makers. 
McDonald Arthur T, general store. 
McDonald George W, hotel. 
McDowell & McDowell, physicians. 
McGrath John, blacksmith. 
Moore Wm W, jewejer. 
Morris Henry B. grocer. 
O'Connor Thomas, tailor. 
0*8ulliviin John, prop'r Wier Hotel. 
Palmer George L. insurance agent. 
Parker Nathan, blacksmith. 
.Planck James H, groceries and shoes. 
Power John S, county judge and lawyer. 
Power Joseph H, lawyer. 
Regan David, shoemaker. 
Rife W Scott, druggist. 
Itoby James A, photographer. 
Rogers S G & Co. proprs Holladay House. 
Secrest John D, comity surveyor. 
Shouse James W, lawyer. 
Singleton E L &.J P, insurance. • 

Singleton James W, hardware. 
Stoddard David G, shoemaker. 

Stone Bruce B. dentist. 
Stone Mrs C L, milliner. 
Teagar Michael M, lawyer. 
Thompson John, blacksmith. 
Throop Phares T, lawyer. 
Vansant & Bro, dry goods and groceries. 
Weedoii Charles X., Livery and pro- 
prietor Stage Lines. (JS&e adv.) 
Weil Adam, baker and grocer. 
West Charles W, grocer. 
Wier Hotel, $'<&& 'Sullivan, Propr. 
Williams Abraham C. coroner. 
Wilson David & Co, proprs exch bank. 

FLIXGSVITJLE. In the northern 
part of Grant county, ii miles north ot 
Wiiliamstown- the county-seat, and 3 miles 
east of Crittenden, its nearest shipping 
point, on the C. 8. E'y. Tri-weekly road. 
Population 20. E. G. Mann, postmaster. 
Beard H, justice, 
Lawrence H C, constable. 
Lilly Thomas shoemaker. 
Loomis Rev M (Baptist). 
McNay Richard, flour-mill. 
Mann Eli, physician. 
Mann E G, teacher. 
Menafee P C, wagon-maker. 
Miletram James, cooper. 
Percival A, live stock. 
Finer J E, barber. 
Reed A, grocery. 
Peed J, flour-mill. 
Simmons O M. general store. 
Spegel Ivinsey, meat market. 
Yelton R R and express agt. 

FlilPPEX. Sometimes called Fork? 
of Indian Creek, is a post-village in Monroe 
county. It has a handle factory, a saw 
and grist-mill, a hotel, a church, 125 in- 

i habitants, and the usual complement of 

i stores for a place of its size. Mail semi- 
weekly. W. C. Bracket, postmaster. 

j Arterburn T J, carpenter. 

| Bales Geo & Co. general store. 

i I'rHilfit W 0, physician. 

! Bullock G W, carpenter. 

I Collins John & Co, black stmt bs, 

I Dot-on & Franklin, handle rnnfrs. 

j Evans, Hughes & Button, general store. 

I Jordan Sol, hotel. 

| McLeod C A, carpenter. 
Neal & Purcell, tobacco. 


ENF.KAIj HARDWARE. Specialties at Lowest Prices, 

ad for Catalogue to FREIS. SOHMIEDINQ, 83 5 Broad- 

y and 830 North Fourth Street. - - ST. .LOUIS. MO. 





Stem & Thomason, cabinet-maker. 
Young C H O, physician. 

FLORENCE. In the eastern part 
of Boone county, 6 miles east of Burling- 
ton, the county -seat, 1 mile southeast of 
Silver Lake, its nearest snipping point. 
Daily mail and *i&ze fc® Burlington; fare 
bQ cents. Express American. Telegraph 
W. U. Papulation %Q& 
Adyelott George, barber. 
Ashley H, justice. 
Boyd A, lawyer. 
Burke Frank, harness-maker. 
Calvert B F, R R and express agent. 
Carson Jasp rt r,-harness-maker. 
Cluterbuek J R. justice. 
Carey John A, physician. 
Dulaney B A, physician. 
German <3c Northcutt, livery. 
Hunt Joseph, hotel. 
Grant Mrs V, hotel. 
Iluiton Hugh, blacksmith. 
Kroner H, shoemaker. 
Hoses Felix & Co, fur dealers. 
Murray Adam, grocer. 
Murray James, undertaker. 
Myers Henry, meat market. 
Oelsmer John, blacksmith, 
Oelsmer & Rich, blacksmiths. 
Osborne James, grocer. 
Reed John, cigar-manufacturer. 
Say re A, physician. 
Scott S S, lawyer and physician. 
Semi-monthly Moonlight, Florence. 
Snyder G C, grocer. 
Snyder & Swetman, general store. 
Springer II 0, barber. 
Stevenson W H, dentist. 
Tanner Henry, wagon maker. 
Tanner W« C, General Store. 
Van Bokern B, hotel. 
W&getalf & Can tier, carriage-builders, 
Yager S. C, School Commissioner. 


south-eastern part of McOracken county, 
on the M., P. & >'. R. R., 9 miles south of 
Padueah, the county-seat, and 325 south- 
west of Louisville. Tobacco is exported. 
Daily mail. Population 25. J. Waller, 
Armstrong A, cooper. 
Branton E R, saloon and shoemaker. 
Harper B, justice of peace. 

Hauser W H, physician. 

Hauser <fc Thompson, cotton-gin. 

Hendiy B S. physician. 

Herps H, constable. 

Hughes A, livery. 

Murder, flour-mill. 

Plunly James, constable. 

Stout J R, cooper. s 

Thompson A, blacksmith. 

Waller jr M R. R., Express Agent, and 

General Store. 
Wilkins R J, blacksmith. 

FLOYD'S FORK. On the L., C. & 

L. R'y, in the north-eastern part of Jeffer- 
son county, 16 miles northeast of Louisville, 
the county-scat. Berkley's station is the 
nearest shipping point. Adams Express. 
Daily mail. Population ,45. J. F. Conn, 

Atherton W, express asrt. 
Beckiey G W, genera! store. 
Conn CDK, barber. 
Conn J F, Station Agent. 
Conn R PC, live stock. 
Elder T S, hotel. 

Johnson & Pearcv, saw and flour-mill. 
Miller B, blacksmith. 
Wilcox J S, distiller. 

FORD'S FERRY. The .post-office 

having this name is on the Ohio river, in 
Crittenden county, 32 miles from its ship- 
ping point by rail, Princeton, on the P. <k 
E. R. R. Daily mail. E. E. Jennings, 

Cofield M, store and hotel. 
Cook A. Y., Physician. 
Klapp J M, general store. 
Moore R A, boat agt and tobacco dealer. 

FORDSVIELE. In the north-east- 
ern part of Ohio county. 2<» miles north- 
east of Hartford, the county-seat, 15 north. 
of Rosine, its nearest station, on the P. & 
E. R. R., 18 south-west of Clov«rport. on 
the Ohio river, its bank location, and 75 
miles south -v, est of Louisville. Tobacco 
and produce form the shipments. Popula- 
tion 200. Tri-weekly mail. J.M.Johnson, 

Barton <fc Whitlar, general store and drugs. 
Brite G W, nonstable. 
Brown T W, blacksmith. 
Dabney Gains <fc Son, coal miners. 

Galvanized Iron Cornices 

x. *w. .w^r^xasrso:i>;r\ 

313-321 So. Ciinton Street, CHICAGO. ILL. 
JfoM^Scnd for Mluitrated Catalogue tnd Pnc»*, 





Davisson «fe Harder, flour-milk 

Gross & Johnson, leaf- tobacco. 

Hall J E, blacksmith. 

Johnson C W, oarpeater. 

Johnson J. M,, General Store and 

Johnson <fc Wallard, hotel. 
Lightfoot J F, physician. 
Kites Jonathan, cooper. 
Moorman J N, physician. 
Roberts & Cobb, M»i. 
Sanders Isaac, physician. 
Smith John T & Son, harnes3-makew, 
Smith J T, live stock. 
Smith <& Johnson, leaf tobacco. 
Wedding Dr S J, druggist. 
Westfield Isaac, physician. 
Wilson F M, carpenter. 
Wilson Morris, general store. 
Withers B P. justice and constable. 


northern part of Clinton county, 8 miles 
north of Albany, the comity-seat, ^south- 
east of Glasgow, its nearest shipping point, 
on the L. & N. R. K., and 120 south-east 
of Louisville. Goods should be shipped to 
Albany Landing, 5 miles distant; stage to 
Albany Landing daily, to Burksviiie, and 
Glasgow tri-weeklv. Mail daily. C. L; 
Holsappel, postmaster. 
Dieken W M, live stock. 
Felty B F, flour-mill: 
Guthrie Rev William. 
Higginbottom W L, teacher. 
HolsappelC. L., Distillery and General 

Jaekman Alexander, physician. 
Lanhorn & Dieken, distillery. 
Mackey & Harper, flour-mill. 
Hussex R E, cooper. 
Orr Alexander, cabinet-maker. 
Sawyers L M. blacksmith. 
Yates «& Snow, grain. 
Young Joseph, blacksmith. 

FORESTYII XF,. In Hart county, 
7 miles from Mirafordville, the sJbippi&g 

station, on the L. & N. li. R., is this post- 
village of SO people. Tri- weekly mail. 
T. J. Toysdon, postmaster. 

cated in Franklin county, 6T) miles from 
Louisville. Frankfort, 4k miles distant, is 

the shipping point. Daily mail. Popula- 
tion 100. G. C. Hughes, postmaster. 
Oampton L F & Co, flour-mill. 
Coleman J, physician and druggist. 
Connor T T, shoemaker. 
Hughes O. C, General Store. 
Scott Sfcbra, carpenter. 
Stedman A, farm implements. 
Stedman A. T. <& Son, Woolen Mills. 
Thompson G T, physician. 


Monroe county (See Flrppen). 

office in Carter county, and a station on the 
A. C. & I. R. R., 28 miles west of Gray- 
son, the county-seat Daily mail. -Mere- 
dith Filam, postmaster. 
Debeart John, flour and saw-mill. 
Goodvvin Samuel B, live stock. 
McKinner Rev A if (Christian). 
Chill Johnson, physician. 
Tipton Rev Reuben (Baptist). 
Wells John, farmer. 

FOSTER. A settlement of 180 peo- 
ple on the Ohio river, in Bracken county, 
10 miles from Butler, the nearest station 
on the K. C. 11. R., and 182 miles from 
Louisville. Here is a M. E. church And 
2 schools. Tobacco and grain are shipped. 
Daily mail. Wm. Waters, postmaster. 
Avery A, shoemaker. 
Craig T P, carpenter. 
Delta F, blacksmith. 
Hanlier G, barber and restaurant. 
Hanua J B, teacher. 
Holmes E, wharf master. 
Holmes G B, general store. 
In rig August, blacksmith. 
Ketchum Bros, leaf-tobacco. 

McCollum , dentist. 

Me Math T) & Son, general store. 
Markk-v A J, lawyer. 
Mar kiey Bros, general store. 
Mullens C.H, physician. 

Murphy Rev M D ( ). 

JPfau Gnar'les, boot and shoemaker. 
Roberts J F, poultry breeder. 
Shelley Sylvester, merchant tailor. 

Waters W., Hotel. 

Watson J F, physician. 

ME & OliSTL 

S fc | II* v*- Settled more«*i 1,441$ 

'■' ■'■'! |M 'I*o«Kea,"«.2M.l 't»*'*e h».d but 13 He- 
« £ 9 1 1 »l*ted Claim*. Asrenis Evcfvwhv». 





FOUNTAIN" RUX. Also called 

Jimtown. This village of about 200 peo- 
ple is situated in Monroe Bounty, 21 miles 

from Glasgow, the nearest shipping station, 

and 122 miles from Louisville. Tri- 
weekly mail. H. C. Franklin, postmaster. 

Bell S H, physician, 

Duke M, Hour, and saw-mill, 

Everett Curtis, Bible age.nt. 

Everett Rev George M (Methodist). 

Faulkner James, undertaker. 

Franklin, Goad & Co, gen store and drugs. 

Franklin, Gr<>ora» & Co, shoes and saddlery. 

Franklin H. C«, General Store, Live- 
stock* Leaf Tobacco, and Ax-handle 

Gibbs J A, saddler. 

Goodman J T. hotel. 

Grooms E, shoemaker. ...-_. 

Hal lis. W L. r physician. 

Hudson & Downing, live stock. 

Jackson Hagan, wagon-maker. 

Jackson Isaac H, blacksmith. 

Jackson "\V E, blacksmith. 

Kerby A M, wagon -maker. 

Kerby Joseph, blacksmith. 

Morris E, general store. 

Neal J M, miller. 

Patterson Rev John ( Baptist). 

Ross "W L, confectioner. 

Seay John W, leaf tobacco. 

Seay W H, physician. 

Steen Josiah, carpenter. 

Stone Dr B W, general store. 

Stone Rev F M, physician. 

Stone G P, hotel and grocery. 

Weir Albert 6L Dentist.' 

FOXPORT. A post-office m Flem- 

ing county, o mile-, south-east of Mt. Car- 
mel. No village. 

FRANKFORT. Thi- city, thecap- i 

ital of the State, is located on the east side | 

of the Kentucky river, in Franklin county, i 

48 miles east of Louisville. The census of '■• 

1880 ftkewfi the population to be 6.9 79. The j 

main line of the L.. C. & L. U. K., passes I 

through here, giving it excellent shipping j 

and transportation facilities. Here are 2 I 

hanks, several new sp&pers, among vii hieh the j 

Kentucky Yeoman deserves special men- j 

tion, a cotton-mill, y bridge works, a mim- I 

ber of stores and elegant private residences, ; 

fine church edifices, a circulating library, i 

containing 2000 volumes, g<X)d school build- 
ings, etc. Hex manufacturing industries 
are varied and extensive, end a large-trade 
is done with the surrounding country. Ex- 
press Adams. Telegraph W. U. Mail daily. 
Jas. C. Hatch eit, postmaster. 

Alley jtfeteon, livery. 

Archer II N & Co, lumber,-(l mile s e), 

Averill Wm H,. druggist. 

Ballow Annie E, groceries. 

Banta John M, confectioneries. 

Bell J J. shoemaker. 

Berberich Valentine, tailor. 

Blackburn James. Secretary of State. 

Blackburn Luke F, Governor. 

Blake more J K, distiller. 

Blanken&hip Wm, groceries. 

Bohannan John W, lawyer. 

Bohannan Mrs Sarah 3, confectioner. 

Bowman C E, Commissioner of Agricul- 
ture. State capital. 

Boyd Linn, Dep Keg of Land Otfiee Ky. 

Branch Bank of Kentucky. Capital $200,- 
000. Ambrose VV Dudley pres; Edwin 
L Samuel cashier. 

Brislan Jeremiah, grocery and saloon. 

Bryan Edward P, fetation agent. 

Buckley John T., Hardware, Stores 
and Tinware, and General House Fur- 
nishing Goods. Rooting, Guttering, etc., 
promptly attended to. St. Clair Street. 

Ruhr George, Prepr. Ruhr's Hotel, 
Main street. (See ode.) 

Ruhr's Hotel, George Buhr, Propr. 

Burkholder George, harness-maker. 

Burckhardt & Co, meat market. 

Burns Edmund, groceries. 

Burns & Eichhorn, carriage-makers. 

Cantrill James E, Heut- governor. 

Capital Hotel Casey & Taylor, proprs. . 

Carter Thomas & Co, insurance agents. 

Casey & Taylor, proprs Capital Hotel. 

Casper Charles, dry goods, boots and shoes. 

Chamberlin C B, fish and game. 

Chcif VV. O., Prop Frankfort, Harrods- 
b u v^ & La w re n o eb u r g s u i ge lines. Lea v e 
Frankfort daily 10:39 a m. arrive Law- 
reruvburg %'S0 a m. arrive Harrodsburg 
6 p. m. Leave Harrodsburg daily 7 v. m:,. 
arrive Lawrenceburg 11 a m, arrive 
Frankfort IM) e. m. From Lawrenceburg 
to Frank-fort and n-turn $2 ; Lawrence- 
burg to Ilrtirodsnurg and return $'■'>. Also 
ticket agent L., C. ' & L. K, R. Tickets 
sold to all points at different stage officer 




I CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, K>. 





Chinn Frank, lawyer. 

Chinn AVm 5, coac 

Church Bros , livery. . . 

CJhurch Robert C, livery. 

Cochran John & Co, distillers. 

Collins C E & Bro, hardware. 

Col man George E, cashier L C & LRK 

freight depot. 
Gompton Lewis, mill. 
Cook Mrs Annie B, State librarian. 
Craddoek George W. lawyer. 
Urutcher Starks, clothier. 
Darsie Hev George (Christian). 
Davis Isadore, dry g'>ods. 
Day <fc Hatt', groceries. 
De.Jarnette A J, commonwealth's attorney. 
Deposit Bank of Frankfort. Capital $77,- 

400: surplus $1S;5o5. Wm J Chinn, 

pre.» ; John Watson, cashier. 
Dolan James, barber. 
Drane George C, lawyer. 
Dryden John li.. News Depot and 

Dealer in Stationery, Cigars, Tobacco, 

Notions, Fost-oitice Lobby. 
Dudley J G & Bro, saw and planing-mill. 
Duvall Alvin, lawyer. 
Ellis Hezekiah S, saloon and restaurant. 
Exiim diaries F., Attorney at Law. 

Practices in (.'curt of Appeals, Circuit 

Courts, Franklin and adjoining Counties. 

Collections promptly made in all parts 

of the State. 
Farmers' Bank of Kentucky. Capital 

$1,100,000. Thos Bod-man Sr, pres ; 

Grant Green, cash. 
Fawcett J C, gen man P F & G R K. 
Ferguson & Meek, machinists. 
Firestone Benjamin F. harness-maker. 
Fitzpatriek James, saloon. 
Floorc J II, dentist. 
Flynn Win T. cooper. 
Foley Michael J, groceries. 
Foote V W, Painter. 
Frankfort Dispatch, daily and 

weekly'), Frankfort Dispatch Company, 

props. Only daily paper published at 

Frankfort. OihVe/st, Ciair'Street. 
Frankl iii Walter, county clerk. 
Frankfort (Cotton Mi!! 'Co, cap $80,000, 

Milton McGrew pres, John L Wheat see-. 
Frankfort Machine Works and 

Brass Foundry, Jones Btosl, Proprs. 

Machinist- and Mnfra. Machinery and 

Brass Work, Broadway. [See adv,) 
French Sidney, lawyer and city cierk. 
Gaines W A & Co, distillers. 

Gateley B. B., Mnfr. Singer Mnfg 
Co. Our sales last year were at the rate 
of over 1700 sewing-machines a day. 
Main street. 

Gayle George W, watchmaker. 

Gil lis AV H, lawyer. 

Gibbons & Sullivan, saloon 

(Jobber Henry, groceries and saloon. 

Graham J K & Son, furniture and under- 

Gray & Rodman, groceries. 

Green Charles S., Aest Auditor. 

Greenup Nelson B, saloon. 

Griffin Tiros, drv goods. 

Hall W r m H, druggist. 

Haly Dennis L, hardware and saloon. 

Hardin P W, atty general. 

Harris Solomon, dry goods and clothing. 

Harris Thomas A, asstsec of state. 

Harris Wm, barber. 

Harris Wm H, physician. 

Hat'mitt James G. postmaster. 

Hawkins E O, county sheriff. 

Hefiner .James W, sewing-machines. 

Heffner Thomas, blacksmith. 

Heller Mrs Anna C, meat market. 

Herndon AVm C, lawyer. 

Hensley Edward, insurance. 

liernancourt Peter, maltster. 

Herrmann Leopold, dry goods, boots and 

Hewitt Fayette, Auditor of Public 
Accounts, State Capitol. 

Higdr\ i Richard, barber. 

Hocker Jesse C, restaurant. 

Holder Thomas J, meat market. 

Holloway 3L. IJ., Clerk Kentucky 

Horgan ct Haly, builders. 

Jiord Oc Trabue, lawyers. 

Hubbell Daniel J. wagon-maker. 

Hukle Harry groceries. 

Hughes & Chiles, druggists. 

Hughes «_V EFuhig'an, lumber mfrs. 

Hume Edgar E, physician. 

Hyde II J, shoemaker. 

Jacoby .Mrs Mary, clothing. 

James A 1 1 d re w . f , la w y e r . 

James Samuel, physician. 

Jill-on Robert B, drv goods and notions. 

Jones Bros. (M. A. & H. T. & J. L. 
Jones), Proprietors Frankfort Machine 
Works and Brass Foundry, Broadway. 
(See adv. ) 

Jones Thos. C, Clerk of the Court of 
Appeal*, State Capital. 



J. B. WILLIAMS ft BR0,, Proprietor*. 



&J±ttlsj£JDj^T J tt -A-HSTX) .A-XiTODST- 

Ifetsapes delivered Promptly Kid Free of Gharge. ANo Messages delivered to Kentucky Military luati- 
tote, near Fanadale. Office, Ann Street, opposite Capitol Hotel. 






Wholesale aud Retail Dealers in <. t >" : ^^^!^ 

FTJB1TITUBE, ; :* - 


Picture Frames, Mouldings, Window Shade.*, Ac. Repairing 
of all kinds Promptly done. 

St. Olsiir Street, - DPra-nlsfort. IPT^r- 

:.■ -. 

s^^toies o^E-iteJL ^3ioxjs:s. 

:F , :R^:iNr:K::F , o:R,a% ky. 

X. B. jDTZ'^Z~1D?22>T, Lessee and Manager. 

Population of City 9,'. KM). Seating capacity of Opora Hon»e 1,000. Will show first-class combinations 
An srcelient show city for all first-class entertainments. 

Established in 1877. 

gke]o:r,gke] .a., lewis, 


Odd Pello-ws* Temple, - &^J^2<7TZ.'& <$'£$'£, jST^,. 


lidui^wlu MdUiiilid .kx uILd^ Didbo rUUIlUIj 


TOHES BROS., - - Peopbietobs. 

Manufacturers of all kind* of New W^rk for 





Co»tra«t for Now Work in any part of tht Stata, JB^^EU^'JSTj^.JPO^tl?, 3C1T- 

i urn. « 

lif»> N\irttbers, nrass Labels; Carriage, Show Oa*e and Machinery 

I itte'rn letters and Figures, £.£"• Metal Body Rubber Typo, 

BOCHr:, Eagia?er acd Eie Biak;r, ICG Randolph btreet, Chicago, i Li, 






Jones «& Bowon (Wm. Jones, D. M. 

Bowen), Mfrs Hemp, Furniture, Boots ! 
and Shoes, ('Lair-. Cooperage, "Wagons, i 
Buggies, etc., State Penitentiary. 

Julian Wm H, lawyer and county atty. 

Jury John, billiards. j 

Kahr Adam, grocery and saloon. 

Kaltenbrun Vincent, shoemaker. 

Kaltenbrun Vincent A, dentist. 

Kentucky Law Reporter, George : 

A. Lewi-, Publisher; ,) . C or Frank L. j 
Wells, editors. Oiiice, Odd-Fellows' j 
Temple. St. Clair. 

Kentucky River Mills (Capital 
$100,000^. Nathaniel J. Sawver. Pres't: ! 
Russell W. McRery, See'y.' Mfrs of i 
Hemp Harvesters'* Twines, Millers' ! 
Twine*, etc.. and Carpet Yams. 

Kentucky Yeomail. Major, Johnston I 
&■ Barrett, proprietors. Tri-weekly, 
weekly, and daily during sessions of 
Legislature. { See ad#. ) 

Kiernan John, hardware and saloon. 

Kirtley John E, city marshal. 

Kisis S & Co, clothing. 

Kleber John A, confectioner. 

Labrot & Graham, distillers. 

Lawler Root W, jailer. 

JLeCompte Joseph, druggist. 

Lewis George &., Editor and Propri- 
etor Weekly Roundabout, and Publisher 
Kentucky Law Regprter (monthly), of- 
fice Odd-Fellows' Temple, St. Clair St. 
(See adv.) 

Lewis Rev James M (Baptist). 

Lindsey Daniel W., Lawyer. Prac- 
tices in Court of Appeals, Circuit Courts 
Anderson, Henry, Owen, Franklin and 
"Woodford Counties. Particular atten- 
tion given to collections. Cor. St. Clair 
and Main. 

Lindscy John IJ., Lawyer and In- 
surance Agent, (.or. St. Clair and Main. 

Lindsey Wm, lawyer. 

Luscher Sigmund.. brewery. 

Lutkemeier & Co, dry goods. 

MeAuiitfe James, Pepaty Clerk 
Court of A ppeals. 

McClure R K <k Bro, boots, shof-s, and hats. 

McDonald .Mrs Eli/.a S. millinery. 

McDonald P., Justice of the" Peace, St. 

McEwan Alexander, county coroner. 

McKee A Logan, dry goods. 

McManama & Jett, lawyers. 

Macklic George B, commission merchant. 

Major, Johnston & Barrett (Sam- 
uel I. Si. Major, Joeiah S. Johnston, De- 
Witt C. Barrett), Pr apri«fc»n Kentucky 

Yeoman, Rook Publishers, Printers and 
Binders, St. Clair. (See adv.) 

Major Opera-house, John B. Dry- 
den, Lessee and Manager, Post-office 
Lobby. (Set adv.) 

Major Patrick I', circuit judge. 

Major S. I. 31., Public Printer and 

MandevHle Wm, barber. 

Mandhmr W G. grocery and lunch-rooms. 

Marshall & Meagher, boots and shoes. 

Martin & Bro, flour-mill, (3 miles east.) 

Mattern Henry G., Photographer; 
First-class Work Executed Here. Main.. 

Meagher E L & Bro, groceries and bard- 

Meek Benjamin F, jeweler. 

Meriwether David. Propr Meri- 
wether Hotel, Market and Ann. 

Meriwether Hotel, David Meri- 
wether, Propr,, cor. Broadway and Ann, 

Milam Benjamin C, mnfr fishing-reels. 

Miles & Son, flour-mill. 

Miller Frank W, grocery. 

Miller "Wm N, agent Adams express. 

Moore Eugene P, lawyer and justite. 

Morris <k Alstrom, merchant tailors. 

Newman Patrick, groceries and hardware. 

Nickle? Michael, tailor. 

Noel & Jeffers, meat market. 

Norman L C, commissioner Insurance Bu- 
reau of Kentucky. 

Nuchols Joseph P, Adit and (Quartermaster 
General of Ky. 

Paul Bros, saloon. 

Penick Rev E A (Ascension church). 

Pence "Win L, lumber mnfr. 

Pepper Robert P, propr Frankfort Trot- 
ting Park, and stock-breeder. 

Perry Wm B, dyer and second-hand clotb'g. 

Phythian Wm, physician. 

Pickett Prof. Jos. Desha, Superin- 
tendent Public Instruction, State Cap- 

Posey W. Horace, Attorney at Law. 
Will practice in Courts, of Franklin, An- 
derson, and adjoining counties, and in 
C<>urt of Appeals. Special attention 
given to Collections, 

Power Edinoud, Stoves and Tinware, 
and Galvanized iron Cornice Manufac- 
turer, Ann street. 

Price Joel S, physician. 

£*W««| * IE l«K-'J»5 > I «^ ' ' ; ■ -iTirr Kl f MB 

kl, and ov*THti) - -' ■ - i.'«fl* U» A A A 

LHe, Ky. Agents everywhere. 






Price J S & J L, physicians. 

Proctor John R, director Ky Geological 
Survey and Com State Immigration. 

Pagh Rev John \V (Presbyterian). 

Pulhim John, blacksmith. 

Reading Win T, dry goods. 

Richardson N F & T. groceries. 

Rodman Htjgti, lawyer. 

Rodman J & J W, lawyers. 

K< id man W m , pb y sic i an . 

Rodman & Bro, dry goods and carpets. 

Hodman & Duval, rjhysici'atis. 

Rodman & Sneed. lumber. 

Koundabout The, (Weekly) George 
A. Lewis, Editor and Proprietor. De- 
voted to Local and Society News. 
Largest Circulation in Central Ken- 
tucky. St. Clair. [See adv.) 

Rowland David, photographer. 

Ryan Mrs Mary, groceries. 

St. Clair & Brady, barbers. 

Salender Andrew, groceries. 

Salender George, grocery. 

Samuel Henry, barber. 

Sanders Capt Samuel, steamboat line. 

San ford Robert, county assessor. 

Sawyer A. J., Physician. 

Sayres Samuel C, notary public. 
Schafer August, builder. 
Sehroff Joseph, Proprietor Star Sa- 
loon. Choice Foreigjiv and Domestic 

Liquors, "Wines, Cigars and Tobaccos. 

West £-ide St. Clair Street. 
Scott James A. lawyer. 
Scott John L, lawyer, 
Selbert Philip, jeweler. 
Shaw & Lee, livery. 
Shekhm Ralph, register of mod office. 
Shubinskl C & Bro, cigar-man uracturere. 
Smith Bev Grce7i Clay (Baptist). 
Smith John, blacksmith. 
Smith Peter barber. 
Smith Samuel F, physician. 
Smith Wm M, saloon. 
Smither & Sheuse, livery stable. 
Sneofi Russell, Editor Dispatch-( Daily 

and Weekly i, St. Clair Street. 
Sneed Wro H. lawyer and city judge. 
South gate Kev K L (M E Church}, 
South J W r & S, warehouse* 
South T J, dep't warden Slate penitentiary. 
Sower Peter C. baker. 
Sower P C & J F, saloon. 
Stephens James M, meat market. 



GEO. BUHE, Proprietor, 


Good Sample Booms, Bar and Billiards Connected. 


{>.. B. WEIT7.EL, Clerk.; 

This Hotel hag lately b«en n<?vrly re-fur aiph*<l »nd r*-fitt*<l tbroc^aont. Commercial mca and the tr*r- 
eling public irill ami ail the comforts of horn*. 

ILim-rxrLa Street, Oppcsito XTc^r Capitol ZBwil&ias-g-, 


deei 1, co. of mm, 

3% SE. 3tC. MhOaRaRSfi^ MwaAfftj ( 

C'tfctrai Acd Southern Dep't, 
LOUISVILLE, -.-... K\*. 





Stewart Henry, saloon. 

Stone Wra, warden State penitentiary, 

Swigert Joseph, city treasurer. 

SwlaertJ & J, dry goods. 

Tate James W, State treasurer. 

Taylor Charles E, manager W U- Tele- 
graph office and telephone exchange. 

Taylor Edmund H Jr, mavor. 

Taylor EH Jr '& Co, distillers, 

Taylor »J. Swigrert, Distiller. Distil- 
lery on Glenn's. Creek, "Woodford county. 

Taylor Thompson L, dentist. 

Tobin Lawrence, grocery and saloon. 

Todd Harry J, secretary Paris, George- 
town &, Frankfort It R Co. 

Todd James M, groceries. 

Turner George, saddles and harness. 

Waggerier J L & W H, dry goods and 

Wakefield & Congleton, lumber man'f ' rs. 

Ward Mrs Clara E, milliner. 

Walkins II L & Co, confectioners, . 

Watson W H & Bro, wagon material. 

Weitzel Jerome, Propriety Weitzel 
Hotel, Lewis Street, opposite New Cap- 
itol Building. (See adv.) 

Weitzel H & J, saloon. 

Weitzel Hotel, Jerome Weitzel Pro- 
prietor. Lewis Street, opposite ^Sew Cap- 
itol Building. (Nee adv.) 

Weitzel Louis, confectioner. 

Whiteside* «& McEwan (Epbraim 
Whitesides, Alexander McEwaul, Furni- 
ture and Undertakers. St, Clair. (See adv.) 

Williams Bros. (M. H. P., W. C J. 
B. and B. G.), Agricultural Implements 
and Seeds. 

Williamson Emmett, dentist. 

Williams Henry E, groceries, hardware 
and livery. 

Williams J. B. & Bro., Proprietors 
Frankfort & Lawrence burg Telephone 
Line, connecting with Farfndale and Al- 
ton; also connecting with Telegraphs. 
Ann Street, opposite Capitol Hotel. 
{See adv.) 

Withrow James M. groceries and hardware. 

Yagel George, groceries. 

Young Rev L i Catholic ). 

FRANKXIN. The county-seat of 
Simpson co-unty, is situated on the main 
line of the L. «Ss ]jf. R. R., 133 miles from 
Louisville. Its population is 2.500. It 
contains a good court-house, 2 banks, 2 
steam flouring-mills, a wooleu-mill r saw- 

mill, a planing-mill, a brick-yard, a tan- 
nery and a good hotel. The Patriot, which 
is published here, is a live weekly news* 
paper. 7 churches and good public schools 
are sustained, Franklin College is located 
here, and is justly celebrated as one of ih* 
best educational institutions in the State, 
The chief shipments from Franklin are 
live stock, tobacco, wheat and produce. 
Telegraph, Western Union. Express, 
Adams. Stage weekly to Soottsvilie and 
Adairville, fare $1,50. Daily mail. Johr, 
N. Crow, postmaster. 

Adams John C, lawyer. 

Albert Joseph J, barber. 

Atkinson Win B, stoves and tinware. 

Ballance John, tobacco (9 miles s-w). 

Beall Win, notions. 

Bibb Rev T W (Baptist). 

Blackburn Mrs A E, dressmaker. 

Blakely Rebt C, harness-maker. 

Bland John F, lawyer. 

Began Ira J, county judge. 

Began & Hammond, tobacco. 

Boisseau House, (S2.00 per day). 
Public Square. John Walsh, Propr. 

Booker Henry J, hardware and agrl imps. 

Booker & McClean, saddles and harness. 

Booker & Short, groceries. 

Bottomley John, saddles and harness. 

Bradley George W, saloon. 

Breeding James E, dentist. 

Briant Charles W, gunsmith. 

Bnant & Bro, tobacco-leaf. 

Bryan Wm R, physician. 

Bryan & Stanford, groceries. 

By rum James A, blacksmith. 

Caldwell & Beazeley, grist and saw-mill, 
(7 miles east}. 

Caltharp John, tinware, 

Cardwell Dudley D. jailor. 

Crewdson Presley M, sewing machine agt 

Crow John X., General Store. 

Dash wood James H, furniture. 

Denning John R, tobacco (9 miles s-w). 

Dicky George W. live stock. 

Douglas J C, physician. 

I>o\vlhi# «&" Sympson, (Francia 
DowTing, Wm. "R. Sympson), Proprie- 
tors Drake's Creek 211011s. 

Downey James C, hardware and groceries. 

D;:ianv»y Win L, circuit court iudge. 

Duncan Geo W, physician. 

Edmunds Jas F, agt Adams Express Co. 

Edwards «& Gardner, physicians. 



« . .? fi ' I i Consisting of Ice Tools. Agricultural Implements, Cutlery, But- 

' : U*fc cners', Packers' and Coopers' Suppii .- SCKMIEDIX&, 

"iiiililAlFiy i »Jfi»iWlililiJ 635 Broadway and 830 North Fourth Street, .- ST. LOUIS. MO. 





does Prof. K. H., President and 

Principal Franklin Female College. 
Eubank Ambrose B, livery. 
Eubank T & T R. tea^tebaceo. 

Kubank &• Gilbert, Hour-mill. 

Fleming Jas H, meat market. 

Flier Harris, clothing. 

Foru Jaa W. brick-yard. 

Ford & Bro, genera! store. 

Foster John IT, sewing-machines, 

Franklin Female College, Prof. H. 

H. JBpes, President and Principal; Geo. 

B. Knapp. See. Board Managers. 
Franklin Patriot, Moore & Lewis, publ'rs. 
Gaither Wm L, livery stably. 
Galloway Geo H. lawyer. 
Gillispie Mrs Sarah E, millinery. 
Gillum Rev F M (Presbyterian), 
Goodnight Isaac H. lawyer. 
Gross Isadora, dry goods. 
Grubb Armsted 6, wagon-maker. 
Hall D D, assessor. 

Hamrnon At la? P, county court clerk. 
Hampton Mrs Elizabeth, dress-maker. 
Hampton Robert B, tanner. 
Haner Jas N\ general store. 
Harris George C, lawyer. 
Harris Jas G, undertaker, (5 miles east). 
Harris Wm W, blacksmith. (5 miles ea9t). 
Harwell Alfred W, general store. 
Harwell W Shelby, blacksmith. 
Hilton Wra I, general store. 
HiU Alfred V, "station and tel agt. 
Holman Henry W, tobacco '9 miles s-w). 
Horn Mrs S E, proprietress Horn House. 
Hudspeth John G, city marshal. 
Hughes James W, blacksmith. 
Jackson Wm R, watches, clocks, etc. 
Johnson James M, sewing-machines, 
Johnson Samuel M, groceries and saloon. 
Jones Lafayette J, physician. 
Jones Mark, barber. 
Kohlhepp> George, grocery and saloon. 
La Rue Bros, dry goods, boots and shoes. 
La Rue James IS, justice of the peace. 
Lile James H, tobacco and claim agent. 
Lovell Wm T. livery. 

McCartney J nines, groceries and agrl impts. 
MoCianahan A: Co, leaf-«toba0eo. 
M'-Eiwuin J M &C\ live s-ock. 
McElwain, 3Ieufuiar «fc €o. (J. M. 

McElwain, A. F. Megxriar, J. W. Mc- 

Clanahan, O. P. Summer?. I. Lewis, A.J. 

Samuel), Bankers. 
MeCVthiin Isaac N, wines, liquors, etc. 
McGlothlin & Bro, saloon. 


McGoodwin J L & Co, bankers. 

McKenzie Thomas B & Co. general 3tore. 

Mahin Robert, carpenter. 

Marshall, Pettit & Wantland, carriages. 

Martin Gibson, barber. 

Mason & Suttle, blacksmiths. 

Mayes Mrs Maria L, millinery. 

Mures Pleasant V, groceries. 

Milliken Ge<»rge H, justice of peace. 

Milliken James Ii, physician. 

Milliken John J, "county attorney. 

Milliken &. Bush, lawyers. 

Mttouell Hiram K, druggist. 

Montague it McClanahan, groceries. 

Moore Charles B, lawyer. 

Moore Randolph H, druggist. 

Moore & Lewis, publ'rs Franklin Patriot. 

Moore & Newman, groceries. 

Noel John T, dentist. 

Noel Mrs Lucy J. dress-maker. 

Oater Richard, shoemaker. 

Offutt & Bro, saloon. 

Patterson & Neeiey, general store. 

Peden *fe Williams, flour-mill (6 miles s e). 

Plum me r James L, sheriif. 

Porter John M, commonwealth's atty. 

Porter Wm E, clerk Boisseau House. 

Potter Charles F, hardware and agricultu- 

ral implements. 
Read Mrs L, millinery. 
Bedford Samuei W. tailor. 
Roark Granville W, lawyer and school 

Roney Benj, constable. 
Samuel & Williams, general store. 
Smith John H, drugs, books, etc. 
Smith & Eubank, tobacco (10 miles east). 
Snider Wm, meat market. 
Stanford J L & Co, lumber and planing- 

Stark Geo A, tobacco (12 miles south-west). 
Starks & Ruley, tobacco (9 miles s w). 
Stringer Wm, carpenter. 
Swan Wm, druggist. 
Tannehill Preston B, physician. 
Tapscott Chas P, watron-maker. 
Townsend Tighlman O, lawyer. 
Transcriber J M, shoemaker. 
Vineyard El don S, d enlist. 
Wade Harvey D, dry goods. 
Wade Wm G, county clerk and live stock. 
Wade W G & Co. saloon. 
Walker & Walker, lawyers. 
Walsh Jo J in, Proprietor Boisseau 

House; aUo Franklin Woolen Mills. 

Public Square. 

RI) ilP ■ Qi A TC fok S A L F -- A 1, 1, 

& III4I I ■ J OLM I L J. \V\ Atkisscn, 313-321 So. Oiiatea St., Cliic 






Whiteside* Geo W. lawyer. 

Wilkinson Francis Lee, lawyer. 
"Woodrow J W ».V Son, furniture. 
Zeutzsch el Carl J, 'shoemaker. 

ROADS. A recently established post- 
ofiice in Hardin county. 

FRAN K.T,TN ? S MIIJL.S. A small 

country settlement in Fleming county, 5 
miles from its shipping; station, Poplar 
Plains., and about 200 from Louisville. 
Semi- weekly mail, John S. Piummar, post- 
master and miller. 

FItANKXJNTOX. This is a set- 
tlement of 50 people in Henry countv, 10 

miles from Eminence, the shipping point, 

on the L., €. & L. K'y, 40 miles from 

Louisville, and 6 miles from Newcastle, 

the county-seat. Tri- weekly mail. George 

"W. Stivers, postmaster. 

Adams David, live stock. 

Adams D C, county assessor. 

Adams Frank, teacher. 

Berry Thomas, saw-mi'l. 

Booth J B, physician. 

Clubb "W £, general store. 

Green Wm, farmer. 

Jones L P, genera! store. 

Neal J S, saloon. 

Oliver It T, harness-maker. 

Raiser Joseph, town marshal. 

Sewell George W, flour-mill. 

Stivers (loo. W., Druggist, and Wag- 

Sutton Thomas, physician. 

Thompson O B, physician. 

Washburn James, blacksmith. 

FJ*AZER. In Wayne county, is a 
new and un important post-otlice. 

office in Washington county, 9 miles from 
Bardstown, its shipping statiofi. 

FKEOONIA. In the western part 
of Caldwell county, 12 miles north-west of 
Princeton, the eo;mty-seat. its nearest 
shipping point, on the F...& E. R. R., and 
8 north-'-a-t of Dyeusbairg, its nearest land- 
ing, on the Cumberland river. Daily mail. 
Population. 200. J. A. Gamer, postmaster. 

Ackerman J M, tinner. 

Buckner J S, physician. 

Btrgg J S, druggist. 

Byrd D T, general store.' 

Byrd W L, general store. 

Crider J E, hotel. 

Dixon Rev T S S, harness. 

Dorr RT, cabinet-maker. 

Duer C L, hotel. 

Garner <& Morgan^ General Stor«, 

and Drugs. 
Glenir W 0, carriage-maker. 
Glenn W C, carpenter. 
Halsell Rev J M (Cumb Presbyterian). 
Johnson W S. physician. 
Kirkpatrick W D, physician. 
-Maxwell W E, general store. 
Mott J B, physician. 
Ilice Q, wagon and carriage-maker. 
Smith Benjamin, blacksmith. 
Spink G L, li li and ei Dress agent 
Theldkeld A L, blacksmith. 
Vogel G H, shoemaker and marshal. 

FREEDOM.. Sometimes called Black 
"Walnut, is a small post village in Barren 
county, 12 miles from Glasgow, the county- 
seat, and shipping station by rail. Popu- 
lation 60. Stage to Glasgow and Tomp- 
kinsville tri-weekly; fare $1.25 to either. 
Mail tri-weekly. H. H. Button, post- 

Atkinson D M, lawyer. 
Button & Jones, General Store. 
Childerss Rev F C (Baptist). 
Eubank tfe Son, general store. 
Jones W H, undertaker. 
Roe & Humphry, ilour-miil (west). 

FREE UNION. This little settle- 
ment of 40 people is in Webster county, 4 
miles from Dixon, the county-seat, and 16 
miles from SlaughterYille, its shipping 
point. It has 3 churches and a public 
school. Semi-weekly mail. C. M. Spen- 
cer, postmaster. 
Brewer E M, wagon-maker. 
Curtis J, eo.-por and saw-lfiiM. 
Herier^on Joseph, blacksmith. 
Jones Washington, wagon-maker. 
Spencer Charles', carpenter. 
Spencer C. W., Carpenter and Agent 

for James Bros. 
Waggener N B, blacksmith. 
Yates James, saw and flour-mill. 

n A ' :::■ « 

Drift DLL 



Have Settled more than 1,*00 
Lpsi OS) asv'i bare bail but .5 3 Ke- 
eibted Claims* Agents Evervwhere» 




FKEKCHBUEG. This village, the 

county-seat of Menifee county, is within 4 
miles* of Cornwall, a station of the Mount 
Sterling Coal EL R., and 150 miles from 
Louisville. Here are 2 grist mills, a han- 
dle factory, 2 churches, 1 school, and a 
population of 300 people. Mail daily. 
James Hermitage, postmaster. 
Adarns Rev James (Christian). 
Arniitage Janies, Assr and Lumber. 
Byrne J J, surveyor and elk county court. 
Cape T T, lawyer. 
Clark Rev F (Methodist!. 
Day B T, druggist, grocer and lawyer. 
Farren W C H, furniture. 
Fftrrar W C, restaurant. 
Fox John, Hour-mill. 
Frisby R E, lawyer. 
Green wade Thomas, grocery and hotel. 
Greer J F, general store. 
Hardin H P, general store. 
Harking A T, circuit clerk. 
Harvv W B, flour-mi ii and handle factory. 
Hawkins F H, hotel. 
Oliver J M, lawyer. 
Patrick John, lawyer. 
Patrick oamuel H, lawyer. 
Penix W W, druggist. 
Pierce W S,- circuit court clerk. 
Powers B T, flour-mill. 
Taylor B T, lawyer. 
Van Arsdell 1 M, county judge. 
Williams James & Co, grocers. 
Williams J W, drv goods. 

station, i 

FRIENDSHIP. This small post- 
office is in Caldwell county, 4 miles from 
Scottsborrg, its railroad shippin; 
Papulation 20. 
P< -iiiird A W, general store. 
Williams E, grocery and saloon. 

FKOZEX CREEK. This small 
post-office, is in Breathitt county, about 180 
miles from Louisville, arid 37 from Corn- 
wall, the nearest railroael station. Here 
are ?i t b arches, 1 free school, 1 ^-am-mill, 
and 50 people. Daily mail. A. T. Hurst, 

H'o ses Wm. blacksmith. 
Hutnshell Jetferson, blacksmith. 
Hurst A. T., Farmer. 
^ : r*ttj H, distiller. 
Day Wm. general store. 
Van Cleave A S, flour-mill. 

FKUIT HTLX,. In the northern 
part, of Christian county, 12 miles north of 
Hopkinsville, and 8 south pf Crofton, its 
nearest shipping point, on the St. L. & S. 
E. branch of L. & N. R. P.., and 85 miles 
south-west of Louisville, Semi-weekly 
mail. T. J. Powers, postmaster. 
Lewie G W, shoemaker. 
Nixon Jas G, general store. 
Ward H C, cabinet-maker. 

FULTON, A village of 1.500 inhabi- 
tants, partly in Kentucky and partly in 
Tennessee, at the crossing of the M., P. A 
N. and N. O., St. L. & C. R. R's., in the 
south-east corner of Fulton county, 20 
miles from Hickman, the county-6eat, and 
276 miles from Louisville. It was settled 
in 1862, and incorporated in 1873. The 
village contain* 7 churches and good 
schools, 3 steam fiouring-mills, 2 steam 
eaw-rnills, 3 cotton-gins, a furniture factory, 
owned by Joseph Wade, who employs 25 
men, and executes some of the best work, 
in his line, in the State; a tannery, 2 hotels, 
the leading one of which is Letts' Hatei, 
which is always supplied with the best fare 
in the market, 2 weekly newspapers, and a 
public hall, and ships cotton, tobacco, 
wheat, and furniture. Western Union 
telegraph. Southern Express. Daily mail. 
Wm. F. Fagan, postmaster. 
Anderson Henry, barber. 
Apollo Conservatory, Miss Ruth Caldwell 

Watts, proprietress. 
Beard & Collins, grocers. 
Blythe John W. general store. 
Bollinger R M & Co, hardware. 

j Boyd & Co, proprietors Globe Mills. 

i Browder KoBert A. & Co., Leaf- 
tobacco. Agricultural Implements, Grain, 
Seeds, etc/' 

i Burge Joseph I, shoemaker. 

J Cagie .Aaron, cooper. 

: f : : /atham Hardin F, saddles and harness. 

; 01 i-ldess Wesley H, boarding-house. 

, C hn Wilhelni," dry goods and clothing. 

| Collins Jas A, general store. 

j Collins Leroy, blacksmith. 

j Collins & Taylor, teasers and saddlers, 

! Creeale Alex P, grocer. 
Eddings Esmerson, grain, agricultural imp., 

coal ; also insurance agent. 
Fagan Wm. F., Postmaster. 
Fallweil Elijah E, watch-maker. 



) CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Kv. 


Foster ME& Co, millinery. 

Freeman Benj, lawyer. 

Freeman Jas M, groceries, etc. 

Frey Fred W, bakery. 

Fulton Index (The), weekly. Saunders & 
Meacham, publishers. 

Futrell, Westmolaud & Co, carriage mfrs. 
• Gamhill Jas M, grocery and saw-mill. 

Grant J II ec Co, shoemakers. 

Green Fred II, watch-maker. 

Guthrie Geo W, books and stationery. 

Hall Joseph G, station agent. 

Hall Wm K, groceries 

Haynes Augustus A, general store. 

Hicks Miss Lizzie, milliner. 

Hughlet W W, cotton gin (4 miles a e). 

Hunsaker Andrew R, physician. 

Hunsaker & Newton, druggists. 

Jones A John, livery. 

Kimberlin & M.eDade, wagon-makers. 

Knight Mrs J, restaurant. 

Kornegay Robert 1), physician. 

Leet Albert, hotel and express agent. 

Luten Joseph R, physician, 

McDonald W N, saloon. 

Maupin M Price, druggist. 

Meadows Wm W, cotton-gin, carding- 
mill, and general store. 

Miekle Kobert A. watch and clock repairer. 

M'itchel Josiah M, photographer. 

Morris & Taylor, meat market. 

Murphy H D <fe Co, groceries and farm 

Nolen Wm F, stoves and tinware. 

Parker Thos C, drmrgist. 

Parker W T & Co, flour-mill. 

Pasehall D Gid, harness-maker. 

Pa3chall Newton J, physician. 

Paschall Samuel J. dentist. 

Paschal 1 Samuel J, saloon. 

Patterson »fe McDowell, general store. 

Payne Wm B, eating-house. 

Pierce Thomas, saw and grist-mill. 

Planters' House, A. K. Hunsaker, 

Keeds Emmett C, livery stable. 

Saunders & Meacham, publishers of Ful- 
ton Index. 

Sootier! jEkabert, cotton-gin (4 miles east). 

Smoot John N, physician. 

Southern Express Co, Albert Leet agent. 

Starks Edward C. carriage mnfr. 

Steele S AD. lawyer. 

Tarry John W, physician. 

Thacker T P. sewing-machines. 
■""" Thncker «& Moss, grocery and. saloon. 

Wade Joseph, Planing-mill, Furniture 

and Coffin Factory. (See adv.) 
Walker Charles N, publisher Weekly Ful- 

ton i an. 
Walker Prof T P, principal Walker's 

school for girls. 
Watts Miss Kuth Caldwell, Propr. 

A polio Conservatory. 
Weekly Fuitonian, N" Walker publisher. 
Wheeler S T, saw-mill (6 miles north). 
Williams & Eddings, groceries'. 
Wolil & Liuddieston. general store, 
Wyatt John A, general store. 

GAGE. A country post-office in Hop- 
kins county, 16 miles from Madisouville, 
the - county-seat. It is a station on the P. 

& E. R. R„ and serves as a shipping 
point for the neighborhood around. Ex- 
press Southern. Mail daily. J. E. Cald- 
well, postmaster. 
Caldwell, J Ed, general store. 
Caldwell J A, saw and planing-rnills. 

GAINESVILLE. This little village 

is in Allen county, 25 miles from Bowling 
Green, its shipping station by rail. It has 
a church, school, and mill, and a popula- 
tion of 144; Mail semi-weekly. J. W. 
Stark, postmaster. 

Bryant & Bro, general store. 

Caypool II H, blacksmith. 

Durham O F, shoemaker. 

Glaze L A, physician. 

Goodnight Thomas M, tanner. 

Morehead James 1, handle rnnfrg. 

Bigs'by Porter, wagon mnfr. 

Stark J. W. & J. D., Leaf-tobacco. 

Whitney M, physician. 

W r olf James C, blacksmith. 


population of about 360, arid is ; a village 
in Warren county, 12 miles from Bowling 
Green, the county-seat, and 8 miles from 
Rockdekl, the shipping point, on Memphis 
div. L & N. K. II. Mail semi-week; < 
John Alderson, postmaster, 

Alderson John. General Store. 

Brow — . express agt. 
Galloway & Bro, flour-mill. 

G AM ALT E L. A country settlemen • 

of 35 people^ in Monroe county, 9 rail '- 
from Te»mpkinsvil!e, the county-seat, 28 


enee to tb* <'.v mpanies we !nana?«, 
E & CA3TLEMM\ Lou sviiie, Ky, 
Ag«.»ta every wis ere South. 





from Glasgow, the nearest railroad station, 
und 160 miles from Douisville. Nlail semi- 
weekly. Q. C. Riggs, postmaster. 
Cleveland W J, lawyer. 
Isomer W C, general store. 
Crabtree F S, school teacher. 
Crabtree R F, physician. 
Crawford S S. blacksmith. 
Deckard H H. gun-nut:,, 
Dolson M J. boarding house. 
Harlin G W, hotel. . 
Hayes & Braddorri", Hour-mills. 
Jenkins MeH, physician. 
Jones Rufus, mechanic. 
Newman & Yandiver, general store. 
Kiggs C C, physician. 
Ritter Alexander, Sour-mill. 

| C east of Crittenden 
I point, on the C. S 

GANGES. Grant county (See >iacon). 

GAP CHEEK. A post-otfiee in 
Wayne county. 12.4 miles south- we.-t, of 
Monticello, the county-seat. Mail daily. 
J. H. Shearer, postmaster. 
Dennis & Wright, woolen, carding, flour 

and saw-mill. 
Shearer J. H., General Store. 
Zimmerman P. saw-mill. 

pose-office in Pulaski county. S. R. Owens, 
postmaster and physician. 


northern part of Pendleton county 16 
miles north of Falmouth, the county-seat, 

its nearest shipping 
R'y, and 100 north- 
east of Louisville. Tri- weekly mail. 

Population 20. F. Helmiob, postmaster. 

Cahill John, justice of peacer 

Clayeamp Henry, blacksmith. 

Gelfon — . express and railroad agt. 

H>lmieli F., Genera) Store. 

High tower F B, general store. 

Tansen B, blacksmith, 

Linder T F, waoon-maker. 

McNay R, saw-rid 11. 

Mullins Richard, constable. 

Williams A M, physician. 

GAItFiEEIX A recently establish- 
ed post office in Breckinridge county, 7 
miles from Hardinsburg, the county-seat. 

population 15. &t 

Muldraugh. Mail 

;<xe to Cloveroort and 
daily. W. H. Bell, 

Kichardson B. F., General Store* 


i^ in Meade county. 2 miles from its ship- 
ping point, Muidrnugh Station, cm the L> 
& N". R. R., and 28 by turnpike from 
Louisville. Here a grist-mill, 2 
churches, a college and a public school. 
Stages to Muldrautrh. BcwleTville and 

Hardinsburg. Population 200. 
mail. George Howard, postmaster. 
Anderson W G & Co, flour-mill. 
Busch W J, justice of peace. 
Dowel John, justice of peace. 
Fausest A, carpenter. 


JOE. WADE, Proprietor. 


WILL. WADE, Agent. 





a 4u r y . *4< 

lM Everything in the waj of 

I House FiirtisMM (roods. 

; v ^! Cairo and Padticah Bin* 

..'"- Pui.licatBd. 

<%s»# FULTON, KY. 

[. KlNIiS OF 

Household ZFttie^^ititir-e. 

X^>. ^' w • 


tit^s^ N¥fti mum ii^^j* isWWk 


Boud for Price List to FRED. SOHMIBDIWO 
835 V: ■ ' S30 BTos bh Fourtb B1 

st. jtioxxis, - - - Missouri. 





Fitch W F, saw-mill. 
Funk John, shoemaker. 
Hutchen.s W A, carpenter, 
daggers Nelson, carpenter. 
Lane C H, blacksmith. 
Nevett & Kennedy, general store. 
Partlow A G, blacksmith. 
Patton Charles, general store. 
Pusey Dr H K, druggist, 
Randall S V, gesM&rai store. 
Shaubinglon A. general store.- 
Sterrett '.§ P. flour-mill. 
Stier Wv®&, shoemaker. 
Withers J A <k Son. dour-mill. 
Withers.} B, sheriff. 
"Wooldridge Thomas, live stock. 

GARRfSTT. A po=t-otuce in Meade 
county, 9 miles from Brandenburg, the seat 
of justice, and 8 from Muldraugh, the 
shipping point, on L. *S; X. R. K. Popula- 
tion 50. Mill daily. Stage to Mttldraugfa 
and Bewleyrille daily, fare 75 cents. " 0. 
K. Crutchcr, postmaster. 

Crutvher C K., Physiciin^, Druggist 

and Dentist. 
Funk John, shoemaker. 
Hilf Wat, wagon-maker. 
Miles G H, general store. 
Eeson & Osborne, general store. 
Robinson I>r T C. druggist. 
Scott George, blacksmith. 
Whalen, wagon-make-. 

GARUETTSBURG. A post-office 

in Christian county, 14 miles from Hop- 
kinsville, the nearest railroad station and 
county-seat. Population 60. Mail tri- 
weekly. J. B. White, postmaster. 
Bacon IT E, general store. 
Bedsberv J A, blacksmith. 
Discon W B, hotel. 
King A D, justice of peace. 
Metcalf D J, constable. 
Metcalf J N, physician. 
Reav Postin, justice of peace. 

Ryals Rev W H { ). 

Thomas J Q, physician. 
Wilis B L, plnsician. 
"Wilson K A, physician. 
W r orker W J, physician. 

GEKiEUSVlEEE. On the K. K. 

R'y, ia the eastern part of Carter county, 
11 miles north, of Grayson, the county- 

seat, and SCO east of Louisville. Ashland, 

15 miles north, on the Ohio river, is the 

nearest shipping point by water. Xxpor * 

largely of coal. Daily mail. Population 

400. J. Barrett, postmaster. 

Artist James, saloon. 

Castuer, Barrett & Co., General 

Darnell Wm, shoemaker. 
G-nlugher John, hotel. 
Gebhart Fred, railroad agent. 
Geiger — — -, general store. 
Link John, blacksmith. 
Logan John M, physician. 
Rale! iff Kobert, grocery. 
Rice B S, physician. 
Stafredge George, wagon-maker. 
ZngierRev J W (Methodist). ' 

GI'.XEVA. A village of 50 inhabit- 
ants, in the south-western part of Hender- 
*<m county, 7 miles from the county-seat, 
which is also the most convenient shipping 
point. Abbott's Landing, 1 mile south on 
the Ohio river is also a shipping point by 
water. An opening here tor a flour and 
grist-mill. Daily stage to Henderson, 
Morgan field, and ' Uniontown ; fare 50c, 
$1.50, and $2. Mail, tri- weekly. W. A. 
Sisson, postmaster. 
Abbott R II, constable. 
Averitte W G, drugs and notions. 
Dixon HT, physician. 
Eakins J Wm, justice of peace. 
Farmer John, dry goods. 
Lockett F G. wagon-maker. 
Lyne George, justice of peace. 
Me Bride E H, groceries and liquors. 
Randolph S W, chairman school board. 
Sandefur M C, physician. 
Sisson Will. A., Groceries, Notions, 

Produce, and Furs. 


south-east of the center of Lawrence county, 
or; Big Sandy river, about 300 miles from 
Louisville, is a settlement of 25 people 
having this name. Semi-weekly mad. 
Charles H. Borders, postmaster. 
Bartlett Peter, boot and shoemaker. 
Boldin VVm, carpenter. 
JBorders A. saw and grist-mill and tanne 
Borders A & Co, general store. 
Border* Charles H., Hotel and Gen- 
eral Store. 


■ !■««■ fj RIUMfMlfiH Controilinj? over ?40.GOO,000 of Fire $> ? If 

... - , : 





Davis W 11, physician. 
Lovins Wm, blacksmith. 

Richardson G S, general store. 
Swetuian J W, physician . 

GEORGETOWN This town, ac- 
cording to the census of 1880, has a popu- 
lation of 2,051, and is the county-seat of 
Scott, in the eastern part of the county, on 
the C. 8. By., 12 miles north of Lexing- 
ton, 18 north-east of Frankfort, 67 south 
of Cincinnati, and . 8'J east of Louisville. 
The place abounds in costly private res- 
idences and business blocks. Its educa- 
tional facilities art: extensive-. Georgetown 
College, founded in 1829, is located here. 
In addition to the above, there are locat- 
ed here, Warrendale Female Seminary, 
Georgetown Seminary, Mrs. Ballou's, a 
free school and several private ones. There 
are six churches, as folio we; Methodist, 
Baptist. Presbyterian, Christian, Episc xpal, 
and Catholic. There are also 2 banks, 
with an aggregate capital of >-iJ0.000 — 
the Farmers' Bank of Kent teky is one of 
the prominent banks in the State, and is 
a branch of several banks, which, in the 
aggregate, represent over $1,000,000 — 
2 steam flouring mills, a Masonic and pub- 
lic hall, two weekly newspapers, the 
Georgetown Times ami Every Saturday, 
and 3 hotels, the most worthy of note 
being the Georgetown Motel. The streets 
of ths town are beautifully .shaded and 
lighted with gas, and it receive- an ample 
supply of water from the famous "Big 
Spring," which flows from a high bluff of 
limestone rock. Express Adams, Tele- 
graph Western Union. Mail daily. 
Judson Stifee, postmaster. 

Adam David A, Er & R R agt and hatter. 
Alexander John, builder. 
Askew James F, master emir and lawver. 
Ayres & O'Xeill (E. W. Ayres, Hugh 

O'Neilli, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable. 

Main St. (See adv. ) 
Baily James, builder. 
Barklry Augustus B, harness-maker. 
Rark.ley Tli heh*vs J. groceri -- f 

Barlow E C & Son. jewelers. 
B'irlow Wm II, physician. 
lieatOH <V: f.uofcon IT. A. Beaton G. 

F. Lupton, j^Proprs Georgetown &otel, 

cor Main A: Cross. (See adv.) 
Blackwell W K, station agent C S R K. 

Bell John A., Ed, and Propr. George- 
town Times, also Bookseller, Stationer 
and News Agt, cor. Main and Hamilton. 

Bradley & Bradiey, lawyers. 

Bryan Francis F, physician. 

Bryan Robert T, physician. 

Burch & Green, groceries. 

Burley James, watch-maker. 

Burns T T, painter. 

Butler J K, county surveyor. 

Cantrill James E, lawyer. 

Chambers Mrs H M, telegraph operator. 

Chambers Harvey M, fish, fruit, etc. 

Chambers Jerry D, shoemaker, 

Cheancy James L. livery. 

Cofiman Wm H, physician. 

Cole George A, town marshal. 

IMrnaby W 8, lawyer. 

Deposit Bank of Georgetown, cap $90,000; 
L L Herndon. pres; J Y Kelly, cash. 

DonnaJiy *& Burgin. de-nuns. 

Dudley Rev R M, pre® Georgetown col'ge. 

Elgin W S & Co, druggists, 

Es-tes Notley, clerk circuit court. 

livery Saturday. Robert R. West, 
Ed. tor and Proprietor, Main st. opp. 
Court-house. (Set adv.) 

Farmers' Bank of Kentucky 
(branch). Capital $360,000; Surplus 
$25,000. J. F. Robinson, Prest; N. 
Spears, Cash. Cor Main and Hamilton. 
(See adv.) 

Farmers' Exchange. Robt It West, man- 
ager. Main, opp court-house. 

Finley Joseph, sheriif. 

Finneli James B, lawyer. 

Forward A W. carriages. 

Fowler W F, tinsmith. 

Gaines John S, groceries. 

Gasner John F, hoots and shoes. 

G-.-r ■■! -getOWrj Female Seminary, J Rucker, 

Georgetown Hotel, Beaton cfc Tup- 
ton. Proprietors. Cor. Main and Cross. 
(See ado.) 

Georgetown Times, (Weekly). J. 
A. Bell, Editor and Proprietor. Estab- 
lished January 1, 1*667. Circulates ex- 
tensively in Scott and adjoining counties. 

Get zend. -timer Henry, marble. 

Goetz Peter, barber. 

Griffeth W T At Co, grocers and saloon. 

Hail & Jesse, druggists. 

Hambreck & Gayle, meat market. 

Hamilton & Lewis, physicians. 

Herring Wm B, saddler. 


pi ii. co. of mm 

Central and Southern Dvp't, 





Hickey Levy, painter. 

Hinch Leonard, restaurant. 

Hoi den Jeptha, llour-mill. 

Holtaciaw Mrs G, dress-maker. 

Howe Rev W J ( Christian). 

Humphreys John R. grocer. 

Hunter Rev John G (Presbyterian). 

Johnson Henry V", county attorney. 

Kentucky G r;\ over's >I u tual 
Benefit Society, Co-operative Life 
Insurance. W. Z. Thomson, Seo. Mem- 
bership over 2,000, and increasing. Char- 
tered 1874. Permanent Fund $26,000. 

Lair A K, Hour-mill. 

Lemon Jas 0, justice of peace. 

Lemon J F M, builder. 

Logan Mrs J A. dress-maker. 

Long Samuel W, lawyer. 

McCullugh Patrick, carriage-maker. 

McDonald Mrs S A, pr's Farmers' Home. 

Marks Isaac, clothing. 

Miller John, groceries. 

Mitchell Wm, clothing. 

Moody Henry, harness-maker. 

Moore & Lemon, groceries. 

Moore & Thomson, (Jas. H. Moore, 
Wm. Z. Thomson,!, Fire Insurance 
Agents. Represents Royal Insurance 
Company, of Liverpool, London and 
Lancashire, of Liverpool, England. 

Neal C T & Co, paints, etc. 

Nichols & Nunnelley, groceries. 

Nuckles Robert C, ins agt and notary. 

Odor Alexander, propr Southern hotel. 

O'Neill & Harp, horse-shoers. 

Owens Wm C, lawyer. 

Pax ton George E, dry goods. 

Payne George V, judge county court. 

Peak Luke, eonstaMe. 

Penn & Jenkins, coal, grain, and farming 
implements, etc. 

Phipps Win R, photographer. 

Prewitt George E, lawyer. 

Price E, tailor. 

Pullen James, jailor. 

Pullen W E & Bro, meat market. 

Randol Beni F, undertaker and coroner. 

Redd Mr- An -and.),, dress-maker. 

Rhoton Homer S, city judge, 


Risdafe Preston T, city clerk and printer. 
Roberts R Emiin, hardware. 
Robinson James F, pres Farmers Bank. 
Rolan John V, blacksmith, 
Rucker Prof J J, prin Georgetown Female 


Savage & Robinson, barbers. 

Sconce James F, justice of peace. 

Shepard Samuel S, jeweler. 

Sherritt Mrs J E, milliner. 

Sherritt Wm W, hardware and builder. 

Sinclair John T, insurance agent. 

Sinclair Mrs J W, dress-maker. 

Skillman Rev C G (Baptist). 

Slacte Louis A, tailor. 

Smith Charles D, saloon. 

Smith N R, saloon. 

Soper & Simmons, dry goods. 

Sowards Miss T, dress-maker. 

Spears Jake V, druggist. 

Spears Xoa, Cashier Farmer's Bank 

of Kentucky, also Fire Insurance Agent, 

corner Main and Hamilton. 
Stedman, Mrs S E, milliner. 
Steffee Judson H, stationery. 
Stevenson John M, furniture and under. 

Stevenson Milton, lawyer. 
Stone Kinzea, groceries. 
Stone & McConnell, groceries. 
Thomasson John C, physician. 
Thompson James H, groceries. 
Thompson & Crumbaugh. lumber. 
Warrendale Female Seminary, Miss M F 

Hewitt, principal. 
Washer & Abrahams, general store. 
Webb & Davis, drv goods. 
Wells Rev James M (Baptist). 
Wells S S. insurance agent. 
West Clark A. physician. 
West Rob't R., Editor and Proprietor 
■ of Every Saturday, Main Street, opposite 

Court-house. (See adv.) 
White Mrs P, milliner. 
Williams George, eating-saloon. 
Wolfe J Henry, county clerk. 
Worstell Mrs N T, proprietress Central 

Worstell & Jones, groceries and liquors. 
Wright Rev J E (Methodist). 

agt and j 

GERMA\TOWN r . This village is 
located in Mason county. 12 miles from 
Maysville, the county-- cat, and II from 
Augusta, its nearest, shipping point, on 
the 'Ohio river, and about 175 mdes from 
Louisville. It has 5 churches, 2 schools, 
1 grist-mill and an estimated population 
of 400. Tobacco is the leading export. 
Stage to Burksville and Maysvilie, fare 50 
cents; and to Augusta tri-weekly. Daily 
mail. Ann M.-Robey, postmaster. 



Dautille, Ky. ^"C^T CjTT? f^Tr NicholasTille, Ky. 

#P^ OIRODlj, 



BEATON '.& L UPTON, - - Proprietors, 

oieoiRGKETcrw'-ifl", . . . KiEiNr'TTTC^c'sr 

Sample Booiai firBt floor. Enquire for Livery at the cffie«. Give ub a trial and we will endeavor t» 
please you. 

— ■■>— ■■ in m inn mi i iiimi i mi mm ■mi ■■ ii ii i n ■iwiwin I in ■Minima I mini I imiiii 11 I I ■ 

K. W. A.YBES. HUGH O'NEILL. J ',^'®aai»& 

Livery, Sale and Training Stable, 

■ 4J 

|. -.- j i .> 

Saddle Horses, Buggies and Carriages for hire, and Driver £££>' <■£ j^.: . r>-**^ 

furnished if desired. ^^I^SS.'^S-'S^^ 

The patronage of Commercial Travelers solicited. 

J. F. ROBINSON, President. NOA SPEARS, Cashier. 


o-T£3o^,a-Ea?o-v7"isr 3 :ec~x\ 

Capital, $3SO,OCO. Surplus, $25,000. 

Personal attention given to collections and remit promptly for same on day of payment, and charges at 
lowest rate of exchange. 

every s_a.t"ct:r.:d_a."Z" 

Published at Georgetown, Ky. 

t>evoted to the industrial interests of Scott Oonnty, and propogea to repre-eut the principles of the Deaio« 
cratic Party. An excellent Advertising Medium. Ka tee low. 

X&CBE^T' ZR. TTCIEST, . . . J^<SLLtas a*xA Proprietcx. 


Sand for Estimates. J'. W. ATKINSON, 313-321' South Clinton Street tiiilfC AI,0, ILL, 





Browning J C, druggist. 
Black Theodora .), leaf-tobacco. 
Coleman Wni W, justice of peace. 
Pimmett Elijah C, physician. 
Dora Thompson M, general store. 
Downing John, police judge. 
Elliott E D. grocer. 
Elliott J W, tobacco. 

Erion George, carpenter and undertaker. 
Frazee J)r John M, tobacco, 
Fraz.-e Joseph T. general store. 
Gallagher Charles, barber. 
Galllgher Garrison* blacksmith. 
Galligher John, blacksmith. 
German town Co-operative Store, N C John- 
son, manager. 
Harmon M, saw and Hour-mill. 
Hiles AV M, harness and shoes. 
Holton Henry E, prin of school. 
Holton John H, physician. 
Hoi ton Wm W. general store. 
Kelly A, tailor. 
Kirk J J, wagon-maker. 
Miller T, cooper. 
Nonas D, tobacco. 
Northcutt Rev H C (M Episcopal). 
Pollitt Robert II, wagon-maker. 
Pollock Isaac, physician. 
Pollock Samuel F, justice of peace. 
Power K H, "carpenter. 
Rye & Jones, carriage mnfrs. 
Savage. Charles S, physician. 
Spates Kev W W (Methodist). 
Stiles A P, carpenter. 
Stiles Cornelius, hotel proprietor. 
Thompson Robert, marshal. 
Thompson & Youngman. carpenters. 
"Williams Elijah, tobacco. 
"West Kev J I i Christian). 
"Woodward Isaac M. constable. 
Woodward & Kirk, undertakers. 

GETHSE5IANE. In the southern 
part of Nelson countv, on the Knoxvilie 
branch of the L. & N. E. R., 14 miles 
south of Bardstown, the county-seat, 48 
miles south of Louisville. Gethsemaae 
College is located here. Adams Express. 
Daily mail. K. C. Keid, postmaster. 

Gethsernane College, * 

Head F M, wh Ihuors. 
Head F M& Co, distil tars. 
Bolland T J, carpenter. 
MeGrave Kev — — (Catholic). 
Peak James E. blacksmith. 

Pottinger T J & Co, distillers. 

lieid R C, grocer, ex and U R agent. 

Reid & Cisscl!, general store. 

GHENT. An incorporated town i f 
500 inhabitants, and a landing on the Ohio 
river, in Carroll county, 9 miles fronrr Ua 
shipping point. Liberty, on the L., C.& L. 
R. R., and 75 from Louisville. Here arc 
1 steam flour-mill, 3 churches, and 1 col- 
lege. Daily stage to Liberty, fare $1. 
Adams Express. Daily mail. Wm. How- 
ard, postmaster. 
Brown N C, physician. 
Crutcher & Bryanton, carriage-makers. 
Duncan C S, flour-mill. 
Gains F H, physician. 
Howard II C, saw-mill and undertaker, 
Howard Samuel, physician. 
Howard Win., General Store. 
Lester <k Crr-'ir. boot and shoe mfr3. 
Stevenson J H, general store; 
Tandy J B & Son, general store. 
Tandy J Q S: W H, general store. 
Whiteheud Wm, druggist. 


On the Richmond branch of the L. Sc N. 
R. R., in the north-eastern part of Lincoln 
county, miles east of Stanford, the 
county-seat, and 109 south-east of Louis- 
ville. Adams Express. Dailv mail. Clara 
Betts, postmaster. 
Belts George W., Grain and Produce, 

Express and Station Agt. 
Dudder Bros, flour-mill. 
Taylor A T. blacksmith. 
Taylor C & Sons, distillers. 

GIM5ERTSV1LLE. On the Ten- 
nessee river, and the P. tk E. R. R., in the 

north-eastern part of Marshall county, 12 
'miles north-east of Benton, the eounty- 
seset, and le). south-west of Louisvii'e. 
Goods may be shipped by rail or water. 
Southern Express. Daily mail. T.B.Wal- 
ler, postmaster. 
Pjidueah Lumber Co., Lumber and 

Shingle Mt'rs and General Store. 
Waller T. IL, General Store, Hotel, 

Express and Railroad Agent. 

GIIJLMOKE. In the south-eastern 
part of Wolfe county, lo miles south-east 
of Campton, the county-seat, Z0 south-east 


Have Settled more than 1,-fOO 
LiOffse^, *n<l Iin>e had but 13 Re- 
sisted Claim*. Agents Everywhere 





of Cornwall, its nearest shipping point, on 

the Mt. Sterling division of the L. C. & L. 

K. K, and 180 from Louisville. Aj&ama 

Express. Daily mat!. Population 75. 

James H. Vest, postmaster. 

Bean R T & Co, express agents. 

Ely Rev James (Methodist), and wagon- 

Ely Robert F, boot and shoemaker. 

Fallen C M, surveyor. 

Graham Joseph D. school-teacher. 

Graham H B, distiller. 

Haddox A N, eons-table. , 

Johnson J S, school teacher. • 

Raphes Robert A, flour-mill. 

Lindon A J, justice. 

Little E B, distiller. 

Little Rev H H (Christian). 

Little Rev James 31 (Methodist). 

Minton E G, shoemaker. 

Minton Rev E W ( Methodist). 

Strieklin Wm F, coal miner. 

Vest James H., Bookseller. Farmer. 
arid Cooper. 

"Wall in James II, surveyor. 

GII.TVS 3ITr;i,S. On Licking river, 

in Rowan county. 9 miles from Morehead, 
the county-seat, and 20 from its shipping 
point, Hillsborough, is situated this village 
of 525 inhabitants. It has two churches, 1 
school and a grist and woolen-mill. Mail 
4 times a week. Newton Johnson, post- 

Alfrey Samuel, blacksmith. 
Alf rey & Thomas, Grist and Woolen- 
Alley James, blacksmith. 
Evans John, shoemaker. 
Johnson G B. wasron^maker. 

Johnson NewtOIl, General Store. 
Johnson Richard, blacksmith. 
Myer Joseph, hotel. 
Wiicozson D C, teacher. 
Wyatt W. P., Sheriff. v 

GT3IUET. An unimportant post- 
office in Elliott county. 

GLASGOW. This city of .1,800 in, 

habitants is the county-seat of Barren 
county. It is the south-western terminus 
of the Glasgow branch of the L. & N. R. 
R.. 10 miles from the main line, and 101 
from Louisville. Here is a carding-mill, 
4 flour-mills, a handle factory, a weekly 
newspaper, and a good hotel, the Murrell 
House, a number of tine churches, and 2 
superior educational institutions, the Glas- 
gow Normal School, favorably-known, and 
the Liberty Female College, which is aiso 
one of the most prosperous in the State, and 
is replete with all modern appliances for 
educational improvement. Glasgow is in 
the very center of the best oil-producing 
portion of the State. It is a distributing 
point for a large section of country, and 
enjoys a good trade from the counties 
south. Lumber, cattle, tobacco, horses, 
mules, and hogs are shipped. Stages to 
Tompkinsville and Burksville; fare S3. 
Adams Express. Two daily mails. James 
C. Evans, postmaster, 

Adams James C, propr oil wells (4 miles s). 
Bacon & Mitchell, tobacco. 
Barbee James T, atty at law. 
Black Joseph, blacksmith. 
Bohannon George M, lawyer. 
Boles & Eubank, lawyers. 
Bottomley Thomas h\ photographer. 


| Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, 

"" m \ ,'■' j^;.'^^--?*"^-™ Horses well Feci and groomed at a reasonable price. 

. ..- - W5WiTViWMt i ii i wii i iS r."a uV j jr < ~~ : 

Excellent saddle Horses, Pleasure Buggies, Eisners' Wagons, &c 

Special attention given to the Commercial travel. Hacks to and from all Trains. 


m mm t mmm 

■J CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, -.- Louisville, Ky. 





Botts Wm K, lawyer. 

Bradford 31 rs Sarah M, millinery. 

Bradford Wm J, grist-mill (-2j miles n). 

Bradford & Wood, tannery. 

Breeding Frank M, builder. 

Breeding dame? A, dentist. 

Browder Rev Robert W (Methodist). 

Bryan & Cheek, general store. 

Buford T C & Co, blacksmiths. 

Bybee Philip, barber. 

Garden Lucian W, leaf-tobacco. 

Carr Dulaney R, law.ver. 

Clark Warder & Co, flour-mill. 

Collins Richard P. school commissioner. 

Ceyle Maurice M, stoves and tinware. 

Crenshaw Robert, blacksmith. 

Davison Benj G, grocery, 

Defv&ux John B, jewelry and notions. 

Deposit Bank of Glasgow, capital $150,- 
000. Wm L Porter, pres; Michael H. 
Dickinson, cashier. 

Depp Thos C, saddler. 

Dickey & Doty, lawyers. 

Dickinson V/m, lawyer. 

Dillon "Wm H. shoemaker. 

Dinkelspeel &Son, groceries. 

Duff & Alcock, lawyers. 

Ebert & Allen, lumber. 

Ellison Eugene T, physician. 

Evans James C, Postmaster. 

Fisbbaek & Jackson, lumber (1 miles-e). 

Franklin Jerry, barber. 

Franklin Wm \V. county clerk. 

Frie John M, marble. 

Ganter Edward D, jewelry. 

Ganter L V, dentist. 

Garnett Wm M, dentist. 

Glasgow Normal School, Alonzo W Mell, 

Glasgow Weekly Times, Woods & Snoddy, 

Gorin Henry C, lawyer. 

Grady Albert A, sewing-machines. 

Grinstead Robert U, physician. 

Hamlet Charles A., Manufacturer of 
Hickory Handles, Air-. Pick, Sledge, etc. 

Hamlet AL Vaugliaii, (Charles A. Ham- 
let, John Van-han;, Flaning-mill, Lum- 
ber Manufacturers, slid Sash, Doors, and 

Harlow & WelTs, lumber (8$ miles s-e). 

Hartnett James, shoemaker. 

Harvey &: Co. general store. 

Hill Bybee & Co. groceries, etc. 

Hill Charles L, mayor. 

Hodgkins Mrs P W, millinery. 

Huggins Wm E, distiller (2 miles west). 

Jepson Jesse J, physician. 

Jones Samuel E, county judge. 

Jones & Coekrill (^ohn W. Jones, 
Wm M. Coekrill), Lawyers, Collection 
and Insurance Agents. 

Jordan Mrs P S, millinery. 

Jordan & Anderson, merchant tailors. 

Kaufman S & Co, dry goods. 

Kinslow Jas, agt oil wells (2\ miles south). 

Las well Frank M, cooper. 

Lawless Burrell, lawyer. 

Leech John, shoemaker. 

Leech Joseph T, physician. 

Leslie Jeremiah B, lawyer. 

liessenBerry J B, hotel. 

Liberty Female College, J B Reynolds, 
pres't and sec'y. 

Locke Wm N, drugs, books, etc. 

Matthews. Joseph W, lumber (2| miles s-w). 

Mell Alonzo W, principal Glasgow nor- 
mal st hoed. 

Melven Michael R, wagon and carriage 

Meyers & Son, flour-mill and lumber. 

Mitchell James, Livery, Sale, Feed 
and Exchange Stable, and Live Stock 
Dealer and Breeder, and Proprietor 
Omnibus Line. 

Morris Emanuel, general store. 

Murray John A. R K agt and salt and coal. 

MurrellV. Hotel ($& per clay). Jas. 
Murrell, Proprietor. Opp. Public Square. 

Nunn & Ganter, druggists. 

Pace Wm H. saddler." 

.Pediiro John II, live stock. 

Pedisro'J R & 


PedigroM. T. & Brother, (Madison 
T. and Santson P.), Livery, Sale, Feed 
and Exchange Stable. (See adv.) 

Porter & Ritter, lawyers. 

Preston John B. grist-mill (4 miles n-w). 

Priee James F., Livery, Sale, Feed 
and Exchange Stable. Horses and Mules 
Bought and Sold. 


Samuel T, physician. 

Ralston & ©lis, grist-mill (7 miles s-w). 

Ivaubohl If *»nr> , Bakery, Restaurant, 
Confectionery j Fancy Groceries, Cigara 
ai d Tobacco, and Smokers' Articles, 
Fruits, etc. 

Read George W, live stock. 

Reynolds Thomas T, lawyer. 

Riggan Wm H, meat market. 

Ritter Mrs Mary, grist-mill (6 miles * e). 

Rogers Joseph U, drugs and book*. 


mm mm m paid 

Without reference to tb^ Companies we mauaga. 
BARB&E & CASTLEMAN, Louisville, Ky. 

Agents cvery-«I»ere Sou til ♦ 





Kujyers & Wood (Lewis P. Rogers 
Clarence Wood), Wholesale and Retail 
Hardware, Inn:, and Groceries] Boris 
Packers and Stealers in Agricultural 
Implements ; Agts Oliver Chilled Plow. 

Sanders & Kiuslow, groceries, hardware, 
and queen sware. 

Sbader Adolpbus, stoves and tinware. 

r ! erry Ghas W, general store. 

Trigg Oc Co, bankers. 

Wilkinson Lewi.-, propr Wilkinson house. 

Williams \Vm A, physician. 

Williams & Grrinstea'dL, wagon-makers. 

Woods &Snoddy, prop's Glasgow Weekly 


town of 385 inhabitants, and the junction 
of the Glasgow branch with the main line of 
the L. Se N. R. R,, located in the north-west 
corner of Barren county, 11 mile.; from 
Glasgow, the county ^seat, and 91 from 
Louisville. It is at thw point that passen- 
ger* get off who are visiting Mammoth 
Cave and Grand Avenue Cave. It has a 
good hotel at the station. Western Union 
telegraph. Adams Express. Daily mail. 
Isaac West, postmaster. 
Boles J C, grocer. 

Cox Eugene, 

jral store. 

Dickinson James F, justice of peace. 

Duncan R Y, town marshal. 

McConnell &. Duncan, blacksmith*. 

Matthews J W, flour-mill. 

Mentz Edward H., Prop'r Mentz 
House, Station and Express Agent. 

Mentz House, Edward H. Mentz, Pro- 

Monroe John W, flour-mill (2 miles n w). 

P&rrish James S, general store, physician, 
&nd grist-mill. 

Proctor G M, police judge. 

Proctor Geo M, propr st.^ne quarries. 

Proctor Larkin J, lawyer. 

Puckett James R, leaf-tobacco. 

Renfro S M, general store. 

Roberts J J, general »tore. 

Sparks .IT, blacksmith. 

West Isaae, Postmaster. 

West «& Son (Isaac and James T.), 

GLEXCOE. This is a settlement of 
250 people in Gallatin county, on the 
L., C. & L. Ry., 68 miles from Louisville, 

and 7 from Warsaw, the county-seat. It 

has 1 saw-mill, 2 churches, and a private 

school. Corn, hogs, and tobacco are 

shipped. Adams express. Daily mail. 

R. E. Foster, postmaster. ' 

Anderson C, wagon-maker. 

Brock J D, general store. 

Calender Philip, hotel. > 

Crouch H. !>,, Leaf-tobacco. 

Daniel A D, general store. 

Denton J M, gen store, ex and R R agt 

Dor-man A, miiiinery. 

Foster II. E., Druggist. 

Korton & Moss, blacksmiths, 

Kemper A., Grocer and Leaf-tobacco. 

Lilly David, boots and shoes. 

Noel A D, lawyer and teacher. 

Noel B S, hotel. 

Noel & Son, general store. 

Norman ii. W., Saw and Grist-mill. 

Norton T H, undertaker. 

Skirvin Mrs S, millinery. 

Spencer Rev T A (Baptist) and teacher. 

Yager B, physician. 

GJLENDALE. On the Memphis 
division of the L. & K. R. R.,in the south- 
eastern part of Hardin county, 7 miiea 
south-east of Elizabethtown, and 50 south 
of Louisville. Linnland College is near 
here. Adams Express. Telegraph West- 
ern Union. Daily mail. E. II. Dram, 

Adams W O, ex and R R agent 
Allen J M & Son, general store. 
Dram E, H., Telegraph Operator. 
Irwin W S. physician. 
Mason W B, physician. 
Neighbours W C, saloon. 
Redman C F. 

Richardson W C, general store. 
Shaw John, shoemaker. 
Skaggs W, wagon-maker. 
Woodring John W, hotel. 

GEEN\S FORK. Known as Glen- 
ville, in the south-eastern part of Adair 
county, 7 miles south-east of Columbia, the 
county-seat, 27 south of Campbellsville, 
on the C. & O. branch of the L, & N. R. 
R., and 107 south-east of Louisville. Pop- 
ulation 80. Daily mail. John Oldaore, 

Burbridge R, leaf-tobacco. 
Cart wright Miss Cora, teacher. 

Dating Stamps, Self-Inking Stamps, Han ' >r>~-> 
Protectors; Amateur Printing Presses ano i'ype- 

dk\ Utlliiihtis Eugraver and Die hinkw, JOG Kaudolph .St 







Chapman J S. lumber. 

Collins R M, blacksmith. 

Cook KfiT J M (M Episcopal). 

D*bney Benjamin, shoemaker. 

Dudley J, leaf-tobacco. 

Eubanks Joseph, blacksmith. 

Helm Sidney, general store. R, leaf- tobacco. 

Miller isa^e, <&oi net-maker. 

Murah T W, justice of peace. 

Oklacre John, Druggist. 

Petty & Keltor, d = etillers. 

Potts Wra H, shoemaker. 

Simmons James, wagon-maker. 

Strange J C A, justice and blacksmith. 

8trange O A, distiller. 

Strange S W, physician. 

Taylor I S. harness-maker. 

Taylor 8 P, leaf-tobacco. 

Taylor <fc Co, saw and flour-mili. 

Turner S J, floor-mi !i. 

Walker C A, cabinet-maker. 

Walkup O G, justice of pea2«. 

Walk up & Bro tanners. 

Webb Howard, druggist. 

Wheat W D, dentist. 

Williams & Co, general store. 

GLENVILLE. McLean county 

(See Long Fails Creek). 

GTJENVILLE. Lewis county (See 
Cabin Creek). 

GLEXWOOD. In the northern 
part of Lawrence county, 16 miles north- 
east of Louisa, the county-seat. 7 miles 
east of Wiilard, its m-are-t shipping point 
on the E. K. R'y, and 225 miles east of 
Louisville. Semi-weekly mail. Popula- 
tion 150. F. M. Castle, postmaster. 
R( Icber T.-uao, blacksmith and live-stock 

Big_ r s R C, physician. 
C'iistle F. M., Sewing Machines, etc. 
Chapin John A constable. 
Coburn T C. livt stock arid builder. 
Lambert Rev Jesse, justice. 
Lambert J, justice of peace. 
Neal J L, live stock. 

Quinn John W. live stock and real estate. 
Kite Elya, fftmr and row-mill. 
Rf< e K J oc M II. lumber and grist-mill. 
K' - Rev R F (M KpiscopalS). 
Riffe Rev Daniel (Baptist). 

Riffe Wm M, blacksmith. 

Boss G W, sioek- breeder. 

Tan on J D, stock -breeder.^ 

Taylor Wm, live stock. 

Tiller John F. live stock. 

Webb John M, flour-mill and live stock. 

Webb Wesley, justice and livestock. 

Webb Wm R. live stock and real estate. 

GLORY. A post-office in Marion 
county — nothing more. 

GOLDEN POND. This settlement 
of 30 people is in Trigg county, 3 miles 
from its shipping point, Canton, en the 
Cumberland river, 12 from Cadiz, the 
county-seat, and 200 from Louisville. Tri- 
weekly mail. A. T homa«. postmaster. 
Bogard <fe Bro, general stort. 
Dix E, vagon-rn*»ker. 
Johnson J W, physician. 
Thomas A., Physician. 
Williams & Yarborough, hotel. 
Yarborough G P, physician. 
Yarborough & Gordon, leaf-tobacco. 

GOOCHLAND, In the easUra part 
of Rockcastle county, 15 miles north-east 
of Mt. Vernon, the county-seat, 12 miles 
north-east of Livingston, its nearest ship- 
ping point, on the L. ct N. R. B., and 
144 south-east of Louisville. Semi-weekly 
mail. Population 10. W. D. McGuire, 
postmaster, and general store. 

GOODLOK. A small post-office in 
Floyd county. 10 miles from Prestonburg, 
the county-seat. Mail semi-weekly. B. B» 

Porter, postmaster. 

GORDONS V1LLK. In the south- 
western part .of Lo,gan * aunty, 9 miles west 
of RusseUville, the county-seat, 6 north, of 
i Whippoorwiil, its nearest shipping point. 
on the Memphis division of the L. & N. R. 
R. and lot) miles south-w.-st of Louisville, 
Mail daily ami stage to Whippoorwiil ; 
fare 50 cents. Population 300, James H. 
Campbell, postmaster. 

Campbell R A & Co, dry goods. 
Cole Henry, blacksmith. 
Coie Henry, shoemak&r, 
Cornelius Benjamin, justice of peace. 
Crittenden D \V, physician. 
Crittenden Gordon & Co, druggists. 

C rntroJHng over §40,GQQ$QO of Fire 

'i !i) £c ttth- 

with chief office in 

1. ouiaville, Ky, Agents e-rerywhere, 





DeWitt Kev A C (Methodist). 

Rddmg H M cooper. 

Edwards J C, saloon and grocer. 

Edwards R B, tows marshal. 

Gordert Peniek & Co, uVur and carding- ] 

Grumbly Wm, cooper. 
Gunther Rev J W ( Presbyterian). 
Uawkins O L, w«g^®n-maker. 
Jones L S, &araess*ni«ker. ■ 
Lvne James, physician. 
McCaller Rev Win j "Episcopal j, and drugs. 
Morehead P L, justice ©I peace. 
Morel. ead S T. physician. 
Morrow L B, dentist. 
Richard Samuel, shoemaker and barber. 
Sale W W, lawyer. 
Sander* K \V, general store. 
Smith J J, cooper. 
Smith J C & Bro, general store. 

GORE. Is the post-office name for ( 
G«resburg, which is also known as Dan- 
ville Junction. It is located in Boyle coun- 
ty, at the junction of the G. S. R'y with 
the Knoxville branch L. & N. R. R., 5 
miles south of Danville, the county-scat. 
This enterprising village now has a popu- 
lation of 200, and is rapidly increasing. A 
good hotel, the Gore Bouse, also church 
and school are here. A good opening is 
presented at this place for a liouring-mili, 
or any manufacturing business wo.uid prove 
successful, as land is cheap and transporta- 
tion facilities are excellent. Express Ad- 
ams. Telegraph W. U. Mail daily. T. 
W. Gore, postmaster. 
Belk J H. restaurant. 
Calvert James. R R and express agent. 
Cop-page J, telegraph "per^ior. 
<Jor« k Bros., H-'tel. 
Gore House, Gore Bros.. Proprs. 
K i-.;- Wm. h.-rber. 
Redinon Hotel, A Tribble, propr. 
Rogers W G, asst postmaster, 
Snider Martin Oc Co, stave factory. 
Tribb'e A. hotel propr. 
Vanarid^U J B, general -tore. 
Weber Bouse, John Weber, propr. 
W island C, meat market. 

on the L., C. & L. Ry., and 13 north of 

Louisville. Daily mail. Population 40. 

M. A. Shrader, postmaster. 

Duerson James, physician. 

Peyton G, wagon-maker, 

Rull Rev John (Presbyterian). 

Shrader M A, general store. 

Snowden Samuel, flour-mill. 

Taylor Walker, blacksmith. 

GOSHEN. Known. as Saltillo, in the 
f^oVr-; p m $ of Oldham county, 12 miles 
south of Lagrange, the county-seat, 3.ji 
t'rum Prospect, its nearest shipping point, 

GOVER. _ Also known as Cedar 
Grove station, is on the C. S. R'y, in Pu- 
laski county, 5 mile? south of Somerset, the 
county-seat. Population 100. Mail daily. 
W. II. Humble, postmaster. 
Bates <& Miller, lumber. 
Gover John L, wasron-maker. 
Humble W. M*, General Store and 

Express Agent. 
McDamel A, shoemaker. 
Parker 4 Rro, flour-mill. 

GUADYVrLLE. In Adair county, 

35 milei from its shipping station. Horst 
Cave, on the L. <fc N. R. R., 10 miles from 
Columbia, the county-seat, and 107 from 
Louisville, Population 100. Mail four 
times a week. . Lewis F. Walker, post- 

Grady Thomas L, hotel. 
Hamilton Henry, flour-mill. 
Nell E M. lumber and flour-mill. 
Nell E M physician. 
Nell James K, physician. 
Pile C W, tanner. 
Roach Jonas. wag<m-maker. 
Stapp Wm, blacksmith. 
Walker & Yates, leaf-tobacco. 
Wilmore J A & Co, dry goods. 
Yates C C. blacksmith. 

Also known 
an incorporated 


as Hardinsviik'. This is 

village of about 300 population, in iSheiby 

county, \2 miles from its shipping point, 

ShelbyvilJe. on the L., C. & L. R. R.. 

and 42 from Louisville. Here is a grist 

and saw-noil, 3 churches, and a public 

school. Stages to Frankfort, fare 50 cents. 

and Shelhyviile, fare 75 cents. Daily mail. 

Leonard Blythe, postmaster. 

Chinn G W, physician. 

Blythe St Hancock, General Store. 

Darsie Rev George (Christian), 

Gibbs J W, wugon-maker. 

PEN 113. CO. OF IGL11, 

Central and Southern 2?ep , t i 





Hall Rev S X (Methodist). 
Horine G L, physician. 
Jenkins Abo!, blacksmith. 

McCampbeil J W, hotel. 
McGrath T A, hotel. 
Sampson Rev J T (Baptist). 
Wiggs R M, flour and saw-mill. 

GRAHAMTOX. Meade county, 3 

miles west of Tip Top, its shipping station, 
on Cecilian brunch L. & ~S . R. R„ and 12 
miles from Brandenburg, the county seat. 
Population 200, Mail daily. A Shwaben- 
ton, postmaster. 

Anderson Vv r G & Co, flour, saw and cot- 
Lusk Alfred, wagon-maker. 
Shwabenton Anthony, general store. 
Snider Adam, boot and shoemaker. 
Spangenburg Andrew, tinner. 


Hardin county, 45 miles from Louisville 
and 5 from Rineyvil-e, the nearest shipping 
point on the L. & K. R. R. It contains a 
steam grist and saw-mill. 2 churches, and a 
public school, and has a population of 30. 
Tobacco; corn and country produce are 
shipped. Semi-weekly mail. W. II. Yates, 

Buchanan C M, blacksmith. 
Caman M, constable, 
Tabor C B. justice of peace. 
Yates W. H., General Store. 

GRANGE CITY. One half mile 
from the Licking river, in the southern 
part of Fleming county, 14 miles south of 
Fiemim-sburg, the county-seat, 4 south of 
Hillsboro, its nearest shipping point, and 
150 east of Louisville. Pleasant Ridge 
Seminary i- loewfced here. Daily stage to 
Maysvilie and Owingsville; fare 75 cents 
to each point. Semi- weekly mail. S. R. 
Newman, postmaster. 
Bradley VV A, deputy county clerk.- 
Crouch C S, shoemaker. 
Havens A L, live stock. 
Johu-on A Keeraris, distillers. 
Jones James, blacksmith. 
Jones & Son, live stock. 
Kimberly W C. blacksmith. 
Sfarkwell Jessje, general store. 
Newman, Caywood «& JBro., Gene- 
ral Store. 

Pearce Wm, constable. 
Pettit A J, wagon-maker. 
Riddle G A, grocer. 

Stevens N M, lumber. 
Walter Richard, physician. 
Walton R R, tobacco. 
Williams Doil, justice. 
Williams James, shoemaker. 

GRANGE STORE. A post-office 

having this name was recently establis: ■ •■; 
in Pike county. It is 15 miles from Pike- 
viile, the county seat and shipping paint, 
J. P, Phillips, postmaster and general store. 

GRANT. Known as Belleview, on 

the Ohio river, in the eastern part of Boone 

county, 8 miles south-west of Burlington, 

the county seat, 8 miles south of Aurora, 

Ind., the nearest station on the O. & Xi. 

R'v., and 100 north of Louisville, ©eoda 

should be shipped to Belleview Landing. 

Dairy mail. Population 100. A. Corbin, 


Botts H C & Co, leaf-tobacco. 

Corbin A & Son, gen store, coal and lumber. 

Deck John, basket manfacturer. 

Deck Peter, barber. 

Farmers' Co-operative Association, general 

Grant W W, blacksmith. 
Greon M B. justice of the peace. 
Griffith H C & Bro. wagon-makers. 
McMulle* G B, painter and tobacco dealer. 
Moody W R, hotel and meats. 
Piatt L H, physician. 
Rogers O, constable. 
Smith John, basket manufacturer. 
Snyder D M, justice of the peace. 
Verdinand E&v A M (Baptist). 

GRANT'S BEND. A country post- 

office, in Kenton county, and a flag statt n 
on the K. C. R. R. ■ Jacob Hemptiing, 

GRANT'S LICK. Only a small 
post-office in Campbell county. 

GRAPEVINE. A settlement of 25 
people in Perry county. Hazzard, 15n ;'••' 
distant, is the shipping-station and county* 
seat. Mail tri-weekly. E. Campbell 

flat A 

B«i*a • ■ •-. fit • MH 

• S] ialtlca. T s • . • 

• a, Tlil. I DIKG-, 

5 Broadway a^d 830 N. fourth St, ST. LOTUS, MO. 





Campbell E C, general store. 
Campbell James, flour- mill. 
Campbell James jr, justice of peace. 
Dutf .! A, lawyer. 
Dutf J C, constable. 
Gambol! Joseph, justice of peace. 
Johnson T F. general store. 
Napier M S, nVur-tr.ill. 

Oil ASS LAND. In the southern part 
of Boyd o-nnty, io mii— .-.■v h of Catletts- 
burg, the eouiity-seat, b south el Coalton, 
it.- nearest station on the A.. C. & 1. E. R. 
Semi -weekly mail. Albert II. Stewart. 

Clear George, lumber manufacturer. 
Gratia m James, flour-mill. 
Stewart Albert, Farmer. 
Well man . blacksmith, 

GRASSY CREEK. In tfo west- 
ern part of* Morgan county, 8 miles south 
of West Liberty, the county-seat 25 south 
of Corn vvel!. on the Mt. Sterling division 
of the L.. C. & L. EL R., and 200 south- 
east of Louisville. Daily mail. A. H. 
Kasb, postmaster. 
Casky L^auder, distiller. 
Cecil & Carter, general store. 
Gividon Wm L, physician. 
Hale Rev John, (Methodist). 
Havens John L, justice of peace. 
Kash A. H, general store-. 
Kempiin Francis, flour and saw-mills. 
McGlure Kev M B ( Baptist). 
Old field Jessie, constable. 
Oldfield John, justice of peace. 
Ratliff Marion, blacksmith. 
Roe & Hurlev. blacksmiths. 
Hose James, grain and live stock. 
Samper* James. flour-mill. 
Stamper Kev A R (Christian). 

GRATZ. On the Kentucky river, in 
the south-western part of Owen county, 9 
miles south-west of Owenton, the county- 
seat, 21 south-east of Sparta, its nearest 
shipping point by rail. t>n the L., C. & L. R, 
R; and 92 north-east of Louisville. Daily 
Btajje to Owenton and Sparta. Stage fare 
to Owenton $1 ; to Sparta $2. Daily mail. 
Population 128. W, It. Miaish, postmaster. 
Carter Spencer, justice of peace. 
Dupuv Joseph, physician. 
Giles U D, general store. 


Giles L W, leaf-tobacco. 

Goodrich Oc Hambric, dour-mill. 

H^ad Rev Jacob •; Baptist). 

Hun lev Evan, wagon-maker. 

Jones Joseph, steamboat pilot. 

Kavanaugh Rev H H (.Methodist). 

Leitch Anthons W, hotel. 

Martin J B, grocer. N 

Mimsli R. tf ., Proprietor Express Line 

to Owenton. 
Miaish T W. druggist. 
Minisli W. R., Jeweler, Notions, etc. 
Riley C M & M A. genera! store. 
Wainscott G W, blacksmith, 
Wainscott James, mail carrier. 
Walker Louis E, carpenter. 

GRAYKL SWITCH. In the ex- 
treme eastern part of Marion county, on 
the Knuxvii'.e bcattch of the L. & N. R. K., 
:_ Lies east of L,. Iw'ii.tu the, county-seat, 
and 80 south east of Louisville, Adams 
Express. Daiiy mail. Population 25, J. 
A. Per el!, postmaster. 
Arntt B E, physician. 
Brown G A D. physician. 
Crowders Enoch, blacksmith. 
Ferrill J. A., General Store, Express 

and Railway Agent. 
Williams II E, flour-mill. 


office- in. Jackson count v. 

A small post- 

GRAYSOX. The county-seat of Car- 
ter, in the eastern part of the county, on 
the Little Sandy river and the E. K. and 
E. L. & B S. R. It's. 285 miles north-east 
of Louisville. It has 2 churches, Metho- 
dist and Presbyterian. It also has several 
water-power saw-milK a earding-mill and 
grist-mill. Export staves, hoop-poles, tan- 
bark, lumber and ties. Djtiiy mall. Pop- 
ulation C'JO. S. Neithercott, postmaster. 
Armstrong. G W, blacksmith. 
Botts J R, lawyer. 
Rowling Wm, lawyer. ^ 

Bradshaw Robt R, shoemaker. 
Breeding & DeHarjt, genetsal store. 
Burcbett Burriil W, sheriff. 
Buivhett John H, county attorney. 
Creighton Rev U J (M.thodist Episcopal). 
Davis Elias P. elk circuit and county court. 
Davis Richard D, lawyer. 
De Rossetti J. M., Physician. 

i» *»« » ^ u «fa .^ | r:-vr n «ii-;. »oiv. a:m> watlk vnmkr, s«-m& torn 
&« V «L«lhL«Li Wfd ■ lu^irMtod rutaU.mic unit Prices. .1. W. ATKC\m>>" 
%/ © 313-321 SmUti C Hilton Street, CHICAGO, ILL. 





Drake Henry N", shoemaker, 

Grayson Banking Company, C. C. 

Mag&nn v*c Son, Proprietors. 

Henderson A T, ph^skian, 

Holcomb Wffl C, livery stable. 

Hord &• Calvin, general store. 

Johnson John E, harness-maker and hotel. 

Jonu9 D W, grist and earding-mill. 

Jones James D, lawyer. 

Kennedy J J, carpenter and wagon-maker. 

Leglar A. 0, station and telegraph agent. 

Leonard JMrs H B, Carter hotel. 

Littlejohn Geo W, agt Eastern Kentucky 
railway company, general store. 

Madison Rev S (Methodist S). 

Magann Merritt, Lawyer, 

Magann C. C. & Son, Propra Gray- 
son Banking Company. 

Malono & Co, general store. 

McGill Robert, baker and grocer. 

McQuillan J, hardware. 

Mosby Fleming, barber. 

Neithercott. Davis & Co, general store. 

Phillips J J, blacksmith. 

Prater Prank, justice of peace. 

Prichard Lewis, druggist. 

Rateliif Renjamin F, school commissioner. 

Rupp John II. tinsmith. 

Rupp Mrs L E, millinery. 

Shepherd Thomas, confectionery. 

Shepherd John T, general store, 

Stewart <fc Clark, carpenters. 

Strother J R, police judge. 

T&dlock Rev A D (Presbyterian). 

Tchell T Vt t , lawyer. 

Tyree John W, Exchange hotel. 

Ward Joseph R, lawyer. 

Warnoch W H, county iudge, 

Wiihoid E B, lawyer. 

a popular summer resort in Grayson coun- 
ty, 2k miles from Grayson Springs station, 
and 66 from Louisville. Population dur- 
ing the winter is only about 100, but dur- 
ing warm weather there is here a floating 
population of from 400 to 600. Daily 
mail. M. P. Clarkson, postmaster. 

Hayes Jefferson, carpenter. 
Hestou R. E., Physician. 
Hooper W W. carpenter, 
Thomas & Wilton, blacksmiths. 
Vannteter W"S & Bro, bote?; dour, saw and 

Carding-mill, store and live stock. 
Wilton William, blacksmith. 

small settlement is on the P. & E. R. R M 
in Grayson county, 4 miles from Ljeitch- 
field, the county-seat, «nd GC miles from 
Louisville. Daily stage to Grayson 
Springs, fare 50 cents. Southern Express. 
Population 50. Daily mail. J. M. Cub- 
bage, postmaster. 
Bray John, hotel. 

Chick & Dent, stave manufacturers. 
CubbagX' J. M., Express and Railroad 

Cubhage .1 S, mason. 
Durben James, blacksmith. 
Eadelin John, carpenter. 
Hackett H C. carpenter. 
Higdon Wna, shoemaker. 
Key C C, marble-worker. 
Patterson Richard, w agon-maker. 
Ray Frank, barber. 
Rosenham Wra A, hotel, 
Whayne W M, photographer. 

village in Scott county, 3 miles north-west 
of Georgetown, the county-seat and ship- 
ping point. Population 25. 
Branham J W, blacksmith. 
Crumbaugh James S, mill owner. 
Hall J C, blacksmith, 
Herndon H C, live stock. 
James William, blacksmith. 
Sence James F, general store. 
Suavely L M, live stock. 
Viley J M, physician. 

GREENCASTEE. This small set- 
tlement (population 50) is on Barren river, 
in Warren county, 15 miles from Bowhng 
Greau, the nearest railroad station. R. IL 
Shelton, postmaster and general store. 

GREENDAEE. A post-village of 
50 persons, in Fayette county, and a sta- 
tion on the C. S. Railway. 

GREEN GROVE. On a fork of 
the Cumberland river, in the south-eastern 
part of Cumberland county, 10 miles east 
of Burkes vi lie, the county-seat and neare.-t 
shipping point, 9 miles south of Albany, on 
the Cumberland river, and 150 south-en; t 
of Louisville, Tri-weekly mail, and stage 
to Burkesviile. J. W. Shelley, postmaster. 


EJIHiEip$B« w 



lavo Srttlrd more than. 1,4.00 
fjasse*, Aiul haveliad liut 13 Ke« 

inBiiailll slated Claim*. Agents Everywhere. 





Cower Eli, constable. 
Gardner Isaac, flour-mill. 
Harris IJenjamin, shoemaker. 
Simpson Benjamin, constable. 
Smith John M, stock buyer. 
Thrasher J B. flouring-mill. 
Vincent Elijah, w&gon-"niaker. 

Vincent Rev Jacob | ). 

Vincent John, justice of the peace. 
"W right Hi ley, blacksmith. 


ill post- 

in Jackson county, 35 miles from Livings- 
ton, on the L. & N. K. K. Population 100. 
Semi-weekly mail. Wm. M. M inter, post- 

Bowler 'Andreas, corn-mill. 
(•ol liron Calvin, e<>rn-mii]. 
Evans Samuel D., Blacksmith. 
Flanary James. coPh-aaJU. 
Minter Wm M, general store. 
Wardson John, physician, 
Whichers Newell, wagon-maker. 

GREEN HILL. A small number 
of stores, shops, etc., 3 churches, 1 school, 
and about 1CR> people compose this village, 
which is in Warren county, 10 miles from 
Bowling Green, its shipping point, and 128 
from Louisville. Semi-weekly mail. It. 
K. Porter, postmaster. 

Bybee S J. blacksmith. 

Claypool B F, constable. 

Faflin Rev Thomas ('Methodist Episcopal). 

Francis W A. physician. 

Hur'W V, undertaker. 

Murrey A P, physician. 

Porter <& Claypool, General Store 

and Tobacco. 
Seam Jane, hotel. 

GREEN LEAF. A small post-omeo 
in Elovd county. 

GREEN MOUNT. In the northern 
part of Laurel county, 12 miles north of 
London, the county-seat, 15 east of Liv- 
ingston station, its nearest shipping point, 
on the L. &JN. R. E., and V2Q south-east of 
Louisville. Daily mail. America Bowling, 

Rowling: America, Farmer. 
Bowling Llisha, stock breeder. 
Caricr L W. genera! store. 
Evans Smith, dry goods. 
Eversole A, general store. 
Johnson B F, justice of peace. 
Linckes Fred, general dealer. 
.McCracken T JP, flour-mill. 
MeEaebem Green, Wagon -maker. 
Monren James, blacksmith. 
Pigg Gabriel, shoemaker. 
Young I) B, con stable. 
Young Felix, blacksmith. 
Young N H, tanner. 
Young Richard, justice of peace. 
Venable James M, bcok agent. 

GREENSRURG. The southern 
terminus of the C. & O. branch L. &■ N. R. 
R. f and the county-seat of Green, is a vil- 
lage of about 650 inhabitants. It is 85 
miles south of Louisville, and contains a 
steam saw-mill, 3 churches, and good 
school. Express Adams. Mail daily. 
J. Altaian, postmaster. 

Alt man J., General Store, 
Bomar J T, silversmith. 
Calhoun A H, harnoss-maker. 
Callahan C O, shoemaker. 
Chelf A N, hotel. 

:m::e:r/_r,itt i&Jb&jLisrisr. 


Office in West Boom, Leonard's Hotel, Main Street, GRAYSON, KY. Will practice in the Court* of 
Carter and adjoining Counties. Special attention givcu to Collections, and proceeds promptly remitted. 

P. 0. Box 70. 

ger^.-s"sc2st s^k.isrK3:2src3- ooii^iE^^isr"^ 



I>o«* * General Banking Busines. Collections and business solicited. Remittances mad« same day of pay- 
ment. Exchange bought and sold, good anywhere. Correspoudents, Fourth National Bank, Cincinnati, 0. 


ma i ft RAM km*M*< fi ri - ft?!! 

m : Luufl w uuinia 


J CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, K ; . 





Clark T J, harness-maker. 
Ford W, teacher. 
Gumm J C, tailor, 
Ha&elwood Daniel, blacksmith. 
Henry J elf, taw yer. 
Hobson Bros, dry goods. 
Howell J L, general store. 
Hubbard \V D, physician. 
Hudson D M, lawyer. 

Kikendftll Liev (Baptist). 

Leap J W, cooper. 
Lew A S, drugs and dry goods. 
Lewis VV, g< neral sfcore ; 
Perkins A J, county clerk. 
1'ineck B \V, eircait elerte. 
Scott B B, druggist. 
Sidebottom & Moore, saloon. 
Smith J P, salooa, 
Tar La r M E, lawyer. 
Towles 1) T, lawyer. 
Tresenrifcr J V¥, oiaeksmith. 
Vaughn M ^general store. 
Wall" W II, tinner. 
Webster T A, physician. 
Weimens Joseph, shoemaker. 

GREENUP. On the Ohio river and 
E. K. K'y, at the mouth of Little Sandy, in 
the northern part at Greenup county, and 
is the county stmt. It has a Catholic, two 
Methodist, a Methodist (col), a Presbyterian 
and a Christian church, and a bank. Tele- 
graph VV. TJ. Daily mail. Population 
1,000. John Mo ran, postmaster. 
Barr Miss J, milliner. 

Bates W H, vice-president E. K. R'y, Riv- 
er ton. 
Beech John, barber. 

Bennett Benjamin F., Attorney at 
Law, and Prop'r Bennett's Mills, and 
Greenup Lime Works. 
Bennett J B, lawyer. 
Bergme\er Ulrieh, cigar mnfr. 
Bierlv J C, confectioner. 
Black Miss M. 

Brown Benjamin F, general store. 
Burkhart Randolph, blacksmith. 
Callihan Robert A, hotel. 
Corum George A, clerk Greenup circuit 

and coueaty eotirts. 
Davids. ui Jeremiah, lawyer. 
Detain! Alfred IX physician. 
Dickey & Warnoek, boots and shoes, and 

hats and cans. 
Dulin Edward F, lawyer. 

nan >. 

wort-, stovesand tin. 

sral store. 

Ellington T J, carpenter. 

El! is Samuel, physician. 

Ghent James, marble. 

Gibbs George, station and express agent. 

Grahn Karl B, insurance agent. 

Greenup Deposit Bank, W. C. I?o- 

land, Pres; J. Pollock, Cashier. 
Hager George C, blacksmith; 
Heisler Edw N, furniture and undertaking. 
Hodges H L, contractor and bricklayer. 
Hoffman John E, meat market. 
Jacobs John, cooper. 
Kinsler Christian, groceries. 
Kouns John VV, sheriff. 
Kouns William S druggist. 
McCoy David J, lawyer. 
McCoy P & Son, general store. 
Madison Rev L B (M E South). 
May Kev M ■ Pre 
McMullan & Son, 
Moran Son & Go, 
Morton James A. butcher. 
Myers Mrs India, millinery. 
.Myers John, coo] -.-. 
Myers John A, grist and saw-mill. 
O' Bryan J E, milliner. 
Paynter Thomas H, county attorney. 
Pi. tit Joseph, merchant tailor, 
Pinkertf-n Elder J P (Christian). 
Puthuff Henry V, druggist. 
Rardin \V J A, lawyer. 
Reid A L & Son, general store. 
Rhodes Josiah V, pr< pr Kiverton house. 
Roe «& Roe, lawyers. 
San i pie Edward A, photographer. 
Schilling Albert, shoemaker and restaurant 
Sehmutz John, livery and restaurant. 
Sellards Abraham G, druggist. 
Sellards & Sellards, physicians. 
Soward James NE general store. 
Stevens & Pollock, hardware pad tin. 
Sydenstricker Jehu, general store. 
Taylor James, billiards. 
Taylor & Van Dyke, lumber. 
Trussell Francis B, lawyer and ins agent 
Van Bibber, C N, grocer. 
Ward & Sweenev. brick yard. 
White Rev T B (M E South}. 
White Wilson, painter. 
\\ inn John E, hotel. 
Winters James P, saddler and jailer. 
Wornock M S, general store. 
WOrthington Wm J, County judir;e, 


what its name implies, located in Greenup 


Witbont reference to tfae Companies we inaaage. 
B.^RBtE &. CASTLtWA.v, Lou-svilie, Ky. . 
Afzent* evtrj*>vlicre South.. 





CoumEy, 10 miles from the county-seat. 
Ship goods direct, via Ohio river. Popula- 
tion tiO. Mail daily. J. II. Merrill, post- 
al aster. 

Cartwright C. lime manufacturer. 
Merrill J. II., General Store and Lime 

M older J T, lirne manufacturer. 
Tong W R, lime manufacturer. 

GREENVIIJLK. On the P. & E. 

K. K.. 130 miles south-west of Louisville, 
and the county-sent of Muhlenberg:. It 
has 4 plug tobacco factories, a steam 
grist-mill, 3 churches, and good schools, 
Greenville Female College, and Green- 
ville College fttr Young -Men, recently re- 
organized on a basis, entirely devoid of any 
particular denominational supervision. It 
i* one of the most prosperous colleges in 
the State, recent improvements have been 
made at a great expense, in building, secur- 
ing an able corps of teachers, etc. Ex- 
ports tobacco, and country produce. West- 
ern Union telegraph. Southern Express. 
Daily mail. Population 1,000. Joseph E. 
KUison, postmaster. 

Allison Finis M. lawyer. 

Allison James, lawyer. 

Allison John, lawyer. 

Arnold Samuel M, lumber {% miles south). 

Board Btmj, wagon-maker. * 

Brizendine Joh?i II, groceries, etc. 

Brizendine John H, tanner. 

Chatham L Clark, furniture. • 

Chatham Samuel D, furniture. 

Church Josiah W, col U S int rev, and 

Cop page & Chatham, hardware. 
Crittenden Robert M, physician, (2 m 8). 
Crowse Geo O, sheriff. 
Dearmon James M, watch-maker. 
Eads Charles E, clothing. 
Eaves Charles, lawyer. 
Elliott Sam, meat 
Elliott Samuel, shoemaker. 
Evits Moses J, blacksmith. 
Fields Larkin, blacksmith. 
Frazier Robert C, physician. 
Gibbs J C, harness -maker. 
Greenville Female College, Prof. 

E. Walter Hail. A. M., President. 
Greenville College for Young' 

Men, Prof. E. Walter Hall, A. M., 


Attorney and Counsellor at Law, 



- • 


PER DAY, S2.00. 

m _, . 

\\ Good Sample Rooms. References, the traveling public. 

t*« I". a- .'..._ X ;^-*5~- 

PP Xj. 3=3. IbiZBlSrO, Pr.oPBiETOE. 

Stoe). jstamps, Itnrnii.i; IlrancJs, I*\iT>ber fciani})*, 
Soap Moulds and Presses. T.. BOCHK, V.-w rrav< r 
and Uie Sinker, 100 Randolph St., CJtUCA&O, hl 





Grigsby & Mathis, millinery. 

Grundy Bros, livery. 

Hall Prof. E. Walter, A. M., 

President Gr-c , viiiy Female College, 
and College lor Young Men, 

Harbin & Matins, blacksmiths. 

Hardman Joseph F, photographer. 

Hay Marcellus C., Attorney at Law 
and No-fcai y PorbMe 

Hesse v.V Jericho, dry goods, clothing, etc. 

Hill Rev Charles ( Presbyterian J. 

Howard J C & Son, genera! store. 

Irwin Wm, genera! store, 

James Wm B, coroner. 

James Wm II, meat market. 

Jones Thomas J, dry goods and groceries. 

Jones Mrs E, millinery. 

Keith Jesse, genera! store (12 miles south). 

Kingsley Napoleon B, drugs, books, etc. 

Koltmsky Solomon, groceries and liquors. 

Love John, constable. 

Love S Palace, lawyer. 

McCormh-k Rev J T (Presbyterian). 

McCown Wm B, county attorney. 

Mann Ree, physician. 

Mann & Rice, proprietors Greenville hotel. 

Martin David F, groceries. 

Martin D A & W W, plug-tobacco mnfs. 

Martin H N <& Co, "tobacco mnfs. 

Martin Samuel, Omnibus and Trans- 
fer Line. 

Martin & Irwin, plug-tobacco mnfs. 

Martin <k Rice, tobacco mnfs. 

Math is N R, constable, 

Mendel Bros, general store. 

Miller John S, jailor. 

Mills Jonathan E, flour-mill. 

Morgan Thos M. dry goods and groceries, 

Muhlenberg Echo, Urey Woodson 
Editor and Proprietor. 

Myers David II. druggist. 

Pearl B E S, station and express agent. 

Pearl & Love!i, general >tore, 

Pearson, Craig & Co, general store (12 
miles south). 

Pittman Burress E y lawyer. 

Poag John F, crroeerie- and liquors. 

Reno L. K., Prop. Reno House. 

Reno & Hay ( Lewi- Reno, M.C. Hay), Br.i^-rs and Dealers in Ex- 
change. Special attention given to Col- 

Rhoads David E, county assessor. 

Rice Kxelciel, leaf-tobacco. 

Roark Martin J. lawyer. 

Rowe Mansiield, general str>re. 

Slaton Thos J, phy.-ician. 

Smith Jas U, physician (12 miles south/. 

Stewart Green B, barber. 

Stokes L A, prop Stokes' House and saloon. 

Thompson John C. lawyer and count* 

Tinsley Thomas J, police magistrate. 
Towns Geo W, circuit clerk and physician. 
Weir Edward R, lawyer. 
Weir Edward It., Postmaster. 
Weir Frank, saddles. 
Weir Mrs Harriet R, general store. 
Wicklifle Wm A, lawyer. 
Wing Chaa F, lawyer. 
Woodsoil UreY, Prop'r Muhlenberg 

Yonts Bros, drugs, jewelry, books, etc. 
Yonts Joseph D, general store. 
Yonts P, bakery. 
Yost & Jackson, lawyers. 

GREENWOOD, This is a mining 
town with a probable population of 350 
(mostly miners). It is located in Pulaski 
county, 18 miles from Somerset, the county- 
seat, and 160 from Louisville, and is also 
a station on C. S. Ry. Goods can be 
shipped direct. The Cumberland Coal 
Co., who are large mine owners here, ship 
an average of 400 cars coal per month. 
Mail daily. J. F. McClure. postmaster. 
Crooke J R, supt Cumberland Coal C«. 
Cumberland Coal Co. (J,. F. Mc- 
Clure, Pies.; J. R. Crooke, Sup't), Coal 
Mining and General Store. 

McClure J. E 


Coal Co., and Express and R. R. Agi. 


post-oihYe name for Silver Lake Station, 
is a station on the C. S. R'y., in Kenton 
county, 89 miles from Louisville. A charm- 
ing place, this, for summer residences for 
Cincinnati merchants. Stages to Florence 
and Burlington daily; fare, Florence, 26 
cents ; Burlington. 60 cents. Daily mail. 
B. S. Calvert, postmaster. 
Calvert B. S., lV-tmaster, Express, and 

R. R. Agent 
Carpenter iV. Utz, groceries and lumber. 
Conner J L, bt>tel. 
Fulton J L, groceries and coal. 

ORIDER. On the Cumberland 
river, in the south-western part of Cumber- 

ft I nm&® ft RifM9«H If ControIUog over f*0,00^0<$ of Fire Bit II 

J I [ifflil, SSKHH3S M I|J5 ' Manipn. 





Ur.d county, 13>, miles west of Rurksville, 
the county-seat, and 55 south-east of 
Glasgow, the nearest shipping point by 
nvil/or; the L. $ N. B. R. Tolin's Land- 
ing, If miles distant, is thie nearest ship- 
ping paint by water. Daily mail. Tri- 
weekly stage to Glasgow: fare $3.50. 
Population 25. I). B. Williams, post- 

Brown K A, physician. 
Buemit R, wagon -maker. 
Ihnwm Rev 13 P> (Methodist). 
English C 11., Tobacco. 

MeAllen , tobacco. 

Norris J J, wagon maker. 

Suniev 51. fisherman. 

Williams I>. 11., General Store 

Williams H E, carpenter. 
Williams Kev W £ (Presbyterian). 



Ohio river landing in Daviess county, 8 

miles from Owensboro, the county-seat, 

and 170 miles from Louis\ i-ile. The 

Eagle Distillery, run by steam, is here. 

Ship direct. Population 250 Adams 

Express. Mail daily. Thomas J. 51 on- 
arch, postmaster 

Allen Wm, shoemaker. 

Bartlett li C & Co. cattle "dealers. 

Brandon Rev J 11 (Methodist). 

Conway A G, engineer, 

Crinnian L A, physician. 

Crogan Rev D F J (Catholic). 

Eagle Distilling: Co.. T -I. Monarch, 
Pres.. A. S, Hicks, George A. Williams. 

Miles E L. general store. 

Monarch T «J., Postmaster and Ex- 
press Agent. 

Xewman N M, ju-tice. 

Rucker T G, clerk Eagle Distilling Co. 

Seherer John, general store. 

Seherer Philip, hotel. 

GRUNDY. A .small post-office and 

county store, in Pulaski county. 4 miles 
fr.un Somerset, the nearest railroad station. 

GROO>ISTOW>\ Jefferson county 

(See Orell). 

! Shawneetown, 111., its nearest shipping point 
by rail, on the St. L. tS: S. E. branch L. <fe 
N. R. R. : 8 n.. mi-east of Casey ville, its 
nearest shipping point by water, on the 
Ohio river. Semi-weekly mail, and stage 
to Morgantield. Population 25. J. W. 
Perkins, postmaster. 
Anderson Samuel, barber. 
Bingham S II, justice. 
Cullen A, justice. 
Dyer ,1 II, live stock. 
Gei^er O L, phveician. 
Hal') T F, blacksmith. . 
Johns Charles, live stock'. 
5feC!el!and & -James, shingles. 
Perkins J W, general store. 

GUM SULPHUR. In the north- 
ern part of .Rockcastle eountv, on the 
KnoxYille branch of the L. <fc N. R. R., 10 
miles north of 5It. Vernon, the county- 
seat, and fI9 south-east of Louisvilfe. 
Daily mail. Population 65. II. H. Frith, 
Brown G S, produce. 
Edwards Hugh, Flour-mill. 
Frith R. H., General Store, Postmaster 

and R. R. Agent. 
Hilton ,3 51, wagon-maker. 
Xjusk Alexander, lawyer. 
Lusk & 5Ielvin. saw-mill and blacksmiths. 
Mobbly John, blacksmith. 
Rowland J 51. saw-mill. 
Sparks Samuel, carpenter. 

GUM GROVE. In the southern 
part' of -Union county, 8| miles south of 
Morgantield, the county-seat, 12 s. e. of 

GUTHRIE. An incorporated village 
of 5t30 inhabitants, situated at the crossing 
of the St L. cV S. E. and the L. & .N. R BL, 
12 miles from Elkton. the county-seat of 
Todd county, and 104 from Louisville. 
Five churches and 3 private schools are 
here. Western Union telegraph. South- 
ern and Adams Express. Daily mail. T. 
P. 5lorris, postmaster. 
Arrington J I, physician. 
Bi^bee Robert, livery and grocer. 
Bryant Bros, saw-mills (3 miles south). 
Bumgarner Henry 5i. groceries. 
Burba Silas E. shoe-maker. 
Cheat John, hardware. 
Curtis* F A. ticket-agent. 
Day W D, dry goods. 
Duffy P O, ^^n store and justice of peace. 
Grant «!£ Grant, Propra Grant House. 
Greenpeid Cyrus, physician. 

. ,,.. Uf Dltuii&ilU. 

'entral and Southern I)ep J t7 





Hal! George W, shoe-maker. 
Harrison II R. R. R. and exp. agt. 
Httt :hisson J N\ general store. 
I.zer James J. groceries*. 
Jackson Andrew B, eifcy marsh*!. 
Jbhwiu oo S:i mi •', meat market'. 
Kendall Rev J G, (Baptist). 
Kincaid W S, express agt. 
Levy S, groe*r. 

>«ugh & Co, gr< i 
Luster Charles, physician. 
Linebaugh & Go, groceries. 
North in -.-ton Mrs > XI, niiiKftefy. 
Norris & Tate, Shoe and Clothing 

Phillips J L. freight agent. 
Plato wsky Simon, general .-lore. 
Rannel J, physician. 
Ross Bros, drugs, books, etc. 
Sale Wra M\ blacksmith. 
Scruggs W J, blacksmith. 
Spau'din^r Wm T, general store. 
Williams Robert B. physician. 
Worlev M M. carpenter. 
Worthington Mrs S M, milliner. 


R. R„ in the southern part of Todd co 
12 miles south of ERcton, thecounty 
and 101 south-east of Louisville. A 
Express. Daily mail. Population 17o 
L. Kimbrough. postmaster. 
Alien David, livery. 
Colwell J A, general store. 
Frazer T N, physician. 
Hammond John R, general store. 
Hollins R T, general store. 
O'Rrieii McD, station affect. 
Kawdle N F, physician. 
Ryan J, shoemaker. 
Snadon E R & Co. blacksmiths. 
Sr.adon L & Co, grocers. 
Whiteside A ¥, phv-irar. and druggi 


. W. 


HADLRY. On Jasper river, in the 
south-western pa'-t of Warren county, 11 
utiles west of Bowling Gre i . tl eeounty- 
seat. its near' st shipping point by rail, on 
the L. & X. R. ii. and 114 south ofJLotiis- 
vilif. R.-x-klaml. B miles distant, i* i:s 
nearest shippinff pci t : t by v:,!,r Daily 
mail. Population 2'). Wro. Smith, post- 

Bush W V, physician. 
Co - ' ey Ro be rt , ca rpent e r. 

! Cohoon Robert, carpenter. 
| Culbcrtson Wan, saw-logs. 

Grubb Wm H, deputy county clerk. 
j Ha/.el Thomas, trader. 
j Heard James, constable. * 
| Schral Fritz, stone quarry. 
j Smith Thomas J, live stock. 
j Smith Will., General Store. 
j Spencer Robert, cooper. 
| Stewart John P, huckster. 
j Sweeney II C, saw logs. 
1 Taylor VV H. justice. 
j Thompson George, cooper. 
\ Thompson J R, physician. 

Threlkild John, blacksmith. 

Threlkild M F, gunsmith. 

HAGER. Also known as Johnson's 
Foik. is a country po-t-oftice, located in 
Magoffin county. 10 miles from Salvers-, 
ville, the seat of justice. Mail daily. 
James P. Sirner, postmaster. 
Allen Elijah; fiour-mill. 
Patrick El', miner. 
Patrick Harry, miner. 
Pugh C W J." miller. 
Sime3 James P. blacksmith. 
Simes Samuel P, miner* 
Simes L P, lumber dealer. 
Stoey H A, coal shipper. 
Sykins Eli. grain. 
Williams R F, lumber. 
Willis John, miner. 


in Christian county. 

A post-office 

HALF WAY. In the north-western 
part of Allen county, 8 miles from Scotts- 
ville, the county-seat, 18 east of Bowling 
Green, its nearest shipping point, on the L. 
& X. R. R. Tri- weekly mail and stage to 
Bowling Green and Scottsville. Popula- 
tion 50. Daily mail. Levi J. Spann, post- 

Eddy J A, undertaker and justice. 
Harris Rev W L (Baptist) and carpenter. 
Holland James U, con-table. 
Mise D. sorghum. 
Pxuitt Enoeii, justice. 
Bead G 1>, harness-maker. 
Samuel G W, physwian. 
Spann L. J., (b-rmrnl Store. 
Wallace W. blacksmith. 
VYatkins J W. general store. 

i rcuw unu wiieut ran ^ i tt a 

and dei'erln Hardware SptdaltlftS, Fred Schmledinj, 
J 835 Broadway, k 830 N. 4lh St., ST: LOUIS, MO. 






HALIFAX. On Buy's Fork creek, 
in Alien county, 8 miles from Seottsviile. 
the county-seat. Only a small and unim- 
portant post-olhee. Isaac Tabor, 

Buchanan R L, blacksmith. 
Lawrence J F, saw-mill. 
Siedg *fe Slcdg, store keepers. 


shipping point, on the L. & N. R. R,, in 

the northern part of Lincoln county, 5 

miles south of Stanford, the county-seat. 

and 10S south-east of Louisville. Adams 

Express. Daily mail. Population 50. J. 

McSmith, postmaster. 

Burton C F, carpenter. 

Hiatt U 1), saw and fiour-niili. 

Lynn J E, live stock. 

Lynn J G, live stock. 

McSmith. J., General Store. 

Martin B P, livery. 

Murphy Wm, hotel. 

Pence E S & A M, live stock. 

Stephenson D P, distillery. 

Stephenson W P, blacksmith. 

Webb P F, shoemaker. 

HALI/S STORE. In the western 
part of Powell county, 10 miles south-east cf I 
Stanton, the county-s^at 30 south-east of 
Hedges, its nearest shipping point, on the 
Mt. Sterling division of the L., C. & L R. 
R., and 140 south-east of Louisville. 
Weekly mail. W. J. Hanks, postmaster. 

% HAMILTON. A landing and ship- 
ping point, on the Ohio rivee, in the south- 
ern part of Boone county, 13 miles south of 
Burlington, the county-seat, 8 east of 
Verona, its nearest si sipping point, bv 
rail, on the L.. C. & L. It." R., and 100 
north-east of Louisville, by water. Popu- 
lation 70. Daily mail. M. J. Johnson, 

Adams S. M M Physician. 
Boke G W, justice of peace. 
Ooytn G W, s.-wi! 1 ^ machines. 
F'ithi house Fritz. Ua^MHt-fai. 
&arnett W W, general store and justice. 
♦Johnson *J. L., General Store, Liquors, 

^ lumber and r %baeco. 
Kernwly J W, sen store and tobacco. 
Mtefntfre W W, hotel. 

Rich VV B, constable. 

Saunders .1 W, flour-mill, (1 mile out.) 

Wood J A, physio ian. 

HAM3IOM 1LLE. - In the north- 
ern part of Hart county, 11 miles north- 
east of Munfordsville, the county seat, 8 
miles south of Uptonville. its nearest ship- 
ping point, on (he L. & N>R. R„ and 8 east 
of Bacon Creek, its nearest station on the 
same line. Tri-weekly mail. Population, 
90. W G Ferguson, postmaster. 
Brown J A & W W, blacksmiths. 
Ferguson \V- C. & Co., General Store. 
Hawking Edward, constable. 
Heath W II, wagon -maker. 
Jaggers Rev E L, physician. 
Lampkin W H. justice of peace. 
Lirely M H, physician. 
Lirely R W, physician. 
Maus T M, drugs. 
Ragland J M, painter. 
Shipp J H, general store. 
Shofner J C, shoemaker. 
Smith E S, physician. 
Smith Jerome, physician. 
Tate G W. flour-mill. 

HAMPTON. Quite a new post-office, 
in Livingston county. 

HANLY. In the south-western part 
of Jessamine county, 3^ miles south of 
Nicholasville, the county-seat, its nearest 
shipping point, on the C S. Ry. Daily 
mail and stage to Nicholasville. W J Den- 
man, postmaster. 
Alverson H B, blacksmith and wagon- 

Arnold L B, blacksmith. 
Bough n J H, carpenter. 
Crews Zaek, physician. 
Deiitiian. W. J., General Store. 
Hunter Thomas, justice. 
LeavellT T, blacksmith. 
Nave T, wagon- ma ker. 
Nichols Henry, tobacco. 
Owrstr>-et Rev T J (South M E. Church). 
Saguser N, phvsician. 
Sea it J L, wag on- maker. 
St'vvoli Wm, wagon-maker. 
Thompson Rev ,) (.; C (M E church). 
Walker Wm B, trader and shipper. 
Watts Wm. Hour-mill. 
Welch S D, physician. 


rnvf-mi + fH wvf^-* 1 * •??»<*» Ncwil ! '.:Vra{-d Catalogue iust oaf. Free to Ar, hi 
kiril W W W.*-^Xii^>. tecfs and Cornice firms. Sert by Expres*. 

J.VY. ATKINSON, 313-321 South Clinton Street, CHICAGO, ILL. 





HARI>IXSI5URG. This quhe pros- 
perous town, the county-seat of Breckin- 
ridge county, is 10 miles fr«m its shipping 
point, Gloverport, on the Ohio river, which 
is also its nearest bank location, and 110 by 
water and 70 by*land from Louisville. 
Here are 1 flour-mill, 4 churches, 2 schools. 
and a population of 560. Tobacco is the 
leading shipment. Stages daily to Mul- 
draugh Station (Cecilian branch L. & N. 
Ii. R.>, 32 rftiles; fare $2.50. Throe times 
a week to Cloverport and Stephen-bur^' ; 
faro $1. Daily mail. John i\ Harwell, 

Allen & Board, Lawyers. 
Rabhage Virgil G, master commissioner, 
Barnes Wm K, county attorney. 
Barton Wm A, stoves and tinware, and 

police judge. 
Beard Clayton, carpenter. 
Beard .Tame- F. constable. 
Beard & Heeler, general store. 
Board H C, dentist. 
Hoard Jesse B, surveyor. 
Board Milt-on, county judge. 
Cosby H I), physician. 

HANSON. On the L. & N. K. R., in 

Hopkins county. 200 miles from Louisville, j 
is this village of 2-30 people, 2 churches, 1 
school and 1 saw-mill. Tobacco and wheat J 
are the shipments. Southern Express. 
Daily mail. W. II. Weir, postmaster. 
Brown j W, justice of peace. 
Brown W. !>., General Store and 

Brown W D, tobacco. 
Buckham & Gooch, blacksmiths. 
Donaldson & Howell, tobacco. 
Givens Thomas, confectionery. 
Gordon J H, hotel and railroad ajrent, 
Huily T K. wagon-maker. 
Haynes W A, saloon. 

Hewlett & Rothroek, General Store 
' and JXrUggists. 
Jones G L, saw and grist-mill. 
Jones J W, constable. 
Orton B W, justice vf peace. 
Tidwell E, boot and shoemaker. 
Vandiver Charles, cooper. 
Waller J S. physician. 
Weir W H, express agent. 
Weir W. H. & B'ro., General Store 

and Leaf-tobacco. 
Weils T II, physician. 

Embry Wm. stonemason. 

Esk ridge E K, justice of peace (2 milea s). 

Ek ridge Roscoe, carpenter. 

Feaman John T, tailor. 

Frank B B, saloon. 

Frank Geo, general store. 

Gardner James H, general store. 

Guthrie John W, confectioner. 

H'atfcy C, general store. 

Hamilton C, barber. 

Has well James G, lawver. 

Haswell John P., Saddler. 

Haves J Iv. phvsician. 

Hayes Rev R F ( M E Church South). 

Heston Silas, physician. 

Hook H C, shoemaker. 

Hook J & A P, flour-mill. 

Humphrey Rev J M (Methodist). 

Jenkins Fatner T J (Catholic). 

Johnson John II., Grocery and Sa- 

Jolly Gideon P., County Clerk 

Kincheloe Allen M, physician. 

Kincheloe AX, grocer. 

Kinelieloe & Eskridjje, Lawyers. 

Lennin Mrs A J, miilin'-ry. 

Lewis J H. boot and shoemaker. 

JVIcGary Joseph 11, grocer. 

McGarv Martin, groceries. 

MeGary & Withers, general store. 

McGarv & Co, leaf-tobacco. 

McGilf Thomas A, hotel. 

McMerser Nicholas, lawyer. 

Miller Thos M. gen store and leaf-tobacco. 

Moorman C W, sheritf. 

Pulliam Joseph R, justice of peace. 

Scott Horace, general store. 

Skillmaii US, circuit clerk. 

Smith J C & Son, blacksmiths. 

Smith Robert A., Carriage-maker and 
Express Agent. 

Smith & Beard, livery and stage. 

Stith Wm B, general store. 

Stone Jas E. lawyer, 

Taylor John M, store and tobacco. 

Witt & Puliiam. gen store and tobacco. 


watering place 

SPRINGS. A noted 
in the south-western part 

of Hardin county, 28 miles south-west of'thUo.vr.:. the county-seat, 8 north of 
Big Cliftv, its nearest shipping point on the 
P. & E. R. R., and 70 south-west of Louis* 
ville. Stage to Big Cliftv from July to 
October; fare *1. Tri-weekly mail. FopU- 
lation 60. J. W. Walker, postmaster. 


Have Settled more tbrrn 1,400 
% Ii«ase.s, ant' have Had but 13 lie* 
efifllll slated Claims. Agents Everywhere. 

gas m its 1 | 






Adams Jeremiah C. 9 Justice of 

Bra< ■•!■: M W, physician. 

Pecker Adam, soap. 

ii.ui trough Elijah, hat»t'. 

Meeee J M, blacksmith: 

Payne Coleman, wagon-maker. 

Walker J, W., "Flour and Saw-mills, 

and Wool Carding. 
Warren <fc Vertrem, general store. 

HARD MONEY. Twelve miles 
from Padueab. the county-seat of Bracken 
and 2^ from Florence, its nearest shipping j 
point, on M., P. & N. R. R., is this settle- 
ment of 50 people. Mail semi-weekly. J. 
H. Ballance, postmaster. 
Ballance George, physician. 
BallailCe J. H., General Store. 
Ballance Wm, live stock and grain. 
Bo a a W N", justice of peace. 
Buekhart A, blacicsmitb. 
Hanson W T, shoemaker. 
Leonard D. wagon-maker. 
Whelis J H, physician. 

HARDYVILLE. In the eastern 
part of Hart county, 8 miles east- of Mun- 
fordville, tho county seat, 8 east of Eow- 
letts, its nearest shipping point, on the 
Memphis branch of the L. & IS. R. R., 3 | 
north of Green river, and 75 south of j 
Louisville. Daily mail and stage to Row- j 
letts. Population 90. J. M. Luck, post- 

Bunnell George, blacksmith. 
Garnett R E. physician. 
Luck J. M.., General Store. 
McCauley Wm, blacksmith. 
Mudd J J. physician. 
Newman C C, teacher. 
W r h ite *.Ni Bro, general store. 

HARLAN. Also called Mt. Pleasant. 
This town has an estimated population of 
150, is the county-seat of Harlan county, 
and its location is on the Cumberland 
river, 00 miles from Livingston, the. near- 
est railroad station, and 140 from Louis- 
ville. Here are 4 churches, a public, and a 
high school. Produce and live stock are 
shipped. Daily mail. John Jones, post- 

Bailey John M, lawyer. 
Bailey J K, lawyer/ 

Bailey & Jones, general store. 
Bail A, justice of peace. 
Conk -A: Orr, general store. 
French S 31* lawyer. 
Fee Rev Wm (Baptist). 
Harman L F, physician. 
Harris A L, dentist. 
Howard E M, grocer. 
Howard 8 C, general store. 
JoHes John, General Store. 
King W L, barber. 
Lundy David, blacksmith. 
Moore George, wagon -maker. 
Pope Rev Solomon (Methodist). 
Rice B A, saw and flour-mill (west). 
Selser Rev Monroe (Methodist). 
Shackeitord L D, blacksmith. 
Ski dm ore Jerome, live stock. 
Skidrrmre &, Huff, general store. 
Smith Nober, live stock. 
Too rester Rev Enoch (Christian). 
Turner George B, justice of peace. 
Ware T S, general store. 
"Wright Kelley, live stock. 

HAIOIONY. A small country post- 
office in Owen county, 16 miles from 
Owenton, the ccmuy-seat, and the same 
distance from- Georgetown, the usual 
shipping point. Population 85. Mail 
daily. G. R. Lee, postmaster. 

Barr John, General Store. 

Head & Bro, general store. 

Hicks Z, blacksmith. 

Hutch eson J D, physician. 

Johnson P, justice of peace. 

Johnson Simpson, blacksmith. 

Lee (r. K., Physician. 

Redding W H, sewing machine agent. 

Rice A G, live stock. 

South worth O. T., grocer and hotel. 

South worth Tho*, hotel. 

Watson W J, live stock. 


Kentucky river, in the south-eastern par 
of Henry county, 16 miles south-east o f 
Newcastle, the county-seat, 11 north-east 
of Pleas-ureville, its nearest shipping point, 
on the Mt. Sterling division, of the L., C. 
& L. R. R., and 60 north-east of Louisville. 
Semi-weekly mail. Population 30. E. G. 
Harper, postmaster. 
Flack James, blacksmith, 
Gordon R, hotel. 

UiiUblfliiyil Ut ihld'AukllkAM) CENTRAL 'DEPVRTME A NL — Uuisville, Ky. 





Hall B H. general store. 

Harper E. G., Hotel. 

Hughes Webb, grocer. 

McCreary James K. physician. 

II A R R EI.DSV I I.I.E. la the 

southern part of* Butler county, 20 miles 
south of Morgan town, the county-seat. 
18 north-west of Russellville, its n< irest 
shipping point, on the Memphis branch 
of the L. & N. II R., and 150 south-west 
of Louisville. Weekly mail and stage to 
Russellville. Population 50. T. J. Beas- 
ley, postmaster. 

HAKKTSBITRG, Tn the north- 
eastern part of Owen county, 8 J miles 
north of Owenton, the county—eat, 9 south- 
east of Spuria, its nearest shipping point. 
on the L , C. & L. R. R., and 6o north-east 
of Louisville. Daily stage to Owenton 
and Sparta. Daily mail. P. H. Duncan, 

Bainbridge £ C, physician. 
Pickerson R A. wagon-maker. 
Dickerson R A jr. teacher. 
Duncan P H, president Owen College. 
Finnish H, druggist, 
Maddox Jacob, general store. 
Owen College, Fd Porter Thompson, prin. 
"West James, blacksmith. 

Lynn Grove, in the southern part of Cal- 
loway county, 8 miles south-west of Mur- 
ray, the county-seat, and 18 south-east of 
May field, its nearest shipping point, on the 
M., P. & N. R. R. Semi-weekly mail. J. 
"W. Reasor, postmaster and general store. 

em p^rt ©£ S;- ii.y Bounty; 13 miles a 
of Shelbyvilhythe county-seat, its nei 
shipping point. Weekly mail, and > 
to Shelbyville. Population 70. F, 
Hankins, postmaster. 
Brown Squire, blacksmith. 
Burnett & Easley, general store, 
F.-.-li'V J P, wa^on-ai'sker. 
Hankins F. M., PliysMan. 
Stone »& Sampson, general store. 



<& N-; R. K., is a settlement of 55 people, 
in Madison county. 

HA RROIXSBURG. This town, the 
county-seat of Mercer, is the terminus of 
a branch of the C. S. R'y, called the 
Southwestern R. R., 4$ miles in length. 
Here are 2 banks, 2 Hour-mills, 11 
j churches, a weekly newspaper, the Mer- 
I cer Enterprise, a woolen-mill, and several 
J hotels, among them the Commercial 
! House, the le a ding one in the place, and 
I one of the finest in this section of the 
| country. A Shaker settlement has been 
I located within live miles of here, for sev. 
erai years past, and is in a prosperous con- 

Harrodsburg is the site of Daughters' 
College, the most celebrated institution of 
learning in the Bluegrass district of Ken-. 
tucky, established more than a quarter of a 
century ago, for the better and higher edu- 
cation of women. Its graduates are annu- 
ally sought after to till important positions 
in other schools of the West, so that it is, 
practically, one of the first Normal col- 
leges of the country. 

It is surrounded by beautiful and exten- 
sive grounds, and is supplied with a fine 
library, a good museum and cabinet, and 
all necessary chemical and physical ap- 
paratus. Its appointments are complete; 
four matrons and a superintendent have 
charge, of the home, and eight teachers 
devote themselves to the school. Its mu- 
sical methods are normal and conservatory. 
Its graduates are enrolled from every sec- 
tion of the Union, North, South, East and 
West. The institution is unsectarian. 
! Stages to Frankfort and Mitchellsburg. 
I Population 2,500. Adams Express. "West* 
j ern Union Telegraph. Mail daily. 

Allin Benjamin C. clerk county court. 

Allin Bush W, insurance agent. 
| Allin Wm B. prosecuting attorney. 
| Alsop George H., Insurance, Express, 
and Railroad Ticket Agent. Phoenix 
Fire Ins. Co.. of Hartford. Conn.; Hart- 
ford Fire Ins. Co.. of Hartford, Conn.; 
Niagara Fire Ins. Co., of New York, 
and Union Fire Ins. Co., of Philadel- 
phia. Aim Traveling Passenger Agent 
Ohio & Mississippi R. R. 

Baxter James H. groceries. 

Bell & Wibon, lawyers. 

Berry Mr- Emma. millinery. 

Board Richard, clerk circuit court. 
I Bohon George, saddles and harness. 

-;:•— ^cthb^'^ 

Still till lliliii 



; EDUCATION $ ^-^ 

Sessions begin 1st of September and end 1st of June. 


polWt clucj-. f^iffiicwm^ "Trcoibcnt". 

n-r^:^ 2=2. ores 23 u K3-, ^z"3r. 


sa we rna&ag*. 


MAN. L6u sv! Ie, <y. 
rywhcrt South. 





Bobon & Hansford, clothing. 

Brady Rev Father (Catholic). 

Brady Horace W, shoemaker. 

Brewer Barney V. flour-niiil (8 miles n e). 

Kroiison 31. !>., Proprietor Com- 
mercial House, corner Main and Depot. 
(See adv.) 

Bryant I H & Son, tailors. 

Card well L.. I). The Druggist, and 
Dealer in Books, .Stationery, etc. 

Cardweil Thomas M, police judge. 

Clielf W. G., Proprietor Frankfort, 
Harro&sburg & Lawr-eneeburg Stage 
Lines. Leave Frankfort daily, 10:80 
a. m.: arrive Lawrenoehurg, 1:30; ar- 
rive Harrodsburg, 6:00 p. m. Leave 
Harrodsburg daily, 7:(.0 a. m. ; arrive 
Lawrence burg, 11:00 a, m.; arrive 
Frankfort, 1:30 i>. m. From Lawrence- 
burg to Frankfort and return $2; 
Lawrenceburg to Harrodsburg and re- 
turn. i->. Also Ticket Agent L.., C & L. 
Pv'y. Tickets Sold* to all Points, at 
Different Stage Offices. 

Chisholm Rev J J (First Presbyterian). 

Clark Will, painter'. 

Clay Rev B F (Christian). 

Coleman Jaraes P, jailer. 

Coleman «fc Threlkeid (B. E. Cole- 
man. M. T. Threlkeid*, Livery and 
Sale-stables, and Proprietors Omnibus 
Line. (S*e ado.) 

Commercial House. M. D. Bronson, 
Proprietor. Good Sample-rooms con- 
nected. Cor. Main and Dep<-t. (See adv.) 

Conner Richard F, boots and shoes. 

Craig Ransom, barber. 

Crawford Wm B, flour-mill. 

Curry .Ins A & Sons. drugs and stationery. 

Curry Mrs Wm T, proprietress hotel. 

Daughters' Ccilefre, Charles E. and 
John Aug. Williams Proprs. (See adv.) 

Daviess John B T, cooper-shop. 

Davis Crittenden, sale and training-stable. 

Davis Fisher & Co. groceries. 

Davis Marion M, watch-maker. 

Dean Joseph, Bleat market. 

Dedtnan Chas M. drugs and stationery. 

i>."l:uan Joseph O, dentist. 

Fairman J as .V. tailor. 

Farmer-' National Bank, cap $75,000; Wm 
II Robinson, pres; J E Bohnnan, casnier. 

Ferguson Edwin V, hardware. 

Fijjg & Cohen, liver v. 

First National Bank, cap $100,000; Abra- 
ham B Bonta, pres; Jas M Curd, cashier. 

Forsyth Matthew L, physician. * 

Foster James A, groceries. 

Gadyoombe Josias, saloon. 

Gaither Edgar H, lawyer. 

Gaither Nathaniel, lawyer. 

Gaither Wm N, physician. 

Gibbs Mrs E A, dress-maker. 

Gill Rev J C (Methodist ). 

Hall Moses D, groceries. 

Manna Samuel, meat market. 

Hardin Benjamin L, lawyer. 

Hardin Charles A. circuit judge. 

Hatdin Thos II. lawyer. 

Harvey Wm P, insurance s^ent. 

Harvey Rev W P (Baptist). 

Harvey & Wood, notions. 

Head Rev Edward B jr (Methodist), and 

postni aster. 
Head oc McFeat, wagon-makers. 
Henderson Ke-v Wm R (Presbyterian). 
Jones Augustus, furniture. 
Jones R W &. Son, boots shoes, and dry 

Junius Henry, stoves' and tin. 
Krabau Emmett G. jeweler. 
Kyle Thomas, physician. 
Linney Wm M. shoemaker. 
Litsey John & Co. druggists. 
Loughlin John T & Co, blacksmiths. 
Loughlin & James, wagon-makers. 
McCarty C W & Co. general store. 
McFeat Joseph T, furniture. 
McGrath Robert P, hats and caps, justice. 
Me Minim y Mis Ellen H, millinery. 
McMinimy Wrn J, jeweler. 
Marinon J Q. carriage and harness-rokr. 
Marimon <& Ilobards, groceries. 
Marimon & Son, hour and woolen card-mill, 
MarsehaU R, tailor. 
Matheny & Poteet, general store. 
Merger Coal and Grain Co: Tomlinson, 

Coger, Wilson & Thompson, coal and 

grain elevator. 
Mercer Enterprise, L. D. Cardweil, 

Editor and Proprietor; circulation 1,600, 

throughout the Blue Grass Region. 
Moore Daniel L. distillery, (4 miles east), 
Morgan Henry, barber. 
Xorris S penis W. confectionery. 
O'Connor Jeremiah, shoemaker. 
Parrisb Joiin D. mn'gr W. U.Tel. Co. 
Patterson Benj F, saloon. 
Payne Win. gen store. 
Pearson «& Ourrv, groceries and hardware. 

•t Henry, physici 

Poik Lphraim J, lawyer. 


I0f"f% *" ov Churcfoes, Srwsloties, lodges, Mining ami all <;.,r. 

\&* v p-tratiuns. 3Ieduls; Hotel, Ppol and JJagKago < 
kJkzUt i>. BOCHE, Esgraref aai Die ZitXsr, 166 SsadolphS*., CHXCAOO, Ul, 





Polk&J K & Co, groceries. 

Polk Thomas J, lawyer. 

Poston Orpheus S, lawyer. 

Price An-sdel D, physician, 

Redwitz Otto, groceries. 

Kiesterer Herman, bakery. 

Riker W II *& Co, dry goods. 

Rose Thomas S & Son, lumber, (4 miles w). 

St. J&mes Hotel (Eurppaaa Plan), J 
K. Polk, Manager cor. Poplar and Main. 

Smith K C, city marshal. 

Smock John C, county sheriff. 

South-western Railroad, M Tabler, prest; 
Chas E Williams, jv, secy. Leasees, Jas 
A TpralinsoH, Jesse E Cogar, Joseph M 
Wilson, John B Thompson. 

Spilman Kev A T (Presbyterian). 

Spilman Benjamin F, photographer. 

Spilman Charles II, physician. 

Spilniail John T., Attorney at Law, 
Collection and Real Estate Agent. Col- 
lections Will Receive Prompt Attention. 

Spilman Louis C, physician. 

Stagg James H, undertaker. 

Stariberrv Rev George (St Phillip's P E). 

Stevenson Edward L, lawyer. 

Tebbets Clinton H, architect. 

Thompson & Thompson, lawyers. 

Tilford Benjamin, grocery, 

Tupper Rev Allen jr (Baptist). 

Van Arsdall Jackson, distiller (9 miles n wp 

Van Arsdall W S, flour-mill (3 miles nw). 

Van Arsdall & Litsey, groceries and hdw. 

Van Afsdall & Vivion, clothing. 

Van Diver Cole D, flour-mill ('1£ miles w). 

Van Diver & Yates, blacksmiths. 

Wickersham Isaac M, builder. 

Williams' Chill Pills, Williams & 
Rothaker, Props, and Manfrs. {See adv.) 

Williams C. E. & J, A., (Charles E. 
and John Augustus,,) Proprs. Daughters' 
College. (See adv.) 

Williams John Aug., Pres't Daugh- 
ters' College. (See a Jr. \ 

Williams' Pile Cure, Williams & 
Rothacker, Manfrs. (See adv. ) 

Williams Wm T, flour-mill (2 miles s w). 

"Wilson Robert F, barber. 

Wilson Vance, county judge. 

Wright Mrs J M, millinery. 

Wright & Shelly, saloon. 

Young James, grocery. 

Young Rev J H (Methodist). 

HVUltOirS CREEK. In the 

northern part of Jetferson county, 8 miles 

north of Louisville, the county-seat, on the 
L., H. C. & W r . R. R. A distillery is located 
here, using steam-power. Goods should be 
shipped to Harrod's Creek Station, l);ii!v 
mail. Population 98. Conrad Stein meu, 

IVnerson W. T., Physician. 

Holm Henry, saloon. 
Lemon Jonas, blacksmith. 
Miller W II, justice of peace. 

Run! Rev ( Presbyterian). 

Steinmetz Conrad, General Store. 
Thomas W H, distiller. 
Trigg Miss Jennie, teacher. 

HARTFOIUX The county-seat, of 
Ohio county, is located on Rough creek, 
110 miles south-west of Louisville, and -H 
miles from Beaver Dam. its shipping point, 
on the P. & E.. R. E. It has 2 daily stages 
to Beaver-Dan: arid a tri-weekly line u£ 
stages to, the nearest shipping 
point, on the Ohio river. It has com- 
munication with Beaver Dam, Meilenry, 
and Rockport by telephone, and a com- 
pany i3 being formed to pat up a line to 
Owensboro. Hartford was settled in 1785, 
the first county court was held in 1800, at 
which time it was selected as the county- 
seat. Incorporated 1808. There are Bap- 
tist, Methodist, and Cumberland Presby- 
terian church organizations, and also Bap- 
tist and Methodist, colored churches. A 
very fine college building has been recently 
erected, employing 8 teachers, with 226 
scholars, and the citizens enjoy the benefits 
of superior educational advantages — tui- 
tion in the entire collegiate course being 
free to all the citizens of the town. There 
is a tirst-class steam and water ilour-miii, 
with tine water-power. There are o black- 
smith, plow, and wagon shops. The build- 
ing and opening or Hartford College bus 
given the town quite an impetus; the pop- 
ulation has increased, and quite a number 
of new buildings were erected during the 
year 1880. and already (May, 18*1), build- 
ing has commenced, The bonded debt ot 
the town is $4,500, issued in aid of Hart- 
ford College, and is being rapidly extin- 
guished. The assessed value of propcrtv 
is ¥300,000. The court-house and jail are 
new, handsome and commodious buildings. 
A good hotel is also here. The export- are 
i tobacco, live stock, lumber, and coal, the 







^ MOUSE, **C 

jyr. x). sxe,oisrs03sr. 



Special Accommodations for Commercial Men. The only HOTEL in this place with 




-" . -- ,' "" - L-v . - Lexington Ave., 



■■ _ 

HAasoDSBuaa, sy. 


.. . 

FJorpei and Mules boasjht 
and sold. Good Turnouts 
for hire. Proprietors of 
Sojfctb - western Railroad 
dmnitivs Line. Competent 

~. Drivers always in attend- 

^ ance. 

1^ Special Rates given to 
Commercial Men. 


Democratic— Circulation 2000 — Established 1376— Size i:6x40 — 4 pages, 8 colonics to page. 

One of the adjoining counties hn» no paper. Ac excellent advertising medium. Terms reasonable. 
As to circulation, influence and reliability, do not take the word oi the publishers, hut read the certificates 
of the following disinterested affiiqfcfa of the town and county in which it it published: 

This is to certify, that as lioat Maet$r of Hartford, I have very good opportunities of ascertaining the 
circulation of »h* Herniri, published here, as nearly ail the papers issued to subscribers, in or out of the 
county, pass through this office. 

My predecessor, Judge C. J. La«tou, in March, 1S70, certified that the circulation of the Herald was 
then not less th*n 18&0. I oec&rue Post Blaster July, IHl'J. and know beyond doubt that the circulation has 
Increased since then, exactly how much I could not say, but think about 200. 

This is a larg« county in area and population, having considerable mining interests, fifteen thriving 
little villages ami towns, and sixteen post offices. 

I regard the Herald as a good advertising medium, it having the reputation of being a reliable, pro- 
gressive newspaper. K. P. P.OWE, Poet Master. Hartford, Ry. 

I am well acquainted with the Editors and Publishers of the MeraJUl, Hartford, Ky., ami ata a regu- 
lar reader of their paper, i regard it a reliable, newsj paner, one having the confidence of fit- public, and 
having a very Urgo circulation for a iocal paper. Jfree from any suirir^Htions from the publishers, I w'ould 
estimate the circulation to be about iiOOO copies. liKN NLW TON, Judge Ohio County Court. 

We concur In the statements made by Judge Newton. 
C HAEf'WK'Jv. flerkOho Circuit Court, J. P. 8ANDEVUR, Attorney for Ohio County, 

8AM K. COX n*jek Ohio County Court, 8AM B. BI LH, State Senator, 

E P. HiiClitk, RenresentatiTe. F. P. HQftGAN, Police Judge Hartford, 

ARMiSTKAD JONES, Assessor Ohio County, J. EDWIN BOWK, School Commissioner, 

W, a OBlKj. IN, Marshal Hartford, E. L. SULLKNOKK, Jailer Ohio Couuty. 

IH IS. 00. GF IGIA1, 

3*. 3S. &£. ^itOSa£ailS, SwCaaactc 

Cent i % a I and Southern Dep't, 






county having an abundance of fine tim- 
ber and opal lands. Prominent among the 
enterprises of the town may be mentioned 
the Hereford Herald, a weekly newspaper, 
of which Messrs. Barrett & Broj are pro- 
prietors. This paper is Democratic in 
polities, and enjoys a wide circulation, and, 
as an ad verting medium, is first- !as§ 
The Barrett Bros. al'»o transact considera- 
ble business as insurance agents. Mail 
daily, impress AAu\>\<. Population 1,000. 
It. P. Kowe, postmaster. 

A 3am 9 Foster, coal inine. 1 2 .miles s-w). 

Addmgjton Virgil P. dry goods, 

Alt wandor Prof. Wayland, Presi- 
dent Hartford College. 

Anderson Samuel W. dry goods, 

Baird \ lex a ider B, s irv>-\ • r. 

Barrett Krosv, Proprietors Hartford 
Herald. < N--" Adv. ) 

Barrett Elvis, coal mine, (2 miles s-w). 

Barrett John P. n aster c« -in mission er. 

Bean Rev G J (Methodist). 

Bean G J & Son, groceries. 


1 L. phvsician. 

Berry man Burr P. tailor. 

Bosweil Thomas H, eotrnty coroner. 

Briggs Mrs Martha 11, millinery. 

Carson.) F, carpenter. 

Carter J A. liven*. 

Carter & Baird, saloon and restaurant. 

Chapeze John, lawyer. 

Cox Samuel K., County Clerk. 

Cox W m. builder. 

Cox & Jarboe, builders. 

Duke Thomas 8, harness-maker. 

Eidson L H, groceries, 

Et/.el August C, shoemaker. 

Field Henry. Livery, Sale, Feed and 
Exchange Stable. Good Liveries Fur- 
nished on Short .Notice. 

Fcgle Jesse K, lawyer. 

Ford James W, druggist. 

Frey Bruno, coal mine (2 miles south-west). 

Greenwood &. Watts (J. W. Green- 
wood and H. P. Watts ), General Black- 
gniithe and Wagon-makers. Repairing 
Done on Short Notice. 

Gregory W in F.„ Lawyer, B.eal Es- 
tate and Collection Agent. (See adv.) 

Griffin Tv'er. physician. 

Grirfm Wm 11. city marshal. 

Griffin '& Bro, df^iggists. 

Gun t her Louis, bakery. 

Hardwiok Robert C, groceries. 

Hartford College, Prof. Waytahd 

Alexander, Pres. 

Hartford Herald, Barrett Bro*., Pro- 
prietors. (See adv.) v 

Hartford House ($1.50 per day), Wn 
T. King, Proprietor. 

Hartford & Beaver Dam Stage 
Une, connecting with all T 
John S. V aught, Proprietor. 

Hill James L. wines and liquors. 

Jones Armistead, county assessor. 

King; Win* T., Proprietor Hartford 
Mmi#e and Livery, Sate, Feed and E?. 
change- Stable, and dealer in Wines, 
Liquors and Cigars. 

KillSOlving Herbert B., Attorney at 
Law. (Seepdv.) 

Kl< in George & Bro, hardware. 

Little Lucien P. circuit judge. 

MeGill-W A, pi*otographer, 

3le Henry & Cox (Henry D. McHenry 
Samuel E. Cox), Brokers and Deal- 
er.- in Exchange. 

MelJ en ry & i 1 ill ( Henry D.'McHenry, 
Samuel E. Hill), Lawyers, (See adv.) 

Miller* Joseph T, physician. 

Mprgap Ferdinand P, lawyer. 

Morris Mrs K J. dre-srnahin^r. 

Newton Benjamin, county judge. 

Ohio County Fair Association, 
Samuel K. Cox, President. 

Pendleton John E, physician. 

Phipps John R & Win, flour-mill. 

Porter Wm II, county surveyor. 

Potter, Condict &, Co, saw-mill and lumber. 

Pvosenbprg Zadoc A, dry goods. 

Boss Preston, meat market. 

Kowe J Edwin, lawyer. 

Kowe Richard P., General Store and 

Sanderfur John P, county attorney. 

Sehapmier Christian F, boot and shoemkr. 

Small Ellas, general store. 

Smith David L, sheriff. 

Sullenger Erasmus, jailer. 

Thomas Bros, groceries. 

Thomas James A, general store. 

Thomas & Kimbley, druggists. 

Townsend & Massie, lawyers. 

Tracy Dan. F., Mnfr Carriages, Bug- 
gies, Wsgai s, General Impairing and 
iilacksmithfcng Done on Short Notice. 
(8ee ndr.) 

Yan^lit doll u S., Propr Hartford and 
Beaver Dam Stage Line, Express A-ger.t ; 
and Coal Mines. 




Collection of claims and eonwspoiwteece will receive prompt attention, ""ill practice in the Courts of 
Ohifl ;n)'l adjoining Counties and in Court of Appeals. 

jeel. :b. iKiiisrsoiLvinsra-, 



Will practice his profession in Ohio and adjoining Counties, and in the Court of Appeals of Kentucky 
Special attention given to the collection of claims. Remittances promptly made. 


Dealer in and Manufacturer of 

Wans, Bun and Plows, 

General Repairing in all its Branches, VT /. j -t 




:&v<ic:E2::=::LNr:EB-sr <£z siuii, 


liiiSudgU &.!Eib ¥f Uilwi j. w. Atkinson, 3i3-32rio?clStoVst. f Chicago! 





Walker & Hubbard, lawyers. 
Wallace Clayton T, physician. 
Wedding George C, lawyer. 
Weinsheimer Heinrich, watch-maker. 
Williams Bros, groceries. 
Williams Gross B. groceries. 
Williams Thomas, coal mine, (2 miles s-w). 
Woerner Louis F, shoemaker. 


in Pike county. 

A country post-office 


(See Camp Knox). 


north-eastern part of Harrison county, 15 
mile 2 north of Cynthiana, the country-seat, 
and 10 miles south of Falmouth, its near- 
est shipping point, on the K. C. R. K. 
Adams Express. Semi- weekly mail. Pop- 
ulation 50. W. D. Hickman, postmaster. 
Arnold W. 15., Flour and Wool-carding. 
Ash bury John, livestock. 
Browning I> P & Co, saw and corn-mill. 
Hickman W. D., General Store and 

Leaf- tobacco. 
Kandy G W, blacksmith. 
Slade it Hill, general store. 
Yanhook H V, physician. 

HAWESVILL1, The seat of 
justice for Hancock county is located on 
th<" j left bank of tho Ohio river. 120 miles 
from Louisville. Population 800. Here 
is a furniture factory, 1 flour-mill, 1 hub 
and spoke factory, 4 churches. 1 scb.ool, 
and a weekly newspaper. A new public 
school building has just been erected at a 
cost of $10.000 ; 4 teachers are employed. A 
new ftrst-elaShS hotel is here, which cost 
$7,000. Hawesville is the center of the 
best coal-producing district of the State. 
Daily mail. Mrs. Sallie A. Ilerzog, post- 

Allen Robert H, blacksmith. 
Arcade Hotel, August Borgschulze, prop'r. 
Archer Fred L, general store. 
Ay era E K, live stock. 
Badger Wm W, county surveyor. 
Beard Wallace S, county attorney. 
Borgenroth Louis, shoemaker. 
Bbiek Garland D, lawyer. 
BorgsChulze August, prop'r Arcade Hotel. 
Boyd Alexander, wines and liquors. 
JBrideabache E, coal mine. 

Brown Huston, groceriers and provisions. 

Brown Murray, county judge and lawyer. 

Brown Samuel F, general store. 
I Burgenroth & Bros, coal mines (2miless<w). 
j Carder <fc Boyd, general store. 
| Carlton House, Miss O Carlton & sister, 
i prop'rs. 

| Carbon Joseph W, hub and spoke mfr. 
! Cramniond Wm, prop'r Hawesville & Can- 
j nelton Ferry. . 
! Duncan Cecilios T, school commissioner. 
Greene count v i g^can gUartw B, general store. 
* t Duncan Robert L. countv clerk. 
| Elder E L, barber. 
1 Freeman Amos, general store. 
| Fritz Michael W, groceries. 
! Goering Miss Bettie, millinery. 
! Goering Leonard C, blacksmith. 
; Goering Wm. shoemaker. 
! Gregory L L, physician. 
j Gregory <& Bennett, furniture. 
I Hawesvdle -Plain Dealer, Sterett & Riley, 

: Hawiey Stephen A, hotel and grocery. 
j Herinitig Alfred, insurance. 
j Herzog Frank, Farm Implements, 

Stoves and Tinware. 
j Heyman George, wagon-maker. 
j Holmes L T. physician. 
| Jolly James W, assessor. 
j Kaufman Emil, shingles. 
; King Rev Father (Catholic). 
' Knoll Jacob, tailor. 
i Lark in Thomas P, constable. 
| Lawson George W, live stock. 
, Me A dams JG. P., circuit clerk, court- 
I house. 

I Me Adams George W, tobacco. 
1 Mason Michael A, lawyer. 
! Miller Reuben A, lawyer. 
j Miller Wm W r , saddler. 
j Millership Mrs E, saloon. 
! Moorea James A, blacksmith. 
! Newman & Mc Adams, tobacco. 
i Norman Charles C. physician. 
| Oliver Dr Robert B, druggist. 

Pool Thomas, gunsmith. 

Powers Stephen, general store. 

Roberts Wm S, lawyer. 

Shelly Z H & Co, flour-mill and grocery. 

Slat t cry Miss Gertrude, Millinery 

Gods, etc. 

Snyder David C., Forwarding, Com- 
mission and Produce Merchant, Adams 
Express Agent, and Prop'r Wharf-boat. 

Sterett Green, physician (4 miles east). 


Have Settled more tl»an 1,100 
liOjjse««, ami have had but 13 Re- 
stated Claims. Ajasnts Everywhere. 





Sterett & Duncan, drusrs and books. 

Sterett & Riley, publishers Hawesvi 

Stone & Bush, lawyers. 
? fiber Charles T, livery and ice. 
Tabor Wib W, general store. 
Taylor Robert W, physician. 
Thomas Samuel P, sheriff. 
Thomas, Tabor & Go, tobacco. 
Thomas Wm S, live stock. 
Tift- Russell O, police judge. 
Wheeler Lysander N. shoemaker. 
Wilson George, general store. 


IIA.WTHOKX. A small and unim- 
portant post-office in Campbell county. 

HATS VI LLE. In the s< »uthern part 
of Sfearde county, 8 miles south of Bran- 
denburg, its nearest shipping point, on 
tbeOnio river. Tri- weekly mail. Popu- 
lation 60. W. H. II. Singleton postmaster. 
Foote V, physician. 
George Wiley, carriage trimmer. 
Patridge AV W. carpenter. 
Singleton W. II. II., Blacksmith. 

II A: Y K E S V I L L fi . On a small 
stream, known as Panther creek, in Ohio 
county, 10 miles from C'overport, its ship- 
ping station, and 100 from Louisville, is 
» 8 ittlement of 100 people, known by this 
name. Semi-weekly mail. 

HAZARD. The county-seat of Perry. 
75 wiles east of Livingston, its nearest 
-''lipping point on the L. & N. R. R., and 
2"j0 southeast of Louisville. Population 
150. Daily mail. I. J. Davidson, postmaster. 
Baker W. W., General Store. 
Combs J H. lawyer. 
Combs AV AV. hotel. 
Cornitt K C, tlour-mill. 
Havidson Ira J., County and Circuit 
^ Court Clerk. 

Eversole J C, gen store and attorney. 
French B F. lawyer. 
l*rig$by B. justice of peace. 
Nickels & Vermillion, general store. 
Taytoc VV C, constable/ 
Walker John, Flour-mill. 

HAZLEGREEy. In the eastern 
pan of Wolfe county, 10 miles north-east 
,; '. Campion, the county-seat, 25 south-east 

of Cornwall, its nearest, shipping point, or 
the Alt, Sterling branch of the L., C. & L. 
R'y, and 170 southeast of Louisville. 
Daily mail and stage to Cornwall^ fare $2. 
Population 100. H. C. Herndon, postmas- 

Rise *T. P., AVa^on -maker. 

Cox Wm 

Day A T, hotel. 

Day Floyd, general store. 

Day L M, lawyer. 

Day Taylor, general store. 

Finch Joshua, carpenter. 

Hazel Green Mill Co. fD. G. Combs 

Q. C. Daniel, and F. M. Thomas), Saw 

and Flour-mills. 
Iferndon If. C, Justice and Druggist. 
James D B, blacksmith. 
Ka.-h C F. physician, 
jxasn J Al. lawyer. 
Al-ipie J \V. lawyer. 
Muncie John, carpenter. 
Pieratt J II, harness-makea* and hotel. 
Pieratt J T, blacksmith. 
Rowland J L, physician. 
Swango G B, general store. 
Thomas F M, physician. 
Ward James, cabinet-maker. 

HAZEL, PATCH. In the northern 
part of Laurel county, 11 miles north of 
London, the county-seat, 6 east of Living- 
ston, its nearest shipping: point, on the 
Knoxville branch of the 1. & N. R. R., 
and 115 south-cast of Louisville. Daily 
mail and stage to Livingston, London and 
Rockcastle Springs. J. R. "Kemper, post- 

Adams J as M, justice of peace. 
Alexander Thos*, Hotel and Grocer. 
Broughton Dudley, saloon. 
Broughton Stephen, saloon. 
Brownlie G D, express agent. 
Custell Lemuel, justice of peace. 
Casteil R N. constable. 
Dyer II M, physician. 
Jones David, blacksmith. 
Kemper J. H., Hotel and General 

Kemper Moses, flour-mill. 
Leath J M, teacher. 
Mitchell Norton, blacksmith. 
Mobley Rev Richard (Baptist). 
Owen W J & J, saloon. 
Sambrook George, saw-mill. 

' - PHI ,A ' .- [\R [ANACHSBS, 

liUttttftUiiij CENTRAL DEPARTMENT* - - UttisvHfe, Kv 







Whitt Kev Alfred (Baptist). 
"Wolum J, blacksmith. 

HAZELWOOD. A post-office, in 
the western part di Ballard county* VI 
miles west of Blandville, the county-seat; 
and 11 from Cairo, II!-. tfail semi- weekly. 
Albert Maus, postmaster. 
Northington G A, general store. 
Rivera Thomas, physician. 


south-eastern part of Lewis county, 20 
milea south-east of Vanceburg, the county- 
seat, it? nearest shipping point on the Ohio 
river, and 20 west of. Grayson, on the E. K. 
R. R. Senri-weekly nail. G. W. Stamper, 

lilooiufield, Stafford & Co., Flour- 

Cooper Amon, justice of peace. 
Fults James M, justice of peace. 
Large W A, live. -took. 
Mavity Kev H (Christian). 
Mawk R H, justice of peace. 
Moore TV TV, lawyer. 
Morsk R J, justice of peace. 
Orcutt Rev W M (Christian). 
Rice G, R R fcgeftt. 

Stamper George W., General Store. 
Stamper J TV. wagoit-maker. 
Warde W., Express Agent. 
TVillams , physician. 

HEADQUARTERS, A small set- 
tlement in Nicholas county. 6 miles south- 
west of Carlisle, the county-seat, and 6 
miles north-west of Millers-burg, the ship- 
ping point on K. C. R. R. Population 60. 
Wheat, live stock, and tobacco are shipped. 
Mail by special supply. TV. J. Kennedy, 

Barlow S T, general store. 
Barton Joshua, distiller. 
Braytield M B, general store. 
Feback Amos, wagon -maker. 
Fisher S R. druggil . 
Hopper W R, bla< ksmith. 
Keilltedy '& Ttirley, Tobacco. 
LeB.uffis M D. I; S store and gauger. 
Faisal JS. US store end g^uager. 
Smith G C, horses and nmlf?. 
■'< J DA J TV. saw-mill. 
Thompson R A, live stock. 
Turley J T, live stock. 


south-eastern part of Henderson i - 

12 miles south-east ol Henderson, tfce e< 

tv-seat, and nearest railroad approach, a* 1 

209 south-west of Louisville. The mosl 

convenient snipping point is Bluff City, on 

Green River. H miles distant. Cor;:',' 

hi tght, care Green & Barren River Navi- 

gation Co. Tri-weekly mail and Stage to 

Henderson and Owensboro. Population 

180. J. IL Burns, postmaster. 

AHegxtee 6c Light-foot, churn. makers. 

Allegnee & Negly, coal dealers. 

Boyd Rev A. 

Burns James, hotel. 

Carroll & Sons, Hour and saw-mills. 

Garr&way &'Van Russum, confectioners-. 

Hart R S & Co., ii^n store and toft&cco 

Hktchitt Rev A. 

Haiehitt A, justice of peace. 

Hatch itt J F, li^e stock. 

Hust & TViir.ngham. druggists. 

Johnson T P. general store. 

Lewis J F. physician. 

Lightfoot N L. physician. 

Need bam Rev George. 

Priest T W; cattle dealer. 

Robertson J. manufacturer. 

Robinson C, blacksmith. 

Schaerler R M, justice. 

Shacklitt & Johnson, blacksmiths. 

Spurgeon B, constable. 

HEBRON. This is a settlement in 
Boone county, 3 miles from Delhi, Chic 
the shipping point by rail, and 4 from 
Anderson's Ferry, Ohio. Goods for here 
are usually shipped by boat to Anderson s 
Ferry. Here is a steam saw and grist- 
mill, 1 church and a free school. Tri- 
weekly stage to Covington; fare $1. Popu- 
lation 100. Mail tri-weekly. J. A. Davi*. 

Bullock Joseph, tailor. 
Chase M, groceries and drugs. 
Clayton J A, blacksmith. 
Davis Bros., General Store. 
Ev. "st<s Casper, wagon-maker. 
Ewestes John, blacksmith. 
Henderson J II, carpenter. 
Hoshal <S: Henderson, grist and saw-miK- 
Staks John, shoemaker. 

HEDGES. A post-office, known a« 
Seholisviile, on the Mt. Sterling division 




| ■; 


Withont reference to the Companies w<* manag», 

BARBAE & CASTLEMAN, fcouievillt, Ky, 

Agents cverywbei*© SoutU. 





of the L., C. & L. R'y, in the northern 

part trf Clark county, 8 miles north of 

Winchester, the county-seat, and 120 

south-east of Louisville. Ad urns Express. 

iv.iiy mm\* Population 100. J. L. Fry, 


Christy PL, cunt-mill. 

(hark J T, physician. 

OoillbS G'Wftfnoito Jr., Physician. 

Combs W h general store. 

B.wWts,N P, painter. 

Fry J. E., Kxpress and Railroad Agent. 

Gilbert: Bev J J (ibptisi). 

Glover Peter, wagon-maker. 

Goosey J M, hotel and livery. 

Haggard \V Z, carpenter. 

Hedges P B, hotel. 

Jouott & Seholl, general store. 

Landrum & War!, general store. 

Moore F M, blacksmith. 

Rupard Rev VYm (Baptist). 

Seholl I D, blaeksrmth and wagon-maker. 

Schorl J B, wagon-maker. 

Waldron Henry, Produce. 

HEEEXA. On the Maysville branch 
of the K. C. R. R.. in the southern part j 
of Mason county, 12 miles south of Mays- j 
ville, the county-seat, and 150 north-east of j 
Louisville. Nearest shipping point, llel- j 
ena Station, J of a mile distant. Daily j 
mail. Population 150. John H. Wood, 

Alexander Joseph, justice of peace. 
Brought S, physician. 
Cook Charles, meat market. 
Cook Robert, blacksmith. 
Dobyns Rev T T j Christian). 
Dougherty J D, physician.. 
Gray & Rest, tobacco. 
Harkina Rev M W (Christian). 
Hawkins H. C, Railroad and Express 

Herd Abe, justice. 
Mcllvaine J N, flour-mill. 
Moore () S, shoemaker. 
Pogue Robert E, live stock. 
Pogue VVm T, live stock. 
Rnwling W B, general store. 
Wood H R, meat market. 
Wood John H., Gunsmith. 

ceinty, 13 miles from the county-seat, and 
iii from Louisville, is this village of 50 

people. ft is on the K. C. R. R., and has 

1 corn-mill, 1 church, 1 school, and ships 
tobacco and wheat. Adams Express. Daily 
mail. II. C. Hawkins, postmaster, rail- 
road and express agent. 

HEE3ES MI El".,. With 25 inhabi- 
tants, is a post-settlement, in Russell 
county, 8 miles from Jamestown, the 
county-seat, and 5 milies from Greelsboro, 

the usual stripping point, on the Cumber- 
land river. Mail semi-weekly. W. P. 
Payne, postmaster. 

HEXDEKSOX. Situated on the 

left bank of the Ohio river, 10 miles south 
of Evansville, Ind., and midway between 
Louisville and Cairo, Ills., is this city, the 
seat of Henderson county. It is the 
northern terminus of the St. L. & S. 
E. div. of L. & N. R. R„ 145 miles from 
Nashville and 171 from St. Louis, and 
is the central point in navigation of 
a number of river routes, among them 
the Ohio, Mississippi, Wabash, Cumber- 
land and Tennessee. It is also a point 
of landing for regular lines of steamers, 
connecting Cincinnati and Louisville with 
Memphis and New Orleans, as well as for 
smaller boats which are constantly arriving 
and departing. Corn is grown in large 
quantities around Henderson, but its prin- 
cipal article of export is tobacco. There 
are 16 large stemmeries in operation, which 
shipped for the year 1880, 7,800 hhds. 
tobacco (over 15,000,000 pounds;, the major 
part of which found a market in Europe. 
Coal is also an important article of export 
and i3 extensively mined. An abundance 
of hard wood timber is to be found in the 
neighborhood, which oilers excellent in- 
ducements, in point of cheapness, to manu- 
facturers who use such material. The 
city has an assessed valuation of $2,500,- 
000, and a bonded debt of $£$6,000, and is 
lighted with gas, and employs a regular 
police force. Many of its private resi- 
dences are costly and elegant, and ita in- 
habitants are industrious and enterprising. 
It has an excellent system of water-works 
erected at a cost of $100,000. Its public 
school building cost $55,000, and is complete 
in all its appointments. It also has twoexcei- 
lent newspapers, the Henderson Reporter, 
weekly and tri-wtekly, and The Hender- 
son News ; 10 churches, 2 banks, 4 good 

on m 

%ggj ITojiso Numbers, Brass Labels; Carriage, Shcntv Case and Machine-, 
AA Rla ten, Pattern Xetter* ami Flgur •., £3~~ m t tal i^») y itubbfr i s , .. 

miii 3 -« BOCHE, EagMVM ad Dis Slticr, lt;G Kaudolph Street, Chicago lu" 





hotels, a foundry and machine shop, 
3 distilleries, a brewery, a sa w-m ill. a 
plariing-milh a public hail, an extensive 
spoke-factory, 2 flour-mills, 2 bnck-yards, an 
extensive drain tile works, and several fine 
business blocks. Western ETrwofl Telegraph. 
Southern. Express. Daily mail. Popula- 
tion G,o73. Harvey Park, postmaster. 

Adam a J< soph, leaf- tobacco, Main. 

Alexander Junius, dentist, 2d. 

Ailin Philip T, confectioner. 

Alves «loe l->., Ageitt Hendaersoa Goal 

' A: Mian- Co., 2d.' 
Alves Waiter S. real -estate. 23. 
AmicL Louis, confectionery, Main. 
Applegate ParmenasO, billiard hall, Main. 
Arnold Harry G, mangr W U Tel Co, 3d. 
Atkinson Edward, city marshal. 
Atkinson John C, coal, Main. 
Avritt George C. lawyer and city judge. 
Bailey Wm. grocer, Main. 
Baker Charles, blacksmith, Green. 
Baker Prof, prin high school. 
Ball Charles C, lawyer. Main. 
Barret .John H £ (.'•>. r.obacco, Main. 
Barrett Rev R S ffipiscopal). 
Beatty Dv James, drugs, cor Green and 3d. 
Bell George,, carpenter. 
Beroset Michael, saloon, Main. 
Best George P. grocer. 
Beyer Joseph, saloon, cor 1st and Kim. 
Blackwell P A & Co, hardware, Main. 
B'ackweil K C & Co, Mack-miths, Green. 
Bladauf & Bro, general store, Main. 
Blanc Phillip, jeweler, 2d. 
Bowles Joseph H, express agent, Main, 
Brink Wm, cigar and dealer, Main. 
Bruwn John Y, lawver, Main. 
Brown Michael, blacksmith, 1st. 
Buchholz Frank, confectionery, 2d. 
Buckn^r Henry, restaurant. Main. 
Bunch John A, barber. Kirn. 
Bunch John, lawyer, Main, 
Burch Alex M, County assessor. 
Burk & Smith, -aw-mill (b miles east). 
Burr, Reeve & Co. tobacco, 3d. 
Byrne John M. saloon, 1-t. 
Byrne Peter, grocery, 2d. 
Calender A T, general store, Green. 
Carrol; John, ealoon, 2d. 
C*te Webster, corn-mil! and earding-ma- 

ehine, corner Washington and Green. 
Cheaney Thomas F, city assessor. 
Chestnutt Geo W, barber. Main. r 

Chael Ben] P, circuit judge. 

Clay James F, lawyer. Main. 

Claymeier Henry, brick-maker. 

Clore Joseph (), saw-mill and lumber, < 

7th and Water. 
Commercial House, Geo. M. Vogj 

Proprietor. 3d, bet. Main" and Kirn. 
Coulter Lewis C. agt, saddler, 2d. 
Cunningham Richard 11. lawyer, Main. 
Dabney James R. lawyer. Main. 
0avies* Re\ D O | Presbyterian). 

Mker.& HI. 

!m, carriage manirs. 

Dennis Albert G, lawyer. 

Dhonau Peter A, stovesand tin. 

Di< korson Robert,. grocer. • 

Dixon Archibald, physician, 2d. 

Dixpn RODCFt, Livery, Sale, Feed and 

Exchange Stables, corner 1st and Elm. 

[See adv.) 
Dolard Joseph F. tailor, 1st. 
l)-jr>^j John L. lawyer. Main. 
Dudley A Theodore, "lawyer, Main. 
Duncan Jo© A, propr Duncan's Hotel, 1st. 
Eastin K Scroggin, surveyor. 
Eastin R S, county surveyor. 
Eckert Joseph, meat marker, 2d. 
Egard Mitchell, shoemaker. Main. 
Ellis George G, groceries, Main. 
Emery Samuel, shoemaker, Main. 
English Francis M, mayor. 
Evans Thomas, grocer, cor Main and 2d. 
Farmers" Bank of Kentucky, cap $250,000, 

John E McAlister pres, Leonard. II 

Lyne cashier, Main. 
Farny Paul, blacksmith, 1st. 
Fitzwdliams John, saw-mill (8 miles south;. 
Fleming James H, marble, Main. 
Fleming J II & Son's, Hour-mill, Main. Mrs M, groceries, Main. 
French, Mayer & Co, spokes and handle*. 
Furman Samuel M, dentist, Main. 
F'urman S & W B, physicians, Main, 
Gaines Wm T, grocer, Main. 
Gilligan & Baker, livery, Main. 
Gilmore Allan & Co.tobaceo, 1st and Water. 
Goldstein Mrs R, groceries, Green. 
Hack Sophia, grocer, Main. 
Hafner ,Tohi groceries, cor 7th and Green. 
Hamilton David & Co, tobacco, Main. 

Hancock Thomas B., Dealer in 
Watches, Clocks. Silverware and Jew- 
elry, Main. 

Handley John T, lawyer, Main. 

Hanna Wm M, pljysiciafr. Main. 

Harper Charles II, constable. 

Harrison lien., Editor Henderson 
News, Main. 

D i ■ &^p «k ffi I «-^?f nitj *.« Controlling over $40,000,000 of Fire »» f if 

^MflJI Capital, and operating ia 10 South- I'lll U* MQRftffft*9 


Hart David, council and city clerk. 1st. | Henderson Medical Club, W B Thurman, 
If atehett Ben F, saloon, 1st. pres ; Archibald Dixon, sec. 

Hauraos*er Albin, confectionery., etc, Elm. !■ Henderson National Bunk, cap $200,000. 

llrMbronner Mr.-, J. grocery, Main. - j L C Dallam, pres; 8 K Sueed. cash, Main. 

Ilei-i Marion J, justice of peace* i Henderson News (Weekly). Ben Har- 
Held George W, saloon, Water. rison, Editor and Proprietor, Main. 

Held Louis F.s-iioon. confectioner v.Htr, 2d. | Henderson Reporter (Semi-weekly), 
Hi Id Wna II, confectionery, Main. L. W. Coleman, Proprietor; K. L. Star- 
Hemp togast, grocery, Main. ling, Edttor; Wm.' A. Miller. Foreman, 
llendereor* Building and Loan As?s eiatiori, 2d, opp Poit-office. 

W S John-on. pres; I> G Witt, sec. 2d. I Henson Cbas G, grocer.. 

Henderson Coal and Mining Co., ! Hicks Luther T). tobacco, 1st. 

C:»p. $24,000. Tkos, Soaper, Press.; ,La& ■ Hill & Winstead, distillers, office 2d. 

S. Alves, Sup*., and Sec. ; Joe 8. Alsres, . Hillyer Pbilo 11, books and music. Main. 

Aicent, 2d. { ilmkJe Aaron B, shoes and hats, Main. 

J. W. WILLIAMS, Proprietor. . J. B. BENNETT, CWk. 



Re-fltted and Re-furniBhed. Fir*t-clasg accommodations for tire traveling public. The beet of Liquors 
and Cigars ac the Bar. 




Coraxer Elxao. emd. IF'irst Sts'., - - Henderson, XSZy. 



8. OUEIIDOHFEH, Proprietor. 

Second Street, near Main, Henderson, Kentucky. 

Good Sample Kooma. Kefereace*. the traveling public. 


T. 3BC. ivj:. X4:OaS52elS, 2*£euafeg*x, 

Central and SoutJiern Dep't, 





Hodge Edwin & Go, (tobacco, 3d. 

Hodge John if, tobacco, cor Main and 3d. 

Eodge Jose<ph A, piiy-ician, Main. 

Hoffman John, grocer, C;:-.\ . 

Hbfmann Edw, grocery, cor Elm ami 7th. 

Hofmann Jacob A, grocer. Center. 

Hoilinger Daniel, shoemaker, Main, 

Hollosya.v & Marshall (T S. Hollo- 
way, W. J. Marsi J Bra-*? and Iron 
Foun d ry an d M a< : h I no-.h i i i >s. Ge neral 
Repaki&g of all Kinds i~>>.r:e on Short 
Notice, c-n- Elm and Railroad. 

Hooter Michael, greseer, cor 7th and Green. 

Hopkins W A &Co, dry g« ods, Main. 

Ilord House, J. W. Williams, Proprie- 
tor. Opposite Court-house. (See adv.) 

Hudson J W, physician, Main. 

Huston Fred It, station agent 

H'Uston Win W, produce, Front. 

Jackson Hotel, M. R. Jackson, Fro- 
prietor, .Main 

Jaekso*! M. St., Proprietor Jackson's 
Hotel and Restaurant, .Main, imar 3d. 

JohllSOO C II. & l\vo. (Campbell H. 
and. Win. &.),.. Wholesale and Retail 
Books, Stationery, W r all Paper, Window 
Curtains, Pictures, Frames, Moldings, 
etc. Job Printing a .Specialty, Main. 

Johnson Elliott M, jailer. 

Johnson J as A. barber, Main. 

Johnson W S A: Bvo, drugs, Main. 

Johnston, Joseph B, builder, 2d. 

Jorg'ensoii S'ich.olits, General Insur- 
ance and Real Estate Agent, and No- 
tary Public, opp Post-office. 

Juergens John, shoemaker. Elm. 

Katterjohn & Bros, Hour-mill, 2d nr R. R. 

Kearney Mrs .Mary, boarding, Elm. 

Kohn Nicholas, meat market, 2d. 

Kerr, Clark vt C>. tobacco, Main. 

Kineheloe Jesse B, U 6 dep coll int rev, 
cof Main and 2d. 

King Nicholas, meat market, Green. 

Klauder George, grocery, 4th. 

Krleiderw Fred, tailor, 2d. 

Lab ry Wm E, livery, 1st. 

Lambert James L» tailor, Main. 

Lambert Sam-iiel El, tobacco. 

Lancaster Wm R, painter, Main. 

Lanchheim Herman, groceries, 2d. 

Letcher B \' J H. physicians. 

Levi Mo.-es. sect. nd-hand store, 2d. 

Lewis We; H, boots, shoes, etc, Main. 

Lieber Mr, Hattie B. millinery, 2d. 

Leekett Jo^hu E, lawyer, Main. 

Lockett John \V, lavrver, M"ain. 

L'-r-kett Pascal H, county judge. 

Lync George, drugs. Main. 

Lyne, John A, lawyer, Main. 

Lyne Leonard H, cashier. Farmers Rani, 
of Kentucky. 

McClaih J & Co, distillers, cor Main and 3 ! r 

MeClain Wm P, county attorney. 

M.-Clanahan Angelo B. painter, Main, 

IHcColfeti v John E. President Fa 
Bank of Kentucky. 

MeConnieic & Shelby, tobacco, Main. 

McLaughlin James, groceries. 

Mi'Namara P J. coal mines, Main. 

Mahler Thomas, shoemaker, I'd. 

Mann Bros, dry good's, Main. 

Marshall John L Jr, tobacco, Main. 

Marshall W. J. & Co,, (Wm. J.. 
Posey Marshall, Paul J. Marrs), To- 
bacco, Sales Warehouse, and Commis- 
sion Merchants, and Proprietors Wharf- 
boat, 3d. 

Marshall & Atkinson, tren insurance, Main. 

Martin «k Co, grocery, 2d. 

Mayor's O, A. Sons, Hardware, Cut- 
lery, Guns, Sportsmen's Goods, and 
Glass ; also Agts Miami Powder Co., 
Scales, Step-Ladders, and Farm Imple- 
ments Main. 

Merritt Montgomery, lawyer, Main. 

Metz George <S: Co, hides and pelts, 2d. 

Powell Henry .J, commonwealth attorney. 

Prentice George A, lawyer. Main. 

Rankin J Ed. insurance, 2d. 

Ra>h Otway W, druggist, Main. 

Redman Wm F, dentist, cor ?dain and 3d. 

Reiehert John, cigars. Main. 

Rein hard t & Gabe, meats, Main. 

Reutlinger Sc Eisfelder, brewers, cor Main 
and 8th. 

Riley Louis, tobacco, 1st. 

Biiey L L & Co, tobacco, 1st. 

Robbects David, tobacco, nr Cemetery. 

Rodman Mrs M M, millinery, 2d. 

Rosentield N, notions. 

Rouse John W, real estate, Main. 

Ruby John T, stoves. 

Ryan "Thomas; trrocery, 2d. 

Sandefur RenneU M, livery. l>t. 

SchaefFer Will C, city transfer, Main. 

Metzner & Zimbro, saddlers, 2d. 

Miller A J, sewing machines, Main. 

Miller Rev Jeremiah (German Lutheran). 

Moore Edward R, sewing machines. Main. 

Newman Mrs N S, drc>s-maker, 2d. 

Nicholay Joseph IE shoemaker, 2d. 

Noakes Jonas, cooper, 2d. 


mm I I 

Si 8 

E etchers' p.nd Pamirs' Supplies and G«f>r%l Hardy*™ So«~ 
cialtiesi FEED. SOHMIEPING, 835 Broadway aui 330 H. 
Fourth Strebt, ST, LOUIS, MO. Baud frz Catalogue. 





N orris <fc Co, hardware, Main. 
Oakland Distillery, J MeClain &Co, prop'*, 
' Jberdorf.-r Louis, jewelry, Mails. 
Obertlorior Simon, Proprie 

peau Hotel and Restaurant, 2d, 
gee adv. ) 
Obi '.rdi-ri't-r .S & E, clothing, Main 
():H'r<iMi jVr's fiUixopcau 

and Kotanrunl, 

r Euro- 

r Main, 

Prop'r, 2d and Main. {See adv.) 




s e try . 



r, Main. 


i.ty oierk. 


in-inakers, lit. 


er ana salt, Main. 


^Vholesale and Re 

Pargny Harry, eestai 

Payne & Loekett, moats, Main. 

Peter Jac, jeweler, Main. 

Piepo Henry, grocery, cor 7th and Main. 

Schiaoap Slartin, grocery, eor Ut and Green. 

Scblesinger & Giebel, clothing, 2d. 

Schlesiager Nathan, photographer, Main. 

Seidel Ernst, wagon mnfr, Green. 

Sights Alex D, li 

Siaeniore S A S, i 

Smith George W 

Smith it S & Go, 
Soaper Robert C, 
Soapor Thorn 

tail Dealer in Foreign and Domestic 
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Carpets, 
Oil. Cloths. Mattings, etc., Main. 

Seper Richard H, tobacco, Main and 5th. 

Southern Express Co, J H Bowies, agent, 

Southern Spoke & Handle Co, French, 
Mayer <|fe Co, proprs. 

Stephens J W, confectionery, Green. 

Stone James M, county treas and justice. 

Stratman Mrs F, saloon, Main. 

Streng Manuel J, dry goods, Main. 

Thomas George, barber, 1st. 

Thomasson John C, groceries, 2d. 

Turner II F <fc F L, Lawyers, Main. 

Turner & Dnxey i Win. Turner, F. 
B. Posey), Barbers, Main. 

Ulter Michael, groceries, eor Elm and 9th. 

Unverz:igt& Klein, groceries, 2d. 

Unverzagt & Smith, meat-. Main. 

"Vance S B i' it IX lawyers, Alain. 

V'anks David Jr, circuit clerk. 

Vogel George M, hotel and confectioner. 

Vogel Juhn oc Co, ice, Front. 

W&lker & Lyne, insurance agents, Main. 

Ward Ezra, school commissioner. 

Washburn Wm.B, lawyer, Main. 

Washington Wm B, lawyer, Main. 

Weaver Albert, tobacco, &a4isonvnTfi rd. 

W'.:-hhei.mer C, general -tore. Main. 

Western Union Tel Co, H G Arnold, man- 
ager, 3d. 

WhiUaker W H, grocery. 

Williams ►links W., Propr Hord 

ilOnse. Opp. Court-Mouse. [See adv.) 
Wilson Charles W, tobacco, 2d. 
W'il-on Miss E, millinery. Main. 
\V instead Aaron S, whiskies, 2d. 
V\*o!r" George, bakery, cor Green and 1st. 
Yeaman Malcolm, lawyer, Main, 
j&ook tik Washington, wagon~*naker, 1st. 

H 1: N rDEKSOX'S 311 LL. 

sparsely settled place and country 

Is a 

atHce, in Marshall county, 10 miles south- 
east of Benton, the county-seat. Ship to 
Paducah. either via Ohio River or P. & 
E. R. R., or to Aurora, the most conveni- 
ent point on the Tennessee river, 7 miles 
east. Mail tri-weekly. R. W. Henderson, 

Henderson B W, cotton gin. 
Flenderson J W, dry goods. 
Henderson It. W., Flour-mitt. 

UK Nit V. Small post-office in Mor- 
gan county, 6 miles from West Liberty. 

EI€KMM. On the Mississippi 
river, 40 miles below Cairo, Ills., 200 above 
Memphis. Is the county-seat of Fulton, 
ana is the north-western terminus of the 
N. ; C. & St. L. R'y. Trains connect with 
steamers for Cairo, St. Louis, and points on 
the river. This town is now in a more 
prosperous condition than it ever was. A 
good opening is presented here for a bank. 
Settled in 1833, it was incorporated as a 
village in 1837, and as a city in 1853. It 
has a wewkiy new.-paper, 5 churches, a»d a 
public school. The Hickman Lumber 
ManufacturinLT Company employ 75 men 
and manufacture lumber and furniture to 
a considerable extent. Thai Hickman Oil 
Company have recently completed their 
works at a cost of $CO,000. The wagon- 
works of the celebrated Hickman Wagon 
Company will, probably, turn out some 
2.000 this year. These last works give em- 
ployment to nearly LOO men. It also has 
a plow and wagon factory, 2 ilounng-milU 
3 cotton gins, and 2 goad hotels, the chief 
of which is the Planters' House, recently 
reopened. Exports cotton, tobacco, grain 
and country produce. Western Union 
Telegraph. Southern Express. Population 
1,600. Eliphalat Case, postmaster. 


!\JT>*i. .1. \V. ATKl\vo\, 313-321 Ko. Cllw 
tf-liif U;<». IS.!,, fe; Hrirrlo f housa itiU of 
Contrsicils completed throughout the country. 





Amberg's J Sons, general store. 
Anastasus lUv Father (Catholic). 
Bailey II C, county judge. 
Bundurant 5: Drew ry, commission and pro- 
duce merchants, agricultural impts. ate. 
Bransford Rev E K ('Methodist Si. 
Brevard Richard B, hardware and stoves. 
Brown A M it Co, groceries. 
Buchanan Henry, general -t n>e. : 
Buckner Win T, carriage-maker. 
Campbell Me^ekiaii S, photographer. 
Case Kli -phalet. Postmaster. 
Case Fit/ K, cooper. 
Case F E iV_ Co. grocer?. 
Clav W IT. lumber (3 miles south). 
Cook Rev W II (Christian). 
Gorman J \V tfc Co. stoves and tinware, 
Cowgill John W, drugs. 
D' El ward Charles, barber. 
Bodds Joshua II. farmer and live stock. 
Dougal Joseph, meat market. 
I) iuglass & Adams, meat market. 
Effinger George, gunsmith. 
Farris Alexander A, physician, 
Fethe Hermann, shoemaker. 
Fortune T P & Co,' druggists. 
French Thomas 31, clerk circuit court. 
Frenz Charles, books and stationery. 
Gluser Rudolph, shoemaker. 
Gracey J R & Co, lumber (4 miles s-w). 
Griffin John G, tailor. 
Hackett Charles B, city marshal. 
Hellner Frit/., station a sent. 
HeUner John C. manager W V Tel Co. 
IJertwcck, Battler & Co., (Otto 

llertweek. Charles Baltzer, Henry A. 
Tyler), Manufacturers Hickman Wagons. 
{Set adv.) 

Hickman Courier, George Warren, editor 
and proprietor. 

Hickman Lumber and Manufac- 
turing Co., Clinton L. Randle, pros.; 
Samuel Landrum. See. and Treas.; Henry 
Litth\ Supt.; Manufecturers Furniture 
and Lumber. {S&e adi\) 

Hickman Oil Co., Robt. Thompson, 
Pr<s.; Nashville, Tenn.. Henry Sperry, 
Sec: John F. Campbell, Asst. Sec. and 
Mame-^cr; Manufacturers Cotton-seed Oil 
and Meal. 

Holcomot Charles A, druggist. 

Johnson >I D, live stock. 

Johnson Wm C, sheriff. 

Jones Mri Addie L, millinery. 

$£ayser & Witting, bakery. 

Kingman Albert D, county attorney. 

Kistwer & Gardner, furniture. 

LaiHlruni Samuel, See. and T-< , 
Hickman Lumber arid Mnfg Co.; h. Fr- 
ance Agent an 1 Notary. 

Mcintosh Renj T, confectionery. 

McMahan Thomas R, constable. 

MatLeny Robert >!., Groeerie? 
Provisions and Fishery, and Proprietor 
Planters' Hotel. (Seet,fh | 

M ats< <n V r o Iney , blacks n nth. 

Mayes James W, justice of peace. 

Millet Richard E, city clerk. 

Montgomery House, $1 Per Day, 
J. II. Montgomery, Proprietor^ 

Nashville, Chattaiioog'a & St.. 
.Louis U\v., Fritz Hellner, Agent. 

Nichols Charles T, restaurant. 

Patten James 'N, ph 



uon Gaercba-nt. 

Dvcrton James A, 

Parke Arthur M, dentist. 

Planters' House, £2 per day, Robert 
M. Miitheriy, Prop'r. {See c<h.) 

Plant J II & Bro. general store. 

Plummer Wm B, livery. 

Piummer- Wm T, physician. 

Powell & Bro, groceries, com'n and pro- 
duce merchants. 

Ramage Benj C, marble works. 

Handle Clinton jL., Lawyer and 
Pres't Hickman Lumber and M'f'g Co. 

Reed John C, justice of peace. 

Reed J M, lumber (10 miles west). 

Reid Richard I, express agent. 

Rogers John W, grocer. 

Saunders James H, prin public schools. 

Scharfe Mrs Elizabeth, bakery. 

Sohroeder Frederick, shoemaker. 

Shuck Marion, livestock. 

Shuck "Wm, live stock. 

Sohm Joseph, barber. 

Sohn. Silberfeld & Craner, notions, etc. 

Southern Express, R I Reid, agent. 

Stephens John 1), cooper. 

Stigler Frank, saloon. 

Th<>rna>son Royal F, jailer. 

Thompson Frank grocer. 

Turner Walter J. prop'r Laclede House. 

Tyler Henry A. mayor. 

Tyler II A «i- R T, lawyers. 

Warren George, prop'r Hickman Courier, 

\V U Tel Co, J C Hellner, manager. 

White Samuel N, ftour-mrtl. 

Williams Marion, restaurant. 

Wilson C Huglett, lawyer. 

Wilson John A, clerk county court. 

Witting John, grocery. 






C I.. RANDLE, President. 
SAM'L LAN DRUM, Treasurer. 


Wholesale Dealers in 


SAM'L LANDRTJM, Secretary. 
HENRY LITTLE, Superintendent. 



._.;; ., . .-:•'■ m ----- i__ „- 


R '• 1 

£ttospi4A3ST; k:y 





Rates Reasonable. Special Attention Given to Commercial Men. 

Table Supplied with the Best the Market Affords. 

House is pleasantly situated at the head of Main Street, convenient to boat 
landing, and overlooking the river. A share of the commercial travel is solicited. 





Pfcg^w SS 



HICKMAN, - KY. ^^^^^^m^ 

fi¥$f* IMMfLllRfl ^ ftflff'lliBIAlTJ 

iM ^mmm w riulrlutunu 



J CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Kj, 



HICKORY FLAT. In the ext- 
ern part of Simpson county, 7 frizes east 

of Franklin, the county— ear, its nearest 
shipping point, on the L. & N. R. R. 
Stem*-we* -kiy nodi and stage t*> Franklin, 
Nov Roe and Seottsville; fare 25 cents to 
Franklin and New Roe, and $1 to Sc< tti- 
ville. Population 30. J. J]. Hatfield, 

isurhee 13ff, FU-ur-mill. 

Breedlove Henry, justice. 

trains G W. physician. 

Ilattieid *J. B., farmer. 

Hickory Flat Institute, Dr. G. W. 

Gains, Prest., J. B. Hatfield, Secy. 
Kelly H, physician. 
"Wilson Wm, justice. 


small station on the 31., P. & N. It. R„ in 

Graves county, 245 miles frona Louisville. 

Southern Express. Population 80. Daily 

mail. S. F. Key, postmaster. 

Byrds M. M. <£: Son, General Store. 

Chapman Rev C (Methodist}. 

Collier Polk, marshal. 

Collier & Co, blacksmiths. 

Creason H M, phvsreian. - - 

Edwards' Hotel. * 

Key S. I\ & Co., K. R. and Express 

Agents and Druggists. 
Key & Byrds, Saw*milL 
Thomas John, blacksmith. 

KICO. In the north-eastern part of 
Calloway county, 12 miles north of Mur- 
ray, the county-seat, 44 from Higland, its 
nearest shipping point, on the Tennessee 
river, and 200 south-west of L-ouisv'i'Fie. 
Calvert City, on the P. & E. B. P.. is the 
nearest station. Weekly mail. Popula- 
tion GO. N. C. Brandon, postmaster. 
Bennett J P, blacksmith. 
Brandon M. C, General Store. 
Burkeen J P, tobacco. 
Smith W R, tobacco. 
White W H, teacher. 

HIGH GROVE. In the northern 
part of Nelson county, 13 miles east of 
Bardstown, the county -seat, on the Bards- 
town branch of the L. & N. R. R., and 
26 south-east of Louisville. Stage to Bards- 
town and Bloom rood. Tri-woekly mail. 
S. C. Johnson, postmaster. 

Abell G M, livestock. 
Bridwell G W, wagon-maker. 
Br id well J L, hi tick smith. 
Bridwell W T, blacksmith. 
Cas -sell W W, wagon -maker* 
Clark & Moore, general store. 
Deacon N W, general store. 
Deacon W, flour-mill, ^ 
Evans A 1 1, physician. 
Grant P D. saw- mill. 
Grant "William H, undertaker. 
Hardy William A, wagon-maker. 
Jones John, blacksmith. 
Johns too S, C, General Store. 
Maye II H, physician. 
Moor E G, physician. 

HIGH KNOB. A small post-office 
in Clay county. Weekly mail. Gerry H. 
McWhorter, postmaster. ' 

HIGHLAND, Settled in 1830. T.« 
a village containing 125 people, in the 
center of Lincoln county, 9 miles south of 
Stanford, the county-seat, and nearest bank. 
Ship to King's Mountain Station, on the C. 
S. R'y. Mail tri-weekly. H. P. Young, 

Ballard John, blacksmith. 
Barber H L, physician. 
Bastin A H, general store. 
Bastin M S, justice of peace. 
Bonta Rev E E (Methodist). 
Butt John, blacksmith. 
Carpenter John, saw-mill. 
Horton J K, general store. 
Owens Rev Martin ('Christian). 
Petrey Adam, justice of peace. 
Young Geo W, constable. 
Youilg" M. P., General Store. 
Young James, general store. 


(See Dale). 

Campbell county 

HIKES POINT. Established in 

1879. Is a farm-house post-office in Jeffer- 
son county, 7 miles from Louisville, the 
county-soa't. Daily mail. H. C. Gocke. 
postmaster and grocer. 
Sclinde Elias, blacksmith. 

HIIJL GROVE. Known as Meal- 
vilie, in the southern part of Meade count/, 
10 miles south of Brandenburg, the county- 




Without reference to the Companies we manage. 
BAR3EE & CASTLEMAN, Lou'svifle, Ky. " 
Agent* eveiyvvJitre South. 





scat, 10 west of Sfuldraugh, its nearest 

shipping point, on the P. A E. R. R. 

mail and stage to Muldraugh, -are 
T. M. Shumate, postmaster. 

Brooks D, live stock. 
Patterson R J, tobacco, 
Shumate T. 31., Hotel. 

.■■'■■:. general store. 
Thornsbury J 11, shoemaker, 


HTULK BOROUGH. The terminus 
of the HilkboFO branch K. C. R. R., in 
Fleming county, 120 miles from Louisville. 
This village contains 1 mill, 8 churches, 1 
school and 300 population. Wheat, pro- 
duce, and stock, are the shipments. Stage 
to Owifigsviile and FlemingsWrg. Daily 
mail. J. A. PL Keerans, postmaster. 

BarksdaU 4 A: Co., Dry Gop&s. 

Bushy K E, undertaker. 
Clark John, hutch 
Grain J W, grocer. 
Garr C 11, physician. 
Goodwin Win, blacksmith. 
Hawkins J H, blacksmith. 
Hendrick Rev J P (Presbyterian). 
Keerans &Co., General Store. 
Kiekley C, physician. 
Myers John, railroad agent. 
Piles E O & Co, tobacco. 
Richards E W, physician. 
Phelps Z J, teacher. 
Shields E G, dry goods. 
Shields & Co, groceries. 
Summett George, hotel. 

Falkner J, blacksmith. 
Falkner & Temple, blacksmiths. 
Hinkle C, physician. 
Overbey J W, wboe'-wright. 
Petrie J S, physician. 
Sberrill N, drugs, 

Frencalla S. P. & Bro., General 

IIINTOX. A Sinai! station on the G. 

S. R. R., is Scott county, 17 miles from 

Georgetown, the county-seat. Population, 

150. Adams Express. Daily mail. ThtfSias 

Millian, postmaster. 

Millian & Gil lack, general store. 

Ski via Z T, express agent and gen stores. 

Vance & Mullanix, dour-mill (south). 

. HISEVIELE. In Barren county. 9 

miles from its shipping station, Horse 

Cave (Caverna), is this settlement of 150 

people. Daily mail. Wm. Hogan, 


Lasley Jonn. saddler. 

Nahm J & Bro, general store. 

Strader N J & Bro, merchants. 

Quesenberv I M, general store. 

HI1VL SPRING. Known as Belle- 
view, on the Lexington branch of the L., 
C. & L. R. R., 5 miles south of Newcastle, 
the county-seat, and m the southern part of 
Henry county. Daily mail. A. L. Jone*, 

HINKLE V IEEE. In the northern 

part of Ballard county, 18 miles north of 
Blandville, the county-seat, and 18 south- 
west of Paducah, its nearest shipping 
point, on the M. P. & N.and P. & E. R. R's. 
Tri-weekly mail, and stage to Paducah and 
Blandville, Fare to Puducah $1.50. Pop- 
ulation 40. s. P. Freneaiia, po?trt aster. 
Brown PS, blark^mitb. 
Callings N L W, justice. 
Daviss M W, wheel-wright 
Davis Rev (Methodist). 


HISEEii. A village in Owen county,. 
7 miles from Ow'enton, the county-seat, and 
14 from Sparta, the usual shipping point. 
Population 200. Express Adams. Mail 
tri-weekly. W. II. Sanders, postmaster. 
Clifton Alfred, blacksmith. 
Just John, farmer. 
Kinney & Roher, saw and flour-mills. 

Laist , physician. 

Law , physician. 

Obanion J, farmer. 

Gbanion Juke, farmer. 

Rose Harrison, chair mnfr. 

Sanders W H, gen store and dry goods. 

Willhoil Alvin, farmer. 

Willhoil J, farmer. 

Wood C, farmer. 

JUTES YD EE. A post-village, in 
Union county, 1 miles from Morgantield. 
the seat of justice. Ship direct, via the 
Ohio river. Population 95. Mail trL 
weekly. R. A. Griggs, postmaster. 
Buck man B "W, con stable. 
Griggs J D, general store. 
GriggS R. "A., Wagon-maker. 
Hite R P, live stock. 

MfflL mmm && 

IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. SUiel letters and Fignro*. 

iter* and I 1 ' inures. 1,. BOCHJtt!, I'nt^raver and 






H&fce "VV P, justice. 

Markham M, blaek>mith and justice. 
ShetFer John, shoemaker. 

HOBOrENYILLE. The county- 
seat of La Rue county, is an incorporated 
village, of about 500 inhabitants. It is 11 
miles from Eliz-abethtown, its shipping 
point, and 53 miles from Louisville. It 
contains a flouring * mill, 5 churches, 
Christian, Presbyterian, Methodist, Bap- 
tist, and Catholic, a good hotel, several 
stores, and a seminary. The principal ex- 
ports from Hodgenville are tobacco, hogs, 
mules, sheep, flour, and wheat. Daily 
stage to Elizabetbtown and New Haven; 
fare $1. Daily mail. L. L. LaRue, post- 

Asbcraft J W, harness-maker. 
Bean Misses E & C, millinery. 
Beli R H. photographer. 
Booker J G, livery and stage line. 
Broom field B F, salo-n. 
BrunnerRevI W (Baptist). 
Castieman 8 M, grist and saw-mill. 
Collins J A, proprietor Lynn Hotel. 
Dawson & Birch, livery and saloon. 
Doran W N, stoves and tinware. 
Dougherty Elder C M 'Christian). 
Dunn Phillip, justice of peace. 
Dyer J L, undertaker. 
Enlows W V, carpenter. 
Gore John W, physician; 
Hagan & Co, grocers. 
Hansbaugh M, tobacconist. 
Hargun B J & Sons, dry goods and furn. 
Hayes H A. grocer and justice. 
Haves' Hotel. J R Hayes, proprietor. 
II o ward Tbos P, general store. 
Herd Lon, boot and shoemaker, 
Hubbard Jacob, live stock. 
Jeffries & Bell, carriage and wagon-makers. 
Johnson Hilanv S. lawyer. 
Kirkpatrick B R. live stock. 
Kirkpatrick S G, druggist. 
Kirkpatrick & Co, grist and woolen-mill. 
Larue LL, blacksmith 
Lallue L L, Druggist. 
LaRue & J, con stab!-.'. 
Losley John «fc Son, blacksmiths. 
L\ r nn Hotel, J A Cubing, proprietor. G B. Hour-mill 
Mitchell Wm, meat market. 
Nail R R, carpenter. 
Nail V Y, brick-mason. 

Nantz J R, carpenter. 

N e w t o n J R , s h oe m a k e r . 

O* Brian O. W., Saloon. 

O-'Bryant Jas, stage line. 

Ormstein S, dry goods. 

Price Robert, barber. 

Robertson Thos A, lawyer. 

Ri ertson & Hamilton, dry goods. 

Rodman Wm C, physician. 

Smith J H, lawyer. 

Sutphin J L. dentist. 

Thurman B. J., Attorney -at-law. 
Special Attention to Collections in La- 
Rue, Hardin, and Hart counties. 

Thurman George W, lawyer. 

Twyman J W, lawyer. 

Ward Wm, harness-maker. 

Wilson Win, tinner. 

Young James M, physician. 

HOGxVX. Logan county (See Olm- 

HOLBROOK. In the southern part 
of Grant county, 12 miles south-west of 
Williamstown, the county-seat, 8 miles 
south of Mason, its nearest shipping point, 
on the C. S. R'y, and 75 north-east of 
Louisville. Mail semi-weekly. Express 
Adams. Population 100. W. H. Roberts, 

Beverley Rev Stephen (Methodist). 
Denny T J, physician. 
Green J W, distillery. 
Gross J P, carpenter. 
Gross Stephen, blacksmith. 
Jewett Joseph, distillery. 
Jewett Wtu, blacksmith. 
Jump M, wagon-maker. 
McGinty Owen, cooper. 
Roberts W. II., Live Stock. 
Roland J C, general store and hotel. 

HOLLY HILL. In the southern 
part of Whitley county, 14 miles south of 
Whitley, the county-seat, and 8 miles from 
Pine Knot its nearest shipping point, on 
C. S, R'y. Mail tri- weekly. Population 
100. John L. Davis, postmaster. 
Bali Rev J D (Baptist). 
Cuddell David, wagon-maker. 
Davis John, general store. 
Davis »T. L., Hotel and Farmer. 
Gilreath B P, saw-mill. 
Gilreath L J, blacksmith. 


1 HIM 

Controlling over |40,000,000 of Fire 
Capital, and operating in 10 south 
em States, with chief office in 
Louisville, &y. Agauts everywhere 

i Fin h imm 





Gilrea-th Wm, constable, 
(irtt'ii James, express agent. 
II ays A, justice of peace. 
Uveii Rev Milton | Methodist). 
Kimball W H, R R agent. 
Ryan Thomas, blacksmith. 
Stephens E. «& L., General Store and 

HOL/T. Breckinridge eounty, a small 
p<>st-office, lately established. 

HOME. A hamlet in Pike count}', 
SO miles from PikevUte, the nearest ship- 
ping point, and 430 from Louisville. Pop- 
ulation 200. Mail semi-weekly. David 
V HTiover, postmaster. 
Ashoa James & Son, general store. 
Baumg&rdner John, wagon-maker. 
Muilery Win, live stock. 
Potter Isaac, blacksmith. 
Rice Wm, wa^on'-maker. 
Yanover David, General Store. 
Vanover Kiijah, blacksmith. 
Whiiaker Wm, distiller. 



A new post-office in Logan 

HOOD'S KUN. In Greenup county, 
is a small post-office having this name. 

HOPEWELL. In Greenup county, 
on the &. K. R. K., 210 miles from Louis- 
ville, is this village, with its 4 churches, 1 
school and 200 In habitants. Eggs, ehar- 
'••>al, and ore, are shipped. Mail daily. J. 
C. Irwin, Sr., postmaster. 
Curry H S, carpenter. 
Irwin Alexander, blacksmith. 

Irwin James C. »Tr., General Store. 
Irwin James €» Sr., R. R. Agent 

and Postmaster. 
Kiser John, constable. 
Mclvinster Rev Joseph (Methodist). 
Pearce C, saw and grist-mill. 
Rife Rev J (Baptist). 
Wornaek W 


HOPKINSVII.LJi:. The county 
seat of Christian, the fourth county in' 
wealth and population in the State, was 
located and laid off in 1790, and was origi- 
nally culled Elizabethtown. It is prettily 
located on Little River, and upon the 
dividing line between the prairie lands of 
South-Christian and the hilly region in the 
northern part of the county. The lands 
embraced within the corporate limits are 
sufficiently rolling to afford good drainage, 
and the city is one of the healthiest in the 
Mississippi Valley. The city is situated 
on the L. & N. R. R.. 71 mile's from Nash- 
ville, 87 from Evan&ville, and 175 from 
Louisville. In 1870 the place had a popu- 
lation of about 3,000 souls, since which 
time it has nearly doubled. Nocity in the 
State has made more rapid progress during 
the past few years. Her tobacco market, 
which is not yet ten years old. is the third 
in importance in the State. Her location 
makes her the natural market of the 
largest and most productive tobacco crow- 
ing region in the world. Her churches, 9 
in number, are large, weil-constructed, 
handsome buildings, and a tine new public 
school building has just been completed. 
The court-house, which cost $90,000, is one 
of the largest in the State, and is an orna- 
ment to the city. Among her more im- 



Special Attention given to Collections in the Counties of LaRue, Hardin and Hart 

pen is. co. of mum 

Central And 

Soil, th era Dep t, 

■ • • • li 





porta nt Irasiteess establishment?! are 6 large 
tobacco warehouses, 3 extensive flour raid 
grist-mills. 2 plun.1 ng- imi'k», '■> batiks, with 
an aggregate capital of $40fL0O0, 2 hotels, 
one foundry, 3 e'arriajge factories) one of 
which is owned by Messrs. MeCarney, Bonte 
& Co., and is the largest in "Western Ken- 
tucky : a plow factory, five tobacco re- 
handling houses, and 3 weekly newspapers. 
The Kentucky J?ew Era • J >"in. .« is one of 
the stost influential in the Stat®. The 
South Kentuckian is also Democratic in 
politics, and is a prosperous, well-con- 
ducted sheet. The Republican is in 
politics what its name implies, and 
although recently established, bids fair 
to become an influential public organ. 
Its educational institutes are Bethel Fe- 
male College (J. 31, Rust, A. M., P;v.d- 
dent), employing 10 teachers. Tin's col- 
lege is in a flourishing condition and is 
celebrated a. ; > one of the finest institutions 
in the State. The South Kentucky Fe- 
male College; and the Western Kentucky 
Lunatic Asylum are located here. Tne 
steam flouring-mill and grain elevator of 
Messrs. Rabbeth, Browned *fc Co., and the 
planing and saw-mill, and sash, door and 
blind manufactory of Messrs. Brownell & 
Co. are particular institutions of this city. 
"Western Union Telegraph. Southern Ex- 
press. Daily mail. Susan H. Burbridge, 

Abernathy & Co, tobacco, Nashville. 
Alexander C G, live stock. 
Alexander Lawrence G, physician, Main. 
Anderson Clarence, photographer, Main. 
Anderson Robert M, grocer, Court. 
Anderson <& Cheaney, grocer, Virginia, 
Armstrong John W, surveyor. 
Ballard Henry C, irroceries, stoves, etc. 
Bank of Hopkinsville, Capital 

$250,000, John C. Latham, President; 

James A. Wallace, Cashier; cor Main 

and Russellvilie. 
Banks Arthur C, barber, Bridge. 
Barry Mrs. M, dress-making, Main. 
Bell Langlev. saloon. Main. 

Bethel female College, J. W. Rust. 

A. M., President. [See adv.) 
Blythe John W, wagon-maker, Clay. 
Bobtiek jreseph L, grocer. 
Bourne Robert R. dentist, over Bank of 

Boyd & Henry, lawyers, Hopper's Block. 

Brandon Green H. jeweler, Court. 

Brasher Joab C, cnmty attorney, court' 

Brasher Pengree W, eenstable. 

Breathitt James, lawyer-. Hopper's Bit; 

Breathitt John W., County Clerk 

Brown Cyrus M, sheritf*. 

li^.owiielJ & Co. if. G. Browne! 
John t>rr), Mnfrs. Sask, Doors . as . 
Blinds, Moldings, and Dealer- in Lum- 
ber, Lath, and Shingles, Tobacco Hogs- 
heads, Railroad. 

Buckner <iv Wooldridge, tobacco, Main. 

Buie & Bro, lawyers,' MaJn. 

Callis & Hays, (Edward G. CaUia 
James D. Hays), Real Estate, Insurance, 
and Collection Agents, Main. (See adv i 

Camn^eH 4fe Gait her (Edward h. 
Campbell, Nat, Gaither), Attorneys-at- 
Law and Collection Agents, office e. e 
Main, opp. Planters 3 Bank. 

Campbell ©eorge V, hardware, Main. 

Campbell John P, justice of peace. 

Campbell & Williams, dentists. 

Cansler Polk, livery, Russellvilie. 

Cavanah Nicholas L, groceries, Court. 

Champlin George A. lawyer, Weber Bhxk 

Chastain Joseph S, oil, lamps and tailor, 

City Bank, capital $60,000; Lucien Jon« •«. 
pres't; Geo C Long, ca'shier, cor Main 
and Russellvilie. 

Clark & Gaines, physicians, Main. 

Cohn J oseph S, groceries, Main. 

Collins & Trice, painters, Main. 

Cooper James O, prop'r Pluenix Floteh 

Courtney Jonas, coroner. 

Cowan, Hugsrins & Hart, grocers, Nashv'I. 

Crescent Flour-mills and Eleva- 
tor, Rabbeth, Brownell & Co., Propr '•■ 
Railroad. (See arfv). 

Cross, Ducker& Dryer, carriages, Virginia. 

Cross Nelson, barber, Main. 

Crumbaugh Samuel R, lawyer, Weber B!* 

Davis Leander B, grocer, Virginia- 
Day John C, tobacco. 

Dennis John M, phvsioian, Main. 

Diamond Coal Mines (W. S M 
Nary, Pres't; Tbos. J. Morrow, Sec). 
Wholc-aic and Retail Coal; Nashville. 

Dickens John, lawyer. Main. 

Dh'trieh Charles H, prin public school. 

Ditikelspeil fsaa-c, millinery, Main. 

Diimeen John, blacksmith^ Russellvilie 

Downer James W. lawyer. Weber Blot*. 

Dukuid Warner, restaurant, v 




IL/lE^aX^-^lv:! S& "^7"XHiO-XJ3, Proprietors. 



| ■ 1 '^ 




Tin; paper is Be.nioeratic in Politics, .:>. | tevotod to the interests of Christian and surrounding Counties. 

It has a Large and eons'taatly increasing circulation in one < f the iiehe-t sections ot the state. Adverti- 
sing rates libera! All kinds of JOH WORK done \\ ltli .Neatness tuid Despatch, at 
City Prices. 

a. F. McCAAlY. W. C. WRIGHT. W. T. BONTE. 



'7 " i l Factory on Spring St., near Main, 


R< i ep constantly on hand, or make to order, Carriages, Rockaways, Buggies, kc. Repairing promptly 
and neatly done. 


fejfffc^ \ pePKINgYIIiMS, KY. ^0^^^^. 

T. L. SMITH, Proprietor. I 


Buggies, Hacks, Driving and Saddle Horses Always Ready. ■ 
Carefu! Drivers Furnished when Required. 
Horses and Mules Bought and Sold. 

I aball strive to pieaie all who may favor me with their patronage. * : — *^ 


(till tfsA k^\ fnrRippQ^^^cii^^^^H^^^ 

UiAlWUiiid^uU itVil U^l illlWWj^Send for Illustrated Catalogue andPrki 





Dunbar Mrs E .J, dress-maker, Nashville. 

Edmunds John T. tobacco. 

Edmunds N. 15. & Co^Njck B. Ed- 
munds, K. Ewing Burbridge} ; , iProp'rs 
Hopkinsville Plow M&ftwitietory and 
Grocers, cor. Virginia and Court. 

Edwards Edwin, groceries, Court. 

Eger Dr , physician. Main. 

Elb Louis, general store. Main. 

Elliott Win C, fish and game. Court. 

Ellis F h& Co, Hour-mill, Railroad. 

Ellis James O. city clerk, auditor and treas 

Evans John C, druggist, Main. 

Excelsior Planing Mills, 31 C Fori-.-, propr. 

Fairleigh Robert M physician, Main. 

Farrell James O. principal Christian county 
Male Institute, 

lebree, lawyers, 
nrv, sho-muki 
tfrs Emnia,dr< 

\VV '-■!*, 


M, tobaeo 

m C. build 
general stc 

p, Nu-ln 



Editor Kentucky 








Fry J 

FulHlove Wm K; t dlor. 

Fuqua William 3L.. 31. D. f Physi- 
cian arid Surgeon, City Bank Block. 

Gaines Sam 31, 
New Era, Court. 

Gant J K & Son, tobacco. 

Gant & Davison, dry-goods, Main, 

Garnett & De Treville, gen store, 

Garth Wm L, lawyer, Main. 

Gish tfc Garner, drugs and hooks, 

Gish & Young, physicians, Main. 

Glas3 Wm, restaurant. Main. 

Gorman Frank T, tailor, Main. 

Gray & Newton, barbers, Bridge. • 

Green George V. nursery. 

Gregory M 6c Bro, agri imps. Nashville. 

Grissam Micajah W, groceries, C^urt. 

Guynn Robert, grocer, Main. 

Hall Andrew, marble, Spring. 

Hall Gu> W, saloon. Bridge. 

Hanna Meacham & Wist, saw-mill (12 
miles north). 

Hamia31ichaol, Foundry and Machine 
Shops, Clay. (Set adv.) 

Harrison Sarftuel 11 grocer, Main. 

Hart Isaac, general store. Main. 

Hawkins J-arrei, grocer. 

Hawkins & Gross, harbera. 

Hazley &< ■■ Father (■ Catholic). 

Henderson, Emersoia W, groceries. Main. 

Elickman l.» B, physician, Hopper's Block. 

H i 1 i W m M , p h y sieian, Main. 

Hipkins James M, livery, Bridge. 
HisgOn & Hayden, painters-. 
Hooser & Overshiner, hardware, Main. 
Hoi>kbi8Yille Land .Bulletin, Callig 

& Haves, Pubs, CircuU'n 3,000. (Stc-ia- , 
Hopkinsville Plow Man'fy, N. B; 

Edmunds & Co.. Prop'rs. 
Hopper & Son, drugs, book*, Main, 
Hopson W H, physician. 
Hord & Myers, grocers, Virginia. 
Howe James M, jeweler, Main. 
Jarrett C F & Co, tobacco, Main. 
Jesup James G, tobacco. 
Johnson James A, harness- maker. 
Jones & Russell, general store, Main. 
Keene Rev T G (Baptist). 
Kentucky New Era. Circulation, 
.2,250, Hunter Wo ^Proprietor; S. M. 

Gaines, Editor, Court. 
Knight Ch: ! les, lawyer. 
LacV Charles 31., Prop'r Phcenix Sa* 

loon, Main. 
Landes & Clark, lawyers. Main. 
Laub Andrew M, saloon, Nashville. 
Lewis Charles, barber. Main. 
Lewis M. propr Lewis house, Nashville. 
Liepstein Max, hides and furs, Main. 
Lindsey Wm D, saddler. 
Long. Americus V, co. judge, court-house. 
Long Aqtiilla B, jailer. 
Long G W & Son. carpenters. 
Lovier Richard H, watch-maker, Main. 
Lovier Wm S, watches, Nashville. 
Lowry Wm A, tobacco, Nashville. 
Mc€amy,Boiite&€o. (H.F. McCa- 
my, W. T. Bonte, W. C. "Wright), Car 
riagcand Spring "Wagon Manufacturer", 
Spring, near Main. (See adv.) 
McClanahau J W & Co, drugs and bock*. 

Model I an J, wagon-maker, Russellvill*- 
MeClellan John, shoemaker, Main. 
McNeal & Co, grocers, Nashville. 
McPherson John W, lawyer, Main. 
McReynolds Pw S <fc Co, coopers and broom 

Marshall ilev C K (Christian). 
Martin Mr- B I, milliner, Main 
31 each am & Wiltons (Charles M. 
Meaeham, Wm. A. Wilgus)* public- 
era and Proprietors South Ken tuck' •-'' 
Brid-''. (S^adr.) 
Means Lucian W, meat market, Main. 
Mears-' Young J, county assessor. 
MerriH Dubney & Bush, gentV ftirnishi% ? 
goods, boots and slices. Main. 



K. 0. CALLIS. JAMES D. HAYS, Attorney at Law. 

OALL1S 6z E-Z^uTrS, 



Main Street, next floor to Planters Bank, HOPKINS VILLE, KY. 


We publish Monthly, The HppkinsvlHe, Law Register, and will mail it FREE on appli- 



,:" ;: *'-% Crescent Mills ' and Elevator, 

^' ' '■ '' ' W? Flour and Grain.') 

/ Railroad Street. - - - H0PK1NSV1LLE, KY. 


Grain will be received for storage at this Elevator on the follow- 
- an it;g terms: 

Receiving and Weighing l Cent per Bushel. 

fanning and Cleaning l Cent per Bushel. 

- Weighing and Bischarging in Bulk . . . I Cent. per Bushel 
-■^ Grain in Bulk l-t month vJ Cents per Bushel, 

a- _-. I! or each month thereafter, or fractional part . 1 Cent per BuHhel. 
..... ^ VVe will have Grain Insured at the lowest rates for parties degir- 

— iu^ it. and will he respooaiWe for all h>*<< in weights, except natu- 
ral loss hy shrinkage. . 



• : A',V MILLS, TOBACCO SCREWS, '.. ■ .--:-• - - ■ 

:< ■' 'i-winK Shttftings, Pulleys, steam Fittings. Brass * .-..,,-,>• p-Q 

'/• la Wrought Iron Pipes, pelting, Ac. 

Repairing done and satisfaction guaranteed. HOPKINSVILLF KY* 

IS ASlLttI v unit 


J CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Kv. 






Metcalfe C W & Tiro, groceries* Main. 

Meyer Max, grocery, Court. 

Minck Jno W, meats, RusselTvtlle. 

Mitchell Jno J r hUitkftnt&b-, Clay. 

Moayon John,. general store, Nashville. 

Morris Jno I>, master com' r chancery. 

Morrow Thus J. Goal, Nashville. 

Mozart Hall., M&& D Rodgers, manager. 

Nelsof-n & Jesup, to&acco, Railroad. 

NTewland Oscar, physician, Court. 

Norwood Robert W, exp and ins agent, 

Oncle Julius, meats, Nashville, 

Paytte & Young, grocers, Nashville. 

Petree & Littell lawyers, Weber block. 

Phelps II A Jc Son, lawyers, Hopper block. 

Planters Bank of tfopfemsville, 
capital s?7C,U^0 Kj $. E. Trice, j res; Vm. L. 
Trice, cashier, Main, 

Pool & Ua; -U sal n, Bridge-. 

Posteil Peter, grocery, Court. 

Pureed &' Austin, wagon mnrrs, Virginia. 

Pye James& Co, clothing, .Main. 

Pyle Abuer \V, furniture, M'.du. 

Py-le James F, grocer. Main. 

Kabbeth, Brownell & Co., (J. T. 
Rabbeth. P. J. Brownell, John Orr) 
Prop'rs Crescent Mills ami Elevator, 
Pvailroad. (See «dv,) 

Rag-dale Win E, tobacco, Nashville, 

Raudle Mrs Mattie P, manager W U Tel, 

Randolph Coleman, confectionery, Nash- 

Renshaw F P & Co. groceries, Main. 

Roach & Latham^ dry goods, Main. 

Rodman James, Supt Western Kentucky 
Lunatic Asylum. 

Rogers Mrs M E, milliner, Nashville. 

Rosen ban m Ben, general store, Main. 

Rust J. W., A. M., Pres. Bethel Fe- 
male College. (See adv.) 

Savage Johnson T, bakery, Main. 

Schmitt Martin, bakery, RussaHville. 

Schweitzer Frederick, confectionery, Nash, 

Shanklin. Charles G, agr imp. Main, 

Shannahan John C, shoemaker. 

S lessor & Hass. general store, Main. 

Smith George W, groceries. Kus^ellville. 

Smith J W I, ft and pass agt L & N R 
R, ofuce, depot. 

Smith Kev M O (Cumb Presbvterianb 

Smith Thomas L,., Livery, Sale-. Ex- 
change and Feed Stable, Spring, between 
Main and Virginia. 

South Kentucky College, R C Cave, pres- 
South Kentuckiaii, Meacham &"WU. 

gus, Publishers and Proprietors, Bridge. 
(See adv.) 

Streng & Frankel, general store, Main.-. 

Stcehr Philip, boots and shoes, Main. 

Svpert L. xV., Lawyer, Loans and Col- 
lections, Hopper's Block. 

Tate Kev J C ('Presbyterian). 

Taylor <.v; Edmundson, saloon, Nashville. 

Thompson Charles A, hardware, Main. 

Thompson George, furniture, Main. 

Thompson George V, tobacco, Railroad. 

Trice John B, treas Western Ky Lunatic 
Asvlum, office, Planters' Bank. 

TrieJ S E, pres Planters 5 Bank of Hop, 
kinsv.ille, Main. 

Tanks John M, blacksmith. 

Tw^man Win \Y, groceries, Main. 

Lfnderwood Benj T, circuit clerk. 
T: ler^ood & Co, coal-yard^ Railroad. 

Wait] James Lu, Watches, Clocks, 
J< ■■v.'elry, etc., Main. 

"Wallace Allen, justice of peace. 

Wallace James A, cashier Bank of Hop* 

ki tis villo. Main- 
Ware W W$ Go, dry goods. Main. 

Webb Charles B. saddler, Main. 

Weill Joseph, livery, Nashville, 

Wells Gus A, photographer, Main. 

West Charles E. sewing-machines, Main. 

West George U, meat market, Clay. 

West Jehu B., Auction and Commis- 
sion, Express and Transfer, and City 
Bill Poster. 

"West & Yancey (R A West and J W Yan- 
cey }, coal, Adams. 

Western Union Telegraph, Mrs M P Han- 
dle, manager, Main. 

Wheeler, Mills & Co, tobacco, Russell v ill*. 

Wiley c\r Hunter, general store, Main. 

Willis W J. meats, Main. 

Win free J IT & Co, agr-1 imp's, Nashville. 

Winfree Wm P, insurance agent, Main, 

Winfree & McCarroll, lawyers. Main. 

Witty John H, moats, Itussellville. 

Wood Hlltlter, Proprietor Kentucky 
Nevv Era. Court. 

Wood L G & E, flour-mill, east •- ■*'; 

"Wood & Wood (Hunter and James U 
Lawyers, Court. 

Wooklridge & Buokner. druggists, Ma"-- 

Young George, stoves and. tin, Nasbvb^ 

Y r John, hardware, guns, etc, Court. 



; tS. I 

E, KY 



cd ID 

• * . 

to "^ 

o -- £ 

aj - 
x: =i 

c ■; a 'J 


O u o 

_ o 


o c a 

u 2 ^ 

^<-^ U U U J 

n r ~n in co 

Board, including literary . f rsisl i 

rooms, fuel and lights . ... *l; I (1 

W&ihintr . , . . i>0 cents .per doaec 

n in Preparatory Engiian . . . 'IM 00 

Collegiate. Schools mth Preparatory Lan- 

guagea -"• 00 

lUpIoraa 5 08 

«''-rtificAti?5 of Proficiency, Bpecifyiag the 

branches studied in any of rh« school* 1 0(J i 


• ! |< rn Languages, each 

Music— Piano, Guitar, or separate roealiza 

fckjo, each . .• ". 

Use of Instrument for practice, one period. 


Calisthenie Drill 

Art— Drawing in Pencil and Crayon 

Painting in Oil . . 

$10 00 

as oo 

5 00 

3 00 

15 06 

an oo 

The Louisville Volksblatt. 





S7 TUa-ircS. Street, "be^reen IxXs-rlcet stsacL Teffersen. 

As an advertising sftcdinm w-e have combined a larger circulation, and offer greater advantages then 
»By other German paper in the South-west , whue oui advertisicg And subscription rates are the lowest. 
The Volksblatt is the authorized Public Printer for the City of Louisville. 

Job P&tig is asj tagijags Pone wits Sgpsttl ass is tss Kigiest Stjle of Art, 

i < 




bout rtfcrerco to the Com pari >e« we managtt, 
BAR BEE & CAS'REMAN, Louisville, Ky. 
Agents evetywheie Sout&u 




HOKX'S STOItE. In the northern 

part of Grayson comity, 11 miles east of 
Leitehfield, the county-seat, 6 north-east of 
Grayson Springs Stationi its nearest ship- 
ping point, on the P. & E. K. K.; and 05 
south of Louisville. Southern Express* 
Setm^wBBkiy mail. Papulation 20. H. S. 
Horn, postmaster. 
Rom G S, farmer. 
Horn H. S. £b Son, Tobacco. 
Jeffries Rev G P (Methodist). 
Watkins & Bro. irenera; store. 

HORSE BRANCH. On the P. & 
E. H. ft., in the scut k-e as tern part of Ohio 
county, 15 miles south-east of Hartford, the 

county-seat, and 90 south- west of Louisville. 
Southern Express Daily mail. Popula- 
tion 50. R. A. Miller, postmaster. 
Ax ton .J T, tobacco. 
Bunch G T. E B agent. 
i'-Wdii Eev James (Christian). 
Deifeart Wm, staves. 
Fields II C, grocer. 
Ford John A; grain and live stock. 
Ford Joseph, tobacco. 
Ford N H, genera! store. 
Howard A. general store. 
Miller J D, justice of peace. 
Miilel* Kofoert A., 'farmer. 
Neaphas S. \V., 'Grocer and Drugs. 
Tilford Jerry, dentist. 
Wilson Ansel, distiller. 

HOUSE CAVE. Is in Hart county. 
This station, on the L. vfe N. It. R., 7 miles 
from. Munfordviiie, the county-seat, and 
80 from Louisville, is the shipping point 
for a large section of the surrounding- 
country, both north and east. It contains 
a population of 800, a weekly newspaper, a 
hotel, L- Hoar-mills, a bank, '1 ehurvhes, and 
2 schools. The exports are extensive, and 
consist of wheat, tobacco and live stock; 
so«ae fruit, also, is marketed. Express,. 
Adams. Mail daily. Samuel Martin, 
po<t master. 

Bailey Jolm H, live stock. 
Barlow Henry, btefccksmifch. 
B :.:• mt Mr- E A, millinery. 
Beastl Wm„ Lawyer. 
Bppy Rev A \\ ■ Presbyterian). 
11' ■'-) I reo, sboemak-T. 
Byhee Wm E, watch-maker. 
By bee Mrs VV E, miliinerv. 

j Carter David C\ livery. 
| Edwards Martin V. physician. 
! Fleming Robert 11, stoves and tinware. 
I Garvin Thos H. physician. 
i Green. & Taylor, lawyers. 
I Grinstead John, blacksmith. ' 
| Hester Robert A, proprietor Hester House. 
j Hughes Black, police judge. 
J iCatz Abraham J, general store. 
| Kiitley Perry, live stock. 
i McKay & Bailey, groceries. 
j Mausiield .] L, live stock. 
! Martin Samtieh Postmaster. 
! Merchants' )^;uiklru»* Co., 'Capital 
$l'6,0O0: Butler H. Waters, President; 
Will;- M. Mustam, Cashier. 
! Mitchell Jas & Son, flour-mill. 
■ Murrelt Rev S L (Methodist). 
! Mustaiu Thos H, tobacco, 
j Mustam T H & Co/general store. 
I Mustain Willis ML, Cashier Mer- 
chants' iBanking Company. 

3S ell Timothy, carriage-maker. 

Owen Henrv S. genera] siore. 

Fag.. R,.v B E ( bCpu-n. 

Parrish & Green, drugs and books. 

Poynter & Bros, flour-mill. 

Settle Morgan, wagon-maker. 

Smith Mrs Olivia, confectionery. 

Sommers H A, editor Hart County Dem- 

Sommers AYheeler & Green (H. 
A. Sommers, \v. II. Wheeler, G. S. 
Green). Proprietors Hart County Demo- 
crat, H. A. Sommers, Editor. 
I Terrv Rev N G (Baptist). 
j Walton Rev T S (Methodist). 
1 Waters Butler H, leaf-tobacco. 
j Wheeler Win. 11., Adams Express 

and Station Agent. 
I Wheeler & OrtMMi ( Wm. H. Wheeler, 
i George S. Green), Insurance Agents. 
| White John M, undertaker. 
j White Mrs Virginia C, millinery. 

White and "W'ilcoxson, general store. 
! Wright Mrs M T, miliinerv. 


landing on the Curat 

sell eonntv, 120 miles 

67 fronj ' Lebuntm, 

station. Tri-weekly 


Dunbar Elues, shoemaker 

Dunbar II H, constable. 

»fOTTO>r. A 

Hand river, in Rus- 
>om Louisville, and 

ts nearo-t railroad 
mail. R. Dunbar, 

.3 W&MW 




J 'VOl >M'tOl 

tyl Ungriw 

tamps, Self-Inking Stamps, Ban't' Siamf>£ an tfbee« 
\H):\tour Printing Presses ana Type. £j, BOCHJK, 
d JJie Sinker, loo Randolph St., CHICAGO, Ilk 



Dunbar James, raft pilot. 
T>imbar If.., General Store. 

Faikenberg K S, Hour-mill. 
Jones James, raft pilot. 
Kean E G, carpenter. 
Kean James H, cooper. 
McClure B. S., Flour-mill. 
Paul Samuel H, blacksmith. 
E\>d .• srs B I", lumber; 
V. tlTiams II O, physician, 
Williams G. W., Surveyor. 

HOUSE'S STORE. In the north- 
em part of Clay county. 12 miles north of 
Manchester, the county-sqat, 20 east of 
Livingston, its nearest shipping point, on 
the L. & N. S. K., and 17-3. south-east of 
Louisville. Daily mail, and stage to Man- 
chester and Livingston. D. B. House, 

Harris Prof Samuel, prin high school. 
House J>. 15.. Genera! Store. 
House Thomas, general .store, 
Lincks John & Bro, dist'rv and (four-mill. 


count v (See Laurel ('reek). 


HOWARD'S MILE. This is a 

post-office, in Montgomery county, 5$ 
miles from Mi. Sterling, the shipping 
point, by rail, and 1324 from Louisville. 
Population 30. Four mails a week. J. 
~W. Cook, postmaster. 
Cook J. W., General Store. 
Hamilton J C & G, Hour-mill. 

HOWES BURG. Is in Jefferson 
county, a small post-office only. 

HOWE'S V A ELE Y, In the west-. 

en; part of Hardin county, 11- miles vest 
of Elizabeth town, the county-seat, 7 south- 
west of Cecilia, its i\ea,TCst shipping point, 
on the P. & E. and L. 6c N. E. R's. Popu- 
lation 50. Semi-weekly mail. T. L. Stiies, 

Cunditf Rev B A (Methodist). 
Gray G R, mil road agent. 
HDenderson R A, blacksmith. 
Howard T. B., Physioiaa. 
McGill RevC R (Methodist). 
Phillips <& Stiles, General Store. 
^Ttte T W, phvsician. 
Purceli James,J>laoks m ith. 
Sti!e> J W, blacksmith. 
Walker John \V.. Flour-mill. 

HUDSOX. In the southern part of 
Breckinridge county, 1-V miles south of 
Hardin slmrg. the county-seat, 18 north of 
Vine Grove, its nearest shipping point, on 
the P. iSr E. K. R., and 53 south-west of 
Louisville. Semi-weekly mad. Popula- 
tion 30. Ralph E. Cox, postmaster. 

HUEYSYIEEE. In the southern 
part of Floyd county, 18 miles south of 
Prestonburg, the county-seat, 65 miles 
south of W 11 lard, its nearest station on the 
E. K. R'y, 16 from the mouth of Middle 


its nearest shipping point. 

tion 20. "'Weekly mail. Israel Turner, 
Dean J, shoemaker. 
Greer J F, general store. 
Hare M, blacksmith. 
Martin Adam, general store. 
Martin Joim B, justice of peace. 
Martin Joel, lumber. 
Nell John, ftour-mill and general store. 
Osborne Win, live stock. 
Salyer Reuben, justice of peace. 
Turner Israel, General Store and Lire 

HUMPY. .Only a small post-office 
in Pike county, lately established, 

HUXNEWELL. A village, in 
I -Greenup county, 15 miles from the 
I county-seat, and a station on the E. K. 
i Pi. P. Iron and coal form the exports. 
' The population number 5*'>0. A machine 

sbbp, a church and a public school are 
! here. • Express Adams. Mail daily. J. 
J BJ Eifert, postmaster. 
I Crawford W H, R R agt. 
I Myers D, general store. 
| Sellards A B, phvsician. 
j White RevT B (Methodist), 

Whittington C, general store. 

HUXTfiirS DEPOT. On the 

Bardstown brunch of the L. & N. R. R., in 
the western part of Nelson county, 4 miles- 
north- v, est of Bardstown, the county-seat, 
and 35 sourh-e.Mst of Louisville. Popula- 
tion 75. Adams Express. Daily mail. 
J. B. Hunter, postmaster. 

/ Louisville, Ky. Ageuts everywhere. 





D jam John IT, distiller. 

Beam John S, distiller. 

Green we! i T K. blacksmith. 

Hunter John *>., Store, and R. R. Agt. 

MeGee Joseph Jr, dentist. 

McGee J J, distiller. 

McGee Lee, distiller. 

Russell Rev S. D I). 

Si raja on> M 8, physician. 

Stuart A, distiller. 


in Breathitt county. 

A post-office 

HUNTS VI LLE. In the western 

part of Butler county, 12 miles south-west 
of Morgan town, the county-seat, 5.4 south 
of Rochester, its nearest landing on Bar- 
ren river, via Green & Barren River 
Navigation Co. Weekly mail. Popula- 
tion 150. Ellen K. Cowen, postmaster. 
Abbott B J, general store. 
Brown George, flour and saw-mills. 
Cowen Ellen C. f Bfcugs and Groceries 
Hunt Alexander, physician. 
Hunt Daniel; lumber. 
Manley Samuel; blacksmith. 
Manley Richard E, blacksmith. 
3tanlev Mr.-, milliner. 
Rend W W, leather. 
Rowland J B, carpenter. 
Vaughan H, wagon-maker. 

HURRICANE. A post-office on the 

Ohio river, in Crittenden county, 18 miles 
from Marion, the county-seat. Ship di- 
rect via Ohio river. Population 30. Mail 
daily. R. W. Foster, postmaster. 

Foster, Threlkeld & Co., General 

HUSTOXVIEEE. This town is in 
L'?%oln county, is incorporated, and has a 
population of 350. It is "2 uuies from 
Moreland station and 3 from Shelby City. 
Alcorn Edward, physician. 
Austin Q C, blacksmith.. 
Bishop Wm, flour-mill. 
Bradley John, wagon-maker. 
Brown Samuel, Macks mith. 
Campbell Mrs H, millinery. 
Conway P, genera] store. 
Cooper iieorye 15., Hotel. 
Gozatt Rose & Co, general store. 
Drye W S, druggist. 

G re-bum "Wm J, wagon-maker. 

Kaufman F S, saddler. 

Logan Betty, milliner. 

Logan Hugh, hotel and mill. 

Owens S, general store, v 

Peacock G F, druggist. 

SproggriltS & Islington, Dry Goods: 

"Wright Edward, tinner. 

HUTCHISON. On the K. C. R. R, 

in the south-eastern part of Bourbon 

county, 7 mi<les south of Paris, the county- 

scat, and 107 east of Louisville. Adams 

Express. Daily mail. A. R. Hutchison, 


Beatty J W, justice of peace. 

Boggs Rev S I) (Presbyterian). 

Boggs & Jaooby Bros, live stock. 

Clayton & Hope, live stock. 

Harris Rev J W (Methodist South). 

Kenney J S, justice of peace. « 

Myall Jonathan, shoemaker. 

Rankin W M, ex and R R agt, blacksmith, 

general store arid constable. 
Taibott J P, physician. 
Wood B F, carpenter. 


Laurel county. 

small post-office in 

HYATTSY1EEE. On the Rich- 
mond branch of the L. & N. R. K., in the 
southern part of Garrard county, 3 miles 
ea&t of Lancaster, the county-seat, and 116 
south-east of Louisville. Adams Express. 
Daily mail. J. M. Hurt, postmaster, 
Beazley Robert & Co, saw-mill. 
Bolton W E, blacksmith. 
Bunuide J & Son, live stock. 
Hurt ») . H., Dry Goods and Groceries. 
Kuvanaugh W L, live stock. 
Wheeler J A: Son, general store. 

HVDEX. The county-seat of Leslie 
county, 60 miles east of Livingston, its 
nearest railroad approach. Mail daily. 
Population CO, 

IBEX. A small settlement in Elliott 
county. 10 miles from Sandy Hook, the 
county-seat, and 20 From Grayson, the 
nearest shipping point. Semi-weekly mail. 
M. W. Green, postmaster. 
Binioii Wm, fiour-mill. 
Green Samuel E., Stationery. 


r. 3SC. &£., 2,£©:s~.iX3, X^swaeug-ex, 

Central and Southern Dep't, 





Green Shelah G. blaeksmith. 
Green Wm Sr, flour-mill. 
Green W W, distiller. 
Harper John, live stock. 
Hoi brook Robert, justice of peace. 
Skaggs A. flour-mill. 
Skaggs James, flour-mill. 
Whxtt J P, dry goods. 

ILLWELL. A,. small and unim- 
portant po^t-ofliee in Clinton county. 

INDEPENDENCE. Two and one- 
half miles from Bank Lick, its shipping 

point by rail, and 97 from Louisville, is 

this town, the county-seat of Kenton 

county. Here is a- church. 1 school, and 

250 people. Daily stage to Covington; 

fure 00 cents. Daily mail. W. A. Bryson, 


Bugby M G, general store. 

Bryson <&: Son, General Store. 

Carlisle G W, lawyer.. 

Carlisle Bm 3S H." ' 

Chambers J M, physician. 

Miller & Stafford, General Store. 

Rice E C, physician. 

Kyla.nct J C. physician. 

Shaw L, lawyer. 

Stephens II F, lawyer. 

"Waldon Thomas, constable. 

"Webester T, police judge. 

INDIAN BOTTOM. ' A Kentucky 
river settlement of 50 people, in Letcher 
county, 12 miles from W nitesburg, the 
county-seat, and 800 from Louisville. 
Preston burg, 50 miles north, is the nearest 
shipping point. Mail weekly. Silas fclogg, 

Back John, saw and flour-rnills. 
Back Wm, blacksmith. 
Cruse Dr Andrew, lumber. 
Candell James W, justice of peace. 
Candell Samuel, general store. 
Candell Wm, general store. 

Candell Rev \V. I ). 

.i'ilery and flour-mill. 

eral store, 
obi teacher: 
■hool teacher. 





Dixmt John, g< 

Dixon Wm. bh 

Dixon W B. at 

ffog-ir Gideon, 

II .gg James, live stock. 

Hog'g' Silas, Farmer. 

Hanev W T, school teacher. 

J son Rev Elijah ( ). 

Ison, Jefferson & Co, general store, 
lson Isaac, blacksmith. 

Stumper W K, mail carrier. 
Whittaker Hoden, justice of peace. 

INDIAN CREEK. This country 
post-office is in the county of Knox, 3 b 
miles from Livingston, the nearest railroad 
station, and about 300 from Louisville. It 
derives its name from a small stream near 
by, which furnishes power to drive 1 small 
mill. Tri-weekly mail. W. L. Campbell, 

Brown II T, grain and live stock. 
Brown \Vin, Live Stock. 
Campbell Joel, grain and live stock. 
Campbell John A, live stock; 
Campbell Wm, blacksmith, 
OailiplH'11 W. E., Farmer. 
Davis Stephen, general store, 
Hilton M. E.\ Justice. 
McVev Powell, barber. 
Rees S B. live stock. 
Taylor II L. general store. 
Thompson John, mill-owner. 
Thompson Parks B., Grain. 

INDIAN 1 IEEDS. A post-office 
in Clarice county, 12 miles from Winches- 
ter, the county- seat, and 7 from Hedges, 
the nearest snipping point; Mail semi- 
weekly. Levi Go tf. postmaster. 
Allen John W, justice of peace. 
•Barrow D G, live stock. 
Berrvman James, blacksmith. 
Curry C C & A K, live stock. 
Dawson Sc Pig;!, general store. 
Farney & Kimball, produce. 
Garrett G B, shoemaker. 
Gotf John II. live stock. 
Goff Eovi, Stock- Raiser. $ 

Gotf P L, livestock. 
Hisle G W, live stock. 
Hisle M H, livestock. 
Johnson Tishnby, wagon-maker. 
Snow den T J, live stock. 

INEZ. Known as Ed#n, in the north- 
ern part of Martin county, and the seat of 
fustic©, 350 miles south-east of Louisville. 
The nearest railroad approach is Willard. 
45 miles: north. Semi-weekly mail. Popu- 
lation 150. J. W. Hopson, postmaster. 


dci'sr in Hardware Specialties, Fred $<>m!ed!cg, 
835 Broadway, & 830 N, 4th St., ST. LOUIS, MO. 





. ;i.iv W H, grocer. 

Coffee T J, blacksmith. 

Copley A, lawyer, 

(\miey, Crum Oc Co, general store. 

Copley F, j«stie«. 

Crum & Castaway, general store. 

Dingus John, hotel. 

Hfsakl.e .toh,a, physician, 

EI >ps .a H C, sheriff. 

Ho|>son .1. W., Lawyer. 

N 'Ai'orry T W. school commissioner. 

No rr is H W, lawyer. 

Pack Thomas, constable. 

Pattofi .John S, lawyer. 

Price K F, grocer. 

Stepp James, county judge. 

Stepp J M. physician. . 

Ward «J. II., physician. 

Willis Trrouias\ harness-maker. 

TROX H1T,L. In the eastern part 
of Crittenden county:, 10 miles north of 
Marion, the county-seat, 20 miles west of 
M;cii>onvit!e. its nearest station on the L. 
& N. R. R., 10 miles from Westonburg, its 
nearest landing on the Ohio river. Mail 
daily. R. F. Phillips, po»tmaster. 

IRVIXE. This incorporated town of 
2o0 people, 2 churches, 1 private school, 
and 2 steam dour-mills, is the county-seat 
of Estill county, and is 21 mile.- from Rich- 
mond, its shipping point by rail. Daily 
stage to Richmond; fare $1.50. Mail 
daily. B. F. Jacobs, postmaster. 
Benton W B, county judge. 
Bergman D. general store. 
Broadus P, W, sheriff. 

Buttcrw >rth W L. general store and hotel. 
Card well I N, lawyer. 
Conroy F, general -tore and exp agent. 
Daniel A, physician. 
Emory (> A, physician. 
Friend & Miller, dry goods. 
•Jacobs 15. F. , Carpenter. 
tvelly A V, whisky dealer. 
Lilley }[ C, lawvor. 
Moberly RE, jailer. 
Montague J. ilour-mili. 
Moore Harry, live .-trade. 
Park J. dm S|, mule dealer. 
Park John & i/o,, Dry Goody. 
-HUl44^i J. M"., Lawyer. 

til D B, pii ysician. 
Smith €., Hotel. 

Smith R W, lawyer. 

Snowden A., Flour-mill. 

Tudor S L, county clerk. 

White .1 B, county, attorney. 

Williams W. T. B., Clerk Circuit 

Williams <S: Burton, Druggists. 
"Witt James M. county commissioner. 

TRAIN'S STORE. A country post- 
office in Russell county. 

ISLAND CITY. An unimportant 
post-office in Owsley county, 13 miles south 
of Boon evil! e. the eounty-seat. Mail semi- 
weekly. Thomas Bowman, postmaster. 


Owensboro division of the L & >\ it. R,- 

12 south of Owen-boro, 10 miles from Cal- 

hoon, the counts -seat, and 150 south-west 

of Louisville. ' Mail daily. Population 

150. C. R. 'Williams, postmaster. 

Bennett Rev W P (Baptist). 

Brown 3E. P., Hotel. 

Bryant R C, live stock. 

Davis R M, wagon-make*. 

Drake B J, constable. 

Drake S. I*., Tobacco. 

Ellerkamp G A. general store. 

Everly 2N H, physician. 

Freeman C. W., Grocer and Railroad 

Gearlaeh John, stave manufacturer. 
Humphrey Rolla, justice. 
Kai-nes P, coal-miner. 
McCowen W A. wagon-maker. 
Searsv S R, justice. 
Shaoklott 8F, blacksmith. 
Williams I>r. C K., Druggist. 
Wood James, coal-miner. 

ITRY. An unimportant and but re- 
cently established post-office in Calloway 

J A C K B O N. Tim eountv-seat of 

Breathitt, 45 miles south-east of Corn well 
Station, its nearest shipping point, on the 
Btti" Sterling division of the X., C. & L. R'y 
and 200 south-ea-t of Louisville. Tri- 
weekly mail. Population To. W. D. 
C a c<\ w e 11, postmaster. 
Bark John C. blacksmith. 
Cardwell W. I>., Coal-miner. 

«f«{l!l$A ffWm ?««»«« We rtesire Ail Architects 

,, communicate With ns aboi 

iiy NWiUlKl Jx;W*.< J. W. ATKINSON, 313-32 

sire All Architect* and Cornice firms fo 
u £A iic Ornament -. 

-321 So. Clinton St., Chicago, III. 





Ca&ky T J, grocery and hotel. 
Clark James, hotel. 
Combs W M, hotel. 
Hargis John S. general store. 
Sebastian & Co, general store. 
Sebastian & Combs, saw, flour and carding- 

JAMB< >RKE. This post-office is lo- 
cated in the midst of a thickly-settled 
neighborhood in Pike county,-25 miles from 
Pikeville, the eounty->e»t. The nearest 
railroad shipping point is Louisa, 75 miles 
north. Mail semi-weekly. W. R. Dotson, 
Browning Rev Joseph B (Methodist). 

Charles , flour-mill. 

Dotson Anderson J, general sfeare; 

Dotson George, blacksmith. 

Dotson Godfrey D, c-n'i store and justice. 

I>OtSOIl J allies L,., Shoemaker. 

Doughertv Hiram, blacksmith. 

Jackson Joseph J, ca-rpe titer. 

Kstep Win. constable. 

Hall Rev Hiram (Baptist). 

Layne John, physician. 

Mounts Charles 'W, constable. 

JAMESTOWN'. This town, the 
county-seat of BusseH county, is 4£ miles 
from Greasy Creek, on the Cincinnati 
Southern railroad, and 125 miles from 
Louisville. It is on the Cumberland river, 
and has 1 church, 1 free school, and ships 
tobacco, brandy, and live stock. Tri- 
weekly stage to Columbia. Population 
150. Tri-weekly mail. M. D. Hopper, 

Chamberlain M, boot and shoemaker. . 
Crisp John, jailer. 
Dunbar Eli as; boot and shoemaker. 
Dunbar W S, general store. 

Falkenberg . saw and grist-mill. 

Gann <fc Son, general store. 
Hays J E, lawyer. 

Helm . -aw and grist-xmll. 

Hopper 31. X>., Physician. 
Jones Aden, blacksmith. 
Irvine W, general store. 
Markam L S. shoemaker. 
Mitchell W T, ecfrool toucher. 
Moore Green, physician. 
Montgomery J F, lawyer. 
Nelson A, lawyer. 
Patterson J B, hotel. 

Phelps J L, lawyer. 
Simpson A P, druggist. 
Stone W S, county judge. 
Wells A C, circuit clerk.. 

JARVIS STOKE. In the north- 
ern part of Knox county, 7 miles north of 
J B&rbOursville, the county-seat, 36 south <i 
! Livingston, on the Knoxville branch of 
I the L. <Sc N. R. R.. and 177 south-east of 
j Louisville. Semi-weekly mail. Samuel 
j H. Jarvis, postmaster. 

i Brownlee G. !>., Railroad and Ex- 

! press Agent. 

j Burnett E C, boot and shoemaker. 

. Gilbert Wm, general store. 

Urmstead Eev J P{ Methodist). 

.) jir vis Samuel If.., General Store. 

Jones Solomon, grist mill. 

Long L C A, blacksmith. 

Trosper T J, justice. 

called Newtown, a village of 300 inhabit- 
ants, near the center of JefFerson county, 
10 miles from Louisville, and 5 from 
Anchorage Station, on the L., C. esc L. 
R'y. It contains 5 churches, Lutheran, 
Methodist, Christian, Baptist, and Colored, 
I and Jefferson Academy. Principal ship* 
I mon;, fruit. Beargrass street cars run 
| from Cave Hill, Louisville, to Smyser'e 
j Station, 5 miles out, where they connect 
with an omnibus from Jefferson town fcwic* 
a day. Tri-weekly mail. Elijah Hart, 

Barnes J. P., Silversmith. 
I Bird wed W H, blacksmith. 
j Briggs Rev B F (Methodist). 
I Buchanan, W T, plasterer. 
! Easum Charles, justice. 
| Floore I>. A., Dentist: 
! Ounti 31., Saw and Grist-mill, 
Hart John Si, tinner. 
Hoke A J, builder. 
Hoke Henry, hotel. 
Hoke R-v j T (Christian), and hotel. 
Kerrick Felix, veterinary surgeon. 
Leatherman J M, plasterer. 
Leatherman J T & Bro. b'acksmiths. 
Lench Rev J K (Lutheran). 
Eutrs Henry P., General Store. 
Marshall S. X., Phy-ician. 
Muster James, builder. 
Owens B. F., Physician. 

■ ■"•* f% £% 9k f%"*r$ fR *S S »| *«ave Settle*! more -i 
m Witf ^S'ftW 1 &■*» «»'!!» *S u« sifted Claims. Agents 

tltau 1,400 
bat 13 Ro- 
ts Everywhere. 





Shfiter J W, justice and undertaker. 
Tucker James M, wagon^-snaker, 
Vaughn Dudley, constable. 
Wells J W, physician and drugs. 
Wells Nimrod T, marble w >rks. 
Woolett H. A., Bus Line. 

village in Montgomery couaty, 7 miles 
from its shipping point, Mt. Sterling, and 
I'.o from Louisville. Tri-weekly mail. 
James \V T . Schoil, postmaster. 
Chester YV F., Carding and Corn -mill. 
Cundiff Joseph, blacksmith. 
Gaylord J P, blacksmith. 
Ludlow Win. justice. 
t^u ifeerry J FL meat market. 
Salyer- R G, live stock-. 
Schoil James W., General Store. 
Sctioii J II. physician. 
Storm W W, carpenter and painter. 
Strouse C F, general store. 
Willoutrbby H B, constable. 

JEIUCHO. On the Lexington 
branch of the L., C. & L, IV y, in the 

south-western part of Henry county, 5 

miles west of Newcastle, the county-seat, 

and 32 north-east of Louisville. Daily 

mail. Population 200. J. F. Willett, 


Bernard John, Wagon-maker. 

Bersot Kev L A (Christian). 

Blaydes G W, physician. 

Kstes J L, hotel. 

Mead T G, constable. 

liomy Shelby, blacksmith. 

Spiers Joseph, justice. 

Spiers & MaoMwx, general store. 

Taylor \V X, shoemaker. 

Willetr J. F., Railroad Agent. 

Willett O X, druggist. 

its nearest shipping point, on the St. L. & 
S. E. division u f L. & N. R. K., and 151 
south-west of Louisville. Semi-weekly 
mail, and stage to Hopkinsvillq and Green, 
ville. Population 15. J. P. Pfowse, post- 

Hill T> W, wagon-maker. 
Prowse John P., General Store. 


station on the K. C. R. R. (Ylaysville di- 
vision), at the junction of the Covington, 
Flemingsburg & Pound Gap Railroad, in 
Fleming county, 14(> miles from Louisville. 
Population G5. Daily mail. 
Ewan Kev J B (Methodist South.) 
Gray R-v Charles T (Baptist). 
JohrtM-n Jamos T express agent. 
Johnson James f\ & Co., General 

King John, transfer agent. 
Spencer W S. leaf tobacco. 

JOHNSYLLUE. A settlement of 
100 people, in Bracken county. Mail 


JONESYILEE. A post-office and 
country sfc -re. in. Owen county, 9 mile3 
from Owenton. the county-seat. Popula- 
tion 10. Mail by special supply. J. H. 
Greene postmaster and farmer. 
Brock RE, general store. 
Denton J M, railroad agent. 
Foster W E. physician. 
Green J. 1^.,' Farmer. 

JOPPY, Located in Pike county, 20 
miles from the county-seat. Mail weekly. 
Henderson Scott, postmaster and farmer. 

JETTS CREEK. A small pos> 
office, in Breathitt county, Daily stage to 
Kichmoml, 65 miles distant Population SO. 
Samuel Jett, general store and postmaster. 


county. Changed to Miles. 


JOSEPHINE. A new and useless 
post-othce, in Scott county. 



Fountain Run). 

»untry post-office, in 

Monroe county (See j Cumberland county, 13 miles from Burkes- 
viile, the seat. Ship direct, via Cumber- 
land river. Mail semi-weekly. T. Mc- 
Farlane, postmaster and farmer. 
Cloyd John, justice of peace. 
Lolls? Rev DC (Christian), farmer. 
McFarland Young, farmer. 

JOHNSON'S. Known as Prowse's 
Store, -,•• •.;■ orthern part of Christian 
county, - 23 miles north of Hppkiusville, 

the county-seat, 5 south of White Plains, 

m «!ii! or mmim, 


'J CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - ■• Louisville, Ky. 

Mainus A F, wagon-maker. 
Smith James, blacksmith. 
Stewart S M, constable. 

jixcrrox city, 

(See Gore). 

Boyle county 

K A N K , A small p-.-'-offioe, in 
Campbell enmity, 14S miles from Louis- 
ville. Snip bo Canton. 

KANSAS. An unimportant post-of- 
fiec in Grave* county. 14 miles from May- 
Held, thj county-seat, and i 17 miles from 
Louisville. Population 50. Semi-weekly 
mail. C. T. Parratt, postmaster. 
Bovd Rev Pv W (Presl vterian). 
Galium !>, constal 
Hanynes W L, tobacco. 
Hettrcy E. if., Fk-ur-mill. 
Hooker J K. justice. 
Murphy Ed, shoemaker, 
Nichols. >n G, blacksmith, 

Nicholson , general -tore. 

Palmer G, blacksmith. 
Parratt C. T., Physician. 
Walker W L, wagon-maker. 

KEENE. A station on the. C. S. R'y. 
and a village in Jessamin^ county, 113 
miles from Louisville, and 6 from Niehol- 
asville, the county-seat. Population 500. 
Daily mail. Wm. M. Smither, postmaster. 
Bradley N D, shoemaker. 
Duerson J B, blacksmith. 
Holloway John W, physician. 
MeDaviu Chas, grocer and tailor. 
Mattingly J M. station and express agt. 
Pjroctor <fc Brook, blacksmiths. 
Smithers S E, milliner. 
Wilson Geo. wagon -maker. 
Wilson T S, general store. 
Woods W R, trrocer. 

Iv E EL E V. A to w n of 1 50 pei >pl e, i n 
Christian county, 8 miles from ftopkins- 
ville, the couruy--cat. on the St. L. & S. E. 
die. of L. & N. E. R., and 1»>'> miles from 
Louisville. Daily mail. J. F. Walker, 

Armstrong J. VV. f L»af-u»baeeo. 
Barrow Rev J t i bo tist). 
Bobbitt J D^blacksmitk. 
BraM'hor L. T., Lawyer. 
Dniin & Kinnett, saw and grist-mill. 

Gooch J C, physician arid druggist. 
Heril J. tJF., Hotel and Saloon. 
Moore J R, Physician. 
Owen F W Jr, confectionery, 
Walker & Barnett, General Store. 
"Wooldridge Jacob, general store. 

KENTON. Locally known as Bcft- 
ton. A eetttement,of 55 people, in Kenton 
county, 90 miles from Louisville. It has a 

steam saw-mill, and a free school. Two 
mails per day. G. W. McDonald, post- 

Armstrong J. 31., Leaf-tobacco and 

Barney II C, saw-mill. 
Beck John, general store. 
Brown ii Vy, live stocky 
Hume J B, justice. 

3IcDaimol(l O. W., General Store. 
IVIorgan G W, wagon-maKer. 
Morgan J P. blacksmith. 
Robert- F, real estate. 
Smart James, ferryman. 
Stephens J II, livestock. 

KENTONTOWN. In the county 
of Robertson. 2S nubs from Augusta, the 
snipping point by rail, and 200 from Lou- 
isville, is the settlement of 70 persons b:v - 
ing this name. Tobacco is the leading 
shipment. Semi- weekly mail. F. M. Lou- 
den back, postmaster. 
Ellis 31 D, carpenter. 
LoudCDback F. M., General Store. 
Phillips S, physician. 
Robins J F. physician. 
Taylor E M, physician. 
Woods Mack, miller. 

KEYSBUKG. A village of 100 

people in Logan county, 6| miles from 
Allensville, on the Memphis branch L. & 
N. R. R., and 16 from RusseUville, th< 

I county-seat. It has 1 church and a fr^e 

' school. Semi-weekly mail. William G. 

; S- tt. p«stmast#r. 

I Childress Mrs F F, teacher. 

; Farmer Willis S.r, physician. 

i Herndoi! J T, physician. 

i Izor VV H. wagon-maker. 

| Judkins C 11. physician. 

I Merritt Ge.-rg^. teacher, 

j Merritt L R, physician. 

J Perry Rev Wm ( Presbyterian). 


Without rrioroncp to ttie Companies irt roaju&g«. 

BARBtE & CASUEMAN, Ltfiiisvflle, Ky. 

Ajsjci»t« everywhere Soutlx. 





plaster Rev F C (Baptist). 

Prinoe E, justice. 

Scott AViu. G., Cabinet-maker and 

Smith J \V B. carpenter. 
Smith R L. general store, 
Sug^ Dolphin, blacksmith. 

KEY WEST. A sm^U station on 
the C. S. II. 11.. in Kenton county. Here is a 
saw and grist-mill, 1 school &n& 75 peo- 
ple. Adams Express. Daily mail. Ben- 
jamin Quick, postmaster. 
Quick Benjamin, Express Agent. 
WiUhoit & Reed, saw and grist-mill. 

KIDIVVILLE. A village, of 150 
people in Clark coon ty, 12 uiik'a east of 
the county-seat, and 100 miles from Louis- 
ville, and* 4^ from 1 ; •:_■••. the shipping- 
station One FUoHst church and ividd- 
ville Institute are here. Nearest bank at 
Mt. Sterling. Express Adams, Mail 
daily. J. M. W. Elliott, pvskmmtek. 
Barbee J W, blacksmith. 
Boone C W, teacher. 
Clay A A, distiller. 
Clay J W, liquor dealer. 
Daniel A Snowier, live stock;. 
Eastin C C, lumber mnf and ilour-mill. 
Elliott J. 31. W., General Store. 
llensley J W, physic 
Hensley O. wagon maker. 
Lawrence W B & Co, lumber mnfrs. 
Peel H F, blacksmith. 
Peel James, car.pen ter. 
Wall W L, general store. 
AVilkerson J M, general store. 
"W'ilkerson T J, physician. 

KING'S CREEK. A small post- 

office in Letcher county, 10 miles from 
Whitesburg, the eoar.ty-soat, and about 300 
miles from Louisville, containing a saw 
and grist-mill, a couple of churches and a 
free school. Semi-weekly mail. Popula- 
tion 100. I). D. Fields, postmaster. 
Cornette Wra, general store. 
F>ix H T, flour-mill. 
Fields A J, saw and grist-mills. 
fields J>. O., General Store and Drugs. 
i' i rids .John M. lawyer. 
Fields R H, flour-mills. 
fields 8. \V. & Bro., General Store. 
Frazier Jame3 H, coroner. 

Hall Philip, justice. 

Ilolcomb Rev David. 

Ingram Hiram, corn-mill. 

[son Gideon, general store. 

Trazier B N, constable. 

Trazier James H, walnut lumber. 

KlXG'sLAXDfXG. Meade coun- 
ty (See Richardson's Lauding;. 

hamlet in Lincoln county, 2jf miles from 
King's Mountain Station, the slopping 
point on C. S. P. v. Has 2 steam saw- 
mills, a grist and ea' ding-mill, and 1 
church. Tri-weekly mail. Estis Marsh, 

Fa ilkner & Howard, genera! store. 
Horton John, blacksmith. 

Jackson ~, physician. 

3Tnrs!i Estis, Wa^on-maker. 
Marsb & FauiJmer, Saw, Grist and 

TION, In Lincoln county, on the 0. S. 
P. K., about 125 miles from Louisville, is 
this settlement, with its 100 inhabitants, 2 
saw-mills, and a free school. Lumber, 
staves, and tan-bark are shipped. Adams 
Express. Daily mail. Samuel Carey, 

Carey Samuel, Express and B. E. Agt. 

Corn Kev \V T (Christian). 

Davis E R & Co, general store. 

Green J W, blacksmith. 

Hilton VV S, general store. 

Ingram W P, hotel. 

Jones A. S. & Co., Lumber and Saw- 
i Lambert S, physician, 
j Moore J F & Bro, druggists and gen store. 
i Pennybacker J S, gen store and saloon. 

Reynolds P I) W, boot and shoemaker. 

Zimmerman E, lumber and saw-mills. 

KINGSTON. This is a smalltown 
in Madison county, 4A miles from Harris, 
its shipping station. It has 2 churches, a 
common school, 100 popular ion, and ships 
Stock and produce. Stage to Richmond 
and B<: rca; fere 50 cants. Daily mail. II. 
J. Clark, postmaster. 
Baits C J, physician. 
Bales & Garrett, druggists. 

I Send for Price List to FP ED. SOHMIEDlfl 

S3 5 Broads and 830 North Fourth 
\i WfiM itWd &bUMl ST. LOUIS, - - - MiasOUIU. 





Clark & Witt, General Store. 
Early M N, shoemaker. 

jfellup S M & Bro., harness-maker*. 
Fraud? & Sevier, live stock. 
Jtlaupin & Bales live stock. 
Moody C M, grocer. 
Moody W, general store. 
Stevens E. blacksmith. 
Stivers John W, general slope. 
Walker D C & Co, grocery. 
West J n, physician. 
White John F, flour-mill. 
Willmore C S, physician. 

KTOKMANSVmLE. A village of 

about luO inhabitants, in Todd county, 16 
miles from Elkton, the counts-seat, 151 
miles from Louisville, and 18 utiles from 
EfcopkrnsvrRe, its nearest station. Quanti- 
ties of tobacco, ginseng, feathers, butter 
and eggs are shipped from here. JSemi- 
weekly. mail.. V. B, Robinson, postm&steF, 
Anderson K. S., Physician. 
Bartlett J W, physician. 
Butler <x Bro. general store. 
Cook W H, carpenter. 
Elkins E. A., General Store. 
Gates T .1, bhuk-miith. 
Griffin J J, justice of peace. 
Grissam J W, peddler. 
^uffy Rev J W, physieiaii. 
Hill John P, carpenter. 
Hill <fc Lacy, blacksmiths. 
Lewis Augustus, physician. 
McColpin W W, general store, 
Robinson P. B., General Store. 
West F M, tobacco. 

KIRKSEY. A settlement of 50 

people in Calloway county, £66 miles from 
Louisville. Mayneld, 16 miles distant, is 
the shipping station. Semi-weekly mail. 
J. R. Wrather, postmaster. 
Clark T E. physician and drugs, 

Duncan , general store. 

Gingle? J T. physician. 
Hatcher W T, saloon. 
Lyncb LJ blacksmith. 
MxCalUun J R, blacksmith. 
McCalhtm A: Hunt, bUeksmitbs. 
Sweeney George, blacksmith, 
Wrather J. I v., General Store. 

of Madison county, 10 miles from RkK 
mond. the county -seat, 149 from Louis- 
ville. Paint Lick 3j mile- distant, on tin 
Richmond branch of the L. k N. R. R. 
is the usual shipping point. Daily mail 
H. T. Jones, Jr., postmaster. 

BnrtOH George, Blacksmith. 

Denton W 11, carpenter. 

Elliott Prof Milton, school teacher. 

Farris M, physician. 

Finnell J S, carpenter. 

Grady John, carpenter. 
! Jones A, harness-maker. 
• Jones A. D., General Store. 
1 Jones H. T., S,r.. General Store. 
J Middleton II K, physician. 
I Moran 11 A. miller. 
; Pre wet t W P. general -tore. 
I Stephens James, carpenter. 
; Walker W H, druggist. 
I Wallace Win, flour-mill. 
I -Weaver YV 0, cabinet-maker. 
1 WoOdard David, blacksmith. 


K XO B ETC K . A Lso called Antiocb . 
A village in the north-western part of 
Metcalfe county, 10 ruiles from Edmonton, 
the eoimty-seat, 16 i'v<:\r. Horse Cave, on 
the L. & N. R. R., its nearest shipping 
point, and 96 from Louisville. It contains 
a steam grist-mill and a public school. 
Tobacco is the principal product, 
received daily. Population 100. 
than Head, postmaster. 
Alexander C F, cooper. 
Alexander E H, wagon-maker. 
Cummings W H, wagon-maker. 
Mitchelll! A, live stock. 
Read Jonathan, General Store. 
Read J P & Bon, general store. 
Simmons D II, blacksmith. 
Withers & Bros*., Flour and Saw-mil 
Young F M, blacksmith. 

KXOTTSVTEEE. A village locat- 
ed in the eastern part of Daviess county 13 
miles, from Owen shore, the countv-seat and 

K I KKSV IfjLrE, A village of about 

i00 inhabitants, in the southern part 

nearest shipping point. 
born daily, fare 75 cents. 
H. T. Aud, postmaster. 
Anderson L C, justice. 
Ami IE T., Justice of 

Ami J. B. & Bi < 

Bowldia J P. lumber. 
Byrnes T J, physician. 

Stage to Owens- 
Population 150. 


kneral Store. 




mm hm : ' - vj w !m v 





Carrie© <fe XrisleE, canpentejrs. 

Cleme&ta A H» furniture. 

UlementeX) O. hotel and tobacco. 

Croupe J. dour-mill. 

Drury J G & Co. druggfofe: 

Drury & Coomes, tobacco. 

Uilleaa T D, meat market, 

Griffith S II & Bro, blacksmiths. 

Hazel R H & Son, boot and shoemakers. 

Hazel & Co, general store. 

Higdon J, barber. 

Stiller O T. groceries. 

Flack Kev P J (Catholic). 

Payne Dr T 0, dentist. 

Sniith Joseph, wagon-maker. 

Summers W T, druggist. 

Trisler R K, live stock 

Tml« & Bro. carpenter*. John, saddlery. 

KN'OWILLC, this village is com* 
posed of •> ehurchfts, 1 pablie scho »1, J mill, 

a number of >tor- -, sitops, etc., a»d '2'Aj 
people. It is in Pendleton county, 4. miles 
from Dry Ridge, on the C. S. U'y, and 
145 from Louisville. Weekly mail. S. J. 

Ashcraft, postmaster. 

Ashcraft S. J., Blacksmith. 

Beth*?!! R. L. physician. 

Bullock (T<M>rire, General Store. 

Carr & England, general store. 

Carrnel & Slater, grocers. 

Dahlenburg Henry, boot and shoemaker. 

Demoiry Frank, painter. 

Kinney C P, physician. 

stills Frank, wagon-maker. 

Morris- A 6c Sons, dour-mill. 

Orr George, blacksmith. 

Eoaeher F, grocery and hotel. 

Scott J. T., Physician, 

Simpson 15. C. H., Lawyer. 

Stephens D M, general store. 

Wolf William, blacksmith. 

I Conant A. J, flour-mill and hotel. 

| Crouch Andrew, groceries and saloon. 

I Poyel J F. druggist and physician, 

I Glenn T C, general store. 

! Irwin & Skinner, general store, 

J Kirkpatrick J D, physician. 

! Murphy B L, wagon-maker. 

| Spink T. F;, Express and R. R. Agent. 

i Wager W, druggist. 

; Whitney C M, general store and saloon. 

! Whitting R, general store and saloon. 

j Williams W. H., Hotel. 

! Yates G W, wagon-maker. 

LACKEY. Only a 
| office in Floyd county, o 
! Hueysville. 

KUTTAWA. A village of about 
500 inhabitants, on the Cumberland river, 
in the northern part of Lyon county, 3 
aiiled from Eddy vi lie, the county-seat. It 
is &\m a station of the P. & .E.'R. R., 193 
oailes from Louisville Its shipments vm 
tobacco, corn and wheat. Express SvUth- 
er^ !>;uly mail W. H. VVfHm*8S, p---st- 


Uuoth, I5ulaiiey & Co., Hub and 

Spoke Factory. 

country post- 
miles south of 


in Christian 
county, 20 miles from ilopkinsvilie, the 
(•i.unty-seitc, and nearest shipping station. 
Moil iri-weekly. B. ■ C. Atkinson, post- 

LAGUAN(fE. This incorporated 
city is the county-seat of Oldham, in the 
northern part of the county, and at the 
junction of the two main lines <-f the L. & 
C. R. R., 27 miles north-east of Louisville, 
8 south-east of Westport. on the Ohio 
river, and 83 south-east of Cincinnati. It 
has 2 churches, a public school, and a 
select school, a weekly newspaper, the 
Oldham County Era, a fine brick court- 
house, and an excellent hotel. It also has 
a steam ilouring-mill. Exports grain, 
tobacco, hogs and sheep. Western Union 
Telegraph. Adams Express. Daily mail. 
Population 510. H. S Manby, postmaster. 
Alsop James E, justice. 
Bain's Hotel. Mrs. B. A. Bain, Prop. 
Barry James T, physician. 
Basye Thomas, livery. 
Boehmicke George, shoemaker. 
Callahan John, painter. 
Cullender Kellis, blacksmith. 
Clark & Bueknefj groceries and hardware. 
Clayton John W, county judge. 
Clone Joseph C, lawyer. 
Coon? Frederick B. meat-market* 
Craft Frank Ij. 9 R. R-, Express and 

Telegraph Agent. 
Daubs ktiss Jane, dry-goods. 
Daubs Theodore G, confectionery. 
DeHaven Samuel E, judge circuit court. 


Cenii*a.l ami Southern Dep't~ 





DeMoss James T, sheriff. 
Dinkelspiel Max, general store. 
Dowden John W, physician-, 
Edersole *^i .Northciitt, General 

Fairfax James W, wau't'ii-nuiker. 
French & llarwood, lawyers. 
Funk Seminary, -Tames T. Mclntyre, 

Prim ipal. 
Gordon Kev Gilbert (Presbyterian). 
Hall Jam;> M. master bridge builder, L. 

C. & L. R'y. M, blacksmith. 
Hulett John R, dentist. 
Johnson Marion F, coroner. 
Lett H H. eitv marshal. 
McDowell \V"m A. druggist. 
Mclntyre James T, prin Funk Seminary. 
Melntyre Rev J L (Methodist). 
Mailbj Win., General Store and Police 


Meredith Archibald, 



R. R., in the southern part of Harrison 
count}*, 4 miles south of Cynthiana, the 
county-seat, and 125 miles north-east of 
Louisville, Express Adams. Mail daily. 
S. T. Reynolds, postmaster. 
Realert R A*. Bro, wagon-makers. 
F>rent Nathan, blacksmith. 
Fowler Wm A, horse-dealer. 
Lair Joseph, hotel. 

Megihoen, Bramble & Co. distillers. . 
M, 'gib!. en T J, distiller and live stock. 
Reynolds S T, flour-mill and general store. 

Rohr John, blacksmith. 
Sharpe Distillery Co, distillers. 
Woodford J M, physician. 

Oldham County Era, Wm. W. Row- ! 

lett, Editor, 
Powell James W, lawyer. 
Rankin Wm, painter. 
Rislev Isaac 0, stoves and tinware. 
Bobbins Benjamin S, lawyer.- 
Rodman John, phvsician. 
Rowl-tt Wm W, editor Oldham Co Era. 
Russell James W. hotel, arid jaiier. 
Shannon John W, undertaker. 
Slater Wm II, school commissioner. 
Smithers Joseph, saloon and distillery. 
Soms C A Son, grocers and exp agents. 
Strouse Carson P. saloon. 
Taylor Sanford. county and circuit clerk. 
Waide Edwin F, general store. 
Watson G. W., Saw and Grist-mill. 
"Webber Frank, barber. 
Weliman Wm, carpenter. 



A post office in Lyon 

LANCASTER. The county-seat of 
Garrard, on the Richmond branch of the 
L. A N, R. R., settled in 1800, and incor- 
porates! in 1.808. It is 25 miles south-w->i . 
of Richmond, 8 north of the junction of 
the Kncxviile branch, and 108 south-east 
of Louisville. The surrounding country 
produces good grain, blue grass and live 
stock. It has 4 churches, viz., Presbyter 
rian, Christian, Baptist, and Methodist 
(colored); also an excellent court-house, :i 
national bank, with a capital -?tock of ■fdoO.- 
000, a female college, a common school, a 
weekly newspaper, the Kentucky Visitor, . 
and o hotels, the principal one being the 
Lancaster Hotel, under the competent 
charge of Capt. W. S. Miller, "who is a 
practical hotel-keeper, familiar with all the 
wants of the traveling public, and has a 
knack of ro&fciug his visitors t\-e] perfectly 
at home. Daily tnail to Nieholasville* by 
way of Bryantsville, 22 miles distant; faro 
$1. Mail tri-weekiy to Buckeye, 10 miles ; 
fare 50 cents. Telegraph Western Union. 
Express Adams. Mail daily. Population 
LSOO. Hall Anderson, postmaster. 
Anderson Hall, postmaster. 
Anderson A Herndon (James Anderson, 

Wm Herndon), lawyers. 
Ashley S L, carpenter and builder. 
Bailey "Walter 0, druggist. 
Baldwin Miss Annie, dress-maker. 
Uogle Wm. R R station agt and tel opr. 
Bo\ie Richard, justice of peace. 
Boyle R & Co* (Richard Boyle, Hugh M 
Smith, Wm Romans), carriage-makers, 
Bradley Wm O, lawyer. 
Brown E. & Son, (Ephriam Brown, 
James R. Brown), Groceries, Coal, Lum- 
ber, and Agricultural Implements. 
Brown James H, lawyer. 
Bruce Rev John L ( Baptist). 
Burdett Benjamin M, lawyer. 
Burdett, Woodcock & Co (Geo D Burdett. 
John H Woodcock, B M Burdett). gE»- 
Burnside Wm. druggist. 
Curry Theodore, groceries. 


stop j±rn r i?n:Ei 

"^7". S. MILLEB, Jr., Proprietor. 

A first-cla98 house, and the only Hotel In the. town centrally located. Large sample rooms. Livery Stable 




I_.. FK.j&.IsrS; KCTTBBH.E1, 


Prompt attention giTen to collections. Will practice in Garrard and adjoining connties and the Court of 




IS. X. ^^SOSST, . - - - Psopsistci^ 

Special accommodations for commercial travelers, and satisfaction guaranteed. Bag- 
gage transferred free of charge. Livery accommodations furnished at the office. A liberal 
share of public patronage solicited. Rates Reasonable. 



ill dlAlLj. 

.W. Atkinson, 313-321 So. Clinton St., Chicago. 





7 I 

Davis & Joseph (Morris Davis, Jacob 
Joseph), dry goods, boots and shoes 

Denny (3-eorge & Co (George Denny, W 
11 Wherriti \. ftouring-mril. 

Denny & Tojiiiinson [Geo. Denny 
Jr., R. H. Tomlinsoh), Attorneys at Law. 
Will Practice their Profession in the 
Courts of Garrard and Adjoining Coun- 
ties. Prompt attention paid to Collec- 

Dillon Boston, jailer. 

Dillon & Sandifer ( James Dillon, . J P 
Sandifer), meat market. 

Douglas Thomas, constable and town mar- 

Duncan Wm McKee, county judge and 

Dimlap George W»« Attorney at Law 
and Police Judge. Will Practice in 
Garrard and Adjoining Counties, and in 
Court of Appeals. Collections will Re- 
eieve Fronapt Attention. 

Dnnlap Woodford G., Editor and 
Proprietor Lancaster Enterprise (week- 
ly). Independent. ' (See a<lc.\ 

Faulkner John K, circuit clerk. 

Feathers George A, boots and shoes, hats 
and caps. 

Flora & Doores (A. D. Flora. James 
Doores). Marble Workers and Dealers in 
Monuments, Tombstones, and Tablets 
Furnished at Lowest Prices. All work 

Franklin Institute, LJllard & Bourne, 

Gallagher Charles, merchant tailor. 

Grant J W, dentist. 

Groenleaf Gabriel, blacksmith. 

Griffin James W, Adams Express agent. 

Harris Elijah W, saddles and harness. 

IL. -.Men Joseph IS", saddles and harness. 

Haselden Roger S, hardware, stoves and 
tin- ware, confectionery and restaurant. 

Hemphill & Walden ; J C Hemphill, G L 
Walden). dry goods, boots, and shoes. 

Herring Henry 0, physician. 

Herritt Wm H. insurance. 

fiigginbotbam John M, sheriff. 

Higgins John T. saloon. 

Hill Oliver P. physician. 

Hopper Wm t>, lawyer. 

Hubble tv. Frank, Attorney at Law 
and Cdlleetfng Agent. (See adv.) 

Huffman Wm. physician.. 

Johns John, shoemaker. 

Kadffman H 0, county attorney. 

Lancaster Enterprise, W. G, Dm,. 

lap, Editor and Proprietor. (Weekly). 
Independent. {See adv.) 

Lancaster Hotel, W. S. Miller, Jr., 
Proprietor,: [See aifo.y 

Landram Wm J, TJ S revenue collector. 

Markshurg Mrs M & Sisters, milliners. - 

Marrs Stephen, groceries. 

Mason L. J., Proprietor Mason House. 
{See no,:.) 

Mason Henry, shoemaker. 

Mason House, E. J. Mason, Proprietor. 
(See a< :7i\) 

Mays Nelson, physician. 

Miller Daniel, coroner. 

Miller W. S. Jr., Proprietor Lancas- 
ter Hotel. (See adv.) 

Noel Henry T, lawyer. 

Xoel Wm. I*., Dealer in all kinds of 
Furniture. Being Practical Workman, 
can buy Cheaper and Sell less, for Caph, 
than any- other dealer in Central Ken- 
tucky. Ail Goods Sold Strictly for Cash. 

Olds Tucker W, undertaker, 

Owsley M H, judge circuit court. 

Peacock Thomas, jeweler. 

Petty Joseph M, gunsmith. 

Randolph Rev J C (Presbyterian). 

Rav Emery, hotel, 

Rieketts Rev U P (Christian). 

Rigney & Sweeney (W O Rigney, W O 
Sweeney), clothing. 

K Ob in son Wm. K. & Bro. (Wm. R. 
Robinson, J;evob C. Robinson), Hard- 
ware, Stoves, Tinware, and Agricultural 
Implements; also, Wagons, Carriages, 
and. Buggies. 

Sagesar Charles W, propr Huffman House. 

Sandifer Joseph P, county treasurer. 

Sfougars Wm, plow mnfr. 

Smith Miss Moody, milliner. 

Smith & Lillard (W H Smith. R W Lill- 
ard), dry goods, boots, and shoes. 

Spratt Henry T, livery stabte-and saloon. 

Stormes Cornelius C. drugs and groceries. 

Sweeney J G & C W (Jesse G Sweeney, 
Chas W Sweeney), dry goods. 

Thompson J. C. (Agent), Watches, 
Clocks, Diamonds, Fine Jewelry, Fancy 
Goo4s, Musical Instruments, Spectacles, 
Silver-ware, etc. Repairing a Specialty. 

Walden Rev Jesse (Christian). 

Walden W P & Co | Wm P Walden, Jesse 
Walden, Gob L Walden), p!aning-mill. 

Walter Benjamin F, dentist 

Walton Matt, master commissioner. 



Cv ufl 

Have Settled mnit tlian 1,400 
dds'seft, and liavc toad, tout 13 Re- 
sisted Claim*. Agents Evervvvhere, 




Walton Samuel A, lawyer. 

Walton & Kauffman (Matt Walton, H 
Kaulfman }, lawyer-. 

W*a£hin*s?ton Glaojege, barber. 

WcJtt J. Wesley, County Clerk and 

Yantis Jas H, justice of peace. 

Yantis Lewis, bl .ek-net h. 

Young" Frank O., Physician and Sur- 

LAXE. A small post-office in "Wolfe 
county, 12 miles south of Campton. No 

LAIKEL BLUFF. In the south- 
western part of Muhlenberg eounty, 13 
miles south of Gkeenviile, the county-seat; 
its nearest shipping point, on the P. & E. 
R. R., and 125 railes south-west of Louis- 
ville. Semi-weckiy mail. J. 11. Arm- 
strong, postmaster. 

Armstrong J. 11., Farmer. 

Cooksey , miller. 

Coursey J E, tobacco. 

.Drake J N, druggist. 

Godby Rev Josia'h , Methodist). 

Hughs Wm, constable. 

Jiimes A. f)., General Store and Phys- 

Shelton F T, blacksmith. 

LAUKEL BRIDGE. In the south- 
eastern part of Laurel county, 21 miles 
from Livingston, the nearest railroad sta- 
tion, and 17-5 miles from Louisville, is this 
pest-office of 100 inhabitants. 

Hubbardsviiie. in the northern part of 
Clay county, 6£ miles north of Manches- 
ter, the county-seat, 35 south-west of Liv- 
ingston, its nearest shipping point* on the 
L. & N. .11. R.. and 174 south-east of Louis- 
ville. Semi-weekly mail. Population 50. 
Joseph Hubbard, postmaster. 
Allen G W. livery. 
Allen Jefferson, mason. 
Allen Wm, o.ddler. 
Campbell Kiisha, wagon-maker. 
Chliron John I), general store. 
Ctijpe Wm, cooper. 
Cotton Joseph, stone-mason. 
Cotton Nathan, blacksmith. 
Hollandsworth Robin, meat market. 

Hollenworth Talmon, fisherman. 

Hor-by J L, flour-mill. 

Hubbard Charles S, dour-mill and gen store. 

Hubbard Joseph Sr, hotel. 

Mubhard Joseph Jr.; Grocer and 

Hubbard Wm, wagoner. 
Johnson Rev Ernest (Baptist). 
Keiley W R, general .-tore. 
Meyer H W, live stock. 
Moppin Dabner, hotel. 
Moppin Thomas, general store. 
Moppin Stephen, shoemaker. 
Morgan Fred, general store. 
Morgan Henry, live stock. 
Ritherford R 11, physician. 
Robinson Charles, betel. 
Runnian Jack, live stock. 

seat of Anderson county, i.= incorporated, 
and has a population, according to the 
census of 1880, of about 800. It is lo- 
cated II miles south of Frankfort, the 
shipping point by rail, and I miles west of 
Tyrone on the Kentucky river. It has a 
steam tlouring-miil, 7 churches, 4 white 
and 3 colored, 25 distilleries, large and 
small, an S18,G0O court-house, a bank and 
3 hotel-, the prominent one being the 
Anderson House. There are a number of 
wholesale houses here, prominent among 
which is the house of R. S. Lyons & Co., 
wholesale liquor dealers, one of the most 
reliable firms in the State, as well as one 
of the most prosperous. It also has an en- 
terprising, public-spirited newspaper, the 
Andersou News, which is well supported 
by the people of the county, of which it is 
the official organ, and is looked upon as 
authority on all matters pertaining to the 
interests of the county and its manufac- 
tures. Daily stages to Frankfort, Har- 
rod>burg, Versailles and Lexington. 
Whisky is the leading export. Daily mail. 
C. W. Williams, postmaster. 
Anderson County Deposit Bank, capital 

S50.000; surplus ' SI 2.000. John A. 

Witherspoon, pres't ; James A. McBray- 

er, cashier. 
Andersou House. Mrs. Sarah W. 

Weils. Proprietress. Commercial men 

and the traveling Public will find all 

the comforts of a home at Pieasonabie 


m mm if wmm 


CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Ky. 





Anderson News, Claude jpuckley, 

Prop'r. Is the only paper in, and Of- 
ficial organ of, the County.) 

Bell W E, clerk and master commissioner. 

Betts Rev Barbee (Presbyterian). 

Bickers Wm, jailer. 

Bond John W,.justice of peace. 

Bond John W, flour-mill | 7 miles s-w). 

Bond, Johnson A: Go Charles E Bond, 
lesse 31 Johnson, special) wholesale 

Bond M S, distiller (6 miles south). ' 

Bond it Lillard | Wm F Bond, Chris- 
topher C Lilhtrd ■. distiller-. 2 miles east. 

Bottom Mrs Caroline S. millinery. 

Bourne Francis M. propr Gait House. 

Bourne Wm D. livery. 

Brewer & Be witt, distillers 6 miles north). 

Buckley Claude, Editor and Propr 
Anderson News, the only paper in, and 
Official Orgmi of, she County. Liberal 
Terms to Advertisers. ■ 

Bryan & Witfaerspoon (Edward Bryan, 
James IF Witherspoon I, livery; 

Caldwell B F, distiller. (12 miles s-w.) 

Card well Henry H, blacksmith. 

Carl Henry S, furniture. 

Chambers Lemuel W, pfevsician. 

Clielf W. <>., Propr Frankfort. Har- 
rodsburg and Lawrenceburg stage lines. 
Leave Frankfort daily. 10:30 a. m.; 
arrive Lawrenceburg, 1:30'. arrive Har- 
rodsburg, 6 p. m.; leave Harrodsburg 
daily, 7:00 A. M., arrive Lawrence- 
burg, 11:00 ; arrive Frankfort, 1:30 
p. M. From Lawrenceburg to Frank- 
fort and return, $2: LawrenGejburg to 
Harrodsburg and return, S3. Also ticket 
agent of L.7. C. & L. IVy. Tickets sold 
to all points at different stage offices. 

Cohen George C, prosecuting attorney and 

Collins Bros ( Jno and Sam), meat market. 

Colter John & Co ( John Colter* ), 

wholesale liquors. 

Cox Benjamin L, confectionery and saloon, 

Cozine John S, deputy col int rev. 

Crain John H, insurance agent. 

Crenshaw Rev T A (Christian). 


Id L 

Crossfield R H, sheriff. 

Dc Haven S E, circuit judge. 

Bowling J & E (John Bowling, Edward 

D o w ling), co :> p e r s . 
DrafFen John, lawyer. 
Dunegan Howard, blacksmith. 

Farston John W, flour-mill. 

Felix Johnl, lawyer. 

Fleming Mrs Lucy, lunch-rooms. 

Gilbert John W, physician. 

Haekiey 5 O. distiller (5f miles west). 

Harris Nathaniel, distiller (10 miles west \, 

Hawkins Bros, distillers (5 miles south). "' 

Hawkins G- B, distiller (5 miles south). 

Hickman & Bro (John W and Frank T), 
. groceries, hardware, etc, . 

Ho lima n Isaac, ins. and liquor broker. 

Huli Isaac V, restaur'nt and confectionery. 

Johnson Dick, agent for J P Ripy & Co, 
wholesale liquors. 

Johnson J M A: Co (Jesse M Johnson, 
W E Boston, C A Bond), general store. 

Joseph I & Co (Isaac Joseph, I Hoffman), 
dry goods, etc. 

Kavanaugh Dandridge W, druggist. 

Lindsey & Posey (Daniel W Lindsey. 
James M Posey)., lawyers. 

Lyons J. W. A: (Bo. | Jasper W Ly- 
ons, ), Wholesale Dealers in Ander- 
son (Kentuekv) Whiskies in 

Lyons R. S. & Co. (Robert S. Lyons, 

) s Wholesale Dealers in Hand-made 

Sour-mash Anderson County (Kentucky) 
Whiskies. (See adv.) 

McAfee Dwight A, hardware. 

MeBraver J H, distiller. 

McBrayer W H, distiller (2| miles east). 

McOinnis Bros (Frank and James), car- 

Mc£ee J H D & L W (Joseph H D and 
Lewis W), lawyers. 

McMullen Wm H, grocer, boot and shoe- 

McQuiddy Robert I, drugs and physician. 

Maddux Mrs Maria H, proprietress Mad- 
dox House. 

Maddux Wm II. saloon. 

Minor Thomas It, barber. 

Mitchell George W, justice of peace. 

Mitchell <& Arthur (George W Mitchell, 
James N Arthur), saloon.- 

Morris J St, commonwealth attorney. 

Oliver J C. distiller (9 miles west). 

Qttenhelmer Emanuel, groceries, etc, 

Parker Joseph J, fancy goods. 

Port wood A. 31., Attorney at Law 
and Insurance. Special Agent Com- 
mercial Union Assurance Co., of Lon- 
don. (See adv.) 

Port wood George 

A, confectioner am 


R. S. LYONS & CO., 



Qld-Fashionsd Kand-Mado Sour-Mash 



W ii f im ill i mAm ^imm^ mAmlAA mMm mi u 1 ******? mm 


Lawrenceburg, Anderson Co., Ky. 


CLAUDE BUCKLEY, Editor and Publisher. 

(HARRY BUCKLEY, Associate Editor.) 

Terras, $2.CC Tsar Ln. J2kM."xra&x~m~ ZjL'cera.! T'erim.s to -^rVrrertisers. 

Only Paper in Anderson County. Official Organ of Town and County. 



Collections Made Throughout the Stats. References Given. 

Also Fire Insurance Agent, representing the best companies in the United States and Europ*. 




iaL Miwllili sK^awsiasBSi 

Steel letters niKl FigrureH, 
I.. &OCHE, Engraver and 





Posey J M s country ; j ud g.e. 

Price Joha S. meat market. 

Robert s & On v I | II i i 1 e ry R o b e r t - , II e » ry S 

Carl), undertakers, 
Robinson F M, county clerk. 
Ripy J P & Co. (James P Ripy, ), 

wholesale liquors. 
Ripy Thomas I>. distiller (4§ miles east). 
Searcy Buel, distUlej |10 miles west). 
Searcy Corwin, groceries and tinware. 
Searcy J S & Co, distillers so miles wast). 
Shryoek Lemuel, tinsmith. 
Shryock Wft, shoemaker. 
Smith-on Joseph, eoroner. 
Stevens J W, distiller (4 miles west). 
Sweeny R I>, school commissioner. 
Tinsiey Miss Margaret, mil liner v. 
Walker M <& Son (Monroe and Wra P), 

wholesale liquors. 
Wash A W, county surveyor. 
Wash James A. lawyer. 
Waterfieid & Frazier ( and Holman 

Frazieri. distillers (4 miles east)^ 
Wells 31 is. Sarah W., Proprietress 

Anderson House. 
Wells Thomas E, liverv stable. 
Willis S T. distiller (18* miles west). 
Witherspoon Aldrich C, harness-maker. 
"Williams Charles W., Postmaster. 
Witherspoon James F, insurance agent. 
Witherspoon Oren H, physician. 

settlement in Grant county, 6 miles from 
Mason, the nearest railroad point. Popu- 
lation 40. Weekly mail. W. T. Mozee, 

All phi n II Z, justice of peace. 
Ambler J. H., General Store. 
Cobb Rev Tiniothy • Baptist). 
Green C P, blacksmith. 
Hensley Samuel, constable. 
Holbrook Jasper, wagon-«na»ker. 
Kennedy P P, justice of peace. 
Mozee W. T., Druggist and Physician. 
Mozee & Kinman, blacksmiths, 
Suirnes Btoadley, live stock. 
Sweeney Richard, barber. 

south of Catlettsburg, its nearest shipping 
point by water, on the Ohio river. Daily 
mail. Population 40. . Lindsey Layne, 
I postmaster. 
Ferguson Stephen M, saw and Hour-mill. 
Hatcher K F, general store. 
Layne Eindsev 31., Timber, etc. 
Lay-no Moses S & Co, general store. 
Layne Samuel G, carpenter. 

EVYXESVIEEE. In the soutb- 
(ttjigtern part of Ftoyd county, 15 miles 
sl«th-east of Prestonbutg, thfi eoun-tyvfieat, j 
60 south of Willard, its nearest shipping i 
point by rail, on the E. K. Ry, and 100 I 

LEATHER STORE. In the south- 
western part of Anderson county, 13 miles 
south-west of Lnwrenceburg. the county- 
seat, 25 south-west of Frankfort, its nearest 
shipping point, on the Lexington branch 
of the L.. C. & L. R, R.. and 58 north- 
west of Louisville. Population 40. Semi- 
weekly mail. J). M. Vocum, postmaster. 
Gregory Seneca, wagon-maker. 
Hyatt John, General Store and Saloon. 

Johnson James, 


Leathers C A, phvsician. 
MayesR G. blacksmith. 
Morgan W II. general store. 
Perry Rev S S (Baptist). 
Sandford A J, physician. 
Vaught Rev W P (Methodist). 
Yocum 1>. 31., General Store. 

LEHAXOX. An enterprising town 
of — late census report — 2,()o0 inhabitants. 
It is the county-seat of Marion county, and 
is a station on the Knoxville branch of the 
L. & N. R. R., 67 miles from Louisville. 
The surroundings of Lebanon are rich ag- 
ricultural and heavily-timbered lands. It 
contains 8 churches, 3 colleges, steam flour- 
mill, furniture factor v, 2 weekly newspapers, 
2 banks, capital $250*000, and 3 hotels. The 
Norris House, opened in 1880, is one of the 
finest hotels in Central Kentucky, and is re- 
plete with all modern improvements, and is 
justly popular. The Guthrie House, at the 
depot, is under the same good management 
as heretofore. A very extensive collection 

j and law business is done here by Samuel B. 
iierry, Esq, who fo well known. The 
dental parlors of P. T. Bed man are located 
here. Mr. Dedman is a graduate of the 
Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery. 
Daily stages to Springfield, fare 50 cent-. 

[Adams Express. Daily mail. Adolph L». 

j, postmaster. 

| Abel] Robert \V, blacksmith. 
Abell Samuel, groceries. 


, L. 



J. Ix. HORRIS, Proprietor, 


Three Story Brick, with all 3iodern Improvements. Opened in 1SS0. Electric Bellg, Bath Rooms, Bteva- 
I tor, &c. Porter at alt trains, and baggage transferred to and from depot free of* charge. Also first -class 

Livery Stable in connection with Hotel. 




(Sucoessoi to Owet H^: v -; & 3oa») 


The Celebrated Dexter Queen Spring a Specialty, ' c *' s ' co 

Special Attention to Repairing and Repainting Old Work. All Work fully Warranted. 


— ■ i ; i 

^Ojaj^xiS^P. T. DEDMAN, D. D. S, 




Plan3 and Estimates Furnished on Application. Correspondence Solicited. 

ODEflH II. GO. OF ElLAffl, LS^s r ?r?z£. 





Adams E Lloyd, distillery (Smiles s). 

Adams R & J (Richard and James), meats. 

Baker Wm H. lawyer. 

Barbour James P, propr Times and lawyer. 

Barr John, carpenter. 

Beklen *fc Chapline (John D Belden, 
Thomas L Chapline), grocers. 

Berry Nicholas T. lawyer. 

Berry Sam B., Attorney at Law and 
Coll' se tio n A gen t. | Se z a d c . ) 

Bevili John M, tailor. 

Biekett John H. wagon and plow-maker. 

Boldriok «i* McAfee (George D Bold rick, 
Chilton F Mo A; ee) druggists. 

BottoraJey Rev E W .Methodist). 

Bowman B F, constable 

Bracken Rev Thomas A 'Presbyterian). 

Bretney J Wickliff, harness-maker. 

Bretney & Cj John R and Edwin B Brit- 
ney) hardware, tannery, leather, findings. 

Brace Thomas E, groceries, 

Bryan Thomas L., Contractor and 
Builder {See adv). 

Burton Robert, judge county cotart. 

Calvary Academy, Mother Libretta (4 
miles s-wi. 

Campbell House, Joseph G. Camp- 
bell, Propr. Good Accommodations for 
the Traveling Public. Rates Reduced 
to $1.50 per day. 

Campbell josepll. Proprietor Camp- 
bell House. Good Beds a Specialty. 
Sample Rooms Connected. Rates Re- 
duced to $1.50 per day. , 

Card well John M, groceries and wholesale 

Carlisle John B, dry goods. 

Caskey Robert A. blacksmith. 

Clark Robert W, general store. 

Cleaver David Jr, city marshal. 

Cleaver George H, physician. 

Cleaver Paul C, liverv and saloon. 

Cieliand Rev T H | Presbyterian). 

Clements Edward H. sal< on. 

Cohen & Euhrmann | Joseph Cohen, Simon 
Fuhrmann, clothing. 

Connett Amazon, rnnfr mattresses arid 

Conway W L& Bro (Wm L and Berry T | 

Courts Braxton E, saddles and harness. 

Bed maw Philip T., Dentist, Main, 
opp. Coart-liouse. (See ade.) 

D- 'Frame Rev P (Catholic), 

Diiahuuty Mrs Catharine, groceries. 

Edeien Jas H, dru^st. 

Edmonds J & D W (James and David VY |, 
general store. 

Edmonds Wm F, general store. 

Edmonds & Bro [ Robert B and Albert), 
bouts and shoes. v 

England Alfred W, wagon-maker. 

England Thcs E, groceries. 

England & Barr (\\ r m B England, John 
Bam. undertakers. 

England & Goodin (Wm B England, Robt 
Goodin j, hardware. 

England & Johnston (Robt A England, 
Wm R Johnston), groceries. 

Farahar Patrick, ?aloon and boarding. 

Filiucail 31. IX, Proprietor O Jv Sa- 
loon. Dealer in Fine Wines, Liquors, 
and Cigars. Opp. Norris House, Main. 

Fogle John D, lawyer. 

Fowler Wm F. merchant tailor. 

Gardner .fas W, groceries. 

Gilmore Henry D, general store. 

Goodin *& Co. I W. T., R. L., R. Good- 
in, and .1). J. Twomey), Dealers in Fine 
Wines, Liquors, Cigars, and Tobacco, 
Main, opp. Court-house. 

Graves Stephen J. painter. 

Guthrie House, Kelley & Ballard, 
Proprietors, at Depot. 

Hardy A S, jailer. 

Harrison W B & Son ( Wm B and J S Har- 
rison o lawyer-. 

Hays Wm T L, auctioneer. 

Hf'uh-eh John, shoemaker. 

Hill ClcmentS. lawyer. 

Hill Edward L. livery stable. 

Hill Robert G, clerk circuit court. 

Hi'pp Adolph B, posimaster. 

Hilpp & Bro (Robert F and J Louis), 
bakers and confectioners. 

Hite Wm H, saddles and harness. 

Hogden Robt T, physician. 

Hopper Jas W, proprietor Lebanon Stan- 
dard, and lawyer. 

Hopper Rev Rt&ert A (Christian). 

Howard Daniel H, dep coll int revenue. 

Howe Jas blacksmith. 

Hudson John H, painter. 

Harnkey Henry, carriage-maker. 

Jarboe & WhortOB ilUchard Jarboe, Wm 
Whorton i, coat 

Jenkins F S. W U telegraph operator. 

Johnson Charles A, lawyer. 

Johnston H '& Son (Harvey and Joseph 
H Johnston), hardware. 

Jones John H, coal and wood. 

Kelley James A, insurance agent. 



I If *|f J Consisting of Ice Tools, Agricultural Implements, Cutlery, But- 

AH«S¥?^eA SRWIr'ffW oner-., Packers 1 and Coopers' Supplier FRED. SCHMIEDEN, 

iitli/VtelB »y*biiViyB 835 Broadway audSaO North Fourth Street, - ST. LOUIS. MO. 





Kolley Oliver O.., fv&ge City Court. 
Kolley & Batumi (Oiiver G. Kelley, 

George L. Railard ), Proprietors Guthrie 

House (§2 per day). Good livery con- 
nect ed. Depot. 
Keogli Christopher, saloon. 
Kilgore Horner A, jeweler. 
K i c I i y J a me &, shdenfa k e c . 
Kirk James II, collector. 
Knott W S, sehooi-eommis.-iouer. 
Knott' Wm T. station a.: -Tit. 
Knott & Spalding (Win S Knott. Samuel I 

T Spalding), lawyers. 
Lancaster C .J, assessor. 

Lancaster Hoot l>. distillery (half mile s). | 
Lapsley Rev J T (Presbyterian). 
Latimer George R, dry .-roods. 
Leba&on Gas-light Company. Fletcher <; 

Wilson, pres; B E Kirk, ,-cc'y. 
Lee Albert, .-he riff. 
MeBeth Joshua B, dentist. 
McChord Hojbert C, physician. 
MeCbord & Beldefi (John McChord, John | 

I) Ekl&en), lawyers. 
McJDmiough Patrick, merchant tailor. 
MeElroj George S, Adam- Express agt. 
Maekin & Hamilton i Thomas Maekin, I 

Geo C Hamilton i, meat market. 
Marion National Bank; capital $150,000 ; j 

surplus si^.OOO. It H Rowntree, pres; 

N S Kay, cashier. 
Marshall A Rradr, lawyer and justice. 
Mattingly Walter E, physician. 
Mattingly & Latham (Martin Mattingly, 

F H Lanham ), furniture and lumber. 
Meeks Francis, Dealer in Fine Wines, 

Liquors and Cigars, Court Square. 
Merkley Wrn E, : flour-mi fl. 
Meiix Abraham barber, Korris House, 
Miller Joseph, painter. 
Miller Joseph H, restaurant. 

Mock George S, photographer. 

Mueller, Walberi A: Robert (H Mueller, R 

N Wailam, Chas Robert), distillers. 
National Bank of Lebanon, cap $100,000, 

surp 315.000, Richard 31 Spalding pres, 

R E Kirk cashier. 
Neweomb E F, sewing-machines. 
Norris House, John L, Morris, Propr. 

Also First-class Livery Attached. Main. 

(See md . \ 
Xorvis .John "L , Propr. Norris House 

and Livery Stable. Main, [See adv.) 
Palmer Kobf C Jr. countv attorney. 
Palmer It C A Son (Kobt C and Marshall 

K '. oh vsieians. 
Phillips H B A: Co (Hugh B and James G 

Phillip.- 1 , general store and flour-mill. 
Phillip* James E, saddles and harness. 
Riggs George, groceries. 
Rodman Hillary 1), druggist. 
Rowntree & Lisle ( Rutherford II Rown- 

tree, Wm J Lisle), lawyers. 
liubel John, .Mnrr, Carriages, Buggies, 

Phaetons, and Spring Wagons, cor. Main 

a n d D e pot. i Se e a dv. ) 
Rus-ellASon (Wm E Russell, S A Rus- 
sell), lawyers. 
Savage Charles, harness-maker. 
Schwaner Casper, shoemaker. 
Sea Joseph M. druggist. 
Severance .John, county clerk. 
Shuck Finley, lawyer. - 
Smith Arthur, painter. 
Smith Nat. .-aio<m and livery. 
Smith Wm H & Sons (Win H, J Ralph. 

Wm L. and John), distillers and saloon. 
Spalding L A and W F A Co (Leonard A, 

Wrn F, and Wm It Spalding i, gen store. 
Spalding Theo B. county commissioner. 
Spalding & Rubel insurance. 
Spencer Wm II. groceries. 



Will Practice in Marion and adjoining Counties and in Court of Appeals, Kentucky. Special attention 
to Collections. 


Sfind for Estimates. J. \\ . ATH 



9E9 t^SiJ»« 

OX, 3J3-32J South Clinton Sheet- CHICAGO, 1 






Stoy Charles S. jeweler. 
Thomas John R. lawyer. 
Thompson Joseph P, lawyer. 

Twomey & Co ( Dan'l J Twomey, Robert 
Good in and W T Goodi in, saldofl. 

Vanarsdell & rank (J Harvey Vanarsdell, 
Matt B Punk), flour-mill, (5 miles n-e). 

Warren W m , to e re h ant tailor. 

Wathen Wm VV, general store. 

Webb \V 25feh, lawyer and insurance agt. 

Wilkinson James X, wagen-maker. 

Yokem Josiah (colored), shoemaker. 

north-western terminus of the Knoxville 
branch of the L. & N. R. R., 12 miles south 
of Shepherds vi lie, the county-seat of Bul- 
litt county,~and 30 south of Louisville. 
Western Union Telegraph. Duly mail. 
Population 125. M. J. Cockerell, post- 

Carpenter J H. justice. 
Coekerell .Matthew J., General Store. 
Cook C J, physician. • 
Grobins A S, books and stationery. 
McNeil J D, express and K. R. agent. 
Martin <y: Bro, flour-mill. 
Masken Taylor, general store. 
Mount J W, druggist. 
Rickets J E, hotel. 
Smith & Strielf. general .-tore. 
Strieff 8, boot and shoemaker. 




LEESBUR<;. In the southern 
of Harrison county, 10 miles south of 
thiana, the count v~?ea.t. nearest shipping 
point by rail, on the K. C. R. R., an< 
east of Louisville. Tri-weekly mail 
stage to Cynthiana. Population 256. 
Anderson Bros, blacksmiths. 
Barley Joseph, physician. 
Batklev Miss M {'), teacher. 
Hart Titos. H., Druggist. 
Sanders & Wilson, general store. 
Shropshire J C, groceries. 
Zumwalt James S. groceries. 

T,EIT€HF!!-:L0. Is situated be- 
tween Boar and Bough creeks, on the P. & 
E. R. R., is the county-seat oft^rayson, was 
settled in 1810. is 4 miles west of Graysoo 

^nringSi arid To south-west of Louisville. 
It has Catholic; Methodist. Baptist and 
Christian churches, a Catholic and Protest- 
ant seminary, a public school, a jail, and a 

court-house, erected at a cost of 830.000, a 
steam flour* mi 11, and a good hotel, the Hey- 
ser House, considered one of the best on 
the road. Exports tobacco and country 
produce. Western Union Telegraph. 
Southern Express. Daily mail. Stage to 
Hatdtnsburg, 30 miles distant, semi-weekly; 
Population -500. D. O'RMey, postmaster 

Adams Horatio N.wairon-maker and dealer 

in agricultural implements. 
Arnold Prof B P, principal High-school 

and Grayson Seminary. 
Barton & Conklin (John C Barton, James 

T Conklin o drugs, groceries, books, etc. 
Bozartii A: Stoy ("J. W. Bozartn, II. 

W. Stoy), Lawyers. 
Bratcher Harvey C. county --assessor. 
Krowii l£rtwin <>., County Clerk. 
Chastain Allen M, carpenter and builder. 
Conklin Wm L, lawyer. 
Day James W, watch-maker. 
Denton Isaiah J, city marshal. 
Edelen James I), constable. 
Evans Staadeker & Co (Wm C Evans, 

Benard Staadeker, Geo M Cresap), gen- 
eral store. 
Eveleigh Wm. lumber mnfr and fiour-mill 

(9 miles north). 
FuJlilove Rev Jam*? (Baptist). 
Gosnell, Bishop & Jones (J W Gosneil. J 

A Bishop, Wm Jones)., general store. 
Gosnell Jesse T. circuit clerk. 
Gosnell John W, clothing. 
Graham John C, lawyer and police judge. 
Hackett James B, sheriff. 
Iladen J W, physician. 
Hnynes Win R, commonwealth attorney. 
Heston Robert L, physician.. 
Hey back Daniel, carpenter and builder. 
Heyser F T & Bro (Foster T & Charles F). 

grocers and confectioners. 
Heyser House ($2 per day), Thomas 

Heyser, Prop'r, East of Public Square. 

(See adv.) 
Heyser Thomas. 

House, east of Pub! 
Hill, Willis & Lewis 

Willis, .l^^tY I 

Proprietor Heyser 
c Square. (See adt ..< 
(Wm B Hill. Rob't 
-wi-), general store. 

j Holden James R. barber. 

Layman Andrew J, livery and sale stable. 
I Lewis Wm J. dour-mill. 
I SfcBeath Thomas R. circuit judge. 
I McCkll ,v Barton (Wm P McCall, John R 

Barton), harness-makers, 
j McCiure J as M, lawyer and county judge. 

, I | M ho**e* 9 atMl i,« 

nil i LLij^iim slated Claims. 

Settled more than 1,10© 
arc tiad l.ut 13 Re- 

e-ents Even/where. 





Mc^riQQJI James, station agent. 
Melody Umv M Y (Catholic). 

M ■.:'. \iith Eiea/er, prop'r Grayson House. 

M.oorman & Co (Lemuel and James C Moor- 
man) leaf-tobacoo. 

O'Uiley Daniel, Postmaster and Ex- 
pires Ageat. 

O'lU&ey & Hogail, (Daniel O'Biley. 

. Jotw D. Hogaii). tiencral St ure and 
Dealer in Railroad Ties and White-oak 

Pendus James, transfer and express. 

Pureef! George T, attorney at law and 
deputy sheriff. 

Roberts Henry H, stove- and tinware and 

Rogers E & J H (Evan and Joshua H), har- 

Rogers & Bertie, live stock, 

Rogers & Thomas (H C Rogers, James 
T I ; <>m as) , blacks m iths. 

Rossdeutcher Otto, leaf-tobaeco. 

ilossdeutcher & Pro (Otto & Theodore), 

St Joseph's Parochial School, Rev M F 
Melody, pastor. 

Sisk T M, boarding-house. 

Stone Geor»e \Y., Lawyer. 

JStone John E., Surveyor and Eeal 
Estate Agent. 

Stoy Henry W., Insurance Agent. 

Striekkr Clarence A, physiejan. 

Taylor James W, coroner. 

Thomas Edwin, lawyer. 

Worthaiii James S., County Attor- 

^\ ortham "Wood V., Drugs, Groceries, 
Books, Stationery, Fancy Goods, etc. 

west of Brookville, the county-seat. 8 east 
of Falmouth, its nearest shipping point by 
rail. <>n the K. C. B. It.. 5 south of Poster's 
Landing on the Ohio river. artdlSO north- 
east of Louisville. Population oO. Mail 
by special supply. S. H. Thomas, post- 

Hesler Fred, hoot and shoemaker. 
Hesler Jacob, blacksmith. 
Houston Q E, physician. 
I^aiulen & Bro., General Store. 
Poe A W, wagon-maker. 
Riky J S, fiour-mxH 
Thomas S. If., Manager Co-operative 

Trade Association. 
Wallace F F, undertaker. 
Wilson L C R, blacksmith. 

LEOXAJU), A small settlement in 

Harlan county, "240 miles from Louisville, 

and IS from Harlan, the county-seat. 

Population 30. Semi- weekly mail. W. R. 

Bailey, postmaster. 

Creech Isaac, flour and saw-mill. 

Creech John, general store. 

Creech T J. mechanic. 

Creech WH H. blacksmith. 

Kelly fm P, blacksmith. 

Smith .John M, general store. 

Wvnn Elcanah, Hour and saw-mill. 

IJvXOXBUKCr. A village in the 
northern part of Bracken county, 14 miles 

IVESL-iTK. In Cumberland county, 
1\ miles from the Cumberland river, 40 
from Glasgow, the shipping point by rail, 
and 5 from Burkesville, the county-seat, is 
this post-othee and village of P20 inhabit- 
ants. Mail semi-weekly. S. W. Toung, 

Allen GeorgeX., Live Stockand Jus- 





Having thoroughly re-fitted and re-furui*hed this house, we are now prepared to accommodate the trav- 
*Hog public. We guarantee satisfaction. Liberal rates. Give ua a call. References, the traveling public. 

noma IP nuiuEU 


5 CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Kv. 





Allen J G, carpenter and bee hives. 

Clare C. J., Paiirter and Agent. 

Collie* John, constable. 

Ebert I) A, flour and saw-nail. 

Eubank Joseph, blacksmith. 

Grace John, physician. 

Humes Wilson, blacksmith. 

Lacy & Hale, wagon-makers. 

Milam Rev Wm E ( Presbyterian), 

Ei4er Joseph, cooper. 

Se.hifdler Fred, music teacher. 

Smith Wm. & Bro., General Store. 

Stockton Martin, distiller. 

Williams H C, carpenter. 

EEYEE. In the southern part of 
Montgomery county, 5 miles south of -lit. 
Stirling, it- peari -r -hipping point, on the 
Mt. Sterling division of the L., C. & L. 
BV, and 131 south-east, of Louisville. 
Tri-weekly mail. Population 35. Mrs. 
Annie Kerney. postmaster. 
Anderson M W, tanner. 
Bowes Wm, carpeater. 
Burger H C, wagon-maker. 
Hamlin Miss Betty, millinery. 
Hainlin E C, carpenter. 
Hamlin V 0, blacksmith. 
HallE. K., Saw-mill. 
Eiddle R, blacksmith. 

Rock Spring- Seminary, Prof. 

Owen, Principal. 
Todd H T, hour-mill. 
Warren Eev F L ( Baptist j. 

TvEVEE GKEEX, Is sometimes 

called Jimtown, in the south-western part 
of Rockcastle county, 8 miles south of Mt. 
Yernon, the County-seat, its nearest ship- 
ping point, on the Knoxville branch of the 
L. *Sfc >T. E. E., and 137 southeast of 
Louisville. Adams Express. Tn-weekly 
mail. Population 125. H. C. Hasty, post- 

Brown J J, constable. 
Bl'OWll J. X., Lawyer. 
Brown Wm 11, live stock. 
Burnett Eev C D (Methodist). 
Catron A & H, live stock. 
Hasty H. C, General Store. 
Hicks Bailey, flour-mill. 
Hurst John'M, blacksmith. 
L&wxence E E, boot, and shoemaker. 
Louden A C general store. 
Major John S, flour-mill. 
Owen Prof Samuel, principal Bock Spring 

Ping C W. justice. 
Eiddle John, distiller. 

EEYIXGOOD. On the K. C. R. R 

4 miles south of Falmouth, the county? 
seat. 150 north-east of Louisville! and in 
the northern part of Pendleton couj 
■Daily mail. Population 50. C. C. Cock- 
eriil, postmaster. 
Bell Harrison, flour-mill. 
Coekerill 0. C, General Store, Ex- 
press and Railroad Agent. 
Hotchkiss Miss N, teacher. 
White "W H, saloon. 

LEAYISBUUG. A post-village, with 

200 people, in Logan county, 11 mile- 

from Russell ville, the nearest railway sta- 
tion and county-seat. Mail four times a 

week. B. F. Stinnett, post master. 

Arnold George F, justice. 

Baugh John L, constable. 

Brown <fc Currance, groceries. 

Buckhannon J T, boot and shoemaker. 

Burnett C C, school-teacher. 

Carr J C, flour-mill (2 miles north). 

Duncan E P, justice. 

Garretson D C, live stock. 

Glenn E F, druggist. 
i Harding Rev Joseph (cord Baptist). 

Hines & Rector, druggists. 

Hutching* J W, physician and gen. store. 

Kennerlv II 0, phvsician. 
' Mt. K.-ynoldv J A, flour-mill. 

Mason M. 0. s Leaf-tobacco and Live 

Penrod & Baugh, blacksmiths. 

Richardson L G, physician. 

Richmond J B. gunsmith. 

Robertson Henry, barber. 

Sneed J C, lawyer ami live stock. 
! Stinnett B. F. & Son, Livery, Hotel. 

General Store and Leaf-tobacco. 
j Sutton G F, leaf-tobacco. 

Yarbrough W L. general store. 

I EWrSlilllGH. Mason coun! 

»ee North Fork |. 

LEWIS CHEEK. Between Bl- 
ind Black mountains, on the lower fork < 
I the Cumberland river, in Letcher eoutvfr? 
j 11 miles from Whitesburg, the county-se.-t- 



3 i 



< ,' 








- — — — • 

■ . 

t i 



iout reference to the Companies we manage. 
BARBEE & CASTLEMAN, Lou-svilie, Ky. 
Agent* everywhere South. 





and 60 from Pikcvillc, its nearest shipping 
point on the Sandy river. Population 100. 

Semi-weekly mail. Jesse Clay, postmaster. 

Clay Jesse, Farmer. 
Flannery II, flour-mill. 
Lewis John J, school-teacher. 
Lewh. Wilson, saw-mill. 
MaggfersJ James, saw and dour-mill. 

LEWIS PC KT. An incorporated 
town with a population of 600. It. is lo- 
cated on the Ohio river in Hancock county, 
12 miles west of Hawesville, the eounty- 
seat; 2 corn-mills, 2 churches, public 
school and 3 distilleries are here. Water, 
coal and timber are in abundance, and this 
is a good location for any manufacturing 
enterprise. Adams Express. Mail daily. 
A. C. Howe, postmaster. 
Adams K C, justice of peace. 
Anderson A, wagon-maker. 
Beauchamp Combs & Co, distillers. 
Blackford J T, grist-mill. ' 
Blincoe J B, grist-mill. 
Blincoe J I), saddler. 
Blincoe Pate A Hewitt, distillers 
Bradford Wm, stock-dealer. 
Brovvr; C W, physician. 
IJuilington M", marshal. 
Callender A. blacksmith. 
C;ipel George, cooper. 

Clarkson Rev (Methodist). 

Combs Ennis, justice of peace. 

Conor J N H, shoemaker. 

Dabney J M, general store. 

Dabney A Parker, brick-makers. 

Dulin T, grocer. 

Dunn I>, undertaker. 

Dunn A Miller, millinerv. 

Ellis KevF G (Baptist)." 

Fenn E B, shoemaker. 

Gihbs M, barber. 

Gregory Ed, tobacco. 

Hail David, saloon. 

Hayden J B. hotel. 

Ha v den M D, general store. 

Ha v wood J. L., Drugs and Fancv 


Hender.-on W D. photographer. 
Hesselten E. farm implements. 
He^,d!"u E & Sen, blacksmiths. 
Hrll cc Pierce, saloon. 
Houe Albert C, Grocer. 
Jet! J P M, grain-dealer, constable, and 
insurance agent. 

Johnson W C, justice of peace. 

Kavanaugh P T. justice of peace. 

Enable Geo. blacksmith. 

Knox J B. physician. 

Knox J W, physician. 

Long J \Y. cooper. 

MeGill G A, express agt and gen store. 

Madden Smith A' Patterson, distillers. 

Morton M M, live stock. 

Morton A Martin, drugs. 

Owen.- & Duhl, meat market.' 

Patterson J \Y A Co. general store. 

Patterson K. police judge. 

Patterson 8: Payne, milliners. 

Pell J C A Son, general store. 

Pell S B, confectionerv. 

Pell T J. saloon. 

Fell T Jeff; leaf-tobacco. 

Prentis W T. physician. 

Pri est H, coal. 

Smith Levi, hotel. 

Smith A Henderson, meat market. 

Wasrner Fred, wagon-maker. 

Watson G G, cooper. 

Young W H, engineer. 

LEXIXGTOX. The county-seat of 
Fayette is located on the lower fork of the 
Elkhorn river. Its general appearance is 
very attractive, its streets are broad, paved, 
and lighted with gas, and are flanked on 
either mde with handsome, substantial 
business blocks and private residences. It 
is especially celebrated for its educational 
institutions, among which are the Ken- 
tucky University, the State College of 
Kentucky, Saver's Female Institute. Christ 
Church Seminary, and Hamilton Female 
College. This last-named institution is 
the largest and best-arranged building in 
the State, for the purpose for which it was 
erected. It is elegantly built, and as per- 
fectly-ventilated a- possible. It has all the 
modern improvements, being heated by 
steam, lighted with gas, and furnished 
with excellent suites of bath-rooms. It is 
fav«>rably-!o. at al ir the northern limits of 
the city, and therefore free nam, much of 
the bustle that would be encountered, if 
located in the business portion of the city. 
The institution is the property of a joint- 
stock company, and, since, it- puohase in 
IsTT by the company, has heen ptesided 
over by J. T. Patterson, who has been at 
J the head of a female boarding-school for a 
/ greater number of consecutive years than 

^fi fi$ H f P?i*f I>»««g stamps, Self-Iltlctag Stamps 
R IflBER STAMPS ^rot^tors; Amateur Printihff Pres 

llVlfVail 0*2x^11 Wi Engraver and Die Sinker, 1GG Kan 

, Rank Stamps and i 
sees and Type. 3L. BOCFfi 
dolph St., CHICAGO, 111! 





any .ber man in the State. Under his 
et" .geraenfc the college has grown to be 
• e largest female hoarding-e .. ■ I in Ken- 
tucky. The cemetery of Lexington, lo- 
cated at the western end of the city, is one 
of the most beautiful in the United States. 
The remains of many uf the most illustri- 
ous men of the State, are interred here. In 
this cemetery is a sine monument ere fee I 
to the memory of Benry Clay. It ;- 119 
feet high, and surmounted by a life-^ize 
statue of the eminent statesman; The 
city has 7 churches of the various cienom- 
v schools, 6 ! anks, 7 
mscript (daily and 
iv), Gazette [week- 
j< 9 i weekly). J-i\ e 
1- .-). and the Sun- 
ck Journal - month* 
debt is $110,000; 
ling to the census of 16 Kb it has 
■ i, of 16,<?26. Its railroad facil- 

itations, good pi 
newspapers, viz: 
weekly), Banner 
]y), Apostolic 


Observer at 
r ^ bonu. 



ities ai .xeellent^ three road-, viz : the K. 
G, L.. J. A~ L. and- C. S. B. K a center 
here, and afford convenient transportation 
to all parts of the United States. Lexing- 
ton^is the site of the Transylvania Print- 
ing and Publishing Company, which was 
established in 1871, and commenced with 
a large and eomplete assortment of all ma- 
terial used in first-class printing and pub- 
lishing houses. At the close of 1£8Q the 
company, by vote of stock-holders, con- 
cluded to discontinue business, and sold 
the entire outfit to Dr. W. O. Sweeney, 
Wm. H. Cassell, T. Logan Hoeker and 
Wm. Plunkett, who now constitute the 
company, the two latter taking an active 
part in the business. The company will, by 
the close attention given, and the prompt- 
ness with whieh they dispatch business, 
insure certain success. They are prepared 
to do all classes of fine printing, such as 
catalogues, bill-re-ads, wedding cards, letter 
and note-heads, as well as book-binding in 
all its departments. The trade of Lexing- 
ton is extensive and various, and several 
manufacturing enterprises are cafrii 
Three good hotels are located here, the 
Phoenix, the Ashland House and the 
Southern Hotel. Stage communication 
with Lawrenetburg, by way of Versailles, 
dailv, and to L'iohmond. twice a day. Bx- 
press Adams. /Telegraph Western Union. 
Mail daily. H. X. Milward, postmas- 

Adams Express Company, J II Short 
cor Main and Broadway. 

Adam.- J'iehard M, tailor!" 43 e Main. 

Adams Win W. sale stable, 68 e Short 

Adams W & Sons (Wm T v Iloss C and John 
Tj, marble works, 87 n Broad wav. 

Agricultural and Mechamcal College of 
Kentucky, James K Patterson Ph It 
pses, city park, cot Wilson and Lime- 

Aikin I> A. distiller, nr cemeterv. 

Akens John B, barber, ls> Mill. 

Alford & Smith, | M. C. Alford, Z. F. 
Smith: Lawyers, North Upper, opp. 
Court- House. 

Allan & Bryan (A S Allan, J Bryan 
physicians, 100 e Main. 

Allen T X. tawyer, 343 e Short. 

Alien Wesley, restaurant, n Upper. 

Anderson *.V McCann (J E Anderson. G P 
McCanu ;, china crockery and glassware, 
■yi e Main. 

Appleton Lancaster & DnfF (J W Apple- 
ton, Geo Lancaster, J M Dutf), wholesal • 
and retail dry goods, 13 and 15 e .Main. 

Armstrong Win, flour-mill, 112 e Short. 

Arnett Robert F. restaurant, (57 e Short. 

Ashland House, H. E. Boswell &S- e. 
Props. 13 and 15 West Short, near Post- 
office. {See adv.) 

Austin Miss, dress-mafcei*, 13.1 w Main. 

Baler & Tbdd i J A Baker. John A Keidj 
agricultural implements, 12 Cheapside. 

Ballard Williamson Oc Co, drugs, 39 e 

Banahan Francis, grocer, cor Broadway 
and ith. 

lUu-kerA. B., Oculist and Aurist, 60 
East Main. Residence cor. 6th and Lime- 

Barnes H H & Co | H H and A M Barnes) 
drinjs, cor Alain and Mill. 

Barnett Mrs. Lizzie, dress-maker, 152 w 

Bassett Watkins & Co (Squire Bassett, T 
B. Watkins. Slaughter Bassettj boots and 
shoes, 21 c Main. 

B easley J ames M. meat-market, 23 s Up- 

Bea.tly Mrs Anna, milliner, cor George- 
town and Short. 

Beau@hamp .fames II. lawyer, 17 n Upper.- 

Beck A M. saloon, 29 w Stiort. 

Beck & Thornton, (James B. Beck, 
11. A. Thornton!, Attorneys at La 1 -. 
J. B. Beck, U. S. Senator, 34$ Last Short. 

m ■ feJ>Jt»?»t f j13 Controlling. over «4< V'l-i!. D 00 of Fire f»l B II 





Bell C S, nursery, w Main opp ee>raetew. 
Bell C S Jr, fruits and confectionery, 5 w 

BeB David, physician, w s Broadway. 
Bell Wm S,flomt, 22: e Short. 
Benckart 31., Proprietor Lexington 

BottUng-worlcs. Bottles Ale, Porter. La- 
ger Beer, Mineral Water. Ginger Ale, 

Sarsaparilla, etc., 28 North Broadway. 

i See &dv. ) 
Bennett David, physician. Mill, nr Short. 
Berkley J W & Co (J W Berkley, J L 

WaAstin, II A Guthrie), dry goods, 35 e 

Dtrhii.-ky Bemhard, second-hand store, 7 

n Brdttdwav, 
Berry & McDonald (J H Berry. Frank 

McDonald), saloon, 5 e Mulberry. 
Berry man John C, grocer, 14 Cheapside. 
Bietz Mrs G, grocer, cor Short and Jetter'n. 
Billing-ley Geo E. lawyer, cor Main and 

Blackburn Salomon, second-hand furni- 
ture, 45 e Vine. 
Blackburn W, grocer, cor Mulberry and 2d- 
Bolan Owen, saloon, cor Broadway and 

Bona A, confectionery and cigars, cor Main 

and Broadway. 
Bond J no & Co ..J no Bond, C W D H 

Foushee ,», liquor brokers, lb' v.v, 18 w Short. 
Bonnyman peorge, boots and shoes, 30 n 

Boswell H. E. & Son, H. £. & W. 

H. Boswell i. Proprietors Ashland House, 

13 and 15 West Short, near Post-office. 

(See aclp.) 
Bosworth & Richardson (G W Bosworth. 

W P Richardson), oal, '46 w Main. 
Bowne Henry A, gents' furnishing goods, 

59 e Main. 
Bradlev, Cassell & Randall (C W Bradley. 

T L Cassell, L B Randall), clothing, 4*e 

Bradley Thomas, hardware, 55 e Main. 
Brainerd Barney, grocer, cor Main and 

Breckinridge $ Shelby ("W C P Breckin- 

rklge, John T Shelby), lawyers, 15 e Short. 
Brice Jas F, coal and wood, e Constitution. 
Brocknran Geo M. livery, 20 e Vine. 
Brower <k Scott (0 F Brower, J M Scott), 

carpets, etc., 9 w Main. 
Brown F II, livery, boS e Main. 
Brawn Geo W, grocer, cor Broadway and 


Bruce Benj G, pijopff Kentucky Live Stock 

Record, 9 A n Upper. 
Bruce W W, hemp, n Mulberrv. 
Bryant & llardesty (W D .Bryant, H 

Hardesty), groeers, 50 and 52 "e Short. 
Buckingham C, meat market, 19 s Mulberry. 
Buckner G D, physician, 36 n Mill. 
Buckner T, shoemaker. 157 e Main. 
Buckner & Allen (,R A Buckner, John R 

Allen i, law vers, 19 n Upper. 
Buibrd H Marshall, lawyer, 22 e Short, 
Burke James, saloon and restaurant, cor 

Mulberry and Water. 
Burke John, saloon. Mulberry. 
Burton Alexander, shoemaker, 15 e Water. 
Burton A, restaurant, s Broadway, at C S 

Bush F A Son (Frederick and Wm E), 

mnfrs sash, door* and blinds, cor Vine 

and Lower. 
Butler James, grocer, Georgetown, near 

Butler James C, insurance. 13 n Upper. 
Butler Robert G. photographer, 53 j e Main. 
Byrnes James M, fob printer, 9^ Upper. 
Calvert Henry C. carpenter, 25 e Water. 
Calvert Thomas, jeweler, 23 e Main. 
Campbell A J & Co (A J Campbell, J L 

Gilmore), insurance, 10 Cheapside. 
Campbell John, grocer, 3d nr Railroad. 
Canning F L, saloon, 7 s Broadway. 
Cannon Minor W, grocer, 25 w Short. 
Carroll Patrick, grocer, cor Spring and 

Main- 11. 

Carter Wm G, produce, s Mulberry. 

Cassell, Price <fc Co { W H Cassell, L C 
Price, V P Gibney), dry goods, 16 and 
18 w Main. 

Oassell Thomas J, grocer, cor Main and 

Cavanaugh John, grocer, 232 s Broadway. 

Chevalier Frank, blacksmith, w Short. 

Christ Church Seminary. Rev Thomas A 
Tidbali, D D, rector, Mbs Helen L Tot- 
ten, principal, Maxwell, between Mul- 
berry and Rose. 

Clark George & Bro (George and Augus- 
tine), carpenters, 173 e Main. 

Clark Mrs Mary F, milliner, 88 e Main. 

Clarke Mrs James-, grocer, cor Broadway 
and Water. 

Clem A T, grocer, 239 n Broadway. 

Climes Mrs Maggie, grocer, Georgetown 
near Asvkim.- 

Cochran J W A: S*>n (J W and N P), in- 
surance agents, cor Upper and Short. 




sr. as. &£. auEOsaaBzs, a^aaa 

Central and Southern Dep't^ 



and stationery 18 w 

very and sale stable, 

4 d Broadway. 
ns i'J H Davidson, F 

1 ° <'>ort. 

and res- 

Coleman B L, physician, BO n Mill. 

Commercial College of Ky University, 
Witbur R Smith, pre-; E AY Smith, prin 
and mangr; cor Main and Mill. 

Corbin J 31, civil engineer and surveyor, 
opposite court-house. 

Corrie W, painter. 39 h Mulberry. 

Cosine B 11. pub and Apostolic 
Time-. Market nr Short. 

Crane Wm R, shoemaker, e 3d. 

Crawford Silas S, grocer, cor Mulberry 
and 3d. 

Croghan James F, errocer^ 00 n Dewees, 

Cronin James, grocer, cor Jefferson and 3d. 

Curd Mrs Eliza, dress-maker, 8'J w Main. 

Curtis Airs E, millinery, 58^ e Main. 

Curtis John J, merchant tailor, 58 e Alain. 

Da:; nit v T J. books 

Darn a by George E,, 
56 e Short. 

David Jacob, grocer 

Davidson & Will 

D Williams), plumbers, 24 e g 

Davis Frank 11. confectionery 
taurant, 26 e Short. 

Davis George W, grocer, 213 e 3d. 

Davis & Chinn (AM Davis. A B Chinn), 
dry goods, 33 e Main. 

Deering Benjamin, prop'r Bluegrass Ban- 
ner (daily i, 9 s Upper. 

De .Long" & Co., (G. A. and E. S. De 
Long), Hardware, Agricultural Imple- 
ments, Seeds, Harness, etc., 16 and 18 
Cheapside, 21 and 19 North Mill. 

Denelle Joseph, gen'l store, 66 n Mulberry. 

De Koode Eugene II, jeweler, cor Alain 
and Upper. 

Diilard John, physician, n Upper. 

Dineen Michael, grocer, s Broadway. 

Dim-en Timothy, grocery. 237 s Broadway. 

Dinelle Sylvester, fruits and produce, cor 
Church and Mulberry. 

Dwdd Charles W. meat market, cor AIul- 
berrv and 2d. 

Bodge & Slade, .Asa Dodge. J. T. 
Slade), Insurance, Real Estate and Col- 
lection Agents, 32 East Short, op'p. 

Dougherty M, blacksmith, Mulberry nr 

Dowd Patrick, grocer, cor Mulberry and 
W if? slow. 

Dowling Bros (B and Thomas M), news 
depot, 31 w Short. 

Doyer John, grocer, cor Alain and Cox. 

Drake J. F. & Co,, (Jas, F. and E. k. 
Drake)* Real Estate, 13 North Upper. 

Driggs Stoddard, dentist. 11 n Upper. 

Duck David C, coal, 14 and 16 Broad v.-;-.-,-. 

Dudley Benjamin W, physician, 100 e Mai 

Duncan H, T, propr Lexington Press, l:\v 

Dunn Stephen, second-hand faxniture, 
Market, nr Short, 

Eagle Edward E, coal and feed, 50 n Mul- 

Eastern Kentucky Lunatic Asylum, W 
Bullock, supt, cor 4th and Georgetown. 

Eastin & Hen ton (L F Eastin, A E Hen- 
ton), grocers, 19 n Mulberry. 

Egalite George, barber, 9 w Short. 

Ehrmann & Son (Christian Sr, Christian 
Jr), physicians, u Broadway, nr Short. 

Elder Miss Vic, milliner, 40 e Short. 

Elkin Z F, grocer, 63 e Vine. 

Elliott Ar Appleton, iR G Elliott, Henry 
Appleton i, dry goods, 8 w Alain. 

Ellis James, tailor, 7 w Short, 

Emer.-ori James, wagon-maker, s Mulberry. 

Emmal W B, wholesale boots and shoes, 17 
e Alain. 

Evans E F, physician, Mill, nr Short, 

Faig John, harness, Short, nr Broadway. 

Failey John, grocer, Cox, nr 11 11. 

Falconer David G, lawyer, 49 e Short, 

Farley Wm, carpenter, w Short. 

Farmers Journal (monthlv), BH Cozine, 
D H Batson, proprs, Market, nr Short. 

Famau Henry F, groceries, 28 w Alain. 

Farrell Patrick, saloon, cor Broadway and 

Favette Xational Bank, S Bassett, pres. E 
8 Bullock, cash, cap $300,000, cor Main 
and Upper. 

Featherson & Bro (C T and B W), meat 
market, 18 s Upper. . 

Feeney P H, blacksmith, w Alain. 

Field Jeremiah, barber, e "Water. 

First National Bank, A S Winston, pre*. 
Thomas Mitchell, cash, cap $400,000, 30 
e Short. 

Floore J H, dentist, 104 e Main. 

Flynn Mrs Margaret, ^n store, 33 e Vine. 

Foley Frank, coal and feed, 142 w Short. 

Folev Timothy, grocer, e 3d. 

Ford& Cassniy <"W H Ford, W H Ca;- 
sidvi, grain and coal, Short, nr K C B 
K depot. 

Forman Mrs , hair goods, cor Mul- 
berry and 2d. 

Foster Thomas W, physician Mill, nr Short- 






Lexington Bottling Works, 0^ 

2uE„ BENCZAHT, Prop'r. 



Root 1 \—ir*r~* i 5'y m \ \ yv^^-in q^h wtnplT' A Inc! 

y *» ^ 

Imported Mineral Waters— German Seltser, ApoLhnaris, Hvmvftdi U £ - 

Janos, &c. Belfast Ginger Ale, RirsapariUa and Cider. | «. | t-p. 


Lexington Agent for Blue Lick Water, fifth from the Springe twice & week. Wt % M. 


y, H. E. BOSWELL. 



^C^ ^V^ill3^ H. E. BOSWELL & SON. Proprietors, 

13 <Sr 15 W. Sijort St., near Post-Office, 



s IrJ 


:&&yfc£l~- .^s^m^^ 

St^TES, S2.CC ^^:l^ ZD^J'S*. 


t T TTTrrv r 

"•""N T Y T "^ ,-< T T T"" p *7* * ~' ^ '"- , 

■ II 

a i W. Short St., next door to Ashland House, 

©arHorsea Boarded by the Day or Week."** 


3 \ 




KST itKU, SSOW, AN'B tVATE'K PROO/E. S«'ttd for u. 
Ilislrated Catalogue and Prices* J. W, ATK.lNst*!> 
SH3-^i?21 *«*»»c»* ciiufoM Mm'l, <'S« If .■%«», I I.I,. 





foushee W 6c Co (C W Foushee, T M. 

Berry), paints, oils, etc, 23 w Short. 
Foushee C W Jr & Bro (C W and 1) H). 

v,'i;uii.>ai<' liquor.-, 16 arid lb w Short. 

Fox Joseph A. barber, cor Mill and .Short. 

Franklin' Benjamin F. barber, 10 n Mul- 

Franklin John, grocer, s Broadway. 

Frazer Tiumns M, driiggUfc, cor Main 
and Mulberry. 

Fi-azer W <V Co ( W Frazer and A S Win- 
ston), hemy>, n Broadwav, nr 3d. 

Fry & Marsh' (S V Fry. E F Marsh;, car- 
riage?, 68 w Short. 

Fuller Win, grocer, cor Georgetown and 

Gaines Horace P. baker. 20 w Short. 

Gardner V N. millinery, 70 e Main. 

Garland Richard, grocer, cor Main and 

Garner George, jewelry, 6 e Main. 

Geary John A, plumber, 16 n Mill. 

Geers Charles, grocer, n Mulberry. 

Geers R P, grocer, 86 s Broadway, 

George Ada.n, shoemaker, 12 s Upps*. 

Gibbons Z. lawyer. 47 e Short. 

Gibson Charles, tailor, 11 n Broadway. 

Gilbert John H, passenger agent O & M R 
R Go, cor Broadway and Vine. 

Gill Michael, grocer, Georgetown, rr Short. 

Gilman Charles B, saloon, cor Mill and 

Gilroy & Gormly (John Gilroy, John 
Gormly), saloon, cor Mnlberrv and Main. 

Giltner H. L,., Propr. Souther?: Hotel, 
62 ami 64 East Short. (See adv.) 

Goebel Fritz, saloon, 9 n Broadway. 

Goforth Wm, restaurant, e Vine. 

Gormley Charles, carriages, cor Upper and 

Gormlev Philip, grocer, cor Lower and 

Graham G II, jeweler, 4 w Main. 

Gratz II II, Propr Kentucky Gazette, 10 

Grave- James M, coal and produce, 50 and 
52 Short. 

Graves & Barnet i J 1) Graves, Wm Bar- 
net), livery, hi) e Vine. 

Graves <Sc MjjLellen, commission, cor Vine 
and Broadway. 

•Gray James P, manager A U Tel Co, 67£ 
e Main. 

Gray Robert H., Tinsmith and Dealer 
in Stoves, Tinware, Pumps, etc., 54 Fast 

Greene Richard D. physician, 23 n Short 
Grehan B N, grocer, 171 e Main, 
Gribben Tlios, barber. 17 s Mulberry. 

Grinstead & Bradley i J A Grinstead, Thos 
Bradley), bankers, cor Upper and Short 

Gross Simon P, saloon and restaurant, 82 
and 84 o Main. 

Haggard E T & Son (E T and J R), vet stir. 
geons, e Short. 

1 1 o lev Miss E, grocer, Lee's Row, nr R. R. 

Hall & Meglone ( W F Hall, S M Meglonej, 
hats and caps. 57 e Main. 

Halter Jacob, shoemaker, 60 w Main. 

Ham Lewis J, blacksmith, Sycamore, bet 
Short and 2d. 

Hamilton Alexander, blacksmith, e Water, 
bet Upper and Mill. 

Hamilton Female College, J. T. 
Patter-on, Presid-ejat. MJ and 62 North 
Broadway. ($ee adv.) 

Hamilton James A, restaurant and confec- 
tioner, e Water. 

Hampton ysician,w Short,nr Jefferson. 

Hancock Geo IT, grocer, 17 w Short. 

Hannibal A, grower, cor Dewees and 3d. 

Harden Alfred, barber, 7 w Short. 

Hardesty D L & Co. grocers, cor Broad- 
way and Short. 

Hardstein Abraham, fancy goods, 15 w 

Hart James W. livery, 44 e Short. 

Ilart.-tein Max, pawnbroker, 17 s Upper. 

Harkins James, tailor, e Short. 

Harpham J C, phvsieian, cor Mill and 

Harris Mark, livery stable, s Mulberry. 

Harris Thomas, coal, e Main, nr Rose. 

Harrison James O, lawyer. Mill, nr Short. 

Harrison S B. grocer, cor Main and Dewees. 

Harrison W. H., Dealer in Coal, and 
City Sprinkler. Road-wagons Furnished 
for Hauling all Kinds of Freight. Cor, 
Spring and \ ine. 

Hawkins Alien.dyer and scourer,68 e Main. 

II ayes .Mrs Jas, grocer, cor Rose and Main. 

Hayman & Co (J Q A Hayman, C II 
Wooley), flouring-mill, Mill and Vine. 

Havs John, grocer and coal, cor 2d and 
Lee's Row! 

Heat'ox Lester, Wools, Hides> Pelts 
Leather, etc., 42 and 44 Mulberry. 

Hehdren Wm D, saloon,© Vine. 

TL-rley Daniel, grocer, near K. C. R. R. 

Herr L, vet surgeon (1 mile south). 

Herrington Mrs Lizzie, saloon, 62 w Main. 

Hervev J T, dentist, cor Main and Mill. 



The RepreientatWe Democratic Paper of the Blue-Grass Region. Published Daily and Weekly. A largt 
and rapidly increasing Circulation throughout Kentucky. 


I* the largest paper, th« best rami ly New-pap^r, and one of the be£f Adrertisiug jftodiujtofl in Kentucky. 


Has the largest City Circulation of any Newspaper in Lexington. 

Daily, One Year in Advance, $6.00 - - Weekly, One Year, in Advance, $2.00. 

Advertising rates on application. Address, 
J WSpeciman Copies Free. TRANSCRIPT COMPANY. 


•zr*. ~J~£& 






No. 22 Gheapside, LEXINGTON, KY. 

Southern Hotel,. 

E3 t^- 

COL. K. L. GiLT^£H, Proprietor. jff ^ 


First-class accommodations! at reasonable rates. Patronage 
of the Public respectfully solicited. tk 



LEZ:ilTGT01T, .... KEiTTTJ'CSlT. 

Practtoa Law in Fayette and adjoining counties and Coart of Appftals. Collection, made any-»here in Ky 






CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, s, 



Hiekey Moses D, blacksmith, 26 e Vine. 

Hilton Aaron J, saloon, 60 e Short. 

Hobbs Noah E, grocer, Vine and Uppei\ 

Hodges John O Jr, prop Sunday Observer, 
49 e Main. 

Hoffman tJnairles, moats. 42 n Broadway. 

Hollenkamp Joseph, confectioner, 71 e 

Honaker David, shoes, 51 w Main. 

Hood Sidney, harnes, -maker. 56 e Short. 

Hopson J H, agent C H <& D R R, 8 Cheap- 

Horgan Miss Mary, milliner, 20 w Main. 

Home & Johnson | B Home and M John- 
son), general store, cor Main and Drake. 

Hornsey Thomas A, hardware, 26 w Short. 

Hottes Charles, harness-maker, 9 n Mul- 

Houlihan Edward, grocer, 172 e Main. 

Hughes Mrs M A, dressmaker, 250 n 

Hunt & Darnall (J D Hunt, George W 
Darnall), lawyers, 57 e Short. 

Huston AVm B, agent Mutual Benefit As- 
sociation, 13 n Upper. 

Huston & Mulligan (John B Huston, Jas 
H Mulligan), lawyers, 42| e Short. 

Hutchison & Thompson (John H Hutch- 
ison, H C Thompson i, grocers, cor Main 
and Mill. 

Hutehis<»n & Son (Isaac and J W). gro- 
cers, 47 e Main. 

Hutsell & Hampton (John Hutseil, John 
Hamptoni. flour-mitt, e 3d. 

Irvine & Pigg (T H Irvine, W W Pigg), 
mail contractors, 4 w Short. 

Isola Joseph, confectioner, 80 e Main. 

Jackson John, horse-shoer, 106 e Short. 

Jaeger J F, fruits, 12 s Mill. 

Jaubert Gustav, saloon, 18 n Mill. 

Jenkins C W, grocer, e Constitution. 

Jennings Henry, grocery Pine and Spring. 

Jesse & Warren ( \VA Jesse E H "Warren), 
blacksmiths and wagon-makers,55eVine. 

Jewell J R. cigars, $6 e Main. 

Johns C Albert, druggist, 26 n Broadway. 

Johnson Harvey, barber, 15 n Mulberry. 

Johnson James \V, ciry goods, 23 w Main. 

Johnson & Limca^tt-r, <C. C, Jmm- 
s^ii, \V. II. Lancaster), Real Estate, In- 
surance, Collection Agen'te, General Au«> 
tioneers, 13 North Upper. 

Johnsum J Fletcher, lawyer, 34 e Short. 

Jones Woodson, saloon, i4 n Mulberry. 

Kast'e Daniel, cigars and tobacco, 19 w 

Kaufman, Berkley <fe Wilson (M Kauf- 
man, T W Berkley. J N Wilson), cloth- 

ing and gents furn'g goods, 53 e Waii 

Kearney Patrick, blacksmith, s Mulbcrn 

Keating James, grocer,- cor Constitwu. • 
and Dewees. 

Keiningham MrsS E, milliner, 44 w Mam. 

Keller Henry IL baled hay and grain, v, 
Main, r.r K C depot. 

Keller J E, freight and passenger agt C S 
R R, 8 Cheapside. 

Kelley Thomas D. dentist, 11 n Upper. 

Kennedy Miss Belle, dress-maker, i'.)l <* 

Kent John W, cigars and tobacco, [69 e 

Kentucky Stage Co, Irvine & Pigg, propr*. 
4 w Short. 

Ketehum & Hoyt (M A Ketchum, M f? 
Hoyt), hair and fancy goods, cor Church 
and Upper. 

King Gi;bert- H, ins agt and agt for Star 
National Line, 6 Cheapside. 

King John E, grocer, e Main. 

King Robert fit, ins agt, 6 Cheapside. 

King Whittington, ins agt and notary pub- 
lic, 6 Cheapside. 

Kinkead Shelby, coal, 44 n Broadwav. 

Kinkead W. 15. & George B., At- 
torneys at Law. W. B. Kinkead J ; • 
Fayette County Court. Geo. B. Kin- 
kead Judge Recorders Court. Will 
Practice Law in Counties of Fayette, 
Clark, Woodford, Jessamine, Scott, and 
Bourbon. Particular Attention Paid t< 
Collections, 55 East Short. 

Kitchens G C. tailor, cor Mill and Main. 

Koon/. George, willow- ware, 4 n Broadway. 

Kreigel A Sehwedes, merchant tailors, 65<e 

Kroesing Adolph J, jeweler, 49 e Main. 

Kuehne & Fotsch (Ernst Kuehne, Bernard 
, Putsch i, barber-, cor Main and LTppcr. 

Lancaster G W <fc Co (G W Lancaster, b 
M Metfbrd }, sewing-machines, 68 e Main. 

Lancaster J W, meat market, cor Pineaud 

Lancaster M P, boots and shoes, 9 e Main 
Lancaster Mrs M C. dress-maker, 17 w 

Laudeinan I) t !>., Dealer in Grain. 
Mill Feed, etc Hemp Bought and Sold 
on Commission, North side East \V :*'<■: 
between Mill and Upper, 
Lavin Andrew, general store, 6 and '' »» 





> H 

3 *■■■ ' % 

♦^ ^ ft ■ ■ - | 1;^ H 


a k ■■■ ri ; ^u w 

fei ■..-'■.■■•■■ gf H- 


b . * -■■.. -*-* w 

* — ■ & _ . ■ Mi^^ - thorns 


DeLONG ft CO., Lexington, Ky. 

Call your attention to their stock of Farm Implements, Hardware, Harness, Liandreth's 
Garden Seeds and Farm Seeds, which we are determined to eell at prices that will justify you in 
buying from u§. We direct especial attention to the following Implements and other articles. 

D. M. OSBORNE & CO.'s Combined twine and Wire Self Binders. D. M. Osborne & Co.'s 
Self Rake and Dropper, Reapers and Mowers, Oliver genuine Chii'ed Plows, Champion Sulky 
Plow?., John T. Walton's §te*d Tvro-h«>rae and Sulky Plows. Malta Cultivator* and Double Shovel 
Flows, Acme. L&Bow, Thomas, Double A, and Spring Tooth Harrows, Champion Grain 
Drills, Farm and Spxfttg Waerorss. Cortland fine Buggies, Vaadiver and Champion Corn 
Planters, Hand md Power Feed Cutters, Big; Giant Corn Mill , Steel To Bth and Reviving Hay 
Rakes, Miction and Chain Pumps, Hand and Power Corn Sheilers, B. F. Avery's Two-horse Pony 
and Garden Plow*. Scales, Refrigerators. Bianchard Churns, Gum and Leather Belting, 
Fencing Wire, Gun-;. I'Nu-. Ui and Ammunition, Saw MillaCidfir Mills, Horse Powers, Corn Dii'ds, V\ ind Milli. 
Pond Sfiaaajaarsj Seed *j-w<ss», Firm OelUi, and the celebrated Nichols, Shepard & Co., only original and 
genaiua Vibrator Threshers and Steam Engines. Respectfully, DeliONG & CO- 

■ *d^MJ?5 SH^Ilfl s bid oa fcpifccation. FRED. 8CHM1 

tfhUtaSitf tfsJ^ t «j%4l«4d fefeyrflltli 335 Broadway and 830 N. Fourth St, ST. LOUIS, :* . 





Laws Duck, saloon, e Short. 

Lay we 11 Andrew, wagon^Btaker, 43 n Mul- 

Lee George, .saloon, Still, nr Main. 

Loiter Henry, grocer, e 4ih, nr D- s'vrtsteJfc 

Leli John Wm., Proprietor Lell's Eu- 
ropean Hotel, 69 East .Main: Confec- 
tionery, 45 East Main and 18 and 20 
Broadway; Notion?, 14 and 10 Broad- 
way; Post-office Exchange Saloon, 40 
West Short. 

Lell's European Hotel, John W. 
Lell. Proprietor, 69 East Main. 

Leslie M 8. physician, 34 n Mill. 

Leslie K A E, lawyer and notary public, 
34 n .Mill. 

Lewis Miss Julie, dress-maker, w Short, nr 
-* Jefferson. 

ILexmgton Bottling Works, M. 
Benekart, Proprietor. Bottles Ale, Por- 
ter, Lager Beer, Mineral Water, Ginger 
Ale, Sarsaparilla, etc., 28 North Broad- 
way^ {See adv. ) 

Lexington City National Bank, 1? B Ham- 
ilton, prest; G SfcpiJ Jr, cashier; J P 
Shaw, ass't cashier. Capital $200,000. 
Cor Main and Cheapside. 

Lexington Gas Co, I) Vert.ner Johnson, 
sec'y, w Main, bet Spring and Lower. 

Lexington Orphan Asylum, Mrs Weigan, 
mngr, 3d, bet Jefferson and Broadway; 

Lexington Transcript (Daily and 
Weekly), Johnston, Polk «& Johnston, 
Proprietors, 34 East Short. | See adv.) 

Lilly Eben, grocer, 133 n Broadway. 

Lilly Wm A, confectionery. 11 w Short. 

Llewellyn Joseph, painter. 3d. 

Loevenhart Henry C, millinery and fancy 
goods, 45 e Main. 

Loevenhart H & L (Henry and Lee), 
clothing, 3 e Main. 

Logan Michael, grocer, cor Constitution 
and Grant. 

Logwood Thomas S, dry goods, 25 w Main. 

Loud D A it Bro ( D A and G W), woolen- 
mills, cor Ayers alley and e Vine. 

Lowell Richard, training - stable, 116 e 

Luby Michael, grocer, 122 e Constitution. 

Lurolin P L. architect, 16A w Main. 

Lusby John H, saloon, 26 w Main. 

Luxon T C, groc< r, cor Grant and 3d. 

I. von A Kent, jeweler, eor Mill and Main. 

L' C & L Express Co, W H Greenleaf, 
managei" A G Morgan Jr, contracting 
agent, 37 e Main. 

McAllister Patrick, grocer. 150 e Main. 

McArdle J & Co (J McArdle 

tailors, 98 e Main. 

McCardy R J & Co ( R J McCardy ,1 !' 
Smith), dry goods, 27 w Main. 

McChesnev & Martin (Wm S McChesnev 
T L Martin), grain, cor Broadway and 

McOonathy & Cassell) Asa McConatl 
W B Qassell), commission, corCheapside 
and Short. 

McCormick James, hides, 58 w Main. 

MeCray W. C. & Co., (W. C. M 
Cray. ,) Mnfrs. Pumps and Wind- 
mills. 22 Cheapside. {See adv.) 

McElhinny Robert, tailor. 50 e Main. 

McFadden Mary, confectionery, 9 s Mul- 


MeGmth it Morgan (H P McGrath, C C 
Morgan) hemp, 3d bet Jefferson and 

MeLelien H B, prin Sayre Female Insti- 
tute, Mulberry opp 2d. 

Me Mann u& Patrick, grocer, cor Main and 

Mc Michael R & Bro (Robert and T H) 
dry goods, 17 w Main. 

McMnrtry Mrs, groceries, e Constitution. 

MeNamara Matthew, grocer, eor Main and 

McNamara Thomas, baker, 216 s Broadway 

Maddux Charles H, fruits, 49 w Main. 

Maguire Philip F, groceries and liquors, 
cor Broadway and Short. 

Manniui P, tailor, 49 w Main. 

Marks Julius, clothing, 29 and 31 w Main. 

M.arrs John, coal, 57 e Vine. 

Marsh Miss J, milliner, 8£ w Main. 

Marshall & Getzendanner (A W Marshall 
II C Getzendanner ), lawyers, 7 n Upper. 

Martin John, shoemaker, 8 w Short. 

Mathison Robert, meats, n Mulberry. 

May J B, sewing-machines, 72 e Main. 

May W II, grocer, cor Broadway and 

Meehan Timothy, shoemaker, 15 s Mul- 

Mohan Timothy, saloon, 13 s Mulberry. 

Melany Wm. grocer, cor Deweesand 3d. 

Metcalfe Henry C. coffee spice and mus- 
tard-mill, 25 e Vine. 

Milbourn John I), grocer, cor Main and 

Miller George J. fish oysters etc, 17 a 
Broad way. 

Miller John S, watch-maker, n Mulberry. 

n Si tiSIili 

Cor trolling over £40.000,000 of Fire 
( . : '■ .!. aud b] • ruiin;-, it; 10 South- 
ern St itcs, with chief ofiic* in 
Louisville, Ky, Agent* everywhere. 

Fin k lluipnL 





Miller & Gougn /John T Miller R J 

Gough), hardware 22 w Main. 
Mill-- B & Son | Benjamin and Charles), 

gun-makers, 55 e Main. 
Milward H. K., Postmaster, cor. 

Short and Broadway. 
Milward L P, stoves and tin, 3d w Main. 
Milward & Go J U Milward, J P Shaw, 

W R Milward), furniture. 10 w Main. 
Mitenell A. lam, saloon, 70 e Water. 
Mitchell T 1) & Co ; T D Mitchell, W A 

Cannon ), dry good.--, 29 e Main. 
Monroe W W, station agent LC & L E'y, 

cor Vine and Mill. 
Montague Miss Kate, dress-maker, 55 w 

Mooney diaries E., Palace Saloon, 

Good Wines, Liquors and Cigars, 10 

North Miil. 
Moore B F, grocer. 150 w .Main. 
Moore T \V & Bro (T W and C W), 

crockery, cor Main arid Mill. 
Moore W R, grocer, 245 n Broadway. 
Morgan N J, blacksmith, 156 wSbo-t, 
Morton J B & Co J B Morton, J no M 

Greenway A R Miliigan), books station- 
ery and drugs, 27 e Main. 
Morton & Parker, i J. R. Morton, 

Watts Parker.) Lawyers, 53 East Short. 

{Sep adv.) 
Mullen James, photographer, 5 w Main. 
Mullen Thomas, grocer, 124 w Main. 
Mulligan Dennis, grocer, eor Mullberry 

and Vine. 
Murray Bros (W K and J T), commission, 

36 w Main. 
Murray Patrick,- saloon, 5 s Broadway. 
Myers Jk C-rutchueld (C J Myers, J H 

Crutchfield j, dry goods, 13 w Main. 
Myers & Ca ( H A Myers -) cabinet- 
makers, n Upper. 
National Exchange Bank, cap $100,000, 

J B Wilgus pres, W Bright cash, 5 w 

Neal Mrs J V, dress-maker, n Mill. 
Neal \V'm H, grocer, n Mulberry. 
Nelson Samuel, restaurant, 20 n Mill. 
Newberry Wm II, blacksmith, 43 n Mul- 
Newton M E, grocer, Mulberry and 6th, 
Noon Thomas, shoemaker, 43 w Main. 
Norris Charles II, ice, Mill bet Short and 

Norris A; Son, (-Thomas arid M P.), fruits, 

cor Mill and Short. 
Norton G W, office 9 South Upper. 

Nottnagel & Bro ( L H and F A R), flora* 
ing-mill. 67 and 69 Walnut. 

Northern Hank of Kentucky. M C John- 
son pres, W D Boswell cash, cor Short 
and' Market. 

O'Brien Thos, harness-maker., 8 n Mulberry. 
I O'Connor Thos, grocer, cor Broadway and 
j Maxwell. \ 

' OT>a\ T!u>s, grocer, cor 3d arid Georget'n. 
| O'Neii Jas; grocer, 134 n Mulberry. 
I Q'Neil John, grocer, cor Mulberry arid 

Oots Henry F, cooper, 270 w Main. 

Owens Peter, grocer, cor Upper and Cedar 

Page & Miller (S J V*^, Alexander Mil- 
ler), stoves and tin, 22 w Short. 

Parker Alexander T,drv goods, 21 w Main. 

Patterson James K, president Agricultural 
and Mechanical College of Kentucky, 
city park, cor Winslow and Limestone. 

Patterson J. T., President Hamilton 
Female College, $0 and 8'2 North Broad- 
way. {See adv.) 

Pattinson John Ji, florist, e 3d, bet Dewees 
and Mulberry. 

Payne & Kin near (W Payne, Geo Kin- 
near), grocers, cor Short and Market. 

Pearson Robert- A' Co (Alex Pearson, B 
F Robert*), whol grocers, 14 w Main. 

Pennington Jas W, grocer, 51 e Vine. 

Pepper J E A' Co ( J E Pepper, Geo Stock- 
v.'eather), distillers, nr cemetery. 

Perkins Mrs Era, dress-maker, 60 n Broad- 

Perkins Ibzan, grocer, n Mulberry. 

Phelps John S, lawyer, 41 e Short. 

Phu'iiix Hotel," C F. Simonds, Pro- 
prietor, cor. Main and Mulberry. [See 

Pierce Clement, grocer, 15 Broadway, and 
eor 3d and Georgetown. 

Pilkington A, carriages. 11 u Mulberry. 

Piatt Jas Jr, clothing, 37 e Vine. 

Polk W. H., Editor Lexington Trans- 
cript (Daily and Weekly l, 34 East Short. 

Prall John A*, lawyer, 22 e Short. 

Prewitt, Goodwin & Kstes ( W. Q, 
Frewitt, D. i\. Goodwin, J. I). Estes), 
Dealers in Agricultural Lwuplementfi, 
Groceries, Field Seeds, etc., South Mill, 
bet. Main and Upper. 

Price Chas, produce, Church and Upper. 

Price Edward I;, s&oes, 21 w Main. 

Pruden M, marble-worker, 44 w Main. 



Wm. books and stationery, 25 e 

nniM! ffia no nBDMPiiwn 

Centz-al and Southern Dep't, 
IiOPISVIIiXdB, ---«.- KY. 





, n Mulberry. 
11 s Upper, 
tid Jefferson, 
^frames and 

4 n Mui- 

Radigan Mary, grocer, cor 2d and George- 

Ramsey Lewis, meats, 6 w Short. 

Bawls A O, dentist, :>7* e Main. 

Reinherger Irving:, eigar rai 

Reinberger J M* cigar ftmfi 

Reordan P H. grocer. Short 

Reynolds George W, piet\ 
jeweler, Ion Broadway. 

Reynolds Mrs M J, dress-maker, 

Reynolds SW, painter. 54 w Main. 

Richardson G <J & Bro, candy innfrS, §& 
am! 55 w Main. 

Richardson John B, hats, caps and furs, A\ 
e Man,. 

Richardson John W, grocer, ^or Upper 
and Water. 

Richardson A Shnrail ,M D Richardson, 
J B Simrail), drugs, cor Mill and Short. 

Robinson M F, physician, 23 n Mill. 

Robinson Nelson, restaurant, e Water. 

Roche Mrs M. grocer, cor -J il< rson and 2d. 

Rodes Levi T, insurance, 7 nr tapper. 

Roy Rev T. V., East India Physiteian, 
office, over Post-onl . 

Royalty L L, general store, Slw Short. 

Rute& Whitmorei W S Rule, F B Whit- 
more), lumber, cor Mulberry and Barr. 

Rumsey James, wagon -maker, 5 Short. 

St Catherine's Female Academy, Sifter 
Lucy, Mother Superior, 137 n Mulberry. 

Salle Boone, grocer. - Broadway. 

Sanders David, groeer.cor High and Lower. 

Sandusky &~Brttsoii,. l~ B. Sandusky, 
John B. Batson I. Dealers in Harvesting 
Machinery, Grain Drills, Plows and 
Farm Wagons. Blue Grass Seed a Spec- 
ialty, 43 to 51 West Short, 

Savage Michael, grocer, cor Georgetown 
and Jordan. 

Saxton Henry A, painter, 19 e Water. 

Say re D A & Co ( E D Snyre, R H Court- 
ney), bunker-, cor Mill and Short. 

Sayre Female Institute, H B MeClellan, 
A. ML, principal, n Mulberry, opp 2d. 

Sehaeffer N Augustus, music, -18 e Main, 

Seholard Mich: 

tel, grocer 

. a 


d berry. 

See'/, M T, p'hj 






gfoott P & Sons 

1 P, Ja 

g x 

id J-hn V), 

hemp, 3d. be 

Broa I 

w • 

y : 


Scott lUy.uUt 

en, Li 


< tl 

e and Fv: : d 

Stable. H : 

raca b 

by Dity or 

Week. <'or 

Vine a 



i i 

Scully & Yates 




., H V 

grocers, 19 w 


Sellers J erome B, tailor, 61 e Mam. 
Shannon James, saloon, Short, nr K C R 

B depot. 
Shannon Miss Jennie, millinery, 13£ v; 

Shannon Michael, saloon, cor Broadway 

and Vine. 
Sharpe 0, physician, 102 e Main. 
■ Hiram, hats and caps 19 e Main. 

Shedd John ft, harness-maker, 74 e Main. 
She.'ban Thomas, grocer, cor 3d and Uppnr. 
Shely George A, soap mni'r, 22 e Vine. 
Shepherd John M, grocer, cor Short and 

Georgetown ami 10 n Broadway. 
Shiddell A J, grocer, (55 n Jefferson. 
Snivel Samuel L, insurance, 15 n Mill. 
Shropshire James H, auctioneer, 32 e Short. 
Siehrecht Emil, fancy goods, cor Short and 

Simcox Samuel, engine builder, \ ine, bet 

Spring and Lower. 
SJliVOIlds C. E.<, Propr. Phoenix Hotel, 

■ •or. Main and Mulberry, 
Simpson & Barkley (§ Y Simpson, J L 

Barkley), harness, 24 w Main. 
Skill man H M, physician, 38 n Mill. 
Slade Miss Susie, dress-maker, e s Broad- 
Siaviu James, grocer, Georgetown, nr 

Slavin Patrick, grocer, cor Short and 

Smith £ Bj book-binder, 16 w Main. 
Smith S A & J G, druggists, cor Main and 

Smith & Coons (Isaac Smith, J J Goons), 
' livery, cor Mulberry and Short. 
j Smith ife Ross (I Y Smith, George P Ross), 
boots and shoes, 7 e Main. 
Smith & Stall (J Souie Smith, Charles H 

Stall), lawyers, cor Mill and Short. 
Snedaker Joseph B, physician, 95 w Main. 
Snyder Otis W, jeweler, n Upper. 
Snyder Wm R. eoal and wood, 127 e Main. 
Southern Hotel, H. L. Giltner, Pro- 
prietor, 62 and 64 East Short. (See adv.) 
j Spears L W, livery, s Mulberry. 
! Spears VVm H, backer, 66 e Water. 
! Spencer E R, commission, 8 e Main. 
1 Speyer »fc Bro i Julius arc' Joshua), hides 

and pelts, 22 a. id 24 s Broadway. 
j Spires Oa&sius C, eonfectioifer, 62 e Main. 
' Spotswoorl E K & Son (E R and A M 
j Spotswood), Lumber, 188 e Main. 
j Stahel Jacob, saloon, 12 n Broadway. 
i Stahel J Henry, saloon, 12 n Mill. 




dealer In Kirtlware SperfaltteSi Frsd SchrrttedllJgj 

Broadway, L 830 ft. 4th St, ST. LOUIS, MO. 


A N I.) E U<1 S ESS 1)1 K BCTOB Y. 



Stftbl Herman, grocer, cor Constitution and j 
Do wees. 

St&pp Dewitt C, grocer, 27 w Short. 

Steele Charh s II, saloon, e Water. 

Siockdell J L, physician, 90 e Main. 

Stall, Clay & Co, *( R P Stall, H C Clay and I 
J S Stall), distillery (3 miles north). 

Stall George, U S commissioner, cor Mill | 
and Sboi i. j 

Stall George i£ S.-.n (€»eorge and C II), in- i 
sura no- aiient^, cor Mill and Short. 

Stall & Hamilton , R P Stall, T S Hamil- | 
ton), wh liquors, Broadway and Vine, i 

Stone R Ii ? broker, 9-n Upper. 

Straus L & G (Louis and Gas), clothing, 
cor Main and Mulberry. 

Strobel Mrs Eliza, dress-maker, lOf n Mul- 

Strobel Gottlieb, Boot and Shoe- 
maker, 12 North Mulberry. 

Stiiekenberg Wk B, boots and shoes, 7 w 

Stucky Joseph* physician, Broadway near 

Suter R ec A, Barbers, cor Main and Mill. 

Sutton & Son | Thorn a- and Frank), fur- 
niture, 01 e Main. 

Sweeney W O, physician, 60 n Mill. 

Swift SI>, station agent K C R R Co, Depot. 

Swift 8 T. agewfe K C R K. Pcenix Hotel. 

Swope A M, collector internal revenue, cor 
Main and Upper. 

Talbott A, phv-ioian. 48 n Broadway. 

Talbott A S, dentist, 08 e Main. 

Talbott Wm, insurance, 55 e Short, 

Tanner & Sharp (J N Tanner, S G Sharp), 
lawyers. 42 e Short. 

Tarlton Llew-P Jr. lawyer, 32 e Short. 

Tarr Wm. & €<>./( .Win. Tarr, T. J. 
Megihben, Samuel Clay, Jr., and J. M. 
KimbroughV Distillers of Fine Bour- 
bon, Pure Ryes, and Hand-made Sour- 
mash Whiskies, Manchester, near K. 
C. R. R. 

Taylor Win L, livery, 37 n Mulberry. 

Taylor <fc Co (A A and S B) fancy goods, 
13 and 15 s Upper. 

Ttater Jus N. grot-Hies. 5 n Broadway. 

T-eggert Daniel, tailor 98 e Main. 

Telvea A S. watoh-maker, 72 e Main. 

Thomas B G, liquors, 13 n Mill. 

Thomas John B, shoemaker, n Mulberry. 

Thompson Austin, blacksmith, Svcamore, i 
nr 2d. j 

Thompson .Milton G, stoves and tin 16 s 
Upper. j 

Thompson & Boyd (P E Thompson, John 
Boyd, W H Thompson), saddles and har- 
ness, 54 e Main, 

Thornton li. \., Lawyer, 34.} e Short. 

TBrelkeliS T B. books| 3!ur,.et, nr "Church; 

Tillett Oscar F, grocer, cor Mam and Rose. 

Tillow Mrs E, dress-maker, 12.1 w Main. 

Timmins Joseph, sewing-machine repairer, 

3 e Main. 

rsieian, 35 n Upper, 
i L. principal Christ 
.Max: will. 

rhiting Co. (W. O. 

W. H. Cassell, Sec; 

Tipton ,] 31, coal 21 

Todd Lyman B. ph; 3Ii-s Helei 
Church Seminary 

Transylvania P 
Sweeney. Pres. : 

Wm. PlunkeU, Treas.; T. Logan Hocker, 
Man. 1 ), Printers, Binders, and Blank 
- Book Manufacturers, 49 and 51 East 
Main, i See ado, ) 

Treacy & Wilson (BJ Treaey, G D Wil- 
son), livery, sale, and Commission-stable, 
93 and 95 e Main. 

Troy Jos, sewing-machines, 15A w Main. 

Troy 31 rs Lizzie, bazaar patterns, 15| vf 

TJpington Jas T & Bro (Jas T and John. V), 
carriage-manufrs, e Short, nr Mulberry. 

Van Pelt Win, grocer, 49 e Vine. 

Varty Wm A & Co , Wm A Varty, E A 
Holmes), fancy <:.'.o:>ds. iw 31ain. 

Vaughan G Wj founder and machinist, 
cor Short and Spring. 

VUey, Hooker & ۩.,{ Willa Vitey, J. 
31. Hocker, Jr.), Agricultural Imple- 
ments, Field Seeds, Buggies, etc. Grain, 
Wool, and Hemp Bought and Sold on 
Commission. Cor. Mill and Vine, opp. 
Louisville Depaat. 

Virtue Henry, grocer, 3d, nr Jefferson. 

Vogel Frederick, shoemaker. 110 e 3Iain. 

Wailey Chas W, scales, e Water. 

Wainscott Geo W, livery, 46 n Broadway. 

Walby Wm, grocer, 47 s Broadway. 

Wallace John B, dry goodi, lie Main. 

Warner & Reed | E T Warner, J H Reed), 
distillers, 50 Short. 

Wason Jtt3 S, lawyer, 41 e Short. 

Waters Frank, lawyer, 34{ e Short. 

Weitzel Henry, blacksmith, cor Spring and 

Welsh B J, grocer, cor Broadway and 2d. 

Wendover Albert C, livery, Short nr 
Broadway. . 

Werts John H, clothing, 31 e Main. 

West John, barber, 14 s 3HU. 

West Richard T, restaurant, 24 w Short. 


J. W. ATKINSON, 313-325 South 

New Illustrated Ct:t ilprtuc ju?t out. Frc<- ; f,, * 
teets :>r.ri Co;-:-,i-(- jiYms. Sent by ETxprc 

Clinton Street, CHICAGO, ILL. 






Mrs Rachel, grocery,n Mulberry, 

Williamson & Bro. Wm. & J. R.), 
Mnfrs and Dealers in Lumber, Shingles* 
Sash, Doors and Blind?, eic. Dimension 
Lumber of any size Promptly Sawed 
and Shipped in car-lots from our Steam 
Saw-mill, 12^) and 128 w. extends 
from Water to Main on railroad track. 

Wilson Mrs H H, restaurant, s Mill. 

Wilson John S, druggist, 20 e Short. 

Wilson Robert, Liver v, Feed and Sale 
Stable, 21 West Short. ' {See adv.) 

Wilson Samuel F, job printing, cor Short 
and Cheapside. 

Wilson & Bro (J T <fc W C), gun-smiths, 
e Short. 

Winchester Mrs Julia, dress-maker, 25£ w 

Winship Oliver C, meats, 19 n Broadway. 

Wood Theodore B. druggist, 44 e Main. 

Wood Thomas & Bro, pianing-raill.w Vine. 

Woodruff Jesse, insurance, 20 e Short. 

Woodson W E, mangr W.U Tel, Phcenix 

Woolfoik & Craig (Joseph H Woolfolk & 
H G Craig); grain and commission 

! merchants, 88 w Main. 

Woolley A K, lawyer. 42* e Short- 
Wright & Meyers (Thomas C Wright, 
Adolph Meyers), meat market, 1G w 

Yel'.man John II, hemp manufacturer, cor 
4th and Georgtown. 

Young Edward, grocer and produce, cor 
Upper and Water. 

Young John C, brick manufacturer, Vine, 
between Mill and Broad,wav. 

Young* Bass (LP Young Jr. MN Bass), 
painters, cor Main and Spring. 

White Henry A, Btoves and tin, 32 n I 

White Thomas W, dry goods, 20 w Main. 
Whitney H C, {physician, cor Mill and 

W r hituev J W, physician, 36 n Mill. 
Wveb] h Patterson < J H Wieh!. Mrs M 

L PatteTson), furniture, 5 e Main. 
Wieman Henry, carriage-maker, cor Main 

and Spring. 
WilgvL- G D,.Goa4 and lime, 80 n Mulberry. 
Wilkerson J T & W B, livery. Mill bet 

Short and Church. 
Williams B M, gen'l store, 1 54 n Mulberry. 
Williams John N, watchmaker. S w Main. 
Williams N H, carpenter and builder, 17 

e Water, 

LIBERTY. The county-sent of (\ 
sey county. Nearest railroad station. Mr- 
Kinney, 10 miles. To Louisville, LOG 
miles. 1 water, and 1 steam flour-; 
church and 1 school are' here. Shipments. 
tobacco, cattle and hogs. Stages to >b> 
Kinney daily ; fare$l. Mail daily. A. 
T. Royalty, postmaster. 
Adams Silas, County Attorney. 
Bowling Silas, wagon-maker. 
Cluli Perry, Flour Mill. 
Christison A, jailer. 
Clark A R, lawyer. 
Coffey & Pearce, hotel. 
Edwards J, blacksmith. 
MeBeatli John P., Druggist. 
Napier W F. general store. 
Phillips D, saddler. 
Royalty A. T., Tailor. 
Smith & .Miller, druggists. 
Sione J B. hotel. 
Stone W. ]>., General Store. 
Tabor John, blacksmith. 
Whipp J \V, general store. 
Wilkinson Wm, carpenter. 


L., C. & L. Ify, in Carroll county, 18 miles 
from Car rollton, the county-seat. The vil- 
lage contains 200 inhabitants. Express, 
Adams. Mail daily. J. T. Rolston, post- 
master, and general store. 

LICKIXG-. Nine miles south of 
Newport, in Campbell county; a small 
post-office, only. 

LILETOWN. In the south-eastern 
part of Green county. 12 miles south-east 
of Greensburg, the county-seat, and nearest 
shipping point on the L. & N. R. R. (Greens- 
burg branch), and 85 miles south-east of 
Louisville. Adams Express. Semi-weekly 
mail. Population 160. J. W. Neville, 

Brown & LOe, coopers. 
Farrest & Bam!, axe-hand]^ factory. 
Goalder M P, physician. 
Harding T & Bro, saw and flour-mill. 
Neagies W S, cooper. 
Neville JollU VY., General Store and 

Philpott WN, distiller. 
Pruitt B, blacksmith; 
Robertson A J, flour-mill. 



■ I 

'. :•'■'■ ': ',- '."-• 

m o 

• OK 

[fULL 00 unu I LLi'wSnllg »»«. 


Settled more than 1,400 
*8, and )ia 4 e had bat ICC Re- 

. Clhim*. At^nts Everywhere, 



Waters Bev J T | Methodist): 
Whitlock, I>. 31'., Justice. 

X^IXE CREEK. In the northern 
part of Pulaski comity;, 19 miles north-east 
of Somerset, the county-seat, its nearest 
shipping point, on the C. S. R'y.. and 140 
»<>uth-ea.«t of Louisville. Semi-weekly 
mail. Population SO. Gyrenius Childers. 

Cooper James, General Store. 
Isaacs W 0, blacksmith. 
Shiplet Thomas, corn-mil]. 

LINE FORK. With a probable 
population of 100, is situated in Letcher 
county, 15 miles from Whitesburg, the 
county-scat. Mail weekly. O. G. Holcomb, 


Connitt Samuel, blacksmith. 

Hall Philip, justice of peace. 

Holcomb Henderson, flour-mill (w). 

Hoicomb II C, physician. 

Holcomb O. G., Farmer and Justice 

of Peace. 
Holcomb Solomon, constable. 
Sparkon M, saw-mill (w). 

LINTON. In the southern part of 
Trigg county, on the Cumberland river, 
15 miles south of Cadiz, the county-seat. 
30 south-west of Hopkinsville, its nearest 
chipping point by raii, on the St. L. & S. E. 
division L. & N. R. ft., and 208 south-west 
of Louisville. Goods should be shipped 
to Linton. Population 75. Daily mail. 
San ford I. Spiceland, postmaster. 
Allen Rev E R .Baptist). 
Carr A L, grocer and saloon. 
Champion J. 31., Hotel and General 

Gordon A J, saw-mill. 
Herndon James, wagon-maker, marshal. 
Herndon W S, blacksmith. 
Love Rev Joseph | Methodist). 
MeNiehols & MeCrae* (general Store. 
Xiinn E. A. *i Hro., Saw-Mill. 
Pool John "W, cooper. 
Spiceland E C, lawyer. 
Npleelaiul IL C. «£ Co., General 

Smeetaad Saiiforcl I., Justice and 

General Store. 
Vinson Riley, wagon-maker. 

I LITTLE CREEK. In the county 

j of Pike, 8 miles from Pikeville, the county- 

• seat ami Shipping station, and 300 from 

I Louisville, is tins country post-ofiice, near 

j which are Baptist and Methodist churches, 

! and a school taught under the State school 

{ law. Weekly mail. Wm. Damron, 

j postmaster. ^ 

LITTLEFLAT. An unimportant 
and but recently-established in 
Bath countv. 

HICK 31 AX. In the 

of Jessamine county, 10 


southern pari 

miles south of Nicholasviile, the county- 
seat, its nearest shipping point, on the C. 
S. R'y. Adams Express. Mail by special 
supply. Population 40. J. W. Overstreefc. 

Brooks John A., Live Stock. 

Brooks & Adams, distillers. 

Dean C, general store. 

Dean W H, live stock. 

Evans E, physician. 

Overstreet J. W., General Store and 

Preston Benjamin, wagon-maker. 
Ray Zachery, boot and shoemaker. 
Runyan R A. blacksmith. 
Watts John D, flour-mill. 

LITTLE MOUNT. In the north- 

ern part of Spencer county, 6 miles north 
of Taylorsville, the county-seat, and near- 
est shipping point, and :30 south-east of 
Louisville. Semi-weekly mail. Popula- 
tion 40. J. B. Eggen, postmaster. 
Brown E M, apiary. 
Brown W T, wagon-maker. 
Eg-gen J. B., General Stere. 
Eggen J L, physician. 
Ejgjg-en J «fc Bro., General Store. 
Hungerfurt Rev B F (Baptist). 
McLain Robert, blacksmith. 
Mar&ttey & Shelburne, general store. 
I Mooney Richard, jeweler. 
Russeif L L, teacher. 
Sloan Win., Flour-mill. 
Streepy Robert, blacksmith. 
Tichenor P, saw- mill. 


Knox county 


(See Bryants Store). 

lull HIATilll ik raMliiJua;!}, , 

•- N AGEB8, 

CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Ky. 







office in Elliott county. 

A small post- 



LIVERMOKE. An Incorporated 
town of about 500 inhabitants, in the east- 
ern portion of McLean county, 8 miles 
east of Calhoun, the county-seat. Tt is a 
station on the Owensboro branch of the 
L. & N. 11. R., and also on the Gieen river, 
which furnishes excellent power here, in 
part used to propel a saw and grist-mill'. 
Nearest bank at Owensboro, 22 rnilcs north. 
Farming land can be obtained at $15 per 
acre. A church is in course of construc- 
tion, and a good public school is here. 
Lumber and tobacco are shipped. Express 
Southern. Mail daily. W. % Lash brook, 

Arkenburg R H. leaf-tobacco, 
Bowlds Rev D S( Methodist). 
•Cowgeil W .1, blacksmith. 
Crouch George R, carpenter. 
Priskeil A G, cooper^- 
.Etlieringtoii Mrs. Belle, Millinery. 
Fields Hugh, hotel. 
Gillim C F, druggist and grocer, 
liaekett R A, saddler. 
Haekett R. E. & Co., Grist, Saw and 

Planing-- mills. 
IJiUsman W H, physician and druggist. 
Hoover Geo B, hotel. 
Lashbrook *V Haekett, Grocers. 
Lewis "W H, carpenter. 
Moseley Bros, general store. 
Priest & Davis, saw-mill. 
"Reamer W. C, Handle and Spoko 

Rowan S W, dry goods and express agent. 
So hoi 1 Geo F, cooper. 
Whittuker J). W., Live Stock. 

IjIVIA. In the northern part of Mc- 
Lean county, 12 miles north of Calhoun, 
the county-seat, and 125 south-west of 
Louisville. Riley's Station is its nearest 
shipping point. Undefwood Male and Fe- 
male Sennnarv is located here. Daily mail 
and stage to" Calhoun; ("are $1, T. M. 
Smith, postmaster, and general store. 

LIVINGSTON. A. landing on the 
Cumberland river, in county of same 
name 12 miles from Smithl&nd, the county- 
seat. Ship goods direct via water. Mail 
weekly. W. 0. Lowry. postmaster. 

descriptive sketch and business directory. 
see liat of towns received too late for reg- 
ular, insertion. 

LOCKPORT. A landing on the 
| Kentucky river, and village in Henry 
I county. 15 miles east of New Castle, the 

- unty-seat and nearest bank location. 
| Pieasureville, on the L., C. & L. R'y, is the 
I nearest railroad approach. This would 
! prove a desirable locution for a flour and 
I grist-mill* Tobacco and grain form the 
, shipments, and price of land ranges from 
i $10 to $50 per acre. Population 225. Mail 
1 tri- weekly. L. A. Owen, postmaster. 

Abraham <fe Son, dry goods. 
j Bars W H. physician. 
! Bavr cV" Owen, Druggists, 
j Baugh Geo, blacksmith. 
i Dout'hit & Sarfck, eknagg-is**. 
I Downs Will., Hotel and Saloon. 
| Edwards F M, blacksmith. 
i Lawrence G W, dry goods. 

Owens L I>, teacher. 

Seweli John W, blacksmith. 

Storkin Jas P, hotel and saloon. 

Streets D R, wagon-maker. 

Vest Henry, saloon. 

Yon Foringer A, boot and shoemaker. 

Winter Rev W H. 

LOCUST. Carroll county, 6 miles 
west of Oarrollton, the county-seat, from 
whence it receives mail by special supply. 

LOCUST BRANCH. Located in 
the extreme south -western corner of Estill 
county, is a small settlement of some 75 
persons, 12 miles south-west of Irvine, the 
county-seat, and 150 from Louisville, Har- 
ris, a station on the Richmond div. L. & N. 
R. R., is its shipping point for its surpl ui 
product of hogs, and produce. Mail semi- 
weekly. Turner Richardson, postmaster. 
Combs W. W., Mill. 
Sentry Curtis, general store. 
Gentry D W, Hour-mill. 
Harris G, physician. 
Howard John \V", lawyer and druggist. 
Kellcy S By gv-n-ral -tore and distiller. 
Miller James^ mail-carrier. 
Rice Charles, hotel. 

Richardson Turner, General Store. 
Rose E D. flour-mill and general store. 


r H^npn I H innrnnn * ]?T> TC I T'n With6,trt reference to tjie Compatnea ire ma 






In the western [ 
K miles west of j 


part of Butler county, 

tfoxgantown, the county-seat, 13 south of 

Beaver Dam, its nearest shipping point, on 

the P. & E. K. R., and | of a mtk from 

Bender Landing, its nearest shipping 

point, by water. Daily mail. W. C. Mc- 

Ivinney, postmaster. 

Howard J W, physician. 

MeKenney W T, druggist. 

MclCenney & Graves, blacksmiths. 

Read Rev C L (Cumberland Presbyterian), 

Read J R. tobacco. 

Rend M A, tobacco. 

Render Joshua, tobacco. 

LOG LICK. The country post- 
office in Clark county. 90 miles from Lou- 
isville. Population 50; Weekly mail. J. 
W. Elkin postmaster. 
Berry man Janice, blacksmith. 
Dawson J W, general storig. 
Klkin S C, physician. 
Elkin J W, general store. 
Johnson T. wagon-maker. 

LONDON. With a population of 
800, is the county-seat of Laurel county., 
167 miles south-east of Louisville. The 
rieareit railroad and shipping point at 
present, is Livingston, on the Knoxville 
branch, L. & N. E. R.. but the road is rap- 
idly being extended, and. in a few months, 
will reach this point. Banking transact- 
ions are carried on at Somerset. A news- 
paper, a steam Sour-mill, '2 steam saw- 
mills, a church, a seminary, and a good 
public school are sustained. Mail daily. 
W. C, Baker, postmaster. 
Boyd R, lawyer. 
Boyd & Smith, general store* 
Brown C. general store. 
Brown Joint T», General Store. 
Brown W L, county judge. 
Canitax T J. county attorney. 
Cook & Catch in ir. lawyers. 
Craft J A, la wye*. 
De#s .Tames;, blacksmith. 
Dyclo* A. 14., Propr. Mountain Echo. 
Ewell R L, lawyer. 
Furrrs C B, lawver. 
Fhrris G W. Itote 

■Farris «£ Williams, General Store. 
Fwbttsh H, blacksmith. 
Foster James I). physician and saw. mill. 

Granville Pearl, lawyer. 

Hacking E II. general store. 

Hacking Jacob, jailer. 

Jackson W H, hotel. 

Jackson A: Ruder, blacksmiths. 

Jackson «J£ Son. Drugs and Books. 

Jones C W, county clerk. 

Laurel Seminary, C. G. Bl&kely and 

J. C. Mc&ee, Principals. 
Lovelace Win, hotel. 
Mahan Lee, marshal. 
Moren "W T, lawyer. 
Pitman H J, physician. 
Pitman Jolm, Flour-mill. 
Ramsey \Y R, lawyer. 
Randall W II , lawyer. 
Robinson J W, photographer. 
School Rev W C (Christian). 
Smith W E, clerk circuit court, 
Sutton H C, blacksmith. 
Williams E I), barber. 
Williams & Bryant, General Store. 
Yadon J L, justice. 


lage and post-office in McLean county, 

miles north of Calhoun, the county -scat, 

and six miles west of Li via, its shipping 

point on L. & N. R.R.(Owensboro division). 

Tobacco, hogs, and wheat are shipped.. 

Population about 100. Stage to Calhoun 

and Li via, fare $1. Mail daily. J. & H. 

Kigel, postmaster. 

Carpenter A. W., Physician. 

Collins JJ F, blacksmith. 

Davis J W, dentist. 

Jackson J VI, blacksmith and justice. 

Jeffries Rev R W r (Christian). 

Ki^el J. 8. H., General Store. 

Lackland E A, physician. 

Peak c% Jackson, undertakers... 

Phillips L & R P, live stock. 

Tieknor Rev L C (Baptist). 

Troutman J F, druggist. 

Vance Peter, wagon-maker. 

LONG FORK. -V Pike county 
p03t-office. W.H. C. Johnson, postmaster. 

LONG GROVE. On the P. &. E. 

R. R., in the southern part of Hardin 
county, 9 miles south-west of Elizabeth* 
town, the county-seat, and 49 south of 
Louisville. Southern Express. Daily 
mail M. M. Kerfoot, postmaster. 



, ?, .jib. 

For Chnfrches, Societies, Lodges, Mining and aU (:•>:- 
poratious, Medals; Hotel, i'ool and Kagtrage Clieukji. 

I,. UOCIiK, Eagraver aad Sis Siafcer, ICG Eaodoljh :;., CHKABO, III 




Franklin & Bro, general store. 
Giiiiiand W il, trader. 
Kerfopt M, 31., General Store. 

Marriott J & Bro, millers. 

Moherlv L T, blacksmith and station a-j-'t. 

LONG LICK. A small settlement 

in Scott county. 12 miles north of George- 
town, the county-seat and shipping station. 
Country produce is nlarketed. Mail semi- 
weekly. I). S. AJsop, postmaster. 
Alsop D. S., General Store. 
Aisop D A: Bro, produce. 
Brown G B, physician. 
Covington T J. general store. 
Griffith B T. general store. 
Hills *SL Daily, Lumber Manufacturers. 
Hughes T L. general store. 
Ireland John, justice. 
James S F, carpenter. 
Jones J W, justice. 
McFarla nd Richard, blacksmith. 
McFarland Rev S L (Christian). 
Kice WuLp^ Grist and Saw-mill. 
Risk R II, distiller. 
Seward & Joafcs, lawyers. 
Soutliworth Asa, grocer. 
South worth Paschal, boot and shoemaker. 
Sou th worth YV B, wagon-maker. 
Wo'h.I P, constable. 

station on the L. C. & L. R'y, in Jefferson 
county, 18 mites from Louisville. Hogs, 

wheat, and wool are shipped. Mail daily. 

J. W. Demaree, postmaster. 

Conner T J, lawyer. 

Demaree J. W. ? Railroad Agent. 

Fishbaok L M. physician. 

Ilarbott W. \Y. ? Physician. 

Jasper O P, constable. 

Justice & Proctor, saw and corn-mill. 

Little J. T., General Store. 

Miller J B, justice. 

Pembertort W E, express agent. 

Powers Rev W E (Baptist). 

Quessenborrv T A. blacksmith. 

Scott J W, black smith. 

Smith F B, justice. 

Waikins Miss Kate, teacher. 

Wiseheart Win. wagon- maker. 

Wolmer A. J., General Store. 


county (See Alzey). 


AV B. 

LONG VIEW. A small post-offfes, 
in Christian county. Ship to Hopkins- 
villc, the county-seat, 12 miles distant. 
Population nO. Tri-weekly mail. 

Radford, postmaster. 
Carter A. L., Live Stock. 
Chappell W D, physician. 
Clardy T F, physician. 
Griffin E C, blacksmith; 
Radford M, live stock. 
j Thomas J i}, physician. 

LOOKOUT. A small post-office, in 
Pike country, 19 miles from Pikeville, the 
shipping point and county- seat. Weekly- 
mail. J. B. Sanders, postmaster. 

LOIIETTO. A station on the L. & 
N. R. R.. in Marion county, 10$ miles 
from Lebanon, the county-seat. A steam 
flour-mill, 3 churches, and a female semi- 
nary are sustained, by a population of 160. 
Wheat, hogs, cattle, and mules are shipped. 
Express Adams. Telegraph Western L'u- 
ion. Mail daily. W. J. Smith, postmaster. 

Ballard & Lancaster, Distillers. 

Bicket Thomas, wagon-maker. 

Boon R D, blacksmith. 

Burks W M, tlour-miil. 

Feehan Rev R P ( Catholic). 

King Rev G S (Methodist). 

Lyon W II, general store. 

Mudd J A, railroad and express agent. 

Osborn T N, boot and shoemaker. 

Rich Davis, hotel. fc 

Rodman J J. physician. 

Ruby A Fileatreau, general store. 

Smith Will. J.. General Store. 

Thompson 6 F, boot and shoemaker. 

LOST CHEEK. A post-office, in 
Breathitt county. It is 11 miles from 
Jackson, the county-seat, and 55 from Mt. 
Sterling, the shipping point. Population 
55. Weekly mail. F, M. Day, postmaster. 
Campbeli John, coroner. 
Car, i pbcl ! Zaehaviah, physician. 
Day & Sallee, general store. 
Duff John L, justice of peace. 
Frayley John, blacksmith. 
L oudram P» S, school-teacher. 
Strong E C, lawyer. 

LOST RUN. Locally known a* Ger- 
mantown, was first netted in 1871, is a tmall 






NO. 138 MAIN ST. 



Book and Job 


We do all kinds of J>o.ok \\i\d. Commercial I'riiitiiig iii 
the latest ptyle, at very reasonable priced, and 

Guarantee Entire Satisfaction 

We u ill allow a discount of 5 per cent, on all bills 
where this advertisement is mentioned. 

J. V. REED & CO. 


M for saiiiplB of onr cheap Scratcli Block. 











: 1 

lJfl4!Nt fl RI'iMfVIIVPl'n Cor.trolHn*OTerWl,WD,000ofFtife f$! f IS 


Louiaviile, Ky. Agentaev^frywhere. 




rtttage of 70 inhabitants on IKit-uio or <-■ k, 

Breckinxicfc&e county. 5 miles east ol Rt'ar- 

iusburg, the c.ounty-seat. Ship to Leitch- 

tleld, 30 mile sooth! on the P>.& E. E. E. EL, 

; t Cloverport, on ih<: Qh io ri\ er. Nearest 
bank at Cloverport. Tobacco is raised, and 
forms the only export. Express Adams. 

I Mail semi-weekly. G. A. Leiehardt, post- 
master and farmer. 

I (,'ruce Mac, blacksmith 
Hnrsely Gideon, constable. 
LekluirtSt G. A., Justice. 

|- MeDaniei Mathew, wagon-maker. 

I Priest James P, saw and flour-mills. 
Smith Roland, express agent. 

| Symington J, general store. 

LOT. Also called Boston, in the south- 
ern part of Whitley county, within 2 miles 
" the Tennessee State line, and 151 of 

Whitley, the eo»nty-s«at. Ctearfbot creek 

lias available power here. Ship to Vim 

Knot, 27 miles west, on the C. S. R'y. Con 

iieb cable timber ami coal is inthe vicimfle 

Population 108". Mail tri-weekly. E 

Rose, postmaster. 

Bolton. T, blacksmith. 

Farrell Daniel, blacksmith. 

Mays Kalpb, flour-mill. 

Rose J. L., Physician. 

Slier O. A. cV L. L., General Store 

Siier T E B, general store. 

LOUISA. The county-seat of Law- 
rence county, is an incorporated town, and 
quite an important landing on the Big 
Sandy river, and is at present the southern 
terminus of the Qhattroi Hallway. 4 
churches and 2 schools are sustained, by a 
population of 800. 2saw-mills,a steam ilour- 
fnill,and a newspaper are also here. Nearest 
bank is at Ashland, .30 miles north. Produce 
of all kinds, with timber and staves, are 
-hipped. A good opening is presented 
here for any wood- working factory. Land 
,% an be purchased from $2 to $30 per acre. 
Express Adams. Mail daily. Leo Frank, 

Armstrong Rev C ( Method i -t). 
Atkins & Co, groceries-; 
Burns R T, lawyer. 
Castle G. W., Lawyer. 
I'iavton John L, lawyer. 

Prank Left*, Jeweler. 
areese Jc Williams, liour-mili. 

Cable Benjamin, barber. 

Graham M V, hotel and saloon. 

Hack worth «& l>iirns, General Store,, iJu-ey ■& Webb, ,aw-mill. 

Jarrel Rev John (Baptist). 

Lockey Alexander, lawyer. 

Loekey Greenville, General Store. 

M'nreum W W, lawyer. 

Muucey D VV, general store. - 

Xorthup Jav 11, general store. 

Office M.O., Hotel. 

Ratcliff J S. grocer. 

Rice Jacob, lawyer. 

Rice J M, lawver. 

Rich Rev G W (Methodist). 

Rigrg" Geo. L., Saloon and Grocer. 

Roiie AV. !>., General Store. 

Snyder T. J., Buggy Manufacturer and 

Stewart J as E, lawyer. 
Sullivan N orris S$ Co, groceries. 
Sullivan \Vm, wharf- boat. 
Sullivan <te Co. saloon. 
Swetman Wm. grocer. 

g* ; Vinson K. F. & Bro., Dru< 

Vinson R, lawyer. 
Vinson & Atkins, Livery and Stage 

Wallace FTD, lawyer. 
Wrote n G W, physician. 
Vates S. J., Physician. 

LOUISVILLE. The city of Louis- 
ville is the largest and most important 
city in Kentucky, and the second, in size, 
on the Ohio river. It is eligibly situated, 
in Jefferson county, about equi-distant 
between the eastern and western bounda- 
ries of the State. By rail, it is 110 miles 
from Cincinnati. 110 from Indianapolis, 
4l£3 from Pittsburg, 794 from Washington, 
377 from Detroit, 537 from Buffalo/ 956 
from New York, 1,034 from Boston, 323 
from St. Louis, and 350 from Chicago. 
The first settlement on the present site of 
the city was made as early as 1770, but no 
material improvements were made until 
1780, which year, really, chronicled the 
birth of the city. Possessed of superior 
advantages, by its admirable location, it 
was but a .short time before Louisville 
became, what it now is, the metropolis of 
the south-western States. Five trunk- 
lines, centering here, give it shipping 
facilities of no common order, and this, in 
connection with the river traffic, make it 


C« .-. r?v, ' . :• t Southern Dep't, 
j LOtTlSVI$Iife, - K\, 





the shipping and receiving depot lor the 
surrounding States, It is the southern 
terminus of tfe* Louisville, Cincinnati & 
Lexington Railway, widen, running east 
and north, penetrates one e€ rt*e I • est 
agricultural regions of the State, it is the 
northern terminus of the Louisville & 
Nashville Railroad, which, with its 
branches, traverse the large number of 
2,450 mile;. This road has lately con- 
solidated with itself all the smaller lines 
through the western and southern portion 
of Kentucky, and the aorta-western part 
of Tennessee, and connects Louisville with 
the whole system of Southern railroads. It 
is, also, the southern terminus of the Louis** 
ville, New Albany & Chicago Railroad, the 
Jefferson ville, Madison & Indianapolis, and 
the Ohio & Mississippi Railways. The 
former, a new and well-appointed road, 
lately completed to Chicago, and the two 
latter ie Indianapolis and <f Louis, respect" 
i\ely, All these roads, connecting with 
the trunk-lines. East and We t. afford 
Louisville excellent facilities of freight 
and passage, and, by virtue of the competi- 
tion thus formed, ensure low rates. There 
is, also, a email local line-— Louisville, Har- 
rod's Creek & Westport Railroad — of n 
miles in length — between this city and 
Prospect. The Maratime interests comprise 
7 regular packet-lines out of Louisville. 
which connect with others, on mdre than 
15,000 miles of navigable rivers, These lines 
are: Louisville & Cincinnati V. S. VI >tii- 
line to Cincinnati; Louisville & Hender- 
son Packet-line 5 the Cincinnati, MLempbis 
& Ohio River Packet-line, between Cincin- 
nati and Memphis; Cincinnati, Louisville 
& New Orleans Packet-line, between Nov 
Orleans and Cincinnati, and the Pittsburg, 
HuntingtOJi, Cincinnati A: Si. kouis Pack- 
et-line to Pittsburg and St. Louisj the 
Madison, and the Cincinnati and Tennes- 
see River Packet-lines. 

The tobacco, iron, and whisky interests 
of Louisville are the most extensive, al- 
though boots, shoes, leather, harness, brew- 
eries, paper, furniture, wagon- and car- 
riages and lumber, with a host of smaller 
enterprises, .:* sustained. In connection 
with the business interests of the city, 
ft* rmrotionftd sonie or the aiost 
prominent insurance firms mnci c >mpanies; 
cf in* former, Messrs. Barhee & Castle- 
mar, and Morris & Bavlv are the chief, 

; both firms operating an enormous bo&nx 

and reprcwenting most of the best <•.>;. . 

! panies in fche United States and England 

I The Loui- ville CJ-iHterwritiers (#ire), and 

! the Southern Mutual >Ljfe), are home in 

I sti tut ions. The former, incorporated in 

'■: 1866, has always maintained a high plaft 

of solvency, and, although it has not 

striven to do a large business, it ha* d 

earnest effort;- to do a healthy one. Being 

in full sympathy with Southern senji. 

meats, the Southern Mutual has an nd- 

i vantage over outside companies in com- 

! peting for busiae&fi in that section. 

1 Two entirely new branches of commerce 

| have lately taken a foothold in Louisville, 

j and will, without doubt, become largt 

I factors in the commerce of the Suture. 

j The Pietet Artificial Ice Company, of N* w 

j York, has bodv inaugurated a branch 

i establishment her* for the manufacture 

! ice, and is now iSoing a flourishing bn*i- 

! a ess. The Southern Dairy Company ar« 

! engaged in the comparatively new indus- 

! try of manufacturing oleomargerine wiflR 

| great success. 

One of the principal features of the city 
| is the bridge which spans the Ohio river 
- at this point. It is over 5.000 feet i 
i length, and has a height of i 60 feet abov« 
i low-water mark, and was completed in 18*1. 
; It is a solid and substantial structure, and 
j r source etf prkle to the i dtizens. As this 
book passes through the press, another 
j bridge, to connect trie city with Jefferson- 
ville, is under consideration, and will prob- 
•: ably be erected in the near future. Lonis- 
I yille has 2 fine parks (Central and 
| Floral), 8 libraries, the Polytechnic Soci- 
ety, of Louisville. Louisville Law Library, 
j and Louisville Library Association. Tie 
: first mentioned is the principal, and com 
j tains 3,700 volumes, in addition to maga- 
zines, reviews, fete; is located in Public 
j Library Building, and is under eiScicnl 
; management. The banking institutions 
of Louisville are 20 in number, and 
present a total paid-up capital o 
I 18,20*2,1 74, In addition to these, there 
: are 5 private banks. The elearing-housf 
: report fo? 18s0 shows a total of $- >V 
'; 115,416, and for the !irst -ix months 
of the present year, ^188,53®,ot2. T;v- 
! statement, compared with that of previon- 
[ years, shows a steady and encouraging 
j increase. The press is represented by & 


Hardware- Specialties. SB 

Illustrated Catalogue ;uA Price List, 
[&DING, 835 Brotviv.av ttjui **< Worth 




. .4 



daily, 10 weekly and 8 monthly journals. 
Louisville is eminently a musical city, and 
contains 6 societies of this kind, ana has 
4. first-class theatre-), and entertainment 
halls, with a total seating capacity of &,5O0. 
These, with its parks, already mentioned. 
and several minor theaters and places of 
resort, make up the amusement facilities. 
Its educational and religious institutions 
are equal to, if not superior to that of any 
city in the Union. There are 1JL9 church 
edifices here, representing the various de- 

To obtain any mercantile and manufac- 
turing statistics of this city is a difficult 
matter, and we present the following 
figures, for which we are indebted to the 
courtesy of Maj. J. M. Wright, the super- 
intendent of the Board of Trade. This in- 
stitution has only been in existence since 
1870; previous to that time no reliable sta- 
tistics can be obtained, and we therefore 
simply give a resume of the chief indus- 
tries for the past year. By the establish- 
ment of this board a very decided impetus 

nominatkmal creeds, as follows: 21 Koman j has been given to all classes of business in 

col.), 17 Baptist (8 col.), 7 
col.), 13 Episcopal (1 col.), 

Catholic, 1 1 
Christian (2 

7 German Evangelical, 8 Lutheran, 2 He 
brew, 31 Methodist Episcopal (16 colored;, 
17 Presbyterian (1 colored ), and 1 Unita- 
rian. Besides these churches there are 10 
Catholic convents and societies, and 2 
Christian societies — "Young Men's" and 
" Women's." The public school system of 
Louisviile is good. There are 28 sehool- 
hm'idi"e;s 1 5 colored), having an enrollment 
of 10.202 scholars, with a daily average 
attendance of 12*896, and employing 827 
teachers. There are a number of medical 
and academical colleges here, among which 
must be mentioned the University of Lou- 
isville. Louisvi'ie Medical College, Hos- 
pital College of M«dicine, Kentucky School 
of Medicine, Louisville Col.lege of Phar- 
macy. Kentucky (State I Institution for the 
Blind, the Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, theHolyoke Academy, the Lou- 
isville Female Seminary of Miss Annie 
F. Nold, the Bryant & Stratton Com- 
mercial College, and the Scott Saxton Col- 
lege of Elocution and Oratory, and 28 hos- 
pitals, asylums and charitable institutions. 
Louisville boasts several tine public build- 
ings and business blocks, prominent among 
which, are the Courier-Journal building, 
Board of Trade building. Public Library 
building, the Court-House-, and the Cus- 
tom-House, the Sohurmani! block, the Lav/ 
Temple, and many others.. The private 
residences are elegafit ai d cr stly. 

The hotels — an important na tare in any 
eitv — are good, and present ample accom- 
modation. The finest is the Louisville 
Hotel, the Gait House also ranking as a 
first- elites hou e. Then ae have the Stnn- 
dimrL Sr. Cloud. WHlard, Buffer*?, Fifth 
Avenue, New Southern. Elliott, and others 
of various grades. 


and around Louisville, and a marked in- 
crease can be noted during the compara- 
tively short time it has been in operation. 
The following figures, in relation to the 
manufacturing interests for the year last 
past, will be appropriate: 
Number of different kinds of business... 159 

Number o£ estafediahmea'te 1.191 

capital (real and personal) invested ... §20,864,449 
Greatest number of hands at any one 

time 21.937 

Tdtftl wages paid during the year $5,765,387 

Value of matt-rial, including mill sup- 
plies and fuel 22,362,704 

Value of product 35,908,338 

In addition to the above there are 7 es- 
tablishments for the manufacture of agri- 
cultural implements. 3 lumber and saw- 
mills, 10 grist and fiouring-miils, 13 shoe 
factories, and 14 leather manufactories, and 
1 grain elevator. 

The receipts and shipments of some of 
the leading: commodities, during the year 
1880, are appended; 



Bacon and hame, lbs ... 



Putter, lbs 

1,395 ,549 


JSoots and shoes, cases... 



CiiP*'?-, lbs 

2,558. 940 


Cotton, bales 



Flour, bbk 



Iron uiariuf'd. pieces... 



Iron ma a u f M, bdls 



Iron, pig, tons 



Leather, bundles 

1,804, 496 

■ 47.527 

Lumber, feet 


Lumber, p-ars 



Lumber, pieces 



Mill stuff 



Oleomargarine; lbs 



Tobacco, hbtifl 



Tobacco, !ht» 



Tobacco, manuf'd. lbs, 



Wool, lb* 



Whis&T, bbls - 

it;;,;,;; i 




Coal, barges . 

77 6 

Cattle, h-a-1 



Ho#s, bead 



Horses, h'.-ad 



Mules, head ... ... 


7, »52 7 

Sheep, head .., 



C» * "f* s j» £ i Alt kind« of interior and exterior oriiu* 

llJfSP'i'i /'inr VtffTnfQ roe******" «ra*lc *Voto i^eeia.1 o>sijr,».,. 
llfvftftU £»iiilU t tf 02 f\Ol J. W. ATKINSON. 313-321 So. Clinton St., CHICAGO. 





It is to be regretted thai space will not 
allow a more extended review of the busi- 
ness and manufacturing interests of Louis- 
ville. All classes of business show a steady 
and healthy increase, especially during the 
past two years, and with the increased enter- 
priseand activity, which isapparent with all 
classes, the future of Louisville, as a great 
commercial center, is assumed. The post-of- 
fice report, for 1880, shows that th« : . ; 2 car- 
riers delivered 7,426,172 pfeceioY mail mat- 
ter.and ©oHected 3,999,408. The total num- 
ber of pieces mailed was 22,429.784; 17.716 
money orders, representing; $244,012.50 
were issued, and 86, 032. or $1,267,349.52, 
were paid, and the sales on -tamps amount- 
ed to $185,117.92. The report of the 
health commissioner is eminently favorable, 
and shows a much lower rate of mortality 
than that of any other city of its size in 
the Union. During the past decade the 
population of this city has increased at a 
rate or 25 per cent., and, according to the 
1880 United States census, she now has 
123,045 inhabitants within the limits. 
The city presents a most beautiful and 
attractive appearance — street cars run on 
all the principal streets, it is well lighted 
by gas, its water-works system is perfect. 
The tire and poliefe department- are effi- 
cient in their management and appoint- 
ment, and a better city government could 
not be obtained. The total bonded indebt- 
edness amounts to $10,220,000, the annual 
interest amounting to $569,300, and the 
valuation of taxable property to $66,209,- 
440. The American District Telegraph 
Company and Telephone Exchange, At- 
lantic & Pacific, Baltimore & Ohio. Ameri- 
can Union and Western Union Telegraph 
Companies, the Adams, the American, the 
Louisville & Nashville Railroad. Louisville, 
Cincinnati & Lexington Railway, the L., N. 
A. & C. and the O. <fc M. express companies 
all have offices here. A daily stage runs 
to Bloomfield and Taylorsville: fare $1.50 
each. Mail daily. Virginia C. Thompson, 

Aaron Morris, crockery, 246 e Market. 
Abbott Wm R, lawyer, 202 w Jefferson. 

Abbott , physician. 152 w Jefferson. 

Abel Christopher, grocer, 105 e Market. 
Able, Dah.eli & Co, mantels, stoves and 

grates, l'^2 w Jefferson. 
Abraham George L, meats, Citizens' mkt. 

Abraham Louis C, meats, Citizens' mkt. 
Abraham Moses millinery 400 w market. 
Abrahams Benj. dentist, 2 ( J7 w Jeh<" ■ . 
Abrahams Max, dr\ goods 394 w Market. 
Academy of the Most Holy Rosary, -\Y1 

Acker-man Frank, shoemaker, 555 w Mark-fc. 
Ackermann Joseph, meats. 304 e Green. 
Adair Mrs M E, notions. 91 19th. 
Adams Express Co., ' 

ward agent, 71 w Main. 
Adelberg & Meim 

Adelberg, Fred. Meinec 

Stoves and Tinware, 47 L«et iH.-ttFK.ei-.. 
Adler John, coppersmith, 428 Shelby. 
AUreos, Welker & llyan (Theo. 

Ahrens Jr., Wm. 11. Welker. John Ryan . 

numbers. Steam and Gas Fitters,* 188 

East Market 
Ahfens <fc Ott (Theo Ahrens, Henry Ott), 

gas-fitters^ supplies, 153 w Market. 
Aikin & Drunuiiond { Wm Aihin, W "W 

Drummoud'., proprs Louisville Axie 

Works. Mam bet 12tti and 13th. 
Ainslie & Cochran (J W Ainslie, A T 

Cochran ..foundry, s-e cor Main and li'th. 
Akers Charles, brick mnfr, Shelby and Ky. 
Alberding Gustav. cigar mnfr, 48 w Mrkt. 
Albers Henry, live-stock broker, Bourbon 

stock yards. 
Albert & Johnson, (George Albert, 

W B Johnson i, Pattern and Model-mak- 
ers, 48 3d. 
Albin Antonie, restaurant, 131 w Market. 
Aibrecht & Ruth (Gustavus Albreeht, John 

S Ruth), hardware, G8 w Jefferson. 
-Albus Ignatius, shoemaker, 160 e Green. 
Alexander Chas H, physician, 382 wJeff'n. 
Alexander H& J (Hugh and J 

furnishing, 149 e Market. 
Alexander isador. optician, 38 
Alexander Jo 15. & M 

Alexander's Hotel, cor. 7th and Market. 
Alexander Lucien, druggists 380 w Jafis'-n. 
Alexander Thomas T, la\vver,206 w Jeffs'n. 
Alexander's Hotel, J«. B. Alexander 

<}c Co., Proprietors, (Jo. B. and M. E. 

Alexander), C'^r. Seventh and Market. 
Alford Alexander JHL, Attorney at 

Law, 113 Fifth. 
Alford, & Co (Benjamin F 

Alford, Robert A Newhouseand ) 

druggists, 254 w Market. 
Al friend Colin C. W., Local Passen- 
ger Agent L., C. & L. R' v., south- west 

corner 4th and Main. 

; : :- 1S7S.-- uold Medal at Brussels Exposition, 1876. 

Higl est Award at Cine n'nati Industrial Exposition, 1879. 

"Tx ^r ,A *^HE5Sr i *H"T* 

■Ji*VMi!a*M&ii » tag <*mU^ ■£■ I**" **fe» ***•» SI HM 


Ffl 'M; ;CiEi: Teiiiilfii, 


rss pa .■.-■.. 

v*JS«a stJU* % 'V 






New York, Ncvi 
To the Pietet Artificial Ice Co., New York, 

DEAR S ! RS: ! testify «v t ■ ■ eas ire to .' • *o> d qualities Df the Artificial Ice manu- 
factured by your company. It is compact and solid, clear, and lasts lender than natural 
Ice. Cn acco of its rectt fen t pacta well in out compartments, and v.e can 

use it for all the purposes >f cool ng that we put natural Ice to. 

P. G, XtM? 6. CC , Continental j ce Co., 2 1 Gansevoort St., N. Y. 

GEO. F ROGERS to ^fesa e F si D ler Fulton Market, N. Y. 

EUGENE G. BLACKFORD, Dealer m Fish, Y he »sa!e &-Retai{, Fulton Market, N Y. 

JORES - ? ; DER Restaurant 42a Broadway, N. Y. 

H. ^OUOUiN, vV nes - •■■■■■" rs -■ I Groceries, 1 30 & 54.' Fulton St.. N. Y. 

ill 3 »s»ed tc 

Floyd Street,, between Caldwell and Kentucky Streets. 




England", France, Germany, Syvitz '■ Spain, Egypt, South and Central America 

\Ae tic»j t an ted Sit ' . ■ ted to make 

their fuii product of ice in the hottest cl mate. 






^ i 

1 ! 




l I 

I r 

Gsmparattre I Mr Principal Kartifis Eempeliiig. 

Pound of Coal Consumed by the Compressed Air Machines, produced J pound of Ice. 

'..-.! Machines, u 7 pounds of Ice. 

" " " " : sher " " 7 " " 

; ET «« W 23 

r-i *• •! 

lid I LChiHi 

I J live Settled moz< lli«i» 1,4 00 
Lcossefi, ami Have had Hut 13 He— 
ai&lcd Claims. Agents Everywhere 





Alkhorn .lames, shoem'k'r, Walnut hr 9th. 

Allan John, shoemaker, 158 w Walnut. 

Allan Henry G, physician, 393 w Jefferson. 

Aliehin Edward C, builder, 83 9:h. 

Allen Charles J. P., Treas., W. Bel- 
knap & Co., 113 West Main. 

Allen .Joseph, grocer, 70 e Mam. 

Allen Meverell K. physi ia 335 e Jeffs'n. 

Alien. Smith & Co (Joseph D Allen, Clark 
A Smith, James Bridgefordj commission, 
262 w Main. 

Allen "Win, shoemaker, 154 2d. 

Allgeier Henry, grocerj 245 Haneoeifc. 

Alpiger Chris, umbrella repairer, 233 Clay. 

Alsop Wm N, dentist, 190 Dth. 

Altman Aaron, clothing, l'J w Market. 

Altmann Frederick, saloon. 304 Story ave. 

Alvot <fc (Wm Aivot, Charles 
Egelman) grocers, 545 w Market. 

Ambs Alex, sbpemsaker, 247 e Market. 

Ambs Anton, barber, 4 e Jefferson. 

Ameling John C, grocery ana hour-mills, 
405 eBre&dway. 

American !>at>tist. In the Interest 
of the Colored Peopfe, A. C. Caperton, 
Editor and Proprietor. Price $1.25. 
505 Fourth. 

American District Telegraph Co, J B 
Speed, pres, Charles A Smith, sec. H IS 
Gilford, mana^vv, James Clark, irem. 
proprietors of telephone exchange and 
carriage service, 57 and 50 3d. 

American Express Co., Edwin D. 

Graif, Agent, 77 5th. 

American (The) Mutual Aid Society, Pat- 
rick Joyes, pres, A L Neay, sec, L L 
Anderson, gen agt, 33 Court-place. 

American White Lead Co, T H McCoy, 
pres, S S Carr, sec, 274 8thf. 

Ames Samuel R, wagon-maker, 65 2d. 

Amshoff Joseph H. grocer, 107 e Green. 

Ander^.jn Elizabeth., grocer. 27 6th. 

Anderson, Hancock A Co (Fred Anderson, 
J H Hancock, F P Seiler), provisions, 
14, 16, IS, w Main. 

Anderson Horace L, cigars, 1.42 w Jefferson. 

Anderson Napoleon B, physician, n-w cor 
11th and Jefferson. 

Anderson Thomas & Co (W G Anderson, 
H C Stuckv, J L Brant), auctioneers, 
203 w Main. 

Anderson. Turner, physician., 344 w JefFn. 

Andres Win. baJcer, 334 Baxter ave. 

Anshro Wm, notion,, ID Floyd. 

Ansert George, barber, 340 e Broadway. 

Anger Andrew, barber, 437 e Walnut. 

Angermeier Theoclore.iipholstcrer, 104 4th. 
fttigernseyer John C, boots and shoes, 515 

w Market. 
A pel Frederick, tailor, Si 1 e Main. 
App Joseph F, druggist, s-e cor Preston 

and Chestnut. 
Applegate Henry C, wall-paper, 272 w 

Apnlegrafce & Sons,! W. E. Applegatek. 

Distiibo's and Wholesale Liquors, 11 2d. 
Appb A Co •: Wffl T Applegate, John 

Smitb ), saloon. 110 5th. 
ArbejJjust Garrett P., Attorney at 

Law, ITS West Jefferson. , 
Arbegust Jno B, lawyer, 17S w Jefferson. 
Ar^iis Printing: and Publishing 

Co. Lpaae Dinkelspiel, Manager and 

Froprietor Sunday Argus, and Job 

Printers, 105 Fifth. 
Armbrttet A. bookseller, 291 ejefferson. 
Armour Andrew, furniture, 370 w Market. 
Armstrong David W, lawyer, 126 4th. 
Armstrong H. C. A:' J. 8., Whole- 

sale Grocers, 287 West Main. 
Armstrong J M, clothing, 107 w Jefferson. 
Armstrong Thomas, carpenter, 142 6th. 
Armstrong Thomas B, tailor, 70 4t'n. 
Arnz Herman, saloon, 510 w Main.' 
Arth Martin, shoemaker, 78 Mary. 
Asa E C k 'A>. printers, 85§ 5th/ 
Aschner H Suns & Co ( Henry, Samuel and 

Leo Aschner, Louis F Kaye), bluing 

manufacturer's, 361 w Market. 
Astor House, M £ Young, propr, 232 w 

Atchison Benjamin F, lawyer, 3 Court-pl. 
Atkinson Joseph W, physician, 350 w Jef- 
Atkinson J B, painter, 6th and Grayson. 
Atkinson & Blackemore, provisions, 31 w 

At more, C. P., Gen. Pass. Agent 

Louisville & Nashville R. R. Office, eor 

2d and Main. 
Aubrey Thos. harness, 458 w Walnut. 
Aufenkamp Benj grocer, 2 e Broadway. 
Auld David, shoemaker, 207 w Jefferson. 
Ausbeek Gustave, grocer, 562 7th. 
Ausserahl John, grocer. 06 Breckinridge. 
Avery B. F. *SL Sons, ( Benj. F. Avery, 

Pres.; Sam'l L. Avery, Vice-Pres. ; Geo. 

C. Avery. See'y), Plow Manfrs., cor. 

Main and Fifteenth. (See a>h\) 
Avery James B, kid gloves, 158 4th. 
Ayres Win, lawyer, 8£ Center. 
Baas Mrs Amelia, saloon, 41 e Jefferson. 

WW jMflmMW (IP ^HP^^IA 







Babb Win, produce commission, 44 2d. 

Babbitt Mary J. grocer, S98 12th. 
Baber & Gaston, (George Baber, K. 

T. Colston), Lawyer?. Fifth and Main. 
Bachus Lucius A, mnfrg jeweler, 109 5th. 
Bacigalupi August, fruit.-, 36 w Green. 
Bacon Byron, lawyer, 20G w Jefferson. 
Bacon J & Sons (Jeremiah, John Bacon, 

and G VV Conway), dry goods, wholesale 

and retail. 1§3 and 165 e'Market. 
Bacon Mrs Mary, notions, 470 Preston. 
Badger & English (Edw Badger. Samiiel 

English), lawyers, Law Temoie. 
Baer Moses, teas, etc, 40 w Market. 
Baeuchler Chas & Bro ( Chas B and Gottlieb 

B), grocers, cor 1 4th and Chestnut. 
Bahr GeoB & Co ; Geo B Bahr, Adam Zim- 
merman), hardware, 207 w Market. 
Bailey Wm, physician, 312 4th. . 
Bailey Wm H, Marshall Chancery Court, 

Baird David & Son (David and Wrn 

Baird), wh millinery, 235 w Main. 
Baird M G. iawver, 92$ 6th. 
Baird Robert F, lawyer, 100 7th, 
Baiseh George, barber, 459 w Walnut. 
Baker James T A, justice. 262 w Jefferson. 
Baker Nathan, saloon, 97 e Jefferson. 
Baker Polk, Pump Manufacturer, 65 

East Jefferson. 
Baker Wm, meats. Citizens' market. 
Baker A' Kubgl (Samuel H Baker, Wm F 

Pvubei), carriage manfrs, 87 e Main. 
Baker & Toney (Alpheus Baker, Sterling 

B Tonev). lawyers, cor 5th and Court. 
Babies Jacob, barber, 502 Preston. 
Baldwin Benjamin J, phvsician, 185 5th. 
Baldwin D. 11. & Co. (D wight H. 

Baldwin, Luoien Wulson, Robert A. 

Johnston), Wholesale and Retail Pianos 

and Organs. SO Fourth. 
Baldwin Wm, plasterer, 420 14th. 
Balmer Frank W. cigar tnarifr, 146 w 7th. 
Balmer & Lieber (Christian Balmer, John 

P Li.-bto.. eatoon, 108 2d. 
BalmeFs Motel, Wm Balmer, proprietor, 

\m and 105 w Market, 
Baltimore & Ohio. Telegraph, John G 

Webb, manager, 9 i w Main. 
Bamberger, Bloom & Co. (Nathan 

Blooni, Levi Bamberger* B Hess, Julius 

Bambtr.;, r, Levi Bloom, Louisville; J. 

F. Bamberger, Ansrelo Hellman, New 

Yorkj. Wholesale. Dry Goods, 240, 242, 

244 and 240 West Main, and 51 and 53 


Bamberger Mad A C, millinery, 1054 4th. 

Banister Purcell, bleacher 268 w Jefferson. 

Bank of Kentucky, Taos L Barret, pros; 
F () Anderson, ass't cashier; 77 w "Main. 

Bank of Louisville, eapital $750,000, 
Charles Tilden, pres; James A Leech, 
cashier; 108 w Main. 

BanilOIl Patrick, ^ewer-pipe ami 
Terracotta Works, 448 Fifth. (See a tv 

Bannon Thomas, grocer, 363 Rudd. 

Banny warth Mrs, dress-maker, 575 w Chest- 

Baptist (Orphans' Home, matron, Miss M 
A Honngsworth, 510 1st. 

Barbaroux & Co. (E. Barbaroux, J. 
Barbaroux). Machinery Depot. 33 Third. 

Barbee & Custlcntam (John Barbee, 
John B. Castleman), Gen'l Ins. Ag'ts 
and Managers Southern Pep't Royal 
Insurance Co., of Liverpool, England, 
S -E, cor. Main ami Sixth. (See adv. 
back-bone and top lines.) 

B&rberd Joseph, confectionery, 748 Port'd. 

Barbour li N, physician. 260 "2d. 

Barbour Tbos C & John 0, pickles and 
packing Co. 34 3d. 

Barclay 11. Wheeler, General Assent 
L., N. A. A C. By. office* 144 w Main. 

Barden Edward, grocer. 188 18th. 

Barker John 11, eonfect'r, 318 w Market. 

Barker Maxwell, lawyer, 106 5th. 

Barlow Antony, saloon, 339 w Green. 

Barman Anton, bakery. 502 19th. 

Barnes C P & Bro (Chauncey P Barnes, 
Judson B Barnes], jewelers, 224 w Main. 

Barnes Dr W \V, dentist, 230 4th. 

Barnett Gideon, saloon, 535 w Main. 

Barnett & Xobie (Andrew Barnett, 
Lorenzo II. Noble), Lawyers, 90 Fifth. 

Barmuii F. !>., Jeweler and Silver- 
smith; Importer of Diamonds and Fine 
Watches, cor. Fourth and Market. 

Barnum Joseph P. druggist, 254 4th. 

Baron Conrad, harness- maker, 97 Baxter. 

Baron Francis P, stoves, 439 e Green. 

Baron John X. tinware. 5 Bardstown rd. 

Baron & Korb f John Baron. Robert Kerb), 
wall paper. 300 e Market. 

Ban* Henry W, planing-mill, 486 Fulton. 

Barr Hot) John W, U 8 district judge, 

Barrett II. W. <V Co., Proprietors 

Kentucky Woolen Mil!-. 11 west Main. 
Barrett John, lawyer, 10 Center. 
Barrett Washingtoa, blacksmith, 155 vr 


r flflflFfl SB^TTO'-ITIP 1 \1T\ I] 1 T|\ Without reference to tbo Companies we mai 

Etta hSMku m M m ssk£'" 







L. R. KEAN, Sec'y- 

W.H. FOSDICK.Treas. 

v v...- • . 

" 8 



Ss.'S '-^M**' *=" 




BOARD, $3.00 PER DAY. 


This Hotel presents a<! the desirable foatures of a strictly firct-clan? House, offering superior accommo- 
dating to the traveling public at rate* reduced to suit the times. 

•!&&(& Ml IMfffl House Numbers, Brass Isabels; Careiaire, Show Case and MarUin«rv 
; i UU-s, Pattern fc££«fcrt ami Fi^ares. l-£*- Metal Body Rubber Typ«£ 

pUvDl 4 fe^iiy^S I* SOOHK, ELjraTes aad Sift Sialer, 166 Randolph. Street, Chicago, LU, 





Barret & Brown ( Wm. F. Barret, John 
Mason Browni, Lawyers, 10 Center. 

Barrow M E, sale stable, 91 7th. 

Barry Thomas, talker, 102.1 3d. 

Barteit Frederick E, shoemaker, 369 Gth, 

Earth Albert H, grocer, 264 5th. 

Barth Mm, Charlotte, Grocer and 
Saloon, 390 East Walnut. 

Barth George F., Furniture Manu- 
facturer and Dealer, 271 East Greer;. 

Barthel Frederick, barber, 3b2 w Market. 

Barthel John, boot.- and shoes, 301 7th. 

Bartholomew . Martin, barber, cor Main 
and Shelby. 

Bartley E. H., Propr. Hotel Elliott, 
B-w cor. Second and Jefferson. (See adv.) 

Bartley, Johnson & Co (W T Bartley, W 
V Johnson), distillers, 21 e Main. 

Bartinan John, Dealer in Lumber and 
Shingles, cur. JJaneock and Main. 

Bascom Levi B, .-ii£n-painter. 159 w Jeff- 

Bashaw G W & Co (G W Bashaw. H C 
Middleton, W C Kennedy, Horace 
Bashaw), pork-packers and provisions, 
19 w Main. 

Bates George W, physician, 150 e Broad- 

Bates & Blatz (John H Bates, Valentine 
Blatz), paints and oils, 61 w .Market. 

Batz Christian, Wine and Beer Sa- 
loon and Boarding-house, 59 w Market. 

Bauer Mrs. Elizabeth, Franklin- 
street Brewery, 251 to 255 Franklin. 

Bauer Frank, blacksmith, Frankfurt ave- 
nue, nr toll-gate. 

Bauer Frederick, stoves and tin, 428 w 

Bauer John, Stoneware. Mnfr. Fruit- 
jars, Milk-pans, and all kinds of Stone- 
ware, 826 Preston, near Hill. 

Bauer J G, brewer, 251 and 255 Franklin. 

Bauer Louis, cistern-cleaner, 48€e Green. 

Bauer Win. grocer, 458 w Green. 

Bauere Mrs. Mary C., Private Lying- 
in-hospital; 312 Baxteravenue. (See <tdv.) 

Baurn Geo, merchant tailor, 191 w Market. 

Baum Otto, dry goods, 62 e M.-.rket. 

Bauman Henry E, drugget, 80ui Portland. 

Baurnann Frederick, saloon, -0)8 Preston. 

Bauman n Fred F. gro«?er, 356 e Walnut. 

Bauman-; Jaoub. shoemaker, 178 Fort- 
land avenue. 

Baumbaeh Cr-eorge, -hoeumker, 208 Reser- 
voir avenue. ~ 

Baumberger Alex, fruit, 353 e Broadway. 

Baumberger J C, cigars, 210 w Jefferson. 

Baumeister John, carpenter, 14 Linden. 

Bax Mrs Eliza, grocer, 302 Gray. 

Bax & Barrett ( Domimnek Bax, and John 
J Barrett), undertakers, 301 Walnut. 

Baxter John G., Mayor of Louisville, 
City Hall, Room 21. 

Baxter & Fisher (John G. Baxter and 
Win. G. Fisher's estate), Stove and 
Grate Foundry, 276 West Main. 

Bayens Joseph, grocer, 80 Marshall. 

Bayer Charles, druggist, 696 w Market. 

B&yless Wna N. shirt mnfr and men's fur- 
nishing goods, 72 4th. 

Bayse John W. livery. 83 e Main. 

Ba/.el Cain, furniture, 18 w Market. 

Beach Geo W, s-machine agt, 258 w Jeffsn. 

Bean Charles E, physician, 153 w Chestnut. 

Bear Mrs S L (Mrs Hannah), millinery, 
298 w Market. 

Beary .John, shoemaker. 305 Presfeon. 

Be: -tty Edw B, stoves jmd fin, 316 w Main. 

Beck Goitlob, grocer, 301 e Jefferson. 

Beck John M, tinsmith, 245 18th. 

Beck Joseph, restaurant, 7th and Green. 

Beck Martin, meats, Citizens' market. 

Beck Mat, 2d-hand goods, 415 w Market. 

Beekel Fred H, conr'eet'r, Green and 13th. 

Beckel Fred H, mattress-maker. 106 7th. 

Becker Charles G, grocer, 296 Rowan. 

Becker Chris, boot and shoemaker, 78 3d. 

Becker Geo. produce commission, 16 4th. 

Becker Geo W. eemnpss'n merchant, 35 4th. 

Becker H & Co (Henry Becker, J J Schub 
ten t. mnfrs boots and shoes, 6th and Main. 

Becker .John, saloon, 442 w Market. 

Becker Louis F. grocer, 546 w Market. 

Becker Michael, grocer, 7th bet Shipp and 

Becker Polk, pump mnfr, 85 e Jefferson. 

Becker Wm, boots and shoes, 64 e Market. 

Becker Wm M. hats and caps, 174 w Mrkt. 

Beckham Chas N, lawyer, 4 Court place. 

Beckmann Bernard, boots and shoes, 306 
w Market. 

Beckmann Bernard, drugs, 686 e BroacVay. 

Beckmann Joseph, cutlery, 31 w Jefferson. 

Beddiges Henry, grocer. 96 e Green. 

Bechlo Horace, Manufacturing Jew- 
eler, HO Fourth. (See adv.) 

Bedford J. M., Dentist, 136 W T est Jef- 
erson. (See adv.) 

Beh Mr, Catherine, saloon, 181 e Market. 

Beha John, saddles and harness. 6 w Mrkt. 

Behl Conrad, grocer, 429 e Green. 

Beihl Mrs II, saloon, 355 Broadway. 


a l t.. ®*® ft a | ffig»$ tf * * t I* Controlling over S40.000.000 of Fire EH I 1 I 

'BaBBfiS it m II, Mr;«i? sasji Tin k IbunL 

i I. uunmile, Ky. Agenta everywhere. 






Felt, GementjGravel Roof, 


1330,000 -Spre M, of 32 ACRES put on 111 as ii 1879-80. 


Paints and Varnishes, 

Sole Manufacturers for U, S. and Canada of 


3STc. 32 T^est ZMTstirL Street, 


Pi is. ea of EiiiSD, : 

Central and Southern Dep't, 




LOU Di*tiBery Co, John G Roach pres, 
C P (leaves sec, cor 36th and Missouri 
are, oinee 5th anil SSUt-in. 

Belknap AY. B, & Co., (W. B. Bel- 
knap. Pres.; W. H. Beikn&p, Vice- Bros. : 
C. J. F. Allen, Treas.; H. Justi Jr., 
Sec.), Iron, Hardware, and Carriage 
Goods, 113 and 115 West Main. ;>->e 
adv., front «,**/•). 

Belknap William B., President W. 
B. Belknap & Co,, 113 Wen Main. 

Belknap William B., Vice-President 
W. B Belknap A: Co., 113 Wen Main. 

Bell Garvin, lawyer, 154 w Jefferson. 

Bell .John, grocer. 300 Fulton. 

Bell L II. propr Central Catholic Advo- 
cate, 85 4th. 

Bell R A, physician, 203 e Walnut. 

Beli T S, phv-s-i* -i.ei, 90 w Jefferson. 

Bell A: fDoggesllaU, [Thos. Bell. Sam- 
ted Coggeshail . Planing-mill. ere., 16 to 

>arah A, 

iinery, 1)1 w 

Bellican Mr 

Belmont Distillery Co. Geo H Moore pre-, | 

Nathan Hofheimer sec, office S w Main, 

distillery cor 17th and Lexington. 
Bender Fred, druggist, 356 e Jefferson, and 

•407 e Jefferson. 
Bender George^ Barber and Denti-t, 

212 East; Jefferson. 
Bender Konrad, stoves and tin, 218 Preston, j 
Bender A: Co, irmfrs Hungarian remedies, i 

457 e Jefferson. 
Bcndig Aug. saloon. 10 Baiter ave. 
Benner Charles, grocer, 357 Baxter ave. 
Bennett Abraham, grocer, 342 w Jefferson. J 
Bennett Bros. «SL Co., (John Bennett. 

D. P. Bennett;, Manufacturers of Parlor i 

Furniture 4 , Mattresses and Bedding, 14-2 i 

West Main. 
Bennett C Fletcher, watch-maker, 153 4th. j 
Bennett George, plumber. 125 3d. 
Bennett John, painter, 82 5th. 
Bensing Jos, cabi net-rru. ker, 4oo w Walnut, j 
Bensiuger Nathan, furniture, 67 w Market. | 
Bensinger Wolf, furniture. 50 w Market. | 
BordelU Michael, grocer, 261 iv.aid a\ e. 
Berger Martin, brick ninfr, loth and Oak, 
Bergman Louis, photographer, ^8 w Mkt. : 
Bergreen & Co (Julius B> r^reen, Gusuvus | 

A. Sehimpit":, grocers, 105 w Market. 
Bene G, boot>. md shoes, 173 e Market. 
B#rne 11 A & Co \ Henry A Berne, Henry ! 

Ivnoefelj, printers and binders, 52 w j 


Bernet F, watch-maker, 203 e Jefferson. 

Bernhard Henry, baskets, 343 e Main. 

Berry James, lawyer. 28 Court Place. 

Berry Wm, physician, 112 7r.h. 

Best. Mrs Caroline, dry g'ds,v615 w Market. 

Best Geo W, trunks, 231 w Market. 

Best Jacob, barber, 85 5th. 

Besuden Fred tobacco broker. 424 w Main. 

Bethel J J & Co (Jam- J Bethel, J S 

Bethel), leaf-tobacco, 10th and Grayson. 
Betsehart Mrs M A, saloon, 14 Baxter av. 
Bettner Geo, shoemaker, 514 W Main. 
Betz John G. shoemaker, 343 e Jefferson. 
Beute! G Philip, physician and druggist, 

n-e cor Market and Jackson. 
Beyer Bernard, cigar mfr, 133 6th. 
Beyer Henry A, grocer, loth and Main, 
Beyer S. mfr willow-ware, 76 w Market. 
Beymer 11, wines and liquors. 95 w Green. 
Bez Adam, Lager Beer and Ale Bot- 
tler, 173,175 and 177 East Green. (See 

Bibb Piehard II, grocer. 61 17th. 
Bibbs Andrew J, carpenter. 147 Center. 
Bielcel George, Groceries, Provisions 

and Feed, n-e cor. VanBuren and Ohio. 
Bickel Konrad, shoemaker, 198 Baxter. 
Bickei CCA: Co (Chas C Bickel, ), 

cigar rnfrs, 202 and 204 w Main. 
Biedinger & Denzinger (Henry Biedinger, 

Michael Denziger), plumbers, steam 

and gas-fitters, 352 e Main. 
Biehl Philip FC, druggist, 150 Broadway. 
Bier-ley Martin, shoemaker. 388 e Main. 
Bierman Lazarus, clothing, 410 w Market. 
Bierod Geo. saloon, 335 Broadway. 
Biesenthal S It, watch-maker, 8 w Market. 
Biettner Jacob, grocer, 671 ISth. 
Biettner Peter, blacksmith, 089 18th. 
Bi^o £i. TV, Advertising Agent, 203 

East Market. 
Bijur *te Davie | Martin Bijur, George M 

Davie), lawyers, 2 Court-place. 
Biltrer Frank, notions, 454 Jackson. 
Bill A P, saloon, Clay and Washington. 
Biller Wm, grocer, 304 e Chestnut. 
Billings Mrs Kate, grocer, 961 Kentucky. 
Binder Conrad, eitrar mnfr, 104 5th. 
Bindewald Andrew W, physician, 339 e 

Bin.Sner M, basket mnfr, 224 Marshall. 
Bii*eh & Co., Proprietors Riverside 

Hotel, foot 4th Avenue. 
Birchall Wm G, dry goods, 641 w Market. 
Birdsey Nathan D, window shades and 

curtains, 169 4th. 


Butchers' and Packers' Supplies and General Hardware 8pg- 
b. FEED. SCIIMIEDINO, 335 Broadway and 330 H. 
ourth Street, ST. LOUIS, 110. Send Lr Catalogue, 








O' X 





The proprietor of this celebrated medicine justiv claims for it a superiority over all 
remedies ever offered to the public for the SAFE, CERTAIN, SPEEDY and PER- 
MANENT cure of Ague and Fever, or ChiU*.**i.ul Fever, whether of short or long 
standing. He refers to the entire Southern and Western country ro bear him testimony 
to the truth of the assertion that in no case whatever will it fail to cure if the directions 
are strictly followed and carried out. In a great many cases a single -lose has been suf- 
ficient for a cure, and whole 'families have been cured by a single bottle, with a perfect 
restoration of the general health. - It is, however, prudent, and in every case more cer- 
tain to cure if its use is continued in smaller doses for a week or two after the disease has 
been checked, more especially in difficult and long-standing cases. Usually this medicine 
will not require any aid to keep the bowels in good order. Should the patient, however, 
require a cathartic medicine after having taken three or four doses of the Tonic, single 
doseof BULLS VEGETABLE FAMILY PILLS will be sufficient. 

The genuine SMITH'S TONIC SYRUP must have Dr. JOHN BULL'S private 
stamp on each bottle. Dr. JOHN BULL only hos the right to manufacture and sell 
the original JOHN J. SMITH'S TONIC SYRUP of Louisville, Ky. Examine well the 
label on each bottle. If my private stamp is not on each bottle, do not purchase or you 
will be deceived. « 


Smith's Tonic Syrup, Bull's Sarsaparilla, 


rrtt^z E'oae'TTXi-A^a hsiveeidies of t^ie zd^^-^t. 


ox.x> sro. 3i 9 LOUISVILLE, KY. 


ft. )| KI>J)S. J. W, ATKI>'««. 313- 

lou Sf., flf ll'AGO, IS.?-, g^pflcfer to tltauMttttl 
I '%} VJt Contracts completed tltroat^laout the country. 

so. en ii- 
ii otf 





Biri Mrs Rosin a, saloon, 124 Baxter nve. 

Birmingham Rolling' 3IUI Co., 
Jas. G. Caldwell, Pres t, A. J. Moxham, 
Sup't, n-e cor. Fourth and Main. {See 

Birnstiel Albert, Fresco Artist, 111 
West Main, bet. Third and Fourth. 

Biscbuf Joseph, ^vocar. 887 w Market. 

Bischoff Mrs H,dress-maker, 470 w Walnut, 

Bischoif Paul, cigar mnfr, 271 w Market. 

Bischoff *fe Bro (John and Joseph), gro- 
cers, 371 6th. 

Bishop William, grocer, 550 Ttb. 

Bisinger Mrs E. grocer, 593 Grayson. 

IMssmeyer Charles, Hats, Caps, and 
Furs, Sign of the Big Hat, 122 East 
. Market, 

Bitienbark John W, confectioner}-, 24') w 

Bitter Conrad, show-case mnfr, 99 5th. 

Bitter Conrad, toys* etc, 101 e Market.. 

Bittnei* <iustav, Cabinet Manufact- 
urer, 13 East. 

Bittnor Hoary O., Wines, (jiquors, 
and Cigars, 37$ West Main, above Tenth. 

Bittlier Joseph, Carpenter, Buil- 
der, and Contractor, cor. Jackson and 

Bitzer John, grocer, cor 12th and Grayson. 

Black Jo-eph J, druggist; 552 7th. 

Blackburn Gary B. physician, 147 Walnut. 

Blaetler .Jos A, saloon, 249 e Jefferson. 

Blake E W & E J, photographer, 097 w 

Blanoagniel Wm M, draggist, 639 4th. 

Bland Jos E, physician, 261 Walnut nr 7th. 

Blanenship Miss B, dress-maker, 228 4th. 

Bkiin Randolph II, lawyer, Sh Ce:,ter. 

Blatz, Krehs & Co, "(Michael A. 
Blatx, Andrew Krehs and Win. Borc;- 
meierh Prop'ra Fall City Steam Stone 
Works, Office and Yard. Walnut bet. 
Thirteenth and Fourteenth. {See ado;) 

Bleier Solomon, notions. 414 w Market, 

Bliss Charles, Silk Hat Manufacturer, 
93 Second. (See ads.) 

Bliss Cyrus H, notions, 193 w Main. 

Block Mrs Kate. 

1443 Preston-. 

Block & Brand, groceries, 13th and Walnut. 

Bioom, Goldsmith, Tachau & Co (Jacob 
N Bloom, Charles Goldsmith, Lewis 
Tachau A E Bamberger), mfra cloth- 
ing. 2&8 and 240 w Main. 

Bloom E&idor, fnrn goods-, 208 w Market. 

Bloom Lee & Co ( Lee Bloom & ) 

wholesale liquors and dears. 62 2d. 

Bloom gol, meat market, 11 e Market; 
Bloomtield Geo, jewelry and furniture, 89 

e Market. 
Bloomtield T, hoots and shoes, 66 e Market. 
Blue Line, H W Barclay, agent, office 144 

w Main. 
Blum Bros (Joseph and Solomon), fancy 

goods, 116 4th. 
Blum Geo, meats, Bowles Market. 
Blum Will. F., Glass Stainer, 211 West 

Blunck Wm B, stone. Ill e Main. 
Board Thos J, furniture repairer, 636 w 

Boardman B D, photos, 114 w Market, 
. Bobzien Hugo, cigar rnfr, 189 w Market. 
Bock Henry, cigar mfr, 152 e Jefferson. 
Bockee J S, leaf-tobacco, 394 w Main. 
Bockee & Co (Jacob S Bockee. David J 

Grath), leaf-tobacco, factory 271 Shelby 
Bockmann H, shoemaker, 364 e Madison. 
Bouino I>r. J. 31., Dean of the Fac- 
ulty, University of Louisville, office 

298 First. 
Bodley Pearce, real estate, 134 w Main. 
Boecher John, general store, 773 w Market, 
Boegershausen Julius, baker, 414 Walnut. 
Boehler M rs Catherine. ur<>eer, 209 3d. 
Boerner John, grocer. 252 Rowan. 
Boes Frank A, compressed yeast, 127 2d. 
Boes John, grocer, 106 2d. 
Boes Nicholas, grocer, 354 e Green. 
Boes.-er Joseph R, saloon. 42 Baxter. 
Boesser Simon, grocer, 528 w Broadway. 
Bohlsen Abel, grocer, cor 6th and Walnut. 
Bohlsen E & Sow (Eilert and William), 

carpenters. 5 Vine. 
Bohlsen John, grocer, 402 1st, 
Bohmler John, notions. 167 Preston. 
Bohn <fc Gans (George F B<dm and Qeoyge 

Gans j. stores and tinware. 180 w Market. 
Bohlie K. C, Cashier 3d National Bank 

and Pres. Falls City Lithographing, En- 

graving and Job-Pritinng Co. 
Bok!age& Hild (Frank Boklage, Julius P 

Hiid), soda-water, 481 3d. 
Buland Michael, lawyer, 107 Fifth. 
Boldt A. St Co** (August Boldt Jr.; 

Henry Mc&ibbin), Oysters, F^ish, and 

Game. 90 and ^'7 Second. {See adv.) 
Boldt Mrs Rosa, dry goods, etc, Frankfort 

ave near Vernon. 
Boiling R R A: Co, stationers, etc., 181 4th. 
Boiling Wm II, phv*i.uan, 126 3d. 
Bonhomme John, fruits and confectionery, 

156 w Jefferson, 

irbee & castleman. 

Have Settled more than 1,400 
liOMses, and Iiave had but 13 Ro 
Misted Cl&lm«. Agents Everywhere. 







5 s — •••*£^45H — ^ 




. I".':', jflffj l'r|jjff ff]j And a Special Rate 

RE-FURNISH ED ■ -----' By the Week or Month. 


'^<-^^'-.-i r ^--^ r ^--^ x -r^-:^; ^ .ia^js? 



South-west Corner Second and Jefferson Streets, 


ffflf! IWPflTUffTflH Ml IBfT Iflflf Itflfl 

2*£033,:RX3 d5 EAYLY 


CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Ky. 





Bonkofsky Vincent, cigars. 339 Broadway. 

Bonnie Bios (Frank \\ and Hubert P-, wh 
liquors, 06 2d. 

Booker James M, saloon, 252 e Green, 

Booker & B!akemore.Iivery,123and "127 1st. 

Borchers Henry, grocer, 249 12th. 

Borden Nell is, propr Kniekercocker Thea- 
ter, 138 w Jefferson. 

Bordenbinder John me t's, l- f and Walnut. 

Borgmann II & C (Henry and Conrad) 
saloon, Liederkranx Hall. 

Bomtrae^er Martin, Pres't Louis- 
ville An/eiger Co.. Ill West Green. 

Boro Benj & Philip, saloon. 1st arid Green. 

Borschneek Frank W, saloon, 116 3d. 

Busier Andy, saloon, 354 e Jefferson. 

Hosier Nicholas, Prop'r Nie Bbsler's 
Hotel, 187 West Market. 

Boss Ferd, boot$ and shoe* 192 e Market. 

Boss® H. & Bro. I Henry- and Joseph), 
Undertakers, 214 East Green. 

Boss*n#ver Fred, grocer, 9th and Jeff< r &a. 

Botsford Jas. L. & Co. J. L- & 
T. G. Botsford), Wholesale Butter. Pro- 
duce. Fruits and Fancy Groceries, 117 
West Main. 

Bott Sebastian, saloon, 359 Lexington-. 

Botto P J & Co (Peter J. Botto; ), 

trunk mfrs. 117 w Market. 

Botto Vincent, confectionery, 198 4th', 

Bbttomiey Thos S. prorp'r Old Reliable 
steam laundry. 50 w Jefferson. 

Botto John P, landscape painter. 8 Courier- 
Journal Building. 

Bouchard Frank J, meats. Bowles' Mart. 

Bouche Ohas J, coffee-roaster. 119 w Main. 

Boucliet Micliael, Very Rev Vicar- 
General, Diocese Of Louisville, 183 Fifth. 

Bourbon House, S nod grass & Bourne, 
prop'rs, cor Johnson and Main. 

Bourbon Stock Yard Co (John G Barrett. 
pres; George Birch, supt i, Johnson, bet 
Market and Main. 

Bourlie.r A: Bro (Alphonso & Emile), 
galvanized-iron cornices, To.} 3d. 

Bourne, Shockency & Kan ken, live stock 
commission merchants, Bourbon Stock 

Bowser John W & Co J Wand WH 
Bow. or, J G . coal 110 3d. 

Boyce Kcv. James P., CImhpmm 
Faculty Southern Baptist Theological 
Seminary, nortk side Walrwit. between 
Sixth and Seventh. 

Boyd Clarence, portrait pointer, 16 Courier- 
Journal building. 

Boyd Thomas, jeweler, 27*1 Story. 

Boyd & Fi ubber t (Robt Boyd." James E 

Hubbert), mfrs agts, iron, nails, etc, 230 

W Main. 
Boyle. Patrick H, saloon. 307 v Portland. 
Bradas P & Co (Peter and Vincent 

Brad as), candy mfrs, 77 4th. 
Bradas Thos, notions, 102 7th. 
Btfi iburn Otto N. manager Louisville 

Printing Co, 87 4th. 
Bradley C & Son f Clark and Thomas F), 

carriage-makers, 20 w Main. 
Bradley Jas. lumber, 10th and Broadway. 
Bradley & Gilbert { James Bradley, James 

G Gilbert), printers, stationers, binders, 

blank-books, etc., n-w cor 3d and Green. 
Rradstreet & Co, the Improved Mercantile 

Agency, Hamilton building, 6th nr Main, 
y John A. physician, L88 3d. 
Braendd Moritz, stoves and tinware, 190 

Brand John C, furniture. 57 e Market. 
Brand John II & Co (Joha H Brand), cof- 
fee and spice-miils. 74and 76 6th. 
Braindeis A 6c Son (Adolphus and Alfred), 

commission, 56 w Main. 
Brandeis Samuel, physician, 306 3d. 
Brandenburg Mrs Mary, dressmaker. 139 

Brandenburg & Co (W P Brandenburg, H 

R Mitch 

weiers, 2 Masonic Temple. 

Brandt Andrew, cabinet-maker, 112 1st. 

Brandt Helena, hair goods, 302 w Market. 

Branham Matthew, blacksmith, 230 w 

Bran nan James, grocer, 238 Fulton. 

Brannin Horace C. lawyer. 143 w Jefferson. 

Brannin & Glover (A O Brannin, John S 
Brannin, T H Glover), tobacco, 354 w 

Brannon-Justi Paper Co Herman Justi, 
jr. pres, M J Brannon, sec, John Justi, 
treas, mnfrs paper, 364 w Market. 

Brantley Rudolf, wagon-maker, cor Storey 
ave and Brownsboro road. « 

Braun & Unhot' (P. H. Braun, J. Im- 
hofi, Wagon -makers, 282 Baxter Ave. 

Braun 6c Co | Mary and George), grocers, 
157 e Market. 

Breckmann Charles, tinsmith. 288 9th. 

Breen Benjamin J. lawyer, 206 w Jeffer- 

Bro it* nha< h Frank, Meat, Yege- 
table *nd Fish Market, 253 East Chest- 

Brekle Julius, wall paper, 131 e Market. 


Without reference to the Oompaniea we manag*. 
8AKBEE &. CASTLEMAN, Louisville, Ky. 

Agents everywhere South. 





T^ T T^ T J k r ^ f\ "Pi P< 

J— J JL-J T ill X-/ X 1- 


— ^02S— 



I Pap, Tackle Blocks, Ms, Distil Wheals 

tobacco ca.si1tc3-, 

Oars. Capstans a\t> Baas. Distill Tubs, &c. 

No. 12 Eighth St, - - LOUISVILLE, AT. 

SecortcS.-X3Ca, ZExcIstirLg- TTT'l^eels .i^.I-wa,3rs oxx jE3Ia,XLcl. 

ma murai s® 

IX ALL ITS BRANCHES. Steel letters and Figaro*, 
-ettefs and 1- 'ierares. JL. ROCHE, Engraver and 





BreinakerOIoore Paper Com- 
pany (Chas. Bremaker, Ptes.; J. L. 
R,ubel, Sit.), nor&b-east. earner Washing- 
ton and First. \S,-~' adv.) 

Brennan Mi.-ha.d A. trunk rmrifr, 67 4th. 

Brennah M, 1st li<?ut police, City Hall. 

Bremian & Bro (John and Matthew) 
blacksmiths. 387 7th. 

Bremian & Co., (Thomas Brendan, 
Abraham G M'unn}, -Agricultural Imple- 
ments, cor Green and 8t&, 

Bxenn&E, Carl C. artist, 78 w Market: 

Brenning II P, 2d iieut police, Citv Hall. 

Bretney & Wright (J R B, E V B. T R 
Wright; wholesale saddlery, 293 w Main. 

Brewer Elijah, eoal, 493 w Jefferson. 

Brewer's Printing House, Wm F Brewer, 
manager, SO o t i i . 

Brewster O. J. Owen, Attorney at 
Law, Room 8 Evans' Block, cor. Fifth 
and Court Place. (SeeaMv.) 

Bifeylbgel & Peatce ; Wrii B and Robt W 
Pear.--), physicians, 213 3d. 

Briekley Wm. H. IT., Steam Pie 
and Cracker Bakery, cor. Campbell and 

3B»riclg"eford & Co., Louisville Stove 
and Grate Foundry | James Bridgeford, 
Prest.; P. G. Miller, Vice-Prest.;^ A. B. 
Wallace, Sec. and Treas. \, 30 Sixth. 

Bridges C A & Co (Chas A Bridges, J P 
Thompson. W C Bridges), tobacco 
warehouse, cor 8th and Main. 

Bridweli Hotel, Stephen P. Brid- 
weli, Proprietor, 74 Eas^t Market. 

Bridwell Pressly, prop'r Queen House, cor 
Johnston arid Main. 

Bright Geo, shoemaker, 143 Floyd. 

Brile Chas, dry goods. 83 4th. 

Brinckmann Geo M, tinner, 176 Caldwell. 

Brinke & Paust (Rudolph Brinke, Geo 
Paust), grocers, 004 Madison. 

Brinkley & Co (Miles F Brinkley, ), 

whole-ale stoves, japaned and tinware, 
71 6th. 

Brink worth H E, shoemaker, 2544 4th. 

Brinly, Miles & Hardy Co. (T. E. 
C. Brinly, Prosit; A. I). Miles, See'y and 
Treas.; Jas. E. Hardy, Suj/t), 'Plow 
ffi \nufaetiirers, 128 to 138 Ea.-t Main. 

Britton Mrs Maggie, Cigars, 163 w JetFsn. 

Broadus Rev John A (Baptist), 35 Gray. 

Bro; i d w a i Y I ot e 1 , H e n r y F ! o w ers , 
Prop'r, cor, I b an d B road w ay. 

Brocar Frank 1, painter, 116 7th. 

Broo.kman Wm, grocer, 3 Jacob. 

Broderiek John & Bro. (Jno. 
Broderiek, L. M. Broderiek), Wagon 
Manufacturers, 175 and 177 East Main. 
(See adv.) 

Brodt John, wagon- maker, 449 e Main. 

Brohm Damian, cigar mfr. 817 w Market. 

Bi'ohm Francis A., Wine and Beer 
Saiot.ui, GIG Ea.-t Green. 

Bromine H, grocer, 11 th and. Grayson. 

Bronger E & Go ( Francis Bronger, ), 

Hour and teed, 63 18th. 

Bronner leader, millinery, 112 w Market. 

Bronner L & G & Co (Leopold, Gustavus 
and Israel Bronner), wholesale millinery, 
216 w Main. 

Bronnert Geo F, saloon, 135 Market. 

Brookes Chas, second-hand gds, 117 Brook. 

Brooks Ed A. photographer, 344 e Market, 

Brooks Mrs Mary, ary goods, 399 e Market. 

Brooks Mrs Sophia, millinery, 344 e Market. 

Brose Adam, salami, 20 e .Main. 

Brown Mrs Bertha, dry goods, 362 e Mkt. 

Br->wn Edward O, physician, 333 Wash- 

Brown James L, real estate, 159£ w Jef- 

Brown J. I> ixon & Co. , ( J. D. Brown, 
J. S. Hyde), Lumber, cor Jackson and 

Brown J T S, wholsale liquors, 320 w Main. 

Brown, Johnson & Co (J G Brown, 3S L 
Johnson, S C Walker; commission mer- 
chants, hay and grain, 29 4th. 

Brown Lewis A, grocery, 455 Hancock. 

Brown Mrs Maria, notions, 469 Preston. 

Brown Mrs Mary, grocer, 57 e Main. 

Brown Silas A, horse-shoer and wagon- 
maker, 154 e Main. 

Brown, Thompson & Co, wholesale whis- 
kies, 243 w Main. 

Brown & Co (James K Brown, ), 

produce and commission, 110 2d. 

Brown field George W., Blacksmith 
and Wair'm-maker, north-east corner 
18th and Chestnut. 

Bruch Anton, boots and shoes, 458 3d. 

Bracked, Wm, tailor, 366 e Walnut. 

Bruening Joseph, painter, »JG2 w Market 

Brunn Jacob, millinery, 108 e Market. 

Brunner Conrad, grocer, 108 Preston. 

Brutscher John, grocer. 682 Washington. 

Bryan John E. grocer, 152 5th. 

Bryant R. ,)., Claim Agent, 343 West 
Jefferson. {See adv.) 

Bryant & Co (James M Bryant, Amos G 
McCampbell), commission, 80 w Main. 

f; i e V-Sf* * R I «fS* f» M l R Controlling oyer 840,000,000 of Firo £«i » II 








We carry the best line of Foreign and Domestic CLOTHS, CASSIMERES 
and SUITINGS to be found in the city, from which we are prepared to make to 
order in the best manner and in artistic style. We employ none but First-class 
Cutters and Workmen. Samples and Rules for Self-measurement sent on application. 


| Cut 

Pi IS. 00. OF I0LA1 

Central and Southern Dep't, 





Buchanan R & L (Rowan and Lytle), law- 
yers, 12 Center. 
Budhanan & Bro (James Buchanan, John 

W Buchanan), real estate, L82 w Main. 
Buchter Henrv, chair mfr, 385 e Green. 
Buckel Conrad, saloon, II 3d; 
Buckh ^Juun Theatre, J. P. Whal- 

len, Proprietor, 102 West Jefferson. 

(«Sfee a ■'•". I 
Buckle Bernhard, physician and druggist, 

253 e G ri'': n. 
Buckley Mrs Adeie, dress-maker. 168 4th. 
Buckle\- Ecuben 31. lawyer. 7 Court Place 
Buckner .lames F Jr, lawyer, 10 Law 

Temple, cor 5th and Green. 
Buddeke John H, saloon, 61 3d. 
Bueehel Valentine, saloon, I&8 w Market. 
Bueren Alexander F, physician, 200 Story. 
Buhl John, barber, 13,* Baxter. 
Bull T>r. John, Bull'.-: Sarsapariila, 

Bull's Wort!) Destroyer, Smith's Tonic 

Syrup. Office 310 West Main. (See adv.) 
Bull l>r. John, Proprietary Medicine, 

319 West Main. {See adv.) 
Bull Oliver T, hardware. 12 e Market. 
Bullitt J F & Son (Joshua F and Joshua 

F ] r) , I a w vers. 177 G reen . 
Bull'ittt W A. ass dist atty, 1-80 w Jefferson. 
Bullitt & Harris (Thus' W Bullitt, W O 

Harris'), lawyers, cor Center and Green. 
Bullock Mrs Isabella, notions, 319 e Market. 
Bullock & Anderson (Wni F Bullock and 

Wilkins G Anderson], lawyers, 178 w 

Bundschu Frank L, meat 252 e Jefferson. 
Burge Joseph, grocer, 126 Bank. 
Burghard J T, notions, 40 e Market, 
Burke Patrick, harness-maker, 135 5th. 
Burke It. harness-maker, 253 w Jefferson. 
Burkhardt John, baker, 356 e Market. 
Burkhardt John, shoemaker. 227 Shelby. 
Burks Jackson, furniture, 419 w Market. 
Burnett T L, city attorney, City Hall. 
Burnett 6c Burnett ( Theodore L, John C, 

and Gilbert), lawyers, 8 Law Temple, 
Burn ham A B 8c Co i Almond B Burn ham), 

whol stoves and tinware, 280 w Main. 
Burn- (Sftrrett, saloon, 247 Portland a\. 
Burns Hugh, eonfe< tionery, 42 e Jefferson. 
Burns John,. groeer. 235 Portland av. 
Burns Mrs Maria, grocer, 339 w Magazine. 
Burreli Fr;mk B. mfrs agt, 41 4th. 
Burrows l>v J L • Baptist), 82 Broadway. 
BuVtle Chas-, shoemaker, 425 18tb. 
Burtel Cornelius, shoemaker, 423 e Main. 
Burte! Wm C, billiards and cigars. 146 5th. 

Burton & Sibley (James P. Burton. 

Guy C. Sibley), Attorneys at Law, 111 

Busehemeyer Henry, saloon, 66 4th. 
Buschman Chas H, grocer, '502 w Market. 
Buschmann F Wm, grocer, cor 10th and 

Bush Robert D, pork packer, 35 to 45 

Bussy Catherine, grocer, 212 Grayson. 
Butterweck Charles, bakery, 695 w Market. 
Button Albert, grocer, 48 e Market. 
Buyer John, tinsmith, n s Jeff e of 1st. 
Byrne Miss Jennie, dress-maker, 392,1 w 

Byrne Peter, Broom Manufacturer, 228 

East Marker,. 
Byrne & Speed, 'John P Byrne and James 

B Speed), coal, 139 w Jefferson. 
Cain Mrs F, dressmaker, 139 7th. 
Cain John S., Clerk of the Circuit 

Court of Jefferson County, Court House. 
Caldwell Isaac P, lawyer, 180 w Jefferson. 
Caldwell {. & J., & Winston 

(Isaac Caldwell, Junius Caldwell, Geo. 

A. Winston), Lawyers, 180 West Jeffer- 
Calla^han John, Distiller, 187 Weit 

Callahan Mrs Bridget, saloon, 29 7th. 
Callahan & Hon (James and Charles 

H), Grocers, cor. Ninth arid Broadway. 

(See adv.) 
Callaway James F, tobacco broker, cor 8th 

and Alain. 
Camentz Ernest, cigars. 295 e Main. 
Canunel Mrs Kate, dress-maker, 184 4th. 
Campbell Rev Enos (Christian), 514 w 

Campbell Joseph O & Sons (Joseph O, 

Joseph O jr, Charles A), machinists, 

90 1st. 
Canada Mrs D, grocer, n e corner 11th and 

Canada Southern Line, Chas II King, agt, 

room 4, Board of Trade Building. 
Canine J. F. & C. K. ( James F. and 

Oliarfc* E.\ Sur-eon Dentists, 170 Fifth. 
Cannon & Byers ( W II Byers), wholesale 

millinery, 191 wMuin. 
Caperton A. C. & Co. (A. C. Caper- 
ton and ), Booksellers, Stationer-. 

and Publisher*. 505 Fourth. (See adv.) 
Cardoni Flavian, Sculptor and Monu- 
mental Worker. 677 East BroadwaV, near 

Cave Hill. 

v>; 1 , 





. , r- r , . 

Tl iesi pumps are adapted to wetls and cftefferne of any depth. They are made of Iron, are anti-freezing 

: '■.-.. $2.00 and upwards. 

■ - ■ ■■ :: i ••...- ; ve \\ or cistern, but also to th raabrng of win-- 
- !:l feh« extinguishing of.firea. With 

■ ■ ■ .• ■•; • _. i tiding, and, with sofficftnf hose; 
ed to any i 


tips -.:-.■ piad< r tin fc >st of wood known for the purpose, a-: it does not corrupt the water, 

an : is not injured by They are 

them Tl ni prater less volume, as may b« required. Bach 

Pin i u if pro. i<le«1 ■> ball; by which tl en upeni d, without re- 

>ingl ■ • to prevent freezing, "and yet retain its pria 

ZE^Ir.e 01c.3T Pl-u.3 Hljiixixi.^s^ 

v"en - - ; ■ ■ .- ■ ' : .: -r n -uao or square . 

'■•r ••--;, ■;:: . . -... • .. . • ' which S« fre- 

■ • ■ " fecttv-i - ;■-:..'■'-■■- tl sed 

- _ : ■ - - - ise. Th*>y are 

- | - w jch ! iey 

- ■! ■•> ' : - 
. : .-...■ . i ti they ithe'rtt ise would. 

FIFTH AVE., BET. GREEN and WALNUT (Hotel Building), 



See other side of this leaf. 



church lights, . 

' .:.;■ 

Brass Oooa's 

For Gas or Oil. For Gas, Steam and Wt'ar. 




New Pieces 



iMMmfm- <:':-: 

f wm m 



if wsSZTmh* Softs' NwP < u* * -m a i I 



A * 7" / 

A v 

L Ul 

1 /I 


N J_j 1 ^ 

iTreae chimneys are safer, more durable, If ss expensive, am! have better draft than brick chimney* 
Tte&y will not cracfe from hea>t ■:;■:. r..--.-'-^--j.i tbr-y stop up r^h soot. They are made in 
frwo*foot & ti ri8of"pure ire el; L &fat snipping weight. &»y laborer can put them up. 











Made of pure fire clayg, hard burned, and well vitrified; made 10 two-foot sections, and from two to 

t'hi'rtj inches in diameter. 

MLj stock of chimney tops are , - fir* ■. I ire oi a baudwrne huff-white cojfer. 3*be; 

are hltrht.v ornaw ita ■• . ■- •'•■:■ 1 ■■ -- - ■■ h ra used by wind 

l-!ov. ng i top of tl ■■ .-.;;:■ \ , .i '.<,[ ..i-n • - oftfint»ke. -e tops are 

■.. •■ •.-■: - : . -•>-'■ * . -■ > • and cause it to pass ove* the -fine 

iu.t . ■!•■ , - :.■•:' .• and will retain th»ir place' on th* 

thSnme; a win ; ■■■ '• - jra > • : e^d to si :•-. • J si] til is of weather aud frost. Alio 
gi rajiteed not : . 

FIFTH, BET. G AND WALNUT, (Hotel Building.) 

-*>• WHITE ROB I'lUCES/**" ;See other aide of this leaf./ 

t t\ vt tv a a r n A N D Q E ^ E R A - 

II ill I U*H -N KS^'Sead for Ca 

iUU 1 V \JUU wa y arid 830 N 

J 1URDWAHE. Specialties at Lowest Price*, 
alogue to FRED. SCHMIEDINO-, 83 5 Broad- 
- - ST. LOtJIS. MO. 

way and 830 North Fourth Street. 





Carle P W, grocer, 130 Oth. 

Carlo Charles, trait etc. 204 e Jeffeis ■•:. 

Caron C K», Publisher City Direc- 
tories of Loui.sviiie, Ivy., and .New Al- 
bany- and JeTb-.n-nr, ille, End., 124. Fourth 
Avenue, cor. Jefferson, 

Carpenter Annear ■&■ Co, (John E. 
Carpenter. Jas. F. Annear, A. B. Burn- 
ham). Galvanized Lirofl and Cornice 
Works, £6 and 18 Ninth. 

Carpenter Charles F t physician, 187 4th. 

Carpenter Jumes S., General Agent 
Connecticut MuMiti Life Ins. Co., south- 
east cor 6th and .Main. 

Carpenter K Julius, gunsmith,145 Jackson. 

Carpenter A Evans | Bobt J Carpenter, 
Thos K Evansi, photographers, 74 4th. 

Carr Byron O, supervising inspector of 
~ ">'£•■ :-Vi'— "'-. Gus.toin*h( >;s". 

Carl' H. M., United States Claim Attor- 
ney, 250 \\'-t JefferSOn, 

Carr Wordon A., Stage, Sign, and 

Office Fainter, Paper-hanger and Deco- 
rator; office, 1 du West Jefferson; Resi- 
dence, Shippingport, 9o J&eksos \&te 

Carrington Ferd S, livery. 20 w Main. 

Carrington John W A Co 'John W Car- 
rington, Chas II Conrad ,~ Virginia leaf- 
tobacco corn mission, 362 w Main. 

Carroll Patrick, tracer, 8^3 Rowan. 

Carson J T & Co -(J T Carbon, ), Pro- 
duce-dealers. 105 w Main. 

Carter ISros. & Co. (A. and J. G. 
Carter, J.C. Bethel, W. B. Carson. D. A. 
Forline), Wholesale Drv Goods, 279, 281 
and 283 West Main. 

Carter Frank. Assistant Superintend- 
ent Louisvaieev: Cincinnati United States 
Mail-line Co.: Office, Wharfboat, foot of 

Caruth Asher G, Commonwealth's Attor- 
ney, 113 5th. 

Cary Arthur, Lawyer. 9 Court Place. 

Cary George II, druggist, 176 7th. 

Cary A Conroy | Michael J Cary, Wm 
Gonroy), brick-yard, loth and Lexingtn. 

Casey Mrs Ellen, grocer, 5S e Main. 

Cass Lewis, barber, 150C!av. 

Cussi'iia Alexander, saloon. 154 w Green. 

Ca !,'" ! 'i;ci i) it. 1 raX-tobaceo, 270 w Market. 

CaiiHehl Columbus I., Tria Gotta 
Goods and I'iund ••" a S: c> ;>1 b--. 55" Fifth 
Avenue i hotel Wilding). (See adv.) 

Ca-ummiser Tbos C. bfieona mnfr, 22 4th. 

Cawein John, saloon, 67 4th. 


Cawein Dr Wm & Oo (Wm Cawein, J 
Henry Doerr), famny medicines, 98 7th. 

Cecil John G, physician, 010 2d. 

Central Catholic Advocajte | weekly)* L II 
Bell propr,'s5 1th. 

Central Coal ami Iron Company, 
B. Dopant, Pres..; Thos. J. Tapp, Vice- 
Pres. ; Bannon Coleman, Sec, Coal- 
mir.ers and Dealers, Proprietors of Guy- 
iena. Render, Mercer, Stroud City, and 
Muhlenberg Mines, 63 Third. (See adv.) 

Central Hotel, Jo&n Dohn, Proprieter, 
£1 per day, 197 and 199 Market, ^Sear 

Cerasola Benedict, fruits, 00 e Market. 

Cerasola Mrs Mary, grocer, 252 Grav. 

Cert' Mrs Betiie, clothing, 70 e Market. 

Chamberlain C & Co ( Columbus and Henry 
B. Chamberlain), bitters. 339 w Market. 

Chamberlain Kdw, agt cotton-mills, 41 3d. 

Chambeiiin Coartlaud, fish oysters and. 
g;ime, 47 w Jafferaaa. 

Chambers Lee, examiner and notary .pub- 
lic, 11 Center. 

Chambers Samuel R, seeds 35 3d. 

Chapman Charles B, southern passenger 
agt U A M R'y Co, s-e cor 4th and Main. 

Chappell House, Stuard Chappell propr, 
s-e cor Jefferson and 1st. 

Chase E 116: Co (E II Chase. A S Jerome, 
C E Chase i wbcsa'ie liquors, 3 w Main. 

Chase & Clements, (J. W. Chase, J. 
E. Clements), Commission, 97 West 

Chila Mrs Mary, confectionery. 86 w Water. Wm, lawyer, 111 5th. 

Chenoweth Henry, physician. 259 2d. 

Cherry Mr^ Mary, grocer, 258 Fulton. 

Chesapeake A Ohio Railway, James W 
Wheeler agt. 105 w Main. 

Chess, Carley A Co (J I) Carley, j 

oils, naval stores etc, 125 vv Main. 

Chess Wymond, Coopers, Office 125 
West Main, Factory cor B. and Fifth. 

Chickerinsr Benjamin G. grocer. 597 7th. 

Clnekoriny: Alvin A., Grocer, Feed 
and Coal Yard, South-East Cor. Main 
and Preston. 

("bickering Miss Inez, notions, 599 7th. 

Chihlers & Parsons, Proprietors of 
Louisville Open Fire Place Manufactur- 
ing Co., 145 West Jefferson. (See adv.) 

Chilton, Guthrie & Co, trunks. 133 4th. 

Chilton, Guthrie Sc Co (John L Cbikon, 
Alexander I Guthrie, James G Guthrie) 
trunk manf rs, 186 w Main. 


ed iron Cornices^ 

321 So. Clinton Sireet, CHICAGO, ILl 
ife^'Send for Illustrated Catalogueanu Price*. 





Christian 88 Association, C C Cline editor, 

92 w Jefferson. 
Chrestle.Joaii F, boots and shoos, 5 4th Ave. 
Christ .Hicliut'L Proprietor Christ's 

Brewery, 20 to 36 Baxter Avnuo. 
Christe S F, boots and -hoes, 96 6th. 
Christian George F, grocer, 96^ e Green. 
Christian fTbe) Observer f Presbyterian 

weekly) Converse & Co publishers, room 

6 Courier- Journal buildtnsT. 
Christen an Frank, grocer, 420 w Madison. 
Christopher Caleb, carpenter^ 65 Center. 
Christopher Charles L. carpenter, alley 

bet Broadway and Gray and 1st and 2d. 
Christopher Henry, baker,! e College. 
Cimiotti Theo. & Co,, Theodore 

Cimiotti, John Ruby), Manufacturers 

Ladies, Misses and Children* Fine Shoes, 

South- West Corner Sixth and Main. 

(See adv. ; 
Citizens National Bank, J D Barret, pres; 

II C Bodes cash: eor Bullitt and Main. 
City Brewery, Frank Fehr, propr; 174 e 

City Malt House, Ferdinand F. Lutz, 

Proprietor: Manufactures Barley, Rye, 

and Corn Malt ; 27 to 31 Twelfth, corner 

High. {S?>: adv.) 
Clancv Patrick J, saloon, 336 w Main. 
Clark A F & Co (A F Clark. M B Bat- 

torrl), grocer, 114 2d. 
Clark Daniel, saloon, 74 Lafayette. 
Clark James, leaf-tobacco, oor 13th and 

Bow an. 
Clark Jas A & Co (Jas A Clark, Chas 

White), whol liquors, 2-5 3d. 
Clark J. S. & Co., Marble, 72 w Jef- 
Clark Michael E, meats, 7 4th. 
Clark & Haeherliu, Meat Market, 7 

4th Avenue. 
Clarke Bro & Co, printers, 37 £ 3d. 
Clarke Chas J, architect, s-w eor 4th and 

Clarke Mrs Margaret, notions, 584 7th. 
Cleaver & Smith (Sam Cleaver, Abnor J 

Smith), lawyers. 136 w Jefferson. 
Cleb..nd John, millinery* 106 w Market. 
Cleland Mrs M, aiUliaery, "101 4th. 
Clemens Jacob H. saloon, 68 5th. 
Clemens J M, physician, 50@ w Market. 
Clement Joseph, lawyer and justice of 

peace, 2 and 3, Court Place. 
Clenmnons ^ Willis (Junius L Clenimons, 

Hon. Albert S Willis), lawyers, 6 

Court Place. 

Clerget Mrs Marv E, wines and liquor* 
438 w Main. 

Clifton Charles, insurance agent, 146 w 

Cline Mrs A J & Co (Mrs A J Cline and 
George Giebel), coal dealers, 300 e Green. 

Cline Cliarles S», Hardware, Lumber, 
Doors, Sash, Blinds, and General Build- 
ing Material. 75 East Market. 

Chile Rev. G. C. (Christian), 92 West 
Jefferson. (See adv.) 

Cline C. C. Editor, 02 West Jefferson. 

Cline C. C. & Co. (C. C. Cline, T. I, 
Helven, J. R. Marts, rublishtn, 92 and 
94 West Jefferson. (See adv.) 

Cline Miss Louisa B, dress-maker, 370 e 

Close & Wasson {Wna H Close and H P 
Wasson ), dry goods, 170 and 172 4th. 

Clover Philip A, grocer, 715 Portland ave. 

Cioyd S W, coal-dealer, 113? 3d. 

Coblens Felix, physician, 249 Jackson. 

Cochran Robert, lawyer, 11 Center. 

Cochran <M Fulton (G. II. Cochran. 
Edward Fulton), Wholesale Liquors, 25 
West Main. 

Cochran &■ Woody (Samuel Cochran, Sam- 
uel Woody), physicians, 472 w Walnut. 

Coglilan William C, Architect and 
Civil-engineer, south-east cor. Third and 

Cohen Charlotte, furniture. 63 e Market. 

Cohen George, clothing, 31 e Market. 

Cohen Lee II, hats and caps, 151 w Market. 

Cohen Marcus, clothing, 15H w Market. 

Cohen Max, dry goods, 170 e Market. 

Cohen Morris, tailor, 390 w Market. 

Cohen Morris, clothing, 3 e Market. 

Cohen Philip M, clothing, 182 w Market. 

Coker Pendleton G, whol millinery, 233 w 
Main and 392 h w Market. 

Coldewey Anton F, prest Western Bank 
and Western Insurance Co, 93 w Market. 

Coldewey August, whol liquors, 67 w Main. 

Coleman liannon, Secretary Central 
poal & Iron Co., 63 Third. 

Coleman Hicham T, gents' furnishing 
goods, 137 4th. 

Coleman & Bro (Edward R Coleman, 
Richard L Coleman), mnfrs agents, 145 
w Main. 

Col^an & McAfee (John Colgan, 
James A. McAfee), Druggists and Mmti- 
ufacturers Colgan's Taffv-Toiu Chewing- 
Gum, cor. Tenth and Walnut and cor. 
Tenth and Broadway. 

fillEE &0 Is 


Have Stilled more tl»*n 1,*00 
o*«e«, mul h«.\c liad but 13 R*» 
isted Claim*. Agents EvervwhftfC. 

Central Coal i Iron. Co. 



P. 0. Mercer Station. Ky. 
. . . Telegraph Address, Muhlenberg, Ky. 



Stroud P. 0., Owensboro Junction, Ky. 
Telegraph Address, Owensboro Junction. 


P. 0. McRenry, Ky. 

Telegraph Address, Hamilton Station, Ky. 

-fiwa.c5.ress, 2^-^.I2ST OFFICE, S3 TXZ.XT11D STHEET, 



m mum or mum. 


CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Ky. 






Collins Absalom, coal, 335 w Market. 

Collins Mrs Cora, ladies' furn-ishiiig goods, 
335 w Market. 

Collins Hilton, mnfr single-trees, loth nmd 

Collins Ink Co., Thomas H. Collins, 
Manager. Mnfrs. Ink, Mucilage, Bla- 
ir;-. et< ., 201 Wisst Main. {See ade \ 

Collins Lew is, lawyer, Law Temple, cor 
5th and Green. 

Collins Madame A. dress-raafter, 6 e Mark. 

Collins IticUard II. & Co., Histori- 
cal Publishers, 11 Gourier-Jourrial Build- 

Collins Win. A., Editor Louisville 
Commercial, 102 "West Green. 

dolurnbus Ceiestini, saloon, 91 w Water. 

©otn moa wealth Distribution Co, R M 
Roardnmo, sec'y, Courier-Journal Build- 
ing, cor 4th and Green. 

Commercial Express Line. Sam 6 Hop- 
kins, ageat, office 144 w Main. 

Commercial Publishing; Co., W. 
S. Wilson, Pros.; R. M. Kelly, Sec; Pub- 
lishers Daily and Weekly Commercial. 
102 West Green. {See adv.) 

Compton Wm, grocer, 150 e Market. 

Oondolph Clements, saddlery and harness 
manufacturers, 103 Story. 

Connecticut Mutual Life Insur- 
ancc Co., James S Carpenter, General 
Agent, S-E corner Sixth and Main. 

Conner IT J, tinner, 305 Sixth. 

Conner Andrew J, tinner, 378 12th. 

Conner Clias. H., Manufacturer of 
Roofing Material, South-east corner Clay 
and Franklin. {See adv.) 

ConniiT Martin, Proprietor Franklin 
House, 331 Broadway. {See adv.) 

Connolley H'y, propT Virginia House. 7 2d. 

Conner B B & Co, commission, 33 4th. 

Conrad Charles, tailor. 133 3d. 

Conrad, Fable v\; Mooney (Thomas Conrad. 
August Fable, J E Mooney) tanners, cor 
12th and Lexington. 

Conrad Rev Rufus (col Christian), 41 
w Walnut. 

Conrad W P & Sons. (Wm P, Mordica L, 
George A, Thomas .1 Gr), leaf-tobacco, 
178 10th. 

Conry "Wm, grocer, cor 18th and Magazine. 

Corfti Frank, fruits, 210 vv Market. 

Con vers.} & Co | Rev b A Bartlett Converse, 
Rev Thomas E Converse I, publishers 
The Christian Observer, office, room 5, 
Courier- Journal Building. 

Cook Archibald B, physician, 152 w Jeff'n' 

Cook George, physician, 807 w Market. 

Cook Henry F, drive- wells, 372 w Market. 

Cook. Hoffman & Co (Josh Cook, J no IT 
Hoffman, Jno N Littrell), wholesale 
coal, 110 Water. 

Cook & Sloss (James W. Cook, Levi 
Sloss), Jewelers and Opticians, 154 

Cooke H Brent, lawyer, 135 w Jefferson. 

Cooke fl. F.slen, Secretary and Treas- 
urer National Mutual Benefit Associa- 
tion, 1.54 West Jefferson. 

Qooley Mrs Molly, cigars, 21 e Jefferson. 

Cooling Henry \S., Lumber Dealer 
(Walnut and Ash a Specialty). Office 
04 Fifth. Yard, cor. Fourteenth and 

Coomes M F, physician, 145 w Chestnut. 

Cooper Michael, grocer, 201 Oth. 

Cope John B., Meat Market and Pro- 
visions, 10 West Jefferson. 

Corbett Mrs Mary, boots and shoes, 83 e 

Cornwall & Bro (Wm Cornwall, Wrn 
Cornwall Jr, and Aaron W Cornwall), 
soap and. candle mfrs, 145 Washington. 

Corrigan F E, physician, 217 Preston. 

Cosy rove Hugli T., Refrigerators, cor. 
Fourteenth and Green. [See adv.) 

Cosgrove Peter, grocer, s-w cor 11th and 

Cotton C B, lawyer, Board Trade building. 

Courtes J, boots and shoes, 440 w Market. 

Cowen & Robinson (B. R. Cowen, 
and J. W. Robinson), General Agents 
North-western Mutual Life Insurance 
Company of Milwaukee, for Ohio and 
Kentucky. 2 Board of Trade Building. 

Cowling R O, physician. 50 w Chestnut. 

Cowper J T, druggist. 740 w Chestnut. 

Cox G H, physician, 320 Broadway. 

Crail S B, clerk U S circuit court, Custom- 

Craig Mrs Ida, dress-maker, 57 2d. 

Cralle Isaac S, notary public, 132 5th. 

Cramer Jacob J, coal-dealer, 120 3d. 

Crancv D, grocer, tor 13th and Madison. 

Crawford Robert J, florist. 51 w Jefferson. 

Crecelius J T, druggist, 030 w Market. 

CreigrfttOU 4fc Son (Geo. W. and Wib 
lard J. Creigirom ), Hardware, 142 West 

Crew Francis D, cigars, etc., 184 Preston. 

Crittenden Robt H, U 3 Marshal, Custom- 

X AHHTH S P TTin^r'H \ TH T\ & ITS Without refv-rpnce to the Con»f»nie« we mai 

LBKBS ADJlifiD ABD w -^SKswea* 

ma nag*. 






'■:■:■ ' v -. ; .-;...-.; ; ".."- ,:: :-'-- : *P*^^ 



i t f 






Flour, Grist and tar Ik, liims, Imk, k 


Repairing Promptly Attended to. 
Tenth Street, bet. Main and River, LOUISVILLE, J I 

f>i KnjBf $t«mj»«s, Rkftf&nklnK Sfa»tpa, Bank Stamps and Check 
l*rrxffcrf»rs j ,-Vmateiir Jf.*vinting l'rm^vH iu»<( Type. I*. J'.OCUK, 
Engraver and I>ie Sinker, U»G Randolph St., CHICAGO, ILL 





cor loth and ( 

Crolly G W, notions, s-w 

Cromie Isaac, coal-dealer. 81 w Market. 

Croruie Isaac, eua 1-yard, 344 e Main. 

Cromie John, supt. Northern Lake Ice Co, 
162 3d ftv. 

Cromie, W, wholesale paper and gun-pow- 
der, 290 w .Main, 

Crosby G. E. & K. M. («ea E. and 
Mrs. E. M. Oros-by), Portrait Painters, 
14 Center. . (See adv.) 

Crosier Edward S, gfiec^rl deputy surveyor, 

Cross Chas C, restaurant, 214 w Jefferson. 

Cross Chas 11, confectionery, 138 5th. 

Cros3 Geo, umbrella mfr, 246 w Jefferson. 

Cross John, blacksmith, 70 12th. 

Crowe John E, physician, 178 5th.- 

Crucible Steel Casting and Metal Co (M 
Lewis Clarke jr. prest; A Knapp, 
vice-prest; Julius Barbarouae, secy and 
manager), cor 8th and Water* 

Crull Efe.Uon, grocer, 422 w Chestnut, 

Crump & Davidson (JTenQaTl A Crump, 
James Payidso® ). wholesale stationers, 
162 w Main. 

Crump & Sisson(W H Crump, C W Sisson ), 
commission merchant, 135 w Main. 

Crush & Fleekenstein, merchant tailors, o 
w Market. 

Crutcher Thos B, iron, nails, steel, etc., 300 
w Main. 

Crystal Spring Distillery Co, Stege, Ree- 
ling & Co, distillery i at and Ship ay, of- 
fice Main bet 3d and 4th. - 

Culley J L, carptrand bldr, 201 w Green. 

Culph & Halsey (Amos Culph, W H Hal- 
se-y), wholesale grocers, 99 w Main, 

Culver Chat A grocer, e Jefferson. 

Culver Richard M, grocer, 521 Shelby. 

Cummins David, physician, 80 w Chestnut. 

Cummins It. A: Co. (K, Cummins, 
A. T. Smith, Nicholas Miller ., Distillers, 
95 West Main. 

Cummins & Greathouse, painters, 368 e 

Curd II. T., Auditor L. ST. A. & C. 
By, 118g w Main. 

Curran Mrs Mary, groceries, 143 8th. 

Curran Matin* w. grocer, Floyd and Green. 

Carrey Ben] P., claim agt, li>6 w JeffcEson.. 

Currty T B, claim agt, 13*; w Jefferson. 

Curiae Geo E., fertilizer mfr, e..»r Wushing- 
ton and Buchanan. 

Ctirtiu C. A., Architect, N-rLh-east 
cor Bullitt and Main. (See adv.) 

Cusaek John T, crockery and notions, 404 
and 412 w Jefferson. 

Cusoaden Geo W, confectionery, 379 w. 

Di-.-\;< s Jacob grocer, 1 Southgatc, cor 15th. 

Daeuble Louis, carriage *painter, 309 e 

Daeuble Louis, harness-mkr, 188 e 3Iarket. 

Dshl Geo W, barber, 857 e Market. 

Dahiein Val, grocer, cor 19th and Main. 

Dake Win, shoemaker. 189 e Green. 

Balten Mrs Margaret, grocer, 68 e Main 

Dan forth J L & Co (.) L Dan forth, W T 
Lewis), ins agents, n-e cor 3d and Main. 

Dangler Fred, saloon, 318 e Jefferson. 

Daniel Smith, propr Ohio Falls Cooperage 
Works, 890 Portland ave. 

Dannenbau' j r Frederick, meats, Citizens' 

D'Arcy Sirs Carrie M. costumer, 189 3d. 

Darnel William, Mattress Manu- 
facturer, 337 Preston. 

Darling ha us H. & Co. (Henry Dar- 
linghaus, Charles if. Naber, John H. 
Hinkebein;, Mnfrs. Ladies', Misses', and 
Children's, 73 Sixth. [See adv.) 

Darnall A' 'Co (C T and S II Darnall), 
who! cigars and tobacco, 185 4th. 

Daumont Edmund J, watch-maker, 292 1st. 

David Isaac, grocer, 230 9th. 

David Simon, crockery, 152 e Market. 

David Simon & Son (Simon David, 
3Iyer K. Hilpp) Wholesale Dealers in 
Rugs and Scrap-iron, 219, 221, and 223 
East 3Iarket. 

Davidson Adolph. shoes, 111 w Market. 

Daviess County Distilling Co, 187 w Main. 

Davis Abraham, second-hand goods, 23 e 

Davis David, Hides, 27 and 29 East 

Davis Eli G, physician, 225 Preston. 

Davis Furniture Mnfg Co The J W, cor 
Preston and Lampton. 

Davis Hamlet W, provisions, 58 2d. 

Davis J T, grocer, 137 7th. 

Davis J Wash, furniture. 110 arid 112 w 

Davis J Z, sign-painter, 144 6th. 

Davis Reziiq C, lawyer. 28 Court Place. 

Davis, Tiubue & Co (Wm A Davis, Rich- 
ard Tral-uc. Samuel T Maliory), who! 
dry >M,ds, 269 w Main. 

Davis Vim cnt, druggist and prest Louis- 
ville College of Pharmacy, 210 Chesnut. 

Davis Wm F, turn repairer, 230 e Market. 

"<f}^m ft fift -*W fl, ^*M* CfontroUingorer $40,000*000 of Fire fc! k IB 

rinlOHouth- I'?M If a }■?%** #M 

I tfftUWt^ K lMlt«fcfi*?iiitfj «a 8t%tav.wtth..«UeC office ^ J foj ifiSl tlMlM HlBf 

7 l.oiiiavilltf. Kjr, Agents everywhere. & 


G. E. & E. M. CROSBY, 



Oil, Pastelle, Water Colors, 


We will take any old family picture, such as Daguerreotype, Ambrotype, Ferrotype, 
Photograph or any description of small picture, and enlarge them to any size desired, and 
paint such enlargement in any of the above styles. 

S.A.TISF.A.CTIOIfcT Q-TXAJRAAJsTTIEIEir). IN"©. 420 Centre Street. 



Central and Sontheim Dep't, 



K K N 1 L : UY S 1 A T E G A 7.E' IT 1.0 ER 


Davis Win J, s<-c and fereas Board of Trus- 
tees of Public School.-, s-e cor Walnut 
and Center. 

Davis tt linden (John T Davis, Matt J 
Haden), distillers, 9 w Main. 

Day James, sportsmen's goods, 08 3d. 

Day Will H, confectioner 117 ith. 

Dayspring The (illustrated monthly), A C 
Caperton, editdfand propr. 505 4:th. 

Dearing Charles T. bookseller, printer, aad 
binder, n-w cor 31 and Jefferson. 

De Brouve Samue! S, secoad-handl' store, 
135 e Jefferson. 

Decker John, tailor, 381 e Jetferson. 

Deeken Henry, grocer, s-w cor 9th and 

Deen John B, furniture, 300 w Market. 

Defter, Mrs Lizzie L, confectionery, 734 
Portland ave. 

De Garmo John, carpenter, 144< 6tb. 

Dehler George, saloon, 34 Market. 

Deity Rev H L f Baptist). 

DeLang Felix, watch-maker. 144 w Jeffn. 

Del us Peter, grocer, 279 e Madison. 

Demaree James A, Grand Reporter Grand 
Lodge of Kentucky Knights of Honor, 
office, 150 w Main. 

Demaree "Win IJ, painter, 357 Portland av. 

Dembitz Lewis N, lawyer 6 and 7 Schur- 
mann block. 

Dempf G A. leather and findings, 21 w Mr. 

Denhard Edward L., Mnfr. Pic 
ture Frames and Moldings. Chromos a 
Specialty, 438 West Market. 

Denhard Henry, shoemaker, 407 w Markt. 

Denner Julius, notions. 441 Clay. 

Dennis Temple E, tailor, 57 6th. 

Denniston & Gillespie (Miss K E Dennis- 
ton and Mrs H R Gillespie), dress-mak- 
ers, 203 3d. 

Dent & Tucker (Black Dent and T T 
Tucker), saloon, 84 5th. 

Denunzio Joseph, fruit, 100 w Jefferson. 

Deppen Charles A, marble. 527 7th. 

Deppen Henry jr, leaf-tobacco. 394 w Main. 

Deppen & Son (John L and. John L jr). 
clothing, cor Market and 4th. 

Depper Charles, tailor, 350 e Chestnut. 

Deringr H. K., Gen. Pa,s. Agt. J. M. 
& I. R. R., odice. Board of Trade Build- 
ing, Third and Main. 

DeSollar H S, Secretary Southern Business 
College, h-w cor 4th and Gre^-n. 

Detehen John If. grocer, 145 e Market. 

Detroit Safe Company, E. A. Magin- 
ness, Agent, 178 West Main. 

Bettflngwr Vincent, saloon, 721 Portland 


Denser George I)., Publisher Katho- 
li.-cher Ghiub<. nsbote, weekly; Printer, 
Binder and Dealer in Bx^oks and Station- 
ery, 431 West Market. 

Denser Mrs Phillipina, dry goods, 188 -e 

Deutseh Michael, hatter, 446 w Market. 

Deutsche Geiuegel und Bennen Zeitung, 
C C Stijeeker & Co publish ens, German 
Monthly Poultry and Bee Culture, cor 
Gray and Shelby. 

Develi John R, physician, 551 w Market. 

Devos Louis, coal, 306 e Market. 

Dewberry John, saloon, 90 6th. 

DeWitt Mildred J, grocer, n-w cor 2d and 

Dev Frank, merchant tailor, 268 w Jeffs 'n. 

Dick A M, tobacco agent, 208 w Main. 

Dickel George, watch-maker, 93 w Market. 

Dieken Henry, grocer. 351 e Chestnut. 

Dickinson Furniture 3laimfac- 
taring" Co., John A. Dickinson, Prest., 
Lewis R. Dickinson, Sec'y, Manufac- 
tures all kinds of Furniture, Mattresses 
and Bedding, Factory 2G5 to 269 Jacob. 
Office and Salesroom 78 and 80 Sixth. 
[See adv.) 

Die bold Alois, grocer, 137 Flovd. 

Diebold Frank A, saloon, 62 8th. 

Diebold John, stone, 520 Portland Ave. 

Diefenbaeh Frederick, grocer, cor Clay 
and "Washington. 

Diefenbach George, meats, 299 e Main. 

Diehl C Lewis, druggist, Broadway n-w 
cor 3d. 

Diehl Frederick, books, 109 e market. 

Diehl Jacob, fruits, 365 e Market. 

Diehl Philip, barber, 83 17th. 

Diehl Valentine, tailor, n-e cor 18th and 

Diel Charles, grocer, 393 e Walnut. 

Dierkop Louis, grocery, 446 Preston. 

Dierkson Frank, locksmith, 327 w Market. 

Dierkson Joseph, barber, 327 w Market. 

Dier^en Joseph T, brewer, 168 e Green. 

Diet's manu Mrs Catharine, grocer, 314 e 

Dierson Mrs Louisa, dress-maker, 102 Jeff- 

Dietrich John, meat-market, 222 Preston. 

Dietz Michael, saloon, 146 e Main. 

Dietzmann E, boot* and shoes, 182 4th. 

Dilger Martin, tailor, 234 e Green. 

Dillon Mrs F, dress-maker, 454 e Market. 


.Wh allen's Buckingham 


Jefferson Street, .... Louisville, Ky* 

J. P. WHALLEN, Sole Lessee. 

J. H. WHALLEN, - Business Manager. 

COL. SAVAGE, ...... Treasurer. 





The Representative Amusement Resort of the South-West. 



And Enjoy Three Hours of Laughter, 



la the BKIIiI»IANT CAPE attached to Theatre, 


Pif?WP!fl tffUfl !!^*W« We Retire J 

VidlfcltaW Jllt'lV Ut*!tUgf ' AJJreis J. W. / 

Ml Arcfiitcrls ninl Ctoritire firm* »r> 
i i i*. u> .-«(M>tst /ijssi- (} rust are it is* 

ATKINSON, 313-321 So. Ciinton St., Chicago, 111. 





Dillingham W. II. & Co. (W. H, 

Dillingham, Norman B. Fletcher), Mill 

and Factory Supplies, 143 West Mai a. 

(j&?g ad i\) 
Dilimun Loronz, grocer, 891 Campbell. 
Dillon Jas T, saloon, IG2 5th. 
Dillon Miss M, notions, 26.4} w Market. 
Dinkelspiel August, furniture, 132 Floyd. 
Dinkelspiel Isaac, man 8 ger Sundiv Argus, 

105 5th. 
Dink el spiel S & Son, hides, 100 Brook. 
Din vriddie J M, druggist, n-vt' cor 21,-t and 

Dobbin Leonard D, druggist, etc., 169 w 

Dodd W O & J L, lawyers, s-e cor Center 

and Green. 
Doell G, boots and shoes, 
Doernhoefer G C, saloon. 
Doerr J" H, photographer, 
IjoeVtenboefe C. broom ml 

142 Prestos, 

108! 3d. 
.v Marketer 12th. 

"r, 322 e Green. 
493 \v Market. 
laaiel Doherty, J 
fuOrs,159 w Main. 
•n Souare, 

1 Lii 

Doherty "VV B, phytic! 

Doherty <k Vandagrijft 
W Tandagrift i,wfao 

Dohn Andrew, grocer, 

Dolm J., Hotel, 197 and 199 w Market. 

Dolan Mrs Rose, grocer, 2 e Green. 

Dold Albert, jeweiwr. 234 Preston. 

Dolliriger »T. «& Co., Importers and 
Dealers in China, Glass, and Queens- 
ware, German, French, and English 
Fancy Goods, t*8 West Market. 

Doll Frederick, staple and Fancy 
Grocer, Feed and Liquors, 203 and 205 
Baxter Avenue. 

Doll J, grocer and tavern, Frankfort av. 

Doll Philip, barber, 306 e Green. 

Domeck Alex, hair and jewelry, 105 4th. 

Donahue, Mrs M, dress-maker, 436 Preston. 

Donaldson Frederick, grocer. 697 Gr:iyson. 

Dorn C II, hats and caps, 100 w Market. 

Dorriin Win. C, President Pictet Ice 
(Artificial) Co, Louisville. 

Dorr Chas, blacksmith, 256 Portland a v. 

Dorsey J H, ticket agt, L C & L K P., s-w 
cor 4th and Main. 

Dory Sylvester, shoes, 408 w Market. 

Doub Mrs Catharine, grocer, 329 Clav. 

Dougherty Mrs E, dress-maker, 114 4th. 

Dougherty F, N O tow-boat agt, loO w 

Dougherty Fred A, bookseller and Sta- 
in U »::!•, 105 5th. 

Dougherty Ifulbert 1), stenographer, 12 

Dougherty Jas, undertaker, 513 w Market. 

Doughenv Mrs Susan, boots and shoes, 

176 w Market. 
Dougal Hugh, grocer, Monroe and 11th. 
Douglas John J, grocer, 864 w Market. 
Dover Frank, carpenter, 200 1st, 
Downing Harry C, cigars and tobacco, 174 

w Jefferson. 
Downing J, second-hand clothing. 105 3d. 
Do wV Wire Works, A. G. Bow, Jr., 

Prop'r. Manufacturer of all kinds of 
- Wire Goods, 139 and 141 West Market. 
Doyle Dr B Oscar, dentist, 291 w Jefferson. 
Doyle Michael J, grocer, 9th and Market. 
Doyle Peter J, grocer, 226 Preston. 
Drabniek C F, watch-mkr, 374 w Market. 
Draper Dexter V, subscription books, 102 

w Market. 
Draudt Jacob, grocer, 178 e Madison. 
Dreiser Gottlieb, Locksmith and 

Bell-hanger, Repairing of all kinds. 467$ 

Dreier & Lang, books,, 116 w Market. 
Dreisbach Louis, grocer, Franklin and 

Dreismann Herman, tailor, 78 w Green. 
Dreseher John, Flour-mill, 35 Browns- 

boro Avenue. 
Dreseher J, wheat-buyer, 359 e Green. 
Dreschnark Joseph, shoemaker, 116 1st. 
Dresel Miss Susan, groceries, 250 Gray. 
Drewes Chas. groeers, 21st and Walnut. 
Drewrv John, grocer. 267 16th. 
Drexler F & Co. grocers, 140 to 146 7th. 
Dreyfus S A & Co (Simon A Dreyfus, 

), wholesale liquors, Law Temple. 

Dries Henry, jr,wagon-mkr, 111 Barrettav. 
Dries Henry, sr, grocer, 107 Barrett av. 
Droppelmann H, grocer, 40 Marshall. 
Droppelrnann Theodore, saioen, n-w cor 3d 

and Market, 
Dubois George C. hats and caps, 68 4th. 
Duck wall, Troxell & Co (D Duckwall, W 

II Troxell, J S S Casler), commission 

merchants (produce), 25 4th. 
Dudley T H & K ( Thomas H and Ransom), 

real estate agents, 77 4th. 
Duerr Alois, boot and shoemaker, 213 w 

Duerr Theodore, shoemaker, 263 e Green. 
Duff John, who! butcher, 33 4th. 
Dufaey & Bro | Jas and Thomas ), trunks, 

146 w Main, and 134 w Market. 
Duffy James T, coal agt, 100 Water. 
Duffy John, saloon, 204 Jefferson. 
Daily & ivusio! ( Michael J Duify, Louis 

Jxosiolj, plumbers, 157 w Market. 

¥n bid 111 

Have Settled more tl».an 1,1 e# 
Losses, and Rave b>ul imt lit lie- 
*i*t<Hi. Claims. Agents Everywhere. 






T~^ISIE2I* G3~- IE^XjEB! 


And Contractor and 
Erector of Merchant 
and Grist Mills, Eleva- 
tors, Distilleries, Saw 
Mills, Cement Mills, 
Steam Engines, Water 
Wheels and Machinery 
Generally, Mill Stones, 
Portable Mills, Port- 
able Bolts. 



ft 1 


Bolting Cloth, Sin ut- 
ters and Separators, 
and all kind* of Mill 
Machinery of the best 
q \\ a 1 i t y furnished at 
Manufacturer's Prices. 
Becond-hand Engines, 
Shafting, Puiiies, 
Wheels, &c, for snie. 
Bepairing and Jobbing 
Promptly attended to. 








li'JL UIi~EdS 

U.ii.wl iu. 

rVi T ri' r T ,r ^'T" T " r T T T" ITT 7 

m mm jt nunim 


J CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Kv. 





Dugan 6c Co (A H Dugan, Irwin Dugan), 
coal, 52 4th. 

Duile Frank, furmtnre r 86 nv,d 88 1st. 

Duke Basil \V, lawyer, 154 w Jefferson. 

Dukor G H. dyer, 108 w Jefferson. 

Dumesnil & Gray (Henry A. Dumesnil 
arid Weedon B (Tray), real estate, 78 w 

Dtinieyer Mr- Mary, grocer, 7 ' < w v 

Dun li. G. Co. The, Mercantile Agen- 
cy, M. T Rolph, Manager, Scuth-ea-t cor- 
ner Sixth and Main. • ■ • - ; ■ | 

Duncan John, Editor and Owner 
Farmers M-agazine (monthly), 79 Fifth, 
between Mai a and Market. 

Duncan Thos B, wall-paper, 132 3d. 

Dunekake & Stegman | Henry Dunekake, 
Jrio Sfcegman },whol lique-rs, 97 vf Market. 

Dunlevy S--.K grocer, 21 -v Je&V»r& »-. 

Dun lop Robert A": Co. [Rpbert.Dun- 
lop, .NeUon Gray \, Tobacco, 36 Fourth 

Dunlop Thaddeus, bleacher, 165 w Jeffn. 

Dunn C E dentist, 163 2d. 

Dunn Frank G, furniture repairer, 643 4tb. 

Dupere John P. saloon, 148 Water. 

Dupke C 11, grocer, 254 w Green. 

Dul'ontB., President Central Coal and 
i Iron Company, 63 Third avenue. 

DuPont ,■& Co (-E Hounsiield. Alexis T Du- 
Pont, F Lammot), paper 198 w Main. 

Dupuy J R, Judge City Court, City Hall. 

DuRelle George, lawyer, 143 w Jefferson. 

Durrett Wni T, phvsician, 48 Brook, 

Durrett <fc Fisher (Reuben T Durrett, Ed- 
ward R Fisher), lawyers s-e cor Center 
and Green. 

D'Urso John, grocer, 754 Portland av. 

Dusch C W F. flour, 455 w Main. 

Dutchen Mrs, shoes, 651 w Market. 

Duvall Henry A, physician, 468 1st. 

Duvall & Co ; Grafton B and Henry A), 
publishers New Southern Poultry Jour- 
nal, 75 w Walnut. 

Eagle Tobacco Works, Garr Bros., 
Proprietors. 204 Hancock. (See adv.) 

Earley Mrs J L, notions. 318 20th. 

Earll& Rewltt (Edward Kuril, Charles H. 
Hewitt i, brokers, 144 w Main. 

Eastern Cemetery, Thos Shanks pres, sec, 
andtreas; William Shank, =upt, 221 Bax- 
ter av. 

Eastin G B. lawyer, 135 w J-flV-vn. 

Eastin Thos N. notary, 76 w Jefferson. 

Eberlein & £ing (Godfrey Eberlein and 
Dennis King], barbers, 110^ 3d. 

Ebner Bernard, tailor, 224 e Jetferson. 

Ebr-.-nz Stephen, grocer, 195 loth. 

Eekenxotl] Joseph, saloon, 145 e Jefferson. 

Eekenroth, Joseph, pictures, 139 Preston. 

RcUer G .5, barneB8«maker, 393 e Main. 

Ecker Philip, stationery, 705 w Market. 

Eekerle Win, grocer and saloon, 282 e Jefc 

I tert L). confectionery, 422 w Madison. 

Eclipse Woolen Mills, Henry W. 
Barret & Co., Proprietors (H. W. Bar- 
ret, S. K Miliar). Office 11 West Main. 

Eddleman Henry W, bats and caps, 136 w 

Edd-. L T, physician, 12 w Jefferson. 

Edelmuth Max, cigars and tobacco, 106 w 

Edinger Jaeob, wagon-maker, 409 e Main. 

Bdinger W H & Bro (W Henry and An- 
drew), commission merchants 62 w Main. 

Edlicli O. *V Bro. (Oswald and Gus- 
tav ., Manufacturers of Wo^en Yarns 
and Flannels. Sales-room 205 East 
M trket. Factory 104 Garden. 

Edmonds A L, saddles, 57 w Main. 

Edwards C G, dentist, 168 w Wainut. 

Edwards Mrs Merty, cigars, 292 w Green. 

Eggelhoff Bro^ | Henry and William), 
brick tnnfrs, Preston, nr Cedar. 

E^elborT, Wni,, Cashier Masonic Sav- 
ings Bank. 92 w Main. 

Eggers Charles & Co (Charles Eggers. 
Catharine Eggers), Tnerchant tailors, 129 
e Market. 

Eggers Martin, watch-maker, 24 e Market. 

Eh 11 Caspar, Mnfr. Cane and Wood- 
seat Chairs, 333 Portland avenue. 

Ehrmann G G & Sons (George G, George 
II, Julius C, and Emil A), wbol confec- 
tioners, 143 e Market. 

Ehrmann Win & Co (Win Ehrmann, Otto 
Von Borries), confectioners, 100 w Main. 

Eicher Mrs Kate, saloon, 340 w Jetferson. 

Eicbert Lucas, tinsmith, 53 Portland ave. 

Eiehort Simon, Wagon-maker, 606 w 

Eichhorn Erhard, Conductor Eich- 
borft'e Orchestra and Great Western 
Star Band. 160 Third. (See adv.) 

Eielihorn's Orchestra and Great 
Western Star Band, E. Eichhorn, 
Conductor; Andrew Stiiebling, Secre- 
tary. 16a Third. (See adv. | 

Eichier Andrew, tailor, 12*21 7th. 

Eiehhr & Rathsfeld, gents' furnishing 
goods, 248 w Jetferson. 

Without reference to the Companies we manage. 


1,0 1: 




M AN U F A Crij R E RS O F 



f: i 


1 ! 


t- 1 






Steamboat, Mill, Portable and Upright Bo Hers of every depctipfion. Lard Tank-,. Salt Pans, Ac. 
Repaired at short notice. Second-hand Boilers for eale. 

REFERENCES.-Ainslie, Cochran & Co., Win. Grainger, Ferguson & Son. 

312 & 314 Eleventh St., bet. Main and Market, LOUISVILLE, 






Kentucky Planing Mill 

a-. £3. ^vdiaorD-sr ds co., 

1 1 I 1 





Ninth St., near Broadway, - LOUISVILLE, KY. 

» lUK S 

] ousf Numbers* Bras 

s, ritloru Letter 

Jllii:, Eograyai ani Dia Sinker, 16<» l 

Labels; Carriage, Show fa »e and Machinery 
and Figures. {I'"/"* Metal Botly Knbber Typ*. 

audolph Street, Chicago, ill. 





Kill' Jacob G, meats, 215 * Main. 

Einsele Catherine, notions, 793 w Market. 

Eisemnan J C & Co, tea, coffee, and spiees, 
135 4th; 

Eiseit man's JL. Sons (Jacob C, Louis 
F., Frank T., Albert D.), Grocers, Pro- 
duce, and Feed Dealers, s-e cor. Main 
and Campbell. 

Etsenmenger Philip, saloon, s-w cor 84th 
and Market. 

Elbe; Joseph, dry goods, 361 e Broadway. 

Filer. Karl F, dentist, 4 7 w Jefferson;; 

Filer* Henry A, saddle-maker, 40 e Market. 

EUert irons' Mary, boot? and shoes, 98 e 

Elliott «£ Heiningray (Robert J. El- 
liott, Joseph C. Hem in gray .!, Attorneys 
at Law, No. 6 Court Place. 

Ellison Andrew, real-estate owner, 11 

Eli wander P, meat-stalh Bowies' Market. 

EIrod .To.m C, .Photographer, 144 
Wen Main; Branch Gallery,' 91 West 
Jefferson. (See adv.) 

EH in Frank, saloon, 104 w Water. 

El wan g Arthur J. druggist, 460 w Walnut, 

Emery Mrs Emma, saloon, 127 Wash- 

Emhotf J, furniture, 49 and 51 e Market. 

Enrich ..John, blacksmith, 461 18th. 

Enders J *& Co (Joseph Enders and Ste- 
phen Severson ) carriage manufacturers. 
60 w Jefferson. 

Endrieh Adam, vegetables. 361 Rudd Ave. 

Engelhard Albert, Wholesale Grocer 
and Liquor Dealer, 71 West Market. 

English Kitchen- Oyster Bay, 
Geo, Hinesley Proprietor, 134 West 
Jefferson, Third below Fourth. 

Ennis Jupiter T, Sdt-hand store, 148 Gray. 

Knright Thomas, saloon, 52| 6th. 

Episcopal Orphan Asylum, 288 5th. 

Eppele Mrt Margaret, saloon, 147 e Jef- 
ferson . 

Epping Herman, sodawater manufacturer, 
22 Logan. 

Erb Bernard, saloon, 543 w Market. 

Erdman Charles W, real ©state, 166 w 

Erie & Paeiiiie Dispatch T&d Freight, J 
S Gray agent, 80 2d. 

Ernst Henry, saloon, 52 Frankfort ave. j 

Em wine .hi^ob, hardware. 204 i w Market, j 

Erskineo; Erskjne (Charles R &n4-W Dale) I 
raanfrs baking powder, 3$2 w Market. ! 

Esch John, blacksmith, 240 e Walnut. I 

Eschm&n-n .Julius E., President 

Kentucky Furniture Manufacturing Co.. 
Corner Fifteenth and Portland Avenue. 

Eschrioh Wm, eo.nfectio.pery, 85 17th. 

Escott J. V. '& Sans" J. V. Escott, 
President; H. V. Escott, Vice-Presi- 
dent; W. H. Escott, Treasurer; W.$ 
Escott, Secretary;" .Manufacturers of 
Frames, Moldings, Show Cases, etc., and 
Dealers in Wall Paper, Photographers' 
and Artists' Materials. 16o Fourth Ave. 

Ess el man J>ie«lrieb, Wholesale and 
Retail Wine and Liquor Dealer, Si and 
83 East Jefferson bet. Brook and Floyd. 

Esterle John J, notions, 192 Preston. 

Etheridge & Solomon (John A Etheridge, 
James Mi Solomon) furniture, n-e cor 
16th and Market. 

Ettenson Henry, 2d-hand goods, 427 w 

Etzel Adam, shoemaker, 112 Preston. 

Evans David C. grocer, ot'8 w Market, 

Evans E. C. & Co. (Emory C. Evans, 
Win. R. Gentry), Produce Commission 
Merchants, 23 West Jefferson. (See adv.) 

Evans H H, grocer, cor 13th and Chestnut. 

Evans Isaac M, physician, . 

Evans John H, builder, 216 11th. 

Evans Walter, lawyer, 14 Center. 

Evans & Frit ch (Henry Evans and Bern- 
ard Fritsch), mcr tailors, 204 w Market. 

Everbach Geo L, lawyer, 200 w Jefferson. 

Everhart Mrs. Eliza, John W Jones, agt, 
livery, 95 2d. 

Evers Geo, grocer and meat market, 211 
w Chestnut. 

Evers Henry, grocer, 225 and 227 3d. 

Everson, Wilson & Co (Henry Everson. 
Thomas F Wilson j, plug-tobacco mfrs, 
440 w Green. 

Ewell R N & Co (R Norell Ewell). cigar 
mfrs, 167 4th. 

Ewering Win, baker, 349 e Jefferson. 

Ewing J R, second-lieutenant of police. 
City Hall. 

Ewing Mrs Susan, notions, 143 7th. 

Ewing S L. adv. agent, 120 Green. 

Excelsior Vinegar Works, Gould & 
Hyndnsan, Proprs., 805 and' 807 east 
Green. (See adv.) 

Faas Louis, musical instruments, 56 e 

Fa-he 1 & Sons (Frederick, Philip and Ru- 
dolph :>, soap mfrs. 95 w Main. 

Fabry Jos, saloon, 337 Ohio and Story a?. 

Faekler Jno. wagon-maker, 504 w Main. 

SI V* m& n h j a ft i ^i i a CootroUiag over 840,080,000 o( Fire ki f II 

'■■ 9 liAxTT.P.MPS Capital, and operating in tuyonth. ?!*.« he* M* *«»**;« 

7 Louiavilie, JS.y. Agents everywhere. © 





W. F. BARKIS, President 

JNO. CROMIK, Superintendent. 


162 Third Street. 

©1 Cherry Street, 

20 Fourth Street, 








Office, 162 Third Street, Louisville, Ky. 


Standiford Hotel, 

THOS. A. THEOBALD, Manager. 

Cor. 10th and Broadway, LOUISVILLE, KY. 

__ _ 

/ FARE, $2.00 PER DAY. / 


Tix f- Hotel is N ; -.w througboat:, and the most elegantly furnished HotH in the Citv. It is connected by 
Street r ars , with ali t-he Depots and Steamboat Landings, with ail places of busines/and interest in Louis- 
tilhs. The table will not be surpassed b> any Bote] in the t.'lty. 

Ladies and Gentlemen from the line of the L. A ST. R. R., Branches Waiting the City to make purchase*. 
can bave their package* Mat to the Uotel and thence taken to the cars free of charge. 


Central and Southern Dep't, 





Fahey Martin, notions, 110 Preston. 
Fairbanks, Morse <Sb Co., Scales, 

Hancock Dispiratops, etc.. n-e or. Fifth 
and Main. B. K. Marsh, Manager. 
(See adv.) 

F&irleigh ThosB. lawyer, 115 5th. 

Falkenstein E V, barber, 727 Portland 

Fallow Mrs J, dress-umker, 246 4th. 

Falls City Ijitho&raphiii;?, En- 
J4ravin.y and Joi> Printing Co. 
E G Boone, Pres.; A. F. Gterrttan; Sec; 
C. W. German. Manager, 77 Third. 
(.Vt'g arff.) 

fouls-Power filling Co (J P Galhrieht, 
pres; R G Gath right, treas), flour, 10 w 

Falls Cifcj Steam Stone Works, 
Blatz, Srebs oc Co., Prop rs. West Wal- 
nut bet. Thirteenth and Fourteenth. 
(See adv.) 

Falls City Tan nory, . Conrad, Fabe! & 
Mooney, prop rs, 1 L:th and Lexington. 

Falvey Michael, horse-shoer, 87 7th. 

Fanz Win, shoemaker, 751 w W&lnut. 

Farmers' Home, G. H. & II. H. 
Stockhoff, Prop'rs, 160 and 162 East 
Market, bet. Preston and Jackson. 
Rates $1. 

Farmers Home Journal (Weekly), 
I. B. Nail, Business Manager, Room 25 
Courier-Journal Building. 

Farmers' Magazine, John Duncan, 
Editor and Owner (monthly), 79 Fifth, 
between Main and Market. 

Farmers' Supply House, R H Haskins, 
manager, 31 w My in. 

Farmers' Tobacco Warehouse Co (James 
Clark, pres't ; W K Little, sec and 
treas: James E Gorin, manager), s-e 
cor Main and 12th. 

Farmers' aud Drover^' Bank, capital, 
$309,800 E D Standi ford, pres; R S 
V e ee h , v i c - - -p r e.- t ; J W & i c h o i s , c as h i e r , 
115 w Market. 

Farmers' & Drovers' Ins Co, Boyd Win- 
chester, pres; R S Veech, sec; 115 w 

Fauids David P., Musio Publisher, 
and Dealer in Pianos and Organs, Music 
and Musical Merchandise, 105 Fourth. 

Fatilvvetter Theodore, Varuty Store, 
Importer nud Wholesale Dealer in 
Druggists' and Stationery Sundries, No- 
tions, Toys and Fancy Goods, 154 West 
Market. * 

Feely Thomas, Groceries, Flour, 

Canned Fruit and Meat-market Stall, 

1 to t., Twelfth, between Madison and 

Fehr Frank, Proprietor City Brewery, 

174 East Green. 
Fehr Fred, saloon, 336 e Jefferson. 
Feiire Frederick, boots, and shoes, 432 e 

Feidkamp II. oc Bro (Henry and Frank), 

horse-collar mnfrs, 393 Shelby. 
Feldmann l»althaser. Baker and 

Confectioner, 273 Fast Green. 
Feldmann & Vette (George Feldmann, 

Wm Vette), grocers, cor 12th and 

Felhoelter Henry, grocer, 133 8th. 
Ft Isentfaal M. gen store, 333 w Walnut. 
Felten George, cigar-manufacturer, oi>o\ 

e Market. 
Feltniann Fred, umbrella-repairer, 170 e 

Fenster Jacob, painter, 210 20th. 
Ferber John, boot and shoemaker, 482 vr 

Ferguson Bros. (Edwin H., F. W.. 

Jas. A.), Salt Fish and Dried Fruit, 13 

West Main. 
Ferguson, Meleher & Co. (Thomas 

Ferguson. Wm. Meleher, Joseph Mer- 
rick, jr.), Foundry and Machine Shop, 

431 West Main. (See ad a.) 
Fernow Frederick, Fresco Artist, 

111 West Main, bet. Third and Fourth. 
Fernow & Boinstcil (Fred Fernow, Albert 

Boinsteil), fresco artists. 
Ferrier & Bnrk, Proprietors of Ths 

Louisville Bryant & Stratton Business 

College, South-west corner Third and 

Jefferson. [See adv.) 
Ferry Andrew W, blacksmith, 75 2d. 
Kerry James J, hats and caps, 6 Masonic 

Fieener John, grocer, 104 17th. 
Fichtner Herman, grocer, 525 Grayson. 
Fichtner John, carpenter, 387 Preston. 
Fichtner Wm, carpenter, 107 Breckinridge. 
Field Fmmct, Lrrwyer, 117 Fifth. 
Field Jesse M, druggist* 721 Portland Ave. 
Field Neil! 1L, Lawyer, 75 Fifth. 
Field T W, physician, 325 Washington. 
Fields George, painter, 281 Hancock. 
Fifth Avenue Hotel Co., S M. 

Scott, President and Manager, Fifth At- 

(>nu\>, bet. Green and Walnut. (Seeadi-.i 
Fihe Joseph, grocer, 230 Preston. 


Tg f « f t ' I CJoagistiBg of Top Tools, Agricultural Implements, Cutlery, Bnt- 


iitti'imttti wW* . - m. louis. mo. 





Fillion Miss Susan, Dress-maker, Dry 

Go i U, Notions, and Millinery, 9$ We,i 

Fimme Henry, furniture-repairer. 662 w ( 

Finnegan Patrick, blacksmith, 94 9th. 
Finzer. John <fc Bros (John. Frederick, Ru- j 

dolph. and Nicholas Finzert, tobacco, j 

cor 24th arid Main. 
Fink John L. grocer, 252 Jacob. 
Fink J C & Son (John C and WmC'i, . 

hard sv a re, 20 D Market. 
Fink Phillip, stoves and tinware, 20 w Mkt. j 
Fink Simon, grocer, 4S2 Shelby, 
Fink & Feldhaus (John M Fink, Henry B ! 

Feldhaus), harness-mnfrs, 125 e Market. I 
Finkler Peter, shoemaker, 83 1st. | 

Finn Edward, saloon, 170 w Jefferson. 

Fire Auksoeiixtion of Philadelphia, j 

Morris & Bayly Managers, I'M West ; 

Main. (Sex to^t lines.) 
First National bank. G A Lewis pres. A L j 

Schmidt cashier, s-e cor oih and Main. 
Fischer Aclbtph, Surgical Instru- 
ct ents, 128 T hi r J . j See a d >: . \ 
Fischer Charles, hemp dusters, 871 w Mkt. 
Fischer Daniel, cooper. 467 e Market. 
Fischer Frederick, cooper, 83 Keller. 
Fischer John, painter, 444 e Walnut. 
Fischer John, grocer, 51 Kedlar. 
Fischer Joseph; barber. 791 w Market. 
Fischer Nicholas, grocer, 105 Clay. 
Fischer Phillip, grocer. 59 Portland ave. 
Fisehinger John B, drv goeds. 452 e Mrkt. ; 
Fishbark McShelby, Propr. Louis- j 

ville Steam Laundry and Carpet-beating i 

Works; works 3d nr Ship, office 77 h 4th. j 
Fisher James, wagon-maker, Congress bet 

12th and 13th. 
Fisher John, harness-maker. 228 e Jeifersn. 
Fitch Benjamin F D, fire extinguisher, 153 

w Market. 
Fitschen & Merrill (NL Fitsohen, M T 

Merrill), tailors, 154 w Main. 
Fitzbutler Henry, editor Ohio Falls Ex- 

press, 104 w Green. 
Fitzgerald Mrs Catherine, <_ r rocer,683 Main. 
Fitzgerald James T, builder, Walnut bet 

4 tii and 51 h 

e&ld Mrs Kate, milliner. 16n w Mrkt. 
F'-is.-h Mr- Mary, grexjer, 629 w Wainut. 
Fleck John, lard'oll, 329 e Jefferson. 
F'w.'k Stephen, grocer, s w cor 23d -and 

Fleischaker E &kBto (Emile and Louis), 

dry goods, 294 e Market. 


Fleischer Bfoses, genl store, 260 Preston. 

Fleming \V B, lawyer, s e cor Center and 

Flesch Stephen, horse-collar ranfr, 391 e 

Fletcher Thos M, constable. 14 w Jefferson. 

Flexner Henry, saloon, 7 e Market. 

Flexner Jacob A, druggist, SS 5th. 

Flexner John, saloon, do 7th. 

Fligeltoub Lazarus, second-hand goods, 15 
e Market. 

Floether George, barber, 228.1 Preston. . 

Flournoy Robert C, real estate, 67 4th. 

Flowers Henry, Propr Broadway Ho- 
tel, cor 9th and Broadway. 

Flynn "VVm F, shoemaker, 258 w Broad wy. 

Foerg Benjamin, bellows mnfr, 305 e Main. 

FogartT & Neil (M J Fogarty, W H 
Neil), leather, 171 w Main. 

Folsom James, watch-maker, 205 12th. 

Fonda A $ Sops, grocers, 113 4th. 

Fontaine Edward P., General Man- 
ger Louisville Transfer Co., cilice, 73 4th. 

Fontaine M, watch-maker, 371 Walnut, 

Fontaine Wm. Winston* Principal 
Holyoke Academy, 82 Broadnay, cor. 3d. 

Fontana John, fruits, etc, 212 e Market. 

Foes Jacob, blacksmith, Missouri av n 37th. 

Foos John, grocer. 16 35 tb. 

Forbes C C. physician, cor 5th and Walnut. 

Forbes Frank M., Book and Job 
Printer; also Healer in Fancy Chromo- 
visiting Cards; 228 West Jefferson. 

Forcht Louis, grocer, 144 1 4th. 

Ford Mareellus, physician, 150 2d. 

Ford \V r m S & Co" (W S Ford and R P 
Hare), tobacco-presses, cor 11th and 

Foree Erasmus D, physician, 126 3d. 

Foree S J & Co (S J Foree. N Furey, E 
J Foree), plug-tobacco, 206, 208, and" 210 

Foreman Wm A, justice, 356 e Market. 

Forrester Wm, physician, 71 Broadway. 

Forrester Wm, physician, 15.1 3d. 

Forscbt Fred, meats. 788 vv Market. 

F.T.-t David, saloon. 72 5th. 

ForstMrs Henrietta, dyer, L^8 3d. 

Foreyta (.'. grocer, cor We>t and Walnut, 

Fougerousse N. druggist, 322 Shelby. 

Fowler Jos \>", druggist, 41 w Green. 

Fowler Wm S, livery,209 e Market. 

Fowler «£ Co. (John Fowler), Mann- 
feefcurer of all kinds of Bra-s Work for 
Distilleries, 47 Ninth. (See adv.) 

FowLes J C N, barber. 73 5th. 




iton St., Chicago. 





Fox Daniel F, painter, 77 w Green. 

Fox Fontaine T. lawyer. 107 5th. 

Fox Pater A, painter 229.J 3d. 

Fox II C, undertaker, 10th and Chestnut. 

Fox Samuel, undertaker, l : '>4i Preston. 

Fox T D, carpenter, 265 2d. 

Franchi Anton, confectionery, etc, 470 e 
Broad war. 

Franck Fred, meats. Bevvies' Market. 

Franck Henry, Wine and Beer Sa- 
loon and Boarding-house, South-west 
cor. Third and Water. 

Franck, Jacob, meat-stall, Bowles* Market. 

Franck, .J T, brick'-manfr, 98 Frankfort ay. 

Franck Peter, meats, Bowies' Market. 

Franck Valentine, meat-. Bowies' Market. 

Frank A brain, shoemaker, 239 e Jeiferson. 

Frank C, bo fes and shoes, 447 Preston. 

Frank Christian saloon, 583 w Main. 

Frank Gust-av, notions: 310 e Green. . ..: 

Frank H'enrv, saloon, 84 w Water. 

Frank Henry, Imported California 
Wines, Champagnes, and Brandies, 146 
East Market 

Frank Henry J. barber. 45b e Market. 

Frank Nevin, leaf-tobacco, 13th bet Green 
and Grayson. 

Frankel Abraham, leaf-tobacco, 37 3d. 

Frankel Henrietta, Clothing, etc., 
9 Bas* Market. 

Frankel Henry W, broker, 37 3d. 

Frankel Jacob, dry goods, G07 w Market. 

Frankel Joseph, eh thing, 114 w Market. 

Frankel & Block (Nathan A Frankel and 
Nathan F Block), com merchant* and 
distillers' agents, cor 2d and Main. 

Franklin Bank of Kentucky, J I) O'Leary, 
cashier, 63 5th. 

Franklin House, Martin Gonniff, Pro- 
prietor, 331 Broadway. [See adv.) 

Franklin Ins Co, James T'rabue, pres ; 
John J Barret, aeev, cor 4th and Main. 

Frantz D & Sons < David. David Jr, Geo 
W Frantz), tanners, cor Franklin and 

Franz John, meat market, 132 15th. 

Frazoe Joseph S. grocer; 252 w Magazine. 

F razee Lewis J, dental supplies, 164 w 

Franzman John J r, boot- and shoes, 675 vr 

Frederiek Louis, auctioneer, 55 w Market. 

French W. If. & Sons (.Win. JL, 
Wm. W , ami (jharl s A.-, House, Sign, 
and Ornamental Painters, 76 West Jef- 
ferson. (See acir.) 

Frentz Adam, watch-maker, 527 w Market. 
Fre u a* en herder Charles, Wine and 

Besp Saloon, 420 Preston. 
P'rev John, painter, 361 e Madison. 
Frey Oscar II, meats. 198*12th. 
Prey Valentine, painter, 259 e Madison. 
Prick John, grocer, 399 e Jefferson. 
Frick John P, shoemaker, 361 w Jefferson. 
Frick Philip J, saloon, 263 Logaa. 
Frickhoerler Charles, tailor, 350£ e Green. 
Fries Martin, meats, <i4.\ Logan. 
Frisehe Frederick, notary, 143 V Preston. 
Frishe Benjamin F, physician, 274 Gray. 
Fritsch Fred & Bro (Fred and Henry), 

pork-packers, .Kentucky, nr Clay. 
Fritsch Henry, moats, Bowles' Market, 
Fritsch John, 2d lient police, City Hall. 
Fritsehnor George, tailor* 114 w- Main. 
Frittner August^ clothing, 181 Preston. 
Froehle .Joseph, Cigar Manufacturer, 

675 She i by. 
Frpjripeter Michael, blacksmith, Logan, nr 

Frost Abraham, physician, 247 w Jefferson. 
Fruehtenicht John, shoes, 143 e Green. 
Fruechtenicht II, grocer, 181 w Chestnut. 
Fryer Edward 1), real estate, 12 Center. 
Fryhof Frederiek. barber, 924 \v Market. 
Fuhrmann ,h\o M P, grocer, 404 e Market. 
Fuhrmann Wm. meats, 37 3 Shelby. 
Fulkeison Benjamin F, carpenter, 134 1st. 
Fundstein H, shoemaker, 329 Portand ave. 
Funk Michael, meats, 149 Gray. 
Furfcer H, bookseller, 386 e Walnut. 
Fusttn'g George H, tinner, 74 17th. 
Gabler Win, grocer, 280 e Walnut. 
Gadjen Henry, grocer, 294 w Green. 
Gaertner Fred, cigar mnfr, 5 w Market. 
Gaertner Philip A, lawyer, 28 Court Place. 
GafreW. M., Sash/ Doors and Blinds, 

Rough and Dressed Lumber, 277 and 

279 Green. (See adv.) 
Gahlart Herman, jeweler. 307 Shelby. 
Gailbreath Benjamin A, physician, s-w cor 

14th and Madison. 
Gale Wm 1), broom mnfr, 255 e Market. 
Gall Joseph A. cigar mnfr, 402 e Market. 
Gait House, D. J. Spragae, Manager, 

North-east corner First and Main. 
Gait House Exchange Saloon, George 

Schmidt, 4 w Main. 
Gait House Turkish Baths, G H Winkler, 

rnanager. 1st ami Main. 
Gait Wm H, nh\ -i.-ian, 15 Madison. 
Gambrall Edward L, carpenter and build- 
er, 324 w Market 

1 ^jrrrrr^r 

*4iiUlml* %M Unll I LLi II alstcd Claims. Arents Everywhere. 






v~- .- J Jill W wl 




Between Green and Jefferson, 







Hobby Horses, Chair Rockers, 

Nos. 327 and 335 East Main St., LOUISVILLE, KY. 

sepaip.iit^ E^o%&J5"rT*rxr j^~t3zj,-—,-z2jD to. 


J CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Ky. 





Ganote Geo. 31., General Agent O. & 
M. JX'y Co., Southeast corner Fourth 
and Main. 

Gans John W, real estate, 59 w Jefferson. 

Oarbutt J, bouts and shoes, 126 e Market. 

Gardner J II, confectioner; 190 w Market. 

Gardner W W, lawyer, Court Place. 

Gareis J, boots and shoes, 271 Clay. 

Gar^au John & Co. (John *Gargan, 
At. Cochran )., Coppersmiths, 34 Fifth. 

Gamier Mrs Theo, restaurant, 180 3d. 

Garr Benj A, physician, 809 w Market. 

Garr Bros. (Thomas F>., James P. 
and Simeon L. ). Prop'rs Eagle Tobacco 
Works, Flag-tobacco Manufacturers, 204 
and 206 Hancock, (See adv.) 

Gar ratty Mrs Mary, grocer, 31 6th. 

GarrettBenj F, tinsmith, 187 10th. 

Garvin Sftroi il, physician, 317 w Jeffers'n. 

Gaspar Anton, fruits, etc, 202 e Market- 
Gasper J D, cats and caps, 164 w Market. 

Gassman Mrs A, notions, 807 w Market. 

Gasi Jacob, grocer, cur 15th and Grayson. 

Gaat Sebastian, cigar mfr, 196 Preston. 

Gatchel & Hyatt (W D Gatchel, H A 
Hyatt), photographic materials, 89 w 

Gathrijght J. T. & Look (John T. 
Gnthri-ht. Samuel J. Look), Wholesale 
Saddlery and Saddlery Hardware, 264 
West Main. 

Gatterdam Jos, meats, 125 Van Buren. 

Gault Jos, pianing-mill, 658 vv Main. 

Gaupins Chas, grocer, 809 w Jefferson. 

Gaustnann Fred, grocer, 155 Bank. 

Gavin Thos, saloon. 213 e Main. 

Gay John Jr, coal dealer, 118 2d. 

Gayle Miss Mary, dress-mkr. 106 w Mkt. 

Gazlay Addison M, lawyer, 4 Evans' 
Block, Court Flace. 

G&zlay Addison M jr, lawyer, 4 Evans' 
Block, Court Flace. 

Ga/./ello Andrew, saloon. 345 Broadway. 

Gebhard A, boots and shoes. 261 Logan. 

Gebhard Christian, saloon. 2 Garden. 

Geiralt John T, brfckeE, 1.60 w Main. 

Gegg Mrs Christina, dry gds, aS8 Preston. 

Qt _c -T J »^e,ph, saloon, 4 15 e Market. 

Geggi&sJai »h hardware. 415 e Main. 

Gehei tfrs E & Son (Mrs Euphroslna 
G'dicr, Frank A Geher), stoves and tin- 
ware, 53 w Markei. 

GeliHoh IT, :. atluw and findings 58 w Mkt. 

G-ehringer Louis, clothing, 102 w Water. 

Ge;^«"- Mrs Fanny, grocer, 24 East. 

Goiler Martin, barber, 214 Adams. 

Geisler Godfrey, shoemaker, 72 e Main. 

Geidreii rh Aug G, wines and liquors, 224 
w Jefferson. 

G'diius diaries, hatter, 210 e Market. 

Gel tins George, grocer, 88 w Market. 

Geibaar Jacob F, shoes, 389 w Market. _ 

Gensler Geo, produce and cornm'n, 102 2d. 

Geppner John, painter, 475 Hancock. 

Gerding F W & Co (Frederick W Gerd- 
ingi, liquors and tobacco, 424 w Main. 

German A. F., Secretary Falls City 
Lithographing, Engraving and Job 
Printing Co., 77 Third. 

German Bank, Pierre Viglini, Presi- 
dent; II. C. Malbeck, Cashier; corner 
Fifth and Market. 

German Charles W., Manager Falls 
City Lithographing, Engraving and 
Job Printing Co., 77 Third. (See adv.) 

German Insurance Bank, F. Kied- 
har, Presidents J.J.Fisher, Secretary; 
73 West Market. 

German Insurance Co., F. Riedhar, 
President; J.J.Fischer, Secretary; 73 
West Market. 

German Louis H„, Prop'r Manufactu- 
rer and Builder, 239 Filth. (See adv.) 

German L W, dentist, 119 w Jefferson. 

German National Bank, Adolph keid- 
linger, prest, Henry Vissman, cash, n-e 
cor Market and 1st. 

German Protestant Orphan Asylum, 780 
w Jefferson. 

German Security Bank, John H Detchen, 
prest, James Barret, cash, n-e cor Mar- 
ket and Preston. 

German & Co., (Louis H. German), 
Book and Job Printers, 77 Fifth. 

Gernert Frederick, dry goods, 426 e Green. 

Gernert Henry, saloon, 389 e Green. 

Gernert & Boro (Philip Gernert, Benedict 
Boro), fish, Kentucky ave. 

Gernert & Steinaeker (Fred Ger- 
nert, Geo. Steinaeker), Lumber, Doors, 
Sash, Blinds, etc., South-west corner 
Jackson and Broadway. 

Gc*nlein Mrs Barbara, grocer, 710 Port- 
land avenue. 

Gerst Anthony, drygoods, 463 w Walnut. 

Gerst F A & Co i Frank and Bernard 
Gerst), wholesale notions, 241 w Main. 

Gerstle Adolph, dry g< oris, 2S9 w Mark* t. 

Sheens & Bro (John It and Charles VV], 
real estate, 63 w Main. 

Glbfcons Miss Mary, notions, 342 w M'k't. 

Gibson Isaac A, grocer, 719 w Jeiterson. 

Lflffjfmf! ITlTTTfl I VTT1 r *' J I 1 ! Without reference tot he Companies we manage 

; PA 1 1 .. &AKBEE& CASTLEMAN, Lou-sville, Ky. : 
UUUiiU liyJUUliJiJ iiHU liliiJ Agents everywhere Soutli. 


Green Street Planing Mill 

"TTsT™. ZL4Z- G2" -^L Gr IE] , 
ffwn S*>, fee*. Severed a «d EifMh, LOUISVILLE, KY. 



'. ' ■ ■ ■■ "."'"-—. -~;._ 



£^"' - ; ""- i 


--C ^* ." . 

^^5^ T '"~ ; "; ~ '.:_.•" 


i - fi 

-~-...i...-J .'-' ""■'■-: 

< r." - - t % 







Office and Mill, South Side Walnut Street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth, 



All orders for Cut Stone Work promptly executed. Window SWlr, Lintels, Flagging suid all kinds of Hawed 
£tom.- always on hand at lowest market prices. 

iistu mm 

IV Ail. ITS BRANCHKS. Steel Letters and Figures. 
Stencil Letters and Figures. L. .HOCflE, Engraver and 





Gibson John H, produce, 519 w Market. 
Gibson VV W & Co ( W W Gibson, — ■ — ), 

commission, 35 4th. 
Gibson & Gibson (Charles H and George 

H D), lawyers, 117 6th. 
Gibson & Hammond (Ludwig Gibson, 

C H Hammond), florists, 571 Grayson, 
Gideon Louis, dry goods, 248 e Jefieraon. 
Gies George, druggist, n \v cor Main and 

Gieske John D, grocer, 68 Southgate. 
Gilbert Mrs I) B, physician, 2*28 5th: 
Gilbert} Hudson & Co (Albert G Gilbert : 

Wra 11 Hudson, Cave J Wall, G W j 

Harris), leaf- tobacco, 47 and 40 8th. 
Gilbert !i B, physician, 373 Walnut. 
Gilcher Win, grocer, 740 Portland ave. 
Gilebriest Robert, secy Knights of Honor ! 

Mutual Aid Association, 1-30 w Main. 
Giles Jordan, huh and .-poke factory, 544 I 

Gillon John, grocer, cor 7th and Oak. 
Gillespie Will htm. groeer, 853' e .Mam, 
Gilimaue Peter, shoes, 358 e Broadway,, 
Gihooie Mite & Co. (A. T. Gilmore, j 

W. W. Hite, Samuel Ouerbacker), Ship \ 

Chandlers, 28 Fourth Avenue. 
Gimmich -Joseph, furniture, 775 w Main. ; 
Given Adam, physician, 549 vv Jefferson, j 
Giv**Jis Raines G., lawyer, 85 Fifth. 
Gladstone Zimmerman, boots, 111 2d. 
G laser Mrs Julia, notions, 761 w Market. > 
Glass Joseph & Son .Joseph and August ''■ 

A), laundry, 11 U 3d. 
Gleason John, cigars and tobacco^ 137 5th. | 
Gleason & J>avidsoii (Joseph M. j 

Gleason, A.Davidson ), Insurance Agents, j 

151 West main. 
Gleeson Mrs Mary, grocer, 66 e Main. 
Glesner «fc Maekey, grocers, 359 Broadway. I 
Glock John r>r, chair factory, 9th and York, i 
Giore X. S., Proprietor St. Cloud Hotel, ; 

South-east corner Second and Jefferson, j 

(See adv.) 
Glore \V. Scott, Bonks and Stationery, i 

108 Fourth Avenue. 
Glover i I eorge M., Feather-. 341 West ! 

Glwxin F.rnst. saloon, 434 w Main. 
Gnau William grocer, cor Adams and i 

Goby Jacob, grocer, cor Walnut and 12th. | 
Gocke Herman, grocer, 299 Breckinridge, j 
Goddard <V i.'o | Edward A Goddard, Jno j 

C Benedict, I>S Benedict) rudse brokers, 

n-e cor 2d and Washington. i 

Godfrey John H, carpenter, 95 Floyd. 

Godshaw Charles, trustee jury fund. 12 

Godshaw C C, physician, 34 e Jeffersem 

GoebelWm F, wnol notions, 188 w Main. 

Gocing 1 Adolph, Baker and Pie-maker. 
North-east cor. Fifteenth and Madison, 

Goesker Clamor L, eom'n merchant, 762d. 

Gohlke John G, shoemaker, 350 w Market. 

Goldbach Joint C, leather, 78 5th. 

Goldbaeh Joseph, Coal and Coke, 78 

Golden Thomas, grocer, 505 Jackson. 

Goldsmith Abram, fruits, etc, 434 e Mkt. 

Goldsmith Michael, Fruits and Veg- 
etables, 357 East Green. 

Goller John, plasterer, 338 e Madison. 

Gooeh Patrick H, grocer, 432 w Market. 

Good John H, grocer, 735 Portland ave. 

Goodbub Louis, grocer, 893 Preston, 

Goodloe, JUoherts & Humphrey 
(John i\. Goodloe, John Roberts and 
Alexander P. Humphrey), Lawyers, 
151 West Jefferson. 

Goodman John, physician, 236 3d. 

Goose Harry N, livery, 69 2d. 

Gordon Wm, shoemaker, 103 5tb. 

Gorman & Kiely (Patrick Gorman, John 
Kielvi, blacksmiths, 126 7th. 

Gbttbrath Adam, saloon. 100 2-1. 

Gottbrath Henry, grocer, cor 8th and Mkt. 

Gottbrath Joseph, grocer, 22 e Gieen. 

Gottbrath Mrs Sophia, grocer, 374 e Mkt. 

Gotthardt Henry, tinner, 607 18th. 

Gottschalk Joseph, druggist, cor 19th and 
Portland ave, and 419 w Jefferson. 

Gould L & Co (Henry and Charles Gould j, 
brush rnnfrs, 115 2d. 

Gould «& Hyndmail, Proprietors Ex- 
celsior Vinegar Work's, 805 and 807 East 
Green. (See adv.) 

Goulding & Mason Manufacturing Co, K 
W South, pres; Kobe Masoj^ sec: agri- 
. cultural implements, 123 e Main. 

Grabfelder Abraham, meats, 358 w Mkt. 

Grabfelder & Co (Samuel Grabfelder), 
wholesale liquors, 70 2d. 

Gr-,f August, grocer, t>74 w Market. 

Graf Carl, Blacksmith and Wagon- 
niauufaeturer, 191 Eighteenth. 

Graf Peter, saloon, 642 w Market. 

Graf Thomas, saloon, 925 w Market. 

Graff Charles K, druggist, 167 Story ave. 

Graham (Charles A., Official Stenog- 
rapher. 105 Filth. 

Graham Mrs Joseph, hotel, 14 4th. 






r 1 - 








will treat the Gentlemen and Mrs. Dr. Ickes the Ladies. 

2nTo. -4o East Jefferson Street, 



County Rights for Georgia and Alabama for sale by George W. Tckes, Agent. Acknowledged tniperior to 
Turkish or [iusptfaii Baths or the Hot Springs ot Arkansas. 

CAlSrCER s_ 


. at*. GKEsisa-oiKrsr 

Makes a specialty of 'caring Cancers, Tumors, \Vart> and Wens without the use of knife 
and without pain, also cures Fits fr&in wiiatever cause. 

8§^**SeBd fc*\ pamphlet containing names of many prominent citizens <if Louisville 
whom 1 have permanently cured. 

Comer Jackson and Kentucky Streets, LCUI3VILL2. KY. 

on ins, ca. of wsm, 

Centi'ai and £,outi2v.rn. JJep't, 





Graham .John & Son (John and S. 

J?.) Sash, Doors, Bliqds, Lumber, Laths, 

Shingles, Pickets, etc., Office and Yard 

6® Magazine. | .V" i 
Graham Mrs Margaret,. grocer, 101 Floyd. 
Graham Miss MotlLe, cigars, etc, 166 e 

Graham St Lahphear (Henry IL 

Graham, E. L. Lanphear). Successors 

to Mercer it Co., General Engravers, 

Stencils and Stamp Cutters, 73 Third, 
Grainier At Co., | W. II. Grainger, and 

C. F. Grainger) Phoenix Foundry and 

Machine Shop, 10th bet. Main and river. 

(See adv.) 
Gra!) Henry, baker, 268 e Jefferson. 
Grant W T & Co [Wm T Grant) leak 

tobacco, 394 w Main. 
Grunt K A Oc T P. physicians, cor Brook 

and Broadway. 
Grant I>r, physician, 8 r <7 w Market. 
Grasty Herbert K», Attorney at 

Law. bo Fifth. {Sec ydv.) 
Grau Eberhard, grocer, 283 Portland, ave. 
Grauel George, painter, 101 15th. 
Grauman Edward, shoes* 463 w Market. 
Grauman Gustav, shoes, 39 e Market. 
Grauman Louis, shoes, 249 w Market. 
Graves Samuel O, lawyer, 115 5th. 
Gray Jesse S, insurance agent, 134 w Main. 
Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co, John A 

Thumel manager, 121 4th. 
Great Eastern Line, E McCormick ag't, 

office 144 w Main. 
Great Western Dispatch, M J Green ag't, 

office 154 w Main. 
Green Henry, grocer, 482 5th. 
Green H B, shooting-gallery, 94 w Jeffs'n. 
Green John E.. Vice^residettt Louis- 
ville Cur- Wheel Co.. 491 Jeffer-on. 
Green John W. & I>. S. i John W. 

and David S.) Stock and Bond Brokers, 

150 West Main. 
Green Melorn J, agent Great Western 

Dispatch, 124 w Main. 
Green Kobert B, mattress manufacturer, 

201 e Market. 
Green & Green, shirt mnfrs, 139 4th. 
Greenhamu & Marline Morris S Green- 

baum Nathaniel MartineJ stenographers, 

2 Court Place. 
Green ban m like, cigar mnfr, 105.1 3d. 
Grifeenbanm S J, wholesale liquors, 39 3d. 
Gr^'-io.' Solomon, painter, 70 3d. 
Greeiu'rt Adolph, Staple and Fancy 

Grocer and Saloon, 471 Preston. 

Groenhoujrh Thomas H., Oculist 

Physician, 59 W* >t Jefferson. 

Greenwood Noah 1), grocer, 585 w Jeffs'n. 

Greer Newton, grocer. 287 w Market. 

Greer Win. T., Distiller and Broker, 
23 West Main. 

Gregory C. VI. & Co., Live-stock 
Commission Merchants, Bourbon Stock 

Gregory David L., Physician. Cures 
Cancers, Warts and Wens; corner Jack- 
son and Kentucky. {See adv.) 

Gregory J M, photographer, 105 4th. 

Greilier John & Bro. (John and To- 
bias). Carpenters, Builders and Con- 
tractors, 410 East Green. 

GreweHng Jacob, leather, 130 Brook. .. 

Crowding John B, slices, 881 w Market. 

Crowding Wm, shoemaker, 130 e Jeff'n. 

Grieshaber Engelbert, jeweler, 128 A e Mkt. 

Grieshaber Otto T, meats, 189 Story ave. 

Grieshaber Primus, meats, Citizens' Mkt. 

Griff Mrs Gette, millinery, 22 e Market. 

Griffin Abraham, dry goods, 186 w Market. 

Griffith Joseph & Sons (estate of Joseph 
Griffith. Wm and Joseph Griffith), guns, 
etc, 166 w Main. 

Griffiths David J, physician. 363 w Jeff n. 

Griffiths George W, physician, 420 w Jeff 'n„ 

Griffiths Thomas J, physician, 363 w Jeff 'n. 

Griffiths Wm M, asst surgeon U S Marine 
Hospital, 363 w Jefferson. 

Grim ra Joseph, bakery, 303 e Main. 

Grimm Joseph, shoemaker, 302 e Gray. 

Grimm Bernard, grocer, cor 15th and Bank. 

Grimme Henry, cigars. 22 w Jefferson. 

Grinstead W E & Co (Wm E Grinstead, 
Jas F Grinstead), wh grocers, 258 and 
260 w Main. 

Gripp E & Son (Erasmus and Charles W), 
millers. 114 e Main. 

Groman Gustaf. boots and shoes, 39 w Mkt. 

Gross George S, saloon, cor 12th and Main. 

Gross Henry, saloon, 6 e Jefferson. 

Gross J G, saloon, s-wcor6th and Market. 

Grossman Bernard, shoemaker, 150 Prest'n. 

Grossman Joseph, baker, 134 e Market. 

Grossman Wm J. grocer. 102 e Main. 

Grosz A- Jenkins j Wm D Grosz John 
W Jenkins), locksmiths, 119 3d. 

Grote Henry N, groeer, 66 w Jefferson. 

Grub August, tinn>-r, 123 Brook. 

Gruber Sebastian, meats, 719 Portland ave. 

Gruman S J & Co (Samuel J Gruman}, 
clothing, cor 8th and Main. 

Grumme Edwin, barber, 333 Storv ave. 

* n \ I n IS Send for Price List to FRED. SCHM1EDIWO, 

«««**%*«' T«AI* *M Iflfl** MW& 835 Broadway and 830 North Fourth Street, 

ybyyyid iywi&fc'iJtf ii«ti* uwim ST. iiOUis, - - - missoubi. 





WineiBeer Saloon, 

jV. E. Cor. Highland Ave., and Molitor Street, 
0M lTS^Z y\^' m ' D CINCINNATI, OHIO. 

Take at Fifth and Walnut Streets, either Mt. Auburn, Eden Park (via Cak Street,) 

Avondale, (Reading- Road.) or Beiievue House Cars, which stop 

within three squares of the Garden. 

O-OrESN R. 1TEEB, - - Rrcprietor. 



Western Grocer and Trade Journal, 


It contains more valuable and useful information and facts of great interest to business men than any 
other Journal published in the South or West. 

It is a Journal that all business men require, as it will keep them fully posted on all important question! 
»nd transactions in trade circles, which will frequently save them many dollars during the year. 

It is the largost, handsomest, most popular and widely circulated Commercial or Trade Paper in th« 
South or West, and is endorsed by the mogt prominent business firms in the United States. 

Don't Delay but Subscribe at Once. 

BATES OF SUBSCRIPTION free of Postage) 1 Year, $2.00; 6 Months, $1.25. 

Address al! letters or orders to 

"Vv7"esterzi Grocer slzicL rPra-cLe ZTo"u.rzs.stl, 


Send for Estimates. J). W. A'l'KI\SO^, 313-32! South Clinton Street CHICAttOt 11,1., 





G runtier Mrs Chris, dress-maker, 106 4th. 

Grunloh Lambert, confec'y, 335 Kudd aye. 

Gubser Fred, show-cases, 102 w Market. 

Guenther Otto, saloon, 72 e Market. 

Guepncr Charles L, saloon, 236 w Main. 

Guerieh Mrs Anna, grocer, 554 w Walnut. 

Guetig Philip, grocer, 250 e Jefferson. 

Guilde John, 2d lieut police. City Hall. 

Gtttermuth Lorenz, saloon, 508 Preston. 

Gunterman P, physician, 176 Baxter ave. 

Gunther Geo F, tobacco and cotton, cor 
3d and Main. 

Gunther S B, 1st Hcut police, City Halt 

Gutenkunst Jacob, tinner, 763 w Market 

Gutenkunst Jacob, tinner. 386 w Market, 

Gutkese & Hies, barber*, 38 w Jefferson. 

Hftack Ferdinand, blacksmith, 246 9th. 

liaag Philip, grocer, 200 Clay. 

Haas Leon, dry goods, 302 w Market. 

Habel Gaspar, saloon, 347 Broadway. 

Habich Ignatz '£, grocer, cor 18th and 

Habich Ludwfg, meat?. 292 e Green. 

liackett & Smith (Joseph Haekett, T P 
Smith Jr), caskets, 15 3d. 

Hark man Max, Props Merchants' 
Exchange, 40 \v Main. 

Hadderman John, saloon, 856 High ave. 

Intdkeld Wm, mtion batting, s-e cor 13th 
and Jto wan. 

Haebe Jacob, shoemaker, 144 2d. 

Haeberfc?& Lapp, wall paper, 99 4t,b. 

Haess Anton, bivrber, 667 e Broadway. 

Hafendoerfer Bros (Frederick and Chris- 
topher K grocers, cor 18th and Broadway. 

Hagan Francis, lawyer, 75 5th. 

Hagenwald John, grocer. 588 w Chestnut. 

Hager Mrs Henry ( Mrs. Alice Hager), dry 
goods, 376 8th. 

Hagin Mrs M. shoes, 332 e Madison. 

Ha'hn Joseph, barber, 275 Logan. 

Haight Robert, Brass Finisher and 
Electro Plater, 177 West Market. 

Hair John F. & Co., Manufacturers 
Hand-power Elevators, etc., 327 East 
Main. (See adv.) 

Hair Joshua J., Manufacturer Eleva- 
tors, Pumps and Blocks, corner 8ik and 
Water. (See adv.) 

Halbleib E, shoemaker, 649 w Chestnut. 

Halbh-ib E, sheet-inker, 410 Preston. 

Hnldciiinn \V. >"., President of Louis- 
ville Courier-Journal Company, South- 
east cor, Fourth and Green. 

Hall J &C B (Joseph and Chas B Hall), 
saw-mill, 428 Fulton. 

Hall & Eddy (Chapin Hall's heirs and 

Irvine H. Eddy), Manufacturers and 

Dealers in Lumber, 77 East Main. 
Hail & Hay ward (Edwin GJlalland H»n- 

ry Hay ward), crackers and conf'-ctionerv 

mnfrs, 63 and 65 w Jefferson. 
Halh r H, meat market, 110 Baxter ave. 
Hall's Safe and Lock Co., B. Holl. 

man. Manager, North-east corner Fifth 

and Main. 
Halsey Edmund T, assignee of insolvent 

estates, 206 w Jefferson, 
ffaltge Frank, notions, £06 o Chestnut. 
Hambrick John, Manafacttirer Twist 

Tobaccos, 257 East Main, near Hancock. 
Hamilton Bros & Co (Wm B Hamilton, 

John K Hamilton;, pork-packers, cor 2d 

and Main. 
Hamilton Joseph A, justice. 257 e Market. 
Hamilton Samuel S., Sheriff of Jef- 
ferson County, Office, Court-house. 
Hamilton Wra'G & Co (W G Hamilton, 

W A Boyd) merchandise brokers, 165 

w Main. 
Hamilton & Co. i E. P. Hamilton and 

G. W. Hamilton), Produce Dealers, 103 

West Main. 
Haming Benj, grocer, 467 Preston. 
Hammer Frederick, meat market, 453 

Hampton Wiilis G, saloon, 182 w Market. 
Hamsiey John, carriage and wagon mnfr, 

s s Green, bet 13th and 14th. 
Hancock-street Market, cor Broadway and 

Hanekamp Henry, grocer, 913 w Market. 
Hangan Wm, tailor, 92| 6th. 
Hans Miss L H, millinery, 639 w Market. 
Hansbrough J G, real estate, Law Temple, 

cor 5th and Green. 
Hanson Hulbert, shoemaker, 330 w Broad'y.. 
Harbison & Gathright (Jno J Harbison, 

Jas B Gathright and Owen Gathright, 

Jr), wholesale saddlery.. 259 w Main. 
Harbold W L, physician, 563 w Chestnut. 
Harding Manufacturing: Co. (The i 

P. IT. Adams, Pros.; C. A. Blake, Sec. 

and Treas.; Manufacturers of Working 

Men's Over-garments, 226 West Jeff'n. 
Hardy Milton J & Co (Milton J Hardy 

Wellington A Hardy), wholesale liquors, 

17 3d. 
Hargesheimer Mrs L. notions, 173 7th. 
Harig, l£o.op & Co (Frederick Harig, Au- 

g a 5 1 K 00 p a i \ d W K e i - k e r ) . f u r n i i u re a n d 

chair factory, cor 9th and Lexington. 

UKnrrJv I fl\l • f ' '—"»■' i«v*i»*imti3H~ 

flflIJ|,|U IH llflU I l»l»lftlflllt sisied Claims. Agents Everywhere. 





Tf ■ 

LOU 315 

J l) STILZ. 


fS : 



No. 125 to 13! Floyd Street, between Market and Jefferson, LOUISVILLE, KY. 





Plate and Sheet Iron Works of every Description. 

Have always on hand a stock of Second-hand Boilers for 
Sale or Exchange, boiler* repaired with special care. 

Corner Main and Floyd Sts., LOUISVILLE, KY. 

i moral cr husuiu 





J CENTRAL DEPARTMENT, - - Louisville, Ky. 



Harlan Samuel P, pump- maker, 81 9th. 
Harlan cV V\ iilsou (James Harlan and 

Augustus Willson) Lawyers, 176 West 


Harlamrn«rt Win, brick-yard, cor 15th and 

Harper N K, lawyer, 133 6th. 
Barrel & Schmidt (Gustav Harrel and 

Frederick Schmidt), saloon, 360 w Mkt. 
Harriman Mrs M A, dress-maker, 629 w 

Harris Abner, tobacco, cor 9th and Main. 
Harris A. C. «X?Co., Manufacturers of 

Electro Medical Batteries and Instru- 
ments, 180 Third. {See adv.) 
Harris James M, coal, etc, 462 Preston. 
Karris Joshua, saloon, lo3 9th. 
parris Mrs Margaret,, 90 e 

Harris Wm W, sewer-pipe, 30 Sd. 
Harrison Phil L, notary pub. 154 vt Jeffrsn. 
Harrison & McGrain (jas Harrison, Jas 

McGraiiti, lawyers. 8 Center. 
Han Miss Amanda E, dress-maker, 227 4th. 
Hart Edward, dry good-S 106 4th. 
Hart Mrs. Ellen, Dressmaker, 33 

West Green. [See ndc.) 
Hart Frank E, dry goods, etc, n-w cor 15th 

and Walnut. 
Hart Jas A, general store. 97 w Jefferson. 
Hart Peter, shoemaker, 422 e Green. 
Hart <fc Co (Lewis and VV F Hart), wh 

hardware, 277 w Main. 
Hartillf? Geo., Proprietor Kentucky 

Shoe Factory, 87 Fourth. {See adv). 
Harthiil Bros ( Alexander and Adam), vet- 
erinary surgeons, 161 Green. 
Hartman Fred, meats, Bowles' market. 
Hartman Lawrence, meats, Citizens' mkt. 
Hartman Otto F, druggist, 405 e Market. 
Hartman C T, cabinet-maker, 109 3d. 
Hartmetz, Charles, brewer, 180 Story ave. 
Harvey John, barber, 127 6th. 
Haspital Ch VV, saloon. 107 e Jefferson. 
Hasselwander Philip H, junk, 176 e Mrkt. 
Hassenpllug Jacob* Manufacturer 

Coopers' Tools, S6 Mechanic. 
Hatzfeld Julius, saloon, 759 Portland ave. 
Hatzmann John, grocer, 490 e Broadway. 
Hauber Andy, willow-ware, 417 w Market. 
Haury August, grocer, 47 Payne. 
Hause ifc Mulhcliand f John H Hause, Hugh 

Mulholland Jr), wh cigars and tobacco, 

284 w Mam. 
Hauss Henry, saloon. 388 w Market. 
Hawes Henry W, U S claim airt 76 w JefFn. 

Hawkins Mrs M, dress-maker, 303 2d. 

Hawkins R Butler, lawyer, 23 Court Ptaee. 

Haxthausen Joseph, wh grocer, 93 w Mam. 

Hays Jacob, physician, 474 2d. 

Hays J, physician, 542 w Market. 

Hays Will S., Steamboat and Steamship 
Passenger and Ticket Agent, 49 4th. 

Hazard Wm, bricklayer, 685 18th. 

Head Charles, confectionery, 4 Masonic 
Temp U\ 

Heady John B, furnishing goods, 693 w 

Heardt Adam, meats, 99 Lampton. 

Heartick Philip H, stoves and tinware, 
424 Preston. 

Heath Henry, billiards, 110 w Jefferson. 

Heaton Mrs Hello, millinery, 550 w Main. 

Hebebrand Peter, shoes, 2 w Market. 

Heekhaus Sirs Margaret; grocer, 305 Gray. 

Heck ma-n Henry, shoos, 656 Kentucky. 

Heckman John, grocer, 440 w Market. 

Heeb Mrs Sophia, notions, 721 Broadway. 

Heeb & Wolf (Stephen Heeb Frederick 
Wolf bhcksmuhs, 23d nr Main. 

Heffernan Michael, shoemaker, 188 Port- 
land ave. 

Heffernan Moitimer, shoemaker, 322 Port- 
land ave. 

Heft Christopher, grocer, East and Green. 

Hegan Bros (Samuel W and Edward C) 
wall-paper, 118 4th. 

Hehl Jacob, saloon, 229 Preston. 

llchl Kobert P., Baker and Confec- 
tioner, Wedding Cakes a Specialty, 19S 
East Broadway. 

Heideway John, grocer, 516 12th. 

Heiiprin Louis & Co (Louis Heilprin Wm 
Kleinberger) ladies usderwear, 265 w 

Heim Ferdinand, marble and stone-works, 
cor Broadway and Clay. 

Heim George, grocer, 508 Shelby. 

Heim George F, baker, 335 e Shelby. 

Heim Joseph, boots and shoes, 353 e Green. 



Hem rich Mrs 

IL ins John, baker, 106 e Market. 

Heins John, grocer, 38 r 'e Market. 

Heina John, grocer, 867 Preston. 

Heissman Minnie, clothing, 89 w Market, 

Heiburn Louis S, cigars, 600 w Main. 

Helburn Paulding, dry goods. 400 e. M'kt. 

August E, cutlery, 13 w 
Charles, shoemaker, 312 
Ernestine, dry goods, 263 

y PriflTin ft Tl TTtCimFrS I 1TT1 Tt I TTl withetrt reference to Has Rompanifia wo manage. 

51 ADJUSTED auD PAID ■^»*"ss^s3l* 


Ijoulsville Planing iMEiii. 

.a.. i<r. struck:, 


i Sash, Doors, Blinds, 



Lumber gg Building Material in General, 

Corner Garden and Chestnut Streets, 


All Order* will be Prcmptlj Attended to. Contracts for Bnilding Materials Solicited. Patentee for Me U 
Sasa-F&steaer for btate of Kentucky. 



Near Ninth Street, - - LOUISVILLE, KY. 

1 have recently Opened, Re-fitted and Re-furnished the House, and have the most elegant 

sleeping apartments of any hotel in the city, as my house is located en Broadway, 

the most popular street in the city. 


Transient Custom One Dollar Per Day. / 

BOARDING, FROM $3.50 TO $4.00 PER WEEK. '< 

2>&j&.Tl r rT2.T ooi>t:>ti^:f\ Proprietor, 

Ii??f*|i?ff| fcFtf !^ ££*!>$ D:i(i::cr "Vamps, Self-Inking Stamps, 11;»n : :>.to^»! „V3 >...€' 
v PJ p\ Protectors; Amateur Printing Presses Ana fype. j.. ilOC'ii E, 
IVVflllill Bvm'liBl Engraver and l>ie Sinker, 166 Kumlolpli St., CHICAGO. I1L 





Held Jno, saloon, 159 Portland av, 

Uelge VVi Ilium, Furniture Manufac- 
turer and Dealer, 273 and 278 East 

Hellmaiiii. Anton, Wine and Beer 
Saloon, 206 Baxter Avenue. 

Hellmann, Franck & Co, wholesale whis- 
kies, 44 3d, 

Helm Win W, lawyer, t'2G 4th. 

Helmerking H, meat mkt, 28© Story av. 

Helmke J 2tf, druggist, eor Frankfort and 
Vernon a vs. 

Kelt Mrs Christina, barber, 4S^ Shelby. 

Heming A C, boots and shoes, 94 w 3lkt. 

Hemiag & Randolph (.) L Hetning A 
W Randolph), civil engineers, 122 e' 

Hemjng iS: Speed (Ja3 W Heming, Joshua 
F Speed), real estate agts, 146 w JefFsn. 

Hempe! John, grocer, 313 e Mark-:-:. 

Henderson E E, dress^iakr, 153 Jackson. 

Henderson P K, physician, 280 1st. 

Hendricks Jas, grocer, 169 o Main. 

Henle, Bretzfelder & Wolf(Saml Henle, 
Lewis BreUfelder, Leo Wolf), wholesale 
hats and caps, 218 w Main. 

Bcnn Gh&s, grocer, 502 w Chestnut. 

Hennekamp Mrs M, notions, 333 Clay. 

Henning Herman, wagon mfr, lbo e Green. 

Henry P\j Wines and Liquors, 146 East 

Henry Gustav, baker, 93 Bank. 

Uenry S. G. & Stone, General Auc- 
tioneers and Commission Merchants, 
181 West Main. 

Henyon Michael, saloon, 255 Fulton. 

Hepp Mrs M, fruits, etc, 201 e Jefferson. 

Herberieh M, shoemaker, 185 Baxter av. 

Herbert Geo, bakery, 445 w Walnut. 

Herbold Fritz, bakery, 644 w Market. 

Herbold Jacob, bakery, 45 Portland av. 

Herbold Leopold, barber, 656 w Main. 

Herbold Wm, baker, 445 w Market, 

Herbst Geo A, saloon, 406 e Main. 

Herdt Henry, meat markt-t, 460 e Walnut. 

Herget G. Stoves and tin wan*. 30?| e Main. 

Herm Bertin, Upholsterer arid Mat- 
tress ManunVlurer, 241 Third. 

H-^man August, brush mfr. 417 Preston. 

Herold Chrh-i, baker, 113 2d. 

Herold Frank, barber, 684 w Market. 

Steroid Herman, hardware, 74 w Market. 

Herman Philip, grocer, 08 (.harden. 

Herrman Susan, dry goods, 356 e Green, 

Herrmann Bros (Michael and F Joseph), 
wholesale liquors, 193 w Market. 

Herrmann & Exner (George Herrmann 
Adam Exner) wholesale liquor dealers, 
71 3d. 

Hershey George, shoemaker. v 110 l-2th. 

Hertill Charles, gunsmith, 385 w Jefferson. 

Hertzfeld Theodore, second-hand store. 143 

Hess Adam, saloon, 423 w Main. 

Hess Charles, restaurant. Ill 5th. 

Hess George & Bro (George and Henry C) 
undertakers, 127 e Market. 
\ Hess Mrs Lisette, confectionery, 40 16th. 
' Hess Mrs. Louisa, Dress ami Cloak 
Maker, Notions and Millinery, 254.1 
Fourth Avenue. 
j Hesse Julius, cigars, 220 w Main. 
j Hesse I & Son ( Isador and Edward Hesse) 

dry goods, 144 w Market. 
[ Hesse & Dreyfuss, dry goods, 144 w M'k't. 
| Hesterman Henry, baker. 279 Logan. 
I Hesterman Charles, shoemaker, 303 Mar- 
I shall. 

I Hettermann Brothers, cigar manufacturers, 
| 92 w Market. 

Hettich Mrs G & Son, grocers, 69 Port- 
land ave. 
| Heuser Jacob P, grocer, cor 18th and 

Heuser John, grocer, 306 20th. 

Heuser Peter, grocer, n-e cor Buchanan 
and Washington. 

Heusherman Edward W, grocer, s-e cor 
19 and Chestnut. 

Heverin Bros (Edward and Charles) bill- 
posters, 80 w Green. 

Hewett, Field & Co. (Dexter Hewett, 
Henry P. Field), wholesale dealer! in 
Field Seeds, Agricultural Implements. 
Seward Chilled Plows and Jackson's 
Truss Bod Axle Wagons, 138 and 140 
West Main. 

Hewett R C, physician, 200 3d, 

Hewitt John G, solicitor of patents, 674 4th. 

Hiekmami Henry, Engraver " and 
Ornamental Wood Carver, 309 Flast 
Madison. {See adv.) 

Hieronymus Herman, grocer, 714 w 

Hhrj.inbotham Edward G, physician, 102 

Higgins Robert C, dry goods, 412 Preston. 

Higgins R H & Co (R H Higgins) whole- 
sale liquors. 29 3d. 

High tower John A, official stenographer, 
6 Court Place. 

HUbert Miss Nellie, notions, 156 w M/k't. 

ftlflft^i Ti Rlftfflf St flfl Controlling ov«r $40,000,000 of lire Bi I if 

HE & PM [}] <■ i< ritf^m 10 south, iv,; a m M*i\AMm 




No. 317 East Green Street, near Glay, 



353. C. ZEPT^DSrS <Sb CO. 

Produce Commission Merchants, 

, ,, . No. 23 West Jefferson Street, 



httt j nfl njfflffiTj 

c^nt?'-:! and Sduthern Dep't, 
j liOfUISVILiiE, KY. 





liild Henry, saloon, 458 e Market. 
Hild Wm, saloon, 647 w Market. - 
Kiklcrbrand Philip, saloon, 26 3d. 
Hilger Charles, grpcer, 280 20th. 
Hilger A' Kraft (Wm J Hilger, Robert F 

Kraft), shoemakers. 182 5th. 
Hill Augustus H. barber, 478 Preston. 
Hill A. Li., Barber, 227 West Walnut. 
Hill Bros (Charles F-Hili and ) 

boots and shoes, 126 4th. 
Hill, Fletcher & Co ( R E Hill, Robert 

Fletcher, Li H Showers, E R Clark), 

wholesale notions, 253 w Main. 
Hill George, hardware, 352 e Green. 
Hill Joseph B, sign writer, 77 4th. 
Hill K. C, Cold Pen Manufacturer, 

Corner Fourth and Main. 
Hillebrant H, shoemaker, 308 5th. 
Iliiie/: Philip, saloon, 2-31 e Market. 
Hiller Mrs Kate, notions, 242 Preston. 
Killer Mrs Wilhelmina, dry goods, 322 e 

Hillerich Henry, barber, 37018th. 
Hinderiang Alex, shoem'k'r, 472 Campbell. 
Hinesley George, Proprietor English 

Kitchen— Oyster Bay. 134 West Jefferson, 

3d door below Fourth. 
Hinkel Charles, baker. 190 e Market. 
Hinkel Wm, grocer, 304 e Main. 
Hinkle Philip, city auditor, City Hall. 
Hinzen & Kosen (Otto H. Hinzen, 

Ernest Rosen), Piano Manufacturers, 

138 West Market. 
Hirsh Abram, rags etc, 388 w Walnut. 
Hi rscbfeld Samuel, second-hand store, 145i| 

Hirth David, grocer. 203 Portland ave. 
Hite W. W. cV Co., L. & E. Mail Co. 

(See adv.) 
Hoagland & Co (Cassias C Hoagland. E 

Walter Short) produce and commission, 

49 w Market. ' 
Hobbs S J. surveyor, 146 w Jefferson. 
Hobbs& Shortt | Tarlton C Hobbs and Wm 

C Shortt") druggists, 291 w Jefferson. 
HobDS& Co (Jas.Taylor,Henry Hobbs), 

Founders, 109 East Main. {See adv.) 
Hochadel Adolph. gvocer. co* 11th and 

Hodapp Anton, saloon, 377 w Market. 
Hodapp Louis, stone-cutter, Broadway, nr 

Hodapp Valentine, s'^e and treas Phoenix 

Tanmn2^Co,n~\v cor litis and Lexington. 
Hodgman .Frank K. florist, 768 w Walnut. 
Hoeck August, shoemaker, 801 Clay. 

Hoofer F& Son (Frederick and Henry), 

bakers, 252 w Jefferson. 
Hoefflin M T, notions. 309 e Broadway. 
Hoefliefa Michael., saloon, 199 e Green". 
Hoeger Fred, saloon, cor 10th and Main. 
Hoehle Henry & Son (Henry Sr. Henry 

Jr>. grocers, n-e cor 12th and Walnut. 
| Hoehle John, cigar mrifr, 69 Mary. 
Iloehier Josepii/tailor, 523 Kentucky. 
Hoeling Jacob, marble, 175 e Jefferson. 
Hoelseher Frederick, florist, 870 w Market. 
Hoermaii Jacob, shoemaker, 93J e Main. 
Hoey James, grocer, 126 Grayson. 
HofPeld Ernest A, grocer, e Madison. 
Hoffman Edward" J F, physician, 285 

Hoffman E James, physician, 522 Preston. 
Hoffman Leonard, confectionery, 548 w 

Hoffman Simon, shoes, 104. e Market. 
Hoffmann Ferdinand, barber, s-e cor 15th 

and Walnut. 
Hoffmann Frederick, grocer, 412 Shelby. 
Hoffman Henry, grocer, 108 Beard. 
Hoffmann John, grocer, 296 Baxter ave. 
Hoffmann Mrs Pauline, dress-maker, 198 

Hoffmann Philip, saloon, 213 e Market. 
Hoffmann Samuel, shoe3, 188 e Market. 
Hofheimer & Seliiger, (Nathan Hofheimer, 

George H Moore, Max Seliiger), distil- 
lery, 8 w Main. 
Hofmann Andrew, wagon-maker, 49 

Bardstown rd. 
Hofstatter Louis, notions, 334 Rudd ave. 
Hogan & Co (Wm J Hogan), hair goods, 

164 4th. 
Hogue Fphraim, tish, 461 w Main. 
Hogue Wm S, lawyer, 115 5th. 
Hohmann Alexander, grocer, 44 e Market. 
Hohrnann J H, boots 408 e Chestnut. 
Hoke \Y B, judge Jefferson county court, 

136 w Jefferson. 
HoTbrook Bros & Co (E Holbrook, H C 
. llolbrouk, M Lewis Clark Jn, tobacco 

manufacturers, 2, 4, 6. and 8, Duncan. 
Holder) Walter, tailor, 187 5th. 
lloiihan Edward, grocer, 860 7th. 
Hpllankamp Herman;, grocer, 328 18th. 
HoTlarfkamp Jas, grocer, 667 18th. 
Hollenbaeh Bros (August and Philip',